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     Britain To Try Muslims For Plots That May Have Included the U.S.

     U.S. Indicts Three for Supporting Hamas

     Terror Alert in Honduras



     Senator Proposes Radical Break Up of IC

     Poles Arrest Arab Terror Suspect    



     Sen. Kennedy Victim Of No Fly List

     Hamilton Backs Biometric Passports for U.S. Citizens

     SPAWAR Seeks Cyber Info For First Responders Guide




        The 9/11 Commission Report

        Brit Historian Argues Imperial U.S. Can and Should Do Better

        Al-Qa’ida In Pakistan 


        Congressmen Fear Giving USG Too Much Power        




        Seek Managing Director To Become CEO Of New NSA Business


        Polish Agency’s Name

     Coming Events

         25 Aug - Alexandria, VA - CT-CI Academy -- Interviewing & Interrogating in the New Millennium

         7 Sep - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum -- Man vs. Machine: How Poland Cracked the Enigma

         7 Sep - Warren County, VA - Naval Intelligence Foundation Golf Tournament

         9 - 11 Sep - Barcelona, Spain - Barcelona Security Forum 2004

         15 Sep - Miami, FL - Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce w/AFIO Miami Chapter Luncheon --
                    Science Fiction to Science Fact: Emerging Technologies That Will Change The World

         21 Sep - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum - Secrets and Survival: World War II Switzerland, Intelligence Center

         23 Sep - Washington, DC -International Spy Museum -- You’re Stepping On My Cloak and Dagger

         26 - 29 Sep - Reno, NV - USMC Tri-Association Intelligence Committee Joint Meeting

         7 - 10 Oct - Memphis, Tennessee - VQ Association Reunion

         8 - 9 Oct - East Lyme, Ct -- New England Chapter, Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association Reunion

         18 Oct - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum - Operation Overflight: A Son’s Perspective

         24 Oct - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum - Spy School Workshop: Disguise 101

         24 Oct - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum – KidSpy Operation Undercover: Secrets of Disguise

         26 - 27 Oct - McLean, VA -- NMIA Classified Symposium

         28 - 31 Oct - Linthicum Heights, MD -- AFIO Annual Symposium

         9 November - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum - Inside Stories: Robert Hanssen - Colleague, Friend, and Traitor

         13 November - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum - KidSpy Operation Interrogation: Spies and Lies


        Architect of 1947 Security Act Dies a Centenarian






Britain To Try Muslims For Plots That May Have Included the U.S. - London magistrates have sent for trial eight British nationals of Muslim origins following their arrest by MI5 and Scotland Yard, the Daily Telegraph London) reported on 19 August.


    Two of the accused were found in possession of a reconnaissance plan for the Prudential Life building in Newark, the New York Times said on the same day. The building was named in the level orange alert issued on 1 August. 


    All eight are accused of taking part in a plot to murder unspecified persons between January 2000 and this month. They are also charged with a plot to use radioactive materials, toxic gases, chemicals and/or explosives to cause disruption, fear or injury. No targets or locations were specified.

    On 18 August prosecutor Sue Hemming said British authorities had seized 100 computers containing thousands of computer files and had issued 52 terrorism-related warrants in the investigation that led to the eight being charged, the New York Times reported. She described the inquiry as so far having uncovered only the tip of the iceberg.

    The accused were named as Dhiren Barot, 32, Qaisar Shaffi, 25, and Nadeem Tarmohammed, 26, Mohammed Zia Ul Haq, 25, Mohammed Naveed Bhatti, 24, Abdul Aziz Jalil, 31, Omar Abdul Rehman, 20, and Junade Feroze, 29.

   U.S. authorities have identified Barot as Issa al-Hindi who they believe is a senior Al-Qa'ida representative in Britain. The eight are being held without bail and are to make their first court appearance before a court at the Old Bailey on 25 August.

