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at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and

DAY TWO: "Active Measure ― A Global Threat"
at the Doubletree-Hilton

Thursday & Friday, 28 to 29 September 2017

Hotel: DoubleTree-Hilton, Tysons Corner, VA

Tentative Agenda: THURSDAY: ' Opening Remarks by Jim Hughes, AFIO President; ' NGA Overview and Q&A; ' Video Presentation ' Robert Cardillo, D/NGA, (invited) NGA Leadership Remarks (D/NGA or DD) - Includes GEOINT Strategy and Functional Management; ' Lunch (with museum tours, NGA store, and group photo). Presentations/Panels on: ' KH 8 Declassification; ' Pathfinder (unclassified research to solve intel problems); ' Commercial GEOINT Activity; and ' the Small Satellite Revolution. FRIDAY: ' "Active Measures - A Global Threat" - Includes agitprop, kompromat, fake news, political spin, hacks and ransomware, and other methods to harm US businesses, citizens, and cohesiveness. ' Chris Inglis, Professor in Cyber Security Studies, US Naval Academy's Center for Cyber Security Studies. He is the former Deputy Director of NSA. ' William "Bill" Evanina, Director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), the 5th National Counterintelligence Executive (NCIX). As the NCIX, he serves as the head of Counterintelligence (CI) for the US Government and as the principal CI and security advisor to the Director of National Intelligence. ' Thomas Rid, PhD, Professor of Security Studies at King's College London. Rid is an expert on "Attributing Cyber Attacks" explaining and improving the identification of network breaches and the perpetrators. ' James Clapper, former DCI. ' Senior officials from CIA, other agencies, and embassies TBA. Chapter workshop early Friday morning.
Arrive Wednesday evening, 27 September, to overnight at the hotel to be ready early Thursday, 28 September, for coach service to NGA Headquarters for all day conference including visit to their new museum. Tentative agenda here and will be updated frequently. Friday evening is our "Spies in Black Ties" banquet.
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Books of the Week

Blackbird: A History of the Untouchable Spy Plane
by James Hamilton-Paterson
(Pegasus, Sep 2017)

Order here.
Blackbird SR-71Story of the spy plane SR-71 Blackbird - the fastest manned aircraft in the history of aviation.
The SR-71 Blackbird, the famed "spy" jet, was deliberately designed to be the world's fastest and highest-flying aircraft and its success has never been approached since. It was conceived in the late 1950s by Lockheed Martin's highly secret 'Skunk Works' team under one of the most (possibly the most) brilliant aero designers of all time, Clarence "Kelly" Johnson. Developed in 1964, the Blackbird represented the apogee of jet-powered flight and could fly well over three times the speed of sound above 85,000 feet and had an unrefueled range of 3,200 nautical miles. It flew until 1999. Used over Vietnam and later battlefields, never shot down (unlike the U2 in the Gary Powers incident), it was retired because its function can be performed by satellites and drones.
The book may be ordered here.

The Taking of K-129: How the CIA Used Howard Hughes to Steal a Russian Sub in the Most Daring Covert Operation in History
by Josh Dean
(Dutton, Sep 2017)

Order here.
Taking of K-129Operation Azorian: How the CIA, the US Navy, and Howard Hughes spent six years and nearly a billion dollars to steal the nuclear-armed Soviet submarine K-129 after it had sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean; all while the Russians were watching. In the early hours of 25 February 1968, a Russian sub armed with three nuclear missiles set sail from Siberia. Then it vanished. As the Soviet Navy searched for the lost vessel, a small, highly classified American operation using sophisticated deep-sea spy equipment found it -- wrecked on the sea floor at 16,800 feet, beyond the capabilities of salvage. But the potential intelligence assets onboard the ship -- the nuclear warheads, battle orders, and cryptological machines -- justified finding a way to raise the sub. So began Project Azorian, a top-secret mission that took six years, cost an estimated $800 million, and became the largest covert op in CIA history. After the US Navy declared retrieval "impossible," the mission fell to CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology. Working with Global Marine Systems, CIA commissioned the most expensive ship ever built and told the world that it belonged to the reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes, who would use the mammoth ship to mine rare minerals from the ocean floor. In reality, a complex network of spies, scientists, and politicians attempted a project even crazier than Hughes's reputation: raising the sub directly under the watchful eyes of the Russians.

The book may be ordered here.



Unity Panel Mulls Intelligence Community Reform in Thailand.  The security commission led by Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon has approved another reform plan aimed at improving the government's intelligence work by buttressing it with information compiled by a network of 27 agencies.

It also approved a plan to create an app to decode encrypted information classified as confidential and related to national security, National Security Council secretary-general Thawip Netniyom said after the commission met Wednesday.

The 27 agencies, some of which are state enterprises, have much useful data but this would be optimised if they were interlinked to help identify threats, he said.

Intelligence work is mainly overseen by the National Intelligence Agency under the Prime Minister's Office.  [Read More:  Nanuam/bangkokpost/13Jul2017]

Civil Libertarians Seek Intelligence Sharing Agreement From NSA.  On Wednesday, July 5, British nonprofit Privacy International filed suit in US District Court for the District of Columbia against the National Security Agency ("NSA"), the Office of the Director of National Intelligence ("ODNI"), and other US agencies under the Freedom of Information Act. The suit seeks a copy of the current agreement governing sharing of signals intelligence among the "Five Eyes" alliance of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. If successful, this request could provide new insight to domestic and overseas privacy advocates on how intercepted information is shared and could influence regulators already wary of the United States' practices in this area.

Privacy International's suit arises from the long history of signals intelligence sharing between the United States and United Kingdom. In 1946, the countries executed an informal document, titled the United Kingdom-United States Communication Intelligence Agreement (the "UKUSA Agreement"), committing to share both signals intelligence itself and the techniques used to gather it. In 1955, the parties proposed a restatement of the UKUSA Agreement (which had by that time been joined by Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), and the NSA declassified records from those negotiations in 2010. These documents represent the most recent version of the UKUSA Agreement available to the public.

