AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #18-13 dated 7 May 2013

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Section IV - Obituaries and Coming Events


Coming Educational Events

Current Calendar New and/or Next Two Months ONLY



FRIDAY, 10 May 2013

Space limited.

Badge Pick-up at 10:30 a.m.

1 p.m. speaker

David R. Shedd

Deputy Director,
Defense Intelligence Agency

11 a.m. speaker

Col. John B. Alexander, PhD

Senior Fellow with
the Joint Special Operations
University; Former Green Beret Commander,
Los Alamos Project Director

Presenting his findings on....

UFOs and the Intelligence Community

3-course Lunch at Noon

Check-in for badge pickup at 10:30 a.m.
Col. Alexander begins his presentation at 11 a.m.
Lunch served at noon
Deputy Director Shedd begins his presentation at 1 pm
Morning and Afternoon programs are On The Record

The latest intelligence books, and many others, for sale throughout event.

Event closes at 2 p.m.

Complete Registration Form HERE
EVENT LOCATION: The Crowne Plaza
1960 Chain Bridge Road � McLean, Virginia 22102
Driving directions here or use this link:

23 May and 24 May, 2013 Schorreck Memorial Lectures

---Thursday, May 23 – 1000-1200: "Understanding the Allied Approach to Radio Intelligence in the Pacific Theatre during World War II"

---Friday, May 24 – 0930-1130: "The Thought Behind High-level Cryptological Discovery, 1930-1945"

The Center for Cryptologic History is pleased to announce the upcoming 2013 Henry F. Schorreck Memorial Lecture. The Schorreck Lecture is a series of historical lectures named in honor of the former NSA Historian. It is presented annually by preeminent scholars who address cryptologic issues with an historical perspective. Previous talks have been delivered by scholars in the field such as David Kahn, Christopher Andrew, John Ferris, and Stephen Budiansky.

The speaker this year will be Dr. Peter W. Donovan, pictured below, of the Department of Mathematics, University of New South Wales, Australia. A renowned expert in several subfields of mathematics, as well as on cryptologic history, Dr. Donovan has conducted some of the most innovative and path-breaking work to date on the Allied effort to break Japanese encipherment systems in use during WWII. He will be presenting two separate lectures detailing the cipher war in the Pacific, including revelations about the weaknesses in the Japanese naval codes that the Allies exploited, all of which led to dramatic successes on the battlefield.

Peter Donovan

These talks are free and open to the public. They will be held in the Magic Room of the National Cryptologic Museum.  For more information about this event, please contact the Center at 301-688-2336 or

A description of these can be found here and on the museum website here,.



CIA Selects New Head of Clandestine Service, Passing Over Officer Tied to Interrogation Program. A CIA officer who was the first woman to lead the agency's clandestine service, but was also closely tied to the agency's interrogation program, will not get to keep that job as part of a management shake-up announced Tuesday by CIA Director John O. Brennan, U.S. officials said.

The woman had served as director of the National Clandestine Service on an interim basis over the past two months and was seen by many in the agency as a front-runner to keep the post, which involves overseeing the CIA's spying operations around the world.

But the woman, who remains undercover, faced opposition from senior lawmakers over her ties to an interrogation program that critics have said employed torture to get information from al-Qaeda captives after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Instead, Brennan has given the job to a 57-year-old veteran male officer who served multiple overseas tours in Pakistan, Latin America and Africa, according to public records. He is also undercover, U.S. officials said. [Read more: Miller/WashingtonPost/7May2013]

Sensitive Army Database of U.S. Dams Compromised; Chinese Hackers Suspected. U.S. intelligence agencies traced a recent cyber intrusion into a sensitive infrastructure database to the Chinese government or military cyber warriors, according to U.S. officials.

The compromise of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' National Inventory of Dams (NID) is raising new concerns that China is preparing to conduct a future cyber attack against the national electrical power grid, including the growing percentage of electricity produced by hydroelectric dams.

According to officials familiar with intelligence reports, the Corps of Engineers' National Inventory of Dams was hacked by an unauthorized user believed to be from China, beginning in January and uncovered earlier this month.

The database contains sensitive information on vulnerabilities of every major dam in the United States. There are around 8,100 major dams across waterways in the United States.

Pete Pierce, a Corps of Engineers spokesman, confirmed the cyber incident but declined to provide details. [Read more: Gertz/FreeBeacon/1May2013]

SEC Subpoenas Firm, Individuals in a Case of Leaked Information. The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued subpoenas to a firm and individuals in connection with the leak last month of a federal funding decision that appeared to cause a surge in stock trading of several major health companies.

The move deepens the government's scrutiny of the growing "political intelligence" industry, which has been thriving on delivering valuable information from Washington to investors. This relatively new breed of companies capitalizes on the fact that decisions made in Washington - whether a regulator blocking a big merger or a lawmaker tweaking legislation - can create opportunities for stock traders to make money.

The latest case emerged April 1 when Height Securities, a Washington-based stock brokerage firm, alerted its clients that the government would soon make a decision favoring private health insurers who participate in a Medicare program.

The alert went out 18 minutes before the end of the trading day, sparking a surge in trading in the shares of several major health-care firms, including Humana and Aetna. The official government announcement was made after trading closed for the day. [Read more: WashingtonPost/1May2013]

Number of Names on U.S. Counter-Terrorism Database Jumps. The number of names on a highly classified U.S. central database used to track suspected terrorists has jumped to 875,000 from 540,000 only five years ago, a U.S. official familiar with the matter said.

Among those was suspected Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, whose name was added in 2011. The increase in names is due in part to security agencies using the system more in the wake of the failed 2009 attack on a plane by "underpants bomber" Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab in Detroit.

Intelligence and law enforcement officials acknowledged in Congress that they had missed clues to that attack despite Abdulmutallab's name appearing in the main database, known as TIDE.

