AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #36-14 dated 23 September 2014

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Section IV -  Obituaries and Upcoming Events


Upcoming AFIO Events

Other Upcoming Events

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End-of-Year Change of Leadership at AFIO

After 15 years as President of AFIO, Gene Poteat informed the board earlier this year that he wishes to step down as his fourth term ends in December. He plans to lecture, write, and advise students...something he has been doing during his many terms as president, but this time without the distractions of running a growing, high-demand association which his efforts made possible. Gene brought AFIO up to its 40th year of leadership in the intelligence education field, greatly increased the number of members and donors, was the behind-the-scenes wizard arranging events with major IC agencies, forged close ties with many CIA divisions, and also assisted with the relocation of the offices to far nicer quarters in Falls Church, Virginia.

On Friday, 14 November, at our last luncheon of 2014, there will be a tribute to Gene's many years of service to the IC...first as a CIA scientific intelligence officer, and the many years thereafter teaching at the Institute of World Politics, lecturing to scores of other universities, clubs, and organizations, and especially for his dedication to AFIO and our members. We invite members to attend this luncheon to thank our outgoing, feisty, tireless, inspiring leader who long-served as the voice of AFIO for the IC.

S. Eugene Poteat  James R. Hughes

After a careful review of candidates, the board nominated and unanimously elected James R. Hughes, former CIA, to be the next AFIO president, starting his term January 1, 2015. Jim currently serves as AFIO's treasurer. He has a career of service in many countries in the Middle East. He has served overseas as a Chief of Station several times, and at CIA Headquarters in a number of senior management positions, including as Chief, Near East and South Asia Division, in the Directorate of Operations [National Clandestine Service]. He was also named the Associate Deputy Director of Operations (ADDO) at NSA, 1998-99. Since his retirement from the government in 2005, he joined EDS in Herndon, Virginia, as the Client Industry Executive for the U.S. Intelligence Community. After the HP acquisition of EDS, he continued to serve in a similar capacity until his retirement in 2012. He has been an AFIO member since 2005, and an active member of the board since 2009. He orchestrated, with Gene Poteat, the successful symposium AFIO hosted with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in May of this year.
We know you will welcome his new leadership over the coming years which kicks off with the start of AFIO's 40th year of service to the Intelligence Community. To accompany his arrival and the coincidence of the date, we will be releasing a special 40th Year membership card to all current members. The cards will be sent at the start of 2015.



CIA Halts Spying in Europe. The CIA has curbed spying on friendly governments in Western Europe in response to the furor over a German caught selling secrets to the United States and the Edward Snowden revelations of classified information held by the National Security Agency, according to current and former US officials.

The pause in decades of espionage, which remains partially in effect, was designed to give CIA officers time to examine whether they were being careful enough and to evaluate whether spying on allies is worth running the risk of discovery, said a US official who has been briefed on the situation.

Under the stand-down order, case officers in Europe largely have been forbidden from undertaking "unilateral operations" such as meeting with sources they have recruited within allied governments. Such clandestine meetings are the bedrock of spying.

CIA officers are still allowed to meet with their counterparts in the host country's intelligence service, conduct joint operations with host country services and conduct operations with the approval of the host government. Recently, unilateral operations targeting third country nationals - Russians in France, for example - were restarted. But most meetings with sources who are host nationals remain on hold, as do new recruitments.

The CIA declined to comment. [Read more: Dilanian/AP/20 September2014]

Pakistan Appoints Rizwan Akhtar to Head Intelligence Agency. A seasoned soldier who has battled Islamist militants and criminal gangs in one of the world's largest cities is to become head of Pakistan's infamous military intelligence agency, it was announced on Monday.

The appointment of Rizwan Akhtar as head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence directorate (ISI) is likely to relieve an embattled civilian government convinced the outgoing spy master had been plotting against it.

The intelligence agency, which has helped bring down elected governments and rig elections in the past, has been accused of secretly supporting the month-long opposition street protests demanding the resignation of Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister elected last year.

