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President Bush Signs Executive Orders in Effort to Toughen War on Terror and Solidify US Intelligence Community

27 August 2004


Executive Order Strengthening the Sharing of Terrorism Information to Protect Americans:


Executive Order Establishing a National Counterterrorism Center:


Executive Order Strengthening Management of the Intelligence Community:





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     DIA Analyst Center Stage As FBI Investigates Possible Israeli Espionage


     Bush Expands DCI's Powers, Creates Counterterrorism Center




     Comments on Roberts Proposal


     Abuse Scandal Has Led To Less Intel Collection




     TSA Announces Tests To Bolster Airport Security


     Belgium Likely To Be First With Biometric Passports


     Electronic Jihad A No Show






        The Jihadi Blowback


        Ideology for Seducing the Young


        Fear as a Political Constant






        Writers Wanted With Knowledge Of World Regions


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        Mrs. Virginia Redding


        ‘Man Who Never Was’ Skipper





DIA ANALYST Center Stage As FBI Investigates Possible Israeli Espionage - A DIA officer employed as a DoD policy analyst is at the center of an FBI inquiry into whether secret U.S. policy papers on Iran were passed to Israel, the Washington Post reported on 29 August.


    Lawrence A. Franklin is a specialist in Iran employed in the office of William J. Luti, Deputy Undersecretary for Near Eastern and South Asian affairs. Luti's office is part of the DoD policy branch headed by Undersecretary Douglas Feith.

    Franklin, who served in Israel as a USAF reserve officer, is not alone in attracting the attention of counterintelligence officials. The investigation has widened in recent days to include interviews at the State and Defense departments and with Middle Eastern affairs specialists outside government, according to officials and others familiar with the inquiry the Post reported.

    No arrest in the case is believed to be imminent, in part because prosecutors have not yet clearly established whether Franklin broke the law, the New York Times reported on 30 August. Franklin has disappeared from sight.


    An FBI investigation has sought for months to determine whether Franklin gave classified information, including a draft presidential directive on U.S. policies toward Iran, to employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee who are believed to have passed the information on to the Israeli government. Officials told the Post it was not yet clear whether the probe would become an espionage case or perhaps would result in lesser charges such as improper release of classified information or mishandling of government documents.

    The Times reported that investigators do not know whether Israeli intel officers tasked intermediaries at AIPAC to seek specific information for Franklin to obtain. Some officials speculate that the Israelis may have passively accepted whatever classified material AIPAC happened to get from Franklin.

    Newsweek magazine reported online that the bureau first learned of Franklin when agents observed him walking into a lunch in Washington between an AIPAC lobbyist and an Israeli embassy official.

    Franklin began cooperating with agents this month in an arrangement that is still not completely understood, the Times said. He agreed to help the authorities monitor his meetings with AIPAC contacts. It is not clear whether the authorities in exchange agreed to grant him any form of leniency.

    Officials told the Times that news reports about the inquiry compromised important investigative steps, like the effort to follow the trail back to the Israelis. As a result, the officials said, some areas of the case remain murky.

    Foreign policy specialists told the Post they were skeptical that AIPAC would jeopardize its work by taking classified documents from a midlevel bureaucrat when it could find out almost anything it wanted to by calling top officials in the Bush administration. AIPAC says it is cooperating fully with the investigation and Prime Minister Sharon issued a statement that Israel conducts no espionage in the United States.

    An Israeli official said his country would not have been involved in such spying because of the Pollard affair, referring to Jonathan Pollard, a U.S. Navy intel analyst who confessed in 1987 to selling secrets to Israel and was given life in prison. The Israeli government and pro-Israeli Americans have tried repeatedly to persuade the White House to pardon Pollard.

    A former State Department officer said he had been told by USG experts that the countries whose spying most threatened the United States were Russia, South Korea and Israel. "I also know from my time in Jerusalem that official U.S. visitors to Israel were warned about the counterintelligence threat from Israel," he said.

    Israel fears Iran as the single biggest threat to its existence, and so closely monitors all possible moves in Washington's Iranian policy, especially as the Bush administration presses Tehran to disclose more about the state of its nuclear program, the Post noted.

