including Emeriti and Deceased Former Emeriti

as of October 2023


Stewart Baker  

Stewart A. BAKER, Chairman — is a partner in Steptoe & Johnson, a law firm; is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Center for Strategic and International Studies and a Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution. He produces the highly-regarded weekly Cyberblog, which provides provocative insights on issues at the intersection of law, government, information technology, and security. He is author of Skating on Stilts: Why We Aren't Stopping Tomorrow's Terrorism. From 2005 to 2009, was first Asst Secretary for Policy at Dept of Homeland Security. Oversaw Department-wide policy analysis, international affairs, strategic planning, and relationships with private sector, advisory committees, and law enforcement. Involved in national security reviews of information technology transfers and in the effort to provide visa-free travel to Eastern European nations. Baker previously served as General Counsel, WMD Commission, investigating intelligence failures prior to Iraq war. Also was General Counsel of the NSA. Testified before government agencies/committees, including 9/11 commission.

Christopher Parker  
Christopher J. PARKER, Vice Chairman — was an executive level manager in both the Operations and Science and Technology Directorates of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); also served on assignments at NSA and DIA. Prior to joining the CIA, Parker served in the United States Army as a helicopter pilot. He is currently with Orbis Operations LLC as Vice-President, Intelligence Services Division. He received his B.S. in civil engineering from the University of Santa Clara and attended senior executive fellow programs at Harvard University, Kellogg, and the Federal Executive Institute.
Christopher Bane  

Christopher J. BANE — has an extensive background in the IC and business. He leads strategy teams to grow companies within the IC, including service with Evolve24, Graphika, and Orbis Operations. Prior to his successful transition to private industry, he was a senior intelligence officer at CIA where he held executive leadership and management assignments both in the US and in five US embassy country teams abroad. Bane earned a B.A. in forensic studies at Indiana University and an M.A. in international relations from the same university. He is a U.S. Army veteran with service in the US and overseas.

Richard Cohn  

Richard L. COHN, National Vice President for Chapters — served 39 years in Federal Service and retired from the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence as Director of the Nevada Intelligence Center. Prior to DOE, Mr. Cohn served with the Defense Mapping Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency's National Photographic Interpretation Center (predecessors to the National Geospatial-intelligence Agency). Mr. Cohn holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science (International Relations) and a Masters in Regional Planning with emphasis in satellite remote sensing. He was the Charter President of the AFIO Las Vegas Chapter and served in that capacity for 14 years. Richard and his wife Linda reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jennifer Daniel  

Jennifer DANIEL — currently serves as Chief Executive Officer, JS&N Consulting LLC. During her 37-year career in the Intelligence Community and national security enterprise, Ms. Daniel was known for her transformational leadership across diverse mission sets to include collection, analysis, IT Solutions, human capital, budget management and international relations. She served as the Associate Director for Enterprise at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA); the Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Mission Priorities, Analysis, and Collection in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence; Director of Human Capital/NGA; Director of NGA's Persistent GEOINT Office; and Director of Office of Corporate Communications/ NGA. Ms. Daniel earned a BA degree in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts. She currently resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and son.

Nicholas Dujmovic PhD  

Nicholas DUJMOVIĆ PhD — After service in the U.S. Coast Guard, he joined CIA as an analyst and later was a speechwriter for the Director of Central Intelligence and editor of the President's Daily Brief. He received his PhD from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Dr. Dujmovic was CIA staff historian for 11 years before retiring with 26 years of CIA service. He worked on classified studies of clandestine operations, including the hunt for Bin Ladin. His unclassified work on Agency operations and culture has appeared in several intelligence journals and anthologies, and Yale University published his collection of quotations on intelligence and espionage, The Literary Spy. Dr. Dujmovic was the founding director of the Intelligence Program at the Catholic University of American and has also taught at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and at American University's School of International Service. He is a deacon of the Orthodox Church in America

Michael Ennis  

Michael E. ENNIS, Major General USMC(Ret) – retired from the USMC after 37 years of service. After retirement, Ennis joined Science Applications International Corporation as the Senior Vice President for Risk Management and International Security. Prior to his USMC retirement, Ennis served three years as the first Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service (CIA) for Community HUMINT. Other Marine Corps assignments included: Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for Operations; Director of Marine Corps Intelligence; Commander, Joint Intelligence Center Pacific; and G-2 of the III Marine Expeditionary Force. He also served in three assignments as a Russian Foreign Area Officer. Ennis studied at Concordia College and at the Sorbonne in Paris, where he majored in international relations and French. He later earned a master's degree at Georgetown University. Now fully retired, he divides his time between Leesburg and Warsaw, VA.

