AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #01-06 dated 2 January 2006

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We meet on the second Tuesday of February and April 2006 [that's February 14 and April 11 for your calendar]. As these dates approach, keep an eye open in the AFIO WINs for more details. To get on the list to attend these events, please get in touch with our point man, Nat Alderman, at The door is always open to our fellow AFIO members across the country. Give us a chance to be your hosts."  -- H. Patrick Wheeler, President, Suncoast Chapter.











ABOUT TO APPEAR IN STORES - My Year in Iraq by Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III













Coming Events 

10 January 06 (Tues) - Washington, DC - Transforming U.S. Intelligence: The Inside View - Spy Museum
11 January 06 - McLean, VA - TECHEXPO Career Fair
11 January 06 - Arlington, VA - the NMIA Potomac Chapter hosts luncheon at Key Bridge Marriott
12 January 06 - Baltimore, MD - TECHEXPO Career Fair Fair
16-20 January 06 - Tysons Corner, VA - IOP '06 [OSINT] at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel
19 January 06 - Colorado Springs, CO - AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter holds USAF O'Club Meeting
19 January 06 (Thurs) - Washington, DC - The Report of the Anglo-Polish Historical Committee - Spy Museum
21 January 06 - Kennebunk, ME - Maine Chapter of AFIO hosts Justice Dept. Official on Terrorism
25 January 06 - San Francisco, CA - AFIO Jim Quesada Chapter hosts Dr. Dombroski on "55 Days in Baghdad."
26-27 January 06 - Arlington, VA - Homeland Defense Journal Training on "Terrorism and the Suicide Bomb Attack"
26 January 06 - Washington, DC - The FBI and the Weather Underground - Spy Museum
27-28 January 06 - Springfield, VA - Conference on "INTELLIGENCE AND ETHICS"
8 February 06 (Wed) - Werner I. Juretzko: An American Spy in the Hands of the Stasi - Spy Museum
14 February 06 - Tampa, FL- AFIO Suncoast Chapter meets at Officers Club at MacDill Air Force Base.
16 February 06 (Thurs) - Washington, DC - The CIA and Congress: The Untold Story from Truman to Kennedy - Spy Museum
17-20 February 06 - Arlington, VA - The Intelligence Summit - 2006

18 February 06 - Portland, ME - AFIO Maine Chapter hosts field trip to Emergency Management Center
23 February 06 (Thurs) - Washington, DC - The Impossible Spy - Spy Museum
4 March 06 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting
7 March 06 (Tues) - Washington, DC - Hot Science and Cool Analysis - Spy Museum
8 March 06 - College Station, TX - Future of Transatlantic Security Relations
16 March 06 (Thurs) - Washington, DC - The Wolves at the Door: The True Story of America�s Greatest Female Spy - Spy Museum
11 April 06 - Tampa, FL- AFIO Suncoast Chapter meets 11:30 a.m. at MacDill Air Force Base O'Club to hear Fred Rustmann
7-9 May 06 - Bethesda, MD - 2nd Annual INTELCON Exhibition and Symposium
7 May 06 - Tyson's Corner, VA - XXXII NMIA Anniversary and Awards Banquet
27-29 June 06 - Lyon, France - Complex Asian Crime Symposium 2006
3-8 September 06 - Oxford, England - Spies, Lies & Intelligence Conference



BRITISH, GREEK INTEL OFFICERS SUED - A Greek lawyer has filed a lawsuit against 10 people he contends are British and Greek intelligence officers. He has done so on behalf of 28 Pakistanis working in Greece who say they were kidnapped and tortured after the 7 July terrorist bombings in London, the New York Times reported on 28 December.
Lawyer Frangiscos Ragoussis said he wanted at least one of the Britons ordered to come to Athens to be questioned about the case.
At least seven of the Pakistani workers have filed complaints with the Greek authorities saying that, beginning on 15 July, they were kidnapped and detained for several days while they were questioned about the London bombings and that they were tortured. They said that the interrogations took place in Athens and two other cities. Ragoussis conceded there was no way to prove the torture allegations true.
The Greek and British governments have both denied the contentions. British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw called them groundless and utter nonsense.
The magazine Proto Thema has named the MI6 station chief allegedly involved in the abduction of the Pakistanis, the Daily Telegraph (London) reported.
< xml=/news/2005/12/27/wgreece27.xml&sSheet=/news/2005/12/27/ixworld.html>
The name given by Proto Thema matched that of a man identified as a British intelligence officer on the internet and in allegations made by a renegade MI6 officer, Richard Tomlinson.
Greece's National Information Service said such claims are illegal because they endanger national security and that of allied countries, as well as the physical safety of persons who are identified by name.
George Voulgarakis, the public order minister, said the revelations forced him to recall two agents in Kosovo.
In 2004, the Telegraph recalled, British spies across the Balkans had to be moved after they were unmasked in media stories planted by disgruntled local intelligence services. They included the MI6 station chief in Serbia, who was forced to leave after a campaign against him involving the publication of his photograph and calling card on the cover of a Serbian magazine. (DKR)

