AFIO Intelligence Notes Issue 39
14 October 1998

WIN's contain intelligence-related commentaries based on open-source material researched and produced by AFIO Executive Director Roy Jonkers.

RADM (ret) Don Harvey (DonH) and Dr. John Macartney (JMac) as well as others make contributions that are always appreciated and acknowledged.


US ARMY SERGEANT ARRESTED AS SOVIET SPY - Another dreary, stupid, repulsive - and pathetic - human drama unfolded with the arrest of a former Army Sergeant for Cold War spying for the Soviets - and, worse still, for still being interested in continuing as a spy for Russia today. Retired Army Sergeant First Class David Boone, a former signals intelligence analyst, who sold classified documents to the Soviets while assigned to NSA and the Army cryptologic unit at Augsburg, Germany, was arrested by the FBI on 13 October as he set foot on US soil at Washington Dulles airport..

He had walked into the Soviet Embassy in Washington in 1988 and offered to sell a classified document. He received $300, and a wig and mustache as a disguise for his next visit. During the next three years he met four times a year with his Soviet handler "Igor," both in Washington and Augsburg, Germany, and was paid a total of about $60,000 for information. One example was the top-secret US Signals Intelligence Directive 514 dated May 6, 1988, a copy of which he gave to the Soviets. Boone retired in 1991 and had settled and lived in Germany for years when he recently received a call from an alleged Russian agent inviting him to continue his career. He accepted the offer, received $9,000 in cash and flew to the US to clinch the deal - - and was arrested as part of a successful FBI sting operation.

Boone's reasons for spying? The warning flags should be up in the security clearance and counterintelligence establishments. As a result of divorce Boone was stripped of his pay and left "broke and extremely angry" and emotionally destabilized - a common result for males in American divorce proceedings which usually strip them of home, income, and children. He got into debt, desperately needed money, and took the wrong turn. This is not the first instance of divorce and spying being linked. (Wpost 14 Oct98 p. B1; FF Jrnl, 14 Oct98 p A2, USA today 14Oct p. 3A) (RoyJ)

IRAQ - A fabulous description of the operations of UNSCOM (UN "intelligence" arm) in Iraq, and the interplay between multi-national members of UNSCOM and the intelligence services of Iraq, the US, Israel and others, was written by Barton Gellman, Washington Post staff writer in the Post on 12 and 13 October. The focus is Scott Ritter, who recently "resigned" from the UNSCOM team, an aggressive lead player in a game within a game to upset the Iraqi intelligence services, to "shake the tree."

The UNSCOM game is played not only with the Iraqi opponent, but with domestic champions defending their bureaucratic turf and national policies, and friendly trusted - as well as not-trusted - intelligence services and personnel (e.g. the French) included or excluded from sensitive information or deceived by phony taskings. Too complex to provide a synopsis in this WIN, but fascinating reading for those interested in the vagaries of the interplay between international and national policies, intelligence activities and organizations. (Wpost 11 and 12 Oct 98, p. A1) (RoyJ).

ISRAEL PLANNING FOR NEW SPY PLANE. Israeli defense officials have decided their 15-year old electronic eavesdropping aircraft now deployed by the Israel Air Force need to be replaced. Current thinking expects the desired three to five Special Electronic Mission Airplanes (SEMA) to be U.S.-built platforms with the purchase to be in the $500 million range. Like the U.S. RC-135 Rivet Joint aircraft, the IAF SEMA would use sophisticated long-range sensors to monitor radio signals and for radar emissions, reportedly using up to 25 technicians. Requests for information have been issued to Boeing and Raytheon regarding the platform and system integration.

The planning appears to count on an "unprecedented" amount of technology transfer from the United States to enable Israel to integrate a wide range of classified, indigenous subsystems in the U.S.-built platforms. The Israeli Defense Minister said he expected positive support from the U.S. for the SEMA and other planned military modernization programs. A series of Israeli sources told the reporter that U.S. agreement to transfer the sensitive software subsystems would be dependent on progress in the Middle East peace talks.

