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Former MI Officer Publishes Meanings Of Military Code Names





Army Extends NT Support

Microsoft Appoints Czar For UK Public Sector

Injected Chip Speeds Scots WHetting Their Whistle




Ending Terrorists� Funding

Complexities in the Levantine Struggle

How Britain Lost America







Queries and Authors Seeking Assistance





Jan Nowak-Jezioranski, "the courier from Warsaw"

Coming Events

1 February & 8 February 05 - Washington, DC - Inside Stories: America Held Hostage - 444 Days to Freedom (2 Part Series) - International Spy Museum

1 - 3 February 05 - Dulles, VA - The MASINT Association is cooperating with Association of Old Crows, the DIA, NRO, NMA and the MASINT Committee to present the Third Annual MASINT Conference

8 - 10 February - Crystal City, VA - New Intel Conference Debuts

24 February 05 - Washington, DC - Spies of the Kaiser - Lunchtime Author Debriefing and Book Signing - International Spy Museum

1 March & 15 March 05 - Washington, DC - Sisterhood of Spies: Shady Ladies in Espionage (2 Part Series) - International Spy Museum

10 March 05 - Washington, DC - Spy Book: The Encyclopedia of Espionage - International Spy Museum

21 - 22 March 05 - Washington, D.C. - EMININT 2005

23 - 24 March 05 - Fairfax, VA - NMIA National Intelligence Symposium

6 - 9 April 05 - Chicago, IL - SCIP Annual Conference

15 - 16 April 05 - Saratoga Springs, NY - Cryptologic Veterans Reunion

18 - 21 April 05 - SFSAFBI Western Regional Conference

20 - 21 April 05 - Langley, VA - AFCEA Spring Intelligence Symposium

21 April 05 - Washington, DC - 2005 MOAA Career Fair - DC Convention Center

22 - 24 April 05 - Grapevine, TX - SFSAFBI South Central Regional Meeting

25 - 28 April 05 - Philadelphia, PA - 2005 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference

27 - 30 October 2005 - AFIO 30th Anniversary Symposium Celebration - Sheraton Premiere Hotel, McLean, Tyson's Corner, VA





DOD HAS SET UP OWN COVERT OPS ARM - DoD created a new espionage arm two years ago and is reinterpreting U.S. law to give SecDef Rumsfeld broad authority over clandestine operations abroad, an activity previously in the domain of the CIA, the Washington Post reported in a lengthy article on 23 January.

    Citing interviews with participants and documents it has obtained, the Post said a Strategic Support Branch was set up on written orders from Rumsfeld to end near total dependence on the CIA for HUMINT.

    According to the Post, SSB, under the SecDef's direct control, deploys teams of case officers, linguists, interrogators and technical specialists alongside newly empowered special operations forces. SSB has been operating in secret for two years in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    Creation of SSB, the scope of its clandestine ops and the breadth of Rumsfeld's asserted legal authority have not been detailed publicly before, the Post said. Two longtime members of the House Intelligence Committee said they knew no details before being interviewed for the Post article.

   On 24 January, the Post reported that Sen. John McCain said the Senate Armed Services Committee will hold hearings on the Post's article. The paper also cited a statement by DoD spokesman Lawrence DiRita saying there is no unit that reports directly on clandestine ops to the SecDef and that DoD is not attempting to bend laws to fit desired activities. DiRita also said, "It is accurate and should not be surprising that the Department of Defense is attempting to improve its long-standing human intelligence capability."

     An early planning memo from JCS chairman Gen. Richard B. Myers to Rumsfeld said the unit would focus on emerging target countries such as Somalia, Yemen, Indonesia, Philippines and Georgia." Myers and his staff declined to be interviewed, the Post said.

    A recent DoD memo allows the SSB to recruit agents who are notorious figures and whose links to USG would be embarrassing if disclosed.

    Senior Rumsfeld advisers said covert missions in friendly and unfriendly states, when conventional war is a distant or unlikely prospect, are central to what they called DoD's predominant role in combating terrorist threats.