In its complaint, Privacy International seeks to compel the NSA, the ODNI, the State Department, and the National Archives and Records Administration to provide the text of the UKUSA Agreement now in effect, as well as records on the defendants' rules and policies governing their sharing of intelligence gathered from "operations relating to foreign communications." The 1955 UKUSA Agreement defines "foreign communications" to include "communications of the Government...of a foreign country, or of any person or persons acting or purporting to act therefor, and...[redacted] communications originated by nationals of a foreign country which may contain information of value."

Of course, the rise of the Internet has given the NSA and its overseas partners opportunities to gather intelligence in ways not anticipated in 1955, and these new technologies create new difficulties in determining whether participants in a communication are indeed foreign nationals. The same difficulty prompted the enactment of the of the Protect America Act of 2007 and the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, each of which require the United States to take measures to minimize the chance of intercepting communications from US persons. (The complaint likewise requests records describing these minimization procedures.) Privacy International argues that requiring the disclosure of any privacy safeguards mandated by, or implemented under, the current UKUSA Agreement will aid the public in understanding their rights and advocating for any needed improvements.  [Read More:  King & Spalding/jdsupra/14Jul2017]

Belgian State Security More Effective Thanks to New Intelligence Methods.  The new law on intelligence and security services is an "important step forward" for the operation of the State Security Service, said its administrator-general, Jaak Raes, and the Minister of Justice, Koen Geens, on Tuesday.
Last year, intelligence services used 1,747 specific and exceptional methods of data collection (MRD), including telephone tapping, compared with 1,271 in 2015. This upward trend is expected to continue with the use of new methods.

The MRD or BIM law (Special Information Gathering Methods) of 30 March 2017, in force since last May, has broadened the powers of the State Security Service, which collects information on activities likely to threaten the country's security. Its agents can now use false identities during their intelligence work, hack computers, collaborate with transport and travel companies, inspect vehicles in the absence of owners and open postal parcels.

These methods of collecting data are no longer limited to the fight against terrorism but also apply to cases of extremism. "The new law is essential for our intelligence services to have the necessary capability to fight extremism and terrorism while respecting our fundamental rights and values", said Koen Geens. "It has already demonstrated its usefulness."  [Read More:  Schneider/brusselstimes/12Jul2017]

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Leads Fight Against Cyber Threats.  As new technology poses evolving cybersecurity threats to governments, businesses, and families, state leaders are working together to strengthen their defenses.

"These threats do not stop at state lines," Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who chose cybersecurity as his main initiative as chair of the National Governors Association, told his fellow governors Friday at their summer meeting.

The outgoing chairman's initiative has sparked action from more than 30 governors, who have signed executive orders, bills or started initiatives in their states.

In Virginia, McAuliffe has worked to increase cybersecurity training and to make it a national resource for cybersecurity education.  [Read More:  Leins/usnews/15Jul2017]

US Department of Justice Seeks Recovery of Almost $150M Corruptly Obtained by Ex-Oil Minister Alison-Madueke, Kola Aluko and Jide Omokore From Nigeria's Oil Industry.  Officials of the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) yesterday announced that they were filing a civil complaint seeking the forfeiture and recovery of approximately $144 million in assets that were allegedly the proceeds of foreign corruption offenses and were laundered in and through the US.
The announcement was jointly made by acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco, Assistant Director Andrew W. Vale, who heads the Washington Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI), Assistant Director Stephen E. Richardson of the FBI's Criminal Investigative Division, and Don Fort of the IRS Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI).

Details of the legal complaint assert that, from 2011 to 2015, Nigerian businessmen, Kolawole Akanni Aluko and Olajide Omokore, conspired with others to pay bribes to Nigeria's former Minister for Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, who oversaw Nigeria's state-owned oil company. According to US authorities, in return for the improper benefits, Ms. Alison-Madueke used her influence to steer lucrative oil contracts to briefcase companies owned by Mr. Aluko and Mr. Omokore. The complaint alleges that the proceeds of those illicitly awarded contracts were then laundered in and through the US and used to purchase various assets subject to seizure and forfeiture. The assets in questions include a $50 million condominium located in one of Manhattan's most expensive buildings - 157 W. 57th Street - as well as a yacht, the Galactica Star, valued at $80 million.

"The United States is not a safe haven for the proceeds of corruption," said acting Assistant Attorney General Blanco. He added: "The complaint announced today demonstrates the Department's commitment to working with our law enforcement partners around the globe to trace and recover the proceeds of corruption, no matter the source. Corrupt foreign officials and business executives should make no mistake: if illicit funds are within the reach of the United States, we will seek to forfeit them and to return them to the victims from whom they were stolen."  [Read More:  saharareporters/16Jul2017]

Nod for Full-Fledged Intelligence Wing in India.  The Narendra Modi government today gave the go-ahead for a full-fledged intelligence wing under the paramilitary Sashastra Seema Bal, the nod coming in the middle of an escalating stand-off with China and its attempts at increasing its influence in Bhutan and Nepal.

The SSB guards the 699km Bhutan border and the 1,751km-long border with Nepal. Sources said the border force had no separate intelligence unit and the move to create one had been prompted by the recent stand-off between India and China near their tri-junction with Bhutan.

Bhutan claims the region under question is disputed between Thimphu and Beijing, while China insists the territory is its. India argues that its troops entered the area at Bhutan's request. "India is increasingly worried about China's increasing influence in the neighbourhood and its dominance is likely to change the dynamics of relations, especially with Bhutan and Nepal," a senior official in the Union home ministry said.

"Considering the frequent border skirmishes and the continuing stand-off with an economically aggressive Beijing, the Union home ministry has approved the creation of 650 combatised posts for intelligence to better secure the sensitive and porous borders of Nepal and Bhutan."  [Read More:  Siddiqui/telegraphindia/13Jul2017]

Intelligence Driving Operations at Talisman Saber 2017.  Though hidden behind the scenes, the intelligence analysts of the 353rd Special Operations Group and their Australian counterparts paint the big picture of the warfighting scenario for Talisman Saber 2017, a biennial military training exercise from 23 June to 25 July throughout various locations in Australia.

