AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #44-13 dated 12 November 2013

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Section IV - Research Requests, Books, Obituaries, and Coming Events

Research Requests



Coming Educational Events

Current Calendar for Next Two Months ONLY


Twelfth Annual Pearl Harbor Commemoration Lecture
by National Cryptologic Museum Foundation

Thursday, 5 December 2013 - 10 am to 1 pm
Annapolis Junction, Maryland

        The speaker at the Twelfth Annual NCMF Pearl Harbor Commemoration Lecture is noted author and historian Dr. Donald M. Goldstein. Dr. Goldstein's presentation will include insights into the Japanese outlook on the Pearl Harbor attack and the subsequent disastrous aftermath, a gap in our series which we have been trying to fill for over five years.

This year's presentation will take place at L3 Conference Center in the National Business Park. Lunch will follow at noon. It takes place Thursday, 5 December 2013, 10am-1pm in Annapolis Junction, MD. The L3 conference center is located at 2720 Technology Drive Annapolis Junction MD 20701. We will have a selection of books that Dr. Goldstein has authored or coauthored available for purchase.

The program fee for members is $20 [$50 for non-members which includes membership in the NCMF for a year]. Please remit to the NCMF or pay online at at The deadline for payment is 29 November. Refunds not possible after that date. Make check payable to "NCMF" and send to PO Box 1682, Fort George G Meade, MD 20755-3682 by 29 November.
Questions? Contact Mary J. Faletto, Senior Administrator, National Cryptologic Museum Foundation, Office: 301-688-5436 Cell: 443-250-8621. E-mail:

The NCMF will have the NSA 2013 Christmas ornament available for those who wish to purchase it - a rare opportunity. The ornament must be reserved and paid for in advance by check. The cost for the ornament in the gift shop is $16.50 plus tax. Your cost is $16 including tax and handling less your NCMF discount. Please include this amount in a check along with your program fee. The ornament may not be paid for online.

Dr. Goldstein's presentation will finally open the window into the Japanese thought processes leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Join us as we learn about this little known aspect of the attack and its aftermath.

A Play... and a newly released Documentary on British Cryptanalyst Alan Turing

Breaking the Code - a play about British Cryptanalyst, Alan Turing

APL Turing

Last Chance to see
... Breaking The Code

APL Allies in the Workplace of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory presents "Breaking the Code" - Hugh Whitemore's 1986 play of the true story of Alan Turing, the British cryptanalyst and trailblazing mathematician who shortened World War II by breaking Hitler's U-boat Enigma codes. In 1952, the British government convicted Turing of gross indecency under an 1885 law that targeted homosexual men, effectively destroying his career.
Some of his colleagues have said that it's a good thing Turing's homosexuality didn't become public until after the war, because without him World War II would have been lost. Based on Andrew Hodges book Alan Turing: The Enigma and produced in cooperation with Samuel French, Inc., Breaking the Code will play for two weekends only at the Kossiakoff Center. Remaining show dates are Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 16 at 1 p.m. The play will be presented at the Kossiakoff Center and there is no charge for admission. Reservations are recommended. Reservations or more info HERE.
Just released...
CODEBREAKER: A Documentary The Story of Alan Turing

CODEBREAKER tells the story of Alan Turing, the maverick British genius who was crucial to founding three new fields of science as well as breaking the German naval Enigma code during World War II.  Historians credit his codebreaking with helping to shorten the war by two years and saving millions of lives. As the founding father of computer science and artificial intelligence, Turing laid the foundation for our modern world.

More information about the documentary.

Turing faced persecution in an era where being a homosexual was deemed a crime and considered a major security risk. In 1952, some of Turing's activities triggered attention by authorities which resulted in the British Government punishing him for sexual deviancy. In despair, Turing reportedly committed suicide by consuming cyanide. He was 41. 

CODEBREAKER is a docudrama that uses reenactments based on historical findings. Turing serves as the storyteller, defiantly searching for answers. Documentary elements seamlessly interconnect with dramatic scenes to provide a three dimensional picture of the man, his accomplishments, the prejudices of that era, his tragic end, and his lasting legacy.

The Times described the film as "…an overdue and thoroughly honourable telling of this dreadful story."  Another critic pronounced it as "awe-inspiring."  The Sunday Times called it "powerful" and "imaginative."  

The DVD of CODEBREAKER has subtitles in English, French, Spanish, and German. It's NTSC format. This format will play in newer PAL DVD players and on all computers.

A copy of the DVD may be ordered here. Home use price is $24.95.

** The CODEBREAKER DVD is available to ship anywhere in the world, except the United Kingdom. If you are from the UK, you can buy the DVD at this link


UK Spy Chiefs Emerge From Shadows to Blast Edward Snowden. Britain's intelligence chiefs used their first ever joint public appearance to complain that documents leaked by former U.S. intelligence operative Edward Snowden had put secret operations at risk and were being "lapped up" by al Qaeda.

In an unprecedented evidence session before parliamentarians that local media likened to a scene from a James Bond film, the heads of Britain's three main intelligence agencies said Snowden's disclosures about mass surveillance had prompted them to consider being more open about what they do.

But they said parts of their work had to remain secret for national security reasons and that the data leaks, which detailed Britain's close cooperation with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), had caused huge damage.

"They've put our operations at risk," John Sawers, the head of MI6, Britain's foreign intelligence service, told a parliamentary committee. [Read more: Osborn/Reuters/7November2013]

DIA Honors Patriots and Torch Bearers. On Nov. 7, two extraordinary groups of people will be honored at Defense Intelligence Agency Headquarters. Four heroes will be inducted into the DIA Patriots Memorial and three former employees will receive the agency's Torch Bearers Award.