Sharif pointedly failed to come to the organisation's defence when outgoing ISI head, Zaheer-ul-Islam, was publicly accused in April of ordering the botched assassination of the journalist Hamid Mir. [Read more: Boone/TheGuardian/22September2014]

Romania's Intelligence Chief Quits to Run for President. The head of Romania's foreign spy agency has resigned to run for president in the Nov. 2 election, fueling debate about the presence of spies in the country's political life.

Teodor Melescanu quit Monday as director of Romania's Foreign Intelligence Agency.

The news broke a day after a leading TV political talk show host revealed that he was an undercover officer for the defense ministry, which has declined comment on the topic.

The twin developments add to the suspicion that Romania's political life is being manipulated by the intelligence services. Romania has two main intelligence agencies and five smaller agencies not under parliamentary control. [Read more: AP/22September2014]

Ex-Congo Military Intelligence Chief Convicted of Coup Plot. A court in Republic of Congo has convicted the former deputy chief of the intelligence services of plotting a coup and sentenced him to hard labor for life.

Col. Marcel Ntsourou, once considered an ally of the president, fell from grace in 2012 after a massive explosion at an arsenal in the capital. He was convicted for participating in the explosion - suspected of being a coup attempt - but given a suspended sentence.

He was arrested again late last year following heavy fighting between men loyal to him and police. At the trial that concluded Thursday, he was accused of possessing war-grade weapons, committing assassinations, and plotting a coup.

A lawyer for his defense said the court ignored the argument that Ntsourou was acting in his own defense. [AP/11September2014]

Kurds Ask for Head of National Intelligence Service Post in Baghdad. A Kurdish Member of Parliament in Baghdad has demanded that the post of Head of Iraqi National Intelligence Service (INIS) must be given to a Kurd according to the result of the latest election in Iraq.

"It is the right of the Kurds to insist on the post of the head of the INSI which is one of the most important posts in the Iraqi security system," said Kurdish MP in Baghdad Shakhawan Abdullah.

He pointed out that the post of Defence Minister has been given to the Sunni Arabs and the Interior Minister post to the Shiite Arabs. Logically the head of INIS post must be filled by a Kurd.

Abdullah revealed that negotiations are ongoing over this issue as a number of high-level positions in the security forces are waiting to be filled by members from all three groups. [Read more: Aziz/BasNews/21September2014]

Intelligence Community 'All in' on New Technology Plan. Three years after top officials within the intelligence community first gathered to formulate a new approach to handling technology within its 17 component agencies, the resulting plan's foundation has been laid and agencies are off and running.

Called the Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise, or IC-ITE (pronounced "eyesight"), the plan is based on moving the IC agencies toward shared services. The IC expects to save money both through consolidation and its cost-recovery model, with a net effect being improved national security through various means, including the establishment of a target architecture.

Perhaps most important, the plan has the support of top spy James Clapper and the IC's top tech official, Al Tarasiuk, the chief information officer.

"The foundation is in," said Tarasiuk, who spoke during a panel discussion Sept. 18 at the Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington, DC. "What we envisioned three years ago is in place." [Read more: Konkel/NextGov/22September2014]

Geospatial Analysis Tool Built to Support Army Intelligence Analysis. Geospatial intelligence can help commanders to gain better insight about which route to send their troops - a more concealed longer route versus a shorter more direct route that leaves the troops exposed to enemy fire.

The ability to obtain this information, analyze it and produce a report for commanders has been enhanced by the Situational Awareness Geospatially Enabled, referred to as SAGE, geospatial tool supporting the Distributed Common Ground System-Army, or DCGS-A.

As the Army moves across the globe into new locations where the military may not be as familiar with the landscape, geospatial tools become a more and more critical part of the intelligence mission. SAGE helps intelligence analysts to rapidly identify the landscape and environments that could be factors in relevant operational factors, like estimates of how quickly the enemy can march through a designated area due to the terrain. In addition, SAGE can help to identify potential arable land and hydrology in support of nation building missions.

The US Army Engineer Research and Development Center's Geospatial Research Laboratory, co-located at the US Army Geospatial Center, developed SAGE to help increase a leader's understanding and knowledge of the impact of terrain and weather in the operating environment, ultimately enabling informed command decisions. [Read more: Albert/]

Clark Director of Intelligence Center. The Defense Intelligence Agency has announced the selection of Mark A. Clark, a Fayetteville native, as director of its Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC) and promotion to the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service. Clark assumed the post Aug. 10.