    A DoD colleague said about Franklin, "It's totally astonishing to all of us who knew him. He is a career guy, a mild-mannered professional. No one would think of him as evil or devious." (DKR)


Bush Expands DCI's Powers, CreateS Counterterrorism Center - On 27 August, President Bush signed executive orders to expand the power of the DCI and create a new National Counterterrorism Center, the Washington Times reported.


    The orders temporarily granted the DCI many of the functions of an NID as proposed by the 9/11 Commission. "Until the national intelligence director is created by Congress, we want to make sure that we have an interim structure in place to oversee some of these steps that we are taking," said White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

    The orders give the DCI temporary authority over budgetary matters at the NSA, DIA and NRO, a senior administration official said.

    Bush also signed an executive order to create a new National Counterterrorism Center to enhance information sharing among intel agencies. The order says the center is to serve as the primary USG organization for analyzing and integrating all intelligence pertaining to terrorism and counterterrorism.

    The order designates the DCI as the president's principal adviser on intelligence matters and gives him the authority to appoint, subject to presidential approval, the NCC director and oversee the agency.

    The NCC is to:

-- Concentrate analytical expertise on terrorism in one location.

-- Assign strategic operational planning for counterterrorism activities.

-- Serve as the central and shared knowledge bank on terrorists and international terror groups.

-- Identify counterterrorism intelligence requirements.

-- Assign operational responsibilities to lead agencies for counterterrorism activities.

    Three other executive orders issued on 27 August aim at strengthening procedures for screening databases for suspected terrorists; establish a presidential board on safeguarding civil liberties; and call for a government wide standard for identifying federal employees and contractors with access to government facilities. (DKR)





COMMENTS ON ROBERTS PROPOSAL - AFIO President Poteat has received the following three comments, culled from the press and forwarded by AFIO members, which he believes will be of interest to WINs readers.


1. Robert M. Gates, the only CIA official to rise from an entry-level job to DCI has harsh words for Republican Senator Pat Roberts' proposal to overhaul the nation's intelligence agencies. Roberts' plan, which would divide CIA functions among a handful of new agencies, would be "a catastrophe," Gates says. "I think of all the proposals, his is the nuttiest."

    For Gates, the key to intelligence reform is granting budgetary authority to a single individual, either the head of the CIA or the national intelligence czar endorsed by the 9/11 Commission. If an NDI is established, Gates says a tight connection between the NDI and the CIA is critical. "If you are going to have a national intelligence director, first of all, give him a deputy for CIA, so the national intelligence director is not institutionally or operationally divorced from CIA. You don't want the guy who reports to the president not to be the guy directly in charge of those running covert operations, sensitive human intelligence, and the principal analytical function of the community."

    Gates, the president of Texas A&M University and the co-chair of an independent task force on Iran sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, was interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman, consulting editor for, on August 24, 2004.


2. John E. McLaughlin, Acting DCI, 23 August:

    As every day’s newspaper shows, our country is once again in the midst of a great debate on intelligence.  The latest idea came in the plan previewed over the weekend by the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  This would not only create a powerful National Intelligence Director but, according to media summaries of the bill, it would also divide the CIA into its constituent parts and have them join other components of the Intelligence Community in reporting to the National Intelligence Director.

    Knowing the uncertainty that this rapid-fire succession of proposals can cause, I would just stress to everyone that we are nowhere near the end of this debate.  Ideas will come and go.  Some will stick; many will be winnowed out.  In that regard, I honestly do not think any of this will

lead to the breakup of the CIA – given the Agency’s vital front line role in the War on Terror, the integrative role the Agency plays in the Intelligence Community, and successes we have achieved here by bringing together the work of operations officers, analysts and technical specialists.  I would certainly speak out against such a move, which would, in my judgment, be a step backward.

    Rest assured that I and other senior officers are in the thick of the Administration discussions on these issues.  We will continue to engage our congressional overseers as they participate in the debate.  I understand the anxiety all of this may engender, but it remains critical that you stay focused on what you are doing and know that I will represent our views and report to you fully at whatever point consensus begins to emerge on the future of the Intelligence Community.

