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• Lafayette and the French Intrigue to Lead the American Revolution by Gene Poteat
• How Sweden Chose Sides by Michael Fredholm
• George Washington's Attacks on Trenton and Princeton, 1776-77 by Ken Daigler 

JUST RELEASED: The Institute of World Politics' Active Measures journal 2019 is now available.
Active Measures is the student-run academic journal of The Institute of World Politics.  Its name refers to a set of influence operations and propaganda — disinformation and deception — used by the Soviet Union to persuade and to have a strategic impact. Read more

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How To Run
Operations in Russia Under Intense Surveillance


Intelligence Collection Against Hard Targets:
Why History Shows Difficulties
Operating in Post-War Soviet Union


FRIDAY, 1 November 2019

Tysons Corner, VA

Jonna Mendez, former CIA Chief of Disguise, co-author of
The Moscow Rules: The Secret CIA Tactics That Helped America Win the Cold War
Vince Houghton PhD, Spy Museum Historian, discussing his just released
The Nuclear Spies: America's Atomic Intelligence Operation against Hitler and Stalin
1 November 2019, 10:30 am - 2 pm - Tysons, VA  
Jonna Mendez's presentation starts at 11 a.m. Mendez shares (with late husband Tony Mendez) their experiences as spies in Moscow during the height of the Cold War in the mid-1980s. The authors begin with the initial list of "the Moscow Rules" and discuss briefly the current state of affairs in Russia under Vladimir Putin, and how they might have interfered with the 2016 U.S. election.
Vince Houghton PhD, historian, makes his presentation at 1 p.m. on The Nuclear Spies: America's Atomic Intelligence Operation against Hitler and Stalin. He asks why the US intelligence services failed to know about the Soviet Union's nuclear capabilities following WWII. The Manhattan Project's intelligence team had penetrated the Third Reich and knew every detail of the Nazi 's plan for an atomic bomb. What changed and what went wrong? Houghton serves as curator of the International Spy Museum.
Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton, 1960 Chain Bridge Rd, Tysons Corner, VA 22182 Phone: (703) 893-2100.
Directions at this link.
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Newly Released and Forthcoming Books of the Week

Dangerous Charisma: The Political Psychology of Donald Trump and His Followers
by Jerrold M. Post, MD with Stephanie Doucette
(Pegasus Books, Nov 2019)

Jerry Post, the long-time head of psychological profiling at the CIA, puts President Trump under the psychiatric microscope, examining the unique connection between Trump and his base. 

Offering an in-depth psychological and political portrait of what makes Donald Trump tick, Dangerous Charisma combines psychoanalysis with an investigation into the personality of the current American president. This narrative not only examines the life and psychology of Donald Trump, but will also provide an analysis of the charismatic psychological tie between Trump and his supporters.

While there are many books on Donald Trump, there has been no rigorous psychological portrait by a psychiatrist who specializes in political personality profiling. As the founding director of the CIA's Center for the Analysis of Personality and Political Behavior, Dr. Post has created profiles of world leaders for the use of American presidents during historic events. As once stated by Jane Mayer of The New Yorker, who characterized Dr. Post as "a pioneer in the field of political personality profiling," "he may be the only psychiatrist who has specialized in the self-esteem problems of both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein." 

In this new book, the psychiatrist who once served under five American presidents applies his expertise to profiling the current resident in the White House, with surprising and revelatory results.

Book may be ordered here.

Sandworm: A New Era of Cyberwar and the Hunt for the Kremlin's Most Dangerous Hackers
by Andy Greenberg
(Doubleday, Nov 2019)

"Cyberwar Armageddon hasn't happened yet, but it's coming, according to this disturbing but convincing journalistic chronicle." —Kirkus

In 2014, the world witnessed the start of a mysterious series of cyberattacks. Targeting American utility companies, NATO, and electric grids in Eastern Europe, the strikes grew ever more brazen, including the first-ever blackouts triggered by hackers. The attacks culminated in the summer of 2017, when the malware known as NotPetya was unleashed, penetrating, disrupting, and paralyzing some of the world's largest companies—from drug manufacturers to software developers to shipping companies. At the attack's epicenter in Ukraine, ATMs froze. The railway and postal systems shut down. Hospitals went dark. NotPetya spread around the world, inflicting an unprecedented ten billion dollars in damage—the largest, most devastating cyberattack the world had ever seen.
The hackers behind these attacks are quickly gaining a reputation as the most dangerous team of cyberwarriors in history: Sandworm. Working in the service of Russia's military intelligence agency, they represent a persistent, highly skilled, state-sponsored force, one whose talents are matched by their willingness to launch broad, unrestrained attacks on the most critical infrastructure of their adversaries. They target government and private sector, military and civilians alike.
A chilling, globe-spanning detective story, Sandworm considers the danger this force poses to our national stability and security. As the Kremlin's role in meddling in the 2016 election, manipulating foreign governments, and sparking chaos comes into greater focus, Sandworm exposes the realities not just of Russia's global digital offensive, but of an era where warfare ceases to be waged on the battlefield. It reveals how the line between digital and physical conflict, between wartime and peacetime, have begun to blur—with world-shaking implications.

Book may be ordered here.

The Warriors of Anbar: The Marines Who Crushed Al Qaeda—the Greatest Untold Story of the Iraq War
by Ed Darack
(Da Capo Press, Nov 2019)

A riveting, edge-of-your seat account of how a battalion of Marines faced off against the most brutal of Al Qaeda at its most desperate and vicious moment—and how the Marines decisively crushed the terrorists When the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Marine Regiment ("2/3") arrived in the little-known "Haditha Triad" region of western Iraq's Al Anbar Province in September of 2006, the region exploded in a storm of terrorist violence. The most battle-hardened of Al Qaeda had fled to the Triad, and, taking their last, desperate gasps for survival after years of bloody war, lashed out at the battalion with everything they could muster. The Marines sent into this firestorm of violence immediately lunged into a complex, double-edged mission: crush Al Qaeda and help the locals rebuild their terrorist-smashed lives and homes. After months of grueling, fearsome battle—and the loss of twenty-three of their ranks—the warriors of 2/3 stood tall in victory. This is their incredible story. Warriors of Anbar is one of the greatest untold stories of modern war, one of grit, incredible courage, and utmost sacrifice. It is a story that illustrates the U.S. Marine Corps at its very finest.

