AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #20-13 dated 21 May 2013

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Section IV - Letter to the Editors, Books and Television, Obituaries, Research Requests, Jobs and Coming Events

Letter to the Editors

Books and Television


Research Requests


Coming Educational Events

Current Calendar New and/or Next Two Months ONLY


Important Events ...

This Thursday, 23 May and Friday, 24 May, 2013
The Schorreck Memorial Lectures

  • Thursday, May 23 � 1000-1200: "Understanding the Allied Approach to Radio Intelligence in the Pacific Theatre during World War II"
  • Friday, May 24 � 0930-1130: "The Thought Behind High-level Cryptological Discovery, 1930-1945"

The Center for Cryptologic History is pleased to announce the upcoming 2013 Henry F. Schorreck Memorial Lecture. The Schorreck Lecture is a series of historical lectures named in honor of the former NSA Historian. It is presented annually by preeminent scholars who address cryptologic issues with a historical perspective. Previous talks have been delivered by scholars in the field such as David Kahn, Christopher Andrew, John Ferris, and Stephen Budiansky.

The speaker this year will be Dr. Peter W. Donovan, pictured below, of the Department of Mathematics, University of New South Wales, Australia. A renowned expert in several subfields of mathematics, as well as on cryptologic history, Dr. Donovan has conducted some of the most innovative and path-breaking work to date on the Allied effort to break Japanese encipherment systems in use during WWII. He will be presenting two separate lectures detailing the cipher war in the Pacific, including revelations about the weaknesses in the Japanese naval codes that the Allies exploited, all of which led to dramatic successes on the battlefield.

Peter Donovan

These talks are free and open to the public. They will be held in the Magic Room of the National Cryptologic Museum.  For more information about this event, please contact the Center at 301-688-2336 or

To see what you're missing explore their website here,
sign up for the newsletter, and plan your visit to the museum or special event.

Explore Obtaining your M.S. in Intelligence Analysis at Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins hosts Open House to explore "Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis"

Thursday, 13 June 2013, 5 -7 pm, in Columbia, MD

Explore obtaining your Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis from Johns Hopkins University, School of Education, Division of Public Safety Leadership.

Intelligence analysis is getting harder. There are more moving pieces than ever before and new forms of communications as sources of intelligence.
At Johns Hopkins, we offer one of the few graduate programs in the nation specifically designed for active intelligence analysts who want to develop critical management skills and become leaders in the profession.
Attend an information session to learn more about our innovative program, convenient schedule for working professionals, and how you can complete your degree in less than two years.

Location for Open House: Johns Hopkins University, Sch of Education, 6740 Alexander Bell Dr, Columbia, Md 21046
Click HERE to RSVP immediately if you think you'd like to attend the information session on an MS in Intelligence Analysis

15 Minutes with "POTUS" should be on your calendar

14 June 2013
7 to 8:30 pm

15 Minutes with "POTUS"

at Founders Hall, George Mason University, Arlington, VA

This Policy Briefing Competition Enters the Final Stage

The three finalists now will display their briefing skills to high-level policymakers.
They were assigned to imagine that they are policy analysts at the National Security Council.
They have been asked to prepare a decision memo for the President.
The President has allocated 15 minutes for their briefing

The three great finalists will be presenting policy briefs to
Chuck Robb, Michael Hayden, and Janine Davidson.
POTUS—played by The Honorable Charles S. Robb, former U.S. Senator (D-VA)
National Security Advisor—played by General Michael V. Hayden, former director, CIA and NSA
Secretary of Defense—played by Dr. Janine Davidson, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Plans.
There is no charge to attend.
RSVP at this link if you would like to attend to cheer-on and encourage these briefers and other attendees, and to meet POTUS and other senior policymaker stand-ins.

Mason School of Public Policy
Founders Hall Auditorium, Arlington, VA



Iran Claims it Hanged CIA, Mossad Spies. Two men whom the Iranian government said worked as spies for Israel and the United States were hanged Sunday morning, according to Iranian state news outlet Press TV.

The men were identified as Mohammad Heidari and Kourosh Ahmadi. Press TV said Heidari provided classified information to Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, and Ahmadi had been convicted of providing the CIA with intelligence.

Israeli officials didn't comment on the report. [Read more: CNN/19May2013]

China Conducts Test of New Anti-Satellite Missile. China's military on Monday conducted the first test of a new ground-launched anti-satellite missile that was fired into space and disguised as a space-exploration rocket, according to U.S. officials.

The test was carried out early Monday from the Xichang Space Launch Center and was identified by officials as the new Dong Ning-2 ASAT missile.

The ASAT test comes a week after China protested the release of the Pentagon's annual report on the Chinese military buildup that mentioned Beijing's development of anti-satellite weapons.

The Free Beacon first disclosed the existence of the new missile in October and a missile researcher reported in January that a new ASAT missile was being readied for its first test.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei was asked if China conducted an ASAT test during a briefing for reporters in Beijing on Tuesday. He did not deny that it was carried out. [Read more: Gertz/WashingtonFreeBeacon/14May2013]

Russia Reveals Identity of CIA Moscow Chief Following Ryan Fogle's Expulsion. The Federal Security Service in Russia has revealed the identity of the CIA's station chief in Moscow in a breach of protocol.

