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Section IV - Film, Obituaries and Upcoming Events



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FRIDAY, 19 September 2014

<FBI DD Mark F. Giuliano

1 p.m. speaker

Mark F. Giuliano

Deputy Director, FBI

on Terrorism, WMDs,
and Espionage

<FBI Seal
<Predator - Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution by Richard Whittle 11 a.m. speaker

Richard Whittle

speaking on

The Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution

<Richard Whittle - author, Predator
3-course Lunch at Noon
FBI Deputy Director Mark F. Giuliano discusses terrorism, WMDs, and espionage. Giuliano was former Executive Assistant Director (EAD) of the National Security Branch (NSB), responsible for counterterrorism, espionage, and WMDs. He also served as the FBI�s lead intelligence official, responsible for coordination and liaison with the U.S. Director of National Intelligence and the rest of the Intelligence Community. Giuliano streamlined counterterrorism operations and better positioned the FBI to address current and emerging terrorist threats through operations designed to penetrate and disrupt key terrorist networks and threats.
Richard Whittle is author of PREDATOR: The Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution
being released at this event. Whittle is a Wilson Center Global Fellow on International Security Studies and a Fellow at the National Air & Space Museum. He writes extensively on security and aviation matters.

Predator is a must-read. Love it or hate it, the armed drone represented a transformation in military technology. Like every revolution, this one had a colorful cast of characters, and Whittle tells their story with the insight and authority of a veteran military journalist, drawing on inside sources in the Air Force, the CIA and defense industry. This book should be on the shelf of anyone who wants to understand military power in the 21st century.” —David Ignatius, columnist for The Washington Post and author of The Director

“Whittle's account comes to a pointed conclusion: Drone technology has already changed how we die, but what remains to be seen is how it ‘may change the way people live.’ For students of technological history and political wrangling alike, the book is endlessly interesting and full of implication.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A brilliant and detailed account of the growing pains of the weapons system of the future. Whittle fully captures the political struggle that almost downed the nascent Predator program.”
—Richard A. Clarke, former National Security Council counter-terrorism director


Check-in for badge pickup at 10:30 a.m.
Richard Whittle begins his presentation at 11 a.m.
Lunch served at noon
FBI DD Mark Giuliano begins his presentation at 1 pm
Morning and Afternoon programs are On The Record

The latest intelligence books, and many others, for sale throughout event.

Event closes at 2 p.m.


EVENT LOCATION: The Crowne Plaza
1960 Chain Bridge Road � McLean, Virginia 22102
Driving directions here or use this link:

JUST RELEASED and Available Online

A Missing Dimension of US Security Capabilities

- A Working Paper of the National Strategy Information Center -

by Rufus Phillips, Senior Fellow

There is now growing interest in developing US political capabilities to complement military, security force, and other assistance programs. A new National Strategy Information Center [NSIC] study outlines how this can be operationalized.

New material is presented on recruiting, educating, and managing the professionals needed to support stable and evolving democratic transitions. A detailed budgetary estimate is provided for standing up and initially operating this capability. This study builds on our previous work documenting the need for US “political capabilities.”

The full 90-page monograph is now available on the National Strategy Information Center’s website. NSIC’s principal investigator -- Rufus Phillips -- is also available to brief on the study.
He can be contacted through NSIC at



FBI: Cuban Intelligence Aggressively Recruiting Leftist American Academics as Spies, Influence Agents. Cuba's communist-led intelligence services are aggressively recruiting leftist American academics and university professors as spies and influence agents, according to an internal FBI report published this week.

Cuban intelligence services "have perfected the work of placing agents, that includes aggressively targeting U.S. universities under the assumption that a percentage of students will eventually move on to positions within the U.S. government that can provide access to information of use to the [Cuban intelligence service]," the five-page unclassified FBI report says. It notes that the Cubans "devote a significant amount of resources to targeting and exploiting U.S. academia."

"Academia has been and remains a key target of foreign intelligence services, including the [Cuban intelligence service]," the report concludes.

One recruitment method used by the Cubans is to appeal to American leftists' ideology. "For instance, someone who is allied with communist or leftist ideology may assist the [Cuban intelligence service] because of his/her personal beliefs," the FBI report, dated Sept. 2, said. [Read more: Gertz/FreeBeacon/5September2014]

Estonia: Russia Must Release Intelligence Officer. Estonia charged Friday that a counterintelligence officer was abducted at gunpoint and taken across the border into Russia, but Russia reported the officer was detained while conducting an "undercover operation."

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said it detained Eston Kohver not far from the border in the Pskov region of Russia, Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reported. The FSB said Kohver was carrying a Taurus pistol, 5,000 Euros ($6,480) and special audio-recording spying devices.

The Internal Security Service of Estonia confirmed the name of the officer and said he was in the process of disrupting a cross-border crime, according to Estonian news agency Estonian Public Broadcasting.

The agency said the abduction of the 43-year-old Kohver, a decorated officer, was "preceded by interference from the Russian side of operative radio communication and use of a smoke grenade." There were signs of a struggle but no blood, officials said. [Read more: DiBlasio/USAToday/6September2014]

Scots Intelligence Service Warning. A single security and intelligence service in an independent Scotland will not offer the protection now provided as part of the UK, says a former chief of MI6.

Sir John Scarlett said British intelligence services have been built up over decades, "work which cannot be replicated in a few years".

The Scottish Government set out proposals to create a single agency for security and intelligence in its white paper on independence.

Writing in a London-based newspaper, Sir John, chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service from 2004 to 2009, said: "The Scottish Government proposals will not offer the level of protection and support provided by the highly-sophisticated British security and intelligence agencies." [Read more: HeraldScotland/6September2014]

US Intelligence Community Explores More Rigorous Ways to Forecast Events. Analysts for the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency and more than a dozen other government organizations depend on their ability to forecast national and global events to help ward off various threats to the country, but old-style approaches can produce flawed results.

To improve quality, the government has taken the unusual step of running tournaments that invite people outside the intelligence community to develop better ways to forecast world events, and several have produced notable results.