GOSS "ASKED" TURKS TO SUPPORT IRAN ATTACK - According to German press reports, citing unspecified Western security sources, D/CIA Goss has asked Turkish Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdogan to provide support for a possible air strike against Iranian nuclear and military facilities, the German Spiegel online reported on 30 December.
Spiegel referred to a 23 December piece by the German news agency DDP, written by Udo Ulfkotte, a journalist described as an intelligence expert, who asserted that Goss made the request when he saw Erdogan in Ankara on 12 December. Goss was said to have asked Turkey to provide unfettered exchange of intelligence that could help with a mission. He was also said to have met with MIT, Turkish military intelligence.
In a report published on 28 December, the Berlin daily Der Tagesspiegel, cited NATO sources as claiming Washington's Western allies had been informed that it is currently investigating all possibilities of bringing the mullah-led regime into line, including military options.
Goss reportedly handed over three dossiers to Turkish security officials that purportedly contained evidence that Tehran is cooperating with al-Qaida. A further file is said to contain information about the current status of Iran's nuclear program that Washington believes is moving towards production of nuclear weapons.
What were called German security circles told Ulfkotte that Goss had assured Ankara it would be informed of any possible air strikes against Iran a few hours before they took place. The Turkish government has also been given the green light to strike at camps of the separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Iran on the day in question.
[The PKK, a primitive Marxist and separatist terrorist organization, engaged in a guerrilla war starting in the 1980s that lasted some 15 years and cost 30,000 lives before the Turkish military forced it out of Turkey and into neighboring northern Iraq along the Iranian frontier. In recent months it has resumed guerrilla strikes in southeastern Turkey. The failure of the US military in Iraq to takes action against the PKK has been a bone of contention between Ankara and Washington. � Ed.]
DPP also quotes what it called a high-ranking German military official as saying: "I would be very surprised if the Americans, in the mid-term, didn't take advantage of the opportunity delivered by Tehran. The Americans have to attack Iran before the country can develop nuclear weapons. After that would be too late."
In addition to Goss, Ankara was visited in December by FBI Director Mueller, Secretary Rice and NATO General Secretary Jaap De Hoop Scheffer. (DKR)


CIA�S LARGEST COVERT PROGRAM - The effort President Bush authorized shortly after 9/11, to fight al-Qa�ida, has grown into the largest CIA covert action program since the height of the Cold War, expanding in size and ambition despite a growing outcry at home and abroad over its clandestine tactics, according to former and current intelligence officials and congressional and administration sources, the Washington Post said on 30 December.
The broad-based effort, known within the agency by the initials GST, is compartmentalized into dozens of highly classified individual programs, details of which are known mainly to those directly involved. GST includes programs allowing the CIA to capture al-Qa�ida suspects with help from foreign intelligence services, to maintain secret prisons abroad, to use interrogation techniques that some lawyers say violate international treaties, and to maintain a fleet of aircraft to move detainees around the globe, according to the Post.
Other compartments within GST give the CIA enhanced ability to mine international financial records and eavesdrop on suspects anywhere in the world.
Bush's personal commitment to maintaining GST and his belief in its legality have been key to resisting any pressure to change course. "In the past, presidents set up buffers to distance themselves from covert action," said A. John Radsan, CIA assistant general counsel from 2002 to 2004. "But this president, who is breaking down the boundaries between covert action and conventional war, seems to relish the secret findings and the dirty details of operations."
The agency is working to establish procedures in the event a prisoner dies in custody, the Post said. One proposal circulating among mid-level officers calls for rushing in a CIA pathologist to perform an autopsy and then quickly burning the body, according to two sources.
Authorized interrogation techniques include waterboarding and water dousing, both meant to make prisoners think they are drowning; hard slapping; isolation; sleep deprivation; liquid diets; and stress positions, often used in combination to enhance the effect.
The only apparent roadblock that could yet prompt significant change in the CIA's approach, the Post said, is a law passed in December prohibiting torture and cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners in US custody, including in CIA hands. But it is unclear how the law, sponsored by Sen. John McCain will be implemented, the paper said. (DKR)

FBI SAID AT FAULT IN LOSS OF ANALYSTS � The FBI is suffering a high rate of attrition among its most recently hired and most highly educated analysts in part as a result of assigning them duties that have nothing much to do with analysis and failing to offer better retention incentives, Melanie Sisson, a Bureau analyst from December 2003 to May 2005, wrote in the Washington Post on 31 December.
Sisson, citing a report by DoJ IG Glenn Fine in support of the charges, said that nevertheless the pace and scope of attrition suggest root causes more serious in nature and more systemic in effect than Fine and the bureau realize.
"It wasn't the photocopying or the lack of promotion potential that compelled me to leave my job as an FBI analyst this year -- it was the frustration of working in a system that does not yet recognize analysis as a full partner in the FBI's national security mission, " wrote Sisson.
Analysts who joined the FBI to contribute to national security discovered that there was no system in place to promote or support the kind of work they do. Not all the people carrying the title All Source Analyst even had desktop access to the Internet or to IC e-mail and intranet servers.
More inhibiting, she said, has been the absence of uniform and institutionalized procedures for providing analysts with intelligence collected by the FBI itself.
"In this vacuum, the analyst's access to investigative data becomes almost entirely a function of personal relationships cultivated with agents in the field. . . . A system in which analysts are not guaranteed access to investigative information, one in which they must ask to be given the intelligence they were hired to assess, marginalizes analysts professionally and demoralizes them personally. It is a circumstance that not only breeds frustration and dissatisfaction but, by tacitly condoning the perception that analysis is of secondary importance to the FBI, perpetuates the Bureau's traditional �cop culture,� in which everything is focused on the Agent and the case." -- a culture, Sisson notes, Director Mueller has set out to reform.  (DKR)