Book may be ordered here.


Top Secret Russian Unit Seeks to Destabilize Europe, Security Officials Say. First came a destabilization campaign in Moldova, followed by the poisoning of an arms dealer in Bulgaria and then a thwarted coup in Montenegro. Last year, there was an attempt to assassinate a former Russian spy in Britain using a nerve agent. Though the operations bore the fingerprints of Russia's intelligence services, the authorities initially saw them as isolated, unconnected attacks.

Western security officials have now concluded that these operations, and potentially many others, are part of a coordinated and ongoing campaign to destabilize Europe, executed by an elite unit inside the Russian intelligence system skilled in subversion, sabotage and assassination.

The group, known as Unit 29155, has operated for at least a decade, yet Western officials only recently discovered it. Intelligence officials in four Western countries say it is unclear how often the unit is mobilized and warn that it is impossible to know when and where its operatives will strike. [Read more: Schwirtz/NYTimes/8October2019]

Spain at Odds With US on Venezuela's Former Spy Chief. For weeks, Spain has rejected repeated U.S. requests for the extradition of former Venezuelan spy chief Hugo Carvajal, wanted in the United States on drug trafficking and narco-terrorism charges.

Now, the reasons for Madrid's refusal are emerging: he is cooperating in Spain's efforts to mediate Venezuela's drawn out political crisis. Spanish court documents say Carvajal was operating under "directions and orders from the Presidency of Venezuela," and analysts say Spain's protection of him may be influenced by his importance as an intelligence asset to the Spanish Foreign Intelligence Service, CNI.

The weight of the charges levied by the United States is hefty. The indictment, sent to Voice of America by the Department of Justice, alleges that Carvajal "worked with terrorists and other drug traffickers to dispatch thousands of kilograms of cocaine" to the United States. U.S. Justice department officials say that to accomplish this, he worked with the leadership of the militant Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, during his near decade-long tenure as head of Venezuela's powerful military counterintelligence service, DGCIM. [Read more: VOANews/14October2019]

DOJ Charges Defense Intelligence Agency Worker with Leaking Classified Info to Reporters. A Defense Intelligence Agency employee with top-secret security clearance was arrested Wednesday and charged with leaking classified information to two reporters.

Henry Kyle Frese, a counterterrorism analyst with the DIA, allegedly shared intelligence related to the capabilities of foreign weapons systems with the unnamed journalists, one of whom he was in a relationship with, according to court documents.

Frese is charged with two counts of willful transmission of national defense information to persons not entitled to receive it. He was expected to appear in federal court in Virginia on Thursday. It was not immediately clear who was representing him.

Prosecutors did not reveal the country or countries that the intelligence Frese is accused of leaking was related to, but the FBI said its revelation could harm the US and benefit adversarial nations. [Read more: Shortell/CNN/9October2019]

Researchers Discover Spy Platform with GSM Fingerprinting. Researchers at ESET have discovered several high-profile espionage attacks aimed at government and diplomatic entities in Eastern Europe.

According to the analysis, the attacks were conducted using a previously unreported cyber-espionage platform, which is notable for its modular architecture, along with two prominent features: the AT protocol used by one of its plugins for GSM fingerprinting, and Tor, which is employed for its network communications. Given these features, ESET researchers have named the platform Attor.

"The attackers who use Attor are focusing on diplomatic missions and governmental institutions," said Zuzana Hromcová, ESET malware researcher. "These attacks, ongoing since at least 2013, are highly targeted at users of these Russian services, specifically those who are concerned about their privacy." [Read more: Hill/InfoSecurity/10October2019]

Macron Under Pressure on Security Lapse in Intelligence Service. Emmanuel Macron is under pressure to explain how an apparently radicalised IT worker could have remained undetected at the heart of the French intelligence services before killing four colleagues.

A parliamentary inquiry is due to be given the go-ahead by lawmakers this week and will investigate the events in which the 45-year-old who had worked at the Intelligence Directorate of the Paris police headquarters since 2003 mounted a knife attack there this month. He killed three police officers and an administrative worker before being shot dead.

Christophe Castaner, interior minister, said immediately after the killings that the attacker had previously given no cause for alarm. But evidence quickly emerged that he was both radicalised and had planned the attacks. [Read more: Keohane/FinancialTimes/14October2019]

'Zuma's Spy' Thulani Dlomo Fired, But Still AWOL. The letter dismissing Thulani Dlomo, the former South African State Security Agency (SSA) special ops boss and spy, has been written, signed but not yet delivered because he can't be found. And so the agency has invoked the AWOL clause - and stopped Dlomo's salary and benefits with immediate effect.

State Security Minister Ayanda Dlodlo confirmed to Daily Maverick the dismissal letter had been finalised. "The letter is there. Whether he's received it, I do not know."

Dlomo had not received it - yet, confirmed SSA Director: Domestic Branch Mahlodi Muofhe, adding the agency had now invoked the AWOL regulation to effect the dismissal.

"The letter was signed. We dispatched our officials to look for him (Dlomo) and he is nowhere to be found.. We are doing everything by the book," confirmed Muofhe to Daily Maverick. [Read more: Evans/News24/15October2019]

Vatican Head of Police Steps Down After Memo Leak. Two weeks after a confidential Vatican memo was leaked to the press, the head of the Vatican's national police force has stepped down.

The Holy See Press Office made the announcement Monday morning regarding Domenico Giani, commander of the Vatican's national police force:

In order to assure the proper serenity of the ongoing investigation, coordinated by the Promoter of Justice and carried out by the Gendarmerie, since the perpetrator of the external circulation of the order - reserved to the staff of the Gendarmerie and of the Pontifical Swiss Guard - remains unknown, and although the Commander bears no personal responsibility in the unfolding of the events, Domenico Giani has tendered his resignation to the Holy Father out of love for the Church and faithfulness to Peter's Successor.

The leaked memo, published Oct. 2 in the Italian journal L'Espresso, announced the suspension of five officials and staff members following the Oct. 1 raid of the Secretariat of State and the Financial Intelligence Authority by the Vatican prosecutor's office. [Read more: Niles/ChurchMilitant/14October2019]


The Greatest Fiasco in the History of Soviet Intelligence. Surprisingly, the greatest failure of Soviet intelligence is connected not with the Nazis, Americans or British, but with the peaceful, neutral Danish. This fiasco went down in history as the "Conference of Residents."