"Traditional forecasting in the intelligence community relied on human judgment, and the way in which humans make those judgments has tended to be unstructured deliberation," said Jason G. Matheny, a project manager for IARPA, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, which is the research and development arm of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Deliberation is useful, but it isn't ideal for generating accurate forecasts: It is susceptible to groupthink. Social biases, such as deferring to those with seniority, intrude on the process. And dissenting views often aren't captured. The effects have led analysts to predict events that didn't occur, or miss events that did take place. "Pearl Harbor would be a failure to warn," Mr. Matheny said. [Read more: McGinty/WallStreetJournal/5September2014]

Somali Cabinet Fires Intelligence Chief. The Somali cabinet on Sunday (September 7th) fired Director of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) Abdullahi Mohamed Ali after less than two months in the job, saying he had failed "to fulfill his commitments", AFP reported. 

Ali had been appointed as part of a major overhaul of security services in July in the wake of an attack by al-Shabaab against the presidential palace in Mogadishu.

"Cabinet members gathered for a session this morning to discuss several issues including security, and during their session, the cabinet fired the chief of intelligence for failing to fulfill his commitments," Somali government spokesman Ridwan Haji Abdiweli told reporters.

He gave no further explanation for the decision, although al-Shabaab militants have continued to stage high profile attacks in Mogadishu, including against the parliament and more recently the national intelligence centre. [Read more: Sabahi/8September2014]

CIA Amps Up Cooperation With Jordan Amid Islamic State Attack Fears. The US is stepping up its intelligence cooperation with Jordan, one of its most stalwart Middle East allies, concerned that the Arab country could be vulnerable to the Islamic State militant group.

The CIA has approached a retired former agency official with close ties to King Abdullah II about setting up a special task force to help Jordan deal with the threat from the Islamic State group, according to two former agency officials who would not be quoted by name discussing a secret mission.

The retiree, Robert Richer, a former US Marine who was chief of CIA's Near East division, became close with Abdullah when he was Amman station chief in 1999. Richer is now a consultant with clients in Jordan, according to his LinkedIn page. He declined to comment.

While the prospect of the Islamic State prevailing over the well-equipped Jordanian military seems remote, Jordan is vulnerable to both terrorist attacks and internal strife. Its economy is weak, its unofficial unemployment rate is 30 percent, and 1.5 million Syrian refugees are consuming scarce resources and services, US officials and experts say. [Read more: AP/9September2014]

US Intelligence Agencies Could Spy on Behalf of Corporations. The US intelligence services may one day spy for American companies if their foreign competitors' technological capacity "outstrips that of US corporations", according to the latest report attributed to leaks by former US National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden.

Titled "Quadrennial Intelligence Community Review Final Report" and published by the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) in April 2009, the report recommends that the US intelligence services should put "a multi-pronged, systematic effort to gather open source and proprietary information through overt means, clandestine penetration (through physical and cyber means), and counterintelligence".

The report came to light in an article by Glenn Greenwald on The Intercept website on Friday. Greenwald is a former columnist at The Guardian who broke the stories on the US government's far-reaching electronic spying schemes based on Snowden's leaks.

The 2009 review is a scenario-based analysis conducted by the Intelligence Community (IC) to provide an "essential long-term guide" to the US government about what it may face by 2025. [Read more: Chen/SouthChinaMorningPost/9September2014]

Intelligence Research Agency Plans First Industry Confab. The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity plans to hold its first industry day since its founding in 2006.

The purpose of the gathering - held Oct. 29-30 - "is to provide a unique look at the breadth and depth of IARPA's research through briefings, discussions and demonstrations," including the Aggregative Contingent Estimation - or ACE program - which seeks to improve forecasting of world events through the wisdom of crowds.

In case you wonder if this is a must-attend event, the FBO notice rather immodestly notes IARPA is one of the government's "most creative agencies".

As befits a spook outfit, IARPA did not disclose the location of the separate top secret or unclassified industry day sessions, limited to 200 and 400 folks, respectively. [Read more: Brewin/NextGov/8September2014]

Marina del Rey Man Gets 37 Months for Selling Military Secrets to Undercover Agent He Believed Was Working for China. A Marina del Rey man was sentenced Monday to spend more than three years in federal prison for providing sensitive information about a network used to control and communicate with military satellites to an undercover officer he believed worked for the Chinese government, prosecutors said.

Brian Scott Orr, 42, also must pay $10,000 and serve three years under supervised release once he finishes his 37-month sentence, according to the term imposed by US District Judge Beverly Reid O'Connell.

While employed at the US Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, NY, from 2009 through 2011, Orr maintained a Top Secret security clearance and worked on sensitive and classified matters related to the Air Force Satellite Control Network, computers that control military satellites. His responsibilities included identifying and evaluating vulnerabilities in the network.

Orr resigned from his job in 2011 after losing his access to classified and other sensitive areas, but he illegally kept materials used to train workers on how to operate the computer network. The materials were labeled with warnings restricting their export from the United States, prosecutors said. [Read more: Altman/DailyBreeze/8September2014]


9/11 Museum Shows SEAL's Shirt From bin Laden Raid, CIA Officer's Coin Marking Manhunt's End. The shirt a Navy SEAL wore in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden and a special coin given to a CIA officer who played a key role in finding him are being displayed at the Sept. 11 museum, adding potent symbols of the terrorist attacks' aftermath days before their anniversary.

The items are going on view Sunday at the ground zero museum, where leaders see them as an important and moving addition to a collection that often uses personal artifacts to explore the events and impact of 9/11.

"The death of Osama bin Laden is a huge part of the history, and we have an absolute obligation to tell it," National Sept. 11 Memorial Museum President Joe Daniels said Saturday. The display, he said, "allows millions of visitors the chance to recognize the extraordinary bravery of the men and women who sacrifice so much for this country at home and abroad."