The revelation, made by an FSB spokesman who accused the US agency of crossing a "red line" in its attempt to recruit turncoats among Russian spy agencies, will up the ante in the unfolding spy scandal that emerged earlier this week when Russia detained and expelled an alleged CIA agent working undercover as third secretary at the US embassy in Moscow.

Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin's foreign policy advisor, have taken pains to say they believe the scandal will blow over quickly.

Publicly revealing the CIA station chief proves that some inside the Russian government believe otherwise and is likely to prompt an angry response from Washington.

Speaking to Russia's Interfax news agency, the FSB spokesman said his agency had complained to the CIA station chief as far back as October 2011 "that if they [the Americans] continue their provocative recruitment efforts regarding employees of the Russian secret services, the FSB will take 'mirror' actions against CIA agents". In that statement, the spokesman included the station chief's name.

The US embassy declined to comment . [Read more: Elder/TheGuardian/17May2013]

CIA Head Visits Israel to Discuss Syria, Iran's Nuclear Program. The new director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, visited Israel Thursday and met with senior members of the defense and intelligence establishment. Brennan's meetings in Israel focused on the escalation of the civil war in Syria, and the international efforts to stop Iran's nuclear program.

Brennan met with Defense Minister Moshe "Bogie" Ya'alon on Thursday afternoon. The Defense Ministry did not provide details of the meeting.

The visit from the new CIA head comes two months after U.S. President Barack Obama visited Israel, and a month after visits by the new U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the new U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. Throughout each series of meetings with government representatives, Israeli officials emphasized that if necessary, Israel intends to act to stop the smuggling of advanced weapons, including chemical weapons, from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon. [Read more: Hare/Haaretz/16May2013]

Report: No Furloughs for Intel Community. Employees in the U.S. Intelligence Community funded under the National Intelligence Program budget will not be subject to furloughs resulting from sequestration, Federal News Radio reported Wednesday.

Lauren Larson writes James Clapper, national intelligence director, told IC employees in an email the community continues to face challenges under the sequester and will have to prioritize activities with limited resources.

Clapper also said he supported Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's plan to reduce furloughs for workers within the Military Intelligence Program and the Information Systems Security Program, according to the report. [Read more: Wilkers/ExecutiveGov/16May2013]

New Group Seeks to Protect Power Grid from Cyberattacks. A group of regulatory and intelligence experts that includes a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency said Thursday they have launched a new effort to focus on computer security solutions facing energy companies and the government.

The goal of the group, which includes former CIA and National Security Agency director Michael Hayden, will be to make proposals that can fill in holes and clarify gray areas in regulations and standards to help the electric grid protect against online threats.

Critics have argued that slow action from the government and on computer security threats are a result of uncertainty about the best approaches to security and policies that could help encourage them to ensure a safer electricity grid. [Read more: Shauk/FuelFix/16May2013]

US Officials are Granted Access to American Detained in Venezuela. Venezuela's government has granted U.S. diplomats access to a California man who is being held while he awaits trial on charges of espionage and fomenting unrest.

An Embassy spokesperson said Thursday that officials have been permitted to meet with Timothy Tracy, who was arrested by intelligence agents following Venezuela's April 14 presidential election.

The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because Embassy personnel are not authorized to discuss Tracy's case.

Tracy's relatives say the filmmaker had been making a documentary about Venezuelan politics for six months before his was arrested. [Read more: AP/9May2013]

Pentagon Plans to Share Missile Secrets with Russia Opposed by Republicans. The Pentagon held internal talks on declassifying sensitive missile defense technology that it plans to share with Russia as part of the Obama administration's efforts to assuage Moscow's opposition to European defenses.

Republicans in both the House and Senate plan to block any technology declassification for missile defense technology in the current defense authorization bill and other legislation. Legislative mark up on the authorization bill begins this week.

Critics say giving Russia classified data would undermine the effectiveness of missile defenses, which have cost taxpayers more than $100 billion since the 1980s.

Vice Adm. James Syring, director of the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency (MDA), disclosed during a congressional hearing Wednesday that the Obama administration has asked him about sharing sensitive missile defense data with Russia during talks over the past several years aimed at reaching a missile defense cooperation agreement. [Read more: Gertz/FreeBeacon/13May2013]

CIA Honored Benghazi Chief in Secret Ceremony. At a secret February ceremony at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., the chief of the CIA's base in Benghazi the night of the 9/11 anniversary attacks there was awarded one of the agency's highest intelligence medals, according to U.S. military and intelligence officials.

The honor given behind closed doors to "Bob," the officer who was in charge of the Benghazi intelligence annex and CIA base that was attacked in the early morning of September 12, 2012 and then abandoned for nearly three weeks, illustrates the murky lines of command that preceded the attack, and helped make it a politically volatile issue. While the State Department was responsible for elements of the security for the diplomatic mission at Benghazi, the mission itself was used primarily for intelligence activities and most the U.S. officials there and at the nearby annex were CIA officers who used State Department cover.

That purposeful ambiguity between diplomatic and intelligence efforts abroad has meant that at home, the State Department has taken almost all of the public blame for an error that was in part the fault of the CIA. And while CIA contractors performed heroically on the evening of the Benghazi attacks, Bob was also responsible in part for one major failure the night of the Benghazi attack: his officers were responsible for vetting the February 17 Martyr's Brigade, the militia that was supposed to be the first responder on the night of the attack, but melted away when the diplomatic mission was attacked.