Paul Hollingsworth PhD  

Paul HOLLINGSWORTH PhD, Treasureris the senior intelligence advisor on Europe and Eurasia for the energy company BP. He is a retired senior executive from the CIA after a 27-year career in analysis and operations, including overseas tours and rotational assignments at the FBI and the NSC. Prior to joining the US government, he worked as a managing editor for the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute. Hollingsworth has served on the Board of Trustees of Hollins University since 2020. He holds a B.A. in theology from Georgetown University and an M.A. and a Ph.D. in medieval Slavic and Byzantine history from the University of California (Berkeley).

James R. Hughes  

James. R. HUGHES, President — began his service as AFIO’s 17th President January 2015. During his distinguished Central Intelligence Agency career, he served in a variety of countries in the Middle East, including as Chief of Station in several locations. Hughes also held numerous senior management positions at CIA Headquarters and served as Associate Deputy Director of Operations at NSA. Following his retirement from government service, Hughes jointed EDS as the Client Industry Executive for the Intelligence Community and continued in a similar capacity following HP's acquisition of EDS until his retirement in 2012.

Annette Janak  

Annette JANAK, Secretary — is in charge of Operations/Finance/Liaison and Special Events while managing the day-to-day activities of the association. Ms. Janak is a certified Protocol Officer and Event Manager with 34 years of Federal Service performing support to an executive level and diverse customer base, including to nine Directors of the Central Intelligence Agency. As senior CIA Protocol Officer, Ms. Janak led the Honor and Merit Awards Team and served on the Executive Staff Officer Career Service Employee Advisory Group and the War Zone Working Group. She planned and orchestrated a variety of large, high-visibility events to include the Agency's Annual Memorial Ceremony in honor of its fallen officers. Prior to joining the Office of the Director, she served with the CIA Directorates of Science and Technology and Operations and with the Department of State. During her career Ms. Janak received a number of awards, including the CIA Directors Award, the Career Intelligence Medal, the Directorate of Operations Donovan Award, twenty-five Exceptional Performance Awards, and four Meritorious Unit Citations.

Everett Jordan  

Everette E. JORDAN — is a Consultant/Influencer with Basis Technology Corporation. He recently completed a 45-year career in service to the Departments of Defense, The Treasury, and the Army. Part of his service included leadership and staff assignments with IC partners and Capitol Hill. His more recent leadership roles were as the Deputy Assistant of the Treasury for IC Integration and National Intelligence Manager for Economic Security and Threat Finance for the DNI. Jordan earned a B.A. in Russian studies from the University of Maryland; an M.A. in theology from St. Mary's Seminary University; and a Certified Diversity Executive credential from the Institute for Diversity Certification.

John Lenczowski, PhD  

John LENCZOWSKI PhD — is an expert on Soviet/Russian affairs, contemporary great power relations (including U.S.-China relations), integrated strategy, public diplomacy, strategic influence, political warfare, and intelligence/counterintelligence policy issues. He is the Founder, President Emeritus, and Chancellor of The Institute of World Politics, an independent graduate school of national security affairs in Washington DC. From 1981 to 1983 served in State Dept as Special Advisor to Under Secretary for Political Affairs Lawrence Eagleburger. From 1983 to 1987 was Director of European and Soviet Affairs at National Security Council, as principal Soviet affairs adviser to President Reagan, developing many policies that led to collapse of Soviet empire. Education - BA, 1972, U of Calif., Berkeley; M.A., 1975, and PhD, 1980, Johns Hopkins U Sch of Advanced International Studies.

Linda Millis  

Linda MILLIS — currently serves as Assistant professor at Marymount University and former adjunct faculty member at George Mason University teaching graduate courses on intelligence analysis, counterterrorism, and weapons of mass destruction. Ms. Millis has more than three decades of experience in the government, non-profit, academic and private sectors, including service in senior executive positions at NSA, CIA, the ODNI, the White House, and a Presidential Commission on Intelligence Reform. She is nationally recognized for developing partnership programs and strategies that improve the defense, intelligence, national and homeland security communities. Ms. Millis earned a BA degree in Russian Studies from the University of Maryland and a master's degree in International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

Gary O'Shaughnessy  

Gary O'SHAUGHNESSY, Maj Gen, USAF(Ret) —served in the United States Air Force for 33 years, during which he commanded intelligence units in the US, Europe, and the Pacific. Just prior to retirement, he was Commander of the 16,000 people in Air Force Intelligence Command. He spent several tours with the National Security Agency and was Director of Intelligence (J-2) at the US European Command's headquarters in Germany (EUCOM). Following military retirement, he joined Oracle as a Vice President for National Security Operations, retiring from that position in 2014. O'Shaughnessy received his bachelor's degree in English from Fordham University and a master's degree in education from Manhattan College.