"We are working with our Australian counterparts to do an intelligence based exercise, where operations are driven by the intelligence picture we provide," said US Air Force Tech Sgt. Justin Smith, 320th Special Tactics Squadron noncommissioned-officer-in-charge of special tactics intelligence. "We are usually in the background behind closed doors so people often don't realize the impact we have."

Talisman Saber 2017 provides the relevant training necessary to maintain regional security, peace and stability.

"This is one of the key Australian-led exercises that we participate in," said US Air Force 2nd Lt. Bryce Jarvis, 1st Special Operations Squadron chief of intelligence. "The scenario development helps hone our skills by being able to produce products and tailor actionable intel for our aircrew and special tactics executing missions in a warfighting environment."  [Read More:  Tait/dvidshub/11Jul2017]

US to Create the Independent US Cyber Command, Split Off from NSA.  After months of delay, the Trump administration is finalizing plans to revamp the nation's military command for defensive and offensive cyber operations in hopes of intensifying America's ability to wage cyberwar against the Islamic State group and other foes, according to US officials.

Under the plans, US Cyber Command would eventually be split off from the intelligence-focused National Security Agency.

Details are still being worked out, but officials say they expect a decision and announcement in the coming weeks. The officials weren't authorized to speak publicly on the matter so requested anonymity.

The goal, they said, is to give US Cyber Command more autonomy, freeing it from any constraints that stem from working alongside the NSA, which is responsible for monitoring and collecting telephone, internet and other intelligence data from around the world - a responsibility that can sometimes clash with military operations against enemy forces.  [Read More:  Baldor/pbs/17Jul2017]

China's Intelligence Networks in United States Include 25,000 Spies.  Beijing's spy networks in the United States include up to 25,000 Chinese intelligence officers and more than 15,000 recruited agents who have stepped up offensive spying activities since 2012, according to a Chinese dissident with close ties to Beijing's military and intelligence establishment.

Guo Wengui, a billionaire businessman who broke with the regime several months ago, said in an interview that he has close ties to the Ministry of State Security (MSS), the civilian intelligence service, and the military spy service of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

"I know the Chinese spy system very, very well," Guo said, speaking through an interpreter, in his first American interview. "I have information about very minute details about how it operates."

Guo said he learned about Chinese spy activities from Ma Jian, a former MSS vice minister, and Ji Shengde, former PLA military intelligence chief.  [Read More:  Gertz/freebeacon/11Jul2017]


Think You Are Good Enough to Be an Intelligence Officer in MI5? Take This Quiz First.  With thousands of students graduating this summer, Britain's security service MI5 is looking for the best and the brightest.

The domestic counter-intelligence and security agency, which works alongside MI6 and GCHQ, is advertising for graduates to join their Intelligence Officer Development Programme (IODP).

Intelligence officers run MI5's investigations into threats the country faces, and the two-year programme will prepare you for a career in the agency.

Officers are responsible for making critical judgements about threats to national security - collecting intelligence, investigating leads and working with senior police officers.  [Read More:  Yong/bristolpost/12Jul2017]

Mastering Intelligence Skills Through MI Gunnery Training, Certification.  With a language all its own, the Army often speaks differently than "civilian or corporate speak." In fact, each of the Army's own military occupational specialties even has their own language, much to the chagrin of military commanders. However, the language of "gunnery training" is common across most specialties, and facilitates a shared understanding of training objectives by unit commanders.

Just like their combat arms brethren, the Army's Military Intelligence Corps utilizes gunnery tables as a highly-structured progression of training that begins with the assessment of basic individual skills and culminates with collective training at the crew levels. As part of the Army's transformation efforts, MI gunnery is still in its infancy and no official doctrine yet exists for echelons above the MI company level. However, leaders from across the 504th Military Intelligence Brigade are using the program's fundamentals to ensure its MI teams and crews are expertly trained in Mission Essential Tasks across each specialty.

For Maj. Matthew Shirley, operations officer for the 303rd Military Intelligence Battalion, 504th MI Bde., using gunnery to influence its battalion-level training plan speaks volumes with other commanders.

"When you talk to leaders, especially when you talk about warfighting functions and being able to speak in common terminology, maneuver commanders understand gunnery," Shirley said. "Gunnery to them is a very sequenced process of individual and collective tasks, with a very specific standard in which a table is completed to really provide a foundation or a baseline."  [Read More:  Sandell/forthoodsentinel/13Jul2017]

Life Behind the Iron Curtain: Skaneateles Woman, a Former Cold War Spy, Pens Memoir.  On a warm September day in 1952, Shirley Perry boarded the SS United States. The Illinois native, then 22, was traveling to Europe. But as she sipped champagne and sailed past the Statue of Liberty, the realization hit home: Her life as an undercover spy had begun.

So begins Perry's memoir, After Many Days [Hellgate Press, 2010] - and now, at 88 years old, the former CIA operative will share her story in central New York.

On Sunday, July 16, Perry plans to discuss her book at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Skaneateles. The author moved to the village around three years ago to be closer to her children, Andrea and Robert Perry.

Skaneateles is the latest stop on a long list of places Perry has lived, from Washington, DC, and Manchester-by-the-Sea to Vienna, Austria, and Munich, Germany.  [Read More:  Blarr/auburnpub/14Jul2017]

New York Museum Recreates Scene of Nazi War Criminal's Trial.  Half a century after Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann was convicted and hanged in Israel for engineering the deaths of millions of Jews, the bulletproof-glass booth where he sat facing justice has come to New York for a multimedia, you-are-there recreation of the courtroom.

It's part of an exhibit at Manhattan's Museum of Jewish Heritage that opens Sunday, created by a former agent of Israel's Mossad intelligence service that captured Eichmann a decade after he fled to Argentina.