     Kirsten Johnson, a spokesman for lawyers representing six of the defendants, said the charges would be fully contested.  Another lawyer, Muddassar Arani, said she would be filing a complaint that police officers took away the men's eyeglasses for six or seven hours, during which time they were not able to pray or read the Koran. (Cameron L.C., DKR)


U.S. Indicts Three for Supporting Hamas - In a move to stem the flow of money from the United States to the Palestinian Islamist militant group Hamas, the Justice Department on 20 August announced the indictment of two American residents and a third man in Syria said to have worked to finance Hamas' attacks against Israel, the New York Times reported on 21 August.


    The men in the United States were Muhammad Hamid Khalil Salah, 51, of suburban Chicago and Abdelhaleem Hasan Abdelraziq Ashqar, 46, of suburban Washington.  They were arrested on 19 August and accused of helping Hamas to recruit and raise funds over the past 15 years. The third man was Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, 53.

    Abu Marzook, deputy chief of the Hamas political bureau, denied the charges. Speaking to AP from Damascus on 20 August, he described his indictment as electioneering and said U.S. officials want to tell the American public that they are succeeding in fighting terrorism.


    Also on 20 August, AG Ashcroft said Abu Marzook was living in Syria as a fugitive. An American-educated industrial engineer who lived in the United States for 15 years, he was detained by U.S. authorities in 1995 on suspicion of involvement in terrorism, before being expelled to Jordan and later sent to Syria. Hamas was designated a terrorist group in 1995.

    All three men were indicted on racketeering conspiracy and other charges, and could receive life in prison if found guilty. The Justice Department is also seeking to have them forfeit $2.7 million and other assets as compensation for money allegedly funneled illegally to Hamas to finance attacks in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and elsewhere in Israel over the years. Ashcroft said its victims included U.S. citizens.

    Thomas A. Durkin, counsel for Ashqar, said, "This is a blatant attempt by the Bush-Ashcroft Justice Department to cater to the Jewish vote, and it's a foolish attempt to criminalize one side of an international political issue that no U.S. administration has had the courage to resolve." (DKR)


Terror Alert In Honduras -- The Honduran government, acting on information from its intel services, announced a national terror alert on 22 August. The alert was in response to information had been received that al-Qa'ida was trying to recruit Hondurans to attack the embassies of the United States, Britain, Spain and El Salvador in the capital, Tegucigalpa, the Washington Times reported.


    Security has been tightened at the embassies, Security Minister Oscar Alvarez told a press conference. Hondurans had been offered money to carry out attacks, he said, while others had been approached on ideological grounds.

    Honduras and Spain had military contingents in Iraq but withdrew them earlier this year. Groups linked to al-Qa’ida have threatened to attack El Salvador. (DKR)






SENATOR PROPOSES RADICAL BREAK UP OF IC - If the Chairman of the Senate intelligence committee gets his way, the IC will be taken apart and put back together in a radically different configuration, according to the New York Times on 23 August.


    Under a plan drawn up by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KA), an NID would be endowed with virtually complete control of the intelligence budget and hiring and firing. The CIA’s functions would be distributed among three new agencies. These would be a National Clandestine Service; an Office of National Assessments, responsible for analysis; and an Office of Technical Support, responsible for R&D projects. The new agencies would report to the NID through a team of deputies.

    The Pentagon would lose control of the NSA and its other intel collection agencies. DIA HUMINT operations would be transferred to an independent agency under the NID’s control.

    The NID would exercise direct control over the FBI's counterintelligence and counterterrorism units. These would continue to operate within the bureau for administrative and support purposes and would still be subject to the AG’s general guidelines.

    The NID would have complete budget and personnel authority over intel units in the Treasury, Energy, Homeland Security, and State departments. These agencies would report to their home agencies on a day-to-day basis to maintain their analytical independence, the Times said.

    Robert’s aides said he had the support in principle of eight of nine Republicans on the intel committee and would present the plan on 23 August to the White House and members of the 9/11 Commission. Senate committee member John Warner of Virginia did not endorse Robert’s proposals. Warner is also chairman of the Armed Services Committee.  Sen. Carl Levin, a Democrat member of the intel committee and the ranking member of the ASC, said on CBS TV that it was a mistake to begin with a partisan bill no matter what is in it.