John J. Quattrocki  
John J. QUATTROCKI— currently a professor in National Security Policy and U.S. Counterintelligence Strategy and Policy at the Institute of World Politics. Quattrocki is a national security expert with 19 years of operational experience and 14 years of experience in policy development and implementation on the National Security Council, the Office of the DNI, and the DoD. He served for several years as a Division Manager and Vice President of National Services Group at CACI International. Quattrocki also served with distinction as a Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI. He attended the USAF Academy and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in political science, constitutional law from Northern Illinois University. He later attended the Executive Development Program at Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management.
William Richardson  
William RICHARDSON — recently retired as Managing Director of TRSS International, Ltd, a risk identification and mitigation company serving government and commercial clients globally. He currently serves on TRSS International's board of directors. He previously served as Director of Analysis for Thomson Reuters Special Services, LLC. Prior to his six years of private sector experience, Richardson served for 32 years (Oct 1982-Jul 2014) in various analytic and leadership assignments with the CIA, including: as representative in a major Western European capital as the focal point on counterterrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans; as the senior analytic officer in a South Asia war zone; as National Intelligence Manager for South Asia; and as PDB briefer to President Barack Obama as well as to Vice President Al Gore. He earned Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in geography and environmental planning from Towson University, where he has also served as adjunct faculty member. He has been a frequent guest lecturer at universities nationwide. Richardson and his wife, Robin, live in Williamsburg, Virginia, and are the parents of two grown children.
Dr. Philip L. Ritcheson  
Philip L. RITCHESON PhD — served as a senior executive in the IC, DoD, Navy, at the Executive Office of the President, and at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Ritcheson has written Presidential-level policies and strategies, provided IC-wide community leadership and agency-wide corporate leadership, improved DoD-national intelligence integration, and led multinational policy and intelligence activities. A Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve, he served in a variety of leadership positions and provided operational intelligence support to U.S. forces in warzones. Ritcheson earned a B.A. in International Relations at the University of Southern California; a M.Sc. in Defense and Strategic Studies at Southwest Missouri State University; and a Ph.D. in International Relations from Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.
John Sano  

John R. SANO, Vice President — served in the Central Intelligence Agency for 28 years, including as the Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service (DD/NCS). Prior to being appointed the DD/NCS, he served as Chief, East Asia Division and chaired the NCS Senior Leadership Team. Sano is presently a professorial lecturer on national security and intelligence issues at the Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC. He earned a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in Asian studies from St. John's University, NY, as well as a master's degree in international affairs from Columbia University.

Michelle Van Cleave  
Michelle VAN CLEAVE — was the National Counterintelligence Executive under President George W. Bush, who appointed her in 2003 to set up and lead the newly created office. She was Director of Security, United States Senate (2020-2021), and is currently a principal with the Jack Kemp Foundation. Van Cleave previously served as Special Assistant to Under Secretary for Policy, DOD; General Counsel and Assistant Director for National Security Affairs, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy; staff director, Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Technology, Terrorism and Government Information; Chief Minority Counsel of House Committee on Science, Space and Technology; and defense and foreign policy assistant to Rep. Jack Kemp and House Republican Conference. Van Cleave holds a master's degree and a bachelor's degree in international relations from the University of Southern California and a J.D. from the USC School of Law.
Maura Watson  
Maura B. WATSON — is Executive Vice President at PenFed Credit Union leading Risk, Talent, and Corporate Communications. She is a retired CIA Senior Officer with 28 years of experience running cyber, counterintelligence, and traditional intelligence operations. She was previously chair of the Board, 8th Light, Inc. Software Consultancy. Watson holds a B.S. in history and political science from the University of Scranton; an M.A. in history from the same institution; and an Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University. She also completed the Cybersecurity Certificate Program at Harvard University.
Lucinda "Cindy" Webb  
Lucinda A. WEBB — is a retired senior intelligence executive with 32 years of service in the CIA, including leading and managing complex programs in operations, counterintelligence, analysis, hiring, and the IC. After retirement Webb was an independent consultant, served on the board for CIA's Studies in Intelligence and on the Senior Advisory Board to the DNI. She holds a bachelor's degree in international relations from Sweet Briar College and a master's degree in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Additional professional programs she attended include the Kellogg School's Executive Leadership Program, Northwestern University; the Intelligence Fellows Seminar; and the Federal Executive Institute.
Peter Oleson  
Peter C. OLESON — is Senior Editor of Intelligencer journal, and Editor of "The Guide to the Study of Intelligence" article series released serially in the Intelligencer journal, online on AFIO's website, and appearing in October 2016 as a 788-page printed book available from Amazon and also on AFIO's website store. Oleson is a former associate professor of intelligence studies, University of Maryland University College. Prior to his time teaching, he was assistant director of DIA, involved in policy, resource, and acquisition matters. He served as senior intelligence policy advisor to Under SecDef for Policy. Was one of eight charter members of Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service. After leaving government worked in industry developing defense and intelligence systems. From 1990 to 2008 was President of Potomac Strategies & Analysis, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in technology applications, C3I systems development, and strategic planning. Has taught about intelligence extensively on the faculties of CIA University and the National Defense Intelligence College. He previously served as Director of AFIO's Academic Exchange program. Avocationally, Oleson is a competition croquet player as well as a skilled blue water sailor.