The shirt and coin will join an existing display with a brick from the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, where the terrorist at the helm of the attacks was captured and killed. [Read more: Peltz/AP/6September2014]

Building a Better Mole Trap. The continuing leaks of National Security Agency material by Edward Snowden so dominate the news that you don't hear much these days about Cold War - style moles burrowing through the CIA, FBI and Defense Department on behalf of foreign spy services.

Yet they keep surfacing, without much notice: At least 20 Americans have been arrested on charges of giving classified documents to foreign intelligence agencies over the past decade, albeit not on the scale of the CIA's Aldrich Ames and the FBI's Robert Hanssen, whose longtime perfidies caused the death of more than a dozen CIA spies in Russia alone.

And maybe the recent, relatively small-fry folks charged with espionage don't count for much in an era when self-propelled leakers like Snowden and Private Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning dump gigabytes of classified documents onto the public. But almost certainly, bigtime Russian and Chinese moles (not to mention Israeli and French ones, according to official US security reports) are lurking in the bowels of our national security agencies, Congress and defense contractors. And here's another uncomfortable fact: Most moles are uncovered only well after they've chewed through reams of our most sensitive defense, technological and intelligence secrets - often at a cost of billions of dollars' worth of military research and development - and usually only because a defector from the other side has fingered them. Add to that the costs of prosecuting and jailing them for many years, often for life. [Read more: Stein/Newsweek/6September2014]

27 Phrases Only Spies Will Understand. People and regions all around the world have their own unique phrases and slang that only they would understand, and the intelligence community comprised of spies, analysts, and cryptography specialists is no different.

For people working in the shadows of the intelligence community, "illegal" holds a much different meaning than what most view as a violation of law. The same goes for "assets" or "eyewash."

These are terms that shed light on the secret world of spycraft, and they help professionals at CIA, NSA, or intelligence services of the military to talk to each other in a common language and present information to decision-makers.

The website Public Intelligence obtained an unclassified glossary of terms and definitions for counterintelligence professionals created by the Defence Department a couple months back. At 359 pages, it's a hefty read, so we pulled out some of the most interesting and unique terms here. [Read more: Szoldra/BusinessInsider/3September2014]

What the CIA Can Teach Your Business. The CIA is one of the most successful organizations in the world, tasked with gathering intelligence on what all other countries are doing. The "simple" mission is to ensure that the US President and Congress is prepared to respond to and take preemptive action in any situation that might compromise US interests.

That is a tall order requiring not only exceptional research skills, but also superior communications skills. After all, the research gathered is of no use unless the President and Congress accurately understand what it means.

There may be other things your business can learn from the CIA, but clear communications is surely one important lesson. Fortunately, the CIA's Style Manual and Writer's Guide has been leaked to the public, so you are now privy to at least one of the secrets to CIA success.

If you are an information addict, you can read all 185 pages for yourself, including such gripping sections as "Rations, Odds, Scores, Returns" and "Endings �yze, �/ze, and �Ise".

However, if you are a busy entrepreneur who just needs to know what you can do to copy the CIA's success in communications, you need only read this article. [Read more: Leonhardt/Business2Community/2September2014]

Intelligence Gaps Crippled Mission in Syria to Rescue Hostages James Foley, Steven Sotloff. On a moonless night in early July, several dozen Army Delta Force commandos touched down at an oil-storage facility in eastern Syria.

The plan: Neutralize the terrorist guards, search a makeshift prison, find American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and other hostages, and fly off to safety. It was all supposed to take 20 minutes.

More than an hour later, the Army team was headed back to its launchpad outside Syria empty-handed.

"It was a dry hole," a senior US military official said, using jargon for a mission whose target couldn't be found.

One model for the operation was the 2011 mission that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, down to choosing the darkest of nights to cloak the raiders. But this raid, the first known US incursion into Syria since its civil war erupted, was in many ways a far bigger gamble, according to current and former US defense and government officials. [Read more: WallStreetJournal/5September2014]


Does the CIA Believe Obama? That the United States' intention to confront Russia over Ukraine, a place where it has no real interests, borders on the incomprehensible has been clearly demonstrated by both Scott McConnell and Daniel Larison. University of Chicago Professor John Mearsheimer has also described in some detail how the dangerous confrontation is largely the fault of Washington and its European allies, most notably because of the thoughtless expansion of NATO that genuinely threatened Russia. Former Polish President Lech Walesa, whose country would be the front line in any armed conflict, has warned that arming Ukraine might reignite the cold war and possibly even lead to a nuclear exchange.

Particularly at times when security-based policies appear to make no sense, as a former intelligence officer I am often asked how the people who work for the State Department, CIA, and DIA feel about such developments. It is a difficult question to answer as there is no such thing as a monolithic viewpoint in any of the organizations in question. On one hand, dealing with crises in international relations in one form or another is the raison d'etre of the various bureaucracies, so many are attracted by the challenge. But on the other hand, the highly educated and experienced cadres that do the yeomen's work in each organization are not immune to concerns about where the United States is heading in its pursuit of "terrorists" and "rogue states" worldwide.

A basic understanding of how big bureaucracies operate is essential. Very few individuals in any large government bureaucracy are actually involved in what one might describe as policy issues. This is why insiders refer to places like the "seventh floor" at CIA and State or the E-Ring at the Pentagon, because that is where the movers and shakers have their offices. They are the public faces of their organizations and everyone else is little more than supporting cast. Indeed, many of those on the top executive level have little in common with the other employees at all, as they are themselves political appointees, designated to provide largely uncritical support for the policies being promoted by the White House even when the institutions they head are dubious.

That means that the Chuck Hagels, John Kerrys, and John Brennans of this world probably are only dimly aware of what is occurring on the lower floors of their own buildings. [Read more: Giraldi/TheAmericanConservative/5September2014]

Kenya's Intelligence and Security - Which Way Now? From the outset, let me declare that when the Jubilee government was elected, and when the President invited whoever could help to come forward, a few of us did come forward, but after a whole year of trying we were not successful.

Like other Kenyans, we were concerned about what was happening on the national security front and assumed that as intelligence and security experts of long standing, our views could have helped save lives. The following is not all we were to discuss but some of the issues could have featured.

