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COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE MANAGER (Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles) - Deloitte







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10 January 06 (Tues) - Washington, DC - Transforming U.S. Intelligence: The Inside View - Spy Museum
11 January 06 - McLean, VA - TECHEXPO Career Fair
11 January 06 - Arlington, VA - the NMIA Potomac Chapter hosts luncheon at Key Bridge Marriott
12 January 06 - Baltimore, MD - TECHEXPO Career Fair Fair
16-20 January 06 - Tysons Corner, VA - IOP '06 [OSINT] at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel
19 January 06 - Colorado Springs, CO - AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter holds USAF O'Club Meeting
19 January 06 (Thurs) - Washington, DC - The Report of the Anglo-Polish Historical Committee - Spy Museum
21 January 06 - Kennebunk, ME - Maine Chapter of AFIO hosts Justice Dept. Official on Terrorism
26-27 January 06 - Arlington, VA - Homeland Defense Journal Training on "Terrorism and the Suicide Bomb Attack"
26 January 06 - Washington, DC - The FBI and the Weather Underground - Spy Museum
27-28 January 06 - Springfield, VA - Conference on "INTELLIGENCE AND ETHICS"
8 February 06 (Wed) - Werner I. Juretzko: An American Spy in the Hands of the Stasi - Spy Museum
14 February 06 - Tampa, FL- AFIO Suncoast Chapter meets at Officers Club at MacDill Air Force Base.
16 February 06 (Thurs) - Washington, DC - The CIA and Congress: The Untold Story from Truman to Kennedy - Spy Museum
17-20 February 06 - Arlington, VA - The Intelligence Summit - 2006

18 February 06 - Portland, ME - AFIO Maine Chapter hosts field trip to Emergency Management Center
23 February 06 (Thurs) - Washington, DC - The Impossible Spy - Spy Museum
4 March 06 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting
7 March 06 (Tues) - Washington, DC - Hot Science and Cool Analysis - Spy Museum
8 March 06 - College Station, TX - Future of Transatlantic Security Relations
16 March 06 (Thurs) - Washington, DC - The Wolves at the Door: The True Story of America�s Greatest Female Spy - Spy Museum
11 April 06 - Tampa, FL- AFIO Suncoast Chapter meets 11:30 a.m. at MacDill Air Force Base O'Club to hear Fred Rustmann
7-9 May 06 - Bethesda, MD - 2nd Annual INTELCON Exhibition and Symposium
7 May 06 - Tyson's Corner, VA - XXXII NMIA Anniversary and Awards Banquet
27-29 June 06 - Lyon, France - Complex Asian Crime Symposium 2006
3-8 September 06 - Oxford, England - Spies, Lies & Intelligence Conference



CONGRESS WANTS EXPANDED INVESTIGATION INTO NSA - Congressional officials said on 24 December they would probably seek to expand investigation into the NSA access to United States telephone arteries to include the disclosure that the agency, using access to giant phone switches, had also traced and analyzed phone and Internet traffic in much larger volumes than the administration had acknowledged.
"We want to look at the entire program, an in-depth review, and this new data-mining issue is certainly a part of the whole picture," a Republican Congressional aide told the New York Times.
"As far as Congressional investigations are concerned," said Sen. Patrick Leah, ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, "these new revelations can only multiply and intensify the growing list of questions and concerns about the warrantless surveillance of Americans."
Members of the Judiciary Committee have already indicated that they intend to conduct oversight hearings into President Bush's legal authority to order domestic eavesdropping on terrorist suspects without a warrant.
Former Secretary of State Powell said on 25 December that it would not have been that hard for Bush to obtain warrants for eavesdropping on domestic telephone and Internet activity. "I see absolutely nothing wrong with the president authorizing these kinds of actions," Powell said. Asked if such eavesdropping should continue, he said, "Yes, of course it should continue," the New York Times reported.
NSA has the cooperation of some major telecommunications companies to obtain access to large volumes of international phone and Internet traffic flowing in and out of the United States, the Times cited present and former officials as saying.
The agency has traced and analyzed the traffic flow to gather clues on possible terrorist activities. In cases where security agency supervisors believe they can show a link to al-Qa'ida, Bush has authorized eavesdropping on calls without a warrant within the United States, so long as one end of the phone or e-mail conversation took place outside the country.
The White House declined to comment on the NSA program or the use of data-mining, saying it would not discuss intelligence operations.
Defenders of the program say the agency's broad analytical searches and data-mining, combined with actual eavesdropping, are an essential part of detecting and preventing terror attacks. The president is also well within his legal authority to order such programs because of his inherent constitutional power and because of Congressional authorization in the days after 9/11 permitted him to use all necessary and appropriate force to fight terrorism.
Civil rights and privacy advocates have voiced concern about the expanded role of the security agency. "To the extent that the NSA is collecting information on people who are suspected of no wrongdoing whatsoever, it presents some very critical privacy concerns," said Marcia Hofmann, who leads the government oversight section at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a group that lobbies for greater privacy rights. "And it shows the need for Congress to put in place real safeguards to prevent the government from abusing this information." (DKR)

GLITCHES �CAUSED� CAPTURE OF DOMESTIC COMMUNICATIONS - The FBI international telephone and e-mail surveillance program apparently captured purely domestic communications in some cases, officials told the New York Times of 21 December. These were caused by technical glitches at NSA in determining whether a communication was in fact international.
Telecommunications experts said the issue pointed up that it is sometimes difficult even for NSA to determine whether someone is inside or outside the United States when making a cell phone call or sending an e-mail message.
DDNI Hayden, asked at a White House briefing last week whether there had been any purely domestic intercepts, replied, "I can assure you, by the physics of the intercept, by how we actually conduct our activities, that one end of these communications are always outside the United States."
AG Gonzales also emphasized that the order only applied to international communications. "People are running around saying that the United States is somehow spying on American citizens calling their neighbors," he said. "Very, very important to understand that one party to the communication has to be outside the United States."
ODNI Spokeswoman Judy Emmel said, "We'll stand by what Gen. Hayden said in his statement."
The administration has not released the guidelines that the NSA uses in determining who is suspected of having links to al-Qa'ida and may be a target under the program. Hayden said the determination was made by operational people at the agency and must be signed off by a shift supervisor, with the process closely scrutinized by officials at the agency, the Justice Department and elsewhere.
Last year, the administration suspended aspects of the surveillance temporarily and put in place tighter restrictions on the procedures used to focus on suspects, said people with knowledge of the program. These concerns led to a secret audit that did not reveal any abuses in focusing on suspects or instances in which purely domestic communications were monitored, said officials familiar with the classified findings. (PJK, DKR)