    The plan is certain to be fiercely opposed by the CIA that would probably cease to exist even in name, by the DoD, and by several influential members of Congress opposed to any drastic restructuring of the IC, the Times commented.

    In a statement on 22 August, announcing the bill, known as the 9/11 National Security Protection Act, Roberts said, "We cannot allow turf battles to define this debate. No one agency, no matter how distinguished its history, is more important than U.S. national security."

    "I expect a lot of debate, should be a lot of debate," Roberts said. "It is not a tablet, you know, coming down from a mountain, written in stone."

    A White House spokesman, Brian Besanceney, said, "We welcome ideas from members of Congress and will continue to work with Congress to accomplish the shared goal of intelligence reform and will look forward to reviewing the details of Senator Roberts's plan."

    A CIA spokesman said the agency would not comment until it saw details of the Roberts's plan. However, a senior intelligence official speaking on condition of anonymity, said, "The proposal is unworkable and would hamper rather than enhance the nation's intelligence efforts at a critical time. It doesn't make any sense.''

    Rand Beers, a national security adviser to Sen. John Kerry, said in a statement that the Democratic presidential candidate welcomed the plan and that it was similar to proposals made by Kerry, who backs all the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, including establishment of a powerful NID. (DKR)


Poles Arrest Arab Terrorist Suspect - Polish intelligence is investigating the case of a 23-year old Arab with French nationality caught on 13 August photographing Poland's largest natural gas facility near the city of Poznan, the Polish news agency PAP reported.


    The interior security agency ABW released little information about what it called a delicate case. It did, however, say that French and German intel agencies were participating in the investigation. A court in Poznan ordered the suspect held for three months as the investigation proceeds.

    Railroad workers caught the suspect, identified in the Polish press only as Michael N., as he was hiding in grass close to the gas distribution plant in Swarzedz in western Poland. He was said to be attempting to remove film from his camera when apprehended. He had bicycled to near by the facility.

    He claimed to be a professional photographer but no reason for his coming to Poland was as yet established. Sniffer dogs found traces of what could be explosives where he was staying.

    Poland has contributed the third largest contingent, after the United States and Britain, to the multinational forces in Iraq. In July a group claiming links to al-Qa'ida threatened to mount attacks in Poland unless the Polish troops were withdrawn.

    Poland has a Muslim minority descended from the Tatars who invaded the country repeatedly from the 13th century onwards. This community is well assimilated and except for its religion, differs little from other Poles. However in recent years foreign and native Muslims have been winning converts among students while Islamist militants are urging Polish Tatars to become jihadis, according to the Polish weekly Wprost of 6 June. These Islamists are seeking to use Poland as a base for building a "new order" in Europe, Wprost reported.

    Daniel Pipes, Director of the Middle East Forum, based in Philadelphia, reports that a Polish convert to Islam who was an immigrant in France, is now in prison there. Michael Christian Ganczarski is charged with a major role in the bombing of a synagogue on the Tunisian island of Djerba in 2002 that killed 19 people. (

    During much of the 1990s, Irish and Middle Eastern terrorists saw Poland as a relatively safe place for delivering funds and documents, according to Wprost. But in 1997, the Polish Office for State Security joined the CIA, the U.S. Secret Service and Britain's MI6 in an operation directed at Hamas and Hizballah who were using forged $100 bills, made in North Korea, to buy weapons. The forgeries were virtually undetectable.

    One Islamist active in Poland was Ahmad Ammar. He lived in Warsaw for ten years, ostensibly as a graduate student, before beginning to organize an Islamist network. The ABW began to take an interest in him when it learned he was among those arranging for Poles to attend Qur'anic schools and training camps in the Middle East and in providing interest-free loans to converts to Islam to assist them in setting up businesses. Ammar was expelled earlier this year to Yemen.    

