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Former Deputy CIA Director Max Hugel dies
Richard Lehman, 83, creator of President's Daily Brief
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20-22 April 07 -Weimar, Germany- 13th Annual Meeting of the International Intelligence History Association
Current Calendar Next Two Months ONLY:
27 February 07 - San Francisco, CA - AFIO Jim Quesada Chapter luncheon featuring Gen Ronald L. Burgess, Jr., Principal Deputy to Amb John Negroponte, former Director of National Intelligence
27 February 2007 - Washington, DC - Open House at the Institute of World Politics
28 February 2007 - Scottsdale, AZ - Arizona AFIO Chapter luncheon featuring Ronald J. Olive on "Capturing Jonathan Pollard"
3 March 07 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting
5 - 7 March 2007 - St. Petersburg, Fl - The Intelligence Summit
6-8 March 2007 - Arlington, VA - The Seger Consulting Group presents Domestic Terrorism:  The Threat From Within
10 March 07 - Melbourne, FL - AFIO Florida Satellite Chapter - Slawson on Counterintelligence
13 March 2007 6:30 pm - Washington, DC - The Secret History of History - Early Espionage: The Great and Ancient Game with Professor Rose Mary Sheldon - at the International Spy Museum
15 March 07 - Colorado Springs, CO - AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter holds luncheon meeting at the Falcon Room, Air Force Academy Officers Club
15 March 2007 - the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation conference on "FISA: It's History and the Law."
27 March 2007 - Scottsdale, AZ - The Arizona AFIO Chapter holds luncheon meeting featuring FBI Counterintelligence Agent.
27-29 March 2007 - Provo, Utah - Brigham Young University hosts Spying in Film and Fiction Conference
27-28 March 2007 - Fair Lakes, VA- National Military Intelligence Association Seminar on Information Operations
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ROMANIAN INVESTIGATION CONCLUDES ITS COUNTRY HAD NO PART IN CIA RENDITION FLIGHTS OR PRISONS A Romanian Parliamentary investigation concluded that the CIA conducted no rendition flights or detained terrorism suspects on its territory. The Romanian findings conflict with the conclusions of a European Parliament commission that found twenty mostly European governments colluded with the US to transfer terrorist suspects, and Council of Europe investigator Dick Marty said that America's staunchest allies, Romania and Poland, also maintained secret prisons where suspects were held and interrogated. "We found no solid argument to make us believe that the CIA was running illegal transports of prisoners," Norica Nicolai, the head of Romania's senate commission told reporters at the end of a year-long investigation. "Our response is 'no' to allegations that CIA had secret detention facilities in Romania. We also respond 'no' to queries that Romanian institutions might have taken part in an operation of transferring detainees." The Romanian commission examined 43 flights that were suspected of transporting detainees and investigated several airbases that may have been used as stopovers or detention facilities. The commission's report will be debated by the Romanian Parliament this week before being sent to European legislators.   [PJK/Reuters 21Feb07]

AFIO MEMBER IS REUNITED WITH CLASS RING LOST OFF COAST OF AFRICA TWO DECADES AGO Over twenty years ago, from 1983 to 1985,  former CIA employee and AFIO member Claire Lopez was stationed at Port Luis, Mauritius in Africa. While diving off the coast one day she says she was "foolishly wearing my beautiful Notre Dame ring" which slipped from her finger to the watery depths. Lopez is a 1976 graduate of the Catholic liberal arts college where she now serves on the advisory board for their intelligence and analysis degree program. Claire thought the ring was gone forever. Fast forward to 2007 and enter Wilfried Thiesen, a professional diver from Kirchheim, Germany. Recently Thiesen wrote to Notre Dame staff writer Steve Ruic and said that while diving on Mauritius Island, off the coast of South Africa and east of Madagascar, he found a Notre Dame ring with the year "76" engraved, but the thin part of the band where the name was normally inscribed was missing. Ruic published news of Thiesen's find in an email to staff and an electronic newsletter to alumni, but no one came forward to claim the ring. Then, about two weeks after Thiesen contacted him, Ruic was coincidentally interviewing Dr. Maryellen Amato Stratmann of Springfield, Mo who was a member of the class of 1976. Although the story about Stratmann was unrelated to the ring, Ruic asked casually if she had ever been to Mauritius. Stratmann said that she had not, but then surprised Ruic when she said, "...but Claire Cavoli Lopez has." Lopez, 53, is now a consultant working in Woodbridge, VA. She recalls that after the diving incident, "I was so upset. There was no way [the ring] was ever going to be found." Ruic provided Thiesen's address to Claire who used her fluent German to trade e-mails with the diver. Thiesen is mailing the ring to Lopez. Although Claire replaced the ring years ago, she is excited to have the original returned to her, which she intends to have repaired.  [PJK/TV10 19Feb07/AP]