Maintained by the National Counterterrorism Center, the highly classified database is not a "watchlist" but instead is a repository of information on people whom U.S. authorities see as known, suspected or potential terrorists from around the world. [Read more: Hosenball/Reuters/2May2013]

Nun, Other Activists Face Trial for Breaching US Nuclear Security. Jury selection began on Monday in the trial of an elderly nun and two other environmental activists who broke into a supposedly secure facility that stores enriched uranium for nuclear bombs, embarrassing the U.S. government.

The three activists are charged with sabotage and destruction of government property after they cut through several fences last July to reach the heavily guarded Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

They admitted to walking for two hours through the complex - which prosecutors described as the "Fort Knox" of U.S. nuclear installations - and spray painted slogans and hammered on the walls of an enriched uranium facility. Fort Knox is the heavily guarded U.S. military base where gold reserves are stored.

When a guard finally confronted them they offered him food and began singing. [Read more: Peeden/Reuters/6May2013]

Former FBI 'Spy Hunter' from Sleepy Hollow to Remain in Utah Prison. A former FBI "spy hunter" from Sleepy Hollow will remain behind bars in a Utah prison while he awaits trial on conspiracy and bribery charges, a federal judge in Salt Lake City ruled Friday.

U.S. District Judge Tena Campbell, who will preside over the trial, upheld another judge's earlier order revoking bail for Robert Lustyik, 50, in the latest twist in the cloak-and-dagger case that involves more than 7,000 pages of sealed, confidential federal documents.

Campbell had scheduled a hearing following the March 19 decision to jail Lustyik.

Prosecutors had argued that the ex-agent be jailed after they claimed that Lustyik didn't make good on his $2 million bail and violated the terms of his release by meeting with witnesses in the case.

Lustyik was indicted by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Salt Lake City late last year along with childhood friend Johannes Thaler, a former Tarrytown resident. [Read more: Fitz-Gibbon/LoHud/4May2013]

Maine US Sen. King: Intelligence Community Will Need New Strategies to Deal with Lone Wolves. The intelligence community may have to adopt new strategies to deal with so-called lone-wolf terrorists who aren't directly linked to governments or terror groups, Sen. Angus King said Friday in an interview with The Associated Press.

Two ethnic Chechens from Russia are suspected of acting without aid in setting off a pair of bombs at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring more than 260, which presents new challenges for an intelligence apparatus that has been working to bringing down terrorist organizations since 9/11, King said.

"That may be the serious threat of the future and in some ways it's a more difficult threat to counter than an organized group like al-Qaida," King said.

King, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said it'll be up to law enforcement and intelligence agencies to determine for sure that the suspects, brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, didn't receive help in their alleged plot. Tamerlan Tsarnaev died after a gunbattle with police, and his younger brother is in federal custody. [Read more: Sharp/AP/3May2013]

Sequestration Slows Document Declassification. The process of declassifying national security records, which is hardly expeditious under the best of circumstances, will become slower as a result of the mandatory budget cuts known as sequestration.

Due to sequestration, "NARA has reduced funding dedicated to the declassification of Presidential records," the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) said in a report last week.

"Instead, NARA staff will prepare documents for declassification, in addition to their existing duties. This will slow declassification processes and delay other work, including FOIA responses and special access requests," said the new report, which also identified several other adverse effects of the across-the-board cuts.

Meanwhile, because of the basic asymmetry between classification and declassification, there is no particular reason to expect a corresponding reduction in the rate at which new records are classified. [Read more: Aftergood/FAS/1May2013]

Turkish Intelligence Agency to 'Secure' Release of Kidnapped Lebanese Pilgrims. Lebanese pilgrims kidnapped in Aleppo in May 2012 are expected to be freed within days on the initiative of the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT).

Syrian opposition groups linked to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) kidnapped a group of 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims traveling to Iran after they crossed into Syria from Turkey. Two pilgrims have been released thanks to the intervention of Turkish diplomats, however, nine are still being held hostage.

MİT is expected to secure the release of the pilgrims, according to Anatolia news agency, which also recorded footage of them in an unknown location. [Read more: AnatolaNewsAgency/5May2013]

Defense Intelligence Agency to Hold Industry Day. The Defense Intelligence Agency is requesting participation from industry at DIA Innovation Day 2013 to be held at DIA headquarters in Washington, D.C., on June 27, 2013.

The Defense Intelligence Agency cancelled the 2013 Defense Intelligence Worldwide conference back in March, and this industry facing event will give the DIA an opportunity to brief industry.

This will be an unclassified event, and will be an opportunity for industry to hear presentations from agency senior leadership on DIA's current and emerging challenges in the context of an increasing austere fiscal posture.

The theme to this event is "In Partnership with Industry - One Mission One Team." Registration and additional details may be found at [Read more: DefenseSystems/6May2013]

Intelligence Staffers Left Off Awards for 'Distinguished' Employees. During this period when many federal employees face furlough days, reduced or frozen pay and continued uncertainty, there was a brief respite last week when high-ranking staffers were honored with a State Department banquet.

The big checks they get aren't bad either.

Unfortunately, some federal workers key to our national security were ignored.

Forty-six workers honored with the Presidential Ranks of Distinguished Executive and Distinguished Professional awards are a rare group. Those eligible for the award make up just 1 percent of Senior Executive Service members and other senior-level civil servants. The honor includes a monetary prize equal to 35 percent of each individual's pay, an amount set by statute. The prize for Meritorious Award winners is 20 percent of their pay.

