b'Intelligence is used for many purposes. Besides the traditional tracking of foreign military capabilities and scrutiny of foreign government intentions, intelligence is used for new problem sets of the twenty-first centurynuclear proliferation, terrorism, failing states, cyber threats, climate change, health security and the international economic reshuffle. Intelligence supports national security planning, diplomacy, homeland security, and enforcement of our laws. Usually, the fruits of intelligence collection and analysis remain unknown to the public at large, despite the revelations of Edward Snowden and Wikileaks Julian Assange. But occasionally the results of the integrated efforts of the Intelligence Community (IC) are made public. Intelligence pieced together over several years revealed the location of Osama bin Laden in 2011; it led to the apprehension of the black-market arms merchant Viktor Bout in Thailand in 2008; it led to the apprehension of Amal Kasi in 1997, four years after he shot and killed two employees outside of the CIA as they drove to work. All-source intelligence enabled law enforcement to arrest Ahmed Khan Rahami in September 2016 shortly after he set off homemade bombs in New York and New Jersey. Most recently, intelligence gave warning about Russian intentions to invade Ukraine, thereby allowing critical US policy decisions and informed responses. The United States Government (USG) not only collects information through the 18-member Intelligence Community (IC), which includes the State, Homeland Security, Justice, Energy and Treasury Departments, the 7'