AFIO Intelligence Notes Issue 44
17 November 1998

Monday 11 January 1999
at Fort Myer, Virginia

with Two Outstanding Speakers:

(1) GUS RUSSO, author of Live By The Sword: The Secrret War Against Castro and the Death of JFK. Russo is an investigative reporter who has sought to compile a credible account of President Kennedy's assassination for over twenty years. The latest update and linkage between the assassination attempts on the Cuban and American presidents promises to make for a lively and entertaining session.

(2) MILT BEARDEN, former Chief of Station in Pakistan and a central figure in clandestine support of the Afghan rebel war against the Soviets, a struggle reflected in his superb novel The Black Tulip, will speak on "Afghanistan: Consequences, Myths and Reality." Think Soviet invasion, Taleban, Iran, Oil pipelines, Bin laden etc. This promises to be a barn-burner.

Members and guests are invited. Luncheon fee is $26 for members and $29 for non-members. It is likely that the authors will be willing to autograph their books. Reserve your place now - - send name, address and check to: AFIO, 6723 Whittier Ave, Ste 303A, McLean, Va. 22101-4533.


CIA ROLE in PALESTINE-ISRAEL AGREEMENT - It has been made clear that CIA judgments on Palestinian security compliance during the 12-week implementation period will not be independently reported, but will be routed to US Special Middle East peace envoy Dennis Ross, who will make the final determination on how to act on the information. Ross will interpret the data to the Clinton Administration, which will make the determination on Palestinian compliance. Stated Ross: "The CIA will report to us on what is happening and then we will make the judgments based on those facts." A discussion on different perspectives on the CIA role in the Wye agreement implementation was contained in previous WIN's. (Ha'arets 30 Oct 98) (RoyJ)

MI-5 ROGUE AGENT TRIAL - David Shayler remains in a French jail pending the outcome of French hearings on a British extradition request. Shayler sold 62 documents to the London Daily Mail for about $65,000 last year, including the names of IRA and Libyan agents providing "priceless information very valuable to the British secret service" as well as details of an alleged British plot to assassinate Libya's Muammar Gadaffi. He fled to the continent the day before publication.

Britain is claiming that Shayler be extradited to face charges of breaching Section One of the Official Secrets Act of 1989. Shayler apparently acted because of his view that MI-5 failed to pass on intelligence about plans to bomb the Israeli Embassy in London, and also failed to act on intelligence that could have thwarted an IRA bomb attack. Shayler is being held in La Sante prison in Paris, where he allegedly is in the appreciative hands of the French counter-espionage service.

Possibly in an effort to prevent these types of embarrassments by disgruntled employees, the Foreign Secretary recently proposed in Parliament that personnel in the intelligence services should be able to take their grievances to industrial tribunals, like other employees. The government is considering how a tribunal mechanism could be set up to deal with "sensitive cases," staffed by specially-vetted members, hearing cases in camera. (The Telegraph, Oct 18 and 22,Nov 3, 98) (RoyJ).

AUSTRALIA - Linguists with expertise in "regional" languages are being sought by means of advertisements in Australian newspapers on behalf of the Australian Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), which monitors telephone, electronic and satellite communications in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. DSD is identified in the ads as the

" organisation responsible for the collection, analysis and distribution of foreign-signals intelligence in support of the government and defence forces." DSD employs about 2,000 personnel, most of whom work in a high-security building and underground bunker in Canberra.

An unknown electronic intelligence expert was quoted to the effect that the advertisement was" totally unprecedented." It seems as if the Australian Secret Intelligence Service is "running a positions vacant ad for an Australian spy to work in Jakarta." Welcome to the new "open" intelligence world! (The Straits Times, Oct 14 98) (RoyJ)


CIA PUBLICATION REVIEW - The business of the CIA Publication Review Board is booming. The Board, which reviews articles and books prepared for public release by current and former CIA employees, is headed by John Hollister Hedley. It has been reviewing increasing numbers of manuscripts and recently seems to have set new standards of disclosure. For the past two years the board has reviewed 300 articles and books of fiction and non-fiction (some 18,000 pages), an increase of over 40% over the number reviewed only five years ago. The board's central criterion revolves around the damage a publication might do to the Agency's sources and methods, which are protected by law.