ALLEGED CHINESE DOUBLE AGENT GETS PROBATION - A plea agreement prosecutors struck with Katrina Leung's FBI handler and ex-lover, James J. Smith, ended up sinking Leung being prosecuted for allegedly passing secrets to China, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported on 25 December.
A clause in the agreement spurred the judge to declare prosecutorial misconduct and toss out the case. Once considered so dangerous she could not be given bail, Leung then pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and filing a false tax return and was put on probation.
Legal experts and community leaders questioned the government's strategy in pursuing Leung to the exclusion of Smith who continued his affair with her for a decade after learning she had illicit contacts with Chinese intelligence agents, according to FBI affidavits. He also continued to work as her handler, using her to gather information on China, and kept providing her with classified information, the Tribune reported documents as showing.
Many in the legal community were surprised when Smith was allowed to take a plea deal with no jail time in exchange for his testimony against Leung. In dismissing the case, US District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper called Smith's plea a sweetheart deal.
Cooper dismissed the case last January because of a clause in the Smith plea agreement that prevented him from speaking with Leung's defense lawyers as they prepared for her trial. (DKR)


ITALIAN JUDGE ISSUES EU-WIDE WARRANTS FOR CIA SUSPECTS - An Italian judge has issued European arrest warrants for 22 purported CIA operatives wanted for the alleged kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric, a prosecutor said on 23 December, AP reported.,1280,-5500374,00.html
Prosecutor Armando Spataro said the warrants allowed for the arrest of the suspects in any of the 25 European Union member states. Earlier in December, Italy issued warrants for the arrest of the suspects within its own borders. No request has yet been filed with the United States requesting their extradition.
Prosecutors are seeking the extraditions in connection with the abduction of Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr from a Milan street in February 2003. The suspects are all described as US citizens.
One suspect has been identified as Robert Seldon Lady, a former CIA chief in Milan who has since returned to the United States. Whereabouts of the other suspects was unknown.
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said earlier last week that the government may not push the request, saying, ``I don't think there is any basis in the case.'' Earlier in December, he said Italy had no evidence of illegal CIA activity on its territory.
Lady�s attorney, Daria Pesce said that even if the extradition request was forwarded to the United States, Washington would never allow the suspects to be extradited. (DKR)

MUSLIM SITES IN UNITED STATES MONITORED FOR RADIOACTIVITY - An unnamed federal official told the New York Times that the monitoring was done in places that seemed likely terrorist targets, UPI reported on 24 December.
FBI Assistant Director of Public Affairs John Miller said the bureau does not target any group based on ethnicity, political or religious belief and that the private sites were monitored only in following up leads.
"If you can go drive a car into the parking lot near the shopping mall, we can go there," he said.
A report on the U.S. News & World Report Web site said that the FBI monitored a number of private US sites for radioactivity in the last three years, many of them mosques, homes or businesses of Muslims. The monitoring involves the use of small radiation alarms, worn like pagers on the belt.
Much of the private site monitoring took place in Washington, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas and Seattle, reports said. No warrants were sought as the agents were monitoring from public areas. None of the reports suggested the monitoring uncovered any radiation. (DKR)


DHS EXTENDS DEADLINE FOR FIRSTSOURCE BIDS - DHS has extended the filing date for proposals for its FirstSource contract to 23 January. The previous date was 10 January, GCN reported.
FirstSource is a five-year, $3 billion, small-businesses-only contracting vehicle to furnish DHS with a range of interoperable IT equipment and software. Companies with a maximum of 150 employees are allowed to bid as primes on FirstSource. (DKR)

MEYERROSE CONFIRMED AS CIO/ODNI - The Senate has confirmed Maj. Gen. Dale Meyerrose (USAF) as the first CIO of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, GCN reported on 19 December.
Meyerrose previously served as NORAD director of command and control systems and NORTHCOM director of architectures and integration.
Meyerrose holds a bachelor�s degree in economics from the Air Force Academy, an MBA from the University of Utah and a degree from the National War College. (DKR)

OMB SETS NEW VERSION OF DRM - OMB has posted the second version of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Data Reference Model, GCN reported on 21 December.
OMB intends for the DRM to be used by federal data and system architects to describe information in such a way that it can be easily located and used across multiple federal agencies. It provides the resources to standardize the description and context and means of sharing data.
The new version of the document heavily revises the older version, which was released in September 2004 and subsequently criticized for insufficient specificity. While that document was 28 pages in length, the new version is 110 pages.
The new document adds more details on description, context and sharing attributes, and adds a DRM abstract model, which depicts the major concepts from each standardization area, allowing managers to understand the relationships between them. (DKR)



EXPERTS ANALYZE TERRORISTS GROUPS - Christopher Heffelfinger, ed. Foreword by Michael Scheuer, Unmasking Terror: A Global Review of Terrorist Activities, Volume II (Jamestown Foundation, paperback, 550pp. $29.95)
This second volume of Unmasking Terror reviews trends and significant events in international terrorism, with selected articles from Jamestown�s journals Terrorism Monitor and Terrorism Focus.
The book brings together leading experts on terrorism and security, with analysis of the inner workings of terrorist groups, their motives and aims, and their relationships with one another.
Written for both the specialist and the general reader, this is an important resource for anyone serious about understanding terrorism. (DKR)