MSIC is a DIA field operating activity located on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Ala. Clark leads engineers and scientists in all-source scientific and technical intelligence analysis of foreign ballistic missile systems, air and missile defense systems, anti-satellite systems, anti-tank guided missile systems, directed energy weapons systems and associated command and control systems. His mission focus is to ensure timely, accurate assessments of the characteristics, performance, operations and vulnerabilities of foreign weapons so that the Department of Defense can build effective systems, countermeasures and survivability equipment to support US soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines.

Leading MSIC, Clark also oversees all operational and infrastructure activities at the Richard C. Shelby Center for Missile Intelligence, ensuring comprehensive facility management and support for the entire DIA enterprise workforce on Redstone Arsenal. Additionally, Clark is responsible for all external agency engagements with critical customers, such as the Missile Defense Agency, the US Army Materiel Command, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Army Aviation and Missile Command and other key partners on Redstone Arsenal.

A formal ceremony will be held at MSIC later this fall to officially induct Clark into the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service - a civilian rank equivalent to generals and admirals in the US Armed Forces. [Read more: ElkValleyTimes/23September2014]

Government, Industry Must Expand Cyber Intelligence Sharing. Defeating cyberthreats will require greater sharing among government and industry in new ways, according to cyber intelligence experts. A panel at the AFCEA/INSA Intelligence and National Security Summit 2014, being held September 18-19 in Washington, DC, explored new issues in cyber intelligence information sharing.

Cyber intelligence sharing is important at the intrusion level as well as at the strategic level, maintained Ron Carback, defense intelligence officer for cyber, Defense Intelligence Agency. Tom Conway, director, federal business development, FireEye, emphasized that organizations must look at cyber intelligence strategically, not in a tactical sense. When an intruder penetrates an organization, defenders must examine why the adversary chose their group.

Conway added that his company found that 98 percent of the organizations his firm targeted had been penetrated, but about 76 percent only once by an adversary targeting them. The intruder may be back, he offered; and analysts must determine the adversary's shopping list.

Cyber intelligence must move toward more tradecraft, Conway added. Matt Gaston, director, Emerging Technology Center, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, stated that a strong demand exists for people who want to share cyber intelligence and share it with the tradecraft. He called for a guild in cyber intelligence to help determine what defenders do and how they do it. [AFCEA/18September2014]

Somalia Names New Intelligence Chief. Somalia's cabinet on Sunday appointed a new Chief for the National Intelligence Agency.

Abdirahman Mohamed Turyare, who was the Chief of the Military court, was named after a cabinet meeting in Mogadishu.

Two weeks ago, the former chief of the National Intelligence agency, who was in office for only two months, was sacked after senior government officials accused him of power accuse.

Mr. Turyare, in his 30s, has worked various roles within the General Intelligence department before he was promoted to serve as the military court chief by President Mohamud earlier this year. [Read more: HorseedMedia/21September2014]


CIA Performance Review: 'He Is Endowed With a Certain Lethal Gentleness' and Other Outtakes. The Central Intelligence Agency declassified hundreds of documents Thursday from its in-house journal, Studies in Intelligence. Among the articles was a compilation of quotes, apparently from the 1980s, culled from years of real CIA performance reviews where the supervisor clearly failed to fully articulate the intended critique.

A CIA employee (name redacted) who reviews all employee appraisals put together the outtakes list, adding his own witty commentary. Just a little levity in an agency responsible for protecting the homeland - and an employee with time to kill.

The misused vocab and inadvertent connotations do produce hilarious results.

We've picked our favorites from the list, but you can read them all here. [Read more: Itkowitz/WashingtonPost/19September2014]

Are There Still Boy Scouts? Millions of them, in tens of thousands of troops, though not nearly as many as there once were. Robert Gates is hoping to change that.

It wasn't until he was engaged in the melancholy task of moving his mother from her condo to assisted living that Robert Gates, a former CIA director and secretary of defense, discovered the truth hidden from him his entire life: His father was a Boy Scout.

