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AT COLD WAR'S END: US INTELLIGENCE ON THE SOVIET UNION AND EASTERN EUROPE, 1989-1991, Benjamin B. Fisher, ed. CIA, 1999, ISBN 1-929667-02-7. This is a compendium of national intelligence estimates and assessments divided into four topic areas, starting with NIE's covering the political crisis in the USSR, focused on Gorbachev and the perils of Perestroika; continuing with NIE's addressing the situation in Eastern Europe and the end of empire; and followed by NIE's on "new thinking" in Soviet foreign policy, and on the military balance of conventional forces in Europe. The editor, Ben Fisher, wrote a masterly Foreword that is worth the price of admission. It is an outstanding summary capturing a set of momentous and convoluted - almost unexplainable - events. This is a basic source document -- a contribution to knowledge by CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence. Highly recommended, especially for students of international politics. Copies are available from GPO, or NTIS, and the text can also be found on CIA's website (Jonkers)

Reviewed in AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #02-00