      DoD officials said the SSB was set up using reprogrammed funds without explicit congressional authority or appropriation. Defense intelligence missions, they said, are subject to less stringent congressional oversight than comparable operations by the CIA.

    Creation of the SSB follows struggles between Rumsfeld and then DCI Tenet over intelligence collection priorities in Afghanistan and Iraq. While DoD officials said they accepted that the agency naturally has interests that differ from those of military commanders, they also called the agency�s DO understaffed, slow moving and risk-averse.

    The current SSB commander is George Waldroup, an Army reserve colonel who in civilian life was a federal manager. DIA director Vice Adm. Lowell E. Jacoby (USN) has expressed utmost confidence in Waldroup's capabilities and said the unit has scored a whole series of successes that he could not reveal in public. Jacoby at the same time said there were risks in trying to expand HUMINT too fast: "It's not something you quickly constitute as a capability. It's going to take years to do."

   DoD is considering whether to establish its own espionage school, largely duplicating the agency's 'Farm' at Camp Perry, Va., and intelligence operations commands for every region overseas. (DKR)


Former MI Officer Publishes Meanings Of Military Code Names - A former U.S. Army MI officer, William M. Arkin, has published a book that explains what 3,000 military code names, some of them classified, stand for, the Washington Post reported on 23 January.

   Arkin says he hopes his book, Code Names: Deciphering U.S. Military Plans, Programs and Operations in the 9/11 World (Steerforth, 624 pp. $27.95) will enable the public to discover where billions of dollars have been spent to fight terrorism after 9/11 without the scantest of public debates.

    "You either believe in democracy or you don't," says Arkin. "There's no question that the fundamental problem that led to 9/11 was compartmentalization and secrecy -- government agencies hoarding information as power and not communicating with one another, even at the highest level."

    Because of secrecy the American public did not understand the extent of the terrorist threat, according to Arkin. "Secrecy can have its greatest impact internally," he said. "That's what breeds all of this compartmentalization and code names."

   The Post quotes Gen. Charles Horner USAF (Ret.) as saying, "The classification system is dysfunctional. Overclassification makes it hard for people to work together . . . and the fact that Arkin is able to dredge all this up says it's not working anyway."

   Horner, the Post reports, said, "I didn't find anything that would really hurt the national defense." However, Horner, who commanded coalition air forces in Operation Desert Storm and is a former commander of U.S. Space Command, is quoted on the website for the book as saying:

   "Code Names scares the hell out of me because Arkin dredged up so many secrets and turned them into a comprehensive tour of our national security efforts around the globe. This book lays out for the reader what China, Israel, France and Russia probably spent billions trying to find out. It will become the basic reference book for those who study our foreign affairs, unfortunately that includes every spy agency around the world. This book shows the dysfunctional aspects of our all too frequent over-classification process that blocks our agencies from working together, hides waste and stifles debate of important issues. Most of all it proves we need to rethink how we protect our secrets in the information age."

   DoD spokesman Bryan Whitman told the Post, "It would be irresponsible for me to comment on any classified program that may or may not exist. Disclosing classified information places the nation and its citizens at risk."

   Arkin said he put together the list of code names from Pentagon and IC documents he has obtained, and from briefings he has read and copied, or discussed with longtime sources he trusts 100 percent. In consultation with a few former military and intelligence officials, he said, he has fuzzed up some of the most sensitive codes.

    Following Arkin�s publication in the Los Angeles Times in June 2002 of a top-secret code word, DoD launched a massive probe into leaks. DoD used the code name, Polo Step, he had disclosed, to control access to contingency planning for Afghanistan and Iraq. He went on to find out that the code name for the leak investigation was Seven Seekers. (DKR)






DANES FACE COURT MARTIAL FOR PRISONER ABUSE - A Danish woman MI captain and four male MI sergeants are accused of abusing detainees in Iraq, the BBC reported on 21 January.