To be sure, the CIA has reviewed what went wrong in the Benghazi attacks in its own internal report. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has conducted three classified hearings with CIA officials regarding Benghazi. CIA deputy director Michael Morell is scheduled to testify in closed session before the committee on Wednesday regarding Benghazi. [Read more: Lake/TheDailyBeast/21May2013]

Intelligence Agency Sub-Director Arrested for Suspected Drunk Driving Following Crash. A Department of Intelligence and Security official was released in the early hours Monday following a late-night accident in Escaz�.

Jorge Torres, assistant director of Costa Rica's Department of Intelligence and Security (DIS), was arrested Sunday night after causing an accident while apparently driving under the influence of alcohol.

Torres crashed his car into another vehicle near the catholic church of San Antonio de Escaz�, southwest of San Jos�.

The DIS officer refused a breathalyzer test at the scene of the accident, according to Traffic Police officers. Both drivers were treated by Red Cross personnel, but no serious injuries were reported.

Torres was taken to a criminal court in Goicoechea, north of San Jos�, where a blood sample was taken. Results are pending. [Read more: TicoTimes/21May2013]


In the World of Spies, Incredible Doesn't Mean Untrue. Although this week's arrest of an alleged CIA officer accused of trying to recruit a Russian official in Moscow stretches credulity, it's no stranger than many incidents in the history of espionage, a profession whose secrecy and great reliance on luck have joined to prompt scenarios that would sound bizarre even in a Hollywood script.

When Ryan Fogle - who was in Moscow ostensibly as a third political secretary in the US Embassy - was arrested trying to meet a counterterrorism official who deals with the North Caucasus, he was wearing a cheap-looking wig, carrying thousands of euros and a note promising his target millions more for good information, according to Russian media.

It sounds amateurish, even incredible that so much evidence would be carried by one person. Why not deposit the money at a so-called dead drop, a secret location the Russian could later quietly visit himself? Maybe standards have fallen since the days of the Moscow Rules, the code CIA officers followed during the Cold War: "Don't look back; you are never completely alone." But also: "Lull them into a sense of complacency."

Even if that's not what Fogle was doing, past agents have slipped committing the most elementary of mistakes. [Read more: Feifer/GlobalPost/16May2013]

New Documents Reveal How a 1980s Nuclear War Scare Became a Full-Blown Crisis. During 10 days in November 1983, the United States and the Soviet Union nearly started a nuclear war. Newly declassified documents from the CIA, NSA, KGB, and senior officials in both countries reveal just how close we came to mutually assured destruction - over a military exercise.

That exercise, Able Archer 83, simulated the transition by NATO from a conventional war to a nuclear war, culminating in the simulated release of warheads against the Soviet Union. NATO changed its readiness condition during Able Archer to DEFCON 1, the highest level. The Soviets interpreted the simulation as a ruse to conceal a first strike and readied their nukes. At this period in history, and especially during the exercise, a single false alarm or miscalculation could have brought Armageddon.

According to a diplomatic memo obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by National Security Archives researcher Nate Jones, Soviet General Secretary Yuri Adroprov warned U.S. ambassador Averell Harriman six months before the crisis that both countries "may be moving toward a red line" in which a miscalculation could spark a nuclear war. Harriman later wrote that he believed Andropov was concerned "over the state of U.S.-Soviet relations and his desire to see them at least 'normalized,' if not improved."

The early 1980s was a "crisis period, a pre-wartime period," said Gen. Varfolomei Korobushin, the former deputy chief of staff of the Soviet nuclear Strategic Rocket Forces, according to an interview conducted by the Pentagon in the early 1990s and obtained by Jones. The Kremlin's Central Committee slept in shifts. There were fears the deployment of Pershing II ballistic missiles to Europe (also in November 1983) could tip the balance. If a conventional war erupted, Soviet planners worried their troops would come close to capturing the nuclear-tipped missiles, prompting the United States to fire them. [Read more: Beckhusen/Wired/16May2013]

Inside The NSA. Do you think of an enigmatic organization dedicated to keeping America's secrets secure?

Do you think of a giant super computer, watching and processing everything that people digitally do?

How about a team of secret agents, scouring the country for those missing files that hold the key to unlocking the mystery of our forefathers?

Well contrary to what some entertainment outlets would have you believe, the NSA doesn't just exist within the pages of books about conspiracy theories. It is not some crazy men-in-black organization designed to serve in the biggest of big brother capacities. No, it isn't. Because I said so. Because I do.

Well, okay. Maybe they're not that...entirely.


So in my quest to discover the truth (in true X-Files fashion) I decided to get the inside scoop about the National Security Agency from this man: His name is John C. Inglis, and he is the Deputy Director of the National Security Agency. I figure if anyone knows the ins and outs of the enigmatic organization, it would be the man who has dedicated nearly 30 years of his life to it.

And you know what? I was right. [Read more: JTozer/DODLive/16May2013]

The Other Al Qaeda. While al Qaeda has become the most well-known international terrorist organization it is not the most successful. That title goes to less well known regional terrorist organizations. The most successful of these has been Pakistani Islamic terror group Lashkar I Toiba (LeT). While al Qaeda has been reduced to a franchising operation, LeT is a real organization with separate departments for recruiting, fund raising, training and operations.

