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Stanislav Lunev with Ira Winkler, THROUGH THE EYES OF THE ENEMY: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF STANISLAV LUNEV, Regnery Publishing, June 1998. This new (June 1998) book is making quite a splash. Lunev is a GRU defector and Winkler is an AFIO member, former NSA employee and author of the 1997 book, "Corporate Espionage : What It Is, Why It Is Happening in Your Company." The charges in the Lunev book are sensational to say the least. In effect, Lunev says "the Russians are still coming."

CONGRESS will be holding hearings next week on the matter (see August 4th entry in Section IV, below). The paragraph below is from the publisher's description of the book's contents: "Stanislav Lunev, the highest-ranking GRU (Soviet military intelligence) officer ever to defect shares his amazing story with the American public. Lunev reveals:

  1. How the Russian Mafia controls the Russian government, the KGB, and the military.
  2. The existence of Russian suitcase-sized nuclear weapons on U.S. soil.
  3. The existence and testing of seismic weapons.
  4. The KGB's possible use of American POW's to test the effects of drugs on Americans.
  5. The GRU's plan for poisoning U.S. water supplies.
  6. Present Russian government spy tactics against the U.S.
  7. How Boris Yeltsin ordered the KGB to double its corporate, government, and military espionage against the U.S.
  8. The practice of recruiting spies in Congress, in the military, and from the editorial offices of leading American newspapers.
  9. Soviet assassination squads against American leaders.
  10. How U.S. corporations are unwittingly partnering with the Russian Mafia -- and much more!!"

Reviewed in AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #28-98, 27 July 1998

THROUGH THE EYES OF THE ENEMY, by Stanislav Lunev (with Ira Winkler), Regnery Publishing Inc, Washington DC, 1998. The author was a colonel in the GRU, the Soviet military intelligence apparat, who defected to the United States in August 1988. This slim book is his story, told in simple, straightforward words, starting with his childhood and ending with his new life in America. It is a nice book for the general public, providing the human touch - spies are people, after all. (RoyJ)

Reviewed in AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #12-99, 24 March 99

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