DIA will add four names to its Patriots Memorial, which commemorates DIA employees and others who have died in service to the United States and commemorates their exceptional sacrifice in support of DIA's mission. Four soldiers will be recognized during the ceremony: Sgt. Sherwood Baker, Pennsylvania Army National Guard (ARNG); Sgt. Don Clary, Kansas ARNG; Sgt. Lawrence Roukey, U.S. Army Reserve; and Sgt. 1st Class Clinton Wisdom, Kansas ARNG.

Baker and Roukey were killed April 26, 2004, in Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom while serving as members of an Iraq Survey Group (ISG) mobile collection team that was conducting a critical field inspection in an anti-coalition forces area. Under dangerous conditions, they provided security for ISG personnel charged with inspecting a suspected chemical, biological and nuclear weapons facility. Both soldiers died when a massive explosion occurred at the facility being inspected.

Clary and Wisdom were killed Nov. 8, 2004, in Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom while serving as members of a personal security detail for a convoy that included the head of the ISG and several DIA analysts. When a vehicle driven by insurgents charged the convoy, Clary and Wisdom repeatedly positioned their vehicle in between the ISG chief's car and the approaching one. Both soldiers were killed when the suicide bomber detonated his vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. Because of their actions, none of the members of the ISG were seriously harmed. [Read more: DIA/7November2013]

Top Navy Intelligence Officers Put on Leave in Bribery Probe. Two top naval intelligence officers have been placed on leave and stripped of their access to classified materials in a widespread bribery investigation, the Navy said Friday night.

The sanctions against Vice Adm. Ted Branch, the director of naval intelligence, and Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, the director of intelligence operations, are related to "illegal and improper relations" with Leonard Francis, chief executive of Glenn Defense Marine, a Singapore-based defense contractor, the Navy said in a statement.

The admirals are the highest-ranking officers to be implicated so far in the investigation, which began in 2010. Three lower-level officers have been charged with accepting prostitutes, luxury travel and cash from Francis in exchange for classified and internal Navy information. 

On Saturday, the U.S. Navy's chief of information, Rear Adm. John Kirby, told NBC News that more charges are likely. [Read more: Johnson/NBCNews/9November2013]

Libyan Intelligence Agency is "Up and Running".  In a rare and fleeting reference to Libya's new intelligence agency, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan said that the agency was up and running.

Speaking at yesterday's press conference Zeidan was conducting a review of the state security forces, including the army and the police.

The Prime Minister said that the government was progressing in the development of its security forces, including the intelligence agency.

However, after making the brief comment, Zeidan quickly said that he was not going to reveal any more details on this subject. [Read more: Zaptia/LibyaHerald/11November2013]

Indonesian Hackers Believed to be Responsible for Bringing Down Australian Secret Intelligence Service Website. Indonesian hackers are believed to have brought down the website of Australia's leading spy agency.

The Australian Secret Intelligence Service's page was not working this afternoon after hackers launched a "denial of service" attack.

The cyber attack is a response to revelations that Australia had been spying on its closest neighbour through the Jakarta embassy.

Indonesia ICT Institute director Heru Sutadi said he monitored Indonesian hackers, associated with the global cyber-activist network Anonymous, and he confirmed they were responsible for the attack. [Read more: Minear/HeraldSun/11November2013]

Audio History from Government Printing Office Details CIA Briefings for Presidents. Now available in audio for intelligence buffs: the inside story of CIA briefings to presidents-elect and presidential candidates from 1952-2004.

The Central Intelligence Agency and the Government Printing Office announced Tuesday that they've teamed up to offer the federal government's first downloadable audio book, Getting to Know the President (Second Edition): Intelligence Briefings of Presidential Candidates, 1952-2004.

The book is a historical account of the information-sharing process between the intelligence community and presidential candidates and winners during campaigns and administration transitions. The CIA approached the printing office, which is transitioning from a traditional to electronic disseminator of government documents, about producing the first federal audio release.

It's part of the CIA's effort to make unclassified work "more readily available in alternative formats to the public," according to an agency statement. [Read more: Rein/WashingtonPost/5November2013]

Intelligence Service Report: Corruption and Economic Problems are Fuelling Extremism in Czechoslovakia. In its report for 2012, released on Thursday, the Czech intelligence service BIS warns that corruption remains a serious problem in the country, with increasingly tighter links between businesses and public administration. The service says that the public's growing frustration with the present state of affairs is leading to a rise in extremism that presents a threat to democracy in the country.

Despite the former government's proclaimed anti-corruption drive and a number of high-profile corruption cases being dealt with by the courts, it appears that the country has made little progress in rooting out this modern-day blight. The BIS report speaks of increasingly tighter contacts between private companies and public administration at all levels with the aim of drawing money from state coffers through public procurement. Projects are often artificially overvalued and there has been a huge and totally unjustified increase in services outsourcing for public administration. [Read more: Lazarov�/RadioPraha/11November2013]

Brussels Demands 'EU Intelligence Service' to Spy on US. The European Union must create its own intelligence agency within the decade to "level the playing field" and to counter the power of America's National Security Agency, one of Europe's most senior officials has said.

Viviane Reding, the EU's Justice Commissioner and vice president of the European Commission, has tabled the idea amid deepening transatlantic rifts over the activities of American intelligence agencies, including the alleged bugging of Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor's mobile telephone.

Following unprecedented condemnation of US spying tactics at a Brussels summit two weeks ago, Mrs. Reding has urged Europe's leaders to include work on a new "European Intelligence Service" as part of proposals for a new EU treaty next year.