The LeT is, like the Taliban, a creation of the Pakistani ISI (Inter Service Intelligence agency). ISI is part of the army and performs some of the same functions as the American CIA and British MI6. This organization has long been a power unto itself, with its own agenda and many members who support Islamic radicalism. In 2008, the civilian government (that replaced nine years of military dictatorship) sought to disband the political wing of the ISI. This section was believed be largely responsible for Pakistani support of Islamic, or simply Pakistani, terrorist operations in Afghanistan and India, as well as support for Taliban and al Qaeda in Pakistan itself. The political wing has also served as a domestic spying operation whenever the military was running the country (which is more than half the time.) That effort failed, as did several previous attempts to reform this espionage agency.

ISI has long supported Islamic terrorists. Islamic radicals have been operating openly in the ISI for three decades, and were put there by the government in the late 1970s, when it was decided that Islamic conservatism was the solution for Pakistan's problems (corruption and religious/ethnic conflicts.)

LeT (and several similar outfits) was created to carry out terror attacks in India while the Taliban was created to give Pakistan more influence over what happened in Afghanistan. [Read more: StrategyPage/21May2013]

McLean Veteran has a Colorful Story to Share. Ed Conner of McLean, 90, will tell you that he has been shot at in four different wars.

He will say it, and then smile quietly as you scratch your head trying to figure out how that's possible.

"The fourth one was the Cold War," he will finally answer. "It wasn't as cold as you might think."

Born in 1922 in Los Angeles, Conner moved to Florida as an infant, and it was there that he witnessed the death of his mother at age 4 in a bizarre car mishap.

"My father was driving and we were all in the car," he said of the incident that occurred 86 years ago. "We were taking a sharp turn when the passenger door flew open and my mother fell out. I remember her last words to my father as she fell; 'Take care of the kids!'... and then she was gone."

With his father traveling in the U.S. Navy, Conner was raised by his grandparents in Inverness, Fla, just north of Tampa.

From there, it was a short trip to Jacksonville, where he used to take trips to watch the New York Yankees in spring training. "I got to meet Babe Ruth there." he said. "That was really something." [Read more: MacDonald/FairfaxTimes/21May2013]


Ways of Washington on Display in Official Email. The hundred pages of Benghazi emails released last week tell us almost nothing about how four Americans came to die so tragically in that Libyan city. But they are a case study in why nothing works in Washington.

Rather than reading these messages for their substance on Benghazi (on which officials were still basically clueless three days after the attack), try perusing them as an illustration of how the bureaucracy responds to crisis - especially when officials know they will be under the media spotlight.

What you find is a 100-page novella of turf-battling and backside-covering. By the end, the original product is so shredded and pre-chewed that it has lost most of its meaning. All the relevant agencies have had their say, and there's little left for the public.

No wonder that CIA Director David Petraeus, who began the exercise when he met with House intelligence committee members for coffee on the morning of Sept. 14, was unhappy with the effort. He complained that "this is certainly not what ... [the committee] was hoping to get for unclas. use" and growled: "Frankly, I'd just as soon not use this."

But in a typical Petraeus happy-talk sign off, he ended his message: "Regardless, thx for the great work." What he should have said was: "This has been sanitized to the point of incoherence. Start over." With his attaboy, the document was sent out to the intelligence committee and thence to the world.

Perhaps it's because I'm a spy novelist myself, but I couldn't resist reading the thick stack of emails as an epistolary tale of life in the bureaucracy. No, it's not Samuel Richardson's model of storytelling by letters, as in his classic of the genre, Clarissa. But it does remind me a bit of the first novel by Charles McCarry, America's master espionage novelist, titled The Miernik Dossier, which is written as a series of cables and other documents.

The Benghazi emails have all been unclassified of course, but they reveal one of the true secrets of American national-security policy - which is its lumpy inefficacy. If I were the Russian or Chinese intelligence services trying to understand how America really works (or doesn't), I'd start here. [Read more: Ignatius/BillingsGazette/21May2013]

Section IV - Letter to the Editors, Books and Television, Obituaries, Research Requests and Coming Events

Letter to the Editors

ReF: CIA Veteran: V-N Syndrome Again: I was in the Phoenix Program 1970-71 and was a Province Advisor. I worked closely with the Station Chief and the Province team. I had resources to encourage our operations. It took me several months to become integrated with the USA / CIA sides. My boss finally allowed me to work as an advisor to the S-2. We then began to get very favorable results. The Station Chief, Paul Anderson, was terrific and cooperative. I ended up writing monthly input not only regarding Phoenix but projecting intel forecasts using my resources. He used that report as input to his monthly reports to/from Saigon et al. The bottom line... I never asked nor expected any fiscal back up from the Station . I did receive monetary resources from III Corp Phoenix but I never paid anyone under the table. The Province Chief would organize a ceremony and he would pass out bonuses to deserving elements and not individuals. How it was distributed I do not know, but the results were excellent among the RF and PF units. After Anderson rotated we had a new Station Chief who thought his office was the Kingdom of God; however, we made an end run for several months and cut him out of the picture. I did have the opportunity on two occasions to meet with Amb. William Colby who I thought was straight and he resolved some coordination problems I was having and our program which then had several very productive results. I think our effort to get to know our counterparts on a friendly basis made a huge difference in reacting to intelligence. Matter of fact, they responded better than US units operating in our province AOs. If I had a potential source, I handed him/her over to Paul and he recruited several excellent sources as a result, so good cooperation and unity of purpose worked. I never received a dollar from the CIA nor did I ever give a dollar to any one individual. The bucks being handed out in sacks in the Middle East are useless in most cases. I have since worked with two Islamic military armies and found the first thing was to develop solid relations - without it forget it. They know their people and always have excellent informational sources which they will not share until they have sincere trust through friendship. Hard - yes; but very possible. Money is OK but the distribution has to have good faith behind it from both sides. If memory serves me, we requested less money than any other Phoenix element in III Corps and with solid results. Bottom line: it takes more than dollars. After returning from V-N I was assigned to a real HUMINT org and I learned rapidly the what, when, and hows of on-the-ground intelligence collection. My best to all the super HUMINTers. Thank you.
Gerald F. Feeney, COL USA (ret), Sarasota, FL