That's a good chunk of change, particularly during a time of budget cuts. But it's small change compared with the amount of money Uncle Sam saved because of these civil servants, many of whom could make much bigger salaries in the private sector. [Read more: Davidson/WashingtonPost/30April2013]


Friends, Spies and Espionage. Yeon Kim was crazy about soccer. Born, raised and in part educated in Asia's most successful World Cup soccer nation, South Korea, he always loved the game. And for more than a decade this respected Australian government agricultural trade analyst spent his Saturday afternoons playing social soccer at Kambah Oval in Canberra's southern suburbs.

The Saturday matches were informal but competitive. The players, a mix of Australian locals and some foreigners from Canberra's diplomatic community, generally divided into two evenly matched teams, would usually play for a couple of hours.

Occasionally there were disputes on the field, and Kim complained about ''South American players... who had hot tempers and were spoiling his enjoyment''. Generally, however, the mood was relaxed and friendly and Kim regarded Saturday soccer as one of his favourite pastimes. But in late 2010 and through 2011 not everyone at Kambah Oval was focused on the world game.

Surveillance officers from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation were sitting on the sidelines or eating sandwiches and drinking coffee in the car park while they discreetly watched and photographed Kim and another soccer enthusiast, South Korean embassy minister-counsellor Hoo-Young Park.

Park is a senior officer of South Korea's National Intelligence Service; in ordinary parlance, a spy. Kambah Oval was a somewhat incongruous focus in a major ASIO counter-espionage investigation. [Read more: SydneyMorningHerald/2May2013]

CIA's New Tech Guru Hails From AOL (But Don't Hold That Against Her). A former AOL vice president is poised to become one of the Central Intelligence Agency's top science and technology officers. But before you make those jokes about CD-ROMs and octogenarians on dial-up, keep in mind: she's also been a NASA Jet Propulsion Lab engineer, a top spy, and a champion of open source software, too.

Dawn Meyerriecks was in charge of AOL's product technologies group, where in the mid-2000s she oversaw the relaunching of and the company's iconic Instant Messenger. That makes her the first Internet executive to become one of the CIA's top techies.

Meyerriecks' move to become Langley's Deputy Director for Science and Technology isn't entirely unexpected, however. Not only has she spent most of her career in the worlds of national security, intelligence, and aerospace - first at JPL, and most recently as Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Acquisitions and Technology. (The AOL job came in between.) But the intelligence community has also become increasingly aggressive in reaching out to Silicon Valley and the broader technology community. This appointment might make those ties even tighter - that is, if beleaguered AOL is still considered a legitimate tech credential. [Read more: Shachtman/Wired/30April2013]

WWII Jewish Spy Recognized for Service. Frederick Mayer is not a man of large stature, but the strength of his handshake and the height of his real-life tall tales show otherwise.

Rolling a piece of hard candy around in his mouth, Mayer allowed entry to the split-level home he built in the 1970s in order to share stories of his service during World War II. As he sat down on a modern-style couch beneath the picture window of his living room, Mayer said he would answer any questions that were asked.

And there are many questions to be asked of a Jewish spy who aided in the thwarting of German resupply into Italy and negotiated the peaceful surrender at Innsbruck. [Read more: Molenda/JournalNews/4May2013]

Making a Difference in the Counterterrorism Community. Announcing the standup of the Joint Counterterrorism Assessment Team (JCAT) at the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), where public safety professionals, law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire service, intelligence, homeland security, and public health officials �law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire service, intelligence,

At the NCTC, they recognize the best approach to combat terrorism is to bring all instruments of national power together, especially where intelligence, first responder, and the federal, state, and local jurisdictions intersect. This approach includes the integration of state and local public safety officers into federal intelligence collaboration, analysis, and information sharing. To that end, NCTC established the JCAT as the successor to the Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group (ITACG). 

The ITACG was a successful model of interagency cooperation and information sharing lauded by federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT for short) homeland security, intelligence, and law enforcement partners nationwide. The cornerstone to ITACG's success was SLTT homeland security and law enforcement officers detailed to NCTC on one year tours to work side-by-side with federal intelligence analysts.

JCAT differs from its predecessor in subtle, but significant ways. [Read more: FireEngineering/3May2013]

10 Things You Might Not Know About the Bureau of Intelligence and Research. The first thing you might not know about the State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) is that it even exists. It is among the smallest offices of the intelligence community, and its work is considered some of the finest. Unlike the CIA, the INR is strictly an analytical bureau, and its employees are encouraged to focus on individual issues and places. Their analyses keep diplomats and officials well informed and, hopefully, honest in foreign affairs. Here are a few things you might not know about the Bureau of Intelligence and Research. [Read more: Grady/ClearanceJobs/3May2013]

CIA Agents Use Pseudonyms to Review Spy Fiction. The novels of John le Carr�, the British spy writer, have been given the thumbs up by CIA officers, who use pseudonyms to review espionage books for Studies in Intelligence, an Agency in-house journal.

Le Carr� is considered to portray the world of espionage far more accurately than American writers, although his later books are criticised for their shrill anti-US tone.

Writing in the introduction to a special reviews edition of the journal, John McLaughlin says: "...what the public sees and reads is with rare exception fantasy mixed with a few kernels of truth. This is particularly true when it comes to American authors... We have not yet produced an espionage novelist with the maturity and perfect pitch so frequently found in the work of British masters such as John le Carr� - although writers such as Charles McCarry and David Ignatius are edging into that circle."

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, le Carr�'s 1963 novel, comes in for special praise from Barry Royden, a former operations officer. "Le Carr�'s description of intelligence operational life as seen through the eyes of a case officer is well grounded," he writes. "I found particularly insightful Leamus's thoughts about 'living' the role of the that he didn't inadvertently say or do something inconsistent with his cover story. This equates very closely with the kind of training that we have seen necessary for agents who will be directed to try to penetrate terrorist networks by feigning dedication to their beliefs."