NSA REMOVES ACCIDENTAL COOKIES BUT NOT BEFORE PRESS MILKS ISSUE - Cookies placed on visitors computers disappeared from the NSA Internet site after a privacy activist complained and AP made inquiries last week, the press agency reported.
NSA officials acknowledged they had made a mistake to not check a recent upgrade of their web program to discover that the default setting had permanent cookies turned on, AP said. Federal rules ban most files of that type.
Don Weber, an agency spokesman, said the site uses temporary cookies that are automatically deleted when users close their Web browsers, which is legally permissible. The software in use was shipped with the persistent cookies turned on.
"After being tipped to the issue, we immediately disabled the cookies," said Weber.
A 2003 OMB memorandum prohibited federal agencies from using persistent cookies unless there is a compelling need.
Richard M. Smith, a security consultant in Cambridge, MA, commented that persistent cookies are great for news sites and others with repeat visitors, but that NSA site does not appear to have enough fresh content to warrant more than occasional visits. And it is something NSA isn't tracking, anyway. The story did provide an opportunity for a lot of milking of the issue.



ABOUT TO APPEAR IN STORES - My Year in Iraq by Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III with Malcolm McConnell (Simon & Schuster) on January 10, 2006

REBEL-IN-CHIEF: Inside the History-Changing Presidency of George W. Bush by Fred Barnes. Crown, $23.95 (208p) ISBN 0307336492
The Weekly Standard executive editor and Fox News personality preaches to the Crawford choir in this analysis-cum-tribute to the Bush presidency. Readers who keep pace with current events will find little new in Barnes's take on the president's policies, but what's instructive are the surprising glimpses into the personality of a man Barnes celebrates as an "insurgent leader" who's "an alien in the realm of the governing class" that despises all things Washington and revels in his status as "a revolutionary with a revolutionary vision." Indeed, the capital is a locale he regards as a "job site" at best and a "detention center" at worst where the increasingly Republican-populated Washington establishment is "reactionary" (and "Bush ignores them"), and the national press corps "reminded Bush of the liberal students he detested in his years at Yale." His disdain for newspaper-reading is well-known, but Barnes goes to great lengths to detail the president's copious book-reading habit (five to every one that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reads), from Michael Crichton's State of Fear and Margaret MacMillian's Paris 1919 to Natan Sharansky's The Case for Democracy and David McCullough's 1776. However, Barnes's cheerleading proves wearying after a few chapters: no matter what the topic, the president is right and everyone else is wrong. Bush, like Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt, has been "prematurely judged to fall short of presidential specifications," leaving Barnes to conclude "Bush is a president of consequence." Ardent partisans will enjoy this polemical valentine, which should be read with care by readers seeking fresh insights into the mind of the 43rd president. (Jan.) - [PubWkly]

WAR ACCORDING TO LEGAL SCHOLAR YOO - Former DOJ Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo, now law professor at Berkeley, continues to influence White House policy, recently in the NSA - WH-authorized phone tapping controversy. He 2005 book - The Powers of War and Peace: The Constitution and Foreign Affairs, outlined his argument for a new approach to interpreting the Constitution.  Coming in the Fall of this year will be War by Other Means [Grove / Atlantic Press], a general, less academic treatment of Yoo's take on constitutional law, on enemy combatant, on the current political climate and the war on terror.  This work will provide the solid legal thinking that underpins current U.S. counterterrorism strategy minus the soul-searching and handwringing.

A STRATEGY FOR WINNING THE WAR WE ARE ALREADY IN - Frank Gaffney and colleagues, War Footing: 10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World (Naval Institute Press, 320 pp. $27.95)
Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy, has taken the work of 35 US foreign policy and defense analysts and produced a broad and coherent strategy for winning the war for the Free World they see the United States engaged in.
It is a fight to the death with Islamofascists, determined to destroy freedom and the people who love it. But threats also involve dangers originating in Europe, Russia, and China.  The steps for winning this war include ten points. They are to:  -- Really support U.S. troops; -- Provide for the country's energy security; -- Stop investing in terror; -- Equip the country for war at home; -- Counter the mega-threat: an EMP attack; -- Secure U.S. borders and the interior against illegal immigration; -- Wage political warfare; -- Launch regional initiatives; -- Wield effective diplomacy; Among those contributing to the work are R. James Woolsey, Victor Davis Hanson, Gen. Tom McInerney, Gen. Paul Vallely, Alex Alexiev, Andrew McCarthy, Claudia Rosett, Michael Rubin, Daniel Goure, Caroline Glick, and Michael Waller.
Sen. John Kyl has said this work is required reading for anyone trying to think into the future about what we must do to understand our adversaries, enlist others against them, equip our troops for the struggle, engage our citizens in it, provide energy security, counter the biggest threats from abroad and make sure the Free World wins. (DKR)

FORTHCOMING FILM - Charlie Wilson's War - Two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks will be headlining and producing an adaptation of George Crile's Charlie Wilson's War (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2003). This true tale of Wilson, a Texas congressman and boozy womanizer who bounced back from an early 1980s scandal and persuading the CIA to train and arm Afghan resistance fighters to keep the Soviet Union at bay [which proved to be an effective strategy in further exhausting the crumbling Soviets], was acquired by Universal Studios in a seven-figure deal and will be adapted for the screen by Aaron Sorkin who does TV's popular show, The West Wing.


