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INTELLIGENCE: From Secrets to Policy, by Mark M. Lowenthal, CQ Press, Washington DC, 1999. ISBN 1-56802-512-2. This book just received, and only scanned, not read. Richard Kerr, former Deputy director of CIA, is quoted as saying about the book that "Mark Lowenthal has made a major contribution to the generally weak literature of intelligence. He explores the relationship between intelligence and policy -- one of the most perplexing and misunderstood." The book, published in paperback, is much more. It is also a primer on intelligence, clear in organization and, based on my sampling the pages, written in a readable, direct, concise style. To be further reviewed, but, at first glance, a winner. (RoyJ)

Reviewed in AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #40-99, 8 Oct 1999

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