    It is difficult for those who do not work at CIA to understand what we do and how we do it.  But I am personally very proud of your achievements—many of which will continue to go unheralded—and I remain confident that the American people are very well served by this organization and all of you who, individually and collectively, accomplish the mission of the CIA each and every day.


3. George J. Tenet, DCI on the Roberts' Proposal, 23 August:

    “This proposal reflects a dangerous misunderstanding of the business of intelligence. It would undermine years of effort to integrate disciplines – hard won steps that have led to some of the most significant intelligence successes in our history. The proposal runs totally counter to the concept of the collaboration among disciplines -- a concept that has proven so effective against Al Qaida and other terrorist groups since 9/11.

    It is not an accident that there have been no terrorist acts against the U.S. homeland since 9/11 nor is it mere chance that Al Qaida has been so badly damaged as an organization. Both are the direct result of human and technical intelligence working hand-in-hand with analysts both at home and abroad.

    A. Q. Khan, a man who was helping our adversaries shave years off their nuclear weapons timelines, has been put out of business. This too is the result of the very collaboration inside the CIA that the Roberts proposal would destroy.

    It is very disappointing that senior members of the Senate Intelligence Committee are unaware or unappreciative of the dramatic changes made since 9/11. Clearly they do not understand the power of analysts and operators working side-by-side in the same organization. A proposal such as this would damage U.S. national security rather than improve it. It would result in the demoralization of a proud and extremely capable Agency and less security for the American people.

    Senator Roberts’ proposal is yet another episode in the mad rush to rearrange wiring diagrams in an attempt to be seen as doing something.

    It is time for someone to say, “stop!” Someone needs to stand up for all the good that is done by the men and women of CIA. It is time for someone to slam the brakes on before the politics of the moment drives the security of the American people off a cliff.

    At a moment when the entire focus of the U.S. intelligence community should be on trying to thwart pre-election terrorist threats, the men and women of CIA and American intelligence should not have to be dealing with ill-conceived schemes like this.”  (Eugene P., DKR)


Abuse Scandal Has Led To Less Intel Collection - Efforts to investigate and punish those responsible for the mistreatment of detainees in Iraq are hampering current MI operations, prompting extra caution by interrogators and tipping off detainees to U.S. methods, according to senior Army MI officers, the Washington Post reported on 29 August.


    Former DefSec James R. Schlesinger, who led a panel that reported on 24 August on detainee abuse, warned of a chilling effect on the conduct of interrogations. This has meant reductions and delays in intel collection, he added.

    Maj. Gen. George R. Fay, who headed an Army probe of MI involvement in the abuse at Abu Ghraib, said, "People are much more reluctant today to be in any way aggressive relative to the collection and the interrogation process."

    Another senior Army officer said the widespread publicity about MI practices has enabled many of those potentially subject to interrogation to be much better informed about what to expect. "They know that if the United States captures them, they will get a medical exam," the officer told reporters at a Pentagon briefing on 25 August. "They'll get their teeth fixed. They will get essentially a free physical, and they will be released if they don't talk after a certain amount of time."

    The extent to which the flow of information obtained by interrogation has been reduced as a result of the abuse scandal could not be determined, the Post said.

    Government officials have reported that the CIA has halted using feigned suffocation and refusing to provide pain medication for injuries with such practices now under review by White House lawyers.

    Pentagon lawyers have also been reassessing the rules that apply to holding and interrogating detainees. Fay, in an interview with Washington Post editors and reporters on 26 August told them existing Army doctrine and guidelines provide sufficient tools for interrogators to do their work.

    Interrogations of captured al Qa’ida members in 2002 and 2003 have been credited by U.S. authorities with yielding valuable information about the terrorist network -- its structure, financing, training and planned attacks.

    The dissemination of reports on MI procedures and the cutbacks in interrogation practices come at a time when analysts are under pressure to produce information about insurgent groups in Iraq and terrorist networks elsewhere.