"What we need is to strengthen Europe in this field, so we can level the playing field with our US partners. I would therefore wish to use this occasion to negotiate an agreement on stronger secret service cooperation among the EU member states - so that we can speak with a strong common voice to the US," she told the Greek Naftemporiki newspaper on Monday. [Read more: Waterfield/TheTelegraph/4November2013]

Mysterious Website Seeks Names, Phone Numbers of Alleged Hezbollah Agents. A mysterious website offering financial rewards for information about alleged members of Hezbollah's international operations wing has become a major topic of conversation in intelligence circles around the Middle East, with operatives wondering who is behind the effort.

The site, which appeared without fanfare in recent weeks, claims to be the work of an alliance of Western intelligence agencies. But two Western security officials familiar with the project said it is likely an Israeli operation to gather data on one of the world's most secretive organizations.

Hezbollah, a Shiite Muslim movement that is the most powerful Lebanese political group, has long been the focus of Israeli and Western intelligence agencies and has been accused in a long string of terrorist incidents, including the bombing 30 years ago Wednesday of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut and the bombing in Bulgaria last year of a bus loaded with Israeli tourists.

The site, which can be found at, says its mission is to bring attention to Hezbollah's so-called "Unit 910," which the site accuses of being Hezbollah's international operations unit tasked with conducting intelligence gathering and performing operations around the world. [Read more: Prothero/McClatchy/23October2013]

New Zealand Gets First Female Spy Boss. When the GCSB revealed it illegally spied on Kim Dotcom it was Rebecca Kitteridge who recommended an overhaul of spying laws.

Now, she'll become the first female spy boss in New Zealand after being appointed as director of security at the Security Intelligence Service (SIS).

The announcement was made on Tuesday with the full backing of her direct report, Prime Minister John Key, who labeled her "highly respected" and "professional".

Ms. Kitteridge holds the post cabinet secretary, overseeing the cabinet office within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC). [Read more: MSN/13November2013]

U.S. Spy Technology Lagging, Report Says. A congressional panel created long before the recent revelations about government electronic-spying operations issued a blistering report yesterday charging that the intelligence world's research-and-development efforts are disorganized and unfocused.

An unclassified version of the report, based on two years of work by independent experts and two officials from inside the agencies, concludes that the United States is losing its technological superiority over its rivals. Other countries are gaining "asymmetric advantages" by making their own investments in such efforts and, in some cases, stealing U.S. inventions, it says.

In a separate white paper on cybercapabilities - an area in which the Defense Department, the National Security Agency and the U.S. Cyber Command have made big investments - the panel concludes that President Barack Obama's efforts to differentiate the roles of competing agencies have largely failed. [Read more: Sanger/NYTimes/6November2013]


Earl Browning, the Moral Spy. Earl Browning, the American spy, who has died aged 96, played an honorable role in an extraordinary post-war episode: the recruitment of the former SS captain and Gestapo officer Klaus Barbie by the US Intelligence services.

Barbie became notorious for his role in sending thousands of Jewish men, women and children, as well as members of the Resistance, to concentration camps; he was known as the "Butcher of Lyon" for having personally tortured prisoners of the Gestapo. After the war he escaped to Bolivia, from which he was eventually extradited to face trial in France in the mid-1980s. In 1987 he was sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity; he died in prison in 1991.

The hearings had been delayed numerous times, prompting suggestions that prominent French politicians were afraid of what he might reveal about their collaborationist pasts. But a key element in the case - one that scarcely surfaced during the trial - was the American involvement with Barbie at the end of the war, itself the reason it took almost 44 years to bring him to justice. The story was formally disclosed in 1983, in a Department of Justice report entitled Klaus Barbie and the United States Government.

The context of Barbie's brief career as an American agent was the chaotic post-war period when Germany was divided into four occupation zones; the enemy was no longer Germany but the Soviet Union, and Nazi war criminals on the run, who were well-connected, experienced and dedicated anti-communists, took to peddling their services from zone to zone for dollars and cigarettes.

In April 1947 Kurt Merk, a former lieutenant in the Abwehr, turned up at the offices of the United States Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in Memmingen and told Robert Taylor, a young CIC operations officer, that an old friend of his from wartime service in France, a man named Klaus Barbie, was available for hire. [Read more: TheTelegraph/10November2013]

Modern Art Was CIA 'Weapon'. Digging around for information can bring up some truly bizarre results sometimes - here's a great example of this from an article in The Independent from back in 1995:

"For decades in art circles it was either a rumour or a joke, but now it is confirmed as a fact. The Central Intelligence Agency used American modern art - including the works of such artists as Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko - as a weapon in the Cold War. In the manner of a Renaissance prince - except that it acted secretly - the CIA fostered and promoted American Abstract Expressionist painting around the world for more than 20 years.

The connection is improbable. This was a period, in the 1950s and 1960s, when the great majority of Americans disliked or even despised modern art - President Truman summed up the popular view when he said: "If that's art, then I'm a Hottentot." As for the artists themselves, many were ex-communists barely acceptable in the America of the McCarthyite era, and certainly not the sort of people normally likely to receive US government backing.

Why did the CIA support them? Because in the propaganda war with the Soviet Union, this new artistic movement could be held up as proof of the creativity, the intellectual freedom, and the cultural power of the US. Russian art, strapped into the communist ideological straitjacket, could not compete. [Read more: BlackListedNews/9November2013]

Feel in Danger? Stay Classy, Buy a Bulletproof Suit. A Canadian tailor is releasing a three-piece suit that has everything a danger-seeking 21st century executive could need - killer looks plus bulletproof protection that would make James Bond envious.