SECOND DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN AS MANY YEARS WILL FACE SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGES Retired Vice Admiral Mike McConnell was recently sworn in by President Bush as the nation's second Director of National Intelligence (DNI). His predecessor, Ambassador John Negroponte, served in the post for about two years. Negroponte's supporters say that he had an impressive start, especially in overhauling the creaky electronic infrastructure of the Intelligence Community. His  critics claim progress under Negroponte to unite the Intelligence Community (IC) was slow. "[McConnell] will be under some considerable pressure to produce more visible results than we have seen," said Gregory Treverton, a former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council. "The problem is, he doesn't have all that much time." The prevailing wisdom is that McConnell has about two years, or through the end of the Bush administration, to restore faith in the quality of US intelligence and manage the 16 agencies of the IC as one collaborative system. This may be easier said then done, however. AFIO member and retired Navy Rear Admiral Don Harvey recently pointed out that each of the 16 agencies were created and funded by a larger organization or organizations for a purpose, to meet a specific challenge. Harvey said, "The fundamental needs that led to each intel agency creation still continue and must be served...," and believes that McConnell should focus not on "leading" 16 separate agencies, but guiding them and establishing coordination control amongst the agencies. If successful, some believe McConnell could remain DNI into the next presidency, but the hurdles are significant. As an example of the lingering distrust of American intelligence, Mark Lowenthal, a former CIA official, points to the recent briefing in Baghdad by the Army that showed Iranian involvement in the violence in Iraq. "Look at the reaction to the Iran briefings and how skeptical people were, which is a direct reflection of the Iraq experience," Lowenthal said. "That's going to be a problem for [McConnell], re-establishing the credibility," he said. Even as the 9/11 Commission said US intelligence analysts need to make bold predictions, the doubts that dog their credibility hinder bold analytic pronouncements. McConnell might begin where Negroponte left off. One target of opportunity is the stalled National Intelligence University, which would train interagency analysts under common standards. McConnell could also implement a Negroponte plan that would require intelligence officers to server in multiple agencies in order to be promoted. Insiders say Negroponte was hamstrung during the last year of his tenure due to the lack of a deputy. Gen. Michael Hayden left the deputy DNI position in May 2006 when he was appointed as Director of the CIA. McConnell will need to emplace a strong deputy as soon as possible to gain the necessary momentum to implement change. On the short list of candidates for the deputy spot are Charlie Allen, currently chief of intelligence at the Department of Homeland Security, and David Shedd, currently chief of staff to the DNI. [Harvey/BaltSun 20Feb07/Gorman]

US SENATE MAY SEEK TO CURB SCOPE OF PRESIDENT'S AUTHORITY IN IRAQ Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) said after failing to get a non-binding resolution through the Senate that criticized the President's plan to deploy 21,500 more troops to Iraq, that he would seek to pass binding legislation that would limit the troops' role in Iraq, and begin a phased withdrawal. Although the language of the bill has not been completely worked out, one version would restrict US forces to fighting Al-Qaeda, training Iraqi forces, ensuring the integrity of Iraq's borders, while drawing down US troop levels. The original bill that authorized the Iraq war was passed in 2002 and gave the President broad authority to use the United States Armed Forces " he determines to be necessary and appropriate ... to defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq" and to enforce relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions. The Senate approach differs markedly from the House's direction where a non-binding resolution criticizing the Commander-in-Chief's plan did pass. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she believes the next challenge to the President will come as part of the appropriations bill that funds the war. She is backing a plan by Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) that would require the Pentagon to adhere to strict training and readiness standards for troops headed to the combat zone. Based on current troop strength, the Pentagon would be unable to comply with the new standards, which Murtha says would effectively deny President Bush the troops necessary to support his build up plan. Senate Democrats have privately criticized Murtha's plan, saying it had little chance of passing and could be construed by Republicans to show Democrats denying necessary reinforcements to troops already in harm's way. Some Senate Democrats have recently called on their fellow members of Congress to revoke the 2002 Iraq authorization and rescind the President's authority. Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE), a 2008 Presidential hopeful, said that he was working on legislation that would revoke the President's authority in Iraq and replace it with a much narrower scope, namely fighting terrorists, training Iraqis, reacting to emergencies, and redeploying out of Iraq. Early versions of draft legislation explicitly forbade US forces from any involvement in an Iraqi civil war, but that language has apparently been dropped. It is unclear if the final version of the bill will specifically revoke the 2002 authorization, or just seek to limit it.  Any binding legislation, however, would be subject to a Presidential veto, and it is doubtful the Majority would have the votes necessary to overturn it. [CNN 23Feb07/AP]