In the 1930s, small neutral Denmark itself was of no interest to Soviet intelligence. However, this Scandinavian country played a significant role as a key way station in the transfer of reconnaissance information from the Third Reich to the USSR.

Nobody could imagine that the Soviet intelligence service would mess up right there. [Read more: Egorov/RussiaBeyond/15October2019]

Veteran's Military Service Led to CIA Career. A Hubbard veteran's military experience in the U.S. Army led to a long career with the Central Intelligence Agency.

John Raica, 83, of Hubbard, said he enlisted in the Army after attending Gannon University in Erie, Pa., with plans to become a teacher.

He said he is glad he never did become a teacher since his military experience and training led to a career with the CIA.

"In 1959, I went into the Army and was lucky to get into Army intelligence and went to school for photo interpretation. After that training, I was assigned to the Army Intelligence Center at Fort Holabird in Baltimore, Maryland," he said. [Read more: Coupland/TheVindicator/14October2019]

Making Intelligence Actionable. The US National Security Agency's new Cybersecurity Directorate held a media roundtable at Fort Meade on October 10th, 2019. That the event was held at all is perhaps the most significant news to emerge from it. The Directorate, which achieved initial operating capability only on October 1st, says it's committed to public education, and the roundtable was part of that outreach. [Read more: TheCyberWire/11October2019]

Report: China Supported C919 Airliner Development Through Cyberespionage. Security researchers have correlated the activity of a Chinese hacker group known for targeting aerospace companies to a multi-year espionage effort by China's intelligence agencies to further the development of the country's C919 aircraft, an airliner designed to compete with similar planes from Airbus and Boeing.

The Comac C919 is a narrow-body twinjet airliner whose development started in 2008 and had its first maiden flight in 2017 after various delays due to technological issues. While being touted as a Chinese-made aircraft, the plane uses many components supplied by aerospace companies from Europe and North America.

Between 2010 and 2015, coinciding with the plane's development, researchers from CrowdStrike tracked a China-based group they dubbed Turbine Panda that launched cyberespionage attacks against several of the companies that supply C919 components. They now believe this was part of a coordinated effort by China to bridge the technology gap needed to produce the same components locally by state-owned enterprises.

Evidence indicates that effort was coordinated by the JSSD, the Jiangsu Bureau of China's Ministry of State Security (MSS), and that it combined traditional espionage by recruiting insiders in targeted companies, as well as cyber intrusions by Turbine Panda. [Read more: Constantin/CSO/14October2019]

Former CIA Analyst Starts Family History Business. Lisa Maddox, a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst, has big plans to give a run for its money.

With a passion for genealogy and a background in intel, Maddox established family history business Narratio Vitae about a year ago.

Narratio Vitae is Latin for "life story." A one-woman operation, Maddox builds the life stories of her clients and their ancestors, often starting with only snippets of unverified and sometimes inaccurate information.

Unlike and other popular genealogy sites, Maddox goes beyond names and dates to create dynamic, engaging family histories. [Read more: Schrott/AlexandriaTimes/10October2019]


Matthew Hedges: My UAE Spy Arrest Shows Universities Must Do More to Protect Academics Working in the Field. Last year I was imprisoned for nearly seven months in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I was held predominantly in solitary confinement, endured heavy interrogations, with my human rights violated on a daily basis.

During my imprisonment I was force fed drugs, battled depression and thoughts of self-harm. Later, having endured nearly half a year of isolation and mistreatment, I wrestled with thoughts of suicide.

Eventually, in a trial lacking all due process and disregard for international legal standards, I was handed a life sentence. My crime? Undertaking academic research for my doctoral thesis.

My research examines the evolving national security strategy of the UAE, and my knowledge has evolved from years of professional work and research in the UAE and the wider Middle East and North Africa. [Read more: Hedges/TheConversation/14October2019]

Pakistan Faces Black List of Countries Financing Terrorism. Pakistan is trying to avoid getting blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force, a global watchdog, when it meets Wednesday in Paris.

A report earlier this month by the task force's Asia Pacific Group, which monitors Pakistan's progress, is not encouraging.

The report says Pakistan has fully implemented only one item from a list of 40 measures that the country should be taking to curb terrorist financing and money laundering. The other 39 measures were either partially implemented or in some cases overlooked entirely.

Iran and North Korea are currently the only two countries on the blacklist. [Read more: Gannon/AP/15October2019]