The company, Garrison Bespoke, believes it has combined style and safety, using lightweight carbon nanotube technology to absorb impact from bullets fired from handguns and prevent punctures from knife attacks.

All in all, the luxury suit, retailing at almost Can$20,000, seeks to provide a select few customers a way to avoid being killed while traveling abroad.

"We focused on making the ultimate James Bond suit," said David Tran, head of special projects for Garrison Bespoke. [Read more: AFP/11November2013]

10 Cold War Weapons That Terrified U.S. Military Intelligence. When US-Soviet relationships were at their frostiest in the 1980s, there was no telling what sort of exotic threat was about to come roaring through Russia's Iron Curtain. That's where the Defense Intelligence Agency came in.

This low-profile intelligence agency - the DoD's answer to the CIA - worked around the clock to discover emerging Soviet military menaces and report them to Washington. Because of the Top Secret nature of these subjects, the agency employed a team of artists to create highly accurate renderings of each threat, for use in policy briefings and DIA publications like Soviet Military Power. These subjects were so top secret that the renderings themselves were considered classified material.

Between 1965 and 1989, DIA's artists created more than 1000 paintings and drawings of Soviet threats - now known as the DIA Military Art Collection. Here are ten of the most intimidating weapons we thought the Soviets were developing. [Read more: Tarantola/Gizmodo/8November2013]

The Spy Chiefs: Sir John Sawers, MI6. Often compared to James Bond for his good looks and suave manner, Sir John Sawers was the first MI6 chief to be appointed from outside the service for 41 years.

He was a career diplomat, serving as Britain's ambassador to the United Nations, when he was named as the next head of the Secret Intelligence Service in June 2009.

However, he was no stranger to the world of espionage, having trained with MI6 at the start of his career before joining the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Sir John, 58, has had a higher profile than many other spy chiefs, partly because of his prominent diplomatic appointments and the three years he spent as Tony Blair's foreign policy adviser, and partly because of an unfortunate episode when his wife posted details about his personal life on a public Facebook page. [Read more: Marsden/TheTelegraph/7November2013]


The Future of Egypt's Intelligence Service. The U.S.-Egyptian relationship has been through some rocky months since the June 30 military coup that toppled President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. But the strain doesn't seem to have diminished cooperation between the two countries' intelligence services.

Gen. Mohammed Farid el-Tohamy, the director of Egypt's General Intelligence Service, said there had been "no change" in his organization's relationship with U.S. spy agencies, despite delay of some U.S. weapons deliveries to the Egyptian military and talk of new Egyptian military contacts with Russia.

"Cooperation between friendly services is in a completely different channel than the political channel," Tohamy said. "I'm in constant contact with [Director] John Brennan at the CIA and the local station chief, more than with any other service worldwide."

This fraternal U.S.-Egyptian intelligence relationship is a throwback to the bonds that existed under President Hosni Mubarak. At that time, the charismatic Omar Suleiman was intelligence chief here, and there was a mutual focus on counter-terrorism issues that arguably contributed to Mubarak's isolation from his people - and to the United States being blindsided by the uprising that topped him in February 2011. [Read more: Ignatius/WashingtonPost/11November2013]

Uganda: Intelligence in Crisis. On Oct.15, the US Embassy in Kampala issued an unexpected security alert to its citizens with a warning that it was "assessing reports that a Westgate-style attack may soon occur in Kampala." "Embassy officials are sharing all information with the Ugandan authorities. At this time, there is no further information on timing and/or location of this attack," the statement read in part. "The Embassy will continue to alert US citizens to any credible, specific information about this and any other potential threats.

We again take this opportunity to remind the community to exercise vigilance and to avoid public venues that attract large crowds." Apparently, the terror alert by the embassy not only took the Ugandan intelligence and security services by surprise but it also appeared to wake them up from their stupor as they immediately swung into action to show that they were doing something to avert an attack and to protect Ugandans.

While the Americans are definitely more sophisticated in intelligence gathering than their Ugandan counterparts, analysts say this has partly helped to put the inefficiencies and weaknesses in the country's intelligence system under the spotlight.

The loopholes inside Uganda's intelligence system in the wake of fresh terror attacks in the region are a big cause for worry, security insiders have revealed to The Independent. Sources who didn't want to be named given the sensitivity of the matter, told this newspaper that at the heart of the problem is the failure to professionalise and disentangle the intelligence agencies from serving the interests of the President at the expense of national security. [Read more: Matsiko/TheIndependent/8November2013]

Does the EU Need its Own Spies? Viviane Reding, the European Union's justice commissioner, was in a combative mood when she spoke to Greek newspaper Naftemporiki on Monday. Asked to comment on Edward Snowden's revelations about the US National Security Agency's activities - particularly the mass surveillance of EU citizens' data - Reding suggested it was time Europe pushed back: "What we need is to strengthen Europe in this field, so we can level the playing field with our US partners."

Reding went on to make a concrete proposal: "I would therefore wish to use this occasion to negotiate an agreement on stronger secret service co-operation among the EU member states - so that we can speak with a strong common voice to the US," she said. "The NSA needs a counterweight. My long-term proposal would therefore be to set up a European Intelligence Service by 2020."

There was obviously a political point in the notion as much as a practical one - perhaps a rhetorical exercise to assert European power. One EU official assured the EUobserver website that Reding had spoken off the cuff, and had not yet discussed her idea with fellow commissioners. [Read more: Knight/DeutscheWelle/6November2013]

Is CIA Too Good at Drone Assassination to Pass the Baton to the Pentagon? For the sake of having greater transparency, President Barack Obama promised back in May that the Department of Defense would take over the drone program operated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to assassinate foreign terrorist threats. But the transition of this killing operation from one agency to another has stalled, in part because Pentagon officials don't want to ruin a good thing - namely, the CIA's success in "neutralizing" targets.