Le Carr�'s post 9/11 books are, however, criticised for containing "increasingly shrill anti-Americanism". [Read more: Stock/TheTelegraph/3May2013]

'We Do Have a Special Genius for the Job': Female CIA Veteran on the Invisible Army of Women Hunting Terrorists. A CIA analyst has lifted the lid on the role of female intelligence officers hunting for Osama bin Laden.

Susan Hasler worked at the CIA for 21 years and says although women were instrumental in tracking down the terrorist, they are still invisible.

Mrs. Hasler, who joined the agency in 1983, says it was women in the 1990s that first recognised the threat from Al Qaeda by piecing together intelligence.

As a result she said she was bitterly disappointed in May 2011 following the US operation to kill Bin Laden after he was tracked to a compound in Pakistan.

'I watched talking heads on every network hold forth on the takedown. Almost without exception, they were men. I felt like my female colleagues had been erased from the picture,' she explained.

Mrs. Hasler, who resigned in 2004 and now lives in Singers Glen, Virginia told CNN that women are good counterterrorism analysts because they do not allow their ego to complicate their role. [Read more: Reilly/MailOnline/6May2013]

Toronto Mobile Firm Reveals How it got CIA Contract. Interested in landing a lucrative business contract with the likes of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency or the Federal Bureau of Investigation?

Despite their cloak-and-dagger reputation, dealing with these covert government agencies is not that daunting and is pretty much above ground, according to Rick Segal, CEO of Toronto-based mobile risk management (MRM) solution provider Fixmo. His company has inked procurement contracts with so-called "three-letter" covert agencies.

An American expat, Segal said he chose to build his business in Ontario because it has a large population of tech talent produced by its more than 50 universities, the province offers generous tax credits for technology companies and the government helps businesses break into new markets.

Segal said his big break with landing a government contract began with meeting the right people.

He said his involvement with the NSA began at the 2011 CTIA (The Wireless Association) conference in Las Vegas where he met with a representative of the agency's technical transfer program. [Read more: Arellano/ComputingCanada/2May2013]


My Friend: Databases Don't Catch Terrorists. A number of years ago in the Middle East I served with a female case officer. She was smart. She was capable. She was tenacious.

One day my friend was contacted by a guy in the country where she was serving. He said he wanted to provide her with information on terrorist threats to Americans. She agreed to meet with him.

The first meeting was a mess. The guy in question was all over the map. He was emotional. He was erratic. He was contradictory. His access was uncertain. His motivations were unclear. Headquarters was no help. They could not corroborate anything the man was saying.

My friend kept at it.

The guy claimed to have a friend who was part of a Muslim extremist group, which was planning to attack American targets in the nation in question. He said this friend might be willing to meet with US intelligence officers. It was unclear why he thought his friend would agree to this. Key details of the man's story seemed fuzzy. He was very hard to pin down. Information that should have been acquired in minutes took hours for this female officer to tease out of him.

She kept at it. [Read more: Faddis/ANDMagazine/25April2013]

Suspected Chinese NASA Spy Smuggled Smut Not State Secrets. After a dramatic airport arrest by the FBI, which had been tipped off by a Republican congressman, the data concealed by a former NASA scientist with a one-way ticket to China has been revealed as pirated porn, not the secrets to the next interstellar drive.

In March Dr. Bo Jiang, 31, a former employee of the National Institute of Aeronautics (NIA) at NASA's Langley Research Centre, was arrested just before he could board his flight to Beijing. He lied to investigators about what he was carrying - trying to hide the fact he had a spare laptop and old hard drive in his bags.

Jiang had been named by congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA), chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee that funds NASA, as a suspect in the theft of the space agency's sensitive secret research.

At a press conference after Jiang's arrest, Wolf said he had called the head of the FBI personally to warn him of the danger the Chinese man posed, kickstart an investigation, and said Jiang could be involved in a serious security breach. [Read more: Thomson/TheRegister/3May2013]

Turns Out British Spies Were Giving Bags of Cash to Karzai, Too. A week after we learned that the CIA delivered bags full of cash to Afghan President Hamid Karzai in exchange for his cooperation, the United Kingdom's MI6 admitted to doing the same thing this weekend. While the British spies say they forked over just a fraction of what their American counterparts did, the new information proves that this quasi-bribery scheme was hardly an isolated incident. In fact, it sounds like it was a big part of the allies' operation in Afghanistan. This so-called "ghost money" was evidently a big part of Karzai's peacekeeping strategy, however. The leader called the CIA and MI6 contributions an "easy source of petty cash" for dealing with the Taliban.

It's not a huge surprise that MI6 was in on this whole bags of cash arrangement. The UK is one of America's closest allies in the war, and evidently, this is just how things work over there. Along those lines, Karzai really doesn't want it to stop! "This is nothing unusual," Karzai said after The New York Times broke the news last week. Karzai remains worried that the CIA station chief there will stop the payments. "I told him because of all these rumours in the media, please do not cut all this money, because we really need it." Other Afghan leaders disagree. "Accepting such money is a big insult to Afghanistan," said Hidayatullah Rihaee, a member of the Afghan parliament. "All those who accepted the cash payments have betrayed the nation." [Read more: Estes/AtlanticWire/5May2013]

Anonymous, Islamist Hackers Plan Major Assault for Tuesday. Ascribing a consistent political agenda to the hacktivist collective Anonymous is almost impossible. Anyone can claim the "Anonymous" moniker and use it for good or evil, provided that his or her work is subversive.

This time, a number of hacktivists from around the world, some of them taking on the Anonymous label, have set their sights on the United States' most powerful institutions in an event dubbed "OpUSA."

Anonymous and various Islamist groups claim that they will take down nine U.S. government websites on May 7, including those of the Pentagon, the National Security Agency, the FBI and the White House, along with over 130 bank websites, such as those belonging to Bank of America, Capital One and TD Bank.