IRAN SEEN AS CARDINAL THREAT - Ilan Berman, Tehran Rising: Iran's Challenge to the United States (Rowman & Littlefield, 218 pp. $24.95)
Berman, vice-president of the American Foreign Policy Council, finds that Bush administration seems to have taken Iran off the front burner, thus committing a major strategic mistake.
"Iran has emerged as a cardinal threat to international peace and security. Its nuclear advances, its rising adventurism in the Persian Gulf, Central Asia and the Caucasus, and its support for the Iraqi insurgency, have put Tehran on a collision course with American policy in the greater Middle East," he writes.
But Berman also sees opportunities in the Iranian domestic opposition, engaged as he sees it in "a struggle for Iran's soul between the anti-Western, corrupt and authoritarian clerical establishment and the true advocates of Iranian democracy, the Iranian people themselves." However, as he admits, there is as yet no credible leader for the disorganized opposition.
Berman proposes containing Iran diplomatically by getting Turkey, Russia and the Gulf states to take a graver view of the regional threat Iran represents. One may admire his optimism while not sharing it. (DKR)


 [IMPORTANT: AFIO does not "vet" nor endorse these career offers. Reasonable-sounding career offerings are published as a service to members. Exercise your usual caution and good judgment when responding or supplying any personal data. Independent research on the search and hiring companies beforehand is recommended. Never discuss classified projects with recruiters and remain attuned to false-flagging. ]

TECH EXPO CAREER FAIR IN VIRGINIA, MARYLAND, and NYC - TechExpo hosts face-to-face interviews for hundreds of jobs for holders of security clearances in technology, engineering, telecom, aerospace, intelligence operations, and more.. This series starts on Wednesday, 11 January 06 at the Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner, VA from 10am - 4pm. For more info view:
On Thursday, 12 January 06 at the BWI Marriott, Linthicum, MD from 10am - 4pm. For more info view
For the March 2006 Fair in New York City view:

COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE MANAGER - Deloitte has an opening for a Competitive Intelligence (CI) Manager. The CI Manager will lead activities supporting firm leadership by aggregating competitive intelligence from multiple primary and secondary sources, assessing its accuracy, validity, and reliability. The CI Manager will generate and disseminate actionable information and analysis directly to senior Deloitte leadership as well as in support of a broad range of marketing and sales activities in functions, geographies, and industries. Current available positions are in Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles.
Duties and Responsibilities:  - Work with senior leadership to identify key CI requirements; - Involve a wide range of Firm professionals-practitioners in intelligence collection activities; - Obtain information from internal and external sources, assess the value and write reports; - Conduct and manage intelligence gathering and investigations within respective geographies and functions; - Identify, plan, pursue and manage collection opportunities and activities; obtain data, debrief and interview sources, and advise senior leaders on the intelligence cycle and processes; - Administer formal protocols and policies for the collection, assessment, classification, storage, and dissemination of competitive information in accordance with Deloitte�s Guidelines for gathering CI; - Provide rigorous assessment of the accuracy, validity, and reliability of gathered information; - Create and maintain CI tracking systems, repositories and related technologies; - Coordinate with knowledge management groups to develop and maintain knowledge sharing technologies to support CI activities; - A demonstrated in-depth understanding of investigative journalism, especially collection, validation, assessment, and management of primary data is a plus.
Qualifications: - Undergraduate degree required, preferably in history, business, psychology, engineering, or journalism. MBA or CPA highly desirable; - 6-12 years of experience: 3 to 6 years of demonstrated in-depth understanding of the intelligence cycle, especially collection, assessment, and management of primary data; - 3-6 years of demonstrated business experience, preferably in a professional services environment; - Demonstrated success in developing and maintaining relationships with senior leaders; - Superior critical thinking, writing, presentation, and project management skills; - Proficient with MS Office Suite including Access, Excel, Word and PowerPoint; - Experience with Marketing; - Adept at interviewing and debriefing executives and senior level decision makers over the phone and in person; - Proven creativity and resourcefulness in uncovering unusual sources for primary data; - Strong client service and team orientation; - Professional services industry knowledge about significant markets, major competitors and current trends.
For more information or to submit a resume, contact Katie Baer at 
Deloitte, one of the nation's leading professional services firms, provides audit, tax, financial advisory services and consulting through nearly 30,000 people in more than 90 U.S. cities. Known as an employer of choice for innovative human resources programs, Deloitte is dedicated to helping its clients and its people excel. . "Deloitte" refers to the associated partnerships of Deloitte & Touche USA LLP (Deloitte & Touche LLP and Deloitte Consulting LLP) and affiliated entities. Deloitte is the US member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. For more information, please visit Deloitte's web site at

DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY - 19 vacancy announcements for positions at DHS-headquarters. These positions are also posted on If you have any questions about these vacancies contact the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity DHS-Headquarters at For vacancies with DHS components including FEMA, Coast Guard, etc., please check their postings on
IT Specialist GS-2210-13
IT Specialist GS-2210-12
IT Specialist (Infor Sec) GS-2210-13/14
IT Specialist (Infor Sec) GS-2210-13/14
Intelligence Operations Specialist GS-0132-11/12
Intelligence Operations Specialist GS-0132-13/14
Security Specialist GS-0080-09/11
Security Specialist GS-0080-09/11
Security Specialist GS-0080-09/11
Dir. Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilitzation, ES-1102
Supervisory Staff Accountant GS-0510-14
Correspondence Analyst GS-0301-9/12
Interdisciplinary Engineer (General, Mechnical, Electrical, Hydraulic) GS-0801-15
Interdisciplinary Engineer (General, Mechnical, Electrical, Hydraulic) GS-0801-15
Interdisciplinary Engineer (General, Mechnical, Electrical, Hydraulic) GS-0801-15
Program Manager GS-0340-14/15
Program Analyst (Internal Control) GS-343-13/14
Director, Plans, Programs and Requirements ES-0801
Public Affairs Specialist GS-1035-13/14