"The transfer was never expected to happen overnight," Gordon Lubold and Shane Harris wrote for Foreign Policy. "But it is now clear the complexity of the issue, the distinct operational and cultural differences between the Pentagon and CIA and the bureaucratic politics of it all has forced officials on all sides to recognize transferring drone operations from the [CIA] to the Defense Department represents, for now, an unattainable goal."

Lubold and Harris were told by one U.S. official that the "physics of making" the transfer has proven "remarkably difficult."

Another government source told them the switch would occur, it's just going to require more time. [Read more: AllGov/8November2013]

Section IV - Research Requests, Books, Obituaries and Coming Events

Research Requests
 [IMPORTANT: AFIO does not "vet" or endorse these research inquiries or job offers. Reasonable-sounding inquiries and career offerings are published as a service to our members, and for researchers, educators, and subscribers. You are urged to exercise your usual caution and good judgment when responding or supplying any information.]

Researcher Seeking Guidance on Espionage, Magic, and Deception. I am a career writer and editor in Washington, D.C. working on a book about deception. For a section on theories and practices, I'm looking for experts at the intersection of two foremost disciplines: espionage and magic. My intent is not to reveal tradecraft secrets, classified or otherwise sensitive information, but rather to explore the nature of human perception from the perspective of serious practitioners in both tradecrafts. Please contact me if would be willing to be interviewed about your magic/intelligence skills or experiences. Contact preferred by email. Recommendations of other sources are also most welcome. Many thanks. Replies to A. Huslin at


Revolutionary Intelligence. Brian Kilmeade understands the importance of learning and teaching history, and he especially loves stories from the history of his native Long Island. Kilmeade, the longtime co-host of Fox and Friends, has written a book, George Washington's Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution, about the band of spies during the British occupation of New York known as the Culper ring. He talks to National Review Online's Kathryn Jean Lopez about what he learned from this story. [Read more: NationalReviewOnline/7November2013]

A Fierce Domain: Conflict in Cyberspace 1986 to 2012. Cyber conflict is new, but not so new that it has failed to accumulate its own history. For over twenty-five years, nation states and non-state groups have been using computer networks to strike, spy upon, or confound their adversaries. While many of these dust-ups have been mere nuisances - more playground-pranks than real battles, several incidents have become national security issues, which have placed militaries on alert and prompted warnings to heads of state, the US President included. These conflicts are best understood as issues of international security, not information security.

This book is the first of its kind to address the history of cyber conflict, which started in earnest in 1986, when German hackers searched through thousands of US computer files and sold their stolen materials to the KGB. In 1995, the US intelligence community reported to Congress that incidents involving computers and telecommunications equipment accounted for the "largest portion of economic and industrial information lost by US companies" to espionage.

Cyber espionage cases are among the most prevalent of the many types of stories in this history, but there are also incidents resulting in nations resorting to the use of actual force against one another, or attacking rivals anonymously from the Internet. Patriotic hackers have attempted to disrupt networks, computers, and data controlled by their targets, who were perceived to be somehow insulting the hackers' motherland. More important than historical cases, of course, is what we can learn from them. An analysis of the first quarter-century of cyber conflict reveals three broad lessons. [Read more: Healy/Cryptome/11November2013]


John Spence Dies at 95; Navy Diver and Pioneering WWII 'Frogman'. John Spence, a diver often credited as the first U.S. combat "frogman" in World War II and an important figure in the rigorous training that led to the establishment of the Navy SEALs, has died.

Spence died Tuesday at a care facility in Bend, Ore. He was 95.

Because much of what Spence and others did during the war was under the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner to the Central Intelligence Agency, stories of their bravery and resourcefulness were long classified as top secret.

Only in the late 1980s was the secrecy classification lifted, allowing Spence to finally tell friends and family members of his wartime experiences.

Rick Kaiser, executive director of the Navy SEAL Museum at Fort Pierce, Fla., said that Spence "fought for our country with nothing more than a Ka-Bar knife, a pack of explosives and a diving rig."

"In today's age of drone strikes and worldwide instant communications," Kaiser said, "it's hard to imagine going to war depending on nothing but your training, your cause and your teammates." [Read more: Perry/LATimes/3November2013]

Coming Educational Events


MANY more International Spy Museum Events in 2013 and some for 2014 with full details are listed on the AFIO Website at The titles for some of these are in detail below and online.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM - Scottsdale, AZ - "Egypt and Syria" - Paul Kinsinger's topic for AFIO Arizona Chapter Meeting

"Egypt and Syria" is the topic of Paul Kinsinger, Clinical Professor of Business Intelligence, Executive Director, Thunderbird Executive Education, Thunderbird School of Management.
Location: McCormick Ranch Golf Course, 7505 McCormick Parkway, Scottsdale AZ 85258 ~ Phone 480.948.0260
Send your check to Simone - you will be charged for the lunch. Meeting fees are as follows: $20 for AFIO AZ Member; $22.00 for Non-Members.
No-shows will be charged if not cancelled 48 hours prior to event.
For reservations or questions, email Simone: or, or call 602.570.6016.

Thursday, 14 November 2013, Noon-2:00 pm - Washington DC - The Returned & Services League of Australia meets to hear Brigadier General Xhavit GASHI, the Kosovo Security Force Attach�.