In the 70s, a quote by President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania was conspicuously displayed at the Special Branch Training School. It read: "Kenya has one of the best Intelligence Services in Africa - Julius Nyerere, East African Standard" and even had the date. The quote was followed up by a motivational call: "Let us prove Mwalimu Nyerere wrong by removing the words 'one of'. There was a reason behind that statement, but that is for another day.

Unfortunately, Kenya wasted an opportunity to build on that name. If we did, our intelligence agency could, by now, have been among the top 10 in the world - our economy could have boomed, and our people could have been more prosperous. The outfit Mwalimu Nyerere praised was poorly funded but manned by well trained, committed and efficient officers. [Read more: Chege/AllAfrica/6October2014]

Al Qaeda Wasn't 'on the Run' - Why Haven't We Seen the Documents Retrieved in the bin Laden Raid? In the early morning hours of May 2, 2011, an elite team of 25 American military and intelligence professionals landed inside the walls of a compound just outside the Pakistani city of Abbottabad. CIA analysts had painstakingly tracked a courier to the compound and spent months monitoring the activity inside the walls. They'd concluded, with varying levels of confidence, that the expansive white building at the center of the lot was the hideout of Osama bin Laden.

They were correct. And minutes after the team landed, the search for bin Laden ended with a shot to his head.

The primary objective of Operation Neptune Spear was to capture or kill the leader of al Qaeda. But a handful of those on the ground that night were part of a "Sensitive Site Exploitation" team that had a secondary mission: to gather as much intelligence from the compound as they could. 

With bin Laden dead and the building secure, they got to work. Moving quickly - as locals began to gather outside the compound and before the Pakistani military, which had not been notified of the raid in advance, could scramble its response - they shoved armload after armload of bin Laden's belongings into large canvas bags. The entire operation took less than 40 minutes. 

The intelligence trove was immense. [Read more: Hayes/TheWeeklyStandard/15September2014]

Here's How the US Can Build the Intelligence Capabilities Needed to Defeat ISIS. In the 21st century, the enemy is not a state. Today's insurgents are ruthless, resourceful, and adept at weaving themselves into the fabric of their societies, making themselves virtually undetectable until they strike. "They are everywhere, yet they are nowhere," the intellectual godfather of counterinsurgency, David Galula, famously observed.

It will take proactive elements of our clandestine service - elements which the United States does not adequately possess - to identify today's threats, as well as future threats. America's adversaries now exhibit a tenacity unmatched even by al Qaeda central. The US needs to match that tenacity and then some.

Even in today's era of irregular warfare, the fine art of collecting human source intelligence has in large part become lost thanks to the relative comfort afforded by partner relationships and advances in intelligence technology. This reliance has been coupled with the tendency to lean on practices and procedures that reduce the risk of seeking out and engaging potential human sources.

Clandestine human intelligence or HUMINT makes up a surprisingly small percentage of the US intelligence collection effort worldwide. I can say from experience that the US could devote significantly more resources to human-derived information. This lack of HUMINT might have something to do with the lack of warning about ISIS's summer blitz through Iraq and Syria. [Read more: Caruso/BusinessInsider/8September2014]

Section IV - Books, Obituaries and Upcoming Events


A Bond Fraught With Danger: The Green Prince. On newspaper front pages around the world late last month, a photograph from Gaza showed masked Hamas gunmen about to execute bound, kneeling prisoners suspected of collaborating with Israel. That same fate would probably have befallen Mosab Hassan Yousef, the protagonist of the new documentary The Green Prince, had this secret been discovered: For nearly a decade, he was an informant for Israel, operating at the highest levels of Hamas itself.

But The Green Prince, which opens on Friday, is not just the story of Mr. Yousef, now 36 and living on the West Coast of the United States. It is also the story of Gonen ben Yitzhak, his handler in the Shin Bet, Israel's internal security service, and how both men became outcasts in their own organizations and ultimately developed a strong loyalty to each other, one that has withstood a life-threatening test.

"Many times, working for the intelligence service, I came to realize that our minds are very limited, and that we really need to see things through the heart sometimes," Mr. Yousef said in an interview in New York last week. "I'm not expecting from a film like this to reshape the human condition. But I'm expecting at least to give people some hope that they can rise above their pain and sorrow and come to a place to hopefully be able to make a difference."

Mr. Yousef is the oldest son of Hassan Yousef, a founder of Hamas who was one of the most visible figures during the second Palestinian intifada and remains one of the group's senior leaders on the West Bank. Mosab Yousef served for several years as his father's close aide, all the while supplying information that allowed Israel to thwart suicide bombings and other attacks. [Read more: Rother/NYTimes/8September2014]


Robert E. Boies. Died peacefully at home in Washington on August 25, 2014. Survived by his six children, David, Patti, Bobby, Paul (Francesca), Leslie (Rob), and Laura (Gill), and his grandchildren, Madeleine, Robert, Michael, and Elena. Predeceased by his wife Donna, his brothers Orlow and Wyatt, and his granddaughter Gina.

A native of Connecticut, Bob graduated from Yale in 1942. In World War II he served as a reconnaissance officer in the First Marine Division and was in the Peleliu and Okinawa invasions. He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. He returned to Yale for his Masters and received his PhD in Eastern European History from Charles University in Prague. As an operations officer in the CIA, he served in Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East. He taught courses in East European History at George Mason University and the School of International Service at The American University.

He was active as a docent at the Freer and Sackler Gallery for 25 years and as a volunteer for Common Cause and Meals on Wheels. With his wife Donna, the love of his life, he was an opera aficionado, hiked the C&O Canal, and travelled to Europe frequently, especially to Rome, their favorite city.