POLAND SAID TO SUPPRESS CIA PRISONS REPORT - The Polish Government has decided not to make public the results of an inquiry into the possible existence of CIA prisons on Polish soil, Australian Broadcasting Corporation Online reported on 24 December.
"The report should not be made public," a government spokesman, Jan Dziedziczak, told AFP, quoted by ABC Online. Dziedziczak refused to give details and said the matter is considered closed by the authorities. "The Minister with responsibility for the intelligence services, Zbigniew Wassermann, submitted the results of the inquiry to the supervisory parliamentary commission," he said. "All the members of the commission said they were satisfied with his explanations and considered the matter closed."
Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz earlier promised that the results of the probe would be made known in a comprehensive fashion. "Of course we are going to reveal all the results of this investigation."
ABC said the US detained 11 senior Qa'ida network members in Poland on unspecified dates. The CIA evacuated all suspects to North Africa after the row over alleged detention centers broke out, ABC said.
In Dublin, an Irish senator alleged there is speculation the CIA is using a military airport near Dublin as a stop-over for planes carrying terror suspects, Ireland On-Line reported on 20 December.
Sen. David Norris, an independent, told the joint parliamentary foreign affairs committee that Casement airport, at Baldonnel about ten miles south of Dublin, was being used and that the Irish Defense Department was sending fuel bills from the Air Corps headquarters in west Dublin to CIA shadow companies in central Africa. Norris called President Bush and Secretary Rice liars on the issue.
Senate leader Mary O�Rourke said she expected US Ambassador James C. Kenny to take up an invitation to appear before the committee. (PJK, DKR)

SHIN BET GOES SHOPPING ON eBAY - After failing to recover Israeli revenue stamps directly from the owner, the Israeli intelligence service purchased them on e-Bay, according to the 26 December issue of Linn's Stamp News, referring to the October issue of Israel Philatelist.
The stamps were unused bridge passes for crossing the Allenby Bridge from Jordan into Israel, complete with revenue stamps. Their owner, Martin D. Cohen, was surprised by a phone call from a man who identified himself as a Shin Bet officer and told him sale of the bridge passes was illegal, because they were unused and so could be used to gain illegal entry into Israel.
Cohen tried to withdraw the lot from eBay but because there was already a bid on it and the lot was within 12 hours of closing, it was not withdrawn. Shin Bet then bid, won and paid for it. Cohen received prompt payment and an e-mail thanking him for his cooperation. (Gerald N., DKR)


DRAGON WATCHING - Vincent M. comments on 'CHINA OUTSTRIPS US IN IT MARKET' and 'THE CHINESE ECONOMIC DRAGON,� AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #48-05 dated 12 December 2005:
I read with some confusion about how alarmed we are about China, and all that they are doing. Well, let's be honest about several issues. We, the US, allowed this to happen. Does anybody other than me bother to read "Chinese Intelligence Operations" by Nicholas Eftimiades? He laid out the whole program, but as usual no one figured that he knew what he was talking about ... so. Now people are walking around with that "funny" look on there faces. (DKR)

Assistance Needed
 [IMPORTANT: AFIO does not "vet" nor endorse these research inquiries. Reasonable-sounding inquiries are published as a service to members. Exercise your usual caution and good judgment when responding or supplying any information or making referrals to colleagues. Members should obtain prior approval from their agencies before answering questions that would impact ongoing military or intelligence operations - even if unclassified. Never assume public inquiries about classified projects means they've been declassified. Be attuned to false-flagging.]

HELP SOUGHT WITH CHICAGO SECURITY FACILITIES RFQ - The Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago (BOMA-Chicago) and the Service Employees International Union, Local 1 (SEIU-Local 1) are seeking to identify training resources for approximately 2,000 current building security guards and all future security guards in the Chicago area. The BOMA-Chicago/SEIU-Local 1 Joint Training Fund intends to identify training resources that are available for their security professionals and to establish a uniform training curriculum for commercial building security guards.
The fund has retained the services of Fanning Communications, Inc. and its principal, AFIO member John J. Fanning, to administer an RFQ. Companies interested in pursuing this opportunity are invited to contact Fanning Communications at: Toll free: 877-293-1430. Local: 708-293-1430 or via Email at 
Upon contact, potential providers will be mailed a detailed RFQ and be notified of a Q&A meeting to be scheduled in the Chicago area in January 2006. (DKR)


RICHARD BRIAN LYNN - A former Naval Intelligence officer and World Bank executive, he died 18 November of complications of Shy-Drager syndrome, a rare degenerative disorder of the neurological system, at his country home in Aspers, PA, the Washington Post reported. He was a Washington resident.
Born in Oak Park, IL, he was his high school's high jumper and went on to graduate from Hanover College in Indiana, earning a master's degree in English literature from the University of Chicago in 1957. He taught English for a year at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, IL.
He joined the Navy, training as an intelligence officer, and served at DoD as a CIA liaison officer. From 1961 to 1963, he was posted in Port Lyautey, Morocco. During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, he was in charge of the crypto-communications center team, processing intercepted communications and delivering them to the fleet. In 1963, he was sent to New York City and worked there for the CIA until he retired from the military in 1966.
He then worked for the management consultant McKinsey & Co. in Washington from 1966 to 1974 on assignments there and in Paris and New York for various federal agencies. He went on to work for the FTC for a year where he was assistant executive director for management before going to the World Bank as an in-house consultant, then manager and director from 1975 to 1996. He was a World Bank consultant after his retirement and an adviser to the United Nations for Africa.
For the past 15 years, he was a judge of George Washington University's Arthur S. Flemming Awards, which recognize 12 outstanding federal employees.
A member of the Religious Society of Friends, he loved stillness and quiet.
He enjoyed gardening, listening to opera and baroque music, playing jazz piano and golfing. He had recently begun working sudoku puzzles.
Survivors include his wife of 46 years, Christine Way Lynn; four children, Eric Brian Lynn, Catherine Amelia Lynn Doty, Peter Alexander Lynn and Evangeline Eleanor Lynn Calland; a brother; and seven grandchildren. (DKR)