M E Spike Bowman  

M. E. Spike BOWMAN, Capt., USN(Ret) — Chairman Emeritus. He served as Chairman 2008 thru 2019. He is a specialist in national security law and policy, and served as Deputy, National Counterintelligence Executive [NCIX], part of the Office of the DNI. He previously served as Senior Research Fellow, National Defense University. Before that he served in the Senior Executive Service, FBI as Senior Counsel, National Security Law, and as Director, Intelligence Issues Group, National Security Branch. He retired from the FBI in 2006. Prior to the FBI he had an extensive Naval career which included assignments at NSA. Mr. Bowman has authored numerous articles on national security issues and is a frequent lecturer at conferences and universities both in the US and abroad. He is a life member of AFIO. A graduate of Willamette University (BA), the University of Wisconsin (MA), the University of Idaho (JD, cum laude) and George Washington University (LLM, International and Comparative Law, summa).

Dr. Sarah Botsai  
Sarah L. BOTSAI, Ph.D. — Vice Chairman Emeritus. She was with the National Security Agency, retired, and is listed on the NSA website and in the National Cryptologic Museum as one of the leading Women in American Cryptology. She is a Charter Member, Senior Cryptologic Executive Service. She served as Deputy Director, White House Situation Room; Intelligence Community Staff; Cryptologic Advisor, USCINCPAC; Faculty, National War College. EDUCATION: PhD, American University, International Relations; National War College. OTHER: Editorial Board, Studies in Intelligence; Executive Committee, National Cryptologic Museum Foundation.
The Honorable Michael Rogers  
Michael J. ROGERS, The Honorable — Director Emeritus. He is a former member of Congress representing Michigan's Eighth Congressional District, was an officer in the U.S. Army, and served as a FBI Special Agent. From his time in the U.S. House of Representatives, where he chaired the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) and was a member of the Energy and Commerce panel, Rogers built a legacy as a tireless and effective leader on counterterrorism and national security policy issues. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board at the MITRE Corporation, and as a Director at leading companies including IAP, IronNet Cybersecurity, and Constella Intelligence. Additionally, Mr. Rogers is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University and serves on the Board of Trustees at CSPC.
Elizabeth Bancroft  
Elizabeth BANCROFT — Director Emeritus. She served on staff and as Executive Director from 2000 thru 2016. In 2000, she was hired to modernize AFIO systems and publications, becoming Executive Director in 2003 until retirement December 2016. She continues as editor of Intelligencer journal, manages the Weekly Intelligence Notes, and website. She was Director of the National Intelligence Book Center, Washington DC, from 1982 to 1999. Served as Managing Editor of Surveillant, a bi-monthly intelligence publications review, 1989 to 1994. A 1978 graduate of Harvard/Radcliffe, she is a computer specialist on text indexing/retrieval, bibliographic databases, and publishing. She served on the Board of the National Intelligence Study Center, and as VP of the National Historical Intelligence Museum, and was an adviser to AFIO's board a decade prior to being hired as management. An early AFIO Life Member, she advised other intelligence and military associations, assisted the International Spy Museum when it started with its online presence in 2000-2001, and worked for several U.S. intelligence agencies on publishing, document release, and database projects. She currently serves on the board of several charitable foundations.