Books and Television

Military Delves into CIA Files. The Military Channel has returned to London-based indie World Media Rights (WMR) for a 10-part series about top secret missions run by the CIA.

The Discovery-owned US cablenet has previously taken Black Ops and Top Secret Weapons Revealed from WMR and has now picked up CIA Declassified (10x60�).

The series reveals new information about operations against Che Guevara, Colonel Gaddafi, Fidel Castro and Al Qaeda, and the real stories behind movies like Argo and Zero Dark Thirty. [Read more: Whittingham/C21Media/10May2013]

Fareed Zakaria Counterterrorism Special to Debut Sunday, May 12 at 10am on CNN/U.S. As questions continue to emerge about the quality of U.S. counterterrorism intelligence in the wake of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, CNN's and TIME's Fareed Zakaria takes an in-depth look at America's people and intelligence apparatus at the front lines of protecting the homeland. Author and national security analyst Peter Bergen (author of Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for Bin Laden--from 9/11 to Abbottabad , 2013), former National Security Agency director Michael Hayden, Pulitzer Prize-winning national security journalist Mark Mazzetti, former CIA director and U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, former FBI agent Ali Soufan, and former CIA officers Nada Bakos, Robert Grenier, and Cindy Storer discuss how America's clandestine operations detect the dangers and try to stop them - and what does and doesn't seem to be working.

The one-hour Beyond the Manhunts: How to Stop Terror - A Fareed Zakaria Special premieres on CNN/U.S. on Sunday, May 12 at 10:00am and on CNN International at 3:00pm. All times Eastern.

Beyond the Manhunts explores current domestic and international terror threats to the homeland, the use of drones and enhanced interrogation in intelligence collection, and the role of women agents in counterintelligence. Zakaria also discusses insights into the hunt for bin Laden, and gathers broad perspectives on how U.S. intelligence agencies have slowly evolved to take on some activities associated with the U.S. Military. [Read more: CNN/9May2013]

"Useful Enemies": U.S. Admitted not just Nazis after WWII, but their Sadistic Collaborators. Lost count of the sordid episodes in America's past? In Useful Enemies: John Demjanjuk and America's Open-Door Policy for Nazi War Criminals (Delphinium Books, 2013), Richard Rashke chronicles one that few of us know much about. Many Americans have heard of Operation Paperclip, the program run by the Office of Strategic Services (the predecessor to the CIA). After World War II, the United States made the cold calculation to recruit Nazi scientists both to secure their help in the Cold War and to keep Russia from acquiring their expertise.

Rashke explains that, even though the United States enacted the Displaced Persons Act and a special Displaced Persons Commission (DPC) to determine which European organizations' members were to be denied U.S. visas.

"... it is safe to say that the United States used, protected, and opened the door to several thousand former SS and SD officers, Gestapo agents and chiefs, Abwehr intelligence officers, Nazi propagandists and scientists, Einsatzkommandos, Waffen SS volunteers, Vlasov's army soldiers, Nazi quislings, and ethnic cleansers."

Vlasov's army was the Russian Liberation Army composed of Russian prisoners of war opposed to communism. Einsatzkommandos were members of Nazi mobile killing squads known as Einsatzgruppen. [Read more: Wellen/ForeignPolicyinFocus/21May2013]


Leo J. 'Skip' Dunn. Leo J. "Skip" Dunn, 85, a retired CIA official who spent more than 40 years at the agency, died May 7 at his home in Potomac.

He had congestive heart failure, his stepdaughter Maria Fusco said.

Mr. Dunn joined the CIA in 1951 as a security clerk and rose to become deputy director of security for policy and management before his official retirement in 1986. He continued working on contract for the agency until 1993.

He had a number of special assignments for the CIA, including work on the Watergate investigation. He spent five years in Asia, including 18 months in South Vietnam in the late 1960s. He also chaired a task force in the 1970s that provided recommendations after Christopher John Boyce and Andrew Daulton Lee were convicted of espionage for selling spy-satellite information to Soviet agents. The case was the subject of a book and film, both called The Falcon and the Snowman.

Mr. Dunn received the Intelligence Medal of Merit in 1986 and a certificate of excellence in 1993.

Leo John Dumm was born in Newry, Pa. He changed his name to Dunn after joining the CIA.

He served in the Army in Korea in the 1940s and was a 1951 graduate of St. Francis University in Loretto, Pa. He graduated in 1969 from Georgetown University law school.