  The captain, Annemette Hommel, and the sergeants are to face a court martial for alleged dereliction of duty while questioning suspects. The abuse allegedly took place in March, April and June of 2004 at Camp Eden, near Basra in southern Iraq, where a 500-strong Danish contingent in the coalition forces is stationed.

  The prisoners were said to have been forced to kneel during lengthy interrogations and Hommel is said to have refused to give them food and water or let them use the bathroom. The four other accused, whose identities have not been disclosed, are charged with the same offences.

   Capt. Hommel, 37 was ordered home before her tour of duty ended, She has said she did nothing wrong. The allegations against her, she said, stemmed from a misunderstanding with the Palestinian translators working at the camp. They objected to her interrogation techniques.

   No date has been set for the court martial.  If found guilty, the defendants could face a year in prison.          

     The scandal shocked many in Denmark, where most people support their government's backing of the US-led coalition in Iraq. (DKR)


POWER STRUGGLE IN TASHKENT - Amid rumors that Uzbek President Islam Karimov is suffering from a serious, possibly terminal illness, a power struggle appears to be brewing between Rustam Inoyatov, chairman of the National Security Service, the local successor to the KGB, and Interior Minister Zakir Almatov, Eurasia Security Watch No. 67 reported on 19 January.

    Both men control virtual private armies and agents of influence in key governmental positions. This has enabled them to so far outmaneuver other presidential aspirants, such as Economy Minister Rustam Azimov. Neither Inoyatov, nor Almatov appear to have clear support from the Uzbek population, which, according to Eurasia Security Watch, has become increasingly restive in recent weeks.

   Uzbekistan is strategically situated in the heart of Central Asia and has the largest population -- 26 million -- of any of the five Central Asian states formerly part of the Soviet Union. The Karimov regime has been characterized by corruption, economic inefficiency and severe repression, especially of those showing any devotion to Islam, the Uzbeks' traditional religion.

   The main opposition to the regime comes from Hizb ut-Tahrir, the outlawed Party of (Islamic) Freedom. It professes to be non-violent. In the years before the U.S. overthrew the Taliban, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan conducted guerrilla raids into Uzbekistan from bases in neighboring Afghanistan.   

    Since 9/11, the Bush administration has regarded Karimov as an important ally in the war against Islamist terrorism. (DKR)





Army Extends NT Support - The U.S. Army has extended use of Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 for six months, reported on 21 January.

     NT was to have been removed by 31 December from all the Army's networks because of security concerns and because Microsoft officials planned to stop supporting it at the end of last year.

    On 19 January, the Army Small Computer Program's Web site carried a notice informing network managers not to remove NT from domain controllers and exchange services as the Army had purchased an extended security support contract from Microsoft for 180 days.

     Lt. Gen. Steve Boutelle, the Army's chief information officer, and Maj. Earl Robinson, assistant product manager for the Active Directory and Exchange 2003 program, warned last year the deadline might be missed because of infrastructure, staffing and training problems.

   "The Active Directory migration process requires preparation and close coordination with Netcom to ensure that an Army-approved enterprise solution is implemented," according to the notice. "Failure to follow these procedures may result in serious vulnerabilities to the LandWarNet.  LandWarNet is the Army's network of business and warfighting IT systems. (DKR)


Microsoft Appoints Czar For UK Public Sector - Microsoft has added Britain to the countries to which it has appointed a National Technology Officer, reported on 21 January.

     Jerry Fishenden started in January in the post that helps develop and promote Microsoft's strategy for a more efficient public sector. Particular issues he will be focusing on include identity management and collaboration across government departments.

    NTO's remit covers security, privacy, interoperability and standards, technical/high-performance computing and innovation in the government sector. With Fishenden's appointment, Microsoft now has NTOs in 15 countries.

   Fishenden told that creation of the post in part reflects recognition that Microsoft may not have paid as much attention to government users in the past as it should have.