Memorial service at Westmoreland Congregational Church on September 20 at 11:30 a.m. [Read more: WashingtonPost/2September2014]

Virgil James "Jim" Harris III. Virgil James Harris III ("Jim"), Ormond Beach, passed away on August 26, 2014 after an 18-month battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 70. Jim was born to Claire and Virgil James Harris Jr. on 11 December 1943 in Long Beach, CA. He was the eldest of six children and served in the US Army's 7th Special Forces E Company; where he, among other things, graduated from both the elite Combat Diver Qualification Course in 1966 and US Army Airborne HALO training. Jim was later recruited into the Central Intelligence Agency's Directorate of Operations where he served in various paramilitary operations in Indochina. During the Vietnam War, he was detailed to the pacification program Civil Operations & Revolutionary Development Support ("CORDS") as well to Agency operations on Air America. Jim was wounded in action during tours in the Dominican Republic in 1965 as well as during the Tet Offensive in Hue during 1968. For the latter, he was awarded the CIA's Intelligence Star and Bronze Star for valor for his efforts to evacuate their team, despite heavy casualties and himself having taken two bullets in the arm and chest, back to friendly lines in Phu Bai. Many will remember Jim for his time with friends at the Shiloh Hilton and Pioneer Trail hunting clubs, where he was a fixture both as lead chef and gardener. He also had a garden in his back yard and enjoyed sharing his veggies with friends and neighbors. Jim is survived by his loving partner of 30 years Annette Tutera; his children Chris (Lea), Stacey (Gabe) and Kevin (Charli); grandchildren Hannah, Jaden, Jack and Benjamin; siblings David, Patrick, Kathy and Barbara; and dog Emma. The family asks that donations be made to the Halifax Humane Society, 2364 LPGA Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32124. [DaytonaBeachNewsJournal/31August2014]

Upcoming AFIO Events


EVENT CANCELLED - Saturday, 13 September 2014, 10am - 1pm - Mission Viejo, CA - The AFIO Orange County Chapter business meeting and presentation- EVENT CANCELLED

Questions about cancellation: email or phone to: or cellphone: 954-298-5442.

13 September 2014, 1130 hrs - Indian Harbour Beach, FL - The Florida Satellite Chapter hosts Counterterrorism expert, Wallace Bruschweiler

Former AFIO Suncoast Chapter VP Wallace Bruschweiler will explore various approaches used by Israel, USA, Western Europe and Russia in combating terrorist activities around the world. He is a quadri-linguist and an expert on counter terrorism and national security issues. Wallace is a results oriented security executive, strategist and problem solver with extensive expertise and over 25 years in solving complex domestic and international security and intelligence situations in a large range of venues. Terrorism has evolved and Wallace has stayed in front of the curve.
Event location: Eau Gallie Yacht Club, 100 Datura Drive, Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937
For reservations and further details, contact Barbara Keith, 1024 Osprey Drive, Melbourne, Florida 32940. Telephone: 321.777.5561, email:

Thursday, 18 September 2014, 11:30 am - Colorado Springs, CO � The Rocky Mountain Chapter presents Deputy Sheriff Mark Pfoff who will speak about a complicated trial.

In December of 2009 an 11 year old girl accused her grandfather of touching her inappropriately. This started a case that revealed an 800 page grooming document and took 4 years to resolve; to include a 2 1/2 year manhunt and a complicated trial. To be held at The Inn at Palmer Divide, 443 S. Highway 105 Palmer Lake, CO, Exit 161 westbound off I-25, West on Highway 105. Please RSVP to Tom VanWormer at

Friday, 19 September 2014, 11 am - 2 pm - Tysons Corner, VA - FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano discusses the latest efforts and concerns on Terrorism, WMDs, and espionage. Richard Whittle, aviation expert, on PREDATOR: The Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution.

FBI Deputy Director Mark F. Giuliano discusses terrorism, WMDs, and espionage. Giuliano was former Executive Assistant Director (EAD) of the National Security Branch (NSB), responsible for counterterrorism, espionage, and WMDs. He also served as the FBI�s lead intelligence official, responsible for coordination and liaison with the U.S. Director of National Intelligence and the rest of the Intelligence Community. Giuliano streamlined counterterrorism operations and better positioned the FBI to address current and emerging terrorist threats through operations designed to penetrate and disrupt key terrorist networks and threats.
Morning speaker: Richard Whittle, author of PREDATOR: The Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution which is being released at this event. Whittle is a Wilson Center Global Fellow on International Security Studies, and a Fellow at the National Air & Space Museum. He writes extensively on security and aviation matters.
Check-in for badge pickup at 10:30 a.m.; Richard Whittle begins presentation at 11 a.m.; Lunch served at noon; FBI DD Mark Giuliano begins his presentation at 1 pm. Event closes at 2 p.m.
Morning and Afternoon programs are On The Record
The latest intelligence books, and many others, on display and for sale throughout event.
EVENT LOCATION: The Crowne Plaza, 1960 Chain Bridge Rd, Tysons Corner, VA
Driving directions here or use this link:

Monday, 22 September 2014, 6 pm - New York, NY - The AFIO NY Metro Chapter features Jack Devine

Former CIA Director of Operations, Jack Devine, Founder & President "The Arkin Group" NYC-based Global Strategic Intelligence, speaks on his new book Good Hunting. A sophisticated account of real life in the CIA,  an American spymasters spellbinding memoir of his career. Charlie Wilson's War, stinger missiles, acting chief of the clandestine service, South American drug cartels.
Location: Society of Illustrators, 128 E 63rd St.
Registration: 5:30 p.m., Presentation starts 6 p.m. Buffet dinner follows the talk & Q&A.
$50/person  Payable at the door only, cash or check.
Reservations strongly suggested, not required. Reply to Jerry Goodwin 646-717-3776  or  Email:

Wednesday, 30 September 2014, 11:30 a.m. - Scottsdale, AZ - Dr. Connie Mariano, Physician to the President/Dir of WH Medical Unit makes presentation to AFIO Arizona Chapter

