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Programs & Initiatives

Publication, News and Media Forums

  • Weekly Intelligence Notes (WINs) – an e-Newsletter containing commentaries on current intelligence issues and events, as well as reports on the latest books and publications. Members opt-in if the wish to receive this weekly publication.
  • Intelligencer - a printed 3 issues/year 150-page journal examining contemporary and historical intelligence and counterintelligence issues
  • Guide to the Study of Intelligence - online collection of academic papers and reading lists to assist with the teaching and study of the wide range of fields covered by the U.S. Intelligence Community
  • Website - Intelligence community information, member and chapter updates, schedules, calendars, bulletin boards, publications, employment positions and more
  • AFIO's Guide to the Study of Intelligence, Peter Oleson, Editor; Introduction by Robert Gates, PhD - a 788-page book being sold directly by AFIO and on Amazon.
  • Media Bureau - provides intelligence professionals for film, TV, radio and print news media inquiries regarding fast-breaking national intelligence, counterintelligence and terrorism issues
  • Speakers Bureau - provides AFIO speakers for community associations and events, including corporate events

Conferences, Seminars and Symposia

  • Annual spring or autumn symposium
  • Annual national convention, general membership meeting and awards banquet combined with the annual symposium
  • Quarterly Washington, DC luncheons featuring prominent speakers
  • Meetings by our chapters

Academic Support & Outreach

  • Free distribution of our annually updated guide "Careers in Intelligence" supplied in quantity to students, parents, and guidance counsellors at no charge.
  • A variety of annual scholarships listed on our scholarships page on this website.
  • Meritorious educational awards for students and instructors
  • Multi-media support and materials for educational use
  • Support for the development of an “Intelligence & Counterintelligence” overview course
  • Support to professors teaching intelligence and intelligence-related courses
  • Research support, book, reference and publication reviews
  • Tuition scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for AFIO members and active professionals

Community, Corporate and Member Activities

  • Community outreach programs, chapter meetings and conferences
  • Threat awareness and counterintelligence education
  • Career development, employment support and job placement
  • Networking and social/collegial interaction
  • Volunteer opportunities for AFIO activities
  • Awards, recognition and community participation for worthy cause

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