    As documented in the Schlesinger report, DoD has found itself poorly prepared to obtain information on widely dispersed terrorist and insurgent networks and has been handicapped by a shortage of analysts, interrogators and interpreters. For years MI training focused on tactical field intel but now needs strategic intel on the global terrorist threat. (DKR)






TSA Announces Tests To Bolster Airport Security - The Transportation Security Administration announced on 25 August a series of pilot tests of IT-based programs to bolster airport security, reported.


    TSA Administrator David M. Stone said the agency is only days or weeks away from deploying a revamped version of its controversial passenger-screening system. The TSA has chosen two more airports, San Jose International Airport in California and Helena Regional Airport in Montana, to participate in its Access Control pilot program along with eight other airports in the program that began last April.

    The pilot program is intended to test a wide range of technologies, including radio frequency identification systems, anti-piggybacking technology, advanced video surveillance technology and various biometric technologies. The goal of the test programs, which will run through the end of the year, is to identify technologies that allow only authorized airport personnel and vehicles access to secure areas of an airport. (DKR)


Belgium Likely To Be First With Biometric Passports - The first country to take the plunge into passports incorporating biometric information about the holder is likely to be Belgium, which plans to conduct an e-passport trial later this year, with possible real-world implementation by next year, reported on 18 August.


    The U.K. Passport Office recently announced that it is looking for volunteers to help test the recording and verification of facial recognition, iris and fingerprint biometrics. New Zealand and Canada are also looking into conducting trials. The United States and Australia have solicited proposals for trials of biometric passport while the Netherlands is seeking to adopt chip-based documents that would be used to confirm identification. (DKR)


Electronic Jihad a No Show - Reports of an electronic jihad followed comments, carried by the Russian news service RIA Novosti, made by Evgeny Kaspersky, an antivirus researcher. He alleged that several Web sites had posted a call to holy war to begin on 25 August. Security researchers said calls for Internet attacks are a staple of extremist sites and usually amount to little.


    According to Jose Nazario, a researcher for the security company Arbor Networks, researchers frequently see increased online activity when attack preparations have started. There are no indications that such preparations are happening now, Nazario said on 24 August. (DKR)








    The Jihadi Blowback - Mahmood Mamdani, Good Muslim, Bad Muslim (Pantheon. 304 pp. $24)

    Mahmood Mamdani, an East African of Indian Muslim descent and a professor of government at Columbia University, gives an account of the worst case of blowback in the last quarter century.

    In an anti-Soviet Cold War ploy, the CIA in what Mamdani calls its biggest covert operation ever, financed and armed jihadis fighting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan to the tune of approximately $3 billion. In so doing, he believes, the Reagan administration rescued right-wing Islamism from a historical cul-de-sac.

    The Afghans and a flood of foreign Muslims, able to join the fray thanks to the United States, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, succeeded in forcing the Russians out the country and helping the Soviet Union along to its grave.

    The success of the Afghan and ‘Afghan Arab’ warriors also gave rise to an Islamist international, now attacking Western interests around the world. Although the United States did not assist Usama bin Ladin, it participated in creating a matrix of militant Islamism that favored the growth of al-Qa’ida -- with the results Americans became universally aware of on 9/11.

    Mamdani argues that the religiously founded war against the Soviets led to a concentration of violence within non-state actors, such as al-Qa’ida. While religiously based militant bodies such as Hamas and Lebanese Hizballah had existed for years, they had nothing like neither the reach nor the vast ambition, to revive a universal caliphate, of the new networks.

    Despite a Leftist slant, Mamdani’s book is a useful reminder of the origins of the harmful unintended consequences of the anti-Soviet struggle on the Arab and Islamic worlds and the West, origins too often ignored. (DKR)


    Ideology for Seducing the Young - Michael H. Kater, Hitler Youth (Harvard University Press, 336 pp. $27.95)

    Kater, a historian of the Nazis, has produced a story of past evil that is also resonant with insights into the indoctrination employed by militant Islamists today.