TORTURE AND DETAINMENT FROM AN EARLIER CONFLICT: KOSOVO REVISITED In 1999, President Clinton ordered US forces to act as part of a NATO campaign to stop Serbian aggression in its southern republic of Kosovo, which began as escalating skirmishes between Serbian forces and the ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Civil war had erupted in the Former Republics of Yugoslavia since the early 90's and US troops were already part of a peacekeeping force in Bosnia-Herzegovina, maintaining peace amongst the Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian sects there. The Kosovo campaign was carried out through a blistering bombing campaign that killed an estimated 10-12,000 ethnic Albanian civilians and 3,000 Serbs, and included targets in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic finally relented after 78 days and withdrew his forces. A NATO peacekeeping force was installed in Kosovo shortly thereafter. Now, eight years later, a Serbian soldier is going public with his story of how he was captured by the KLA on the Kosovo border with Albanian, detained and tortured in Albania, and then bound, blindfolded and flown to Mannheim, Germany where he was turned over to the US authorities. The soldier, Boban Milenkovic, from the southern Serbian town of Vranje, told Belgrade daily Politika, that he spent 30 days in a CIA prison on a US airbase. He claims that he was repeatedly threatened and humiliated during interrogation by American officers. Milenkovic shared a cell with another Serbian prisoner, Sefko Tairovic, and neither had any idea where there were for several days, until an interpreter revealed their location. Milenkovic said his parents had been informed that he had been killed and never received any of the letters [he sent from prison]. He said the Americans interrogated him for information on Serbian positions and troop strength, and other military secrets, none of which he knew. His interrogators promised to help him emigrate to South America or any other country he chose if he cooperated. After a month, Milenkovic and Tairovic were flown to Budapest, and then driven to the Serbian border where they were released. "When I saw the nameplate of my country at the border, I though I would die from joy,” Milenkovic said. Milenkovic said he decided to break eight years of silence to let the world know "what has been happening on the European soil, and is perhaps still happening” in the name of "the false American democracy." [PJK/AKI 20Feb07]

SPANISH TERRORISM MAGISTRATE INDICATES WIDER AL-QAEDA CONSPIRACY IN 9/11 ATTACKS The 9/11 Commission, acting primarily on information obtained through interrogation of two Al-Qaeda prisoners, Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM), the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 plot, and Ramzi Binalshibh, who was the sole intermediary between KSM and Mohammed Atta, the lead suicide terrorist, determined that the 9/11 attackers acted in isolation from any other Al-Qaeda groups or state sponsors. However, a 697-page report produced by Spain's "terrorism magistrate" Judge Baltazar Garzon in 2003 determined that a Spanish cell headed by Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas --through its connections to Mohamed Atta's Hamburg cell and some of the pilots it recruited--helped plan, finance and support the 9/11 attacks.
    Garzon arrested Yarkas in November 2001 on conspiracy charges and Yarkas is now serving time in prison. Garzon had been investigating the cell since the mid-90's, and had wiretaps, surveillance reports and other intelligence, as well as his own interrogations of suspects and captured documents from Afghanistan. His information shows that both Atta and Binalshibh visited Spain on a number of occasions and probably met with members of Yarkas's cell. Binalshibh maintained that Atta only ever met with him and had no other contacts overseas. However, during Atta's two trips to Spain in January (just after Atta had completed flight training in Florida and qualified as a pilot) and July of 2001, Binalshibh was in Germany. Atta and Binalshibh did meet during the July trip, but Atta remained in Spain for three days after Binalshibh returned to Germany. During Binalshibh's September trip to Spain, just prior to the 9/11 attacks, Atta was in America. Garzon says that his evidence contradicts Binalshibh's, and therefore the CIA's, version of pre-9/11 events.
    Garzon's evidence of the Spanish cell's role in the 9/11 plot includes video tapes that Spanish police had confiscated from the home of one of the Spanish cell members, which methodically surveyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center from five different angles in the late 1990s, to a phone call intercepted by Spanish intelligence in August 2001 (at a time when the hijackers were buying tickets on the planes they planned to commandeer), in which an operative in London informed Yarkas that associates in "classes" had now "entered the aviation field," and were beheading "the bird." Further, during Atta's visit to Spain 7-19 July 2001, just after most of the 9/11 hijackers had gathered in Florida, he logged nearly 2,000 kilometers on his rental car, changed hotels frequently, and disappeared from all hotel registries and made no credit card transactions for a five-day period. Garzon believes that during the missing five days, Atta was housed in a safe house provided by Mohammed Belfatmi, a.k.a., "Mohammed the Algerian," who worked closely with the Spanish cell to get its operatives in and out of Afghanistan for terrorist training. A month before Atta arrived, Belfatmi rented a house in Terragona, very near to where Atta's rental car was last seen parked. During those five days, Binalshibh also entered Spain and vanished. Garzon believes the final planning for the 9/11 attacks was conducted during this time. The Spanish judge was able to determine from phone intercepts that Binalshibh maintained contact with Belfatmi after he returned to Germany, and in a call from Belfatmi to Yarkas on September 1, 2001, Yarkas cut Belfatmi off, telling him not to "continue that theme," apparently (and correctly) suspecting his phone was tapped. Garzon maintains that Binalshibh knew Yarkas, whose private number he had in his phone book when captured, and Belfatmi, and was clearly lying to the CIA in order to protect those that Binalshibh and Atta met in Spain.
    Garzon's findings bring into question the CIA's conclusions about the scope of the 9/11 plot. By saying that no one else was involved--not in Spain, Iran, Hezbollah (when Atta and his coconspirators traversed Iran on their way to and from Afghanistan their passports did not receive the required stamps, and a senior Hezbollah official accompanied the flights), Malaysia, Iraq, the Czech Republic or Pakistan--these detainees allowed the 9/11 Commission to complete its picture of al Qaeda as a solitary entity. [PJK/WSJ 22Feb07/Epstein]