Survivors include his wife of 42 years, Uri Julia Ha Dunn of Potomac; their daughter, Julia Kinerk of Scottsdale, Ariz.; two stepchildren, Maria Fusco of Potomac and Richard J. Giroux of Gaithersburg; a brother; and nine grandchildren. [Read more: Schudel/WashingtonPost/16May2013]

Research Requests
 [IMPORTANT: AFIO does not "vet" or endorse these research inquiries or job offers. Reasonable-sounding inquiries and career offerings are published as a service to our members, and for researchers, educators, and subscribers. You are urged to exercise your usual caution and good judgment when responding or supplying any information.]

Soviet Crimes against the Jewish People. Soviet Crimes Against the Jewish People (SCAJP) is a new initiative that seeks to document the Soviet Union's persecution against the Jews. The scope of the project includes digitally documenting prison cells, psychiatric hospitals, underground meeting rooms, interrogation centers, and any other loci where persecution or resistance occurred. After researching the sites, conducting appropriate interviews, and gathering further information such as photographs of the locations, we will compile our findings into a digital map of Soviet crimes. The map will serve as the centerpiece of an online exhibit, which will also feature a gallery of recorded interviews, scholarly summaries and analyses, a video series highlighting particularly poignant sites, and 3D models of the locations, allowing visitors to take virtual tours. Such tours would otherwise be difficult or even completely impracticable to participate in live seeks to draw back the curtain of obfuscation covering the true nature of the Soviet regime even to this day. We look forward to your help in providing scholarship and translation services. Please contact: Irina Tsukerman, Esq. Coordinator, Soviet Crimes Against the Jewish People,917-755-5977,130 Oceana Dr. W., suite 1J, Brooklyn, NY 11235,  [Read more:  Frontpagemag/14May2013]

Larry Bigelow. It was very kind of you to offer to help me with my research on family member Larry Bigelow, by forwarding my email to the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

Larry, born of American diplomatic corps parents in Paris in 1925, was an artist and a sometime employee of your former employer. Larry worked in the OSS during WWII and certainly was employed by the CIA during 1952-1953 (FOI response). There are several indications that he continued his intelligence work in some capacity: family knowledge/beliefs, constant travel, and the fact he never attended his own art shows.

Larry painted watercolors usually, and showed at Betty Parsons in NYC and the Waddington Galleries in London, primarily in the 1960s. There are more exhibitions in Switzerland after that, where he lived. I mention this because he was a real artist with an artistic career. 

I am wondering if anyone could share reminiscences about him or confirm his intelligence work in a general way. I already have received the response from the Agency that some activity or papers (if they exist) are classified. I'd like to round out the article I am writing with some more "proof" that he had a parallel intelligence career, not give away state secrets. 

Larry died in Switzerland in 1996.

Thanks for any assistance you are able to give me.  My phone number is 410-255-4731 if that is helpful to anyone, or have them send replies to

Barbara McMillan

 [IMPORTANT: AFIO does not "vet" or endorse these research inquiries or job offers. Reasonable-sounding inquiries and career offerings are published as a service to our members, and for researchers, educators, and subscribers. You are urged to exercise your usual caution and good judgment when responding or supplying any information.]

Part Time Administrative Assistant. The National Strategy Information Center (NSIC) seeks a part time Administrative Assistant to work two days a week facilitating the efficient day-to-day running of its downtown Washington, DC office. NSIC identifies, researches, pilots, and promotes innovative strategies to enhance security and the quality of life in democratic societies. Founded as a nonpartisan, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, NSIC has been at the forefront of education about challenges to democratic institutions for over 50 years. For more information on NSIC see

Responsibilities include: assist with logistical arrangements for meetings; assure efficient operation of office equipment; order office supplies; and maintain database (Outlook) of contacts. Good computer skills required, particularly knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. NSIC is an equal opportunity employer. This is a part-time - two days per week. Benefits are not provided. Salary commensurate with experience. Send resume and salary history to:

Coming Educational Events


MANY Spy Museum Events in 2013 with full details are listed on the AFIO Website at The titles for some of these are in detail below and online.

31 May 2013, 7 pm - Washington, DC - The ESP in Espionage: An Evening with Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows - at the International Spy Museum

When the US government began their Star Gate program in the 1970s, they were focused on the possibility of using psychic channels to gather intelligence. Psychics, in a clinically controlled setting, were asked to perform "remote viewing"―attempting to sense targeted information about people, places, and events. Reports of the program's success run from the eerie to the off-base, but the intelligence world's pursuit of the mind's power has captured the imagination of Alain Nu. The Man Who Knows has long been obsessed with the strange, the unknown, and unexplained. His exploration of the unusual has led him to the field of mentalism and developing his untold powers. Nu's uncanny demonstrations blur the line between science and the mysteries of unexplained phenomena and have been featured in his own TLC Network television specials The Mysterious World of Alain Nu and his book Picture Your ESP! Now he is turning his ESPecially entertaining powers to the world of ESPionage. Join us for an evening with Nu inspired by Star Gate, the trickery of spies, and other top secret projects. Complimentary light hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar.
For more information or to purchase tickets please visit:

31 May - 12 June 2013 - NYC to England - "The Spying Game: The Cold War and Cambridge" aboard the Queen Mary 2, with Intelligence Expert Nigel West

