b' Status Once you are in federal service you will likely see that there are contract employees doing similar work in your work spaces but getting paid more than you. That could be an incentive to leave for higher pay. On the other hand, a career employee has job security with considerable retirement and medical benefitssomething the contract employee does not enjoy. Furthermore, people who enter a federal service career have the satisfaction of being representatives of their government in what they do. On the other hand, they are also subject to critics of bloated government. Both tracks offer the opportunity to become a senior leader. Private industry can pay more; the federal government can provide an opportunity for you to help your agencyand countrymake a difference.There are hurdles for the entry process to the government, frustrations from having to do it the way we always have, and there are many thankless tasks. At least once in your career you will be part of a group accused of some conspiracy to get around the law and to hide the truth from the public. There are, however, rewards in the form of pride and accomplishment in protecting the national security and interests of the United States even though most people will never learn of your contributions due to the classified nature of your work. You may not be able to talk about your accomplishments to many people. The world of intelligence does not often produce the excitement and thrills of a Hollywood movie or a television series, but it does offer the opportunity to play a part in securing the nation for now and for the future. For the prospective candidate interested in intelligence as a career but uncertain where his or her abilities and interests might fit within one of the 18 members of the IC, the first step is to take a close look at each of these members. In April 2016, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) announced the creation of a new website for individuals seeking a career in the IC (www.intelligencecareers.gov.) It provides a description of each of the 18 (including the ODNI) members of the IC. Several agencies now have a Twitter dedicated to announcing jobs/job-related news regarding that agency. For example, NSA has @NSACareers and the Department of State has @doscareers. You can verify US Government social media accounts through USA.gov.19'