The Islamist hacker group Izz al-Din Qassam Cyber Fighters, which states its sole aim is to get the "Innocence of Muslims" video removed from YouTube, has pulled off many successful distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against large American banks over the past six months, but few other groups have managed to muster that kind of firepower.

Anonymous claims the Qassam Cyber Fighters will be participating in tomorrow's attacks; the Cyber Fighters have confirmed only that they support the goals of OpUSA. [Read more: Honorof/TechNewsDaily/6May2013]

Section IV - Obituaries and Coming Events


Lorraine Copeland. Lorraine Adie Copeland, the widow of a famed CIA official who was a daring World War Two operative in her own right, died Saturday in her chateau in the south of France, surrounded by family members. She was 92*.

The daughter of a wealthy Scots neurosurgeon, Copeland was a secret agent with Britain's Special Operations Executive, a sabotage and subversion service that Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered to "set [Nazi-occupied] Europe ablaze."

She was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and the Distinguished Service Cross for her wartime exploits, according to a family friend.

It was while serving with the SOE that she met her life's mate, Miles Copeland, Jr., who had been assigned to London as a counterintelligence specialist with the OSS, America's wartime spying and sabotage outfit. They married in 1943*.

After the war, her husband became a founding member of the fledgling CIA, and began a long string of Middle East assignments. It was there that she developed an interest in the region's paleolithic period. Over the years, she authored or co-authored several dense archeological studies of prehistoric Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and North Africa.

"Her books and have always stopped me at the second word," her son Stewart, the famed drummer for The Police, jibed in his 2010 autobiography, Strange Things Happen: A Life with The Police, Polo, and Pygmies. "They start with "The," followed by an unpronounceable fourteen-syllable word."

While Lorraine was dusting rocks, her husband was helping overthrow Middle East governments, most famously in Syria and as a key member of the CIA team that reinstalled the Shah of Iran on the Peacock Throne, according to several accounts and his own memoirs.

He dedicated one of them, The Game Player: The Confessions of the CIA's Original Political Operative.

"to Lorraine, for overlooking and forgiving." 

But she was also helping him with his spying chores, according to her son Miles Copeland III, best known for creating IRS Records and managing the 1980s mega-hit rock band The Police and later its lead singer, Sting.

"While living in Beirut. Lebanon she was involved with...keeping an eye on" Kim Philby, a senior British intelligence operative and KGB mole who later defected to Moscow, he said. "She was Kim's wife Eleanor Philby's best friend and recently contributed to a British TV documentary on the subject, as well as to the recent documentary on CIA agent Frank Kearns," a CBS correspondent who was also reporting to the agency. 

Her husband died in 1991.

Born Elizabeth Lorraine Adie in Scotland in 1921, she was educated at the private Wyecombe Abbey in Buckinghamshire.

She died from colon cancer on Apr. 27, at the Chateau Marouatte, a restored 14th-century fortified castle in "the Dordogne," a region of southern France popular with British ex-pats.

At her side or en route, according to a family friend, were her sons Stewart and Miles and a daughter, Lennie, who is a writer and film producer. Another son, Ian, a prominent music producer, died in 2006.

Her interested in prehistory never flagged, her family said.

She was on the advisory board of the Stone Age Institute, of Bloomington, Ind., and "a member of the Perigord Historical and Archeological Society, involved in local French prehistory (such as the Lascaux cave paintings)," Miles said, "but kept up her archeological contacts in the Middle East, where many of her writings and artifacts have been bequeathed to the local Beirut museum." [Stein/ANDMagazine/30April2013]

Coming Educational Events


MANY Spy Museum Events in 2013 with full details are listed on the AFIO Website at The titles for some of these are in detail below and online.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013, 6 - 9 pm - Scottsdale, AZ - 1st Annual 007 "End of Season" Dinner

In lieu of lunch, this season's LAST regular monthly Arizona Chapter meeting will be held Wednesday, May 8th, from 6pm to 9pm.
It will be our First annual 007 event, to include cocktail attire and entertainment: Spy stories by many of our esteemed members; "Shaken not Stirred" Martini & Cash Bar; Sit down dinner (prime rib or salmon filet)
"Bond Girls" in attendance; Silver Aston Martin (without machine guns mounted) in the drive! All at McCormick Ranch Golf Club!
Please make your reservations BY MAY 1st, 2013 (Spouses, friends, and spy enthusiasts welcome since attendance IS limited to approximately 100 people!)
RSVP to Simone Lopes <>

Wednesday, 8 May 2013, noon - Washington, DC - Global Terrorism, Espionage and Cybersecurity Monthly Update featuring David Major, at the International Spy Museum

Presented in partnership with the CI Centre, these monthly briefings will provide you with the opportunity to be the first to learn of the most current worldwide happenings in the field of intelligence and terrorism. Drawn from the Centre's SPYPEDIA®, the most comprehensive source of espionage information in the world, each Update will cover important events and information which may not be reported by mainstream media outlets. Such as: espionage penetrations and arrests, cyber espionage reporting, and terrorist events. Briefings led by CI Centre founder David Major will include trend analysis and coverage of new emerging issues of value to the intelligence and security professional and individuals with an interest in national security matters. Major will also highlight and review, as appropriate, new books and reports to keep you current with breaking developments in the national security arena. *Up to 5 guests per person (all must RSVP). *New updated material every month! Event location: International Spy Museum, 800 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004. More info here.
RSVP to or call (240) 281-1627

Thursday, 9 May 2013, noon - 2 pm - Washington, DC - Roger Neighborgall, in Patton's 3rd Army and in intel, speaks to Returned & Services League of Australia

