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INTELLIGENCER: Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies

We thank Peter Oleson, Senior Editor of Intelligencer, and Editor of AFIO's Guide to the Study of Intelligence, for online release of the following articles which appeared in the print-only Intelligencer journal:

Cyber Intelligence by Robert M. Clark and Peter C. Oleson

Wet Affairs, Part I: Stalin's Disciple: Vladimir Putin and Russia's Newest "Wet Affairs" by Peter Oleson

Wet Affairs, Part II: Significant Murders or Attacks Related to Putin's Regime by Peter Oleson

Intelligencer features papers, book announcements and reviews by intelligence professionals, and analyses of important intelligence topics. The Journal, which runs 128 pages per issue, appears three times a year, and reaches over 5,000 members and subscribers of which are many government agencies and libraries, universities, and Congress.
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Table of Contents of Intelligencers

PERISCOPE, an earlier AFIO member publication, was discontinued in 2006 and its coverage of association members and events was added to Intelligencer journal which was expanded by 40 pages.

Ordering back issues: some issues of our journal have sold out. Before ordering, view this PDF of available issues. The price is $15 per copy. Includes postage to a U.S.-based address. After viewing the PDF of available issues, send by email at your list of issues wanted, quantity, credit card info and shipping address. If you wish to subscribe to the publication, do so at this link: SUBSCRIBE

Intelligencer - is not available online or in digital form. It is print, only. Cover images, L to R, are shown in descending order of date.

                   AFIO Intelligencer SpringSummer 2014            Intelligencer Fall Winter 2011                             

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