NSA URGED TO REORIENT, TARGET WEB SITES - The Washington Post on 1 January raised the question of whether Crypto City�s approach is the best way of tracking terrorists.
The Post compared the effective radio interceptions mounted by the British service at Bletchley Park during World War II, the predecessor of the present GCHQ, with the present-day functions of the NSA.
"By today's standards, the mission at Bletchley Park was well-defined. The targets of the surveillance were clear: the German high command and intelligence service.
"The signals collectors had a good fix on what communications to monitor. The greatest challenge lay in breaking the extremely complex Enigma code.
By contrast, the NSA conducts broad-based surveillance indiscriminately over communications lines that few bad guys even use any longer."
The capabilities of NSA�s �Big Noddy� dwarf those of Bletchley Park, but it isn't picking up much because the smartest terrorist groups have long since stopped talking about their plans over cell phones or land lines -- or to the extent they do, it's probably to plant disinformation, according to the Post.
"Today the challenge isn't decoding an intercepted message from a known enemy; instead it's figuring out what is and isn't a message and who the enemy is."
As Gen. Michael Hayden (USAF), then NSA director, told the Post in 2002:
"We've gone from chasing the telecommunications structure of a slow-moving, technologically inferior, resource-poor nation-state -- and we could do that pretty well -- to chasing a communications structure in which an al-Qa�ida member can go into a storefront in Istanbul and buy for $100 a communications device that is absolutely cutting edge, and for which he has had to make no investment for development."
The result, the Post said, is that the agency is overwhelmed by millions of phone calls and e-mail contacts that it simply can't digest. Moreover, surveillance professionals today are no longer sure of what the needle looks like that they are hunting in a hay stack.
John Arquilla of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey said the real problem is that the agency is still pursuing a Cold War-era strategy. What the NSA really needs to do, he and others said, is to build a new Bletchley Park.
The NSA needs to summon mainly computer hackers to snare al-Qa�ida and other terrorists at the only place they still communicate electronically, on Web sites. An added benefit, Arquilla said, would be that "if we went the route of a much greater emphasis of intelligence collection on the Web and Net, we would learn a lot more and intrude less on civil liberties."
Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at the Rand Corp., said the most sophisticated terrorists have learned to evade the NSA altogether. "They keep their messages in a draft file on a Web site, then give someone the password and user name to get in. The NSA can't track that, because it's stationary."
Web-focused efforts to find and get into such sites are difficult, but efforts did uncover and ultimately destroy two terrorist groups in sub-Saharan Africa, the Post said.
Some NSA officials insist they are moving to reorient the agency. According to an NSA spokeswoman, the agency began a campaign in 2004 to recruit about 7,500 new employees over the next five years. Among them will be close to 350 computer scientists, along with engineers, language and signals analysts, cryptologists and mathematicians. But, Arquilla said, many of the best people, some of whom are illicit hackers, simply cannot be vetted through today's security clearance process. (DKR)



DUDLEY HOLSTEIN - A retired deputy director of operations for the Army Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center, he died of a heart attack on 18 December while visiting a daughter in Blandon, PA. Aged 82, he lived in Annapolis. The Washington Post reported.
He was the senior civilian in the 376-person Army agency, which analyzed intelligence and was involved with operational intelligence.
He was born in Brooklyn and enlisted in the Navy shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He attended the Naval Academy Preparatory School at Bainbridge, MD, and, in 1948, graduated from the Naval Academy.
He then served aboard various Navy vessels and during the Korean War was principally engaged in patrol and mine-sweeping operations off the North Korean coast.
From 1953 to 1956, he worked in his family's construction firm, then with Western Electric until 1959, with the last year spent at the Bell Telephone Laboratories at Whippany, NJ.
From 1959 to 1962, he worked for the Navy Department's Bureau of Naval Aviation and from 1962 to 1963 for NASA headquarters in preflight engineering during the early years of the manned spaceflight program.
After he transferred to the Army's Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center, he represented the Army at various working groups of the US Intelligence Board from 1964 to 1980. He also represented the United States at international intelligence conferences.
After retiring, he went to work for ARINC Research Corp. in Annapolis.
His marriage to Sheila Holstein ended in divorce.
Survivors include his wife of 25 years, Leile Roth Holstein of Annapolis; three children from his first marriage, Carin Holstein Cooper, Michael Holstein and Marla Holstein Pierpoint; two stepchildren, Mitchell Roth and Valerie Roth; a sister; and nine grandchildren. (DKR)

Coming Events


Tuesday, 10 January 06 - Washington, DC - Transforming U.S. Intelligence: The Inside View; 6:30 pm "If intelligence cannot hope to bat a thousand, it still must aim to win the World Series." - Jennifer E. Sims For pointed and practical advice on intelligence reform, nothing beats the recommendations of people from deep inside the intelligence establishment itself. Burton Gerber, a veteran CIA case officer who served 39 years as an operations officer and was chief of station in three Communist countries, and Jennifer E. Sims, former deputy assistant secretary of state for intelligence coordination, have recently co-edited Transforming U.S. Intelligence. Drawing on the issues covered by operators, analysts, and senior managers in this comprehensive book, they and contributor Ambassador at Large Henry A. Crumpton, State Department coordinator for counterterrorism, will illuminate current and potential intelligence challenges, the application of new technologies to existing policies, and coping with management concerns. Audience participation in this penetrating conversation will be strongly encouraged. to register.


