b'Programs AFIO implements its objectives by conducting programs to:contribute balance and expert insight into the public and mediadiscourses on intelligence-related issues; support educational courses, seminars, symposia, and research onintelligence and counterintelligence topics; promote public understanding of intelligence, secrecy, covert action,and counterintelligence roles, needs, and functions; encourage the exchange of information among intelligenceprofessionals; promote the study of the history and current role of US intelligence.Specific Programs Are Conducted Within the Following Framework:Publications Conferences Media Support Academic Support and Outreach Community OutreachAFIO Membership Current and Former Intelligence / CI / CT Personnel.Other US citizens may apply for Associate Membership Visit www.afio.com, or email afio@afio.com to join. Membership lists are never printed, shared, loaned, or placed online. Members may choose unlisted status at any time to ensure additional privacy. AFIO Central Office 7600 Leesburg Pike, Suite 470 East Falls Church, Virginia 22043-2004 Telephone: 703-790-0320 | Fax: 703-991-1278 Email: afio@afio.com / Web: www.afio.com 46'