Surrounding Eichmann's actual booth are screens with original video footage - seven minutes culled from 350 courtroom hours - that makes visitors feel like they're spectators at the 1961 proceedings. They hear the voices of survivors who testified against the SS lieutenant-colonel, as well as the prosecutor and the defense attorney.

The balding, 55-year-old German who once planned the routes of cattle-car trains that brought Jews to Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau and other camps sits stone-faced in footage rolling on a screen right behind the original booth. To the right is another screen beaming the traumatic, tear-drenched testimonies, with one man collapsing to the floor in exhaustion after he speaks.  [Read More:  Dobnik/sfchronicle/14Jul2017]

Who Is Rinat Akhmetshin, Former Soviet Intelligence Officer in Donald Trump Jr. Meeting?  Donald Trump Jr.'s now-infamous June 2016 meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner had one more previously undisclosed guest: Rinat Akhmetshin, a former Soviet counterintelligence officer.

NBC News broke the story Friday that a Russian-American lobbyist who some US officials believe has ongoing ties to Russian intelligence was also at the meeting. Akhmetshin confirmed to the Associated Press that he had attended the June meeting and denied that he had ever worked as a Russian intelligence officer. 

"I never thought this would be such a big deal, to be honest," Akhmetshin told the AP.

Akhmetshin said Trump Jr. asked Veselnitskaya for proof of illicit funds going to the Democratic National Committee, information the Russian lawyer did not have. Akhmetshin said the meeting was "not substantive."  [Read More:  Quigley/newsweek/14Jul2017]


What Might Brexit Mean for Counterterrorism in Europe?  Over the last three years, terrorists have struck Europe more than a dozen times, killing scores in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom, and prompting urgent calls for better intelligence sharing across the continent. Yet as officials race to repair gaps in the continent's defenses, it remains unclear how the UK's exit from the European Union will complicate efforts to counter the threat.

Brexit comes at a crucial moment in Europe's fight against terror. With ISIS losing ground in Syria and Iraq, experts foresee a new wave of fighters returning home to Europe to stage attacks against the West.

But in an era when some would-be attackers are able to travel through Europe freely, the EU doesn't have a central intelligence hub, the equivalent of a continent-wide FBI or CIA. Instead, each of the bloc's 28 member states are in charge of their own national security. When threats arise, their intelligence and law enforcement agencies share information with other EU nations either on a one-on-one basis or through clearinghouses like Europol or the EU Intelligence and Situation Center.

The system is far from perfect. In several instances since 2014, plotters were able to freely cross EU borders without being detained by authorities, even with their names on watch lists or warrants out for their arrests. Some of the attackers were even under surveillance, but as an October investigation by FRONTLINE and ProPublica found, officials failed to recognize that plots were underway, or to alert authorities in neighboring countries.  [Read More:  Boghani/pbs/11Jul2017]

National Security Figures Launch Project to Counter Russian Mischief.  Amid all the controversy over Russian hacking, interference and propaganda efforts in the United States and Europe, there's a growing concern among national security leaders that not enough is being done to stop the efforts. That's why a large group of senior figures from both parties is launching a new effort to track and ultimately counter Russian political meddling, cyber-mischief and fake news.

The roster of figures who have signed on to the new project, called the Alliance for Securing Democracy, is a who's who of former senior national security officials from both parties. The advisory council includes former Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff; former acting CIA director Michael Morell; former House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers; Adm. James Stavridis, former NATO supreme Allied commander, Europe; John Podesta, former chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign; Jake Sullivan, former national security adviser to Joe Biden; and former Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

The project will be housed at the German Marshall Fund and will be run day-to-day by a staff led by Laura Rosenberger, a former senior State Department official in the Obama administration, and Jamie Fly, former national security counselor to Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

"This threat to our democracy is a national security issue. Russia is waging a war on us. They are using different kinds of weapons than we are used to in a war," Rosenberger said. "We need to do a much better job understanding the tools the Russians are using and that others could use in the future to undermine democratic institutions and we need to work closer with our European allies who also are subjected to this threat."  [Read More:  Rogin/dallasnews/12Jul2017]

Why Military Options Won't Work Against N. Korea Threat.  Judging from the United Nations Security Council's emergency meeting on July 5, it seems that the United States is not going to get China and Russia on board for serious collective UN sanctions against North Korea. US Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke about the United States going alone if that didn't happen, and left it unclear what that might mean. There were surely more discussions during the G20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany. We have arrived at a critical juncture.

There is talk of military action, which is not a real option at all.

First, the United States has some anti-ballistic missile defense (ABMD) systems operational, but they are not designed to be effective against long-range ballistic missiles.

One such ABMD is the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, which the United States recently began installing in South Korea. (In theory, THAAD's sophisticated radar might also be used against missiles originating in China, thereby threatening its nuclear deterrent, which is part of why China is so upset about THAAD.) Yes, a THAAD missile successfully intercepted a test target on Tuesday in Alaska. But the word "Area" in the acronym THAAD marks its limitation to theater or regional defense, not intercontinental defense.  [Read More:  Lee/cnn/12Jul2017]

Congress and Counterintelligence: The Unique Vulnerabilities of the US Congress to Malign Foreign Influence.  Russia's interference in the 2016 US elections and its meddling in the politics of various European countries has called attention to the vulnerability of policymaking to covert foreign manipulation. Like the attacks of September 11, 2001, these developments do not represent a paradigm shift but, instead, a brutal reminder of activity that has long progressed - largely unheeded - in the shadows. Foreign influence activities - particularly of a Soviet/Russian flavor - have been a consistent threat to US politics since before the Cold War but have only sporadically attracted US public attention. These covert - and sometimes not-so-covert - influence activities are as, if not even more, valuable than the ability to collect protected information because if successful they allow a foreign government to shape US policies, rather than simply cope with them.