Guest Speaker: Connie Mariano, M.D., Physician to the President and Director of the White House Medical Unit; Founder and President of the Center for Executive Medicine, sharing interesting aspects of her personal journey at the White House, as well as vignettes and lessons from serving 3 sitting presidents, and what life has been after the White House.
Her work experiences include the Mayo Clinic, a private practice, and is currently businesswoman and author. She will be more than happy to share her current challenges both professional and personal.
Location: McCormick Ranch Golf Course, 7505 McCormick Pkwy, Scottsdale AZ 85258, Phone 480.948.0260
RSVP: RSVP no later than 72 hours ahead of time; in the past, not reserving or cancelling without prior notice (72 hours prior to the meeting) created much grief for those of us organizing the meeting and dealing with the personnel!
WE ARE charged for the no-shows and please remember, we are a small organization with a humble coffer!
We would therefore APPRECIATE that you all respond to this email to confirm your presence (or not).
Our meeting fees will be as follows:
� $20.00 for AFIO members
� $22.00 for guests
For reservations or questions, please email Simone or or call and leave a message on 602.570.6016

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 (6:00-10:00 PM), Scottsdale, Arizona - Wanted: former or retired DDP, DDO or NCS officers for a Black Tie Event in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Your Assignment: Should you choose to accept it. Table Host for unwitting art patrons at Gala Opening of the Covert Affairs, art Exhibit.
Sponsors: Arizona AFIO and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
Uniform required: Black tie
Details: Dinner and gallery admission provided in exchange for "war stories" and anecdotes about life and times in the clandestine services. One officer per each of fifteen tables will represent the CS to the attendees.
Contact: Maurice Gralnek, Chapter President - or Simone S Lopes, Chapter Director -

Thursday, 9 October 2014, 11:30 a.m. - San Francisco, CA - The AFIO Andre LeGallo Chapter hosts Lt. Col. BC Thomas, USAF, ret. speaking about the SR-71.

Lt. Col. BC Thomas, USAF(Ret) addresses the chapter on the subject of the SR-71. 11:30AM no host cocktails; meeting starts at noon.
Event location: United Irish Cultural Center, 2700 45th Ave, San Francisco (between Sloat/Wawona).
RSVP required by 9/7/14 to Mariko Kawaguchi: with meal choice (fish or meat) and mail check made out to "AFIO" to: Mariko Kawaguchi, P.O. Box 117578, Burlingame, CA 94011. Members and students: $25; non-member guests $35 (must be accompanied by a member).

Friday, 14 November 2014 - Tysons Corner, VA - US Representative Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, addresses us as he leaves this important national security post. Other speaker TBA for this final 2014 AFIO National Luncheon.

HPSCI Chairman Rogers discusses ISIS/ISIL, China’s continued emergence as a competitor to US interests, and to threats posed by Iran and North Korea, and other threats to the nation.
Morning speaker: TBA.
Check-in for badge pickup at 10:30 a.m.; TBA begins presentation at 11 a.m.; Lunch served at noon; HPSCI Chairman Rogers begins his presentation at 1 pm. Event closes at 2 p.m.
Morning and Afternoon programs are On The Record
The latest intelligence books, and many others, on display and for sale throughout event.
EVENT LOCATION: The Crowne Plaza, 1960 Chain Bridge Rd, Tysons Corner, VA
Driving directions here or use this link:
Register while space available. Registration Form is HERE

For Additional Events two+ months or greater....view our online Calendar of Events

Other Upcoming Events

Thursday, 11 September 2014, 12:30-3:30 PM - Washington, DC - Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz speaks on "The 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising: Why the Poles Commemorate Defeat" at the Institute of World Politics.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the tragic Warsaw Uprising. During this great feat of martial heroism, the Polish anti-Nazi, anti-Communist underground resistance fought the German occupiers of their homeland for sixty-three days -- from 1 August to 3 October 1944. The goal was to rid the capital city of the Germans before the arrival of the Red Army. Predictably, the Soviet troops on the other side of the river Vistula stood by passively; Stalin hoped to destroy the Polish resistance with Nazi claws. The Western Allies did little more than airdrop some small arms and ammunition, most of which fell into German hands. As a result, the city of Warsaw was almost entirely destroyed, and a significant element of the Polish Home Army slaughtered. In addition, the Germans and their auxiliaries massacred approximately 200,000 civilians as they suppressed the uprising.

Yet, in spite of the toll and the defeat, the Poles generally celebrate the failed Warsaw Rising. In this year's Kościuszko Chair Military Lecture, Dr. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz will explain this phenomenon.

This Kościuszko Chair Military Lecture by Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz, Professor of History, The Kościuszko Chair in Polish Studies, will be followed by a screening of the movie The August Sky: Sixty-Three Days of Glory [Sierpniowe niebo: 63 dni chwały], with English subtitles.

Location: The Institute of World Politics, 1521 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036
For Parking, consult this map.
To Register
Please contact with any questions

11 September 2014, noon to 2 p.m. - Washington, DC - Embassy of Australia invites you to hear "The Great War of 1914 to 1918" with Dr. Harry Butowsky

This Returned & Services League of Australia, Washington Sub-Branch event features Dr. Harry Butowsky speaking on The Great War of 1914 to 1918, also known as World War I, in its scope, its violence and, above all, in its totality, ushered in a century of global war.
Butowsky retired from the National Park Service in 2012 after 36 years of service. He has been teaching at George Mason University since 1981 as an adjunct professor of history and has taught the history of World War I and World War II since 1994. This Fall He is giving a 6-part lecture series on World War I for the Fairfax County Library System in addition to teaching World War I at George Mason.
Event location: Amenities Room, Embassy of Australia, 1601 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036
Charge - $15.00, including buffet lunch and sodas. Alcoholic beverages- $2.00 each.
Attire: Business casual
RSVP by noon on Wednesday September 10, 2014, to David Ward at 202-352-8550 or via e-mail to
NOTE: Valid photo ID required
Parking: While there is no parking at the Embassy, paid off street parking is available behind and under the Airline Pilots Association- 17th and Mass,
And, at 15th and Mass (1240 15th street).
On street two hour metered parking is also available.
Get here early and visit the gallery - The Embassy of Australia and Portrait Artists Australia present a selected exhibition of 23 Australian portraits by member artists. The exhibition includes a wide range of subjects and celebrates Australia’s rich cultural diversity. The exhibit is on view through 19 September 2014. Gallery hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm.

