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Invitation to Membership

To all who support AFIO’s mission, we extend an invitation to join this interesting, dynamic and diverse group of professionals and public citizens. You are also encouraged to become actively involved with your local chapter and receive all associated membership benefits.

Intelligencer. AFIO’s flagship academic journal of U.S. intelligence studies. This bi-annual publication features papers, book announcements, reviews and analyses of important intelligence topics by intelligence professionals or major researchers, journalists and writers in the field of National Security. The journal, which can contain 140-180 pages per issue, is distributed to over 5,000 AFIO members, as well as employees of government agencies and members of Congress and relevant committees.

Weekly Intelligence Notes (WINs). A weekly e-Newsletter that keeps members up-to-date with local and national AFIO activities, as well as synopses of the latest news from or about the intelligence community.

Invitations to AFIO and Intelligence Community Events. Membership provides access and invitations to important luncheons, symposia and intelligence conferences throughout the year.

Chapter Membership. Chapters are located throughout the United States and vary in their level of activity. All members need to have joined the AFIO National Association and remain current with that membership before they become eligible for local chapter memberships. Many members join the AFIO National regardless of the presence or absence of a chapter since chapters are active or moribund often based on the enthusiastic drive of one or two local members. New members are always encouraged to become one of those active local or national members!

Website. To meet the needs of our members, AFIO provides a wide range of online information and materials, including intelligence community information, member and chapter updates, schedules, calendars, bulletin boards, publications, employment positions and more. Visit for complete details.

Northwest Federal Credit Union (NWFCU). NWFCU is proud to serve AFIO’s members and their families nationwide. NWFCU offers both personal and business accounts.  Save money by joining NWFCU with a savings deposit of $5 or more. Get lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and fewer fees.  For more information and to join online, visit

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“Many AFIO members currently serve our country in the fields of intelligence, counterterrorism, and homeland security, while others have participated in events of historic significance and all of them join together within the Association to support and participate in furtherance of the principles and objectives of the US Intelligence Community and of the Association.”

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