as of January 2020

Stewart Baker  
Stewart A. BAKERChairman. He is a partner in Steptoe & Johnson, a law firm; is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Center for Strategic and International Studies and a Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution. He produces the highly-regarded weekly Cyberlaw Podcast, which provides provocative insights on issues at the intersection of law, government, information technology, and security. He is author of Skating on Stilts: Why We Aren't Stopping Tomorrow's Terrorism. From 2005 to 2009, was first Asst Secretary for Policy at Dept of Homeland Security. Oversaw Department-wide policy analysis, international affairs, strategic planning, and relationships with private sector, advisory committees, and law enforcement. Involved in national security reviews of information technology transfers and in the effort to provide visa-free travel to Eastern European nations. Baker previously served as General Counsel, WMD Commission, investigating intelligence failures prior to Iraq war. Also was General Counsel of the NSA. Testified before government agencies/committees, including 9/11 commission.
Dr. Sarah Botai  
Sarah L. BOTSAI, Ph.D. — Vice-Chairman. She was with the National Security Agency, retired, and is listed on the NSA website and in the National Cryptologic Museum as one of the leading Women in American Cryptology. She is a Charter Member, Senior Cryptologic Executive Service. She served as Deputy Director, White House Situation Room; Intelligence Community Staff; Cryptologic Advisor, USCINCPAC; Faculty, National War College. EDUCATION: PhD, American University, International Relations; National War College. OTHER: Editorial Board, Studies in Intelligence; Executive Committee, National Cryptologic Museum Foundation.
Deborah A. BONANNI — served in a number of executive leadership positions at NSA, including Chief of Staff; Associate Director of Human Resources Services; Associate Director of Education and Training; Commandant of the National Cryptologic School; and Associate General Counsel for Information Security. She is currently Executive Vice President and Counsel for FedData, LLC and is also a Director of KEYW, Inc. Ms. Bonanni graduated Summa Cum Laude from Hood College with a BA in History and Political Science and received her Juris Doctorate from the Columbus School of Law, Catholic University.
James Bruce, PhD  
James B. BRUCE, PhD — is Senior Political Scientist at RAND leading research projects for IC clients on intelligence collection, analysis, deception, and related studies. Retired after 24 yrs from CIA in 2005. Served on National Intelligence Council as Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Science and Technology, and as VChair of the DCI (now DNI) Foreign Denial and Deception Committee. A former senior fellow at CIA’s Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis, has also held management positions in the DI and NCS where he served as Chief of Training in the CI Center. Also served as a senior staff member on the Silberman-Robb WMD Commission. He has authored numerous classified studies. Is adjunct professor at Georgetown University; previously at Columbia and American Univ. Received Ph.D. from Univ of Denver.
Richard L. COHN — AFIO National Vice President for Chapters. Cohn served for over 35 years with the Intelligence Community, predominantly with the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Intelligence & Counterintelligence as a Supervisory Intelligence Operations Specialist. He is currently serving as Director, Nevada Intelligence Center (IN-17), Intelligence Analysis Directorate, Office of Intelligence & Counterintelligence, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Prior to DOE, Mr. Cohn served with the Defense Mapping Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science (International Relations) and a Masters in Regional Planning (Satellite Remote Sensing).
William A. COSTANZA, DLS — serves as Director of the Academic Exchange Program. Dr. Costanza was a career operations officer for 24 years at the Central Intelligence Agency. He designed and implemented operational targeting and intelligence collection strategies in the areas of counterterrorism, counter-narcotics, weapons of mass destruction, telecommunications and strategic technologies. Dr. Costanza is currently a senior consultant at the Xebec Global Corporation. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois, his Master of Arts degree in International Studies from American University, and his doctoral degree in liberal studies from Georgetown University.
Michael Ennis  
Michael E. ENNIS, Major General USMC(Ret) – Retired from the USMC after 37 years of service. After retirement, Ennis joined Science Applications International Corporation as the Senior Vice President for Risk Management and International Security. Prior to his USMC retirement, Ennis served three years as the first Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service (CIA) for Community HUMINT. Other Marine Corps assignments included: Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for Operations; Director of Marine Corps Intelligence; Commander, Joint Intelligence Center Pacific; and G-2 of the III Marine Expeditionary Force. He also served in three assignments as a Russian Foreign Area Officer. Ennis studied at Concordia College and at the Sorbonne in Paris, where he majored in international relations and French. He later earned a master's degree at Georgetown University. Now fully retired, he divides his time between Leesburg and Warsaw, VA.
James R. Hughes  
James. R. HUGHESPresident. His service as AFIO’s 17th President began January 2015. He had a career of US Government service, spanning 37 years in numerous foreign countries with a particular focus in the Middle East. He started in U.S. Military Intelligence in the late 1960s and then joined the CIA’s Clandestine Service. He served overseas as a Chief of Station several times, and at CIA Headquarters in a number of senior management positions, including as Chief of the Near East and South Asia Division, in the Directorate of Operations [today’s National Clandestine Service]. He was also named the Associate Deputy Director of Operations (ADDO) at the National Security Agency, 1998-99. Following his retirement from the government in 2005, he joined EDS in Herndon, Virginia, as the Client Industry Executive for the U.S. Intelligence Community. After the HP acquisition of EDS, he continued to serve in a similar capacity until his retirement in 2012. His parents were missionaries in Turkey in the 1950s, where Jim spent his formative years. He attended the prep schools of two of the most famous missionary-founded universities in the Middle East: Robert College in Istanbul and the American University-Beirut, in Beirut, Lebanon. He is fluent in Arabic, and has extensive knowledge of, and appreciation for, the arts, geography, culture, and religions of that region. He has been an AFIO member since 2005 and joined the board in 2009.
Annette Janak  