11 January 06 - McLean, VA - TECHEXPO CAREER FAIR - Being held at the Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner, 1700 Tyson Blvd., from 10am to 4pm, the fair concerns positions in defense, intelligence and the government community.
IMPORTANT: one or several specific types of clearances are required for this event. If your profile does not meet the requirement, you will not be able to register for the event. We invite you to make sure your profile is updated before you register. For further information visit


11 January 06 - Arlington, VA - the NMIA Potomac Chapter is hosting a luncheon at the Key Bridge Marriott. The speaker: John Schuhart, Deputy Financial Executive Officer, Office of the Deputy Director of National Intelligence Management. For further information or to register, go to 


12 January 06 - Baltimore, MD - TECHEXPO CAREER FAIR - Being held at the BWI Marriott, 1743 West Nursery Rd, Baltimore, MD 21240.
IMPORTANT: one or several specific types of clearances are required for this event. If your profile does not meet the requirement, you will not be able to register for the event. We invite you to make sure your profile is updated before you register.
Pre-register online. This will allow recruiters to find your resume and schedule face-to-face interviews before the event. If you have any questions or require further information, please e-mail
For further information visit 


16-20 January 06 - Tysons Corner, VA - IOP '06 is being held at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel - 60 Exhibits -- 20 Top Speakers -- 400-600 International Players. This is the latest version of Robert Steele's OSINT conference. IOP stands for Information Operations (IO), Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and Peacekeeping Intelligence (PKI). Modern IO consists of Strategic Communications (the message), Open Source Intelligence (the shareable reality), and JIOCS with FL and AA (the technologies). Modern IO is the new American way of war and offers enormous potential in ten IO-heavy mission areas: Strategic Communication & Public Diplomacy; Peacekeeping Intelligence & Information Peacekeeping; Early Warning & Stabilization-Reconstruction Operations; Homeland Defense & Emergency Responder Civil Support; National Education & National Research for National Wealth. Join Congressman Rob Simmons (R-CT-02), Alvin & Heidi Toffler, and many other world-class speakers including Canadian, Croatian, Dutch, English, South African, and Swedish experts on the emerging intersection of open source software, open spectrum, open source information, open access copyright, and open societies. All participants in the three day event will receive the new book on IO, as well as new books on Commercial Intelligence and on Peacekeeping Intelligence. One may elect to participate in only one day, and/or the training day on Friday. Complete details are at Congressman Simmons, the "owner" of OSINT on the Hill, and the new ADDNI/OS Eliot Jardines are both confirmed as speakers, as are Alvin & Heidi Toffler and a wide variety of international and US authorities. Six books are included in the conference fee, three of them first-time issues: Steele's own INFORMATION OPERATIONS: All Information, All Languages, All the Time with a Foreword by Congressman Simmons and a technical preface by Canadian naval PhD Robert Garigue; Mats Bjore's new book on COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE: Inside Out and Upside Down; and the second PKI book, PEACEKEEPING INTELLIGENCE: The Way Ahead. These books will also be sold on Amazon, but the extraordinary collection of people interested in this topic, as Steele is uniquely-qualified to orchestrate its discussion, only comes together once a year. COST: HALF-PRICE is being offered to AFIO Members, just write AFIO in upper right hand corner and pay half the listed price via credit card or check. Purchase orders are full price discounted for prompt payment. Registration and details at or Fax 703.266.6391, Call 703.266.6390


19 January 06 - Colorado Springs, CO - The Rocky Mountain Chapter of AFIO will hold its next meeting at the Falcon Room of the USAF Academy's Officers Club. Richard (Dick) Durham will be the speaker on the subject of "SALT 1 and Intelligence Incidents". Meeting will start at 11:30 a.m. with lunch being served at 12:00 noon. Cost is the same $12.00 for either chicken or beef (a full lunch). Reservations must be made by January 16, 2006 to Dick Durham, 719-488-2884. or by e-mail to:


Thursday, 19 January 06 - Washington, DC - The Report of the Anglo-Polish Historical Committee Volume I: Intelligence Co-operation between Poland and Great Britain during World War II. 12 noon - 1 pm Cracking Enigma was just the beginning. When Poland shared their code breaking methods and machines with Britain, it was the start of an extraordinary relationship that helped win World War II. From smuggling parts of a German V2 rocket bomb into the UK hidden in a bicycle to reporting on Nazi activity, Polish intelligence played a crucial role in key decision making in London and Washington. Now scholars from the UK and Poland have joined forces to reveal this little-known wartime cooperation. Join Dr. Jan Ciechanowski and Dr. Rafal Wnuk, both contributors to the book, who will travel from Poland to tell this remarkable story. FREE LUNCHTIME AUTHOR DEBRIEFING AND BOOK SIGNING ;


21 January 06 - Kennebunk, ME - Maine Chapter of AFIO hosts Justice Dept. Official Frank Amoroso, the Regional Director in the U. S. Department of Justice Boston office, who will speak at 2 p.m. at the Kennebunk Free Public Library. The event is open to the public. Amoroso�s topic will be the negative effects of terrorism on Muslims and non-Muslims. Amoroso is involved with the Community Relations Service, the Justice Department's "peacemaker" for community conflicts and tensions arising from differences of race, color, and national origin. Created by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, CRS is the only Federal agency dedicated to assist state and local units of government, private and public organizations, and community groups with preventing and resolving racial and ethnic tensions, incidents, and civil disorders, and in restoring racial stability and harmony. CRS deploys highly skilled professional conciliators, who are able to assist people of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. Amoroso holds a BA degree in Sociology from the Univ. of Maine, a Masters degree in Counseling from Hampton Univ., and a Masters degree also from the Univ. of So. Calif./Univ. of Maine. He is a graduate of the Maine Executive Institute, Maine Maritime Academy. Additional details about the meeting and the Maine AFIO Chapter are available from President Barbara Storer, 207-985-2392. or email her at 