Section IV - Obituaries, Jobs


Steve Lukasik, Director, DARPA; Cybersecurity Expert
Stephen Joseph Lukasik (pronounced looKAY-sik) , 88, Director, DARPA; Cybersecurity Expert, a physicist who sought to apply advanced technology to national security, overseeing Defense Department research on computer networking, artificial intelligence and the detection of nuclear explosions before becoming a prescient expert on cybersecurity, died of respiratory failure in Falls Church, VA on 3 October 2019.
Born on Staten Island, NY, he graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where received his PhD in Physics.
Lukasik received a bachelor's degree in physics from the school in 1951 and a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1956. He taught at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J., where he led the fluid physics division and drew the attention of DARPA, partly through a research project he managed for the Department of the Army.
DARPA hired him in 1966 to oversee research on the detection of nuclear explosions, and in 1971 he was named the agency's director. Dr. Lukasik was credited with broadening its scope, backing research on artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicles, the use of computers to hear and understand speech, and the potential for humans to influence the Earth's climate.
In addition to serving as Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA] and by 1975 he had left the agency, serving as chief scientist at Rand before holding the same title at the FCC from 1979 to 1982. He went on to serve as Vice President at both Northrop Corporation and TRW, and also served Xerox and SAIC.
Dr. Lukasik was 14 when he decided to become a physicist, haunted by newspaper accounts of the atomic bombings of Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ended WWII. If science had enabled humans to harness the power of nuclear fission and fusion, he decided, it could also help forestall future destruction.
Working with many others in his field, he helped develop methods to detect - and hopefully deter " nuclear explosions around the world, resulting in verification systems that proved crucial to agreements such as the Threshold Test Ban Treaty, signed by the United States and the Soviet Union in 1974.
Through his work in the 1970s and '80s at the Defense Department and the Federal Communications Commission, Dr. Lukasik also became a Zeligesque figure in , the development of digital technologies. As the director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency, now known as DARPA, he backed the growth of ARPANET, an influential precursor to the Internet. And as chief scientist at the FCC, he helped commercialize spread-spectrum techniques, which were used for intelligence communications before becoming a cornerstone of WiFi and
Bluetooth technologies.
A man of wide-ranging interests, Dr. Lukasik amassed a collection of about 15,000 books on subjects including national security, shipwrecks, archaeology and geology, and participated in a 1988 effort to date the Shroud of Turin, venerated by millions of Christians as the burial cloth of Jesus. (Radiocarbon tests indicated the frayed length of linen was created in the Middle Ages, although Dr. Lukasik cast doubts on those findings.).
His focus later shifted from nuclear weapons to cybersecurity, a field that existed in part because of the support he secured for ARPANET. The network spawned a communications revolution that played out at first in DARPXs offices, where Dr. Lukasik encouraged the use of a system now known as email, checking messages about once an hour, often from a 30-pound "portable" computer terminal that he lugged on his travels.
In that primitive age of digital messaging, emails were generally read only through a teletype machine, which printed long ribbons of text. Dr. Lukasik, who later donated 50 boxes full of paper to the Charles Babbage Institute, was not one to throw things away. He recalled complaining to Lawrence Roberts, who ran DARPA's Information Processing Techniques Office: "Larry, this email is great, but it's a mess!"
"In typical Larry fashion, he came in the next day, and said, 'Steve, I wrote some code for you that may help.' And he showed me how to get a menu of messages, or file them, or delete them;' Mr. Lukasik said in an interview for ''Where Wizards Stay Up Late," a history of the Internet by Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon.
"Roberts;' the authors noted, "had just written the first mail manager software:'
Long after he left DARPA, Dr. Lukasik developed a reputation as a master of "red teaming;' an apocalyptic role-playing exercise in which he imagined potential national security threats from the perspective of U.S. adversaries. Friends said he anticipated the 9/11 terrorist attacks as well as Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.
"Steve would sometimes refer to his efforts as atoning for his sins, for having authorized and funded the development of an infrastructure that became a kind of threat to the country;' said Dr. Lukasik's longtime colleague Anthony Rutkowski, referring to the conceptual model at the heart of ARPANET and the Internet.
In a phone interview, Rutkowski recalled flying home from Frankfurt to the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, while reading a report by Dr. Lukasik on the potential use of airplanes, explosives and other weapons by terrorist groups that might destroy urban infrastructure and coordinate their attacks over the Internet. "It was the most surreal thing in my life;' he said.
According to Rutkowski, Dr. Lukasik later completed a report for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency on the potential for a state actor to "marshal resources surreptitiously using social networks," then disrupt elections and other sociopolitical institutions.
Rutkowski was unfamiliar with the report when the two friends met last year and discussed Russia's 2016 election interference."Bet you never envisioned that happening," Rutkowski recalled telling Dr. Lukasik. "He said, 'Just give me a couple of moments.' And he went to his office, came back with this report and said, 'Here it is, in considerable detail.' "
He was active in civic affairs, and had a wide range of other interests.
Dr. Lukasik was still called upon to consult on national security issues in recent years. And while much of his work entailed red-teaming, he never abandoned science: At 81, he was
awarded a patent for an invention involving a chemical warfare sensor made with carbon nanotubes.
His marriage to Marilyn Trappiel ended in divorce, and in 1983 he married Virginia Dogan Armstrong, an FCC policy analyst. In addition to his wife Virginia, survivors include four children from his first marriage, two stepchildren, and other family.
The funeral service will take place on Monday, 21 October 2019 at 5 p.m. at Everly-Wheatley Funeral Home in Alexandria, VA, with a reception to follow. Burial will be private.

John Black Jack McCarthy, FSO, USAF, EA in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Kobe, Japan
John Francis "Black Jack" McCarthy III, 78, FSO, USAF, EA in Phnom Penh Cambodia and Kobe Japan, a senior foreign service officer who was one of the last Americans to leave the US Embassy in Phnom Penn in Cambodia in 1975 before it was overrun by the Khmer Rouge, died 29 September 2019 at his summer home in Avalon, NJ.
Born in Washington, DC, his childhood was spent on military bases including a stint in Berlin where his father participated in the Berlin Airlift. He attended Loyola High School in Palos Verdes, CA where he discovered his lifelong love of surfing and the ocean.
John served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne (2nd Battalion of the 503rd Regiment), deploying to Asia and elsewhere. John subsequently attended George Washington University where he was a member of the crew team and graduated with a BA in Government and an MA in International Affairs.
In 1971, John joined the State Department as a foreign service officer and was posted to Saigon and later to Phnom Penn, Cambodia where he served until 12 April 1975 when the city was overrun by the Khmer Rouge. John helped organize the evacuation of the US Embassy there and was one of the last Americans to leave. John's final assignment in Asia was in Kobe, Japan.
John's career shifted to Africa in 1978 when he was posted to Kaduna, Nigeria where he met his future wife, Mary Gumbel McCarthy, whom he married in 1984 while serving in Ndjamena, Chad. Though primarily an AF officer, he served in EA in Phnom Penh Cambodia (73-75) and Kobe Japan (76-78).
John attended the Army War College in Carlisle, PA in 1985. He then served three further tours in Africa in Somalia, Sudan, and Zimbabwe before retiring from the State Department in 1996.
In retirement, he traveled around the US with a beloved Yellow Labrador, Camille. He also wrote Civil War battlefield tours as a roving reporter for BMW Motorcycle Magazine. John spent his summers during retirement in Avalon, NJ where he was a fixture of the surfing community and surfed until the end of his days.
John is survived by his wife of 36 years, Mary Gumbel McCarthy, a sister, and other family.
A memorial Mass and reception will be held at 1100 on 17 October 2019 at Saint Luke Catholic Church, 7001 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA.
The date of interment at Arlington National Cemetery remains pending.
Condolences may be sent to John's spouse: Mary McCarthy, 7005 River Oaks Dr, McLean VA 22101-1522.
Published in The Washington Post on Oct. 14, 2019. [WashingtonPost/14October2019]