JAMES W. REDFIELD - An FBI special agent who retired in 1977 as chief of the domestic intelligence section, he died of cancer on 22 December, aged 81, the Washington Post reported.
Earlier in his 25-year career with the bureau he was assigned to the Philadelphia and Washington field offices.
A native New Yorker, he graduated from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, and served as a US Marine in the World War II V-12 program. After the war, he was a law school student in New York when he was recruited by the FBI. A short time later, though, he was recalled to active military duty during the Korean War. After his honorable discharge as a first lieutenant USMC in 1952, he rejoined the bureau.
He was a member of the Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Franklin & Marshall College Alumni Association and St. John's Catholic Church in McLean, VA.
His wife of 52 years, Elizabeth C. Redfield, died in 2000. Survivors include two sons, James W. Redfield Jr. and Ronald Redfield; three grandchildren and a great-grandson. (DKR)

NHIA HOUA YANG - He fought beside the CIA against Communist forces in Laos, then fled to guide thousands of Hmong-Americans in the San Joaquin Valley, the Fresno Bee reported on 24 December.
Yang, 65, died 15 December. His family and the greater Hmong community honored him with a traditional Hmong send-off.
According to his cousin, Lu Lee Yang, Nhia was proud of how he helped meet needs of the CIA when the agency asked for help.
Yang rose to the rank of major in the Hmong military's fight against Pathet Lao Communists. He fought from June 1961 to May 1975 with the Royal Armed Forces, Lu Lee Yang said.
Yang served two terms as president of the Lao Family Community Fresno service agency. Pao Fang, the Lao Family Community's present director, says Yang "was very skilled at family mediation and resolving conflict. He took his leadership seriously. If he said it, he did it." (Andr� K, DKR)

Coming Events


Tuesday, 10 January 06 - Washington, DC - Transforming U.S. Intelligence: The Inside View; 6:30 pm "If intelligence cannot hope to bat a thousand, it still must aim to win the World Series." - Jennifer E. Sims For pointed and practical advice on intelligence reform, nothing beats the recommendations of people from deep inside the intelligence establishment itself. Burton Gerber, a veteran CIA case officer who served 39 years as an operations officer and was chief of station in three Communist countries, and Jennifer E. Sims, former deputy assistant secretary of state for intelligence coordination, have recently co-edited Transforming U.S. Intelligence. Drawing on the issues covered by operators, analysts, and senior managers in this comprehensive book, they and contributor Ambassador at Large Henry A. Crumpton, State Department coordinator for counterterrorism, will illuminate current and potential intelligence challenges, the application of new technologies to existing policies, and coping with management concerns. Audience participation in this penetrating conversation will be strongly encouraged. to register.


11 January 06 - McLean, VA - TECHEXPO CAREER FAIR - Being held at the Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner, 1700 Tyson Blvd., from 10am to 4pm, the fair concerns positions in defense, intelligence and the government community.
IMPORTANT: one or several specific types of clearances are required for this event. If your profile does not meet the requirement, you will not be able to register for the event. We invite you to make sure your profile is updated before you register. For further information visit


11 January 06 - Arlington, VA - the NMIA Potomac Chapter is hosting a luncheon at the Key Bridge Marriott. The speaker: John Schuhart, Deputy Financial Executive Officer, Office of the Deputy Director of National Intelligence Management. For further information or to register, go to 


12 January 06 - Baltimore, MD - TECHEXPO CAREER FAIR - Being held at the BWI Marriott, 1743 West Nursery Rd, Baltimore, MD 21240.
IMPORTANT: one or several specific types of clearances are required for this event. If your profile does not meet the requirement, you will not be able to register for the event. We invite you to make sure your profile is updated before you register.
Pre-register online. This will allow recruiters to find your resume and schedule face-to-face interviews before the event. If you have any questions or require further information, please e-mail
For further information visit 


16-20 January 06 - Tysons Corner, VA - IOP '06 is being held at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel - 60 Exhibits -- 20 Top Speakers -- 400-600 International Players. This is the latest version of Robert Steele's OSINT conference. IOP stands for Information Operations (IO), Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and Peacekeeping Intelligence (PKI). Modern IO consists of Strategic Communications (the message), Open Source Intelligence (the shareable reality), and JIOCS with FL and AA (the technologies). Modern IO is the new American way of war and offers enormous potential in ten IO-heavy mission areas: Strategic Communication & Public Diplomacy; Peacekeeping Intelligence & Information Peacekeeping; Early Warning & Stabilization-Reconstruction Operations; Homeland Defense & Emergency Responder Civil Support; National Education & National Research for National Wealth. Join Congressman Rob Simmons (R-CT-02), Alvin & Heidi Toffler, and many other world-class speakers including Canadian, Croatian, Dutch, English, South African, and Swedish experts on the emerging intersection of open source software, open spectrum, open source information, open access copyright, and open societies. All participants in the three day event will receive the new book on IO, as well as new books on Commercial Intelligence and on Peacekeeping Intelligence. One may elect to participate in only one day, and/or the training day on Friday. Complete details are at Congressman Simmons, the "owner" of OSINT on the Hill, and the new ADDNI/OS Eliot Jardines are both confirmed as speakers, as are Alvin & Heidi Toffler and a wide variety of international and US authorities. Six books are included in the conference fee, three of them first-time issues: Steele's own INFORMATION OPERATIONS: All Information, All Languages, All the Time with a Foreword by Congressman Simmons and a technical preface by Canadian naval PhD Robert Garigue; Mats Bjore's new book on COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE: Inside Out and Upside Down; and the second PKI book, PEACEKEEPING INTELLIGENCE: The Way Ahead. These books will also be sold on Amazon, but the extraordinary collection of people interested in this topic, as Steele is uniquely-qualified to orchestrate its discussion, only comes together once a year. COST: HALF-PRICE is being offered to AFIO Members, just write AFIO in upper right hand corner and pay half the listed price via credit card or check. Purchase orders are full price discounted for prompt payment. Registration and details at or Fax 703.266.6391, Call 703.266.6390