Our Speaker, Mr. Roger Neighborgall, was Ranger with the 5th Ranger Battalion assigned to George Patton's 3rd Army. He fought in Europe starting from D-Day at Omaha Beach to Metz, France; Northern France; Battle of the Bulge; Ersch-Zerf, Germany, and ending with Intel work on the Danube River and in Bavaria. Topic - The Battle of the Bulge
Where: Amenities room, Embassy of Australia, 1601 Massachusetts, Ave., Washington, DC 20036
Charge - $15.00, including buffet lunch and sodas. Alcoholic beverages- $2.00 each.
Attire: Business casual. Volunteers: As usual, we need a volunteer (or two) to run the bar. RSVP by noon on May 8 to David Ward at 202-352-8550 or via e-mail to NOTE: Valid photo ID required
Parking: While there is no parking at the Embassy, paid off street parking is available behind and under the Airline Pilots Association- 17th and Mass, and at 15th and Mass (1240 15th street). On street two hour metered parking is also available.

Friday, 10 May 2013, 10:30 am - 2 pm - Tysons Corner, VA - David Shedd, DD/DIA, and Col. John B. Alexander, PhD.

AFIO National Spring Luncheon features Deputy Director David R. Shedd, Defense Intelligence Agency. The morning speaker is Col. John B. Alexander, PhD on UFOs and the Intelligence Community. Alexander, Senior Fellow with the Joint Special Operations University; Former Green Beret Commander, Los Alamos Project Director, recently released a book: UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities. Register now.

Saturday, 11 May 2013, 11am - 3pm - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter hosts J. Perry Smith, former CIA and FBI Executive

We have a most unique guest speaker for the occasion, J. Perry Smith, who is currently serving as Canon Pastor at St. John's Cathedral in Jacksonville. But that's just the tip of the iceberg of a most unusual and diverse career. He was born in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1944, but spent his early childhood in West Virginia and California.
In the early 1960s, he tried his hand at bullfighting in Mexico, life as a Trappist monk at The Abbey of Gethsemani near Bardstown, Kentucky, with Thomas Merton, and in 1967-68, he went to war in Vietnam. Perry did what few people have ever done. He was a CIA field operative for eight years, then left the agency and ultimately became a senior executive FBI Agent. His CIA story will appeal to those interested in an insider's perspective, spy versus spy, set mostly in Mexico, Central America and Europe during the Cold War. His 22 years of experience as an FBI Agent give a rare opportunity to see how one of the world's most secretive organizations actually operates. Then, even more rare, he became an Episcopal priest. On September 11, 2001, Perry Smith was reading in the courtyard at the Virginia Theological Seminary when he heard an explosion and felt the ground shake. Just eleven days earlier he had retired from the FBI. The antiterrorism unit had been his last assignment. Now he was studying to become an Episcopal priest. Perry lived in Spain and Latin America for many years and is an enthusiastic Hispanist, fluent in Spanish and a frequent traveler to Spain. Incidentally, he will be bringing copies of his book The Unlikely Priest to the meeting if you are interested in purchasing one.
Location: Country Club of Orange Park. RSVP to
Cost will be $16 each, pay the Country Club at the luncheon.

13 May 2013, noon - Washington, DC - The OSS in Burma: Jungle War Against the Japanese at the International Spy Museum

"One could not choose a worse place for fighting the Japanese," said Winston Churchill of northern Burma, but it was there that the fledgling Office of Strategic Services conducted its most successful combat operations of World War II. Troy Sacquety, a historian for the US Army's Special Operations Command, ventures into Burma's steaming jungles in the first book to fully cover the exploits and contributions of the OSS's Detachment 101 against the Japanese Imperial Army. In this talk, Sacquety will describe how Detachment 101 succeeded and created a prototype for today's Special Forces.
Join the author for an informal chat and book signing. For more information please visit:

Tuesday, 14 May 2013, 4:30 - 6 pm - New York, NY - "The Law of Counterterrorism & Related Issues" conference and Roundtable Discussion on The Law of Counterterrorism

A timely event co-Sponsored by the ABA Section of Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice and The Council on Intelligence Issues.
Expert authors from the landmark ABA book The Law of Counterterrorism will discuss areas examined in detail in the book, such as key legal issues regarding the law of war as it pertains to detention, interrogation, and combatants; criminal jurisdiction and military commissions; the leading role of the NYPD in combating terrorism; the organization, structure, and authorities of the intelligence community; the PATRIOT Act and the IRTPA; implications of advice of counsel in controversial cases in the war on terror; and more. Reception follows the event.
Distinguished Speakers: New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly; John D. Altenburg, Jr., Maj. Gen., U.S. Army, ret., Principal, Greenberg Traurig LLP; Karen J. Greenberg, Director, Center for National Security, Fordham Law School; Richard B. (Dick) Jackson, Col., U.S. Army, ret., Law of War Advisor to Judge Advocate General, U.S. Army; � W. George Jameson, former Senior Counsel, CIA; Lynne K. Zusman, Editor, ABA Administrative Law Section Fellow. Event is being hosted by O'Melveny & Myers LLP, Times Square Tower, 30th Floor, 7 Times Square, NY 10036 (212) 326-2000. Reception follows the event. Due to building security policy, guests will have to register using a photo ID at security on the ground floor. Please allow extra time to complete this process.
Cancellation: Cancellations accepted until May 7, 2013. Substitutions are encouraged. E-mail or Fax request to 202-662-1529.
Payment: There is no charge for this program, however space is limited and advance registration is required. Return this form by EMAIL: OR FAX: 202.662.1529 OR MAIL: Angela Petro, ABA Section of Administrative Law, 740 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005.
CLE: There is NO CLE Credit available for this program.
Special Needs: Please contact Angela Petro at 202-662-1582 or to request accommodation for any special needs no later than May 7, 2013.