Annette JANAK — is in charge of Events and Liaison and manages other day-to-day activities of the association. Ms. Janak joined AFIO in August 2016 after retiring from the CIA. She handles all upcoming conferences, symposia, and luncheons. She is a certified Protocol Officer and Event Manager with 34 years of Federal Service performing support to an executive level and diverse customer base, including the past nine Directors of the Central Intelligence Agency. As senior CIA Protocol Officer, Ms. Janak led the Honor and Merit Awards Team and served on the Executive Staff Officer Career Service Employee Advisory Group and the War Zone Working Group. She planned and orchestrated a variety of large, high-visibility events to include the Agency's Annual Memorial Ceremony in honor of its fallen officers. Ms. Janak was also the focal point for the 117 families of CIA officers killed in the line of duty, maintaining ongoing contact and support to these families. Prior to joining the Office of the Director, she served with the CIA Directorates of Science and Technology and Operations and with the Department of State. During her career Ms. Janak received a number of awards, including the CIA Directors Award, the Directorate of Operations Donovan Award, 25 Exceptional Performance Awards, and 4 Meritorious Unit Citations. She began as acting Executive Director on 1 January 2017.

John Lenczowski, PhD  
John LENCZOWSKI, Ph.D. — is an expert on European and Soviet affairs, is founder/director, The Institute of World Politics, an independent graduate school of national security affairs in Washington DC. From 1981 to 1983 served in State Dept as Special Advisor to Under Secretary for Political Affairs. From 1983 to 1987 was Director of European and Soviet Affairs at National Security Council, as principal Soviet affairs adviser to President Reagan, developing many policies that led to collapse of Soviet empire. Education - B.A., 1972, U of Calif., Berkeley; M.A., 1975, and Ph.D., 1980, Johns Hopkins U Sch of Advanced International Studies.
John MacGaffin  
N. John MacGAFFIN, III — served 31 years as CIA officer, including four assignments overseas as Chief of Station, primarily in Middle East, and at CIA HQs, including Head of Strategic Planning and Evaluation, Chief of the Central Eurasian operational division, and associate DDO. After CIA, became Sr adviser to Director and Deputy Director of FBI, with responsibility for long-range enhancement of CIA/FBI relationships and development of FBI Five-Year Strategic Plan. In 1998 chaired commission for SECDEF, the DCI, and the Director of FBI to restructure national CI system - effort known as CI-21, implemented by Bush administration. Served as consultant to various USG depts (Defense Department, CIA) and corporations (Conoco, Gray Hawk Systems, Niagara-Mohawk, General Dynamics, Veridian Systems International, BAESystems, SAIC).
C. Carson Morris  
C. Carson MORRIS — Life Member of AFIO since 1981. Holds advisory positions to Defense and IC agencies since 1970 including special programs for the SecDef's Special Advisory Staff and Advisor to Assistant SecDef – Intelligence Oversight. Currently COO of Intelsec Corporation. Previously Executive VP of CACI for Engineering and Integration, Director of Homeland Security & Counter-Terrorism Initiatives and Director, Corporate Strategic Planning; Group Executive of Analytics Inc. Communications and Information Systems Group; Director, Auerback Corporations Teleprocessing Systems Organization. Holds patents in cryptographic techniques, in communications transmission, and in multi-processor computer architecture.
Gary O'Shaughnessy  