    Drawing on letters, diaries and the testimony of Hitler Youth veterans, Kater concludes that the authoritarian nature of the Nazi regime and its racist ideology was combined with a sense of community that made this paramilitary organization appealing to adolescents, searching for certitudes.

    Where Nazi militaristic values were in conflict with German family values, the Hitler Youth tended to be the winner. Much the same phenomenon is discernible in current reports of Muslim families that appear genuinely shocked to find their young offspring have become involved in murderous activities, including suicide attacks. (DKR)


    Fear As A Political Constant - Corey Robin, Fear: The History of a Political Idea (Oxford University Press, 368 pp. $28)

    Robin, a professor of political science, has analyzed the political uses of fear and found it both a stimulant to economic growth and an excuse employed by regimes to justify repressive rule.

    Robin develops his argument through discussions of Hobbes, Montesquieu, de Tocqueville and Arendt and concludes that fear underpins contemporary liberal theory. He points out the threats fear inspires in the workplace and elsewhere in ordinary life. Robin predicts that when the war on terror finally ends, we will find ourselves still living in fear. (DKR)








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    Writers Wanted With Knowledge Of World Regions - A team of writers for a monthly business-to-business newsletter is wanted who can analyze various countries and global regions for possible business opportunities.  Knowledge of specific areas is required as well as an ability to analyze economic and political situations in 850 to 1000 words. Negotiated remuneration. Contact: Alan Locke at


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    7 September - Warren County, VA - Naval Intelligence Foundation Golf Tournament -- The Naval Intelligence Foundation Golf Tournament will be held Tuesday, 7 Sept. 2004 at Shenandoah Valley Golf Club in Warren County, Virginia.  Net proceeds from the event will go to the Donald D. Engen Scholarship Fund, established to honor the memory of the former head of the Smithsonian Institute's National Air and Space Museum, and the Naval Intelligence Foundation Awards Program. The golf tournament's format is scramble/captain's choice. Check-in is 8 A.M. with a shotgun start at 9 A.M.  Entry fee is $300 for a foursome. Corporate sponsorship is $400 with four entries for golf. Breakfast, lunch, lucky draw prizes, and raffles will be available. Registration forms and corporate sponsorships are available. For more information, please contact Peter Buchan through E-mail: or Phone: 1-540-671-4435.


    9 - 11 September - Barcelona, Spain - Barcelona Security Forum 2004 -- The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), in conjunction with the Government of Catalonia, is hosting a unique international forum dedicated to studying local security and safety issues. The conference will consider security in the context of diversity and the information society and will bring together local authorities, policy makers, and security and law enforcement professionals from around the world to tackle the most pressing issues facing cities and communities. The focus of the conference will be the discussion and analysis of specific case studies presented by city, industry, and academic representatives which will provide specific tools and recommendations essential to forming and implementing security policy at the city, community, and organizational level.  To get more information visit, or to register, Contact: James Perkins


    14 Sept 2004 - Kansas City, MO - BioTerrorism Experts Discuss “The Hot Zone” - Midwest Research Institute, in its Salute to Science Seminar series, part of the Institute’s 60th Anniversary celebration, is proud to present Jerry and Nancy Jaax as its September speakers.

    Their presentation, “Return to the Hot Zone,’’ is scheduled for 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2004, in the Arthur Mag Conference Center, 4920 Cherry Street, with a reception following. The couple plans to provide an overview of emerging disease issues and response strategies. The 45-minute presentation will be followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer session. Jerry Jaax is now Kansas State University’s associate vice provost for research compliance and university veterinarian. His wife, Nancy Jaax, is Special Projects Officer in the Office of Sponsored Research Programs at Kansas State University.
    Their work in 1989 with the Reston Ebola outbreak was detailed in Richard Preston's best-selling book, The Hot Zone, and inspired the film Outbreak, starring Dustin Hoffman. Considered leading experts on bioterrorism, Cols. Jerry and Nancy Jaax have been on the front lines of the fight against Ebola, anthrax, Congo fever, and other deadly viruses that exist around the globe. Their research and field work have helped to develop medical defenses against chemical and biological agents.
    Jerry and Nancy Jaax are both graduates of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine.
    For more information on Jerry Jaax, visit:  Or  For more information on Nancy Jaax, visit 
To attend the seminar, please contact Laura Luckert, 816-753-7600, x1902, at Midwest Research Institute.

