b'Analysts typically spend much of their careers in the United States, mainly, but not exclusively, in the Washington, DC area. Some collection agencies, however, are dispersing parts of their workforce to installations in various states around the country. That said, most analysts will get the opportunity to travel overseas on tours of temporary duty (TDY), varying from a few days to a few years. Furthermore, the growing need for support to military operations has greatly expanded the presence of intelligence officers in theater and near the battlefield. Many analysts can apply for advanced degrees sponsored by their agency in the IC. There are also many opportunities for analysts from one agency to rotate to another agency for a tour of one to two years. Collectors of human intelligence typically spend much of their careers outside the United States, although it is rare for someone to spend more than two or three consecutive tours overseas without then coming back for an assignment in the US. A small minority of collectors will be under the cover of another organization, usually the State Department. The Defense Department also has many collectors overseas, some in uniform, some not, focusing on the collection of intelligence relating to military as well as political, economic and other requirements. The use of non-traditional cover (NOC)cover that does not involve another government agencyhas been expanding over the years. 12'