Where - Amenities Room, Embassy of Australia, 1601 Massachusetts Ave. NW. Washington DC 20036
Charge - $15.00 including buffet lunch and sodas. Alcoholic beverages - $2.00 each.
RSVP by noon on Wednesday November 13 to David Ward at 202-352-8550 or via e-mail to
NOTE: Valid photo ID required
Parking: While there is no parking at the Embassy, paid off street parking is available behind and under the Airline Pilots Association- 17th and Mass, and at 15th and Mass (1240 15th street). On street two hour metered parking is also available.

Thursday, 14 November 2013, noon - Washington, DC - "The Family Jewels: The CIA, Secrecy and Presidential Power," at the International Spy Museum

In December 1974, a front-page story in the New York Times revealed the explosive details of years of illegal domestic operations by the Central Intelligence Agency including political surveillance, eavesdropping, and detention. These revelations shocked the public and led to investigations by a presidential commission and committees in both houses of Congress. Investigators soon discovered that the CIA abuses were described in a top-secret document that Agency insiders dubbed the "Family Jewels." That document became ground zero for a political firestorm that lasted more than a year. John Prado's, a Senior Fellow of the National Security Archive in Washington, DC, recounts the secret operations that constituted the "Jewels," shows that the abuses have since been replicated by the intelligence agencies at the global level, and exposes the strenuous efforts -- by the Agency, the Executive Branch, and even presidents -- to evade accountability.
Join the author for an informal chat and book signing.
Tickets: Free! No registration required. More information at

Thursday, 14 November 2013, 5:30 - 8:30 pm - Tysons Corner, VA - Spy vs Spy: Global Espionage Threats to Business - A Panel and Reception.

The International Speakers Society at The Tower Club features discussants Luke Bennie - Managing Director of Security Management International, LLC; author of
Among Enemies: Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler; and Brian E. Finch - Partner of Dickstein Shapiro, LLP, head of the firm's Global Security Practice, Named by Washingtonian Magazine in 2011 as one of the top 40 lobbyists; Laid Cabrillo's - Former FBI Chief of the Practical Applications Unit; Interim Deputy Director of Law Enforcement for the Counter Terrorism Center of the CIA.
Times: 5:30-6:30pm Reception For Members & Guests; 6-7 pm Open Networking Reception; 7-8:30 pm Panel Discussion.
Location: The Tower Club, 8000 Towers Crescent Dr #1700 Vienna, VA 22182. Parking available in garage at building entrance.
Admission: $30.00 per person

Thursday, 14 November 2013, 5 - 7 p.m. - Long Beach, CA - Cameron Munter, former Ambassador to Pakistan, discusses U.S. relations with Pakistan in 2014 and Beyond.

Topic: US-Pakistan Relations in 2014 & Beyond, Lecture by Ambassador Cameron Munter
Cameron Munter served as a US Foreign Service Officer for nearly three decades before his retirement in fall 2012. He was Ambassador to Pakistan from 2010-2012, guiding US-Pakistani relations through a period of severe crisis, including the operation which enabled America to finally capture Osama Bin Laden in Abbotabad where he was being hidden, and the latest phase of the Afghan War. Prior to his appointment as Ambassador to Pakistan, Munter served in several capacities in Baghdad, Iraq, overseeing US civilian and military cooperation in planning the drawdown of US troops. Ambassador Munter's talk will address US relations with Pakistan in light of the expected drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan in 2014.
Location: California State University, Long Beach
There is no charge for this event, but you must RSVP in order to reserve a space, detailed information is listed below. AFIO L.A. is not in charge of the guest list, so please make sure to reserve at your earliest convenience if you plan to attend.
Once you RSVP, you'll receive a confirmation/reminder email at the beginning of the week of November 11 with details about the building location and parking.
Register here. For more information, contact: Dave Neumann at

Friday, 15 November 2013, 10:30am - 2pm - Tysons Corner, VA - AFIO National Fall Luncheon features National Security Reporter Walter Pincus, and former CIA DO Officer Marti Peterson

1 p.m. speaker is Walter Pincus, National Security Reporter for The Washington Post, speaks on "45 years covering national security."
3-course Lunch at Noon
11 a.m. speaker is Martha [Marti] D. Peterson, author of The Widow Spy: MY CIA Journey from the Jungles of Laos to Prison in Moscow.
The Widow Spy is Marti Peterson's personal story of a life among heroes. The first was her husband John, a CIA officer, whom she accompanied on her first overseas assignment in Laos, conducting paramilitary operations to contain the North Vietnamese Army. John was killed in a helicopter crash.
The story continues with her joining CIA and becoming one of the first women operations officers ever assigned to Moscow in the mid-70s. She details the challenges of working covertly for nearly two years in Moscow, facing the potential of being discovered by the KGB, as she serviced dead drops and recovered secret packages from a highly valuable agent TRIGON. In the end, she was ambushed and arrested by the KGB.
TRIGON, often compared to Penkovsky, provided documents that revealed the Soviet government's plans and intentions in influencing world events and the negotiating positions of Soviet government officials in talks with the US and its allies.
The memoir contains descriptions of operational acts and real life within the enemy's camp (Moscow).
Marti Peterson's presentation will provide unique insights into the intelligence advantage the US had over the USSR, and provides a personal account of the covert life of a female CIA officer in Moscow. It also provides a look at how women were seen and treated in the DO in that era.
Check-in for badge pickup at 10:30 a.m. Morning and Afternoon programs are On The Record. The latest intelligence books, and many others, for sale throughout event.
Event closes at 2 p.m.
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Tysons Corner, VA.
Registration is here.