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Near Eastern and South Asian affairs refused interview requests to discuss U.S. technology transfer policies with regard to Israel. The article drew no parallel between technology transfer and Jonathan Pollard's activities. (Def. News, 3-9 Aug 1998, p.1) (Don H)

SOFTWARE INTELLIGENCE - The Y2K problem has been well advertised, and the cost to "fix" the bug may run into the hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide during the next year - even if public panic can be avoided. The software industry will be further impacted by the near-term problems arising from (1) the European Union's conversion to the EURO currency, which begins in 1999; (2) the re-setting of the date system in the DoD Global Positioning System ( a belt of 24 satellites), affecting not only positioning accuracies but synchronization of electrical powerplants and large international transfers of funds, in August 1999; (3) somewhat more protracted, the proliferation of American telephones for home, office, voice and data, impacting on available telephone numbers - that could cause the system to run out of numbers, requiring a five digit area code and upgrading millions of software applications, over the next ten years. Date and data corrections will dominate the software industry for some time. Intelligence will be affected. (Software Productivity Research, FF Sunday Jrnl, 11 Oct98, p A9) (RoyJ)


BLIND MAN'S BUFF: THE UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICAN SUBMARINE ESPIONAGE, by Sherry Sonntag and Christopher and Annette Drew, Public Affairs, NY 1998, ISBN 1-891620-08-8, 388 pages. This is an early-Tom Clancy-like adventure novel masquerading as history, populated with well-known names, well written, fascinating reading, but with the line between fact and fiction, truth and speculation, exaggeration or deception, unrecognizable and unknown. Having said that, and after expressing regret at the contemporary fashion to publish and treat presumed intelligence sources and methods for personal gain - and for intelligence personnel to betray their calling and speaking when they should be silent - this "novel" is a compelling testimony to the courage and ingenuity of the submariners and the intelligence wizards and operators who made use of this weapon during the Cold War and up to this day.

When you pick up this book, you'll find it difficult to put down. Although many of the events described have been published before, the authors provide a richer texture of context, coherence and circumstance within a setting of fluid prose. Whatever the validity of the information - much of it is not officially confirmed - it is good reading. It starts with the loss of the USS Cohino off Murmansk in 1949 and ends with the collision of the USS Grayling with a Russian Delta IV and speculations on current policies on the use of the submarines for intelligence purposes during the Clinton administration. In between you will find tales of daring missions, including intrusions into Soviet harbors, cable taps and recovery of Soviet subs, and also the Washington infighting and international political context related to these missions. Strong stuff!

Aside from my professional misgivings about the book's presumed intelligence contributors, read it as a superb historical novel and a monument to courage. Highly recommended. (RoyJ)

BUSY NIGHTS IN CAMELOT - The private lives of Presidents are personal - unless they affect national security or, arguably, egregiously violate a consensus national moral standard. A good deal has been written recently about President John Kennedy's private life, or rather, not to put too fine a point on it, his promiscuous amorous proclivities. Seymour Hersh's 'The Dark Side of Camelot' is an example, providing intimations of potentially dangerous involvement with the Mafia. Now two further books raise further concerns about Presidential security risk management. David Heymann's 'RFK: A Candid Biography of Robert Kennedy,' contains references to JFK's dalliance with Ellen Rometsch, a suspected East German spy, and the power over presidential policies this knowledge (and of other peccadilloes) the brothers imagined this provided to the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover.

A second book that tells the story of another JFK dalliance, with Mary Meyer, is more a mystery ('A Very Private Woman: The Life and Unresolved Murder of Presidential Mistress Mary Meyer,' by Nina Burkleigh). Mary Meyer, wife of CIA officer Cord Meyer, for awhile visited the White House on nights when Jackie was away. After the relationship cooled off, and about one year after JFK's assassination, she was murdered while jogging along the C&O Canal towpath. Mary - the "woman who knew too much" - had kept a diary. It was immediately turned over to the CIA and never saw the light of day. James Angleton was reported to have used bits of the diary to titillate newspaper reporters over martini's. One of them quoted Angleton as saying JFK had used LSD before making love to Mary - a story denied by Angleton's widow.

