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ELIZABETH, one of this year's "Best Picture" Oscar nominees and one of the year's better films, is not a spy story, but it certainly features the importance of an effective intelligence system as represented by the Earl of Walsingham, who provided crucial support to the young queen. The movie, of course, is not true to history in its details -- - such as the night Walsingham spends with French queen Mary of Guise, who was plotting to overthrow Elizabeth, ending with Mary's demise -- - but in a very general sense it conveys historical truth, for Walsingham did provide crucial intelligence and counterintelligence services to the Queen. An entertaining movie, with a demonstration of the importance of the value intelligence operations in history. (Global Intel Monthly, Feb 99p. 18) (RoyJ)

Reviewed in AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #15-99, 16 Apr 99

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