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MILITARY GOES BY THE BOOK, BUT IT'S A NOVEL. In a profession whose leaders are known for their devotion to the works of military strategists like Carl von Clausewitz and Sun Tsu, the officers of the US Army and the Marine Corps have quietly chosen a romantic war novel. ONCE AN EAGLE, by Anton Myrer, has worked its way over a generation into the mindset and lexicon of the American military, flourishing as a cult classic even as it withered out of print. When it was first published in 1968, the epic story of an Army officer as honorable as Robin Hood pitted against a fellow officer as self-serving as Prince John became an improbable best seller during the upheaval of those times, its 800 pages tracing the story of the US Army from World War I to the early years of Vietnam. The book sold millions of copies and has recently been brought back into print.(NY Times, 8/16/99)

Reviewed in AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #33-99, Aug 19, 1999

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