What can one say? How valid are these allusions and allegations in a climate where conspiracy theories abound? Readers will draw their own conclusions. Promiscuity, adultery, drugs, murder, political blackmail, political vulnerability, national security - if and when true, not a good mix. (WPOST Bookworld, 11 Oct 98, p.4 and p. 5) (RoyJ)


AFIO TELEVISION APPEARANCE - AFIO President Peter Earnest will appear on ABC's 'Good Morning America' show next Sunday morning between 8 and 9 a.m., representing a former Agency operations officer commenting agency careers in operations. This is part of frequent television, radio and press interviews and appearances by the AFIO president and other AFIO officers such as Sam Halpern and Dave Whipple in pursuance of AFIO's educational objectives.

VIETNAM WAR TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY - Between 11 and 13 October The Learning Channel will be showing a series of documentaries on the Vietnam War. Several of these will focus on Agency activities in Laos. And, as AFIO member (Colonel USAF ret) DasHaas tells me, "if you are a real glutton for punishment you can see me on the "Air War "segment." Should be interesting! In addition, the WINGSPAN channel on Fairfax cable TV will do a series on the airwar in Vietnam starting this week. (

SISTERHOOD OR SPIES AUTHOR PRESENTATION - AFIO member / author Betty McIntosh (former OSS) is going to be discussing her book "Sisterhood of Spies" about women in the OSS at three Borders Bookstores in the DC area: (1) the first day at Borders in Rockville, Md (White Flint Mall) - on October 20th at 7:30 pm, (2) the next day at Borders, Tysons Square, Va - 10/21 at 7:30 pm; and (3 lastly, in Gaithersburg, Md - 10/25 at 7:30 pm. Recommended! (per Ned Dolan)

AFIO SYMPOSIUM - On 5 and 6 November 1998 AFIO will conduct a Symposium on National Intelligence Policy and Technology - resources, policies, programs, trends, issues and strategies.

US citizens who are members of AFIO and other intelligence associations, as well as US members of professional, academic and business entities and corporations, are invited to attend. Guests are welcome.

This is a unique opportunity to listen to the National senior intelligence leadership speak authoritatively at the unclassified level, and to visit CIA headquarters.

The Symposium agenda was provided in WIN#37. All speakers are confirmed

AFIO CONVENTION - In conjunction with this Symposium AFIO also conduct its National Convention and Awards Banquet on 5 November at the TYSONS CORNER MARRIOTT Hotel, and on 7 November with a breakfast meeting. Members, Associate Members and guests are cordially invited.

The Awards Banquet Keynote Speaker will be Mr Keith Melton, the world's largest intelligence memorabilia collector.

The Convention agenda was contained in WIN #37.


1) SYMPOSIUM ONLY contribution/donation ( 5 Nov at Tysons Corner Marriott Hotel; Friday 6 Nov at CIA HEADQUARTERS- - - $145.

2) CONVENTION RECEPTION AND BANQUET ONLY contribution/donation (Thursday 6:30 PM - 10 PM) Reception and Awards Banquet - -- $100.

(NOTE: No fee for those attending only the General Membership & Chapter Meetings Thursday 4 pm - 6pm - but we need to know who is coming)

3) CONVENTION AND SYMPOSIUM combined package contribution/donation - $225

SEND check for the desired amount, made out to "AFIO", along with name, organization, address and telephone number (email if available) and Social Security number (for access to CIA) to : AFIO, 6723 Whittier Avenue, Ste 303A, McLean, VA 22101-4533

For further information: EMAIL TO: <> or call 703 790 0320

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- JOB WANTED - Former Army Warrant Officer, currently LAN security administrator for over 900 users at large US government agency, familiar with designing, configuring, troubleshooting and monitoring NT Server and with KANE security software for NT and Novell, with College major in computer information sytems and business management, is looking for technical or managerial position in corporate MIS department. Contact <>.

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