Thursday, 16 May 2013 - Denver, CO - The AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter visits the Disaster Management Institute's "Center for Simulation"

The Institute's Center is located at 9235 E 10th Dr, Building 859 Room 911, Denver, CO. This is a joint meeting of the AFIO and Denver INFRAGARD. There are seating limitations of 45 seats so we will accept reservations on a first come first serve basis. There will be no lunch at this facility... it will be lunch on your own outside the Center for Simulation, since they have no cafeteria. The Center for Simulation is the first of its kind in the world for training and preparing first responders in full immersion learning environments. Since its inception in 2005 the center has grown to include a complete home, bar, street scene, hazardous material/refinery, hoarder house, underground space and the Disaster Management Institute (DMI). The DMI is a state of the art emergency operations center with multiple cable and satellite feeds, Web-EOC, smart boards, a star board, video cubes and a touch table. Each space has multiple cameras and global sound. Every training is recorded and a DVD can be created live or the video feeds can be stored on servers for playback options. Currently the Center and DMI have active training relationships with working professionals from local, state, federal and Department of Defense assets in addition to students from several educational institutions. You will receive directions when you RSVP to Warren Gerig at

16 May 2013, 12.30-2.30 PM - Los Angeles, CA - AFIO LA Chapter hears Dr. Essmaeel of DHS on Role of Intel at DHS in California

Dr. Fadi Essmaeel from the U.S. Congress will be addressing the AFIO L.A. Chapter on the topic of Homeland Security & Emergency Management challenges in Southern California and the evolving role of intelligence. Meeting Location: LAPD Ahmanson Training Center RM 1G 5651 W. Manchester Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045
Please RSVP for your attendance and access to the facility:
Dr. Fadi Essmaeel serves as HS Director for US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of the CA-48th District and as Chairman of the Training and Exercise Subcommittee of the Central CA Area Maritime Security Committee. He is a physician, former officer with the IDF and a human rights activist. As first responder and incident commander he handled numerous incidents that took place against the backdrop of key historical landmarks such as the South-Lebanon conflict, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the ensuing waves of violence. For 13 years, Dr. Essmaeel has offered free-of-charge educational programs for HS/EM officials resulting in delivery of more than a 100,000 professional training hours in myriad subjects. Trainees represent all government jurisdictions and a wide variety of private sector industries. During the early 2000's he also initiated an ongoing nation-wide digital information-sharing campaign during which terabytes of information have already been disseminated including: manuals, handbooks, guidelines, best practices, procedures, training materials, course calendars etc. Central to his duties, he facilitates trouble-shooting for response-agencies as they interact with the federal government and has supervised more than 2000 constituent-cases with HHS/DoD/DHS/DOJ. Dr. Essmaeel voluntarily mentors and tutors first responders and their training managers in diverse jurisdictions across the United States. He operates the SOCAL Training and Knowledge Network (STAK-Net) service for HS/EM.

31 May 2013, 7 pm - Washington, DC - The ESP in Espionage: An Evening with Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows - at the International Spy Museum

When the US government began their Star Gate program in the 1970s, they were focused on the possibility of using psychic channels to gather intelligence. Psychics, in a clinically controlled setting, were asked to perform "remote viewing"―attempting to sense targeted information about people, places, and events. Reports of the program's success run from the eerie to the off-base, but the intelligence world's pursuit of the mind's power has captured the imagination of Alain Nu. The Man Who Knows has long been obsessed with the strange, the unknown, and unexplained. His exploration of the unusual has led him to the field of mentalism and developing his untold powers. Nu's uncanny demonstrations blur the line between science and the mysteries of unexplained phenomena and have been featured in his own TLC Network television specials The Mysterious World of Alain Nu and his book Picture Your ESP! Now he is turning his ESPecially entertaining powers to the world of ESPionage. Join us for an evening with Nu inspired by Star Gate, the trickery of spies, and other top secret projects. Complimentary light hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar.
For more information or to purchase tickets please visit:

31 May - 12 June 2013 - NYC to England - "The Spying Game: The Cold War and Cambridge" aboard the Queen Mary 2, with Intelligence Expert Nigel West

Immerse yourself in the shadowy underworld of international espionage with renowned author and intelligence expert Nigel West. Learn the truth behind the acronyms of the CIA, SOE, NKVD and KGB, as well as the role of "sleeper agents," the secret VENONA project and the race for atomic power. Aboard the elite Queen Mary 2, gain intimate vantages into the post-World War II geopolitical, ideological and economic struggles that shaped the world today. Highlights Gain expert insight into Yalta, the Manhattan Project and the greatest secret of the Cold War: VENONA. Visit Bletchley Park, home to the Enigma machine and historic headquarters of secret British code-breaking in World War II. At colleges associated with the Cambridge Five, learn how a group of undergraduates became a famous Soviet spy ring. Activity/Notes: Involves walking up to two miles per day. Itinerary/Summary: Arrival New York City, N.Y., 1 night; embark Queen Mary 2, 7 nights; disembark, Cambridge, 4 nights; departure.
For more information or to book your participation: visit and select Program #14569

2 - 14 June 2013 - Charlottesville, VA - UVA 21st National Security Law Institute June 2013 Training Program

Each summer for the past two decades, the University of Virginia Law School's Center for National Security Law has run a highly intensive training program during the first two weeks of June. While primarily aimed at helping to prepare law professors to teach in the field, the program is also open to government lawyers from the United States and abroad. Classes are taught by some of the leading scholars and practitioners in the field, including the directors of the UVA center and of similar national security law centers at Duke and Georgetown.

The 2013 Institute will take place at the University of Virginia School of Law between June 2 and June 14. The deadline for applications is April 12, but applications may be submitted at any time before then. The $1950.00 tuition fee covers lodging during the seminar as well as books and other reading materials. Participants are responsible for their travel to and from Charlottesville and meals other than lunches during the two-week period.