Gary Sokness, Executive Officer to DIRNSA
2018 death just reported.
Gary L. Sokness Col US Army (Ret), 75, who served as Executive Officer to General William Odom, Director of the National Security Agency during the Reagan Administration, died of complications related to Parkinson's disease on 13 October 2018 in Washington, DC. Col.
Born in Fargo, ND, he graduated from Grand Forks Central High School in 1960, from the University of North Dakota with a degree in Business Administration, and was active in ROTC. He later earned a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Utah.
Sokness entered the US Army in 1965 after graduation from the University of North Dakota and served in Vietnam. He had later health issues from exposure to Agent Orange.
He had a distinguished military career, serving in Asia, Europe, and the US where he was selected as aide-de-camp to General Omar Bradley, and aide to Commanding General of the Army Security Agency, Major General Charles Denholm. Assignments included commanding the 856 ASA Company in Germany, the 109th CEWI battalion at Ft. Lewis, WA, and CONUS MI Battalion at Ft. Meade, MD. During his military career, he was awarded the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, and citations for distinguished service to the intelligence community.
He was a 1986 graduate of the National War College. He retired November 1, 1988, after serving at the NSA, with the rank of Colonel. After his military retirement, Colonel Sokness worked as a financial adviser, first at Johnson and Lemon and later for Janney, Montgomery, Scott in Washington, D.C., until his retirement in 2012.
A resident of Georgetown for over 35 years, Colonel Sokness could frequently be seen walking his two blue merle collies near his home or chatting with his neighbors in Rose Park. His interests included art and architecture which was used in a collaboration with the architecture firm of Wnuk and Spurlock for the construction of a second home in Rehoboth Beach, DE.
Colonel Sokness was a devoted part-time New Yorkers and maintained an apartment on the Upper West Side, a city he enjoyed exploring. Sokness loved exploring the city by foot and by subway. He found all five boroughs fascinating. His interest in museums, theater, concerts, the parks, and mostly the restaurants was inspiring.
Colonel Sokness is survived by his life partner of nearly 38 years, Stephan Shriver, a sister, and other family.
Colonel Sokness will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery on Wednesday, 23 October 2019, at 1 p.m. Those wishing to attend the burial should be at the Administration Building no later than 12:30 p.m. on that day.


Homeland Security Position with E3 Sentinel

E3 Sentinel based in DC-area has unique opportunity for someone with strong communications and/or consulting skills and an interest in the homeland security space. The person who ends up in this role will be working directly with some senior federal clients to help design and implement a communications strategy for their agency. If interested in learning more, contact Rosanna Minchew at More about E3 Sentinel is available here.

FireEye Has Many Intelligence Positions Available For You - Worldwide - Contract, Full-time, Part-time, Interns

Explore the many career and contractor intelligence jobs available here. Jobs openings in Cyber Security include - Advisory, Architecture, Digital Forensics & Incident Response, Penetration Testing, Threat Research. They positions are needed here: New York, Chicago, Manila, Reston, Dallas, Atlanta, Suitland, Singapore, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Doha, Stockholm, London, Milpitas, multiple cities in Australia, Washington, Indianapolis, Tampa, Santiago, Alexandria, Seattle, Carlsbad, Houston, San Francisco, Arlington, Dubai, Amsterdam, Ft Belvoir, Minneapolis, Mexico City, San Diego, Boston, El Segundo, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Chiyoda, Ft Huachuca, Ft Gordon, Ft Meade, Ft Shafter, Kuwait City, Seoul, Sttutgart, Salt Lake City, Austin, Dublin, Bangalore, Cork, Colorado Springs... Explore the many career and contractor intelligence jobs available here.

Faculty Opportunities: Cybersecurity faculty, professionals, and Master's or PHD Graduates can find jobs for CAE designated institutions through the listings below. Listings are by University with the most recent at the top.

Section V - Events


19 October 2019, 2 pm - Kennebunk, ME - AFIO Maine Hosts Robert Cekuta, Former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, discussing "Oil, Gas, Russia, Iran, and America."

Former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Robert Cekuta will explore "Oil, Gas, Russia, Iran and America" at this AFIO Maine meeting.
The only country in the world to border both Russia and Iran, Azerbaijan is important to the US in terms of oil and natural gas for European and global energy security, as a means for NATO access to Afghanistan as well as for commerce between Europe, China, and South Asia. Current policy concerns in the region for the US include China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, the changes in Turkey's foreign relations, transnational criminal activity and terrorism.
This is the latest in a series of discussions relating to the importance of Intelligence in current public affairs. This chapter meeting is open to the public, and will begin at 2 p.m. at the Program Center of the Brick Store Museum, 4 Dane St., Kennebunk. A question period will follow the presentation.
No registration is required.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019 - Beaverton OR - The AFIO Columbia River (OR) Chapter hosts Prof Tung Yin on "FISA and the Constitution."

Professor Tung Yin from the Lewis and Clark School of Law at Lewis and Clark College will be speaking on "Foreign Intelligence Surveillance and the Constitution" discussing the origin of FISA and its development after 9/11.
The Columbia River Chapter of AFIO's website goes live at the end of October at Under the "For Students" tab there are two things that link back to AFIO materials.
Kudo's to chapter Secretary-Treasurer John Roberts who took the whole thing from a set of powerpoint slides into a working website.

LOCATION: This unclassified program will be held in the Fab-15 Auditorium, Intel Aloha Campus, 3585 SW 198th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97078.

REGISTRATION: AFIO members and others are invited to attend. Current AFIO membership is not required. The event is free of charge with ample parking.
The content of this presentation is provided by the author and nothing therein should be construed to represent the positions of the United States Government or AFIO
For additional information contact Carl Wege at or 912-222-8640.

1 November 2019, 10:30 am - 2 pm - Tysons, VA - Do not miss this final AFIO luncheon of 2019. Features Jonna Mendez, former CIA Chief of Disguise, co-author of The Moscow Rules: The Secret CIA Tactics That Helped America Win the Cold War, and Vince Houghton PhD, Spy Museum Historian, discussing his just released The Nuclear Spies: America's Atomic Intelligence Operation against Hitler and Stalin.

Jonna Mendez's presentation starts at 11 a.m. Mendez (Spy Dust: Two Masters of Disguise Reveal the Tools and Operations That Helped Win the Cold War), share (with late husband Tony Mendez) their experiences as spies in Moscow during the height of the Cold War in the mid-1980s. The authors begin with the initial list of "the Moscow Rules" and continue to discuss briefly the current state of affairs in Russia under Vladimir Putin, and how they interfered with the 2016 U.S. election.

