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Icon CalendarJuly 2024

Monday, 1 July 2024, noon - in-person - The San Antonio AFIO Chapter meeting will discuss Tyndall AFB's F-35s, Chinese Spying, Armenia-Russia Issues, and NSA Guidance on Smartphones

AFIO BulletThe meeting will be at the Blue Skies Texas West complex, 5100 John D Ryan Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78245. Blue Skies of Texas residents are invited to attend the program. The presentation will be a series of items covering rebuilding of Tyndall AFB for F-35, European researchers responding to Chinese spying, F-35 vs A-10 flyoff = Farewell to the Warthog, the AO-1A Warden aircraft, Armenia divorces Mother Russia, and NSA issues guidance on cell phones. AFIO Members attending should identify themselves to the Blue Skies gate guard as coming for "the intelligence meeting in the Roadrunner Lounge at The Towers." AFIO members attending should park in front of The Towers. You may come early and have lunch in the dining room adjacent to the Roadrunner Lounge. Please pay with a credit card.
Questions? John Franklin, President, AFIO San Antonio Chapter, or call 210 863-0430.

Thursday, 18 July 2024 11:30 AM (MT) – Colorado Springs – The AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter hosts Bill Berry discussing "Philippines-China Territorial Conflict in the South China Sea and Possible U.S. Involvement"

AFIO BulletAbstract: There is another potentially contentious issue, besides Taiwan, that involves conflicting claims in the South China Sea between the Philippines and China. Unlike the relationship between Taiwan and the U.S., the U.S. and the Philippines have a Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) negotiated in 1951 that remains in effect. Recently, China and the Philippines have engaged in increasing hostile actions in the South China Sea. China has used a variety of "grey zone" activities in the effort to intimidate the Philippines. The Biden administration has made it clear that its position is that the MDT applies to these conflicting claims. Consequently, the security relationship between the Philippines and United States has been enhanced. This presentation will explore the history of this potential conflict and possible outcomes.

Bio: William E. Berry, Jr. is a retired Air Force colonel whose 30-year career included assignments in Vietnam (1969-70), the Philippines (1973-75), the Republic of Korea (1984-86), and Malaysia (1990-93). A Cornell PhD, he taught at the Air Force Academy, the National War College, and the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies. He is the author of two books: U.S. Bases in the Philippines: The Evolution of the Special Relationship and Global Security Watch Korea.

For further information, contact Anthony Leto.

Tuesday, 30 July 2024, 7 p.m. - In-Person, Yorba Linda, CA - AFIO Los Angeles Chapter Presentation and Dinner features General David Petraeus former Director of the CIA

AFIO BulletGeneral David Petraeus former Director of the CIA will be the featured speaker we will subsequently meet for dinner following the presentation at 8.30 PM. If you are interested to attend please RSVP using the information below.

Subject: Gen. Petraeus will offer his expert analysis on challenges in Ukraine and across the Middle East
RSVP here: Meet General David Petraeus
Location: Nixon Presidential Library & Museum, 18001 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Dinner follows the presentation at 8.30 PM
Dinner location: Chilis Grill 18380 Yorba Linda Blvd

Questions? Contact Vincent Autiero, President, AFIO-Los Angeles Chapter, at

Icon CalendarAugust 2024

Thursday, 1 August 2024, 6PM-7PM PDT - In-Person - The AFIO-Los Angeles Chapter meets at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum Center to hear Lt Gen Heath Collins, Director, Missile Defense Agency

AFIO BulletFor this event the chapter partners with the Reagan Museum Center for speaker Lt. General Heath Collins, Director of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). More information to follow, in the coming weeks.

Lt. Gen Collins will discuss "the Missile Defense Agency - its responsibilities, its challenges and opportunities, and the importance of what the MDA does every day for our nation's security."

To sign up for the program, please click here.

Lieutenant General Heath Collins is the Director, Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and advises the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering on Missile Defense programmatic policy, requirements, priorities, systems, resources, and programs. MDA's global mission is to develop, test, field, and sustain integrated, layered missile defense capabilities to defend the United States, its deployed forces, allies and friends against missile attacks in all phases of flight. Lt Gen Collins directs the $11 billion global organization with more than 9,000 military, civilian and contract personnel. He exercises management oversight for the Missile Defense System to include program management of missile defense resources which he synchronizes with the services in support of Combatant Command requirements.