    Within the last ten years, the number of Muslims in Poland increased from 5,000 to 25,000, according to Wprost. A Polish source attributed most of the increase to conversions. (DKR)






Sen. Kennedy Victim Of No-Fly List - The susceptibility of databases to snafus and of low level employees to excessive vigilance was gloriously illustrated by Sen. Edward Kennedy's disclosure to the Senate that he had been barred from flying when his name came up on a no-fly list at the US Airways shuttle desk in Washington. (

    Kennedy has one of the best-known faces in America but this did not inhibit an airline clerk from refusing to allow the senator to get on a flight to Boston. When the clerk told Kennedy he could not buy a ticket, the senator asked, "Well why not?" and was told, "We can't tell you." Senior airline staff eventually overruled the ticket sales staff and allowed Kennedy to travel. (

    But when Kennedy wished to fly back to Washington, the same thing happened again. The Massachusetts Democrat told his colleagues in the Senate, to their mirth, that it took three personal calls to HS Secretary Ridge, and several weeks to get the matter sorted out. Airline staffs have barred him from flights five times this year, to Palm Beach and New York as well as Boston and Washington.

    Kennedy is not the only denizen of Capitol Hill to fall victim to no-fly lists. Rep. John Lewis has endured lengthy delays at the ticket counter, intense questioning by airline employees and suspicious glances by fellow passengers, according to a report in the ContraCosta


    Lewis finally beat the system by adding his middle initial to his name when making his airline reservations. Rep. John R. Lewis has had no trouble with airline tickets.

    The no-fly list is a collection of names from the FBI and intel agencies that is managed by the Transport Security Agency and delivered to airlines. Each airline has its own system for matching the names.

    Douglas Laird, an aviation security consultant who helped develop another government computer screening system, said the no-fly list was pretty much worthless. "Name search (systems) were relatively unimportant for the simple reason that you don't have to do much to throw the computer off," Laird said.

    Security experts said the government's no-fly list and other watch lists of known terrorists come up with false matches because they are based on antiquated technologies and are unevenly administered by airline employees instead of security personnel. Other security experts believe that while it is impossible to eliminate false positives, watch lists can potentially stop a terrorist if handled correctly. (DKR)


Hamilton Backs Biometric Passports for U.S. Citizens - Lee Hamilton told the Senate Judiciary Committee on 19 August that U.S. citizens should not be exempt from carrying biometric passports or other means of verifying their identities, reported.

    "We need a biometric system that is comprehensive," said Hamilton, vice-chairman of the 9/11 Commission. Border agents must be able to access information to verify passports immediately, he told the committee.

    There is no standard among intelligence agencies for entering names, birth dates and nationality of suspected terrorists, said Sen. Edward Kennedy told noted. For people whose information is accidentally added to existing watch lists, confusion remains on actions they can take to be removed from the lists.

    When Kennedy questioned the commission's commitment to recommending a civil-liberties watchdog for the IC, Hamilton replied, "We are very serious" and cited what he called very classified documents that indicate there have been astounding intrusions into the lives of Americans.

    The FBI's Maureen Baginski, reporting communications and intelligence-sharing improvements, said that agents can now send e-mails with ease across a private network; a joint-intelligence database is now accessible; and portions of the Trilogy virtual case file, which is behind schedule and over budget, may be closer to rollout. (DKR)


SPAWAR Seeks Cyber Info For First Responders Guide - Federal officials want to create an unclassified reference guide with information on commercial off-the-shelf data mining and analysis software for first responders, reported on 20 August.


    The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center at Charleston has issued a request for information about software that collects, warehouses, cleans, normalizes, mines, visualizes, manipulates and models stand-alone, networked and Web-based information.

    The guide is being sponsored by the Office for Domestic Preparedness, and is to be available to all federal, state and local agencies, allowing users to select the software that best meets their needs.

    Proprietary information should not be submitted, according to the RFI. The information requested includes descriptions of the capabilities of the software, applications or tools and potential applicability for first responders; purchase price and expected costs of operation, training and maintenance; security features; current users or those who have placed orders for soon-to-be-introduced technologies; installation and support specifications and requirements; a list of data formats and standards; contact information; and diagrams, drawings and graphics to help users understand the system, application or tool.