12 September 2014, noon - 2 pm - Ashburn, VA - The Loudoun Crime Commission hosts FBI Special Agent Kara Sidener, on her 9/11 experiences in the Pentagon.

Kara Sidener, Special Agent, InfraGard Coordinator, FBI - Washington Field Office, is the keynote speaker. Sidener details her experience in the 9/11 terrorist attack where she was a first responder to the Pentagon. She will discuss her experiences on that day as a member of the FBI's WFO's Evidence Response Team and the difficult task of gathering evidence in the immediate aftermath of the attack. Her 16+ years with the FBI have all been in the Washington, DC area, having had assignments at WFO, FBI Headquarters, and the FBI Academy. Kara has experience in a number of areas to include counterintelligence and cyber investigations, evidence response, instruction and training, and private sector outreach. She is a member of the Behavioral Analysis Program team and is a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the DiSC assessment tools. Kara was also a member of WFO�s Evidence Response Team and a first responder to the Pentagon on 9/11/01. She has also co-authored two articles, �Proactive Human Source Development� and �Office Paper DeCopier,� which appeared in the Law Enforcement Bulletin and Journal of Forensic Sciences, respectively. Kara has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Master of Forensic Science degree, both from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.
The luncheon will be held at the Belmont Country Club, 19661 Belmont Manor Ln, Ashburn, VA 20147; (703) 723-5330. Doors open at noon for registering and networking, the meeting starts at 12:30 PM.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014, 2 pm - Washington, DC - Dr. Paul Goble discusses "Natalie Grant and the Critical Importance of Understanding Disinformation" at the Institute of World Politics.

Paul A. Goble, Former Senior Advisor to the Director, Voice of America, Adjunct Professor, IWP, discusses "Natalie Grant and the Critical Importance of Understanding Disinformation."
No American contributed more to the understanding of disinformation than the late Natalie Grant. From her days as secretary to George Kennan at the Riga Legation in the 1920s to her years as an independent scholar in Washington, she explained the critical distinction between disinformation and propaganda and why those who work in international affairs must understand that, even though ferreting out disinformation is more challenging than identifying propaganda.
Paul Goble is a longtime specialist on ethnic and religious questions in Eurasia. Most recently, he was director of research and publications at the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy. Earlier, he served as vice dean for the social sciences and humanities at Audentes University in Tallinn and a senior research associate at the EuroCollege of the University of Tartu in Estonia. While there, he launched the "Window on Eurasia" series. Prior to joining the faculty there in 2004, he served in various capacities in the U.S. State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency and the International Broadcasting Bureau as well as at the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He writes frequently on ethnic and religious issues and has edited five volumes on ethnicity and religion in the former Soviet space. Trained at Miami University in Ohio and the University of Chicago, he has been decorated by the governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for his work in promoting Baltic independence and the withdrawal of Russian forces from those formerly occupied lands.
Mr. Goble's blog can be found at:

Location: The Institute of World Politics, 1521 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036
For Parking, consult this map.
To Register
Please contact with any questions.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014, 4:30 pm - Washington, DC - Douglas Streusand, PhD on "The Constitution and Foreign Policy: The Dangers of Ignorance" at the Institute of World Politics.

The events of the last thirteen years, especially the last three, have cast profound doubt about the utility of the global promotion of electoral democracy as a means of establishing a more peaceful and orderly world. This result would not surprise Alexis de Tocqueville, who wrote that "The Constitution of the United States resembles those fine creations of human industry which ensure wealth and renown to their inventors, but which are profitless in other hands." Defining the role of the American political principles and institutions in US foreign policy requires a profound understanding of the Constitution and the Founding.
Dr. Douglas E. Streusand is a Professor of International Relations at the Command and Staff College, Marine Corps University, Quantico, Virginia, and Adjunct Professor at the Institute of World Politics.
An Islamic historian by training, he has written and taught on a wide variety of historical and national security related topics. His major publications include The Formation of the Mughal Empire (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1989), The Islamic Gunpowder Empires in World History (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2010) and articles and chapters including "Managing the Iranian Threat to Sea Commerce Diplomatically," ); "Sir Hamilton Gibb, Abu Yusuf, and the Concept of Islamic Civilization," "Geopolitics versus Globalization," "European Islam or Islamic Europe"and "What Does Jihad Mean." He has developed curriculum and taught on the American founding at the Marine Corps Command & Staff College.
Dr. Streusand received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.

Location: The Institute of World Politics, 1521 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036
For Parking, consult this map.
To Register
Please contact with any questions.

17 September 2014, 11:30am - McLean, VA - Dr. Daniel L. Burghart discusses "What Has Changed in Russia" at this DIF Luncheon

The Defense Intelligence Forum [DIAA] hosts Dr. Daniel L Burghart speaking on �What has changed in Russia, what has not, and how will future changes affect Russia.�
Dr. Burghart is a professor of National Security and Eurasian Studies at the National Intelligence University in Washington, DC. As a specialist in Russian, CIS and Central European Affairs, he entered the Army in 1973 as a distinguished military graduate of the University of Illinois, and served in a variety of Foreign Area Officer assignments before retiring as a Colonel with 30 years of service in June 2003. Prior to coming to NDIC, Dr. Burghart taught and was a research fellow at the National Defense University. He has also served as Senior National Security Policy Advisory at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, U S. Defense and Army Attach� to Kazakhstan, and a Mission Commander at the On Site Inspection Agency, Where he led arms control inspections to the republics of the Former Soviet Union. Other assignments include: Senior Russian Military Analyst and Eurasian Branch Chief on the Army Staff, Professor of Russian and East European Studies at West Point and Director of Area Studies at the U.S. Army Russian Institute. He has a Ph.D. in Russian and International Studies from the University of Surrey. Along with articles in defense and civilian journals, He is the author of the book �Red Microchip: Technology Transfer, Export Control and Economic Restructuring in the Soviet Union.�
The forum will follow a modified Chatham House rule. You may use the information, but with the exception of speaker's name and subject, you may make no attribution. Everything will be off the record.
Location: Pulcinella Restaurant, 6852 Old Dominion Drive, McLean, VA
Register: Pay at the door with a check for $29.00 payable to DIAA, Inc Registration starts at 11:30 AM, lunch at 12:00 PM. Make reservations by 16 September 2014 by email to Include names, telephone numbers, and email addresses. For each attendee, choose among chicken cacciatore, tilapia puttanesca, lasagna, sausage with peppers, or fettuccini with portabella for luncheon selection .
Pay at the door with a check for $29.00 per person, payable to DIAA, Inc.
Checks are preferred, but will accept cash; however, credit card payments are discouraged