DHS LAUNCHES NEW TRAVELER REDRESS INQUIRY PROGRAM (TRIP) The Department of Homeland Security announced a new, secure system for travelers to seek redress and correct mistakes that occurred through misidentification on a traveler watch list. The new secure system employs encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect personal information. Last week, WINs reported a security flaw that was discovered in TSA's traveler redress system which was not hosted on a secure server [WINs 07-07]. DHS TRIP provides a way for legitimate travelers to address situations where individuals believe they have been incorrectly delayed, denied boarding, identified for additional screening, or have otherwise experienced difficulties when seeking entry into the country. The program also facilitates redress information sharing among the department’s component agencies and creates internal performance measures to monitor progress. [KathyP/DHS 21Feb07]

COFER BLACK AND ROBERT RICHER LAUNCH NEW COMPANY TO ADDRESS INDUSTRY SECURITY AND INTELLIGENCE NEEDS CEO of Total Intelligence Solutions (Total Intel) and former Associate Deputy Director of Operations for the CIA says of his new company, "This new organization unites experts formerly in the government space with terrorism and information warfare experts in the private sector to create an agile and responsive security service for the private sector." Joining Mr. Richer is former Ambassador-at-large Cofer Black, who also served as the chief of counterterrorism for the State Department. Black is the Chairman of Total Intel which merges, under one umbrella, the collective knowledge and complimentary capabilities of three well-established intelligence and security organizations -- The Black Group, the Terrorism Research Center, Inc., and Technical Defense. Amb. Blacks says, "With a service like this, CEOs and their security personnel will be able respond to threats quickly and confidently -- whether it's determining which city is safest to open a new plant in or working to keep employees out of harm's way after a terrorist attack." Total Intel will support Fortune 500 businesses through its Global Fusion Center (GFC), a 24/7 intelligence fusion and warning center that monitors civil unrest, terrorism, economic stability, environmental and health concerns, and information technology security. The GFC fuses information from thousands of open and proprietary sources to create predictive intelligence for an international client base. [PJK/SysConMedia 20Feb07/PR Newswire]

OOPS! IN FIXING OLD MISTAKES, CIA SLIPS UP AGAIN IN UPDATING WORLD FACTBOOK ON SOUTH KOREA Earlier this month, the CIA corrected an error in its on-line resource The CIA World Factbook, which catalogs information about nations of the world and is used as a reference not only by government, but by industry and academia as well. The error concerned the date when South Korea adopted its current constitution. The Factbook stated the date was 1948, however, the correct date is Oct. 29, 1987 (1948 was when S. Korea adopted its first constitution). However, the Factbook added new critical errors as it mistakenly named the two former presidents of the country "KIM Tae-chung" and "KIM Yo'ng-sam" while precisely naming the leader of North Korea (correct spelling is Kim Dae-jung and Kim Young-sam). Some South Korean citizens and civic groups were angered over the errors. "The miscue is very grave. It's an insult to Korea. What if we call U.S. President George W. Bush, George W. Bushman? Then, how would the U.S. government respond?" a Seoul resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, said. "We will ask the CIA to change the error as soon as possible and not to commit similar mistakes again in the future," said Choi Gyung-hwan, a secretary of Kim Dae-jung. This is not the first time the CIA has confused the spelling of the names. In addition, the CIA Factbook continues to use Japanese names for "Sea of Japan" on a map of South Korea instead of "East Sea" despite the country's request for it to be changed. [PJK/AsianMedia 19Feb07/Tae-gyu]



AFIO MEMBER MAX HOLLAND WRITING NEW BOOK ON KENNEDY ASSASSINATION In 2004, author and AFIO member Max Holland wrote the Knopf book The Kennedy Assassination Tapes. His next project is a history of the Warren Commission which he is writing for Knopf. Mr. Holland was joined by Johann Rush, who was a cameraman for WDSU-TV in New Orleans and filmed Lee Harvey Oswald distributing pro-Castro leaflets in front of the International Trade Mart in August 1963, in authoring an article for the History News Network entitled 1963: 11 Seconds in Dallas. The article examines the three shots that were fired that day in Dealey Plaza, and postulates what the Zapruder film shows, and what it might not show, especially with regards to the first shot. [MaxH/HNN 19Feb07/Holland and Rush]


HOW THE CIA WORKS This entertaining site provides a layman perspective on the CIA and takes a look at the history of the CIA and the scandals that have rocked it through the decades, how the organization is structured today, who oversees it and what kinds of checks and balances are in place. It also examines how the spies do their jobs and seeks to determine just how much of that Hollywood stuff is real. [PJK/HowStuffWorks/Wilbert]

[IMPORTANT: AFIO does not "vet" nor endorse career offers, research inquiries or announcements. Reasonable-sounding inquiries are published as a service to members. Exercise your usual caution and good judgment when responding or supplying any information or making referrals to colleagues. Members should obtain prior approval from their agencies before answering questions that would impact ongoing military or intelligence operations - even if unclassified. Never assume public inquiries about classified projects means they've been declassified. Be attuned to false-flagging.