    Responses should not exceed 50 pages. Although hard-copy brochures, press releases, technical specification sheets, independent assessment results and trade journal articles are permitted, electronic submission in the form of CD-ROMs, diskettes and Web links is preferred. (DKR)








    THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT - National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (Norton, 592 pp. paperback edition $10)

    AFIO members will be well aware of the debates over the perceived merits and faults of the 9/11 Commission’s final report. They should also be aware that whatever the fault finding, it appears to have received universal praise for the quality of its writing. But Marc Reuel Gerecht, a former CIA officer now with the American Enterprise Institute, finds the report fails to offer effective solutions to problems. He admits, however, that it is well written, incisive, and, he believes, politically damning.

    One reviewer went so far as to suggest it is not a stretch to compare the report to The Federalist Papers, in the sense that the book is designed to foster the debate by which the country will re-imagine itself through its bureaucracy. Others have said it reads like an engrossing novel. So what more promising read is available for a mere $10? (DKR)


    Brit HISTORIAN Argues Imperial U.S. Can And Should Do Better - Niall Ferguson, Colossus (Penguin Press, 240 pp. $25.95)

    If you are saddened by events over the last year that you see as having tarnished and weakened America’s place in the world, Ferguson may cheer you up. He is a Brit who is currently a professor at New York University and is regarded by many as the most impressive historian of his young generation.

    Ferguson believes that the United States is indeed an empire but needs to learn better how to handle the responsibility. Ferguson asserts empires are as often a force for progress as a source of oppression. So he wants the imperial U.S. to prosper – for everybody’s sake.



    Al-Qa’ida In Pakistan - Mariam Abou Zahab, Olivier Roy, The Afghan-Pakistan Connection (Columbia University Press, 92 pp. $49.50)

    Abou Zahab and Olivier Roy argue that for Al-Qa’ida and other Islamist extremists the most important country these days is Pakistan. It is there, they believe, that the fate of the last jihadis, trained and inspired before 9/11, is being determined.

    In their view, al-Qa’ida has undergone a Pakistanization rooted in two decades of cooperation between Islamist extremists and their followers and sympathizers in the Pakistani military and, especially the powerful Inter-Service Intelligence Directorate.

    Abou Zahab, a French national specializing in Pakistan, and the eminent French scholar Roy argue that the Islamabad government and Islamist movements had common interests, notably in political control of Afghanistan and an Islamic revolution in Kashmir.

    The result of Washington’s pressure on Pervez Musharraf is that Islamist radical groups such as Lashkar-e Jhangvi, Harakat al Mujaheddin al Alami and others are now trying to kill the Pakistani president while giving asylum to Qa’ida leaders and organizing attacks against Western and Indian targets.

    Perhaps the most important point made in this short work is that, contrary to the widely held view, Islamist madrassas are not the principal breeding ground of Islamist fighters. Abou Zahab and Roy believe it is bad government schools and private English-language schools promising a modern education in exchange for religious indoctrination that are the main sources.  Embracing jihad is a means of upward mobility for the youth of Pakistan’s desperate lower-middle classes. The family of a martyr acquires a privileged position in his town or village that often includes financial support. (DKR)




    Congressmen Fear Giving USG Too Much Power - When the House Judiciary Committee met on 20 August, members on both sides of the aisle appeared concerned over giving the federal government too great surveillance powers, reported. (

    The 9/11 Commission final report recommended establishing an oversight board to ensure that intelligence and law enforcement bodies adhere to guidelines on privacy and civil liberties.  9/11 Commission member Slade Gorton said Sens. John McCain and Joseph Lieberman were working on a bill to create such a board.

    The report also recommended creation of standards for state-issued driver's licenses. In addition, the Commission called for President Bush to establish common standards and rules for how various intelligence agencies use information. (DKR)






[IMPORTANT: AFIO does not "vet" or endorse these inquiries or offers. Reasonable-sounding inquiries and career offerings are published as a service to our members, and for researchers, educators, and subscribers. You are urged to exercise your usual caution and good judgment when responding or supplying any information.]


