AFIO Intelligence Notes Issue 15

20 April 1998

AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes (WINs) are a 1998 initiative to enhance services to AFIO members and to encourage them to recruit new members. We need new members!

WINs are produced by Editor Roy Jonkers, and includes adaptations of articles produced by RADM Don Harvey (USN ret) and AFIO members. WIN re-transmission is not permitted except without concurrence of the WIN Editor.

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SECTION III - Member's Missives
SECTION IV - AFIO Announcements, Jobs and Services

NOTE: This edition was impacted by this week's IRS and State TAX preparation trauma. Sections I and III are missing, Section II is listing to port, and Section IV is truncated, but contains a number of new items.


- THE KOREAN NORTH WIND BLOWETH ILL - CIA's Station Chief in Seoul recently expressed his unhappiness with South Korean Intelligence for leaking confidential (some say Top Secret) CIA document to North Korea, and threatened to stop sharing intelligence - another facet of a complicated game on a troubled peninsula. .

Since becoming President, Kim Dae Jun, Korean intelligence has been a focus of controversy. The first scandal involved revelations about the role of the security services in the "northwind " campaign, to smear and discredit Kim Dae Jun during the elections. This revelation was countered by the leaking of secret documents to the Press indicating that a number of politicians and agents had been in close contact with North Korea during the election - trying to get the North's help to manipulate the outcome of the elections by orchestrating military incursions and incidents, or directing its agents in the South. Juicy stories - all denied - of double and triple agents passing information were publicized. The revelations began as the new President "cleaned house" at the old Korean CIA, now the Agency for National Security Planning. The former director, Kwon Yong Hae, has attempted suicide.

The greatest concern is that the NorthWind affair has made public a number of South Korean clandestine activities relating to the North. The Northwind allegations have added a layer of intrigue to internal and external political affairs on the Korean Peninsula, which is already severely tested by economic turmoil.

North Korea is gripped in a severe food crisis and always unpredictable. But South Korea is undergoing a severe economic depression. While the IMF is propping up South Korea's international credit with a $51 Billion infusion, internally some 10,000 firms have gone under, causing great dislocations and unemployment. The National Assembly is planning to spend about $4.3 Billion on retraining and welfare for the unemployed, but wants to finance it by cutting civil servant's salaries by 20%, with predictable results in the bureaucracy. The role and significance of US Intelligence to support policy in this region is paramount.

- RECONNAISSANCE SENSOR TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT - A variety of exotic reconnaissance tools for the coming decades are under development by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to give future commanders "comprehensive awareness of the battlespace." The system is also driven by considerations of minimizing casualties in promoting unmanned aircraft, ground-traveling robots and sensor-loaded satellites.

DARPA funds speculative technologies that offer potentially spectacular payoffs in finding, identifying and monitoring targets, including airborne foliage penetration radar systems, semi-automated real-time target recognition systems, space-based low-orbit tactical radar systems with a one-meter resolution and providing 15 minute revisit capabilities (a system nicknamed STARLITE), artillery-fired unattended ground sensors, and tactical mobile reconnaissance robots and micro-robots. DARPA is attempting to develop Micro-Robots perhaps two inches in diameter for surveillance and information collection. A Micro Air Vehicle, for example, with a notional one-gram, inch-long video camera, and an ability to transmit images up to two miles away, could be used by individual soldiers operating in dense and difficult urban war areas.

DARPA spends about $2Billion a year in advanced technology development. Critics have called this a one-nation arms race. This editor suggests that it is essential for a dominant world power promoting world stability, a de facto PAX AMERICANA, to have this research and development funded and succeed. (based on Walter Pincus article in WP 29 Mar 98, p A2) (RJ).

- CIA EMPLOYEE ACCUSED OF ESPIONAGE (continued 2 ) - Douglas Fred Groat was denied bail and will be held incommunicado from other prisoners. Some of the letters written by Groat to the Congressional Committees, his supervisors, and the FBI, in his attempt to settle his dispute with the Agency during the past three years were publicized by Bill Gertz in the Washington Times. This indicated that the Agency had offered Groat an eight year contract for $50,000 a year ($300,000 total) if he would present a sworn statement "regarding the compromise of the sensitive operation that has been the subject of a counterintelligence investigation." Groat refused, indicating that he thought that such statements would be used against him. Groat now stands accused of blackmailing the Agency for $300.000.

CIA is occasionally confronted by cases of disgruntled employees. To solve this problem "humanely" but still serve the interests of the US Government, CIA provides "transition support" to individuals with sensitive information who are forced to leave the agency, including help in getting employment, medical or psychological care, or even tuition. One former case officer is said to have received some $100,000 to pursue a doctoral degree at Harvard. Another, Edward Lee Howard, was given help to find employment in New Mexico. He nevertheless sold secrets to the Soviets and defected to Moscow in 1985. In some cases employees are kept on administrative leave for a prolonged period of time to reduce chances of disclosure and to allow the Agency to use the time to change sensitive information so that it becomes out of date by the time he/she is fired. Groat was on administrative leave for three years before he was arrested. (WT 7 April pg A3; WP 7 April pg A10) (RJ)

- INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY APPLIED TO COMMERCE - Monitoring email by employees on the job will become easier when key-word search technologies developed for Intelligence organizations are adapted to commercial needs. SRA is the first out with a system called Assentor, and its software is currently being tested by brokerage firms. The system monitors incoming and outgoing email messages at the firm's electronic postoffice computer, highlighting words and phrases such as "guaranteed," and flagging messages with complaints about broker service, or sexist or racist remarks, protecting the firm from harassment suits. Everyone knows or should know that email is transparent.