Whether you are new to the field and need a broad overview of some of the most important issues, or are looking to update your expertise and take advantage of the networking opportunities the Institute offers, you will find it both an enjoyable and a rewarding educational experience. Further information on the Institute may be found at, and questions about the Institute may be submitted by email to Professor Robert (Bob) F. Turner or by phone to (434) 924-4083

Wednesday, 5 June 2013, 6 pm - Nellis AFB, NV - the AFIO Las Vegas Chapter hears Jim Parker, CIA-Ret, on "The Battle for Skyline Ridge."

Please join us at 5 p.m. in the "Robin's Roost" bar area for liaison and beverages.
Our featured speaker for the evening will be: Jim Parker, CIA (Ret.) speaking on "The Battle for Skyline Ridge." The military fight for Laos between the CIA rag-tag army of irregulars under command of Hmong General Vang Pao and two invading North Vietnamese Divisions under command of PAVN General Nguyen Huu came down to a single ridgeline.
Place: The Officers' Club at Nellis Air Force Base. All guests must use the MAIN GATE located at the intersection of Craig Road and Las Vegas Blvd. Address: 5871 Fitzgerald Blvd., Nellis AFB, NV 89191 Phone: 702-644-2582.
For access information contact Mary Bentley ( anytime or call me at 702-295-0417, We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, 05 June 2013, noon - Washington, DC - "Global Terrorism, Espionage, and Cybersecurity Monthly Update," at the International Spy Museum

This noontime, no cost presentation is done in partnership with the CI Centre, to provide an opportunity to be the first to learn of the most current worldwide happenings in the field of intelligence and terrorism. Drawn from the Centre�s SPYPEDIA�, the most comprehensive source of espionage information in the world. Each update covers important events and information which may not be reported by mainstream media outlets; such as, espionage penetrations and arrests, cyber espionage reporting, and terrorist events. Briefings led by CI Centre founder David Major will include trend analysis and coverage of new emerging issues of value to the intelligence and security professional and individuals with an interest in national security matters. Major will also highlight and review, as appropriate, new books and reports to keep you current with breaking developments in the national security arena. Tickets: Free! No registration required. See

12 June 2013, 6:30 pm - Washington, DC - Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor: Nazi Spy? at the International Spy Museum

When King Edward VIII abdicated the English thrown in December 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson, the world was agog. And many feared the political implications of a former king on the loose. What would these notorious lovers do? Would they attempt to influence world affairs? It seemed that the worst nightmare of many observers was coming to pass when photos of the two gleefully gladhanding Hitler appeared in 1937. During World War II, the former King was given governorship of the Bahamas - a post that those in-the-know rightly considered a form of exile. But just how dangerous were they? Amanda A. Ohlke, Adult Education Director at the International Spy Museum, will overview the most serious accusations and credit or debunk them. Much is made of secret files and gossip, but this June, the 76th anniversary of their controversial marriage, find out the truth about Wallis and Edward. After the presentation, toast the famed couple's marriage with some bubbly and trade a quip with the Baltimore-born Duchess. The Duchess, as brought to life by historical enactor Emily Lapisardi, will answer to some of the most heinous accusations in the spirit of Mrs. Simpson.
Space is limited - advance registration required! For more information or to purchase tickets please visit:

14 June 2013, 6:30 pm - Washington, DC - Surveillance 201 with Eric O'Neill - Spy School Workshop at the International Spy Museum

What if you were assigned to watch the most damaging spy in US history? As a young operative in the FBI, Eric O'Neill was put into position as Robert Hanssen's assistant with the secret task of spying on his boss, who was under suspicion of working for Russia. O'Neill's background with the FBI was in surveillance, so he was up to the challenge. O'Neill has run some previous recruits through a surveillance basics course, and now he's ready to take those with the expertise to the next level. This advanced small group surveillance exercise is best suited to those who already know how to track the "Rabbit" without being "made." O'Neill will rate your clandestine prowess while you spy on secret meetings and operational acts and see if you can uncover the spy skullduggery that's afoot while you are on foot. There is no guarantee that your "Rabbit" won't escape!
Space is limited to only 10 participants � advance registration required! For more information or to purchase tickets please visit:

Saturday 22 June 2013 - Milford, MA - AFIO New England Chapter hosts their Summer Meeting

Speaker TBD. Location: Courtyard by Marriott in Milford, Mass. Hotel website is here.
Schedule: Registration & gathering, 1000 - 1130, Membership meeting 1130 - 1200; Luncheon at 1200 followed by keynote speaker; Adjournment at 2:30PM.
Questions to

26 July 2013 - Washington, DC - Commencement Speaker at National Intelligence University's Graduation Ceremony is James R. Clapper, Jr., Director of National Intelligence

The Honorable James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) will deliver the commencement address to National Intelligence University graduates on Friday, July 26, 2013. The commencement is the closing event in the University's 50th Anniversary year and coincidentally marks the 50th anniversary of Director Clapper's intelligence career: he was first commissioned as an Air Force intelligence officer in 1963.
NIU President Dr. David Ellison expects to present diplomas to approximately 250 graduating students from around the Intelligence Community as they cross the stage to receive one of the University's three degrees: Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence, Master of Science and Technology Intelligence, or Bachelor of Science in Intelligence.
The National Intelligence University is a federal degree-granting institution whose main campus is located in Washington, DC. Its alumni are past, present and future leaders in the intelligence and national security communities and in the private sector. Notable alumni include a former Director of National Intelligence; former directors of DIA, CIA, NSA, and NGA; former heads of military intelligence and a growing number of senior government executives and corporate leaders. For more information, visit

For Additional Events two+ months or greater....view our online Calendar of Events

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