Congress is uniquely vulnerable to foreign government-directed influence campaigns.  Its malleability - due to tension with the executive branch and partisan forces - make it susceptible to pressures that are not felt by the executive branch.  (Foreign governments may also attempt to amplify these pressures through the exploitation of conduits for influence such as the media, think tanks, and activist organizations.) The cacophony of external advocacy around a legislative initiative creates an environment in which one more voice - albeit it that of a foreign government - does not seem so conspicuous. However, legislators and members of their staffs who seek information from foreign officials put themselves in the crosshairs of foreign intelligence operatives.  [Read More:  Tromblay/lawfareblog/13Jul2017]

Section IV - Employment


Dorrean LLC is Recruiting for the Following Contract Positions:

Forensic Accountant - Washington, DC

Dorrean, LLC is currently recruiting for a Forensic Accountant for a contract in Washington, DC. The Forensic Accountant will perform forensic financial analysis of business and personal records and data. The Forensic Accountant will examine and analyze financial data to identify fraudulent activity, and will develop financial profiles of individuals and groups participating in illegal activity. The Forensic Accountant will investigate the source of criminal transactions and identify fraudulent methods used by criminals. The Forensic Accountant will use software programs to analyze the implications of a variety of financial transactions and business processes on individuals and businesses. They will compile findings and conclusions, and create in-depth reports, briefings, and presentations.
Required Qualifications and Experience:
- Must have an Active Top Secret US Government Clearance
- Minimum 6 years of experience working within the defense, intelligence, or law enforcement communities leading or coordinating complex programs and/or multiple projects.
- Experience conducting thorough examination of complex financial data and records using accounting and analytical skills
- Knowledge, skills, and abilities related to white collar crime; money laundering; insurance claims; generally-accepted accounting principle violations; telemarketing fraud; check kiting; contract and procurement fraud; asset misappropriation; securities fraud; financial statement fraud; bankruptcy fraud; credit card fraud; embezzlement; evidence integrity analysis; damage assessment; tracing illicit funds; locating hidden assets; forensic intelligence gathering; and/or regression analysis.
- Mastery of accounting and financial analytical theories, innovations, practices and principles to include an in-depth understanding of funding mechanisms, processes, and legal titles associated with domestic and international banking, monetary transfers, corporate and charitable finances, securities, and money markets.
- Advanced ability to conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses, to apply various statistical methods and formulas, to discern and unravel complex interrelationships, to recognize concealed or obscure associations, and to draw logical inferences and conclusions significant for evidentiary purposes.
- Experience in analyzing financial records and data and compiling findings as evidence
- Experience working with law enforcement, agents, and attorneys, and participating in financial investigations
- Experience preparing and presenting forensic accounting reports, exhibits, briefings, and presentations
- Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills
- Bachelor's Degree in Forensic Accounting, Accounting, Finance, or a related field for Forensic Accountants
Desired Skills and Experience:
- Master's degree in Accounting, Forensic Accounting, or a related field
- CPA, CFF-AICPA, CFE, or CIA certification

Intelligence Training Instructor - Quantico, VA

Dorrean, LLC is currently recruiting for an Intelligence Training Instructor for a contract in Quantico, VA. The Intelligence Training Instructor will train, instruct (including platform instruction), and participate in the development of course materials and course outlines for onboard employees for Intelligence Career Path training courses. Based on objectives and performance goals, tasks for Intelligence Training Instructors will include, but not be limited to, the following:
Task 1 - Under the supervision of personnel and in accordance with designated curricula, Intelligence Training Instructors will instruct the workforce to employ skills, tools, and techniques required to integrate analysis with operations and produce intelligence pursuant to the organization's highest standards. Specifically, Intelligence Training Instructors will be required to provide instruction in critical thinking, analytic writing, raw intelligence reporting, and intelligence briefing, as well as participate in and evaluate exercises designed to leverage the student's knowledge.
Task 2 - Intelligence Training Instructors will provide mentoring and coaching throughout a comprehensive program of instruction for the intelligence workforce.
Task 3 - Intelligence Training Instructors will also be asked to collaborate on curriculum life-cycle refresh and corresponding lesson plan documentation.
Required Qualifications
Minimum of five years demonstrated experience in an Intelligence Field. The five years of demonstrated experience shall include application of analytic tradecraft skills and techniques, USIC collaboration, or case-based analysis and reporting.
-          Minimum two years of experience providing instruction in any of the following intelligence topics: structured analytic techniques, critical thinking processes, collection/domain management, raw intelligence reporting, analytic writing in accordance with the ODNI Analytic Integrity Standards, and intelligence briefing for peers and/or executives.
-          Minimum of two years demonstrated work experience in facilitating practical exercises by mentoring and coaching students both one-on-one and as a group to help them achieve a developmental outcome as determined by the lesson plan.
-          Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.
-          Demonstrated work experience in course material and curriculum development to include Blackboard LMS facilitation.

REPLIES to either job should go to: Scott Ernest, Corporate Recruiter; Dorrean, LLC | 11110 Sunset Hills Road, #2426, Reston, VA 20195 |; 703.722.1484 (o) | 419.306.6957 (m) | 703.722.0751 (f) |

Section V - Events


Thursday, 20 July 2017, 11:30 AM - Colorado Springs, CO - The AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter hosts Dr. Schuyler Foerster, discussing "The US and Europe: What kind of Europe? What kind of relationship?"