19 January 06 - Colorado Springs, CO - The Rocky Mountain Chapter of AFIO will hold its next meeting at the Falcon Room of the USAF Academy's Officers Club. Richard (Dick) Durham will be the speaker on the subject of "SALT 1 and Intelligence Incidents". Meeting will start at 11:30 a.m. with lunch being served at 12:00 noon. Cost is the same $12.00 for either chicken or beef (a full lunch). Reservations must be made by January 16, 2006 to Dick Durham, 719-488-2884. or by e-mail to:


Thursday, 19 January 06 - Washington, DC - The Report of the Anglo-Polish Historical Committee Volume I: Intelligence Co-operation between Poland and Great Britain during World War II. 12 noon - 1 pm Cracking Enigma was just the beginning. When Poland shared their code breaking methods and machines with Britain, it was the start of an extraordinary relationship that helped win World War II. From smuggling parts of a German V2 rocket bomb into the UK hidden in a bicycle to reporting on Nazi activity, Polish intelligence played a crucial role in key decision making in London and Washington. Now scholars from the UK and Poland have joined forces to reveal this little-known wartime cooperation. Join Dr. Jan Ciechanowski and Dr. Rafal Wnuk, both contributors to the book, who will travel from Poland to tell this remarkable story. FREE LUNCHTIME AUTHOR DEBRIEFING AND BOOK SIGNING ;


21 January 06 - Kennebunk, ME - Maine Chapter of AFIO hosts Justice Dept. Official Frank Amoroso, the Regional Director in the U. S. Department of Justice Boston office, who will speak at 2 p.m. at the Kennebunk Free Public Library. The event is open to the public. Amoroso�s topic will be the negative effects of terrorism on Muslims and non-Muslims. Amoroso is involved with the Community Relations Service, the Justice Department's "peacemaker" for community conflicts and tensions arising from differences of race, color, and national origin. Created by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, CRS is the only Federal agency dedicated to assist state and local units of government, private and public organizations, and community groups with preventing and resolving racial and ethnic tensions, incidents, and civil disorders, and in restoring racial stability and harmony. CRS deploys highly skilled professional conciliators, who are able to assist people of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. Amoroso holds a BA degree in Sociology from the Univ. of Maine, a Masters degree in Counseling from Hampton Univ., and a Masters degree also from the Univ. of So. Calif./Univ. of Maine. He is a graduate of the Maine Executive Institute, Maine Maritime Academy. Additional details about the meeting and the Maine AFIO Chapter are available from President Barbara Storer, 207-985-2392. or email her at 


26-27 January  06 - Arlington, VA - Homeland Defense Journal Training on "Terrorism and the Suicide Bomb Attack" at the NRECA Executive Conference Center (Lobby Level - Conference Room CC1), 4301 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22203 **Includes a Special Segment on How to Better Prepare for a Bomb Threat and Implement Countermeasures** Visit their web site at for more information!


Thursday, 26 January 06 - Washington, DC - The FBI and the Weather Underground; 6:30 pm "Within the next 14 days we will attack a symbol or institution of American injustice." - Bernadine Dohrn, Weather Underground Organization (WUO) founder  In the late 1960s and early 1970s long-simmering public unrest over the Vietnam War, social reform, and civil rights erupted into violent radical protest. When the Weather Underground began a series of bombings - including strikes on the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon - as acts of war against the United States, its young members became the target of one of the largest FBI manhunts in history. Bill Ayers, a founding member of the militant political organization and author of Fugitive Days, will recount the origins of the WUO, its purpose, as well as his own evolving feelings about its actions and legacy. Don Strickland, a former FBI agent assigned to the WUO case, will discuss the Bureau's wide-ranging efforts to deal with the WUO's violent acts and track down Underground fugitives, many of whom had become skillful in adopting aliases, forging identification, and selecting hideouts. Join these two former adversaries for an evening of reflection and revelation about an incendiary time in American history. to register.


27-28 January 06 - Springfield, VA - Conference on "INTELLIGENCE AND ETHICS" at The Joint Services Conference on Professional Ethics (JSCOPE). Runs from 3:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. on Friday, and 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. Intelligence practitioners and civilian scholars discuss and present Academic Papers, conduct Working Groups, present Case Histories and Testimonies, and hold Dinner and Luncheon Discussions on the emerging field of "Intelligence Ethics" which to many academicians does not have civilian/academic input and expertise. It is the goal of this conference to establish the first international meeting of civilian and military intelligence professionals, educators and those with academic perspectives in national security, philosophy, law, history, psychology, theology and human rights. The Intelligence Ethics Section seeks voices from all ranks and areas of intelligence and are soliciting contributions and participation from all interested parties and perspectives. More information at


Wednesday, 8 February 06 - Werner I. Juretzko: An American Spy in the Hands of the Stasi; 6:30 pm "Suddenly, I heard loud knocks at the door. That moment, I knew I was dead meat." - Werner I. Juretzko Interrogation, torture, execution - these were the grim prospects awaiting a Western agent captured by the Stasi, the hated and feared East German state security service. Werner I. Juretzko, an agent for United States Army Intelligence (G-2), survived six years in Stasi torture chambers undergoing brutal interrogations and threat of death until he was released in a spy-swap just days after the Berlin Wall went up. As a passionate anti-communist, Juretzko's spy career began when he agreed to infiltrate the West German Communist Party in 1949. His success led to his recruitment by G-2 as an undercover political operative in East Germany and Poland. His tale of betrayal and loss reveals firsthand the stark reality of Cold War espionage. to register