Friday, 15 November 2013, 8 pm - Washington, DC - "Sharks & Lasers: A Bond Villains' Night Out" at the International Spy Museum

An Exquisitely Evil Program Presented by the International Spy Museum and Brightest Young Things
An evening celebrating the villain in us all, and especially the villains of the Bond franchise! Come as your favorite evil alter ego as the sleekest villain attire will be judged while you enjoy cocktails and jams. Everyone's favorite Bond villain, Jaws, from The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, will be our featured guest as Richard Kiel reunites with his steely teeth. Meet him and other villainous types during after-hours access to the Museum's Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains special exhibition.
Have an evil cat like Blofeld's? Submit your best diabolical kitty pictures for bragging rights in our Pussy Galore Gallery. We'll have a well-stocked photo booth with evil accouterments, Bond trivia, and a chance to meet real spies. Will you be brave enough to go 4-D with our shark tank come-to-life? Bravery required, swimsuit not. And in your confessional "My Villainous Moment" video use our clandestine cameramen and voice-changing equipment to record your anonymous personal evil best.
This is a 21+ event.
Tickets: Advance Price: $20; Day Of: $25 More information at

16 November 2013, 2 - 4pm - Kennebunk, ME - Maine Chapter of AFIO presents China expert Kathleen Walsh on "China: Partner, Rival, or Adversary?"

An Associate Professor of National Security Affairs at the US Naval War College, Walsh will speak on "China: Partner, Rival, or Adversay." What does the future hold in view of China's more assertive role in the international sphere?
Walsh joined the Naval War College in 2006 where she has focused her research on China and the Asia-Pacific region with emphasis on security and technology issues. Her current research includes assessing China's science and technology development, defense innovation and military modernization efforts, and the role played by foreign R&D investment in China's development.
Walsh is the author of numerous publications including: China's Defense Innovative System: Making the Wheels Spin; China's National Security Strategy: A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma.
Prior to joining NWC Walsh was a senior independent consultant to several Washington think tanks where she worked for U.S. Government clients on issues related to China and Asian regional security arising from globalization.
Walsh has a Master of Arts degree from the School of International Public Affairs at Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from the Elliott School of international Affairs at George Washington University.
The meeting will be at 2:00 p.m., November 16, 2013 at the Kennebunk High School Main Auditorium. The auditorium is at the south end of the building through the door marked #3. Parking is along Fletcher Street in front of the building or behind the south side of the building. The meeting is open to the public. For information call: 207-967-4298.

Thursday, 21 November 2013, 11:30 am - Palmer Lake, CO - AFIO Rocky Mountain meeting features John Putnam on "Lessons Learned from the Waldo Canyon Fire."

Speaker, John E. Putnam is with Putnam Assurance & Risk Services, LLC, Colorado. He will talk about "Lessons Learned about the Waldo Canyon Fire."
Event location: The Inn at Palmer Divide, 443 S. Highway 105, Palmer Lake, CO, Exit 161 westbound off I-25, West on Highway 105.
Please RSVP to Tom Van Wormer at

Monday, 2 December 2013, 5:30 - 8pm - New York, NY - "NSA Wiretapping, Snowden, Manning, and the FISA Court" - Judge Michael Mukasey's talk at the AFIO NY Chapter Meeting

SPEAKER: Judge Michael Ukase, Former US Attorney General, 2007 - 09; currently NYC-based Partner at Televise & Plimpton. Served 18 years as Judge US District Court of the Southern District of NY, 6 years as Chief Judge. Most notable award, "Learned Hand Medal of the Federal Bar Council."
LOCATION: Society of Illustrators 128 East 63rd Street between Lax. & Park Ave. TIME: Registration 5:30 PM Meeting Start 6:00 PM
Registration: Strongly suggested, not required. Open to the public.
Email: or call: 646-717-3776, Jerry Goodwin, President, AFIO New York Metropolitan Chapter
Cost: $50/person Cash or Check at the door only
Buffet Dinner: Buffet Dinner to follow talk & Q&A.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013, 5:30 pm - Las Vegas, NV - AFIO Las Vegas Chapter Holiday Dinner Event Features Ernest Williams on "History of the Nevada Test Site."

Our holiday dinner will be held in the A-Room of the Nellis Air Force Base Officers' Club. A no-host bar, located adjacent to the A-Room will be in operation from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for your convenience. Please purchase your cocktails at the A-Room bar instead of the Robin's Roost.
Our featured speaker for the evening will Ernest B. Williams on "History of the Nevada Test Site: Reflections on 54 Years of NTS Experience."
Ernest Williams enlisted into the US Air Force in 1951. He began working for the Atomic Energy Commission reporting to Mercury, Nevada, Nevada Proving Grounds (Nevada Test Site) in 1955, where he witnessed and/or participated in over 500 atmospheric and underground nuclear tests. In 1962 he was an administrative Officer on Christmas Island and an engineer for the Dominic atmospheric tests (24 atmospheric tests). At the Nevada Test Site, Mr. Williams participated in over 400 underground tests. Mr. Williams retired in 1986 and is currently employed with National Security Technologies. He is currently involved in the counterterrorism program and the first responders program at the National Nuclear Security Site (formerly the NTS) and Community relations in Las Vegas, Nevada. Williams received the Award of Excellence from DOE in 1993 and congressional recognition from the Nevada Congressional District.
If you have provided your name, date of birth and either a drivers' license number or a social security number, your name will be at the guarded main gate at Nellis AFB entrance; if not, provide this information to Mary Bentley ( by 22 November 2013, or you will not be admitted. If you currently have base access, you do not need to provide this information.
Place: The Officers' Club at Nellis Air Force Base. All guests must use the MAIN GATE, located at the intersection of Craig Road and Las Vegas Blvd.
Address: 5871 Fitzgerald Blvd., Nellis AFB, NV 89191 Phone: 702-644-2582.
Dinner: The holiday dinner buffet will be served starting at 5:30p.m. and will include: Tossed Greens with Toasted Walnut and Raspberry Vinaigrette,
Roast Turkey with Stuffing, Cranberry Chutney, Pan Gravy, Mashed Potatoes and Chef's Vegetables, Freshly Baked Rolls with Butter, Pumpkin and Pecan Pies; and Coffee & Tea Service