7 - 8 Oct 2014 - Chelan, WA - 26th Annual Marine Law Enforcement Conference

The 26th Annual Marine Law Enforcement Conference is a program designed to support continuing education and training, information sharing and technology transfer. This program is a unique opportunity for marine law enforcement representatives across the State of Washington to meet, network, and train together using best practices that will enhance their duties on the water. Upon conclusion of the program, all participants will be given a certification of completion signifying that they have been trained in the latest and highest standards of law enforcement tactical ability provided by the State of Washington.
� Hotel rooming block ($83/night) expires September 6
� Updated Agenda released
Attendees will be given training and instruction in the following fields:
� Waterborne Pursuit & Stop Techniques
� NASBLA BOAT Certification
� Onboard Handcuffing Techniques
� Boat Handling
� Dry Fire Training
� Live Fire Training
� Boating Education
� Hull Identification Number Analysis
� Derelict Vessel Removal
REGISTRATION: Details can be found at Participants are encouraged to bring their duty sidearms and long rifles to the conference for training purposes. Ammunition will be provided if your weapon models and ammunition types are disclosed during the registration process
NEWFor the first time, registration is open to all law enforcement and government agencies outside of the State of Washington. Law enforcement and government personnel from outside Washington State can register for $750 ($850 after September 1).

15 October 2014 - Laurel, MD - National Cryptologic Museum Foundation [NCMF] 16th General Membership Meeting and Annual Symposium

"Effects of Internet, Social Media, & Open Source Data on Intelligence Analysis" - Alex Borhani, FBI Cyber Division and Martin Petersen, former CIA
"The Aftermath of the Snowden Disclosures" - John "Chris" Inglis, Chair for Cyber Studies, US Naval Academy
Invited Guest Speaker: Richard Ledgett, NSA Deputy Director.

Location: John Hopkins APL - Kossiakoff Auditorium

Registration/Check-In for the program begins at 0800. A continental breakfast and lunch will be served. Speaker presentations are from 0900-1500. A detailed tentative agenda is available here.

The fee for members is $25 and the guest fee is $50 (including a one-year guest membership). Please register online here or send a check made out to the NCMF to P.O. Box 1682, Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-9998.

Friday, 17 October 2014, 4-6:30 PM - Washington, DC - Special Panel on "British Patriot or Soviet Spy: Clarifying a Cold War Mystery" at the Institute of World Politics.

Please save the date for a demonstration of new analytic techniques to examine the controversial case of whether Britain's former MI5 Director General, Roger Hollis, was or was not a Soviet agent.
PRESENTER: Paul Monk, Ph.D., Former Senior Intelligence Officer, Australian Defence Intelligence Organization; Argument mapping/Bayesian expert; Co-founder of Austhink, a critical-thinking skills consulting firm.

PANELISTS: Raymond J. Batvinis, Ph.D., Retired FBI Supervisory Agent; IWP Professor of counterintelligence history; author of The Origins of FBI Counterintelligence.
David L. Charney, M.D., Consulting psychiatrist to the U. S. intelligence community; expert on the psychology of the "insider spy"; Medical Director, Roundhouse Square Counseling Center.
Harvey Klehr, Ph.D., Intelligence historian, Emory University; Co-author of Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America.

MODERATOR: John L. Wilhelm, Former U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer; TIME magazine correspondent; Independent PBS Writer/Producer/Director; author of a forthcoming history of Russian Military Intelligence (the GRU).

Location: The Institute of World Politics, 1521 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036
For Parking, consult this map.
Registration link will be provided here when available.
Please contact with any questions.

Saturday, 8 November 2014, 6:45 p.m. - Henderson, NV - The Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame honors four Inductees including a former CIA Official, John Parangosky.

The Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame has selected four individuals this year for induction. These individuals all have contributed significantly to aviation history and, in one case, U.S. National Security. That individual is: John Parangosky (a.k.a. Thomas P. McIninch) inducted for having brought to fruition some of the world's most sophisticated aerial and space-based technical intelligence collection systems from the mid-1950s through the mid-1970s. In the mid-1950s, Parangosky joined the CIA's highly classified IDEALIST program management, where he participated in all aspects of the U-2's development, flight testing at Groom Lake and early deployments. Parangosky was the CIA’s OXCART program executive officer and program manager, overseeing the A-12's first test flight at Groom Lake on April 30, 1962, its operational certification in November 1965, and deployment overseas as part of operation BLACK SHIELD. In 1967, in recognition of his per-formance and contributions to the A-12 Program, Parangosky received the Distinguished Intelli-gence Medal, one of the CIA's highest awards.
The induction dinner is being held at The Landings Restaurant, Henderson Executive Airport, 3500 Executive Terminal Dr. A no-host social begins at 6 p.m. and dinner is at 6:45 p.m. The induction program begins at 7:30 p.m.
TO REGISTER: Advance reservations and payment must be received by Oct. 31. Cost is $75 per person; dress is business casual. The public is invited but seating is limited; corporate tables are available.
For reservations and payment, contact Robert Friedrichs, Director NVAHOF Director: 702-791-3536; e-mail: or Patrick Newcomb, NVAHOF Secretary, 702.592.3766,

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