    15 September, 22 September, 23 September - Homeland Defense Training Conferences - Transportation Security Executive Briefings - The Homeland Defense Journal and Homeland Defense will host a series of management briefings on the subjects of Highway/Road, Railroad, and Ports Security. Each session will examine major government and transportation sector requirements, initiatives and priorities. DHS and its agencies are responsible for protecting the transportation systems of the United States. This is no easy task given that, annually, there are 11.2 million trucks and 2.2 million rail cars that cross into the US and 7,500 foreign flagships make 51,000 calls in US ports. What is our government doing to promote increase security for various modes of transportation and among transportation management agencies? Attend these Transportation Security Briefings to find out! At these briefings, you'll hear from the executives involved in helping to secure these various transportation areas - ports/coast, rail, and public roads. For registration information, please contact Maurice Martin at (703) 807-2753. For general information, contact Laura Johnson at (703) 807-2747.

    15 September - Miami, FL - Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce w/AFIO Miami Chapter Luncheon -- Science Fiction to Science Fact: Emerging Technologies That Will Change The World -- Radisson Hotel Miami, 1601 Biscayne Boulevard, Ballroom Level, 11:30 Registration. Luncheon Features: Dr. Hal Puthoff (Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, Science Advisor to NASA, Bigelow Aerospace) who will present his talk, “Zero Point Energy by 2012” & Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 astronaut - the sixth NASA astronaut to walk on the moon, Member of the Board of Directors for the National Institute for Discovery Science) who will present his talk, “Man on the Moon: What’s out there and what does it mean to human kind?” For more information, please contact Betsey Greene at (305) 577-5442 or email:


    18 September, 23 October, 27 November - Washington, DC - Spy Tour -- Francis Gary Powers, Jr. writes: “Tickets are on sale now for the September 18, October 23, and November 27 Spy Tour of Washington, DC. Since its earliest days, Washington, D.C. has been the scene of international intrigue, espionage, and intelligence activity, as the U.S. government has tried to learn the plans of other countries while keeping its own plans secret. Key players in this non-ending drama include personalities as diverse as Rose Greenhow, Herbert Yardley, Major General "Wild Bill" Donovan, Aldrich Ames, and Robert Hanssen. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, may be to locate various espionage sites in Arlington, Washington, and Georgetown; observe the Caf´┐Ż, Au Pied du Cochon, where a Soviet spy escaped from his CIA handlers; listen in on a briefing about Civil War espionage at Lafayette Park; tour the Berlin Wall at the Newseum; and/or visit drop points used by agents such as FBI spy Robert Hanssen. Call 703-273-2381 or visit for more details.”


    26 - 29 September 04 - Reno, NV - USMC Tri-Association Intelligence Committee Joint Meeting -- All bets are on you will not want to miss the joint meeting of the U. S. Marine Corps Tri-Association Intelligence Committee comprised of members of the Marine Corps Counterintelligence, the Marine Corps Intelligence and the Marine Corps Cryptologic Associations at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada. The reunion will be held in conjunction with the Marine Intelligence Community’s fall conference which will involve active duty Marines attending from the “corners of the world,” current contingencies permitting. Friends of Marine Corps Intelligence are invited to attend. For additional details, contact Tom MacKinney (916) 983-6119 or at


    27-28 September - Workshops in Competitive Intelligence --The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals is holding workshops for those engaged in CI whether in the fields of IT, Defense, Telecom, Consulting, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, or Government Contracting.  CI101 & 202 are full-day intensive workshops offering a comprehensive professional development program to sharpen your skills in CI research and analysis techniques. This program offers tools and techniques to best your competition: Create and use intelligence within your organization; Discover available primary and secondary; research sources and techniques;  Better understand the marketplace and the competition; Develop the ability to manage CI effectively; Help your firm reach desired goals—increased market share, profitability, and cost cutting.  CI101 & 202 will be offered September 27-28, 2004 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City. Space is limited and this program has been a constant sell-out!  Don’t delay and sign up today. Call SCIP at +1.703.730.0696 or visit for more information and online registration.