Questions: contact Chapter President Vincent Autiero.

Mon 5 Aug 2024, noon (CT) - San Antonio TX - In-Person - The AFIO San Antonio TX Chapter features video interview with Chip Beck, USN on "CIA Special Operations in Cambodia" and on Impact of Houthi Attack Boats on Red Sea Shipping.

AFIO BulletThe first part of the program will be a video interview with Chip Beck, a US Naval officer turned CIA Special Operations Officer working in Cambodia. He has written a book about the last days as he and Cambodian allies fought the Khmer Rouge in this secret war in Cambodia. The non-fiction book is titled Final Days of Heroes. The second part of the program will be a look at the technology and impact of Houthi attack boats which have sunk one oil tanker and damaged several other civilian ships attempting to move into the Red Sea.
Location: The Road Runner Lounge of The Towers at the Blue Skies Texas West complex, 5100 John D Ryan Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78245. Program starts at noon. All Blue Skies residents are encouraged to attend. AFIO Members attending should identify themselves to the Blue Skies gate guard as coming for the intelligence meeting in the Roadrunner Lounge at The Towers. AFIO members attending should park in front of The Towers. You may come early and have lunch in the dining room adjacent to the Roadrunner Lounge. Please pay with a credit card.
Questions to John Franklin, President, AFIO San Antonio Chapter or call 210 863-0430.

Icon CalendarSeptember 2024

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Programs Offered by External Organizations

The National Cryptologic Foundation VIRTUAL PROGRAMS

NCF Virtual Education Programs

Details on the Virtual Education Programs of the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation are available here
Other NCF Events can be found here on NCF website here, and CCH website here.

30 Apr - 02 May 2025 – In Person – Cryptologic History Symposium - National Cryptological Foundation and NSA Center for Cryptologic History, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

Since 1990, the Cryptologic History Symposium has served as an opportunity to present historical scholarship found in unclassified and declassified cryptologic records and engage in discussion about their significance to history. The event is an occasion for historians and those interested in history to gather for reflection and debate on relevant and important topics from the cryptologic past. Regular speakers include historians from CCH, the Intelligence Community, the defense establishment, the military services, scholars from American and international academic institutions, veterans of the cryptologic profession, graduate and undergraduate students, and noted authors. Past symposia have featured scholarship that set out new ways to consider our cryptologic heritage. The conference provides many opportunities to interact with leading historians and other experts. The mix of practitioners, scholars, and interested observers guarantees a lively debate that promotes an enhanced appreciation for past events and their applicability to current and future issues. More information and registration here.


Our #CyberChats are designed to promote cybersecurity education and inspire students to pursue a cyber-related career. NCF #CyberChats are hosted in our Nepris online classroom and also via Zoom. The Chats feature a wide variety of cyber experts and professionals, some who are NCF members. These dedicated professionals share their experiences, insights, advice, and resources with students, parents, and teachers. Chats on a specific topic are often specifically requested by classrooms across the U.S.


The NCF hosts quarterly cryptologic programs, as well as an annual Membership Meeting & Symposium featuring guest speakers. We also partner with the NSA's Center for Cryptologic History in promoting various programs & lectures. During our Anniversary year (April 2021-April 2022), we are hosting a variety of additional special programs and talks, such as our kickoff event in April 2021 that featured a panel of former NSA directors.

In 2021, we began hosting virtual programs via Zoom. However, prior to that our programs were in person. If you are interested in seeing recaps and photos from those prior events, please visit the Quarterly Programs page or Membership Meeting & Symposium page.


The NCF's Education Program hosts Cybersecurity Events with the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), as well as other community partners.The programs highlight relevant cybersecurity topics and feature experts in the field. These events take multiple forms, to include webinars and special events at locations around the National Capitol Region.


Just as the NCF enjoys interviewing professionals and experts for our #CyberChats and Cryptologic Programs, our staff likewise enjoys the opportunity to be interviewed for other organizations' programs or podcasts regarding their experience and knowledge. 

For more information on in-person and virtual activities of the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation ( [NCF], explore their website at

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