     Fishenden joined Microsoft in 1997. Prior to that he was head of networking at the Houses of Parliament where he installed the first computerized accounting system for the House of Lords. (DKR)


Injected Chip Speeds Scots WHeTting Their Whistle -- A nightspot in Glasgow, Scotland, is offering to implant its patrons with VeriCorps ID chips, reported on 21 January.

  The Bar Soba said the chips let customers leave their wallets at home and count on having their preferred drink waiting as soon as they walk through the door and get scanned.

    The chips, the size of a grain of rice, are injected into the arm's fatty tissue. They can be scanned like a bar code to call up personal information such as name, blood type and medical records. But they can also provide financial information, such as credit card numbers and buying habits.

    The Food and Drug Administration approved use of the chips for medical purposes last year. (DKR)







WINS BOOK REVIEWS NOW ONLINE - AFIO has placed online all book reviews and book mentions in WINs. They be found at


Ending Terrorists� Funding - Rachel Ehrenfeld, Funding Evil: How Terrorism Is Financed and How to Stop It (Bonus Books, 267 pp. $24.95).

   Ehrenfeld focuses on the shadowy realm of global terrorist financing and the mechanisms used to collect and launder millions of dollars.

   She shows how traditional institutions in the Muslim world, such as charities and hawala (money transfer networks) are exploited by Islamist militants and sympathizers, often involved in drug trafficking.

   She concludes that the key to successfully closing down international terrorist financing lies in ending corruption and cronyism in the developing world. That will be the day. (DKR)


Complexities in the Levantine Struggle - Matt Rees, Cain�s Field: Faith, Fratricide, and Fear in the Middle East (Free Press, 320 pp. $26)

    Rees, Time bureau chief in Jerusalem, places the Arab-Israeli conflict in the context of internal divisions in both Israeli and Palestinian societies. So he recounts the origin of the Islamist Hamas (abetted by the Israelis) in competition with the secular nationalist groups of the Palestine Liberation Organization, headed by the late Yasir Arafat.

     He interviews the family of a Palestinian killed by fellow Arabs and talks to an Israeli psychiatrist treating Holocaust survivors who have been ill-treated by Zionists ashamed of their alleged weakness.  He describes the ultra-Orthodox Neturei Karta movement, anti-Zionist and hostile to the Israeli state.

   Rees, who shows deep sympathy for those suffering on both sides, provides significant insight into the complexities of the Levantine struggle. (DKR)


How Britain Lost America � Stanley Weintraub, Iron Tears: America�s Battle for Freedom, Britain�s Quagmire: 1775�1783 (Free Press, 400 pp. $28)

    A best-selling historian, Weintraub suggests that the British lost the war for American independence as a result of opposition and lack of support at home.

    By 1780, the cost of the war in treasure and casualties was taking its toll in Britain. Trade had declined while taxes and unemployment rose. Debate intensified in both Houses of Parliament over what seemed to be an unwinnable war. The laboring classes took to rioting.

     Weintraub�s carefully researched work is a realist�s challenge to familiar accounts of the Revolutionary War that attribute victory the heroism of American forces while ignoring the geopolitical context. (DKR)




INTEL SEES IRAQIS SEEKING TIMETABLE FOR U.S. PULL OUT - The Iraqi government that emerges from elections on 30 January will almost certainly ask the United States to set a specific timetable for withdrawing its troops, the New York Times reported, citing new U.S. intelligence estimates described by senior administration officials.

   The reports also foresee continuing violence after the elections with an increased likelihood of clashes between Shi�i and Sunnis that may lead to civil war.

   DIA and State assessments are based on the expectation that a Shi'i Arab coalition will win the elections and the coalition leaders have promised they will press Washington for a timetable for a U.S. pullout. The new Baghdad government will feel bound, at least publicly, to honor that promise.