    Seek Managing Director To Become CEO Of New NSA Business - Our client has a strong legacy in the national security, intelligence, and federal government sectors. They seek a Managing Director, to become CEO of a new professional services business unit to expand on their established SIGINT business at NSA. They are an ultra high-tech and high-value consultancy and engineering firm specializes in information acquisition, analysis and exploitation, database management and data mining, security and surveillance, systems engineering and integration, and program management. They tackle customers large data management problems where there are no defined solutions.  They then define and build state-of-the-art, custom-designed high-speed digital signal processing (SIGINT) systems. The Managing Director will leverage the firms full portfolio of consulting, data management, systems engineering, system integration, and, program management capabilities to build business a services business with NSA.  He or she will also lead aggressive M&A activity for the firm. Current TS SCI clearances with a full Poly are required. Contact Fred Gloss, CEO, F. Gloss International (FGI) at 703/847-0010 or for further information.



Polish Agency’s Name - WIN thanks Walter J. for pointing out that the correct spelling of the Polish foreign intelligence agency’s name is Agencja Wywiadu and not Agencji Wywiadu. See ‘Polish Foreign Intel Gets New Boss’ WIN #29-04 dtd 16 August 2004


Coming Events


    25 August - Alexandria, VA - CT-CI Academy - Interviewing & Interrogating in the New Millennium -- Taught by retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Susan Adams, a former member of the FBI's intelligence division and former instructor at the FBI training academy, this one-day course is an "interactive workshop on interviewing strategies and interrogation techniques. You will learn tips and try out different methods for building trust and rapport to gain information and/or confessions using a variety of cases. You will also learn how to smoothly transition from an interview to an interrogation. The course will examine cross-cultural challenges to communications and uses a dynamic practical exercise where you will gain a better understanding and insight into interviewing someone with an Arab cultural background." For more information, please visit


    7 September - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum -- Man vs. Machine: How Poland Cracked the Enigma -- World cryptology expert and International Spy Museum Board Member David Kahn along with Jerzy Straszak, co-author of the newly published Enigma: How the Poles Broke the Nazi Code, recount how Polish intelligence cracked Enigma with the help of a “disgruntled German Army cipher bureau employee [and] a trio of young Polish mathematicians.” As the danger of a Nazi invasion grew imminent, the Poles revealed their discovery to the French and British, ultimately contributing to the Allied victory. For more information, please visit


    7 September - Warren County, VA - Naval Intelligence Foundation Golf Tournament -- The Naval Intelligence Foundation Golf Tournament will be held Tuesday, 7 Sept. 2004 at Shenandoah Valley Golf Club in Warren County, Virginia.  Net proceeds from the event will go to the Donald D. Engen Scholarship Fund, established to honor the memory of the former head of the Smithsonian Institute's National Air and Space Museum, and the Naval Intelligence Foundation Awards Program. The golf tournament's format is scramble/captain's choice. Check-in is 8 A.M. with a shotgun start at 9 A.M.  Entry fee is $300 for a foursome. Corporate sponsorship is $400 with four entries for golf. Breakfast, lunch, lucky draw prizes, and raffles will be available. Registration forms and corporate sponsorships are available. For more information, please contact Peter Buchan through E-mail: or Phone: 1-540-671-4435.


    9 - 11 September - Barcelona, Spain - Barcelona Security Forum 2004 -- The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), in conjunction with the Government of Catalonia, is hosting a unique international forum dedicated to studying local security and safety issues. The conference will consider security in the context of diversity and the information society and will bring together local authorities, policy makers, and security and law enforcement professionals from around the world to tackle the most pressing issues facing cities and communities. The focus of the conference will be the discussion and analysis of specific case studies presented by city, industry, and academic representatives which will provide specific tools and recommendations essential to forming and implementing security policy at the city, community, and organizational level.  To get more information visit, or to register, Contact: James Perkins


