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AFIO Local Chapter Listings -
[N.B. To join a local chapter, one must first be a member of AFIO National. To remain a chapter member, your national membership must be current.]

If you are not served by a nearby AFIO Chapter and wish to consider starting one in your region, contact AFIO Headquarters at


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ARIZONA - The AFIO Arizona Chapter — (Phoenix area)

John W. Heinrich II, Capt USNR, President
Dr. Ken Fauth, CPP, LtCol., USA (Ret), Secretary-Treasurer; Former President


ARIZONA - Northern Arizona AFIO Chapter (Prescott)

Ronald B. Anderson, President
Nicholas Angiolillo, Vice President
[Vacant], Treasurer
Nicole Wood, Secretary

CALIFORNIA - The Los Angeles AFIO Chapter

Vince Autiero, President
John Hallstead, Treasurer
Los Angeles, CA

CALIFORNIA - San Diego AFIO Chapter

Contact to indicate interest in reactivating this chapter and serving as an officer.

CALIFORNIA - The "André Le Gallo" San Francisco Bay Area AFIO Chapter
Inquiries to:

Robert Landgraf, President
Cyrille Betant, Vice President - Business Advisor
Matthew Brazil, Vice President - Academic Advisor
Mariko Kawaguchi, Secretary
Peter Bresler, Treasurer
Daryl Jones, Technical Advisor


COLORADO - The AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter  (Denver Area)

Pieter Post Uiterweer, President
Bob Mitchell, Vice President
Vicki King, Treasurer
Stephen Pease, Secretary
Warren Gerig, Member-at-Large

FLORIDA - The North Florida AFIO Chapter [Orange Park, FL] (Jacksonville Area)

Will Hux, President
Dane E. Baird, Vice President
Ken Meyer, Secretary
Quiel F. Begonia, Treasurer or call 904-545-9549

FLORIDA - The AFIO Satellite Chapter (Space Coast /  Melbourne Area)
Laurence Sanford, President
Molly Tasker, Vice-President
Bill Prince, Treasurer
Marilyn Sanford, Secretary

FLORIDA - Suncoast Chapter (Tampa Bay Area)

Gary Gorsline, President
Jay Michlin, Vice President
Michael F. Shapiro, Secretary
Lauren Singer, Assistant Secretary
Bill Brown, Treasurer

Website: Suncoast Chapter Website Link

FLORIDA - The Southwest Florida AFIO Chapter (Naples, Ft Myers, Port Charlotte Area) - Inactive
Contact to indicate interest in reactivating this chapter and serving as an officer.

FLORIDA - The "Ted Shackley" Miami-Dade County AFIO Chapter (Miami / Ft Lauderdale / Homestead) - Inactive
Contact to indicate interest in reactivating this chapter and serving as an officer.

GEORGIA - The AFIO Atlanta Chapter

Brian J. Hooper Esq, President — To participate in new chapter, call Mr. Hooper at 404-403-8004
Jack Aguero, Vice-President
Michael A.M. Brown PhD, Vice-President
Edward L. Mienie PhD, Secretary
Ethan Armentrout, Treasurer
Amb. Theodore R. Britton Jr
, Chairman
Maj. Gen. Larry Taylor USMCR (ret.), President Emeritus

INDIANA - (Includes Illinois region) - The AFIO Illinois-Indiana Chapter

Vernon J. Petri, President
John Fanning, Vice President

Website: Illinois-Indiana Chapter Website

MAINE - The Maine Chapter

Michael Severance,President, 207 967-4298
, Vice President

Website: Maine Chapter Website

MICHIGAN - The AFIO Michigan Chapter - In Memory of Johnny Micheal Spann

Richard Tropea, President
Charles Kirkpatrick, Secretary
David Barnes, Treasurer

Website: Michigan Chapter Website

NEVADA - The AFIO "Roger E. McCarthy" Las Vegas Chapter - Las Vegas, NV

Gregg Schiffbauer, President
Vacant, Vice President
Linda Cohn, Secretary
Cornelius Schmitt, Treasurer
Christine Zalesny, Ambassador

VermontMassachusetts Maine NewHampshire

NEW ENGLAND - The "David Atlee Phillips" New England Chapter

Contact the NE Chapter President -- Arthur Harvey -- if are interested in the programs of this chapter. Or Sarah Moore.            

AREA COVERED:  Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, N New York, Rhode Island, E and NW Connecticut.

NEW MEXICO - The AFIO "Tom Smith" New Mexico Chapter - Albuquerque

Sam Shaw, President
Tom Dyble, Vice President
Bob Hull, Secretary
Richard Sullivan, Treasurer


NEW YORK - The AFIO New York Metropolitan Chapter    

David Hunt, President / Secretary or call 301-520-1417
Richard R. Valcourt, Ph.D., Vice President
[vacant], Vice President
Metro New York City, including Eastern New Jersey, Southern Connecticut and Upstate New York

NORTH CAROLINA - The AFIO Western North Carolina-area Chapter (in formation)

Currently Inactive as of 2019
Contact to indicate interest in reactivating this chapter and serving as an officer.
Areas include Raleigh-Durham and greater Charlotte.

OHIO - The AFIO Great Lakes Chapter (Cleveland, Ohio and Northern Great Lakes Region)

John Heinsons, President
Cal Kirschner, Vice President / Historian
Stanley Jaffe, Treasurer
Vacant, Secretary

OREGON - The AFIO Columbia River (OR) - Chapter (includes the Washington State region adjoining the Columbia River)

Professor Carl "Tony" Wege, President
John Roberts, Secretary/Treasurer
Jeanne Kurzenhauser, Director-at-Large


Chapter History as a PDF as of 2020 (compliments of Professor Tony Wege)

PUERTO RICO - Chapter Formation Being Explored in 2021-22

Albert Grajales, Acting Organizer

TENNESSEE REGION - The East Tennessee (TN) AFIO Chapter - (includes Nashville, Knoxville, Western North Carolina, and North Georgia)

Rebecca Stockwell. President
Jean Edwards, Vice President
Anne Jordan, Secretary
Joseph V. Williams III, Treasurer
Maximilian Merimee, Technical Advisor
Jeff Jarriel, Chapter Historian


TEXAS - The Greater Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW), Texas Metroplex

Hayes Lewis, President


TEXAS - The AFIO San Antonio Chapter

John Franklin, President
[vacant] , Secretary
[vacant], Treasurer


VIRGINIA - The AFIO "Norman Forde" Hampton Roads Virginia Chapter - Hampton Roads/Norfolk area. Currently inactive.

Contact to indicate interest in reactivating this chapter and serving as an officer.

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