Former Deputy CIA Director Max Hugel dies Max Hugel, the former Deputy Director of the CIA, died from cancer at his horse farm in Ocala, FL on 19 February. He was 81 years old. Mr. Hugel was currently one of the leading owners of New Hampshire's Rockingham Park Race Track. Hugel was a Republican that worked on Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign. After the transition he was appointed head of the Small Business Administration and later as CIA Deputy Director. Hugel also served as the vice chairman of a Washington-based lobbying group founded by Hugel's long-time friend, former Ambassador Gerald Carmen of Manchester. In 1983, he and partners Joseph Carney and Edward Keelan bought the historic Rockingham Park Race Track, and resurrected it after it had been destroyed by a fire. [PJK/BostonGlobe 21Feb07/AP]

Richard Lehman, 83, creator of President's Daily Brief Richard Lehman died February 17 at Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association Hospice House in Concord, N.H., after a stroke. Mr. Lehman had a long career in government service and was credited with creating the President's Intelligence Checklist (PICL) nicknamed the "pickle," for President John F. Kennedy in 1961. The name was later changed to the President's Daily Brief (PDB). He served in the CIA for 33 years (1949-1982). Lehman had a critical role in keeping President Kennedy updated during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. He became a CIA transition liaison for new Presidents. Lehman served as Chairman of the National Intelligence Council from 1979 to 1981. After he retired, Lehman started a consultancy of former intelligence officers called Striges. He moved from McLean, VA to Concord, MA in 2001. He was a St. Louis native and 1944 graduate of Harvard University. He served in the Army during World War II, and stayed on with the occupation forces in Japan. In 1949, he received a master's degree in Russian politics from the University of Virginia. His marriage to Catherine Lehman ended in divorce. His wife of 54 years, Diane Harris Lehman, died in 2002. Survivors include two sons from the second marriage, Michael Lehman of Concord and David Lehman of Lexington, Mass.; a sister, Lois Knaus of Chevy Chase; and six grandchildren. [PJK/WashPost 20Feb07]

Coming Events

27 February 2007 - San Francisco, CA - The AFIO Jim Quesada Chapter hosts luncheon featuring Gen Ronald L. Burgess, Jr., Principal Deputy to Amb. John Negroponte, former Director of National Intelligence Topic: Update on American Intelligence. He has scheduled his trip to California at our request to speak. We recommend you make your reservations early through Mary Lou. In view of the high public information value of the event, students will be admitted at the membership rate. Time: 11:30 a.m. Cocktails, Noon - Start of Luncheon. Location: United Irish Cultural Center (UICC) - St. Patrick's Room (2nd Floor), 2700 - 45th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116 (45th between Sloat and Wawona). Cost: $25 per person, Member Rate - with advance reservations; $35 per person, Non-Member Rate or at door without reservation. For advance reservations, please send the names of the attendees, along with a check made out to AFIO for the luncheon to Mary Lou Anderson at 46 Anchorage Rd, Sausalito, CA 94109 or call her at 415-332-6440 or by email at

27 February 2007 - Washington, DC - Open House at the Institute of World Politics, 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm, The IWP is an accredited graduate school offering M.A. and Certificate programs designed to impart knowledge and understanding of the ethical use of all the instruments of power. Areas of special focus include:  �� National Security Affairs,  �� Statecraft,  �� American Foreign Policy,  �� Military Strategy,  �� Comparative Political Culture,  �� Democracy Building,  �� Intelligence,  �� Counterintelligence,  �� International Politics,  �� Terrorism,  �� Counterterrorism,  �� Arms Control,  �� Public Diplomacy,  �� Political Warfare,  �� Political Economics,  �� Strategic Information Warfare,  �� Immigration,  �� Conflict Resolution. Location: 1521 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036. 202.462.2101 or 1.888.KNOW.IWP. RSVP at

28 February 2007 - Scottsdale, AZ - The Arizona AFIO Chapter will hold their luncheon meeting at Buster's Restaurant in Scottsdale at 11:30 AM. Ronald J. Olive, formerly with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and author of recent best-seller "Capturing Jonathan Pollard: How One of the Most Notorious Spies in American History Was Brought to Justice" will describe the many twists and turns in this fascinating and important case of "friendly espionage." Mr. Olive was the lead investigator in the case. Do not miss this important program. To register or for more information call Bill Williams at (602) 944-2451.