    15 September - Miami, FL - Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce w/AFIO Miami Chapter Luncheon -- Science Fiction to Science Fact: Emerging Technologies That Will Change The World -- Radisson Hotel Miami, 1601 Biscayne Boulevard, Ballroom Level, 11:30 Registration. Luncheon Features: Dr. Hal Puthoff (Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, Science Advisor to NASA, Bigelow Aerospace) who will present his talk, “Zero Point Energy by 2012” & Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 astronaut - the sixth NASA astronaut to walk on the moon, Member of the Board of Directors for the National Institute for Discovery Science) who will present his talk, “Man on the Moon: What’s out there and what does it mean to human kind?” For more information, please contact Betsey Greene at (305) 577-5442 or email:


    21 September - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum - Secrets and Survival: World War II Switzerland, Intelligence Center -- “Was neutral Switzerland a hush-hush hub for spies from both sides? Hear the truth about Switzerland’s Intelligence Service and its connection to Nazi Germany, Allied Intelligence operations in wartime Switzerland, and the activities of OSS agent and later CIA director Allen Dulles from three experts on the subject. Swiss historian, former diplomat, and military intelligence officer Dr. Pierre Th. Braunschweig, author of Secret Channel to Berlin, joins Dr. Joseph Hayes, the former Richard C. Helms Chair at the CIA, and James Srodes, author of Allen Dulles: Master of Spies, to disclose what really happened in ‘neutral’ Switzerland. H.E. Christian Blickenstorfer, Switzerland’s Ambassador to the United States, will offer introductory comments for this illuminating evening.” For more information, please visit


    23 September - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum -- You’re Stepping On My Cloak and Dagger -- “A sharp eye and a keen wit share equal space in Roger Hall’s classic memoir of his adventures as an American Army officer assigned to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II. Published in 1957 to critical and popular acclaim, the book has become a cult favorite in intelligence circles. Hall’s irreverence only heightens the sobering reality of military life in time of war. From his intensive training in the parachute infantry to his last assignment in the war zone, Hall will share some of his favorite anecdotes to celebrate his book’s recent reissue.” For more information, please visit


    26 - 29 September 04 - Reno, NV - USMC Tri-Association Intelligence Committee Joint Meeting -- All bets are on you will not want to miss the joint meeting of the U. S. Marine Corps Tri-Association Intelligence Committee comprised of members of the Marine Corps Counterintelligence, the Marine Corps Intelligence and the Marine Corps Cryptologic Associations at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada. The reunion will be held in conjunction with the Marine Intelligence Community’s fall conference which will involve active duty Marines attending from the “corners of the world,” current contingencies permitting. Friends of Marine Corps Intelligence are invited to attend. For additional details, contact Tom MacKinney (916) 983-6119 or at 


    7 - 10 October - Memphis, Tennessee - VQ Association Reunion -- Fleet Air Reconnaissance Association (VQ-1, 2, 5, 6 and Security Group Support) is holding its annual reunion in Memphis, Tennessee October 7-10, 2004.  For details and sign up information please contact Allan Prevette, 3232 Village 3, Camarillo, CA 93012, phone: (805) 482-1204, email:  The VQ Association web page is at:

    VQ is a Navy abbreviation for Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadrons. V = Air/Aviation Q = Reconnaissance. The VQ squadrons VQ1 and VQ2 being the best known provide ELINT Order Of Battle data to on foreign countries to national level intel agencies. VQ1 stands for Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron ONE. The Navy EP3E (PR31) aircraft that suffered a collision with a Chinese F8 interceptor in 2001 was a VQ1 aircraft.


    8 - 9 October 04 -- East Lyme, CT - Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association Reunion -- The New England Chapter, Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association hosts a special reunion. For more information, contact: Phil Sirmons, 492 Boston Post Rd, East Lyme, CT 06333, 860-739-6006,, or visit their website at:


    18 October - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum - Operation Overflight: A Son’s Perspective -- “Warming Cold War relations turned to ice on May 1, 1960, when the Soviets shot down American U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers. Hear the gripping story of how the U-2 secret was exposed as told by the pilot’s son, Francis Gary Powers, Jr., founder of the Cold War Museum. He will share the behind-the-scenes details of his father’s U-2 training, his spy plane missions, and the wrenching story of his captivity, interrogation, and dramatic exchange for a Soviet Spy. Powers will also share how his family deals with this remarkable legacy. This program celebrates the recent re-release of Francis Gary Powers’ powerful memoir, Operation Overflight.” For more information, please visit