   The Bush administration has said it would honor an Iraqi request to leave but has declined to set a timetable for withdrawing the 173,000 U.S. and other foreign troops now in Iraq. U.S. officials have said a decision on when to leave should be based on security needs of which the most important is training more Iraqis to secure the country themselves from the current insurgency. (DKR)





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MITRE OPEN HOUSE INVITATIONAL EARLY FEBRUARY - In early February, MITRE will be hosting an Open House Invitational at our Hanover, MD site.  Qualified candidates who submit their resumes will receive an invitation with detailed event information.  Positions will be based at our Hanover and Security Boulevard locations.  - Information Systems Engineer positions; - Enterprise Architecture Engineer;  - Information Security/Assurance Engineer; - Data Miner/Specialist; - Acquisition & Cost Analysts; - Configuration Management Analyst; - Healthcare Analyst.  Active Security Clearances required for the following positions: - SIGINT Systems Engineer; - SIGINT Software Developer; - Computational Linguist.   To be considered for an interview at our Open House Invitational for any of these positions, please submit your resume to . All positions require the ability to obtain a US Government Security Clearance.  The MITRE Corporation is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and is committed to diversity in our workplace.  MITRE - One of Fortune Magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" - 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005


 DEPT HOMELAND SECURITY HAS TWELVE NEW POSITIONS: Announcements for positions at DHS-headquarters. All open positions are also posted on

Explore the following Links
Senior Auditor GS-0511-13
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Lead International Program Coordinator GS-0301-15
Economist GS-0110-13
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Queries and Authors Seeking Assistance


DOCUMENTARY MAKER SEEKS HELP ON AIR AMERICA - I am working on a TV documentary about the Secret War in Laos. Air America, with its extraordinary pilots, was an essential player. I would value whatever facts and eye witness personal background information any AFIO member could provide concerning Air America.

    I will be coming to the United States in February 2005 for research in the archives at Texas Tech University, University of Texas, Dallas and, I hope, the Air America archives.

    My film will focus on events in Laos between 1964 and 1973, but will not go back all the way to 1959. The film examines how the Secret War was fought -- logistics, tactics etc. -- and on the men who fought it -- CIA, Air America, the Ravens, USAID and the Hmong. The aim is to present the big picture of the war in relation to the geopolitics of the time. The film does not deal with the French involvement in Indochina and only touches on the Vietnam War in order to explain the situation in Laos.

    The film will be shot early in 2005 and presented in a history slot on the German public television�s NDR/ARTE. NDR is part of ARD, Germany�s first public TV channel. ARTE is a French-German cultural channel that has a reputation for broadcasting high quality documentaries.

   I am a seasoned German TV documentary director, specializing in Asian topics. My most recent documentary, on the 35,000 German soldiers who fought for the French Foreign Legion in Indochina, is about to be broadcast on ARTE. Please contact me at --  Marc Eberle.


ASSIST WRITER CREATE REALISTIC COVERT OPS SCENES: "I am an a freelance writer and member of AFIO. I am currently working on a novel that has several characters working as covert field operatives for a fictional governmental counter-terrorism task force. To make my scenes as authentic as possible, I need to understand the general procedures for field agents when they are given assignments. I would like to contact an AFIO member via e-mail to ask a few general questions. Thank you for your assistance." Replies to Suzan Robertson at


  FRENCH DOCUMENTARY ON U.S. COVERT OPERATIONS IN CHILE 1970s: "I'm a French journalist preparing a documentary about Chile in the seventies. The idea of this documentary is to discuss with people who have been active during this period and whose actions had an influence on the history of that country. We want to know their point of view about the result of these actions. It is not a historical film, nor a film which is going to judge what has been done. Our desire is to have a human point of view on facts that are now history and to know what their feelings were in these troubled times. Any AFIO Member who had an active role in US nonofficial intervention in Chile would be of interest for us to talk to. Here is a list of people directly linked to Chile. Please help me reach or talk about them.  Ex CIA : William Broe, Western Hemisphere division chief; Henry Hecksher, Chief of station in Santiago; Ray Warren, Chief of Station Santiago; Anthony Sforza, Bruce MacMasters, Donald Winters; Agents US Army: Colonel Paul Wimert, Military Attach� in Chile for the Defense Intelligence Agency; Lt. Col. Patrick Ryan, Head of the US. MILGROUP in Valparaiso. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone, should you have any questions, or would like further information. Most of all, thank you very much for your help." REPLIES to Manou Jakubowicz, Journalist, at or by voice: +33 (0)1 70 08 37 99,