Please Note: If your dues are in good standing for the current calendar year, the holiday dinner will be at a cost of $5.00 per person. If your dues are lapsed or for any guest attending the meeting, the fee is $20 pp for the dinner. Bring your spouse and/or guest(s) to dinner and the meeting, but remember to submit your guest(s) names, date of birth and either drivers license number or social security numbers before 22 November 2013.

Questions to Mary Bentley ( anytime or call me at 702-295-0417 if you have any questions.

5 December 2013, 11:30am-2pm - San Francisco, CA - The AFIO San Francisco Chapter hosts Lt. Vincent Nguyen, USCG assigned to Intelligence unit in Florida Keys.

The AFIO James Quesada San Francisco Chapter hosts Lt. Vincent Nguyen, US Coast Guard currently assigned to an Intelligence unit in the Florida Keys. Lt. Nguyen is the winner of one of our chapter scholarships and is pursuing a Master's degree in Asian-Pacific Studies from the University of San Francisco.
11:30AM no host cocktails; meeting starts at noon. Location: United Irish Cultural Center, 2700 45th Avenue, SF (between Sloat/Wawona). RSVP required by 11/30/13 to Mariko Kawaguchi: e-mail and mail check made out to "AFIO" to: Mariko Kawaguchi, P.O. Box 117578, Burlingame, CA 94011. Members and students: $25; non-member guests $35 (must be accompanied by member).

Thursday, 5 December 2013, 10am-1pm - Annapolis Junction, MD - National Cryptologic Museum Foundation's Annual Pearl Harbor Program

The speaker at the Twelfth Annual NCMF Pearl Harbor Commemoration Lecture is noted author and historian Dr. Donald Goldstein. Dr. Goldstein's presentation will include insights into the Japanese outlook on the Pearl Harbor attack and the subsequent disastrous aftermath, a gap in our series which we have been trying to fill for over five years.

This year's presentation will take place at L3 Conference Center in the National Business Park. Lunch will follow at noon. We will have a selection of books that Dr. Goldstein has authored or coauthored available for purchase.

The program fee for members is $20 and $50 for non-members which includes membership in the NCMF for a year. Please remit to the NCMF or you may pay online. The deadline for payment is 29 November. Refunds will not be possible after that date. Make check payable to NCMF and send to PO Box 1682, Fort George G Meade, MD 20755-3682 by 29 November. The L3 conference center is located at 2720 Technology Drive Annapolis Junction MD 20701.
Questions? Contact Mary J. Faletto, Senior Administrator, National Cryptologic Museum Foundation, Office: 301-688-5436 Cell: 443-250-8621. E-mail:

The NCMF will have the NSA 2013 Christmas ornament available for those who wish to purchase it - a rare opportunity. The ornament must be reserved and paid for in advance by check. The cost for the ornament in the gift shop is $16.50 plus tax. Your cost is $16 including tax and handling less your NCMF discount. Please include this amount in a check along with your program fee. The ornament may not be paid for online.

10 December 2013 - MacDill AFB, FL - The AFIO Suncoast Chapter hears from Hon. William Burgess, on Special Operations

Our meeting's featured Speaker: Hon. William H. Burgess, III, Florida Circuit Court Judge, retired US Army, on his Special Operations Experiences.

Hon. William H. Burgess, III, is a Circuit Court Judge in Florida's Sixth Judicial Circuit. He is a former trial attorney and prosecutor for the State of Florida. Judge Burgess is Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law and is a member of The Florida Bar, the St. Petersburg Bar Association, the Clearwater Bar Association, and the West A Bar Association. He regularly lectures on sentencing, evidence, professionalism, trial practice, and other criminal law-related topics for lawyer organizations throughout Florida and has taught at the college and law school levels. He is an expert on Florida sentencing law and is the author of the definitive legal treatise on that subject, which is used by judges and lawyers throughout the state. Mr. Burgess received his J.D. from Washington College of Law, The American University; his M.P.A. from Clark University; and his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts.
Judge Burgess enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1976, receiving his commission as a Second Lieutenant in 1978. Burgess served in Infantry, Military Intelligence, and, for most of his career, Special Forces, including wartime command experience in the Persian Gulf. While in the Army, Burgess worked and trained with several allied special operations forces, including Britain's 22 Special Air Service. He is a charter member of the Army's Special Forces Combat Arms Branch. Burgess authored the Army's first Special Reconnaissance doctrinal manual and made significant contributions to other doctrinal publications pertaining to sensitive special operations and intelligence matters. He also lead pioneering efforts in research, development, and application of strategic targeting methods in support of National Command Authority objectives. He has written a number of articles about the concepts and history of special operations for a variety of national and international magazines and journals, and he edited and contributed to Inside Spetsnaz, the most definitive open-source book of its time on Soviet special operations forces. At retirement in 1995, Burgess was serving as a Regular Army Major on the personal staff of the Commander-in-Chief, United States Special Operations Command. Burgess is a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2473 and has remained active in veterans affairs since his retirement.
Questions or reservations to Michael F. Shapiro at

For Additional Events two+ months or greater....view our online Calendar of Events

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