b'Questions and Answers About Intelligence Careers Q: How can I join the CIA, theQ: What types of tests will I FBI, or some other intelligencehave to take before being agency?accepted into an intelligence agency? A: Other than applications taken during career fairs, most of theA: Each agency will have its own major intelligence agencies onlybattery of tests, but at a minimum accept formal application throughan applicant can expect a math special secure pages on theirand verbal proficiency websites. Go to the website forexaminationlike the SAT the agency in question. Most willcollege boards. Other tests are have an online application formlikely to include psychological which you can download andexaminations, language aptitude complete, or complete securelytests, an oral examination before a online and submit electronically.panel, and one or more The website will also providepolygraphs (counterintelligence further information about whatand lifestyle). types of jobs are available in that agency.Q: What training should I have before applying for an Q: Can I find out about careersintelligence agency? in the IC from usajobs.com? A: There is no specific course of A: USAJOBS.com is a sitetraining for a career in managed by the Office ofintelligence. Applicants who have Personnel Management, which isforeign area experience and the central department forlinguistic expertise are highly overseeing the federal work-valued. Those with military or force. Its website has a wealth ofmanagerial experience would be useful information for thelikely to have an edge over their potential job-seeker, including jobpeers. In tomorrows increasingly listings, salary tables, upcomingcomplex and technical world the events and human resourceunder- standing of science, reports. That said, information ontechnology, engineering and math openings in specific agencies of(STEM) will be even more the IC can be found more readilyimportant for an individuals by going directly to the websitesuccess than it is today. for that agency. 26'