Immerse yourself in the shadowy underworld of international espionage with renowned author and intelligence expert Nigel West. Learn the truth behind the acronyms of the CIA, SOE, NKVD and KGB, as well as the role of "sleeper agents," the secret VENONA project and the race for atomic power. Aboard the elite Queen Mary 2, gain intimate vantages into the post-World War II geopolitical, ideological and economic struggles that shaped the world today. Highlights Gain expert insight into Yalta, the Manhattan Project and the greatest secret of the Cold War: VENONA. Visit Bletchley Park, home to the Enigma machine and historic headquarters of secret British code-breaking in World War II. At colleges associated with the Cambridge Five, learn how a group of undergraduates became a famous Soviet spy ring. Activity/Notes: Involves walking up to two miles per day. Itinerary/Summary: Arrival New York City, N.Y., 1 night; embark Queen Mary 2, 7 nights; disembark, Cambridge, 4 nights; departure.
For more information or to book your participation: visit and select Program #14569

2 - 14 June 2013 - Charlottesville, VA - UVA 21st National Security Law Institute June 2013 Training Program

Each summer for the past two decades, the University of Virginia Law School's Center for National Security Law has run a highly intensive training program during the first two weeks of June. While primarily aimed at helping to prepare law professors to teach in the field, the program is also open to government lawyers from the United States and abroad. Classes are taught by some of the leading scholars and practitioners in the field, including the directors of the UVA center and of similar national security law centers at Duke and Georgetown.

The 2013 Institute will take place at the University of Virginia School of Law between June 2 and June 14. The deadline for applications is April 12, but applications may be submitted at any time before then. The $1950.00 tuition fee covers lodging during the seminar as well as books and other reading materials. Participants are responsible for their travel to and from Charlottesville and meals other than lunches during the two-week period.

Whether you are new to the field and need a broad overview of some of the most important issues, or are looking to update your expertise and take advantage of the networking opportunities the Institute offers, you will find it both an enjoyable and a rewarding educational experience. Further information on the Institute may be found at, and questions about the Institute may be submitted by email to Professor Robert (Bob) F. Turner or by phone to (434) 924-4083

Wednesday, 5 June 2013, 6 pm - Nellis AFB, NV - the AFIO Las Vegas Chapter hears Jim Parker, CIA-Ret, on "The Battle for Skyline Ridge."

Please join us at 5 p.m. in the "Robin's Roost" bar area for liaison and beverages.
Our featured speaker for the evening will be: Jim Parker, CIA (Ret.) speaking on "The Battle for Skyline Ridge." The military fight for Laos between the CIA rag-tag army of irregulars under command of Hmong General Vang Pao and two invading North Vietnamese Divisions under command of PAVN General Nguyen Huu came down to a single ridgeline.
Place: The Officers' Club at Nellis Air Force Base. All guests must use the MAIN GATE located at the intersection of Craig Road and Las Vegas Blvd. Address: 5871 Fitzgerald Blvd., Nellis AFB, NV 89191 Phone: 702-644-2582.
For access information contact Mary Bentley ( anytime or call me at 702-295-0417, We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013, noon - Washington, DC - "Global Terrorism, Espionage, and Cybersecurity Monthly Update," at the International Spy Museum

This noontime, no cost presentation is done in partnership with the CI Centre, to provide an opportunity to be the first to learn of the most current worldwide happenings in the field of intelligence and terrorism. Drawn from the Centre�s SPYPEDIA�, the most comprehensive source of espionage information in the world. Each update covers important events and information which may not be reported by mainstream media outlets; such as, espionage penetrations and arrests, cyber espionage reporting, and terrorist events. Briefings led by CI Centre founder David Major will include trend analysis and coverage of new emerging issues of value to the intelligence and security professional and individuals with an interest in national security matters. Major will also highlight and review, as appropriate, new books and reports to keep you current with breaking developments in the national security arena. Tickets: Free! No registration required. See

12 June 2013, 6:30 pm - Washington, DC - Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor: Nazi Spy? at the International Spy Museum

When King Edward VIII abdicated the English thrown in December 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson, the world was agog. And many feared the political implications of a former king on the loose. What would these notorious lovers do? Would they attempt to influence world affairs? It seemed that the worst nightmare of many observers was coming to pass when photos of the two gleefully gladhanding Hitler appeared in 1937. During World War II, the former King was given governorship of the Bahamas - a post that those in-the-know rightly considered a form of exile. But just how dangerous were they? Amanda A. Ohlke, Adult Education Director at the International Spy Museum, will overview the most serious accusations and credit or debunk them. Much is made of secret files and gossip, but this June, the 76th anniversary of their controversial marriage, find out the truth about Wallis and Edward. After the presentation, toast the famed couple's marriage with some bubbly and trade a quip with the Baltimore-born Duchess. The Duchess, as brought to life by historical enactor Emily Lapisardi, will answer to some of the most heinous accusations in the spirit of Mrs. Simpson.
Space is limited - advance registration required! For more information or to purchase tickets please visit:

14 June 2013, 6:30 pm - Washington, DC - Surveillance 201 with Eric O'Neill - Spy School Workshop at the International Spy Museum

What if you were assigned to watch the most damaging spy in US history? As a young operative in the FBI, Eric O'Neill was put into position as Robert Hanssen's assistant with the secret task of spying on his boss, who was under suspicion of working for Russia. O'Neill's background with the FBI was in surveillance, so he was up to the challenge. O'Neill has run some previous recruits through a surveillance basics course, and now he's ready to take those with the expertise to the next level. This advanced small group surveillance exercise is best suited to those who already know how to track the "Rabbit" without being "made." O'Neill will rate your clandestine prowess while you spy on secret meetings and operational acts and see if you can uncover the spy skullduggery that's afoot while you are on foot. There is no guarantee that your "Rabbit" won't escape!
Space is limited to only 10 participants � advance registration required! For more information or to purchase tickets please visit:

14 June 2013, 7 - 8:30 pm - Arlington, VA - 15 Minutes with "POTUS" Briefing Competition Final Presentation at Founders Hall, George Mason University - No Charge To Attend.