14 February 06 - Tampa, FL- AFIO Suncoast Chapter meets at 11:30 a.m. at the Officers Club's, at MacDill Air Force Base. Before lunch, there will be a demonstration of software, which is not yet commercially available, that teaches someone to speak a language without an accent. It is being developed in numerous languages. This is not just for blending in. The more clearly one speaks, the more credible the message. The luncheon speaker is Amado Gayol who was an officer involved in the Bay of Pigs in 1961 where he was captured and sentenced to thirty years in a Cuban prison. After two years, the US paid a ransom for his return. He was a US Marine Corps officer, trained as a US Army Special Forces Captain, and was Airborne Range qualified. He was wounded in combat in the Dominican Republic, was a three year veteran of the Vietnam War, and served twenty five years as a Senior Operations Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency where he was a specialist on Non-Official Cover (NOC). He is the recipient of the CIA Intelligence Star for Valor. [Gayol is also a member of the AFIO National Board of Directors] Details are available from COL Nathaniel Alderman, Jr.,


Thursday, 16 February 06 - Washington, DC - The CIA and Congress: The Untold Story from Truman to Kennedy; 12 noon - 1 pm   Congressional criticism, aggressive oversight alternating with extreme passivity, tight purse strings: the CIA's first 15 years. When David M. Barrett used newly declassified documents, personal interviews, and exhaustive research to explore the CIA's formative years, he found a world of secret budgeting, covert action, and spymasters on Capitol Hill. Barrett's profile of the Agency's early successes and failures will provide a fascinating context for anyone interested in the current debates over the Agency's ultimate fate. FREE LUNCHTIME AUTHOR DEBRIEFING AND BOOK SIGNING


17-20 February 06 - Arlington, VA - The Intelligence Summit 2006 -to be held at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, VA. This new event will bring together the international intelligence agencies from the free nations of the world in a non-partisan, non-profit educational conference on neutral ground. "Intelligence today embraces more than the civilian and military agencies of the federal intelligence community. In this age of terrorism, it is critically important for state and local law enforcement to know how and where to obtain intelligence, and to whom it should be forwarded. Corporate and private-sector intelligence managers face new and diverse challenges, from defending against economic espionage to creating new technology to meet intelligence's future needs. Many members of the press (and even a few members of Congress) lack the depth of knowledge in intelligence which is necessary to deal with, and resolve, its complex issues. The same is true for non-governmental organizations, the academic community, media, and ethnic and religious organizations. All of these diverse components of the intelligence domain will come together at the Intelligence Summit." The sponsors of the event have offered AFIO members a 10% discount off the website price if the voucher code "AS10" is entered in the special discount field on the online reservation form. For more information to attend or to be an exhibitor, visit: or write to them at The Intelligence Summit, 535 Central Ave Ste 316, St Petersburg, FL 33701.  Also visit their news pages for some good links to current breaking intelligence news: 


18 February 06 - Portland, ME - AFIO Maine Chapter hosts a field trip to the emergency management center. Completed last March with Homeland Security funding and port security grants, the center is a state-of-the-art facility for directing response to natural and man-made disasters. The centers' communication system, which allows decision makers to communicate across agencies and disciplines, has been referred to as "the best in the country." Besides its vital role in securing the largest crude oil port on the East Coast, it has been used to coordinate snow removal during winter storms and to cover a visit by the Queen Mary 2. The center is located in the Portland Arts and Technology High School on Allen Avenue. Those planning to go should meet in the parking lot of the Kennebunk Library at 1:00 p.m. to share rides to the center. Call 207-985-2392 for further information.


Thursday, 23 February 06 - Washington, DC - The Impossible Spy; 6:30 - 9:15 pm "What if I were to tell you that there are many Eli Cohens? And that if they are successful, you will never hear of them?" - former Mossad chief, Isser Harel Forty years ago, Eliahu ben Shaul Cohen was sentenced to death by a Syrian military tribunal and executed. At the time of his arrest, Cohen - an undercover agent for Israel's intelligence agency Mossad - had become so popular among the Syrian leadership that he was being considered for the post of Deputy Defense Minister. This 1987 film captures the true story of this unlikely spy - from his hesitant response to recruitment to his enthusiastic adjustment to life as a Syrian powerbroker. Join Wesley Britton, author of Beyond Bond: Spies in Fiction and Film, as he describes this film's unique place in the world of onscreen espionage and its depiction of the Middle East, and Harvey Chertok, the movie's executive producer, for the film's fascinating back story. to register.


4 March 06 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.


Tuesday, 7 March 06 - Washington, DC - Hot Science and Cool Analysis; 6:30 pm "The analysis came down firmly on both sides of the issue." - Former Director of Central Intelligence Robert Gates in From the Shadows Spies gather data, analysts make sense of it, and scientists develop the tools that help them do both. In this program, you will have the rare opportunity to see demonstrations of the latest technology developed through research now being conducted by the University of Maryland Materials Research Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC) - and then use that technology to gather and analyze information about a fabricated espionage case. Using cutting-edge science, spy skills, and savvy, you will ferret out a double agent on this fast track assignment. Ebeam lithography, particle identification, and voice-changing technology are just some of the super-science technology you will use to shut down a shady operation. Co-sponsored by MRSEC. to register


8 March 06 - College Station, TX - Future of Transatlantic Security Relations - Speakers and panels will examine US and European foreign and defense policies, military strategies and contrasting US and European perspectives on:  grand strategy; US basing realignments; complementary US and European initiatives for expanding regional and out-of-region security, stability, peacekeeping and power projection roles and missions; and homeland security and terrorism.  The conference will be open to Texas A&M and other regional university faculty, students, and community members. The George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University will host the conference at the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center in College Station. See 