Jan Nowak-Jeziorański, "the courier from Warsaw" - The Polish hero who fought the Nazis and steadfastly opposed the Soviets, died in his homeland at the age of 91, Reuters reported on 23 January.

     Born Ździsław Jeziorański, he assumed the name Jan Nowak after joining the underground during World War II. In 1943, his information told the world about the rising in Warsaw�s Jewish ghetto against the Nazis. The following year, he took part in the Warsaw Uprising in which 150,000 civilians were killed.

    He was best known for his heroic, death-defying clandestine travel between Warsaw and London, bringing intelligence about the resistance movement and its activities to the Polish government-in-exile and the Allies.

     After the war, he remained in London working for the BBC before moving to Munich to head the Polish section of Radio Free Europe for 20 years. Despite Soviet efforts to jam RFE's signal, he was able to make it the main source of outside Communist control for the Poles.

   When he retired from RFE in 1976, he moved to Washington, where he served as a consultant to the National Security Council and for almost 20 years as national director of the Polish American Congress. After the Communist collapse in 1989, he lobbied for Poland's entry into NATO. Achieved in 1999. "For the first time in its history, my old country was not only free but also secure," he said afterwards.

   As well as Poland's top honors, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1996 for his work to promote democracy around the world.

   In 2002, he returned to his homeland. He died in a Warsaw hospital after being seriously ill for some time. (DKR)


Coming Events


1 February & 8 February 05 - Washington, DC - Inside Stories: America Held Hostage - 444 Days to Freedom (2 Part Series) - International Spy Museum - When Iranian students took Americans hostage 25 years ago, the U.S. worked feverishly to resolve the crisis � from the failed �Operation Eagle Claw� � to the ultimately successful �Canadian Caper� rescue. Now hear the details � many never-before revealed � from crucial players, including former CIA Director Admiral Stansfield Turner; former CIA officer Tony Mendez; members of the elite Delta Team; former hostage and author of In the Shadow of the Ayatollah: A CIA Hostage in Iran William J. Daugherty; and former U.S. Department of Agriculture Attach� in the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and the �sixth man� of the �Canadian Caper� Lee Shatz. With Mendez moderating their stories about the covert operations, secret negotiations, and rescue missions you�ll find out how it felt to be in their shoes with danger around the corner and the clock ticking. The speakers will also share their thoughts on the Iranian situation today. Tickets: $40. Members of The Spy Ring: $35. Space is limited � advance registration required! To register, please email:  or call (202) 654-0942


1 - 3 February 05 - Virginia - With the Association of Old Crows, the MASINT Association is cooperating with the DIA, NRO, NMA and the MASINT Committee to present the Third Annual MASINT Conference at the NRO on 1 � 3 February 2005. The 3rd Annual MASINT Conference will address the strategic role of MASINT in the National Security Community. Sessions include Perspectives on MASINT Workforce Development; MASINT: An Enabler for Persistent Surveillance; Lessons Learned as they Apply to the Future; and, MASINT Support to Domestic and Civil Applications. Participants in the conference will hear from a wide range of speakers from government, the academic community, and industry. Attendance at the Conference is appropriate for those interested in the ever-broadening role of MASINT in supporting National Defense, Homeland Defense and Civil initiatives. Keynote Presentations are scheduled for: *Congressman Peter Hoekstra (R-MI), Chair, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) * Vice-Admiral Lowell �Jake� Jacoby, Director, Defense Intelligence Agency *LtGen James Clapper USAF (Ret.), Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency *Peter B. Teets, Director National Reconnaissance Office