NOTE: This section is provided as a service to members. Any offer or appeal by non-AFIO organizational entitities are provided without signifying any endorsement, verification or position by AFIO.



AFIO Chapters and University Professors may borrow AFIO-produced videos - free except for the cost of postage and handling ($5.00). The videos feature:

DAVID MURPHY (CIA retired), former CIA Berlin Station Chief, discusses the writing of his book: "BATTLEGROUND BERLIN: CIA VERSUS KGB IN THE COLD WAR" (Yale University Press).

MAJOR GENERAL OLEG KALUGIN (KGB, retired) covers aspects of his career in the Soviet KGB First Directorate (counterintelligence).


- INTELLIGENCE ISSUES DISCUSSION LIST - Dr Rudolph Kies introduces "Cloaks and Daggers" which is a mailing list where current and former intelligence personnel can express their views on issues in a rapidly changing world. Only articles with subject matter content - or life experience - will be posted. To subscribe to this meeting place for the exchange of ideas, send a message to <LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU> In the body of the message (first and only line) put: SUB CLOAKS-AND-DAGGERS yourfirstname yourlastname.

- JOB FAIR - JTM and Associates presents PCIC 98 (Professional Connections in the Intelligence Community), a "job fair" held at the Tysons Corner Marriott in Virginia on 21 May 98. PCIC will provide one-stop shopping for career development. HR reps, recruiters and program managers in search of intel folks will be there to discuss job openings and opportunities in Government and Military agencies, Industry, Eucational institutions, Think Tanks and academics, as well as professional associations (such as AFIO). For exhibit space, contact Lori Tugman at 703 379 8400 or <>. To register electronically visit <> with credit card, or call for faxed registration form.

- MONOGRAPH - Dr John Macartney, who ten years ago wrote AFIO Monograph #7 entitled "Intelligence: What It Is and How to Use It, " has produced an updated version. About 40 pages long, it is used as a basic "primer" in class readings at the three Service academies as well as the JFK School ot Harvard, Syracuse U and American U. It is available to Chapters and Professors for $10.00.


This year, the USS Pearl Harbor will be commissioned in San Diego on May 30th (Memorial Day). And on September 2nd, the USS Missouri will be permanently berthed at Pearl Harbor to commemorate the end of WW II hostilities.

But there is on piece of unfinished business -- the vindication of the two US commanders in Hawaii at the time of the Japanese attack, Admiral H. Kimmel and Lieutenant General Walter Short,USA. Both were made scapegoats, blamed for the success of the Japanese attack, and retired at reduced rank. History has exonerated them. That judgment needs to be confirmed. There is a need to restore their honor for the sake of family, legacies and descendants, and for the common honor, by giving them justice by posthumous advancement on the military's retired lists. You can help by contacting your senators or representatives NOW to persuade the Secretary of Defense to get this injustice reversed before the ceremonies in May and September. (Private appeal by Mr N. Kimmel, son of the late Admiral Kimmel)


- LINGUISTS NEEDED for Operation Joint Guard. BDM International has a contract with the US Army to provide Bosnia/Croatian/Serbian linguists to support peacekeeping forces. They need individuals willing to deploy to Hungary (Taszar Air Base) as full time consultants @$4,000 per month plus free transportation, food, lodging and medical care. For information call 703 848 6218, or fax 6600.


- The AFIO Suncoast Chapter reports that they have invited college students to their chapter meetings with good success. An excellent way to advance AFIO educational objectives! Kudos to Bob Savallesh and his chapter.

6. AFIO CALENDAR (includes newly added information)

- AFIO Symposium - US Intelligence Priorities Survey - Tysons Corner Marriott Hotel, McLean, Virginia 20 May 1998 - 0730
Distinguished speakers from CIA, FBI, DIA, Congressional Staff Tysons Corner Marriott, 0730 - 1600, Wedenesday 20 May. Send check for $99 (AFIO members and guests) or $129 (others) to AFIO Seating limited to one hundred.

- AFIO Luncheon - 1 June 1998 - 1030 - 1400, Fort Myer, Va

Admiral Wm Studeman, former DDCI, on intelligence issues, past and present, Professor James Chandler, on the Economic Espionage Act creation and issues. Send check for $26 (AFIO members and guests) or $29 (others) to AFIO

- NEW! - AFIO Luncheon - 21 July 1998 - 12:30 - 2:30 at Fort George G. Meade,

Maryland. Luncheon at the Officers Club, presentation by Jack Ingram ( Curator and Historian, National Cryptologic Museum), and tour of the Museum. Send check for $22 (AFIO members and guests), or $29 (others) to AFIO. First come, first served.

- AFIO Luncheon - 14 September 98, fort Myer, Va. Speakers to be announced.

- AFIO Convention - Miami Beach Convention Center, 19-21 November 1998.

Themes: Counterintelligence; Economic Espionage and Counter Espionage. Mark your
calendars and make plans to attend! NOTE: The AFIO Convention is hosted at the Convention Center by The Corporate Intelligence Conference of the Americas, a conference endorsed by AFIO and supported by Fred Rustmann, President of the local AFIO chapter. AFIO has mailed out a circular on the Corporate Conference to its members. The Corporate Conference will address business intelligence (What is it? How do you get it? and How do you protect it?) and will be run INDEPENDENTLY from the AFIO Convention with a separate registration and different fees.

The AFIO Convention will be in a separate facility within the Convention Center with a separate program. Arrangements for hotel rooms at favorable rates are being made. The Hospitality Room will be in the hotel.

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