    24 October - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum - Spy School Workshop: Disguise 101 -- “Skip the plastic surgeon. Hang up the Halloween costume. Never mind the witness protection program – you’ll learn how to transform your appearance and, yes, change your identity at this amazing session. Former CIA “Masters of Disguise,” Tony and Jonna Mendez, will share their expertise gained from years in the field, by demonstrating their tricks of the trade, and how seemingly subtle changes in dress, gesture, posture, speech, and facial expressions can create dramatic results. Old will become young and male morph into female before your very eyes! Will you detect who is concealing their real identity in your midst? Better yet, turn the table and see if you can fool the experts with your own disguise!” For more information, please visit


    24 October - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum - KidSpy Operation Undercover: Secrets of Disguise -- “Join Tony and Jonna Mendez, who served as chiefs of disguise at the Central Intelligence Agency, as they share secrets used by real spies and transform the appearance of participating agents. With the assistance of professional make up artists, recruits will go under cover and create a new identity complete with walk, talk, facial expressions, and cover story. Recruits face the ultimate challenge in a mission to retrieve top-secret information. Will your cover be blown? Will your disguise stand up to the test? Ages: 9-15. No Grown-Ups Allowed! For more information, please visit


    26 - 27 October - McLean, VA -- NMIA will hold its next classified Symposium at the MITRE facility in McLean VA on 26 & 27 October. For more information, visit


    9 November - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum - Inside Stories: Robert Hanssen - Colleague, Friend, and Traitor -- “He worked with Bob for 14 years at the Bureau, was a Supervisor in his chain-of-command for three years, and considered him a work-friend for over two decades. Don’t miss the unique insights of David G. Major, retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent, Co-Founder of the Center for Counterintelligence and Security Studies, and International Spy Museum Board Member, as he provides a rare glimpse into the personality and psychology of one of the most damaging spies in US history, former Supervisory Special Agent Robert Hanssen. Hear his perspective about why Hanssen’s betrayal was so difficult to uncover, what motivated him to spy for the Soviet Union, and what steps have been taken by security agencies in the aftermath of this case.” For more information, please visit


    13 November - Washington, DC - International Spy Museum - KidSpy Operation Interrogation: Spies and Lies -- How do you know when someone’s lying to you? Discover the tricks of the trade with a CIA expert! Spies often have to uncover the truth – no matter how ugly it is! Now it’s your turn to learn from John Sullivan, former senior polygraph examiner at the CIA. Try your hand at crafting the perfect interrogation, challenge yourself to “stump” the polygraph instrument, and run a mission to get the real “dirt” on spies who lie. Who knows?—you might just use your new lie-detecting skills in real life. The truth is out there… Do you date discover it? Ages: 11-15. No Grown-Ups Allowed! For more information, please visit




    Architect of 1947 Security Act Dies a CENTENARIAN - Pendleton Herring, chief architect of the National Security Act of 1947, has died at the age of 100, the Washington Post reported on 20 August.


    Herring, a life-long Democrat, worked closely with Navy Secretary James V. Forrestal in the Truman administration in helping to design the framework of the act that established the CIA and unified the armed forces under a secretary of Defense and also created the Air Force, previously part of the Army.

    In the 1920s, while completing his doctoral dissertation at Johns Hopkins University, Herring made one of the first a systematic studies of lobbying in Congress. Between 1929 and 1941, he wrote six books, some of which are still considered authoritative studies of American government. As president of the Social Science Research Council, he worked to make the social sciences, and political science in particular, more intellectually rigorous and more useful to both government officials and the public.   

    Herring was born in Baltimore on 27 Oct.1903, the son of a physician.  When nine years old, he witnessed the inauguration of President Woodrow Wilson in 1913. Herring would later edit Wilson's papers and serve as president of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.

    As a teenager, he spent three summers as a cook on board freighters that traveled the world, developing an ease with people that would serve him throughout life.

   Herring died of pneumonia on 17 August in Princeton, N.J. (DKR)




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