The Conference will be held at the NRO at the TS/SI/TK NOFORN level from 1 � 3 February 2005. Registration closes COB 17 January 2005. Further information and registration is at: . The MASINT Association Phone: 571-214-2415


8 - 10 February 05 - Arlington, VA - National Intelligence Conference and Exposition (INTELCON) debuts at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City. INTELCON'S goal to bring together intel professionals and members of Congress in an informal setting on neutral ground to provide educational enhancement and discuss common issues. Veteran intelligence specialist John Loftus is directing the INTELCON Program. Based upon the theme of �Widening the Intelligence Community,� the Conference offers five two-day Program Tracks � Federal Civilian, DOD/Military, State and Local Law Enforcement, Business, and Private Sector. There will be eight, full-day Professional Enhancement Seminars, Luncheon and keynote addresses. There will also be a vendor exposition with companies and products relevant to intelligence interests. Its organizer is Federal Business Council of Annapolis Junction, Maryland. For more information, please visit: , or contact: David Powell, Federal Business Council, 10810 Guilford Road, P.O. Box 685, Annapolis Junction, Maryland 20710 Tel. (301) 206-2940, Fax: (301) 206-2950,


24 February 05 - Washington, DC - Spies of the Kaiser - Lunchtime Author Debriefing and Book Signing - International Spy Museum - In the early twentieth century, the British were obsessed with the possibility of German spies operating in their midst � so much so that all Germans in the United Kingdom were catalogued and eventually interned. Was the German spy threat real? What was German intelligence really up to? Armed with information from untapped German sources and recently declassified British documents, International Spy Museum historian and AFIO member Thomas Boghardt will reveal the true scope of German covert operations, their objectives, and the dramatic British response. Join this author for an informal chat and book signing from 12PM to 1PM. No registration required!


1 March & 15 March 05 - Washington, DC - Sisterhood of Spies: Shady Ladies in Espionage (2 Part Series) - International Spy Museum - Spies come in all shapes and sizes� sometimes the shapelier the better. Using their often under-estimated intellect and feminine wiles, women have influenced events and gathered critical intelligence throughout history. Who better to blow the cover of the sisterhood of spies than two charter members? Retired Senior U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent Connie Allen and former CIA Chief of Disguise Jonna Mendez will brief you on these shady ladies, exploring the roles held and progress made by women in the world of espionage. Whether you�re interested in Mata Hari�s tactics of seduction, wives with secret lives, Cold War-era operations in Moscow, or the recent �outing� of Valerie Plame, this session is sure to redefine your interpretation of feminine persuasion. Tickets: $40. Members of The Spy Ring: $35. Space is limited � advance registration required! To register, please email: or call (202) 654-0942


10 March 05 - Washington, DC - Spy Book: The Encyclopedia of Espionage - International Spy Museum - From �Angels� to �Z priorities,� the second edition of the definitive reference to the world of espionage features over 2,500 entries. Spies, agencies, organizations, and operations, are carefully uncovered and detailed in this accurate and accessible resource for aficionado and layman alike. Join authors Norman Polmar and Thomas B. Allen as they discuss intelligence successes and failures throughout history. Join this author for an informal chat and book signing from 12PM to 1PM. No registration required!


21 - 22 March 05 - Washington, DC - EMININT 2005 - The National Security and Law Society of the American University Washington College of Law is hosting a two-day professional symposium on Emerging Issues in National and International Security. The meeting will address the pressing issues of the day in the fields of national and international security. The symposium will consist of expert panels equally distributed between the fields of foreign policy, intelligence, and law, discussing such topics as: The Risks of Cross-Cultural Profiling; The Emergence of a New Intelligence Mindset; Climate Change, Infectious Disease, and Resource Shortages as Threats to International Security; The Fourth Estate and National Security Policy: Reporters or Watchdogs?; Comparative Counter-Terrorism Policies; Personal Information Privacy in the Post-9/11 World; Homeland Security Law and Private Industry; Whistle-blowing and the Intelligence Community; Torture, Interrogation, and Human Rights in the Global War on Terror; and Reconciling an Active Role for First Responders in Homeland Security with Budgetary Appropriations. The speakers represent the pinnacles of their respective fields, coming from five countries and across the United States. They represent academic experts, senior U.S. government policymakers, and corporate leaders. They have written books, made laws, established companies, and otherwise shaped the field of National Security. There is something for everyone in this symposium, and few attendees will fail to take something away from it. Note: This event requires paid registration for non-students. For registration or further information, visit  or email  CLE credit is available.


