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John Knaus, ORPHANS OF THE COLD WAR: America and the Tibetan Struggle for Survival, Public Affairs Press, 1999, 184pp. The next issue of AFIO's INTELLIGENCER newsletter will carry Joe Goulden's review of this book by a fellow AFIO member which ran in the August 8 Washington Times. Meanwhile, some excerpts: "On the practical level, according to agency veteran [and AFIO Member] Samuel Halpern, who served as FitzGerald's executive officer, 'The primary objective had little to do with aiding the Tibetans. It was to impede and harass the Chinese Communists.' In terms of political warfare, the effort succeeded. China's posturing as a champion of "peaceful coexistence" self-determination for the Third World was exposed as hypocritical blather, and four decades later the Dali Lama remains a potent symbol of anti-communism." .... "Inevitably, superior Chinese military ground down the resistance, and the guerrilla war ended with many of the Tibetans dead. Knaus interviewed many of the survivors for his book; to a man, they praise the United States for coming to their aid." [NOTE: Author Knaus, an AFIO member, will speak at AFIO's Sept 13 luncheon at the Ft Myer, Virginia O'Club.] 4/sr=3D8-1/002-8191849-4081451

Reviewed in AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #33-99, Aug 19, 1999

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