b'Q: What are the most difficultQ: Are there specific rules or aspects of working for anregulations for employees of the intelligence agency?Intelligence Community? A: For many in the IntelligenceA: Each agency has its own Community, especially, but notregulations regarding the personal exclusively, those assignedconduct of its employees. The overseas, the job can be 24/7.CIA, which is one of the most You are always on-call, should arestrictive agencies, requires situation arise. It can be difficultemployees to report all close and to separate your personal fromcontinuing contact with foreigners; your professional life employees must receive prior particularly in areas of conflict orapproval for foreign travel, unless crisis, man-made or natural.they are assigned abroad; and they must receive prior approval Q: Can I tell friends and familyfor any written publication they where I work?author, even after they have retired or left the agencys service. A: For most agencies in theNSA and the other branches of the Intelligence Community, this isDefense Department collection not an issue. Employees of theagencies have similar restrictions. Department of Defense collection agencies, such as NSA, NGA andQ: With 18 different agencies in NRO, are discouraged from beingthe IC, is there not a danger of specific about where they work.overlapping responsibilities or Similarly, most officers in thetoo much bureaucracy? Directorate of Operations of the CIA are urged to keep theA: The Office of the Director of number of people aware of theirNational Intelligence was created true employment to an absolutein 2004 precisely to address this minimum. The choice of whom toissue. It has succeeded to a disclose your employment is up toconsiderable extent in breaking you, but remember that you aredown bureaucratic barriers, as subject to the polygraph and willevidenced by the inter-agency be expected to take the testcooperation that led to the death periodically throughout your careerof Usama bin Laden.where you will be asked to disclose names of all of those who know your real employment. 28'