The post-Cold War vision of "Europe whole and free" is looking more and more tenuous, with an assertive Russia, growing political movements to break away from the EU, and the prospect of a new Administration changing the ground rules of NATO's transatlantic security relationship. How these trends play out remain to be seen, but it is clear that long-standing assumptions need to be revisited. Dr. Schuyler Foerster will have just returned from a semester teaching at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic as the Fulbright Commission's Distinguished Chair in Social Studies and from a Wilton Park (UK) Conference on recent developments in relations between Russia and the West. He will report on how these trends are playing out and the prospects for sustaining a healthy transatlantic relationship.
From 2010-2016, Dr. Foerster served as the Brent Scowcroft Professor of National Security Studies at the US Air Force Academy. During his 26-year Air Force career, he served as a senior advisor in security and arms control policy, on the USAF Academy faculty, and as an intelligence officer. A graduate of the USAF Academy, he holds a doctorate from Oxford University in politics as well as master's degrees from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and the American University, and served as a national security fellow at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. He is the founding principal of CGST Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in national security policy and civic education, teaches at Colorado College, and is past president of the Colorado Springs World Affairs Council.  
To register of for more details, contact Tom VanWormer at

Saturday, 12 August 2017, 11am - 3pm - Orange Park, FL - AFIO North Florida Chapter hears from Lt Gen Rick Tryon (USMC - Ret) on ISIS and the Taylor Leadership Institute at the University of North Florida.

Chapter President Dane Baird has lined up an excellent speaker: Lt. Gen. Rick Tryon, USMC (Ret.), who will be talking about ISIS, with which he is quite familiar, as well as a bit about the Taylor Leadership Institute at the University of North Florida that he heads. The "Lightning Round" is alive and well! Please advise Bill Webb of any topic(s) you might like to pursue -- contact him at or at (850) 668-5752 as soon as possible.
Event location: the Country Club of Orange Park.
FEE: $24 pp for event and meal.
RSVP: With only four weeks to go before the meeting, respond to Quiel Begonia at or call at (904) 545-9549 also as soon as possible, as the club needs 20+ attendees. Let's try to top the outstanding turnout we had in May! Remember that family, guests and potential members are always welcome to our meetings.

Thursday, 24 August 2017, noon - MacDill AFB, FL - The Florida Suncoast AFIO Chapter hosts LTC Juan Carlos Garcia, CENTCOM, on Operations in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt

We have an informative program as we welcome LTC Juan Carlos Garcia, the Branch Chief for the Syria-Iraq-Levant in the CENTCOM J-3 Information Operations (CCJ3-IO) Division. His team is responsible for the planning, coordination and synchronization of Information Operations (IO) throughout the region encompassing Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. A strict policy of non-attribution will apply to LTC Garcia's remarks.
RSVP: Individuals wishing to attend must respond to the Chapter secretary at, no later than Thursday, August 17. If individuals do not have base access, please contact the Chapter secretary for further information. The luncheon fee is $20.
LOCATION: MacDill AFB Surf's Edge Club, 7315 Bayshore Boulevard, MacDill AFB, FL 33621.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017 - New York, NY - The NY Metro Chapter Meeting features Carol Rollie Flynn, former CIA Officer, speaking on "Ethics in Intelligence."

Note new date. A 30-year veteran of CIA, Carol Rollie Flynn held senior executive positions including Director of the CIA's Leadership Academy, Associate Deputy Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), Director of the Office of Foreign Intelligence Relationships, Executive Director of the CIA Counterterrorism Center (CTC), and Chief of Station in major posts in Southeast Asia and Latin America. She has extensive experience in overseas intelligence operations, security, and counterintelligence as well as expertise in designing and delivering advanced education and training to adult learners. Ms. Flynn is also an adjunct Professor at Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy and Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service/Security Studies Program and a visiting faculty member at Wellesley College's Madeleine Albright Institute and the Fordham University Graduate School of Business. She serves as Adjunct Staff at Rand Corporation and is a senior affiliate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). A member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the International Coach Federation, Ms. Flynn has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College, a Masters of Science in Cyber Security from University of Maryland, University College, and has completed executive leadership programs at Duke University and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.
Location: Society of Illustrators, 128 E 63rd St (between Park and Lexington), New York, NY 10065.
Timing: Registration starts at 5:30 pm, Speaker presentation starts at 6 pm.
Fee: $50/person. Payment at the door only. Cash or check. Full dinner, cash bar.
RSVP: Strongly recommended that you RSVP to insure space at event. Call or Email Chapter President Jerry Goodwin at or 646-717-3776.

21 September 2017, 11 am - 4 pm - Riverside, CA - AFIO Los Angeles Chapter Tours Drone Pilot Training Program in special visit to March Air Base

NOT TO MISS. Recently the drone pilot training program previously, based out at the Southern California Logistics Center in Victorville, moved to March Air Base in Riverside, CA. With this change of location putting it in the chapter's backyard, Chapter President Vinc Autiero has arranged for our chapter to take a tour of the base which will cover a lot of great points of interest.
Tour will include: Remotely Piloted Aircraft Division (1hr); MQ-9 Reaper (1 hr); Lunch at The Backstreet Caf' 1.30 P.M. (approx); Security Forces Weapons Demonstration (1 hr); C-17 Globemaster III (1 hr); Departure Time 4 PM (approx)
LOCATION: March Air Base 655 M St. Riverside, California, 92518-5000
TO ATTEND: This is expected to be an all day event when you factor in drive time and the time you are on the base. Please confirm your attendance at your earliest convenience so that I can put together a head count. A minimum of 20 attendees are needed for this event. Must be a US Citizen.
RSVP with Full Name of All Attendees:
Questions? Contact Vincent Autiero, President, AFIO-Los Angeles Chapter, 5651 W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045. Email him at If you haven't yet joined this active chapter, visit AFIO and then visit their webpage:
P.S. The event is scheduled September 21, 2017, for those of you planning to attend the annual AFIO national symposium at NGA headquarters, you will find that there is no conflict with the dates that the symposium is occurring and our visit to March Air Base.