Peter Earnest  

E. Peter EARNEST — Chairman Emeritus. Peter served first as President from 1998 thru 1999; as Vice Chairman from 2001 through 2003; as Chairman from 2004 thru 2007, and became Chairman Emeritus from 2007 to 2022. He died, age 88, on 13 February 2022 in McLean, VA.
A life member of AFIO, after his service with CIA and AFIO, he went on to become the founding Executive Director of the International Spy Museum from 2002 to his retirement from that position in February 2018. He was a 35-year veteran of CIA. He served 25 years as a case officer in the Directorate of Operations/Clandestine Service, primarily in Europe and the Middle East. He ran a wide range of intelligence collection and covert action operations including counterintelligence and double agent operations working with the FBI and military intelligence. Assigned to the Office of the Director of Central Intelligence, he served as an Inspector with the Inspector General, liaison with the U.S. Senate, and director of media relations and spokesman. A member of the Senior Intelligence Service, he received the CIA's Medal of Merit and Career Intelligence Medal. He authored and coauthored several books on intelligence, covert operations, and tradecraft, including some of special appeal to "intelligence-officers-to-be."

Martin Faga  

Martin C. FAGA — Vice Chairman Emeritus. Retired in 2006 as president, CEO of MITRE. He died 19 October 2023 at age 82.
Earlier, he was senior vice president and general manager of MITRE's Center for Integrated Intelligence Systems. Before MITRE, Mr. Faga served as Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space. At the same time, he served as Director of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), reporting to the SECDEF and the Director of CIA for the development, acquisition and operation of all U.S. satellite reconnaissance programs. He also headed the program/budget staff of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the House of Representatives. He was an engineer at the CIA, and an R&D officer in the Air Force. He was Chairman of the Board of the Space Foundation and a former member of AFIO's Board. He served on the Boards of LinQuest, Thomson Reuters Special Services, and Inmarsat Government. Mr. Faga received a MS degree and a BS degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh University.

RADM Don Harvey USN  

Donald P. HARVEY, RAdm USN (Ret) — Chairman Emeritus. A life member of AFIO, Don served as President 1987-89 and as Chairman 1989-91, and was awarded the David Atlee Phillips Founder's Award in 1998. Admiral Harvey died, age 98, on 25 September 2022, in Sarasota, FL.
Don entered the US Naval Academy and served aboard the USS Hawkins heading on a Far East tour. By 1950, his focus changed to military intelligence, and from 1952-1978 he lived in 27 places around the world. In 1958, he became one of the three intelligence briefers for Admiral Arleigh Burke, who was then the chief of Naval operations. Don attended graduate school at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and earned a master's in political science and a master of arts in law and diplomacy, and completed all requirements fo Ph.D. in International Relations specializing in Middle Eastern studies, which led to assignments in the Persian Gulf. After serving at the U.S. European Command Headquarters in Paris, he headed the operational intelligence branch of ONI in DC in 1965. Two years later, he headed the Navy's assessment of the intelligence damage suffered when the North Koreans seized the USS Pueblo intelligence collection ship. He served in Pearl Harbor in 1971 as the Fleet Intelligence Officer (N2) and was involved in activities relating to Vietnam. In 1973, he advanced to Rear Admiral and was assigned to the Intelligence Community Staff in DC. He became the Director of Naval Intelligence in 1976. When he retired, Don and wife Debbie were active members of AFIO and served in numerous roles leading, advising, or directing the association.

S Eugene Gene Poteat  

S. Eugene (Gene) POTEAT, LLD — President Emeritus. Gene served as President from 1999 thru 2015. He retired, at the end of 2014, after sixteen years of service as president. He died, age 92, on 22 May 2022 in Alexandria, VA.
He was a senior CIA Scientific Intelligence Officer. Educated as an electrical engineer and physicist, he holds a Masters in Statecraft and National Security affairs from the Institute of World Politics, and awarded an honorary LL.D. His career in intelligence included work with U-2 and SR-71 class of aircraft, and various space and naval reconnaissance systems. He also managed the CIA's worldwide network of monitoring sites. He holds patents on covert communications techniques. His CIA assignments included the Directorate of Science and Technology, the National Reconnaissance Office, Technical Director of the Navy's Special Programs Office, and Executive Director of the Intelligence Research and Development Council. He served abroad in London, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Asia. He received the CIA's Medal of Merit and the National Reconnaissance Office's Meritorious Civilian Award for his technological innovations.