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AFIO Local Chapter Listings -
[N.B. To join a local chapter, one must first be a member of AFIO National. To remain a chapter member, your national membership must be current.]

If you are not served by a nearby AFIO Chapter and wish to consider starting one in your region, contact AFIO Headquarters at

ARIZONA - Phoenix Chapter

Ken Fauth, President
Mrs. Lauri Phillips, Vice President
Simone S. Lopes, Secretary/Treasurer/Communications

Website: Arizona Chapter Website

CALIFORNIA - Los Angeles Chapter

Vince Autiero, President
John Hallstead, Treasurer
Los Angeles, CA

CALIFORNIA - San Diego Chapter

Questions about chapter to

CALIFORNIA - The "André Le Gallo" San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Inquiries to:


Thérèse Le Gallo, President
Robert Landgraf, Vice President
Mariko Kawaguchi, Secretary
Peter Bresler, Treasurer

COLORADO - Rocky Mountain Chapter  (Denver Area)

Pieter Post Uiterweer, President
Warren Gerig, Vice President
Stephen Pease, Secretary
Thomas VanWormer, Treasurer
Robert Olislagers, Member at Large

FLORIDA - North Florida Chapter [Orange Park, FL]
Dane E. Baird, President
[vacant], Vice President
Quiel F. Begonia, Secretary/Treasurer or call 352-332-6150

FLORIDA - Satellite Chapter (Space Coast /  Melbourne Area)
Joseph A. Finley, PhD CPP, President
Jack Lee
, Vice President
Rhonda Rhoads, Secretary/Treasurer
Molly Tasker-Curtis, Executive Officer
Cpt. Eileen Norrington, Chaplain

FLORIDA - Suncoast Chapter (Tampa Bay Area)
Website:Suncoast Chapter Website Link

Gary Gorsline, President
Jay Michlin, Vice President
Michael F. Shapiro, Secretary
Lauren Singer, Assistant Secretary
Bill Brown, Treasurer

FLORIDA - Ted Shackley Miami-Dade County AFIO Chapter (Miami / Ft Lauderdale / Homestead) - Currently Inactive as of 2015
Contact to indicate interest in reactivating this chapter and serving as an officer.

GEORGIA - The AFIO Atlanta Chapter

Brian Hooper, President. To participate in new chapter, call Mr. Hooper at 404-403-8004.

INDIANA - (Includes Illinois region) - The AFIO Illinois-Indiana Chapter

Vernon J. Petri, President

MAINE - The Maine Chapter
Website: Maine Chapter Website

Michael Severance,President, 207 967-4298
, Vice President

MICHIGAN - The AFIO Michigan Chapter - In Memory of Johnny Micheal Spann
Website: Michigan Chapter Website

Richard Tropea, President
Charles Kirkpatrick, Secretary
Marshall Adams, Treasurer

NEVADA - The 'Roger E. McCarthy' Chapter - Las Vegas, NV

[Events held at Los Prado Country Club, 5150 Los Prados Cir, Las Vegas, NV 89130]

Gregg Schiffbauer, President
Richard E. Smith
, Vice President
Linda Cohn, Secretary
Cornelius Schmitt, Treasurer
Christy Zalesny, Ambassador
Dr. John Alexander, Media Representative

VermontMassachusetts Maine NewHampshire

NEW ENGLAND - The 'David Atlee Phillips' New England Chapter

Contact Art Harvey if are interested in the programs of this chapter.            

AREA COVERED:  Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, N New York, Rhode Island, E and NW Connecticut.

NEW MEXICO - The 'Tom Smith' New Mexico Chapter (Albuquerque)

Sam Shaw, President
Tom Dyble, Vice President
Bob Hull, Secretary
Richard Sullivan, Treasurer

NEW YORK - The New York Metropolitan Chapter    

Jerry Goodwin, President / Secretary (646-717-3776)
Andris Kurins, Vice-President / Treasurer
Richard R. Valcourt, Ph.D., Vice-President
David Hunt, Vice-President
Metro New York City, including Eastern New Jersey, Southern Connecticut and Upstate New York

NORTH CAROLINA - The Western North Carolina-area Chapter (in formation)

Ross Bulla, President
Inquiries to:
Areas include Raleigh-Durham and greater Charlotte.

OHIO - The Great Lakes Chapter (Cleveland, Ohio and Northern Great Lakes Region)

John Heinsons, President
Cal Kirschner, Vice President / Historian
Stanley Jaffe, Treasurer
Arlene McNamara, Secretary

OREGON - The Columbia River (OR) Chapter

Professor Carl Wege, President
Forrest Frank, Secretary/Treasurer
Terry Valois, Director-at-Large

TEXAS - San Antonio Chapter

Jack Gatewood, President
Joe Ware, Secretary

VIRGINIA - The 'Norman Forde' Hampton Roads Virginia Chapter [Hampton Roads/Norfolk area] currently inactive.

President - position is vacant at this time. For questions about this chapter contact 

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