Gary O'SHAUGHNESSY, Maj Gen, USAF(Ret) — Board Member and Director of Corporate Memberships. completed 33 years in the United States Air Force, retiring in 1993. During his Air Force career, he commanded Intelligence units in the US, Europe, and the Pacific. Just prior to retirement, he was Commander of the 16,000 people in Air Force Intelligence Command. He spent several tours with the National Security Agency and was Director of Intelligence (J-2) at the U.S. European Command’s headquarters in Germany (EUCOM). After retiring from the Air Force he joined Oracle as a Vice President for National Security Operations, orchestrating Oracle’s interaction with the Military, Intelligence, and Homeland Security communities. After 20 years with Oracle he retired from that position in 2014. General O’Shaughnessy received his bachelor’s degree in English from Fordham University and a master’s degree in Education from Manhattan College. He is on the Fordham Advisory Board, works as a mentor with SCORE, and is on the Board of Directors for Champions for Heroes, a veteran support organization.
Christopher J. PARKER — was an executive level manager in both the Operations and Science and Technology Directorates of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Prior to joining the CIA, Parker served in the United States Army as a helicopter pilot. He is currently with The Boeing Company as a Subject Matter Expert for CIA-focused business efforts. He received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Santa Clara and attended senior executive fellow programs at Harvard University, Kellogg, and the Federal Executive Institute.
John J. Quattrocki  
John J. QUATTROCKI — Currently a professor in National Security Policy and U.S. Counterintelligence Strategy and Policy at the Institute of World Politics. Quattrocki is a national security expert with 19 years of operational experience and 14 years of experience in policy development and implementation on the National Security Council, the Office of the DNI, and the DoD. He served for several years as a Division Manager and Vice President of National Services Group at CACI International. Quattrocki also served with distinction as a Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI. He attended the USAF Academy and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in political science, constitutional law from Northern Illinois University. He later attended the Executive Development Program at Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management.
William Richardson  
William RICHARDSON — Currently Director of Analysis for Thomson Reuters Special Services, LLC (TRSS). Additionally, he leads TRSS's International Program. Prior to joining TRSS, Richardson served for 32 years (Oct 1982-Jul 2014) in various analytic and leadership assignments with the CIA, including: as representative in a major Western European capital as the focal point on counterterrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans; as senior analytic officer in a South Asia war zone; as National Intelligence Manager for South Asia; and as PDB briefer to President Barack Obama as well as to Vice President Al Gore. He earned Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in geography and environmental planning from Towson University, where he has also served as adjunct faculty member. He is a frequent guest lecturer at universities nationwide. Richardson and his wife, Robin, live in northern Virginia and are the parents of two grown children.
Michael J. ROGERS, The Honorable — is a former member of Congress representing Michigan's Eighth Congressional District, was an officer in the U.S. Army, and served as a FBI Special Agent. From his time in the U.S. House of Representatives, where he chaired the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) and was a member of the Energy and Commerce panel, Rogers built a legacy as a tireless and effective leader on counterterrorism and national security policy issues. He sits on the Board of Directors for IronNet Cybersecurity and on the Board of Advisors for Next Century Corporation. He also serves on the Cybersecurity Industry Advisory Council for Trident Capital. Additionally, Mr. Rogers is a Distinguished Fellow at the prestigious Hudson Institute and serves on the Board of Trustees at CSPC. He is a national security contributor and host of CNN's original series Declassified. Rogers is in a unique position to join with AFIO in clarifying and shaping the national debate on a wide variety of intelligence and national security issues.
John Sano  