The increasing openness is not without its critics, who see the deluge of spy-and-tell accounts as heresy and damaging to the institution and US intelligence capabilities. On the other side of the debate are those who hold that the Agency is merely exercising self-serving censorship. Hedley denies this, citing the misguided, inaccurate and sometimes scorching attacks on the Agency that have been cleared - judged as not injurious to sources and methods. Some of the Agency's legal battles have involved unauthorized disclosures by such people as Frank Snepp and Philip Agee.

Hedley's board has established new standards for openness with the clearance of books like Duane Clarridge's "A Spy For All Seasons," and Milt Bearden's novel "The Black Tulip." These standards reflect a changing culture, affecting both the board and the recent retirees. Seven years ago - up to the collapse of the Soviet Union - covert operatives - and intelligence personnel in general - held to the standard of silence; now they appear to want to tell their story before it is too late. Even Richard Helms is said to be working on a memoir. (Loeb in WP 13 Oct 93, p. A13) (RoyJ)

CIA HOMEPAGE FOR KIDS - a website for American school children, received bad grades from the British recently for entries such as "Independence: 1 January 1801 (United Kingdom established). The site further declares that there are no elections to the executive branch of government because the Queen is a hereditary monarch and the prime minister "must have the consent of the monarch." The British foreign Office asked the US Embassy that a "less misleading reference to the Act of Union would be helpful," but otherwise laughed off these and other errors. (Internet DAWN Edition, Oct 16, 98) (RoyJ)


THE NEW FACE OF WAR: Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Revitalization of America's Transoceanic Military Strategy, by Dr. Robert W. Chandler, Amcoda Press, McLean, Virginia, 1998, ISBN 0-9650770-2-0. Chandler's book is both a discussion and call to action - for an adaptation or change of US strategy in the face of NBC weapons proliferation, a by-product of contemporary international access to information and advances in technology. Chandler reviews the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and the increased risks these pose for the kind of operations like a future Desert Storm. He recommends the creation of a Global Reconnaissance-Strike Complex, integrating intelligence applications with strike operations, as part of a reshaping of US military strategy. Thoughtful, readable, discussion of issues and alternatives. (RoyJ)

THE COLLAPSE OF THE SOVIET MILITARY, by William E. Odom, Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 1998, 528 pages with index, ISBN 0-300-07469-7. One of the great surprises of our time was the implosion of the Soviet Empire and the concomitant collapse of Soviet military forces and power. Six years after Gorbachev launched perestroika, Glasnost followed and swept away the military and party-state in which it was enmeshed. Lt. General William Odom, USA ret, a former director of the National Security Agency and high level official in the Carter and Reagan administrations, provides a scholar's view on why this happened. His study is a combined political, social and economic history, based on extensive interviews with the participants before, during and after the collapse, culminating in the account of Yeltsin's rise to power. (RoyJ)

THE SIEGE - Hollywood's 1998 treatment of Arab terrorism, to wit the destruction of Manhattan, stands accused of stereotyping Arab-Moslem-Americans as terrorists. The argument was made by Jack Shaheen, author of Arab Muslim Stereotyping in American Popular Culture.. He equates the movie's approach to Arabs to the manner in which Jews were portrayed in Nazi-inspired German movies, regrets the way in which this type of propaganda affects popular culture, and asks Hollywood to end "its undeclared war on Arabs and Muslims." Sheehan does not mention that the movie also vilifies the US Army, but his point is worth considering. Public press speculations about the 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City's Federal Office Building resulted in more than 300 hate-crimes against Arabs and Muslims in America. Several mosques were trashed around the country; community members received bomb threats, and children were mocked at schools. It reminds us of the need for balance in intelligence assessments. (Jack Sheehan in Wpost 15 Nov98 p. C3) (RoyJ)


POLLARD Case - The release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard recently again surfaced in connection with the Wye River negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Am editorial in The New York Jewish Week supports his release, stating he has served enough time. The Jerusalem Post said that Pollard is"suffering" and that his release should be quietly worked out. Pollard himself, meanwhile, blames Israeli Defense Minister Yitzak Mordechai for "destroying" his chances of a pardon this year.