23 - 24 March 05 - Fairfax, VA - NMIA National Intelligence Symposium - NMIA will hold its annual symposium on 23 Wed - 24 Thurs 2005 at Northrop Grumman Corporation, 12900 Federal Systems Park Drive, Fairfax, VA 22033. For more information, please visit  


6 - 9 April 05 - Chicago, IL - SCIP 20th Annual International Conference & Exhibition - At the Hyatt Regency Chicago, an event not to miss. Business intelligence, business planning and analysis, competitive intelligence, forecasting, market research, mergers and acquisitions, new product development, opposition research, proposal management, sales, strategic planning and analysis, technical intelligence. If you, or your company, are 'going places,' this is one of the places to go to make it happen.  A total education and training event with following tracks: Academic; Global, Government & Security; innovation in Practice; Leadership & Management; and Tools, Techniques, and Networks. Keynote presentation by Bob Galvin, former Chairman, Motorola;  Modest fee for full event. Info and registration at: . SCIP is at 1700 Diagonal Rd Ste 600, Alexandria, VA 22314; (703) 739-0696.


15 - 16 April 05 - Saratoga Springs, NY - Cryptologic Veterans Reunion - The reunion is being organized by the New England Chapter, Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association. Contact Bob Marois, Tel: (518) 237-0015; E-mail:; Website:  


18 - 21 April 05 - SFSAFBI Western Regional Conference - For more information, please visit  


20 - 21 April 05 - Langley, VA - AFCEA Spring Intelligence Symposium - For more information, please visit  


21 April - Washington, DC - 2005 MOAA Career Fair - DC Convention Center � The Military Officers Association of America is holding their annual Career Fair, to be held at the Washington, DC Convention Center on Thursday April 21, 2005. Join local, national, and international employers -- including Lockheed Martin, AT&T Government Services, Anheuser Busch Companies, Inc., Raytheon, the State Department, and the FBI -- who are there to meet and recruit qualified and proven leaders, and their spouses, to fill a wide variety of key positions. Others seeking to recruit at this event are asked to register before January 14, 2005 for lower fees. The rate of $1,500.00 includes a carpeted 10' x 10' pipe-and-drape booth, company sign, skirted table, two chairs, employer lounge, two lunches, and all-day beverage service. In addition, they receive a link from their website and 60 days of electronic resume access. Booths will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. At last year's event, the MOAA reports that over 2,100 candidates (most with security clearances) with leadership, management, and operational experience attended.

Click on the following link for the 2005 MOAA Career Fair Registration Form:   If you have any questions, contact their Career Fair Manager - toll free 877-553-8677 or by email at:  


22 - 24 April 05 - Grapevine, TX - SFSAFBI South Central Regional Meeting - For more information, please visit  


25 - 28 April 05 - Philadelphia, PA - 2005 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference, For further details visit  or contact: Howard Blumberg, Government Relations Manager, National Conference Services, Inc. (NCSI), 6440 Dobbin Road Suite C, Columbia, MD. 21045; 888-603-8899, ext. 224 (toll-free),  


**** 27 - 30 October 2005 - AFIO 30th Anniversary Symposium Celebration - Sheraton Premiere Hotel, McLean, Tyson's Corner, VA and at other secured venues. PUT THIS DATE ON YOUR CALENDARS. ****





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