John R. SANOVice President. Mr Sano served in the CIA for 28 years, including as the Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service (DD/NCS). Prior to being appointed the DD/NCS, he served as Chief, East Asia Division and chaired the NCS Senior Leadership Team, overseeing the day-to-day management of the NCS. As an active member of CIA's Executive Management Team, Mr. Sano regularly briefed senior Administration and Congressional Committee members on national security and worldwide covert operations.
Mr. Sano spent 15 years overseas in Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. He served as Chief of Station at three posts, two foreign and one domestic. As Chief, North Korean Operations in the early 1990s he directed CIA efforts during the Balkan conflict. He is the recipient of a number of Intelligence Community and CIA awards, including the Donovan Award (the highest award of the National Clandestine Service). Mr. Sano earned a Bachelor's in Political Science and a Master's in Asian Studies from St. John's University in New York as well as a Master's degree in International Affairs from Columbia University. He is currently a professorial lecturer on national security and intelligence issues at the Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C.


Rhea D. SIERS — served in a number of executive leadership positions at NSA, including as Deputy Associate Director for Policy and Strategic Communications and as senior NSA representative to the FBI. Currently Subject Matter Expert for Cyber & Information at RANE, she also serves as an adjunct faculty member at George Washington University and Johns Hopkins University. Siers graduated cum laude from Barnard College, Columbia University, with a B.A. in Political Science; received a MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science; a J.D. from Washington College of Law, American University; and a MIPP from the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University.

Michelle Van Cleave  
Michelle VAN CLEAVE — was the National Counterintelligence Executive under President G. W. Bush, who appointed her in 2003 to set up and lead the newly created office. In that position she served as head of U.S. counterintelligence, and was responsible for providing strategic direction to and ensuring integration of CI activities across the government. Currently serves as Senior Fellow, George Washington University, and principal with Jack Kemp Foundation. Served as Special Assistant to Under Secretary for Policy, DOD, and General Counsel and Assistant Director for National Security Affairs, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Also served as staff director, Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Technology, Terrorism and Government Information; Chief Minority Counsel of House Committee on Science, Space and Technology; and defense and foreign policy assistant to Cong. Jack Kemp and House Republican Conference. Was of Counsel at Feith & Zell, and President, National Security Concepts, in Washington DC. Member of the Board, Jamestown Foundation. Holds MA and BA in International Relations from Univ of S California, and a JD from the USC School of Law.
M E Spike Bowman  

M. E. Spike BOWMAN, Capt., USN(Ret) — is Chairman Emeritus. He served as Chairman 2008 thru 2019. He is a specialist in national security law and policy, was has served as Deputy, National Counterintelligence Executive [NCIX], part of the Office of the DNI. He previously served as Senior Research Fellow, National Defense University. Before that he served in the Senior Executive Service, FBI as Senior Counsel, National Security Law, and as Director, Intelligence Issues Group, National Security Branch. He retired from the FBI in 2006. Prior to the FBI he had an extensive Naval career which included assignments at NSA. Mr. Bowman has authored numerous articles on national security issues and is a frequent lecturer at conferences and universities both in the U.S. and abroad. He is a life member of AFIO. A graduate of Willamette University (B.A.), the University of Wisconsin (M.A.), the University of Idaho (J.D., cum laude) and George Washington University (LL.M., International and Comparative Law, summa).