Registration has opened. 28 - 29 September 2017 - Tysons Corner, VA - AFIO's 2017 National Intelligence Symposium

"Succeeding in the Open―The Future of GEOINT" at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and "Active Measures―A Global Threat" at the Doubletree-Hilton are the themes for the AFIO-NGA 2017 National Intelligence Symposium being held at NGA and DoubleTree-Hilton, Tysons Corner, VA

Tentative Agenda: THURSDAY: ' Opening Remarks by Jim Hughes, AFIO President; ' NGA Overview and Q&A; ' Video Presentation ' Robert Cardillo, D/NGA, (invited) NGA Leadership Remarks (D/NGA or DD) - Includes GEOINT Strategy and Functional Management; ' Lunch (with museum tours, NGA store, and group photo). Presentations/Panels on: ' KH 8 Declassification; ' Pathfinder (unclassified research to solve intel problems); ' Commercial GEOINT Activity; and ' the Small Satellite Revolution. FRIDAY: ' "Active Measures - A Global Threat" - Includes agitprop, kompromat, fake news, political spin, hacks and ransomware, and other methods to harm US businesses, citizens, and cohesiveness. ' Chris Inglis, Professor in Cyber Security Studies, US Naval Academy's Center for Cyber Security Studies. He is the former Deputy Director of NSA. ' William "Bill" Evanina, Director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), the 5th National Counterintelligence Executive (NCIX). As the NCIX, he serves as the head of Counterintelligence (CI) for the US Government and as the principal CI and security advisor to the Director of National Intelligence. ' Thomas Rid, PhD, Professor of Security Studies at King's College London. Rid is an expert on "Attributing Cyber Attacks" explaining and improving the identification of network breaches and the perpetrators. ' James Clapper, former DCI. ' Senior officials from CIA, other agencies, and embassies TBA. Chapter workshop early Friday morning.

Arrive Wednesday evening, 27 September, to overnight at the hotel to be ready early Thursday, 28 September, for coach service to NGA Headquarters for all day conference including visit to their new museum. Tentative agenda here and will be updated frequently. Friday evening is our "Spies in Black Ties" banquet.
Hotel: DoubleTree-Hilton, Tysons Corner, VA [formerly the Crowne Plaza], at 1960 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean, VA 22102.

Reserve overnight rooms at hotel now while the special group price is valid: Room registrations can be made at 1-800-HILTONS at $119/nite. [To make room reservations carefully follow the prompts dialing "1" twice - this is to get to reservations, and then to make a new reservation. You then are asked to enter your phone number followed by the pound sign. After that, you are placed into a queue in order to speak with a customer service rep. When they get on the line, they ask for the city [Tysons Corner, VA], the name of the hotel [DoubleTree-Hilton], and the group name for the special rate [AFIO $119/nite.]

Registration for SYMPOSIUM 2017 has just opened. Register securely ONLINE now
to ensure a place.
Or use this printable Registration Packet. Contains the formal invitation, tentative agenda, and off-line registration forms sent earlier to all current member. Complete and return by fax or US Mail.

Other Upcoming Events

Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 6:30 pm - Washington, DC - The History and Mystery of the World's Greatest Ciphers from Ancient Egypt to Online Secret Societies - at the International Spy Museum

In 1953, a man was found dead from poisoning near the Philadelphia airport with a picture of a Nazi aircraft in his wallet. Taped to his abdomen was an enciphered message. In 1912, a book dealer named Wilfrid Voynich came into possession of an illuminated cipher manuscript once belonging to Emperor Rudolf II. Wartime codebreakers tried-and failed-to unlock the book's secrets, and it remains an enigma to this day. Craig Bauer, author of Unsolved Ciphers and editor of Cryptologia, will examine these and other vexing ciphers yet to be cracked. Some may reveal the identity of a spy or serial killer, provide the location of buried treasure, or expose a secret society-while others may be elaborate hoaxes. Guests are invited to stay after his talk for some collaborative cipher-breaking fun. Unsolved Ciphers will be available for sale and signing at the event. Tickets for the general public: $10; Members: $8. Visit

Thursday, 20 July 2017 (6-8pm) - Alexandria, VA - NIP Monthly Social Summer Cool Down Event

Calling all Navy Intel Shipmates! Naval Intelligence Professionals "Third Thursday" Monthly Social takes place at Sonoma Cellar, 207 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314. Open to All members and non-members! No RSVP Required. Dress: Smart Casual 6 - 8 PM Social Hour; Cash bar (cold beer, chilled wine, or cold non-alcoholic beverages) Excellent food menu!

CHILDREN and Parents: Monday, 24 July to Friday, 28 July 2017, 9 am - 3 pm - Washington, DC - Spy Camp: Session 1 - at the International Spy Museum

Somewhere deep inside the Museum an elite group of recruits is lurking in the shadows preparing to take on top secret missions. No one really knows who they are, or for that matter, what they're really up to. Now it's your turn to join their ranks. Each day at Spy Camp is filled with top secret briefings and activities that will put spy skills and street smarts to the test. Aspiring KidSpy recruits will hone their tradecraft, learn from real spies, and hit the streets to run training missions. Develop a disguise for cover, make and break codes, discover escape and evasion techniques, create and use spy gadgets, uncover the science behind spying-all of this and more awaits young recruits! Tickets for the general public: $445; Members: $415. Visit

Wednesday, 9 August 2017, 7 to 8:45 PM - McLean, VA - Westminster Institute hosts David Des Roches on "Push and Pull of Religious Extremism: Who Are the Terrorists, How Are they Recruited, What Can We Do?"