Vince Houghton PhD, historian and curator of the International Spy Museum, makes his presentation at 1 p.m. on The Nuclear Spies: America's Atomic Intelligence Operation against Hitler and Stalin. He asks why did the US intelligence services fail so spectacularly to know about the Soviet Union's nuclear capabilities following WWII? The Manhattan Project's intelligence team had penetrated the Third Reich and knew every detail of the Nazi 's plan for an atomic bomb. What changed and what went wrong?

Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton, 1960 Chain Bridge Rd, Tysons Corner, VA 22182 Phone: (703) 893-2100. Directions at this link.

MENU: BEEF — Beef Burgundy - Tender Flank Steak Slow Cooked with Mushrooms, Carrots and Onions Served Over Buttered Egg Noodles—
CHICKEN — Roulade of Chicken - Seared Chicken Stuffed with Cornbread, Cranberries and Apples with a Port Wine Demi Accompanied with Seasonal Vegetables and Wild Rice Pilaf
VEGETARIAN — Wild Mushroom & Fennel Ravioli - With Seasonal Vegetable Medley in a Fennel Broth
Dessert - Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream & Cinnamon


Saturday, 9 November 2019, 11:30am - 2pm - Indialantic, FL - Rudy Enders on 1961 Bay of Pigs Operations - at this Florida Satellite Chapter meeting

Guest Speaker is AFIO Florida Satellite Chapter Member Rudy Enders.
American efforts to disable or overthrow the Castro regime in Cuba did not end with the failed Bay of Pigs operation in 1961. CIA was tasked by the National Security Council Special Group to continue infiltrating Cuban exile teams into Cuba to recruit, organize and train indigenous forces to wage a guerilla warfare campaign designed to overthrow the communist government. This led to a number of covert CIA maritime operations to insert teams and resupply them, with the hand of the US government hidden or plausibly denied. Our speaker will relate his experience in the conduct of at least one of these operations.
TIMING: 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM: Social Hour, greet old, new members and guests. Cash bar. 12:15 PM: Sit-Down lunch
LOCATION: Doubletree Melbourne Beach Oceanfront, 1665 N. Highway A1A, Indialantic, FL 32903
FOOD CHOICES: Chicken Francese, chicken breast sautéed in a buttery lemon and wine sauce (C); Chef's Choice of either Pasta Marinara or Pasta Primavera. (P); Vegetables, dessert, coffee and iced tea included. Costs are $32 members, $36 non-members.
TO ATTEND: Prepaid reservations are required which must be received by 5 November 2019. To reserve, send food choices and names of self+guests with send check, payable to AFIO FSC, to: Chapter Treasurer Rhonda Rhoads, P.O Box 410158, Melbourne, FL 32941.
Rhonda can also be reached at and at 321 626 -4465.
Paid, advance registration is required and none will be accepted after November 5.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019, 11:30 a.m. no-host cocktails; 12 noon - San Francisco, CA - The "Andre Le Gallo" San Francisco Chapter hosts Dr. Matthew Brazil on Beijing's Spy Apparatus

Dr. Matthew Brazil, a non-resident Fellow at The Jamestown Foundation, worked in Asia for over 20 years as a U.S. Army officer, American diplomat, and corporate security manager. He is the co-author of Chinese Communist Espionage: An Intelligence Primer (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, Nov 2019)
Hitherto, almost all writings about Beijing's espionage and influence operations have focused on individual cases that shed little light on the actual nature of their organs of state security. Dr. Brazil will speak about how he and his co-author researched original sources in Chinese and unearthed new insights into Beijing's most secret operations at home and abroad.

RSVP: Your registration via Eventbrite may be quickly completed here.

Wednesday 4 December 2019, 5:30 p.m. - New York, NY - AFIO NY Metro Chapter hosts CIA Officer (Ret) Dr. John A. Gentry discussing "IC Political Activism since 2016 -- Origins and Implications."

Partisan political activism by current and former intelligence officers since mid-2016 is the largest and most significant politicization of intelligence by intelligence officers in U.S. history. This presentation will explore the causes and the wholly negative consequences of this new form of politicization for the IC and the country.

Dr. John A. Gentry was for 12 years an intelligence analyst at the CIA, where he worked mainly economic issues associated with the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries; for two of those years he was senior analyst on the staff of the National Intelligence Officer for Warning. He is a retired U.S. Army Reserve officer, with most assignments in special operations and intelligence arenas. On active duty, he was executive officer of a special forces operational detachment. As a reservist, he was mobilized and spent much of 1996 as a civil affairs officer in Bosnia. Dr. Gentry also is an adjunct associate professor with the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University. He formerly taught at the College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University, at the National Intelligence University, and at George Mason University. His research interests primarily are in intelligence and security studies. He publishes frequently in Intelligence and National Security and International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence. Georgetown University Press published his co-authored book, Strategic Warning Intelligence: History, Challenges and Prospects, in early 2019. He is a member of the Editorial Committee of the International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence. He is adjunct professor at Georgetown University.

Location: Society of Illustrators, 128 E 63rd St (between Park and Lexington), New York, NY 10065.
Timing: Registration starts at 5:30 pm, Speaker presentation starts at 6 pm. Fee: $50/person. Payment at the door only. Cash or check. Full dinner, cash bar.
RSVP: Strongly recommended that you RSVP to ensure space at event. Call or Email Chapter President Jerry Goodwin at or 646-717-3776.

Monday, 10 February 2020, 5:30 p.m. - New York, NY - AFIO NY Metro Chapter hosts CIA Officer (Ret) and Author/Disguise Expert Jonna Mendez

Jonna Mendez (Spy Dust: Two Masters of Disguise Reveal the Tools and Operations That Helped Win the Cold War), share (with late husband Tony Mendez) their experiences as spies in Moscow during the height of the Cold War in the mid-1980s. The authors begin with the initial list of "the Moscow Rules" and continue to discuss briefly the current state of affairs in Russia under Vladimir Putin, and how they interfered with the 2016 U.S. election. Additional details to follow in coming months.

Location: Society of Illustrators, 128 E 63rd St (between Park and Lexington), New York, NY 10065.
Timing: Registration starts at 5:30 pm, Speaker presentation starts at 6 pm. Fee: $50/person. Payment at the door only. Cash or check. Full dinner, cash bar.
RSVP: Strongly recommended that you RSVP to ensure space at event. Call or Email Chapter President Jerry Goodwin at or 646-717-3776.