Peter Earnest  

E. Peter EARNEST — is Chairman Emeritus. A life member of AFIO, he served first as President from 1998 thru 1999; as Vice Chairman from 2001 through 2003; and as Chairman from 2004 thru 2007. He is the founding Executive Director of the International Spy Museum from its start in 2000 to his retirement from that post in February 2018. He is a 35 year veteran of CIA. He served 25 years as a case officer in the Directorate of Operations/Clandestine Service, primarily in Europe and the Middle East. He ran a wide range of intelligence collection and covert action operations including counterintelligence and double agent operations working with the FBI and military intelligence. Assigned to the Office of the Director of Central Intelligence, he served as an Inspector with the Inspector General, liaison with the U.S. Senate, and director of media relations and spokesman. A member of the Senior Intelligence Service, he received the CIA's Medal of Merit and Career Intelligence Medal. He is the author and co-author of several books on intelligence, covert operations, and tradecraft, including some of special appeal to "intelligence-officers-to-be."

S Eugene Poteat  

S. Eugene (Gene) POTEAT, LLD — is President Emeritus. He served as President from 2000 thru 2015. He retired, at the end of 2014, after fifteen years of service as president. He was a senior CIA Scientific Intelligence Officer. Educated as an electrical engineer and physicist, he holds a Masters in Statecraft and National Security affairs from the Institute of World Politics, and awarded an honorary LL.D. His career in intelligence included work with U-2 and SR-71 class of aircraft, and various space and naval reconnaissance systems. He also managed the CIA's worldwide network of monitoring sites. He holds patents on covert communications techniques. His CIA assignments included the Directorate of Science and Technology, the National Reconnaissance Office, Technical Director of the Navy's Special Programs Office, and Executive Director of the Intelligence Research and Development Council. He served abroad in London, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Asia. He received the CIA's Medal of Merit and the National Reconnaissance Office's Meritorious Civilian Award for his technological innovations.

Elizabeth BANCROFT — is Director Emeritus. She served on staff and as Executive Director from 2000 thru 2016. In 2000, she was hired to modernize its systems and publications, becoming Executive Director in 2003 until retirement December 2016. She continues as editor of Intelligencer journal, manages the Weekly Intelligence Notes and website. She was Director of the National Intelligence Book Center, Washington DC, from 1982 to 1999. She served as Managing Editor of Surveillant, a bi-monthly intelligence publications review, 1989 to 1994. A graduate of Harvard/Radcliffe, she is a computer specialist on text indexing/retrieval, bibliographic databases, and publishing. She served on the Board of the National Intelligence Study Center, and as VP of the National Historical Intelligence Museum, and was an advisor to AFIO's board a decade prior to being hired as management. An early AFIO Life Member, she advised other intelligence and military associations, assisted the International Spy Museum when it started with its online presence in 2000-2001, and worked for several U.S. intelligence agencies on publishing, document release, and database projects. She currently serves on the board of several charitable foundations.
Peter Oleson  
Peter C. OLESON — is Senior Editor of Intelligencer journal, and Editor of "The Guide to the Study of Intelligence" article series released serially in the Intelligencer journal, online on AFIO's website, and appearing in October 2016 as a 788-page printed book available from Amazon and also on AFIO's website store. Oleson is a former associate professor of intelligence studies, University of Maryland University College. Prior to his time teaching, he was assistant director of DIA, involved in policy, resource, and acquisition matters. He served as senior intelligence policy advisor to Under SecDef for Policy. Was one of eight charter members of Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service. After leaving government worked in industry developing defense and intelligence systems. From 1990 to 2008 was President of Potomac Strategies & Analysis, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in technology applications, C3I systems development, and strategic planning. Has taught about intelligence extensively on the faculties of CIA University and the National Defense Intelligence College. He previously served as Director of AFIO's Academic Exchange program. Avocationally, Oleson is a competition croquet player as well as a skilled blue water sailor.