3 March 07 - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter Meeting Contact Quiel Begonia at for details. Meeting held at Orange Park Country Club, 2625 Country Club Blvd, Orange Park, FL.

5 - 7 March 2007 - St. Petersburg, Fl - The Intelligence Summit The Intelligence Summit provides an opportunity for the international intelligence community to listen to and learn from each other. They report that they had attendees from over 36 foreign nations in 2006. Local, State, and Federal law enforcement are also expected to participate in sessions including Intelligence sharing, counter terrorism, port security and biological weapons workshops by international experts. See their 2007 Program at The organizers have kindly extended to AFIO member a 10% discount off attendee fees for the conference. For further questions please call (727) 475-1280 or email

6-8 March 2007 - Arlington, VA - The Seger Consulting Group presents Domestic Terrorism: �The Threat From Within The course will be held at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge, 1900 Fort Myer Drive, Arlington, VA (1-703-807-2000). Learning Objectives include: The threat within the United States from international terrorists; home grown terrorists including anti-government and supremacist groups; cult and single-issue terrorist threats; traditional tactics used by domestic terrorists; weapons of mass destruction: The domestic threat; potential for suicide terrorism within the United States; terrorists targeting law enforcement and military installations; infrastructure threats and challenges; terrorist intelligence collection and target selection; and conducting a local terrorist threat assessment. Schedule is 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Dress is casual. No tape recording is permitted. Each participant will receive an extensive workbook. Participants are responsible for their sleeping rooms. Mention the Seger Consulting Group when making reservations. Please note, the best rates are often found on the Internet. Tuition is US$995.00 and is payable in advance or at the door. Tuition is $795.00 per person if three or more people register from the same organization. Tuition may be paid by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, check or DD Form 1556. If a credit card number is included with the registration, the card will not be charged until one week before the workshop unless otherwise requested. Questions? Contact Karl Seger, telephone (888) 277-9703. E-mail:

10 March 07 - Melbourne, FL - AFIO Florida Satellite Chapter - Slawson on Counterintelligence The AFIO Florida Satellite Chapter March luncheon features Col Thomas Slawson, USAF(ret), a former AF/OSI officer speaking on: Counterintelligence - a Historical Perspective." Slawson, a current member of the chapter, recently published "In Pursuit of Shadows." The luncheon will be held at the Indian River Colony Club (IRCC). A cash bar will open at 1130 hours and lunch will begin at 1230 hours. The cost of the meal is $16.00, reservations requested. For further information please contact George Stephenson, Chapter Vice President at and title your email: AFIO Meeting.

13 March 2007; 6:30 pm - Washington, DC - The Secret History of History - Early Espionage: The Great and Ancient Game - at the International Spy Museum. Espionage is called the second oldest profession. Others say it is difficult to tell the difference between the two. Intrigue, trickery, and guile have always been powerful weapons: Hannibal used disguises, secret hand-shakes, and forgery in his strategy against Rome; Caesar cracked codes; and Persia operated sophisticated spy networks. Spies have shaped the destiny of nations since the beginning of time -- some inspired by patriotism, some driven by fear, others fired by greed or a combination of motives. Col. Rose Mary Sheldon, author of Spies of the Bible, Intelligence Activities in Ancient Rome, and Espionage in the Ancient World will transport you to the earliest days of espionage history. Discover how the first spy masters operated, their tradecraft, and their successes and failures. Tickets: $20 Advance registration required. Registration and further information at

Thursday, 15 March 2007 - the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation is hosting a conference on "FISA: It's History and the Law." The program will be held at the L-3 Communications Maryland Conference Center in the National Business Park at 2720 Technology Dr, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701, from 10:00 a.m. until 12:15 p.m. Lunch will be served following the program. The guest speaker will be Mr. W. K. (Kevin) Powers. Powers is the former NSA Associate General Counsel for Operations and a leading authority on the Foreign Information Surveillance Act (FISA). The presentation will describe the evolution of electronic surveillance law culminating in recent proposals to amend the FISA. It will focus on the privacy protections in the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and highlight several key Supreme Court cases dealing with that amendment. Respond by 01 March to attend. Send $12.00 to cover luncheon expenses prior to the event. Call 301-688-5436 to pay by credit card or mail a check to NCMF, POB 1682, Ft. Meade, MD 20755.

15 March 2007 - Colorado Springs, CO - AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter holds luncheon meeting at the Falcon Room, Air Force Academy Officers Club Cost $10.00 for each lunch buffet. Inquiries to Dick Durham. Treasurer of the Chapter at

27 March 2007 - Scottsdale, AZ - The Arizona AFIO Chapter holds luncheon meeting featuring FBI Counterintelligence Agent. The luncheon meeting at Buster's Restaurant at 11:30 AM will feature FBI Special Agent Lyn Anastasio speaking on the importance of counterintelligence in the US. Businesses and Universities need to be aware of foreign entities attacking US economic and national security. Special Agent Anastasio has been an agent for 10 years, working violent crime for two years and counterintelligence for eight years. Her current position is the Domain Coordinator for the FBI Phoenix Division. Please call Bill Williams (602) 944-2451 to make reservations or for additional information.