Other Upcoming Events from Advertisers, Corporate Sponsors, and Others

Wednesday, 16 October 2019, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. - Laurel, MD - NCMF 2019 Membership Meeting

The 2019 NCMF General Membership Meeting & Annual Symposium will be held from 9am to 3pm on 16 October 2019 at the JHU/APL Kossiakoff Center, 11100 John Hopkins Road, Laurel, MD 20723-6099. See below for a snapshot of the program and stay tuned for more details. Registration is open now. We hope you will please share information about our upcoming program with friends, colleagues, and related communities.


The NCMF symposium this year will feature an exposé of Soviet and Russian active measures to engage in political warfare and to conduct espionage against the U.S. and others using close access and other means. Among the speakers are Dr. John Lenczowski, Dr. Terry Thompson, Dr Eric Haseltine, Charles Gandy, Jerry Roddy, and James Gosler, all of whom were directly involved in working to thwart these security threats. In addition, the program includes information about NCMF and museum activities as well as an update on the new museum project.

REGISTRATION and COST: Fee includes breakfast (8:15 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.) and lunch (Noon - 1 p.m.). $25 Members, $50 Guests (includes 1 year NCMF membership). Deadline to register is 11 October.
To register, do so here.

***CCH Symposium 2019 (see next event below) - Remember, this year the Symposium on Cryptologic History will take place on 17-18 October and registration for this event is separate from the NCMF program. Please consider registering for both events and enjoying 3 full days of cryptology and cybersecurity. See the NCMF event calendar and Educate section for information about the CCH Symposium.

Additional information or questions can be handled at NCMF Office at or call 301-688-5436. NSA/CSS and NCMF Program and Registration Fill-n-Print Forms

Thursday-Friday, 17 - 18 October 2019 - Laurel, MD - 2019 Symposium on Cryptologic History - The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) and the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation

The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) and the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation's Symposium will be held on October 17-18, 2019 at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory's Kossiakoff Center in Laurel, MD. The theme of the 2019 Symposium is "From Discovery to Discourse."


The theme for the 2019 Symposium on Cryptologic History is "From Discovery to Discourse." Since 1990, the Symposium on Cryptologic History has served as an opportunity to present historical discoveries found in unclassified and declassified Intelligence Community records and engage in scholarly discussion about their significance to cryptologic history. The 2019 Symposium program offers over 20 educational sessions led by over 65 speakers. Topics include cryptologic history related to World War I and II, the Cold War, communications security, cyberspace and technology, international and diplomatic relations, counterintelligence and espionage, declassification and public engagement, and more. The program is here.

REGISTRATION INFO: The registration rate is $70/day ($140 for the full program). The student rate is $35/day ($70 for the full program). Registration includes a light continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. Sessions on Saturday, October 19th are free for those who register for one, or both, days at the Kossiakoff Center. For registration questions, contact the NCMF at or 301-688-5436.

Registration is available online here. OR mail your registration form and payment following these instructions.

*** Registration will close on Friday October 11, 2019. No refunds for cancellations will be issued after Monday October 14, 2019. NSA/CSS and NCMF Program and Registration Fill-n-Print Forms

Thursday, 17 October 2019, 6:30pm – Washington, DC – Life Undercover: An Evening with Amaryllis Fox – at the International Spy Museum

Amaryllis Fox spent ten years in the clandestine operations unit of the CIA, hunting the world's most dangerous terrorists. Fox was in her last year as an undergraduate at Oxford when her writing mentor Daniel Pearl was captured and beheaded. Galvanized by this brutality, Fox applied to Georgetown's School of Foreign Service, where she created an algorithm that predicted, with uncanny certainty, the likelihood of a terrorist cell arising in any village around the world. At 21, she was recruited by the CIA. At 22, she was fast-tracked into advanced operations training, sent from Langley to "the Farm," learning how to use a Glock, how to get out of flexicuffs while locked in the trunk of a car, how to withstand torture, and the best ways to commit suicide in case of captivity. At the end of this training she was deployed as a spy under non-official cover as an art dealer specializing in tribal and indigenous art and sent to infiltrate terrorist networks in remote areas of the Middle East and Asia. Join Fox this evening as she discusses her ten years in the CIA clandestine service and launches her riveting new memoir Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA. Life Undercover will be available for sale and signing at the event. Tickets for the general public: $15 (or $35 including book); tickets for Spy Museum members: $10 (or $30 including book). To register to attend, do so here.
Event location: The International Spy Museum, 700 L'Enfant Plaza, SW Washington DC 20024 202.393.7798

Sunday/Monday, 20-21 October 2019 – Washington, DC – North American Society for Intelligence History Inaugural Conference – at the International Spy Museum

Want to rub shoulders with intelligence historians and intelligence scholar/practitioners from around the world? Want to hear about their cutting-edge research much of which underpins the new International Spy Museum exhibitions? Want to meet the authors of some of your favorite books about espionage and intelligence? Then come to the inaugural conference of the North American Society for Intelligence History (NASIH). This extravaganza includes eleven panels on the international history of espionage and counterespionage, disinformation, intelligence in popular culture, signals and cyber intelligence, covert action, counterterrorism, intelligence analysis, intelligence in wartime, and much more. Conference attendees will have access to the Museum's exhibits with their conference badge and will be eligible to sign up for guided tours by the Museum's curatorial staff. Tickets: $100 in advance; $150 at the door; $50 for students. To register, do so here.
Event location: The International Spy Museum, 700 L'Enfant Plaza, SW Washington DC 20024 202.393.7798

Friday, 25 October 2019, 6:30pm – Virginia Hall: A Woman of No Importance? – at the International Spy Museum

Virginia Hall was a trailblazing spy. She didn't let a hunting accident which robbed her of a leg slow her down. A Baltimorean with an interest in foreign languages and the gumption to overcome obstacles both physical and cultural, Hall operated courageously behind enemy lines in occupied France during World War II. She coordinated French Resistance efforts and put her life on the line first as an agent for the English Special Operations Executive and then with the US Office of Strategic Services. Award-winning author Sonia Purnell's new book A Woman of No Importance: The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II takes a fresh look at Hall's espionage activities and how they changed the course of the conflict. And who better to interview Purnell about Virginia Hall than another trailblazing spy: Jonna Mendez, former CIA chief of disguise and co-author of Moscow Rules. Guests will have a chance to see some Virginia Hall artifacts from the Museum's collection. New York Times bestseller A Woman of No Importance and Moscow Rules by Jonna Mendez will be available for sale and signing at the event. Tickets for the general public: $15 (or $35 including book); tickets for Spy Museum members: $10 (or $30 including book). To register, do so here.
Event location: The International Spy Museum, 700 L'Enfant Plaza, SW Washington DC 20024 202.393.7798