15 Minutes with "POTUS" takes place at Founders Hall, George Mason University, Arlington, VA. This Policy Briefing Competition Enters the Final Stage. The three finalists now will display their briefing skills to high-level policymakers.
They were assigned to imagine that they are policy analysts at the National Security Council. They have been asked to prepare a decision memo for the President. The President has allocated 15 minutes for their briefing

The three great finalists will be presenting policy briefs to Chuck Robb, Michael Hayden, and Janine Davidson. POTUS—played by The Honorable Charles S. Robb, former U.S. Senator (D-VA); National Security Advisor—played by General Michael V. Hayden, former director, CIA and NSA; Secretary of Defense—played by Dr. Janine Davidson, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Plans.
There is no charge to attend.

Here is the link to the RSVP page if AFIO members would like to attend to cheer-on and encourage these students and other attendees, and to meet the presidential stand-ins.

15 Minutes with POTUS is hosted by George Mason School of Public Policy, in Founders Hall Auditorium, Friday, June 14, 2013, 7 PM to 8:30 PM (EDT) Arlington, VA.

Saturday 22 June 2013, 10am - 2:30pm - Milford, MA - AFIO New England Chapter hosts John Strauchs at their Summer Meeting

Schedule: Registration & gathering, 1000 - 1130, Membership meeting 1130 - 1200; Luncheon at 1200 followed by keynote speaker John J. Strauchs; Adjournment at 2:30PM.
Our afternoon speaker is John J. Strauchs.  His presentation is titled: The 1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center:  The Wellspring of Counterterrorism Planning for Public Buildings
John Strauchs was the chief security engineering consultant for the World Trade Center following the 1993 bombing. John will discuss the risk assessment that was conducted for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in May 1994 and, despite comments to the contrary by political and news media pundits, that the possibility of the deliberate crashing of an aircraft into the towers was considered. He will reveal the many security innovations that were developed for the World Trade Center, as well as lessons learned―both good and bad―and how the 1993 bombing changed life in America and how we live and work today.  The resultant security systems design consisted of more than 1000 security design drawings and an initial security construction budget of $54 million.
Note, as this meeting is a one day event we have not made any hotel arrangements.
Advance reservations are $25.00 per person.  We can no longer accept walk-ins.  Emails regarding your plans to attend will be accepted if you are late meeting the deadline.  These must be sent to Mr. Arthur Hulnick no later than 7 days prior to the event. Location: Courtyard by Marriott in Milford, Mass. Hotel website is here.
********Luncheon reservations must be made by 12 June 2013. ************** Mail your check and the reservation form to:  Mr. Arthur Hulnick, 216 Summit Avenue # E102, Brookline, MA 02446 or contact him at Questions to

22 June 2013, 2:30 pm - Kennebunk, ME - AFIO Maine meets to hear Martha Peterson, former CIA Ops Officer, describe her arrest, interrogation by KGB

Guest speaker will be Martha D. Peterson, who retired from CIA after a 32-year career as an operations officer. Martha describes what it was like to be a CIA Operations Officer assigned to Moscow during the Cold War and be arrested and interrogated by the KGB. Peterson has written The Widow Spy: My CIA Journey from the Jungles of Laos to Prison in Moscow (Wilmington: Red Canary Press, $18.95 paperback).
Event will be held at the Brick Store Museum Progam Center in Kennebunk, Maine. Further information available at 207-967-4298.

25 July 2013, 12:30 - 2:30pm - Los Angeles, CA - David Glazier speaks on "Drones, Targeted Killing, and the Law" at AFIO LA Chapter

Glazier will provide a legal overview assessment of the use of drones for targeted killing.
Location: LAPD ARTC 5651 W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Please RSVP for attendance: AFIO_LA@YAHOO.COM

26 July 2013 - Washington, DC - Commencement Speaker at National Intelligence University's Graduation Ceremony is James R. Clapper, Jr., Director of National Intelligence

The Honorable James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) will deliver the commencement address to National Intelligence University graduates on Friday, July 26, 2013. The commencement is the closing event in the University's 50th Anniversary year and coincidentally marks the 50th anniversary of Director Clapper's intelligence career: he was first commissioned as an Air Force intelligence officer in 1963.
NIU President Dr. David Ellison expects to present diplomas to approximately 250 graduating students from around the Intelligence Community as they cross the stage to receive one of the University's three degrees: Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence, Master of Science and Technology Intelligence, or Bachelor of Science in Intelligence.
The National Intelligence University is a federal degree-granting institution whose main campus is located in Washington, DC. Its alumni are past, present and future leaders in the intelligence and national security communities and in the private sector. Notable alumni include a former Director of National Intelligence; former directors of DIA, CIA, NSA, and NGA; former heads of military intelligence and a growing number of senior government executives and corporate leaders. For more information, visit

For Additional Events two+ months or greater....view our online Calendar of Events

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