Thirteen senior senators of the Republican Party wrote President Clinton not to pardon Pollard, saying he " spied on his country for money." (Note: an article in Ha'aretz providing background on the Pollard case also notes that he "wanted money, lots of money.") The senators stated that any pardon would send a dangerous message to the enemies of the United States.

AFIO members who have an opinion on this matter may email their views to President Clinton at <>. (Sources: Ha'aretz (English ed.) 30Oct98; NY Jewish Wk, 6 Nov98; Israel Wire 4 and 6 Nov98; Jerusalem Post 4Nov98) (RoyJ)

EMPLOYMENT SOUGHT - Inquiries: Contact <>. Cite ref. file.

Experienced Intelligence agency Political/Intelligence analyst, writer, editor, translator, with BA and MA International Relations, Un. of Michigan, language capability in German, Russian and French, computer literate, TS/CSI clearance, is looking for challenging position. (Ref File # 115)

Executive and Manager with over 30 years experience over a broad range of programs in the SIGINT community and NSA, with Harvard JFK School M.P.A., TSSI clearance, looking for challenging position. (Ref File # 114)

Intelligence & Security Analyst - MS in Strategic Intelligence, twenty years of experience in Intelligence analysis, planning and operations as well as command and staff leadership and management assignments in Germany, the Middle East and the US, including two combat and four crisis situations; publisher of two monographs in Low Intensity Conflict and Law Enforcement; current TS/SCI security clearances; is looking for an interesting second career. Available May 1999. Reference file J-110.

Intelligence & Security Analyst - - MA International Relations, 28 years experience in intelligence operations and corporate program management, including technology threat assessment and program protection planning; excellent Microsoft Windows/Office and Internet search skills, experience with encryption software (Secret Agent); current TS/SCI/SAR; seeking a new position challenging analytical, instructional, organizational and training skills. Ref file J-111.

Counterintelligence Specialist - - over ten years experience in counterintelligence, counter-terrorist, counter-espionage, criminal, fraud and special investigative services in the UK, Germany, Yugoslavia and the Far East; Experience with multi-discipline information warfare support for worldwide operations, including computer intrusions and force protection. Looking for opportunities for professional growth. Inquiries Ref file J-112.

Former Attaché in Bulgaria - - 23 years experience in tactical and strategic intelligence analysis. MA International Relations. Fluent in Spanish and Bulgarian, working knowledge of French and Italian. Computer literate on intelligence systems as operator. Experience with simulations and scenario development. TS/SCI clearances.

Ref File J-113

JOBS AVAILABLE - contact <> and cite file number.

Business Development Overseas - Men and Women with extensive overseas experience and contacts sought for Associates positions. Candidates must possess recent familiarity with overseas economies and business contacts. Foreign language capability a plus. Some of the area/skills sought include: CIS countries, Japan, India, Argentina, Brazil; overseas security, commercial assistance, disaster relief, and market surveys. Candidates should have E-mail/Internet, fax and word processing capacities. Flexible schedule, competitive payscale, management possibilities available. (Ref File E-10)

Research Assistant needed for work in Washington DC area. Some travel. TS/SCI security clearance needed. Intelligence background and/or research experience in intelligence are desirable. (File # E-9)

Principal Information Engineer for Year 2000 (Y2K) program wanted. Analyses major command's C4I systems. Requires ten years experience in information systems development, functional and data requirements analysis, systems analysis, programming, program design and documentation. TS/SCI. MS in computer science, engineering or related scientific discipline desired. Experience may be substituted for formal degree.( Ref file# E-8 )

Senior Functional Analyst for Y2K program needed to support major command C4I analysis. Evaluates complex information and data processing systems. TS/SCI. BS in computer science, engineering business or related functional discipline desired. Experience may substitute for formal academic degree. (File# E-8)

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