    1 October - Tyson’s Corner, VA - Naval Intelligence Professionals (NIP) Annual Meeting and Symposium -- This year’s annual meeting of the Naval Intelligence Professionals will take place at the Tyson’s Corner Holiday Inn. For more information, please call (703) 250-6765.


    7 - 10 October - Memphis, Tennessee - VQ Association Reunion -- Fleet Air Reconnaissance Association (VQ-1, 2, 5, 6 and Security Group Support) is holding its annual reunion in Memphis, Tennessee October 7-10, 2004.  For details and sign up information please contact Allan Prevette, 3232 Village 3, Camarillo, CA 93012, phone: (805) 482-1204, email:  The VQ Association web page is at:

    VQ is a Navy abbreviation for Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadrons. V = Air/Aviation Q = Reconnaissance. The VQ squadrons VQ1 and VQ2 being the best known provide ELINT Order Of Battle data to on foreign countries to national level intel agencies. VQ1 stands for Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron ONE. The Navy EP3E (PR31) aircraft that suffered a collision with a Chinese F8 interceptor in 2001 was a VQ1 aircraft.


    8 - 9 October 04 -- East Lyme, CT - Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association Reunion -- The New England Chapter, Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association hosts a special reunion. For more information, contact: Phil Sirmons, 492 Boston Post Rd, East Lyme, CT 06333, 860-739-6006,, or visit their website at:


    26 - 27 October - McLean, VA - NMIA Classified Symposium -- NMIA will hold its next classified Symposium at the MITRE facility in McLean VA on 26 & 27 October. For more information, visit


    MANY dates in September and October - International Spy Museum hosts a wide variety of frequent programs in their building at 8th & F Streets. Visit their website at to review their offerings and to sign up for these programs.  Tickets can be quickly obtained using TicketMaster.




    Mrs. Virginia Redding - For 50 years wife of Robert E. Redding, AFIO Vice-President for Corporate Sponsors, Mrs. Redding died on 25 August following injuries received in a traffic accident three weeks earlier.

    She is survived by her husband, four children and three stepchildren as well as six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

    A Mass of Christian Burial was offered at St. Raphael's Catholic Church, Rockville, MD, on 30 August. Private interment took place at Meadowridge Memorial Park in Elkridge, MD.

  (Elizabeth B. DKR)


    'MAN WHO NEVER WAS' SKIPPER - Capt. Bill Jewell, who has died aged 90, planted a corpse off the Spanish coast in 1943 as part of the deception later filmed as The Man Who Never Was, the Daily Telegraph reported.


    In 1943, Jewell was skipper of the submarine Seraph, which carried the remains of a 'Capt. (acting Maj.) William Martin of the Royal Marines,' with a case of fake papers chained to his wrist. The object was to mislead Hitler about the coming invasion of Sicily and shift his attention toward Sardinia and the Balkans. Operation Mincemeat succeeded and Hitler ordered German troops diverted from the defense of Sicily.

    Jewell told the crew that the canister containing the body, packed in dry ice, held a secret weather-device. As he slipped the body into the sea, he read the 39th Psalm: "I said, I will take heed to my ways, that I sin not with my tongue."

    'Maj. Martin' was washed ashore at Huevla, on the Spanish coast, and buried in the town a few days later with full military honors and a wreath from his supposedly heartbroken girlfriend in London.  The document case was returned to the British, apparently unopened, but with its contents copied by the Spanish and given to the Germans.

     The body was probably that of either a down-and-out in London or a sailor lost from the carrier HMS Dasher, the Telegraph said. 

     As well as British and French decorations, Jewell held the Legion of Merit. He died on 18 August at the Royal Star and Garter Home in the London suburb of Richmond.  He is survived by two sons and a daughter. His wife, Rosemary Patricia Galloway, whom he married in 1944, died in 1996. (DKR)




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