Wednesday, 25 January 06 - San Francisco, CA - "55 Days in Baghdad: A Political Scientist�s Surreal Sabbatical in the Green Zone"  is the topic of the dinner speaker at AFIO Jim Quesada Chapter's meeting.  Kenneth R. Dombroski, Ph.D. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, discusses his temporary assignment as a political advisor to the strategy section of the Multinational Force - Iraq. He was involved with assessing political risks and opportunities for the coalition forces involving the constitutional referendum and national elections in Iraq, as well as helping stand up ministerial capacity building and government transition programs for the new Iraqi government. Dr. Dombroski will talk about the U.S. strategy to defeat the insurgency and foster a democracy in Iraq from his perspective working inside the embassy in Baghdad. His discussion will include a critique of the recently released �National Strategy for Victory in Iraq,� as well as a discussion of the democratization process underway in Iraq. Dr. Ken Dombroski is a Lecturer of the Center for Civil-Military Relations at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, where he has been on the faculty since 1999. He teaches graduate courses in American national security policy, peacekeeping, and the role of intelligence agencies in democracies. In the fall of 2005, Dr. Dombroski was a political advisor to the Deputy Chief of Staff, Strategy, Plans, and Assessment, Multinational Force - Iraq, at the American Embassy in Baghdad.
A retired military intelligence officer and Middle East specialist - as well as an AFIO member, Dr. Dombroski served two tours of duty as a strategic intelligence officer in the Defense Intelligence Agency and deployed to Saudi Arabia with the U.S. Central Command during Operation Desert Storm. Dr. Dombroski earned a Ph.D. in world politics from the Catholic University of America. His recent academic work on intelligence reform in emerging democracies includes chapters in two books to be published by the University of Texas Press and an article for the Journal of Democracy. Time: 6:30 pm - No Host Cocktails; 7:15 pm Dinner.   Place:  Basque Cultural Center, 599 Railroad Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 650-583-8091
Cost: $35 pp Member Rate - with advance reservations; $45 pp Non-Member Rate or at door without reservation. Respond to Mary Lou Anderson no later than EOD 1/19/06. Reservations not cancelled by 1/19/06 must be honored. Send reservation and check to "AFIO" to: Mary Lou Anderson, 46 Anchorage Rd, Sausalito, CA 94965   Telephone 415-332-6440


26-27 January  06 - Arlington, VA - Homeland Defense Journal Training on "Terrorism and the Suicide Bomb Attack" at the NRECA Executive Conference Center (Lobby Level - Conference Room CC1), 4301 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22203 **Includes a Special Segment on How to Better Prepare for a Bomb Threat and Implement Countermeasures** Visit their web site at for more information!


Thursday, 26 January 06 - Washington, DC - The FBI and the Weather Underground; 6:30 pm "Within the next 14 days we will attack a symbol or institution of American injustice." - Bernadine Dohrn, Weather Underground Organization (WUO) founder  In the late 1960s and early 1970s long-simmering public unrest over the Vietnam War, social reform, and civil rights erupted into violent radical protest. When the Weather Underground began a series of bombings - including strikes on the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon - as acts of war against the United States, its young members became the target of one of the largest FBI manhunts in history. Bill Ayers, a founding member of the militant political organization and author of Fugitive Days, will recount the origins of the WUO, its purpose, as well as his own evolving feelings about its actions and legacy. Don Strickland, a former FBI agent assigned to the WUO case, will discuss the Bureau's wide-ranging efforts to deal with the WUO's violent acts and track down Underground fugitives, many of whom had become skillful in adopting aliases, forging identification, and selecting hideouts. Join these two former adversaries for an evening of reflection and revelation about an incendiary time in American history. to register.


27-28 January 06 - Springfield, VA - Conference on "INTELLIGENCE AND ETHICS" at The Joint Services Conference on Professional Ethics (JSCOPE). Runs from 3:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. on Friday, and 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. Intelligence practitioners and civilian scholars discuss and present Academic Papers, conduct Working Groups, present Case Histories and Testimonies, and hold Dinner and Luncheon Discussions on the emerging field of "Intelligence Ethics" which to many academicians does not have civilian/academic input and expertise. It is the goal of this conference to establish the first international meeting of civilian and military intelligence professionals, educators and those with academic perspectives in national security, philosophy, law, history, psychology, theology and human rights. The Intelligence Ethics Section seeks voices from all ranks and areas of intelligence and are soliciting contributions and participation from all interested parties and perspectives. More information at


Wednesday, 8 February 06 - Werner I. Juretzko: An American Spy in the Hands of the Stasi; 6:30 pm "Suddenly, I heard loud knocks at the door. That moment, I knew I was dead meat." - Werner I. Juretzko Interrogation, torture, execution - these were the grim prospects awaiting a Western agent captured by the Stasi, the hated and feared East German state security service. Werner I. Juretzko, an agent for United States Army Intelligence (G-2), survived six years in Stasi torture chambers undergoing brutal interrogations and threat of death until he was released in a spy-swap just days after the Berlin Wall went up. As a passionate anti-communist, Juretzko's spy career began when he agreed to infiltrate the West German Communist Party in 1949. His success led to his recruitment by G-2 as an undercover political operative in East Germany and Poland. His tale of betrayal and loss reveals firsthand the stark reality of Cold War espionage. to register