Thursday, 16 March 06 - Washington, DC - The Wolves at the Door: The True Story of America�s Greatest Female Spy; 12 noon - 1 pm Virginia Hall, Baltimore's answer to Sydney Bristow. This amazing spy was SOE's go-to agent in World War II France before she had to flee for her life with Klaus Barbie, �the Butcher of Lyon,� hot on her trail. During her second trip to Nazi-occupied France on an OSS mission, Hall, disguised as a peasant, radioed vital info to London and ran a Resistance circuit that helped pave the way for the Allied invasion. For her work, she received the coveted Distinguished Service Cross. That was just the start of a career that continued with the CIA in Latin America. Join Judith L. Pearson for a celebration of the vaunted career of "The Limping Lady."  FREE LUNCHTIME AUTHOR DEBRIEFING AND BOOK SIGNING


11 April 06 - Tampa, FL- AFIO Suncoast Chapter meets at 11:30 a.m. at the Officers Club, at MacDill Air Force Base. The luncheon speaker is Frederick Rustmann, Jr., a twenty-four-year veteran of the CIA�s Directorate of Operations. He retired in 1990 as a member of the elite Senior Intelligence Service (SIS) with the equivalent rank of major general. Assigned abroad to posts in eight countries in Asia, Europe and Africa during the Cold War, he was heavily involved in the collection of foreign intelligence from human and technical sources. In two of those foreign posts he was the senior CIA officer in country. In addition to out-of-country service, he was an instructor at the CIA�s training facility known as "the Farm." After retiring from CIA, he founded CTC International Group, Inc., a pioneer in the field of business intelligence and a recognized leader in the industry. He is the author of CIA, Inc. Espionage and the Craft of Business Intelligence. Further details and registration are available from COL Nathaniel Alderman, Jr.,


7-9 May 06 - Bethesda, MD - 2nd Annual INTELCON [National Intelligence Conference and Exposition] - To emphasize practical applications and techniques  INTELCON combines an educational program which focuses on practical applications and techniques, along with a full-scale vendor exposition of intel products and services, to attract a wide audience of intelligence practitioners and vendors from both the public and private sectors.
WHO: Dr. William A. Saxton, Conference Chair; Dr. Peter Leitner, Program Chair. Supported by a Program Advisory Group.
WHERE: Marriott Bethesda North Hotel and Conference Center in Bethesda, MD. For more information, contact: Conference: Dr. William A. Saxton, Chairman; Tel. 561-483-6430; Exposition: George DeBakey at and Barbara Lecker at lecker@ejkrause  of E.J. Krause and Associates; Tel. 301-493-5500 Web sites: www.IntelConference.US  (2006)


7 May 06 - Tyson's Corner, VA - XXXII NMIA Anniversary and Awards Banquet - The National Military Intelligence Association holds this annual event in honor of distinguished individuals who have provided outstanding contributions to military intelligence and who represent the epitome of intelligence professional performance. Selections for the awards are made by the service intelligence chiefs and the directors of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. Please contact Debra Davis  The Event is being held at the Sheraton-Premiere Hotel. NMIA is a worthwhile organization and deserving of your support.


3 June 06 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.


27-29 June 06 - Lyon, France - Complex Asian Crime Symposium 2006 sponsored jointly by Interpol General Secretariat, Lyon, France, and the Center for Asian Crime Studies [CACS] an international, not-for-profit, research and training organization. This training symposium has expanded the geographic scope of the event to encompass interest in terrorism, and has added organized crime to its coverage--and its links to terrorism--from Suez to Tokyo. Experts from academia and national police agencies world-wide, plus private organizations and think-tanks, are asked to gather in Lyon to address a wide range of issues of strategic and tactical interest to law enforcement authorities. Broad topic areas will include (1) Trends in collaboration between criminals and terrorists, (2) New techniques for identifying and tracing suspects, (3) Cross-cultural considerations for effective investigations of persons of Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist religion, (4) Recent investigations involving money laundering, fraud, underground banking and human smuggling by ethnic Asian criminals, and (5) Essential differences between mindsets of West, South and East Asian criminals and societies. Speakers: Among approximately 20 speakers who will appear at the symposium, the following might participate: (1) Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, New Scotland Yard, London (2) Mr. David E. Kaplan, Chief Investigative Correspondent, US News & World Report, Washington, DC. (3) Dr. Sheldon Zhang, Professor, San Diego State University, California (4) Chief Investigator Larry Lambert, Orange County Prosecutor�s Office, California (5) Mr. Garry Spence, Director of Investigations, Consumer Protection Authority, British Columbia, Canada. (6) Superintendent Gordon McRae, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Registration: Attendance is limited to persons actively engaged in law enforcement or with serious academic interests. Due to security considerations and limited seating, all who would attend this symposium must register in advance. Registration forms may be found at Prior to May 31, 2006, a registration fee of 190 Euros per person will be assessed each attendee.
After May 31, 2006, the registration fee will be 220 Euros per person. Completed registration forms may be sent by email to, or they may be sent to Center for Asian Crime Studies, 7609 Royal Dominion Dr, Bethesda, MD 20817, USA along with your payment.


3-8 September 06 - Oxford, England - Spies, Lies & Intelligence Conference - From the historical certainties of World War II, through the treacheries and ultimate triumphs of the Cold War, we have emerged into an age when "Terror" is the West's new political and security watchword. This five-day conference brings together authors, experts and intelligence practitioners of international standing and examines the evolution of intelligence, espionage and deception across more than half a century. Please direct all enquiries and bookings to: The Steward's Office, Christ Church OXFORD OX1 1DP. Tel: +44 (0)1865 286848 Email: or to   (DKR)


9 September 06 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.

6 December 06 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.

3 March 07 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.

2 June 07 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.

8 September 07 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.

1 December 07 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting. Contact Quiel Begonia at for details.  Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.



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