27-29 March 2007 - Provo, Utah - Brigham Young University hosts Spying in Film and Fiction Conference The David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah is sponsoring a three day conference on Spying in Film and Fiction on March 27, 28, and 29, 2007. Confirmed presenters are Christopher Andrew, well known Cambridge University historian, author, and official historian of MI5; Loch K. Johnson, widely published intelligence scholar from the University of Georgia; Wesley Wark, University of Toronto historian and frequent commentator on spy films and fiction; Frederick Hitz, former Inspector General of the CIA, lecturer at Princeton and at the University of Virginia, and author of the 2004 book, The Great Game: The Myth and Reality of Espionage; Nicholas Dujmovic, CIA historian; and Stan Taylor, organizer of the conference. The conference is free to the public although letting us know you are planning to attend would be appreciated. Inquiries about local lodging and about the conference schedule may be directed to Cory Leonard, Associate Director of the David M. Kennedy Center, at or 801-422-2980. Any AFIO member who attends will automatically be placed on a post-presentation discussion panel. If you come early or stay late, you can enjoy some excellent early Spring skiing at some of the finest ski resorts in the nation less than an hour from the Brigham Young University campus.

27-28 March 2007 - Fair Lakes, VA- National Military Intelligence Association Seminar on Information Operations This two-day seminar will be at the Northrop Grumman Conference Center in Fair Lakes, VA and will examine information operations and the specific types of intelligence support needed for success. The Conference will be conducted at the SECRET/NOFORN level. Presenters will include the Department of State, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the combatant commands, the Services, and the intelligence community. Key topics include the nature and practice of strategic communications, the mission and daily operations of the Joint Information Operations Warfare Command. Confirmed speakers are Adm William O. Studeman, USN Ret.; Eliot O. Jardines, Asst DDNI for Open Source Intelligence; MG Barbara Fast, Commander, U.S. Army Intelligence Center, Ft. Huachuca, AZ; Col. George J. Franz, Commander, 704thMI Brigade, Ft. Meade, MD; Robert Giesler, Office of the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (IWS); and Col. John Davis, USA, Commander, 1st Information Operations Command and Ambassador Brian Carlson, Office of the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs The Registration Fee starts at $475 for general admission. Seminar information and registration specifics can be found at

28-29 March 2007 - Washington, DC - DEFENSE TRANSFORMATION AND NETWORK-CENTRIC OPERATIONS Conference at NDU A National Defense University and Forces Transformation and Resources Short Course at Marshall Hall, Room 155, Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, DC 20319. FREE to participants.  Program: Defense Transformation and Network-Centric Operations: A Strategic Perspective: Progression in Force Transformation, Dr. Hans Binnendijk, Director, CTNSP/NDU; Department of Defense Strategic Directions for Transformation, Mr. Terry J. Pudas, DASecDef, Forces Transformation and Resources (OUSD-P); The Theory and Practice of Network-Centric Operations for Major Warfighting by Mr. John Garstka, Assistant Director of Operations and Concepts, Forces Transformation and Resources (OUSD-P); DoD Plans and Programs for Information Networks by Dr. Stuart Starr, Sr Research Fellow, CTNSP/NDU; Resources for Force Transformation by Dr. Gordon Adams, Fellow, Wilson Center; Transforming the National Security Community by Mr. Spike Bowman, Sr Fellow, CTNSP/NDU; Applications of Network Centric Operations -- Transformation Case Study: The Stryker Brigade by Colonel Robert Ballew, USA, Transformation Strategist, Forces Transformation and Resources (OUSD-P); 1000 Transformation Case Study: The Stiletto Program by Capt Gary Edwards, USN, Transformation Strategist, Forces Transformation and Resources (OUSD-P); Transformation Case: Littoral Combat Ship by Dr. Stuart Johnson, Senior Research Analyst, RAND Corporation; Transforming the Structure of the Military: Combat Decisions – Rank, Responsibility, or Frontline Positions? by Mr. Bing West, Founder and CEO, GAMMA Corporation; Transformation for Disaster Relief: Response to Hurricane Katrina by LTC John M. Epperly, Virginia National Guard, CDR 3-116 Infantry, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 29th Infantry Division (Light); Transforming the Interagency for Complex Operations by Mr. Bernie Carreau, Senior Research Fellow, CTNSP/NDU; Wrap up and Evaluations. More information/Registration at

6 April 2007 - Houston, TX - AFIO Houston Chapter event speaker confirmed Speaker to be announced later for security reasons. Registration and further details at 1800h 6pm Cocktails. No tickets at the door.