14 February 06 - Tampa, FL- AFIO Suncoast Chapter meets at 11:30 a.m. at the Officers Club's, at MacDill Air Force Base. Before lunch, there will be a demonstration of software, which is not yet commercially available, that teaches someone to speak a language without an accent. It is being developed in numerous languages. This is not just for blending in. The more clearly one speaks, the more credible the message. The luncheon speaker is Amado Gayol who was an officer involved in the Bay of Pigs in 1961 where he was captured and sentenced to thirty years in a Cuban prison. After two years, the US paid a ransom for his return. He was a US Marine Corps officer, trained as a US Army Special Forces Captain, and was Airborne Ranger qualified. He was wounded in combat in the Dominican Republic, was a three year veteran of the Vietnam War, and served twenty five years as a Senior Operations Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency where he was a specialist on Non-Official Cover (NOC). He is the recipient of the CIA Intelligence Star for Valor. [Gayol is also a member of the AFIO National Board of Directors] Details on this unusual program are available from COL Nathaniel Alderman, Jr.,


Thursday, 16 February 06 - Washington, DC - The CIA and Congress: The Untold Story from Truman to Kennedy; 12 noon - 1 pm   Congressional criticism, aggressive oversight alternating with extreme passivity, tight purse strings: the CIA's first 15 years. When David M. Barrett used newly declassified documents, personal interviews, and exhaustive research to explore the CIA's formative years, he found a world of secret budgeting, covert action, and spymasters on Capitol Hill. Barrett's profile of the Agency's early successes and failures will provide a fascinating context for anyone interested in the current debates over the Agency's ultimate fate. FREE LUNCHTIME AUTHOR DEBRIEFING AND BOOK SIGNING


17-20 February 06 - Arlington, VA - The Intelligence Summit 2006 -to be held at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, VA. This new event will bring together the international intelligence agencies from the free nations of the world in a non-partisan, non-profit educational conference on neutral ground. "Intelligence today embraces more than the civilian and military agencies of the federal intelligence community. In this age of terrorism, it is critically important for state and local law enforcement to know how and where to obtain intelligence, and to whom it should be forwarded. Corporate and private-sector intelligence managers face new and diverse challenges, from defending against economic espionage to creating new technology to meet intelligence's future needs. Many members of the press (and even a few members of Congress) lack the depth of knowledge in intelligence which is necessary to deal with, and resolve, its complex issues. The same is true for non-governmental organizations, the academic community, media, and ethnic and religious organizations. All of these diverse components of the intelligence domain will come together at the Intelligence Summit." The sponsors of the event have offered AFIO members a 10% discount off the website price if the voucher code "AS10" is entered in the special discount field on the online reservation form. For more information to attend or to be an exhibitor, visit: or write to them at The Intelligence Summit, 535 Central Ave Ste 316, St Petersburg, FL 33701.  Also visit their news pages for some good links to current breaking intelligence news: 


18 February 06 - Portland, ME - AFIO Maine Chapter hosts a field trip to the emergency management center. Completed last March with Homeland Security funding and port security grants, the center is a state-of-the-art facility for directing response to natural and man-made disasters. The centers' communication system, which allows decision makers to communicate across agencies and disciplines, has been referred to as "the best in the country." Besides its vital role in securing the largest crude oil port on the East Coast, it has been used to coordinate snow removal during winter storms and to cover a visit by the Queen Mary 2. The center is located in the Portland Arts and Technology High School on Allen Avenue. Those planning to go should meet in the parking lot of the Kennebunk Library at 1:00 p.m. to share rides to the center. Call 207-985-2392 for further information.


Thursday, 23 February 06 - Washington, DC - The Impossible Spy; 6:30 - 9:15 pm "What if I were to tell you that there are many Eli Cohens? And that if they are successful, you will never hear of them?" - former Mossad chief, Isser Harel Forty years ago, Eliahu ben Shaul Cohen was sentenced to death by a Syrian military tribunal and executed. At the time of his arrest, Cohen - an undercover agent for Israel's intelligence agency Mossad - had become so popular among the Syrian leadership that he was being considered for the post of Deputy Defense Minister. This 1987 film captures the true story of this unlikely spy - from his hesitant response to recruitment to his enthusiastic adjustment to life as a Syrian powerbroker. Join Wesley Britton, author of Beyond Bond: Spies in Fiction and Film, as he describes this film's unique place in the world of onscreen espionage and its depiction of the Middle East, and Harvey Chertok, the movie's executive producer, for the film's fascinating back story. to register.


4 March 06 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.


Tuesday, 7 March 06 - Washington, DC - Hot Science and Cool Analysis; 6:30 pm "The analysis came down firmly on both sides of the issue." - Former Director of Central Intelligence Robert Gates in From the Shadows Spies gather data, analysts make sense of it, and scientists develop the tools that help them do both. In this program, you will have the rare opportunity to see demonstrations of the latest technology developed through research now being conducted by the University of Maryland Materials Research Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC) - and then use that technology to gather and analyze information about a fabricated espionage case. Using cutting-edge science, spy skills, and savvy, you will ferret out a double agent on this fast track assignment. Ebeam lithography, particle identification, and voice-changing technology are just some of the super-science technology you will use to shut down a shady operation. Co-sponsored by MRSEC. to register


8 March 06 - College Station, TX - Future of Transatlantic Security Relations - Speakers and panels will examine US and European foreign and defense policies, military strategies and contrasting US and European perspectives on:  grand strategy; US basing realignments; complementary US and European initiatives for expanding regional and out-of-region security, stability, peacekeeping and power projection roles and missions; and homeland security and terrorism.  The conference will be open to Texas A&M and other regional university faculty, students, and community members. The George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University will host the conference at the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center in College Station. See 