Tuesday, 31 October 2019, 1-4pm – Washington, DC – Meet an F-4 Pilot: Mark Hewitt – at the International Spy Museum

Meet at the Spy Museum Store to be introduced to an F-4 pilot. Mark A. Hewitt has always had a fascination with spyplanes and the intelligence community's development and use of aircraft. He flew F-4s in the Marine Corps and served as Director of Maintenance with the Border Patrol and the Air Force, as was an Associate Professor for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is the author of Special Access, Shoot Down, No Need to Know, and his latest, Blown Cover. His novels have been approved by the CIA Publication Review Board.
Book Description: When a stolen CIA file is released to the public, America learns that their President is not the man he claims to be. Three years after being chased from office, the former president discovers the identity of the man who released his secret file. The ex-President begins to exact revenge while plotting his return to power. A fatwa makes CIA pilot Duncan Hunter the most wanted man in America. Then an airliner disappears over the Pacific Ocean. The new President gives the CIA two time-sensitive missions: find and eliminate his traitorous predecessor, and stop a self-radicalized computer scientist before another airliner goes missing. Duncan Hunter is in the race of his life to stop a jumbo jet from crashing. The CIA believes they have finally located the former president. All roads lead to Dubai where a showdown between good and evil begins on the top floor of the world's tallest building. Event is free. No registration required.
Event location: The International Spy Museum, 700 L'Enfant Plaza, SW Washington DC 20024 202.393.7798

31 October 2019, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm - Tyson Corner, VA - The Pinnacle Awards 2019 hosted by Mike Rogers

WashingtonExec Pinnacle Awards 2019, presented by Bloomberg Government, will be hosted by AFIO Board Member Mike Rogers, former Congressman and Host of CNN's "Declassified."
Before an audience of over 300 GovCon leaders and influencers, WashingtonExec in November announced the winners of the inaugural Pinnacle Awards — not an easy feat as the judges had received 125 impressive nominations spanning several categories.
Of the many finalists for the awards, of interest to AFIO are these categories: Cybersecurity Government Executive of the Year; Cybersecurity Industry Executive of the Year; Intelligence Government Executive of the Year; Intelligence Industry Executive of the Year; National Security/DHS Industry Executive of the Year; and STEM Advocate of the Year.

To meet the finalists and all the guests and hosts, attend the event at The Ritz-Carlton, 1700 Tysons Blvd, McLean, VA 22102.
More information on the finalists, sponsorships, and participation is here.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019, 6 - 10:30 pm - Washington, DC - Michael Morell and Jill Singer, Co-Chairs, invite you to The Honorable William H. Webster Distinguished Service Award Dinner at the International Spy Museum

The International Spy Museum is proud to announce the keynote speaker for the Museum's annual dinner will be The Honorable George J. Tenet, former Director of Central Intelligence.

As one of longest serving and most influential CIA directors in history, DCI Tenet shares the unique perspective of intelligence in action at the highest level. He will share his experiences and long-standing relationship with this year's Webster Service Awardee, General Michael V. Hayden (Ret.), former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The William H. Webster Distinguished Service Award Dinner will take place at the new home of the International Spy Museum in L'Enfant Plaza. On this special evening, more than 500 attendees will gather to recognize the men and women who have served in the field of National Security with integrity and distinction.
Each year, The Honorable William H. Webster Distinguished Service Award is given to an individual who has embodied the values of our esteemed friend, mentor, and leader ― Judge William H. Webster. This year's honoree is someone known for his invaluable service and contributions to the Intelligence Community, someone that has worked from the ground up and has been both a provider and consumer of intelligence with more than 20 years of experience. It is with great pride that we announce the 2019 honoree is General Michael V. Hayden, former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
AWARD DINNER CO-CHAIRS: Mr. Michael Morell, Senior Counselor, Beacon Global Strategies and Former Deputy Director and former Acting Director, Central Intelligence Agency; Ms. Jill Singer, Vice President, National Security, AT&T Public Sector & Wholesale; Former Chief Information Officer, National Reconnaissance Office.
Tickets range from $495 to $15,000. Explore your registration options here.

This event is closed to media.

Event location: The New International Spy Museum, 700 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, DC 20024. Directions here.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019, 1 - 5:30 p.m. reception to follow - Boston, MA - "Using Rapid DNA to Advance Justice" - conference at Boston University

This Boston University Event is sponsored by The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, the BU Police Department & the Metropolitan College of Applied Social Sciences

DNA has been used for criminal justice purposes since the 1980s but current DNA methods are slow and some labs are backlogged by years. The recent development of Rapid DNA has reduced processing time from months to minutes, increasing expediency and accuracy. Leam more about this cutting edge technology with transformational global implications.

Speakers include:
Ed Davis, Former Boston Police Commissioner,
John Boyd, Office of Biometric Identity Management, Department of Homeland Security,
Richard Seiden, M.D., Ph.D., Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, ANDE Corp.

A panel of subject matter experts including:
Prof. Robin Cotton, Ph.D., Director, Biomedical Forensic Science, BU School of Medicine.

The conference chair is Prof. John Woodward, J.D., Pardee School.

Event Location: Barrister's Hall, BU School of Law, 765 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA

There is no conference fee but you must RSVP to: Ms. Madison Sargeant

21-22 November 2019 - Phoenix, AZ - CAE in Cyber Security Annual Symposium

The CAE in Cyber Security Symposium is right around the corner! CAE is Centers of Academic Excellence. If your institution belongs to the CAE-CD, CAE-2Y, CAE-R, or CAE-CO Program, you are eligible to participate. Details to follow several months from now.
Direct your questions to What are CAEs? More information here.

Upcoming CAE events and the Cyber Security Symposium.

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AFIO's Guide to the Study of IntelligenceAFIO's 788-page Guide to the Study of Intelligence. Peter C. Oleson, Editor, also makes a good gift. View authors and table of contents here.

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For a printed, bound copy, it is $95 which includes Fedex shipping to a CONUS (US-based) address.
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