David Des Roches, Associate Professor, Near East South Asia Center, discusses "Push and Pull of Religious Extremism: Who Are the Terrorists, How Are they Recruited, What Can We Do?" at this Westminster Institute evening event. Des Roches is Associate Professor at the Near East South Asia Center for Security Studies at National Defense University. Prior to this, he was the Defense Department director responsible for policy concerning Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Where: Westminster Institute, 6729 Curran St, McLean, VA 22101 Fee: None.
Register here. Questions: Robert R. Reilly, Director, The Westminster Institute, at 703-288-2885 or

15 August 2017, 11:30am - McLean, VA - DIF Luncheon with Greg Bristol on "Human Trafficking from a DOD/DIA Perspective."

The Defense Intelligence Forum hosts Greg H. Bristol speaking on "Human Trafficking from a DOD/DIA Perspective."
Bristol is a former FBI Special Agent who worked on foreign counterintelligence, public corruption, corporate fraud, and civil rights cases. He later became a Special Agent with the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, working complex contract fraud cases. He currently is an instructor with the University of Louisville's Southern Police Institute, where he teaches Advanced Human Trafficking investigations. He is also a U.S. DoJ Office for Victims of Crimes human trafficking consultant.
Event location: Pulcinella Restaurant, 6852 Old Dominion Dr, McLean, VA Fee: Pay $30 pp at door with a check payable to DIAA, Inc. Checks are preferred, but will accept cash; however, credit card payments are discouraged.
RSVP: Make reservations by 15 August 2017 by email to Include names, telephone numbers, and email addresses. For each attendee, choose among chicken parmesan, trout lemone, lasagna, grill sausages with sweet peppers, fettuccini with portobella, manicotti with spinach and ricotta, or cannelloni alla bolognese for your luncheon selection. Please send your luncheon selection with your reservation to reduce the wait time for your food!!!

Saturday, 19 August 2017, 1-4pm - Washington, DC - Allan Topol: Washington Power Play - at the International Spy Museum

Join the International Spy Museum for an in-store book signing of Washington Power Play by Allan Topol. Washington Power Play spins a tale of international intrigue, deception, and corruption at the highest levels of power. Kelly Cameron, a young FBI agent, has just thwarted a terrorist attack on the Walter Reed hospital in Washington, and is now placed in charge of a task force to find a mole in the U.S. Government. She soon finds evidence of a plot initiated by the Chinese government supporting General Cartwright to be elected as the U.S. President. Event is free. Visit

Wednesday, 23 August 2017, 6:30pm - Washington, DC - Spies on Screen: Bon Voyage - at the International Spy Museum

Paris 1940, the German occupation is imminent. Among the citizens swirling through the chaotic City of Light are escapees from prison, a movie-star lover of an important government official, and a physicist and his assistant who have something to hide. This 2003 ensemble film featuring Isabelle Adjani and Gerard Depardieu includes German spies, the French Resistance, romance, and a corpse. Not to mention a shipment of heavy water-which the French desperately want to keep the Germans from using to produce nuclear weapons. Along with the evening's screening of Bon Voyage, enjoy popcorn and sparkling French soda almost as delicious as the characters' chemistry in the film! In French with English subtitles; screening at the Spy Museum. Cosponsored by the Alliance Française de Washington. Tickets for the general public: $10 per person; Members: $8. Visit

24 August 2017, 8 am - 2 pm - Alexandria, VA - Analytic Objectivity Symposium by OSD/DI

The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence is hosting an Analytic Objectivity Symposium with panelists representing business, judiciary, intelligence, medicine, finance & academic research. Featured speakers include: Judge James A Wynn Jr., US Court of Appeals for Fourth Circuit, Ret Capt, USN; Dr. Mark Lowenthal, Former Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis & Production; Bob Woodward, Senior Editor, Washington Post, Author; and Jeffrey Ballou, President, National Press Club. Location: The Mark Center, 4800 Mark Center Dr., Alexandria, VA 22311. Information and Registration: contact Kevin Riehle, Defense Analysis & Partnership Engagement Directorate, OUSD(I), at 703-571-2404 or at

25 September 2017 - Bethesda, MD - HOLD THE DATE for the PenFed Foundation Military Heroes Golf Classic.

Join the PenFed Foundation for the 14th Annual Military Heroes Golf Classic on 25 September 2017, at the world-renowned Congressional Country Club, host to five major championships, three US Opens and a PGA Championship, in Bethesda, MD. As you enjoy a round of golf, know that your support will help the Foundation meet the unmet needs of our Military, Veterans, and their families. Their grants help ensure that those who have bravely served our country will not struggle to pay necessary bills, purchase a home, or get the treatment and support they need. Their 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities are now available. Download the sponsorship packet here. If you are interested in securing a sponsorship or participating in the tournament,* please call 703-838-1302 or visit

18 October 2017, 9 am - 3 pm - Laurel, MD - NCMF General Meeting & Symposium: "How Cyber has Changed the World Around Us."

SAVE THE DATE. Information coming in July. Details will be at
Event location: The Kossiakoff Center, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory.

19 - 20 October 2017 - Laurel, MD - 16th NSA/CSS Center for Cryptologic History Symposium: "Milestones, Memories, and Momentum."

SAVE THE DATE. Information forthcoming. This symposium will be followed on 21 October 2017 with tours and workshops at the National Cryptologic Museum.
Location: Kossiakoff Conference Center, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland.
For more about the program, visit

The theme for the 2017 Symposium will be "Milestones, Memories, and Momentum." There are many milestones to mark in 2017: the 160th anniversary of the first attempt to span the Atlantic with a telegraph cable, 100 years since both the entry of the United States into World War I and the Russian October Revolution, and 75 years after the World War II battles of Coral Sea and Midway. The Symposium will take place just a few months before the 50th anniversary of the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, and during the 25th year after the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

Costs: Registration costs for 2017 have not yet been set, but for planning purposes the costs for 2015 were as follows: $70/day ($140 for 2 days, no cost for the museum visit); $35/day ($70 for 2 days) for full-time students with ID. The fee includes lunch and snacks. In the past we have been able to waive the fees for non-government speakers on the day they present their paper. We hope to have final registration costs available at the time you are notified about the status of your proposal. See details here. Questions to Program Chair Betsy Rohaly Smoot at or to her care at The Center for Cryptologic History, Suite 6886, 9800 Savage Road, Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755.

21 October 2017 - Washington, DC - The OSS Society Holds the Donovan Awards Dinner honoring Dr. Michael G. Vickers

Invitations will be mailed shortly to The OSS Society's 2017 William J. Donovan Awards Dinner honoring Dr. Michael G. Vickers. The event, by invitation only, takes place at The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Washington, DC.

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