10 April 2007 - Tampa, FL- AFIO Suncoast Chapter meets at 11:30 a.m. at the Officers' Club, at MacDill Air Force Base. Our luncheon speaker is Porter Goss, former Director of the CIA. After graduating from Yale, Porter joined the CIA and worked as a Case Officer in the Directorate of Operations for nine years. He began his political career in local government in 1974 and went on to be elected to Congress in 1988, where he served for 16 years. Among other leadership positions he held, Porter served as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee for 8 years. He left Congress when he was appointed DCI by President George W. Bush. He served as DCI and then Director of the CIA from September 2004 until May 2006. We are honored to have such a dedicated public servant who has been willing to answer the call to serve wherever his country needed him. Due to base security, reservations for this meeting should be received by April 1, 2007. For more information contact Don White,

 20 - 21 April 2007 - New London, CT - AFIO New England Chapter hosts luncheon featuring Dr. Michael Hiam, author of Who the Hell Are We Fighting? The Story of Sam Adams & the Vietnam Intelligence Wars.
The Spring meeting of the David Atlee Phillips New England Chapter will gather 20 - 21 April 2007 at the Lighthouse Inn, 6 Guthrie Place, New London, CT 06320-4206, Telephone 860-443-8411, Reservations 888-443-8411,  Lodging is available to AFIO members at the rate of $155 plus taxes per night in the Mansion; deadline is 21 March.
As is our custom, Friday evening AFIO/NE will host a wine & cheese social 6:00 - 8:00 PM 20 April 2007 followed by a no-host dinner with our speakers at the Lighthouse Inn. The luncheon the next day is $25 per person when paid by check by April 9th or $30 at the door on a first-come-first-serve basis, as seats are available.
Our morning speakers will be the two students who won the 2006 AFIO/NE “Best Paper” competition. First will be Matthew Allatin. Recipient of the graduate student award, he recently completed his MS degree in National Security from the University of New Haven. Matthew will discuss “The al Qaeda Terrorist Organization: A Redefining Look.” This presentation will endeavor to provide an description of al Qaeda, their driving factors & a general understanding of how this terrorist group functions.
Our second morning speaker will be David Lim, recipient of the undergraduate award. He recently graduated with a BA degree in International Relations from Boston University. Next year he will enter Law School. David will discuss his paper on “Organized Crime & Terrorism.”
Our Keynote Speaker Saturday afternoon will be Dr. Michael Hiam who took four years from his practice as a clinical psychologist to research & write Who the Hell Are We Fighting? The Story of Sam Adams & the Vietnam Intelligence Wars (Steerforth, 2006). The book is about CIA Analyst Samuel A. Adams. It reviews his life, career, & obsession to uncover the truth concerning the “numbers controversy” about the strength of the Viet Cong. Adams is a distant relative of the Presidents Adams. Dr. Hiam suggests there are parallels between Intelligence failures in Viet Nam then and now in Iraq He holds degrees in English & History as well as a Ph. D. in Psychology. He is a resident of Newton, MA. For further information contact Arthur Hulnick 617-353-8978.

20-22 April 07 -Weimar, Germany- 13th Annual Meeting of the International Intelligence History Association Organizers: Professor Wolfgang Krieger (Universit�t Marburg / Germany) and Professor Heiner Timmermann (Akademie Rosenhof / Weimar). It has often been said that intelligence services helped keep the peace during the cold war. But there can be no doubt that in many instances intelligence activities led to or intensified international conflict. At least two large-scale wars, in Vietnam and in Afghanistan, resulted directly from massive intelligence failures (and eventually led to further such failures). Throughout the cold war intelligence clashes produced diplomatic or political incidents, such as expelling embassy staff or formal protests against abductions or telephone wiretappings. Intelligence clashes worsened relations , at least temporarily, within each bloc, between the two blocs and with countries outside the blocs. While a fair number of such clashes have already been studied, including naval incidents and incidents relating to espionage overflights, much research is still required before we understand more thoroughly their significance in cold war history. Proposals are to be sent (by February 15th) to -- --. Conference presentations will be limited to 25-30 minutes. While the conference organizers will attempt to provide financial assistance to the conference presenters for travel and accommodation expenses no commitment can be made in advance. For further information please consult our website at -- -- where administrative details will be posted shortly for all who wish to participate in this conference. (This message is also available online at

23-27 April 2007 - Vancouver, British Columbia - International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA)/Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU) 2007 Annual Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. These two organizations represent the largest associations representing both intelligence analysts and intelligence officers in the world; if you go to one training conference in 2007, this should be the one! This is the second joint conference involving IALEIA and LEIU; we worked together on our Annual Conference in Alexandria, VA in 2005, which was a huge success and attracted over 700 attendees. Keynote by Dr Mark Lowenthal, former CIA Assistant Director for Analysis & Production, and discussions on Future Challenges for the Intelligence Community by Dr Thomas Fingar (DNI), Director of National Intelligence Analysis/Chairman National Intelligence Council. Please visit the website for more details David Jimenez-Director of Training, Education, and Career Development, or

For Additional Events two+ months or greater....view our online Calendar of Events


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