Thursday, 16 March 06 - Washington, DC - The Wolves at the Door: The True Story of America�s Greatest Female Spy; 12 noon - 1 pm Virginia Hall, Baltimore's answer to Sydney Bristow. This amazing spy was SOE's go-to agent in World War II France before she had to flee for her life with Klaus Barbie, �the Butcher of Lyon,� hot on her trail. During her second trip to Nazi-occupied France on an OSS mission, Hall, disguised as a peasant, radioed vital info to London and ran a Resistance circuit that helped pave the way for the Allied invasion. For her work, she received the coveted Distinguished Service Cross. That was just the start of a career that continued with the CIA in Latin America. Join Judith L. Pearson for a celebration of the vaunted career of "The Limping Lady."  FREE LUNCHTIME AUTHOR DEBRIEFING AND BOOK SIGNING


11 April 06 - Tampa, FL- AFIO Suncoast Chapter meets at 11:30 a.m. at the Officers Club, at MacDill Air Force Base. The luncheon speaker is Frederick Rustmann, Jr., a twenty-four-year veteran of the CIA�s Directorate of Operations. He retired in 1990 as a member of the elite Senior Intelligence Service (SIS) with the equivalent rank of major general. Assigned abroad to posts in eight countries in Asia, Europe and Africa during the Cold War, he was heavily involved in the collection of foreign intelligence from human and technical sources. In two of those foreign posts he was the senior CIA officer in country. In addition to out-of-country service, he was an instructor at the CIA�s training facility known as "the Farm." After retiring from CIA, he founded CTC International Group, Inc., a pioneer in the field of business intelligence and a recognized leader in the industry. He is the author of CIA, Inc. Espionage and the Craft of Business Intelligence. Further details and registration are available from COL Nathaniel Alderman, Jr.,


7-9 May 06 - Bethesda, MD - 2nd Annual INTELCON [National Intelligence Conference and Exposition] - To emphasize practical applications and techniques  INTELCON combines an educational program which focuses on practical applications and techniques, along with a full-scale vendor exposition of intel products and services, to attract a wide audience of intelligence practitioners and vendors from both the public and private sectors.
WHO: Dr. William A. Saxton, Conference Chair; Dr. Peter Leitner, Program Chair. Supported by a Program Advisory Group.
WHERE: Marriott Bethesda North Hotel and Conference Center in Bethesda, MD. For more information, contact: Conference: Dr. William A. Saxton, Chairman; Tel. 561-483-6430; Exposition: George DeBakey at and Barbara Lecker at lecker@ejkrause  of E.J. Krause and Associates; Tel. 301-493-5500 Web sites: www.IntelConference.US  (2006)


7 May 06 - Tyson's Corner, VA - XXXII NMIA Anniversary and Awards Banquet - The National Military Intelligence Association holds this annual event in honor of distinguished individuals who have provided outstanding contributions to military intelligence and who represent the epitome of intelligence professional performance. Selections for the awards are made by the service intelligence chiefs and the directors of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. Please contact Debra Davis  The Event is being held at the Sheraton-Premiere Hotel. NMIA is a worthwhile organization and deserving of your support.


3 June 06 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.


27-29 June 06 - Lyon, France - Complex Asian Crime Symposium 2006 sponsored jointly by Interpol General Secretariat, Lyon, France, and the Center for Asian Crime Studies [CACS] an international, not-for-profit, research and training organization. This training symposium has expanded the geographic scope of the event to encompass interest in terrorism, and has added organized crime to its coverage--and its links to terrorism--from Suez to Tokyo. Experts from academia and national police agencies world-wide, plus private organizations and think-tanks, are asked to gather in Lyon to address a wide range of issues of strategic and tactical interest to law enforcement authorities. Broad topic areas will include (1) Trends in collaboration between criminals and terrorists, (2) New techniques for identifying and tracing suspects, (3) Cross-cultural considerations for effective investigations of persons of Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist religion, (4) Recent investigations involving money laundering, fraud, underground banking and human smuggling by ethnic Asian criminals, and (5) Essential differences between mindsets of West, South and East Asian criminals and societies. Speakers: Among approximately 20 speakers who will appear at the symposium, the following might participate: (1) Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, New Scotland Yard, London (2) Mr. David E. Kaplan, Chief Investigative Correspondent, US News & World Report, Washington, DC. (3) Dr. Sheldon Zhang, Professor, San Diego State University, California (4) Chief Investigator Larry Lambert, Orange County Prosecutor�s Office, California (5) Mr. Garry Spence, Director of Investigations, Consumer Protection Authority, British Columbia, Canada. (6) Superintendent Gordon McRae, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Registration: Attendance is limited to persons actively engaged in law enforcement or with serious academic interests. Due to security considerations and limited seating, all who would attend this symposium must register in advance. Registration forms may be found at Prior to May 31, 2006, a registration fee of 190 Euros per person will be assessed each attendee.
After May 31, 2006, the registration fee will be 220 Euros per person. Completed registration forms may be sent by email to, or they may be sent to Center for Asian Crime Studies, 7609 Royal Dominion Dr, Bethesda, MD 20817, USA along with your payment.


3-8 September 06 - Oxford, England - Spies, Lies & Intelligence Conference - From the historical certainties of World War II, through the treacheries and ultimate triumphs of the Cold War, we have emerged into an age when "Terror" is the West's new political and security watchword. This five-day conference brings together authors, experts and intelligence practitioners of international standing and examines the evolution of intelligence, espionage and deception across more than half a century. Please direct all enquiries and bookings to: The Steward's Office, Christ Church OXFORD OX1 1DP. Tel: +44 (0)1865 286848 Email: or to   (DKR)


9 September 06 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.

6 December 06 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.

3 March 07 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.

2 June 07 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.

8 September 07 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.

1 December 07 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.



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