The family lived in Wichita, Kansas. Mel Gates sold wholesale auto parts. Robert was the younger of two sons by eight years. He remembers his dad being gruff in public but very affectionate at home. "He frightened my friends a little bit until they got to know him," Gates remembers, gesturing toward a table, to the black-and-white photo he'd unearthed in his mom's stuff - his dad in full scout regalia, Kansas City, 1918, when Mel was twelve years old and the Boy Scouts of America was only eight. "We really had a good time when I was growing up. But I never had a clue he'd been a scout."

Mel was neither a handy man nor an outdoorsman. "Dad was a golf nut," Gates says. "He would work, I think, every day he was alive, but on Saturday he would work only half a day and then go to the golf course." Mel's son, who in May became the thirty-fifth national president of the Boy Scouts, is sitting at his desk in the library of his house in rural Washington state, facing toward a lake, a landscape of tall evergreens. His ruddy face is lit as much by memories as by the light reflected off the water; his thin lips are pressed into a fond smirk. Occasionally, through the glass doors that open onto the deck, an American eagle can be seen flying past, its familiar strong profile and huge outstretched wings outlined against a perfect blue sky. [Read more: Sager/Esquire/16September2014]

Want to Be a Spy? The Mossad Is Recruiting. It is already common for intelligence agencies to recruit their officers online, but Israel's Mossad has gone one further by touting for local agents and informants too.

Israel, which has full diplomatic ties with only two Arab countries, Egypt and Jordan, lacks embassies elsewhere in the Middle East that would-be informants could turn to, leaving it in need of other local recruitment channels.

"All are welcome, regardless of religion, nationality or occupation, to contact our organization - Mossad - to work for us or to be involved in activities which could bring great personal benefit," reads the new "Contact us" section of the Mossad website, also available in Arabic, Farsi, French or Russian.

"Rest assured that total discretion and confidentiality is of the utmost priority and is the basis of our connection." [Read more: Williams/Reuters/22September2014]

Behind the Scenes: On the Record With the CIA. For the Central Intelligence Agency, 1974 was rough. It had, in recent years, been party to the Watergate scandal (five of the seven burglars worked for the CIA); it backed a military coup to oust Salvador Allende, a democratically elected president, who was replaced by the monstrous Augusto Pinochet; and it had been the subject of a critical, unflattering book called The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, which the federal government went to great lengths to censor, going so far as to take the author to court. And soon enough, Operation CHAOS, an "illegal domestic intelligence program" begun under President Johnson, was exposed in the New York Times by Seymour Hersh. (This wasn't the last time the agency would spy on Americans.)

So it should be no surprise that the agency, which was founded on this day in 1947, soon found itself on the cover of TIME. The Sept. 30 story, "The CIA: Time to Come In From the Cold," was written by associate editor Frank Merrick and reported by TIME's State Department Correspondent, Strobe Talbott, and, to a lesser extent, reporter-researcher Sally Bedell. Talbott had been at TIME since 1968, as an intern in the London Bureau. "There was a 'Get the CIA' attitude then," Talbott, who has been the president of the Brookings Institution for the last 12 years, tells

But the story revealed a CIA that, under its new director, William Colby, was trying to be somewhat less clandestine. [Read more: Green/TIME/18September2014]

GCHQ Employs More Than 100 Dyslexic and Dyspraxic Spies. GCHQ employs more than 100 dyslexic and dyspraxic 'neuro-diverse' spies to harness their analytical skills in the fight against terror.

The British intelligence agency uses their ability to analyse complex information in a "dispassionate, logical and analytical" way to combat threats such as foreign espionage.

While many people with dyslexia struggle with reading or writing, they are often extremely skilled at deciphering facts from patterns or events.

IT specialist Matt, 35, chairman of the dyslexic and dyspraxic support community at GCHQ, told The Sunday Times: "What people don't realise is that people with neuro-diversity usually have a 'spikyskills' profile, which means that certain skill areas will be below par and others may be well above," he said.

"My reading might be slower than some individuals and maybe my spelling is appalling, and my handwriting definitely is... but if you look at the positive side, my 3D spacial-perception awareness and creativity is in the top 1% of my peer group." [Read more: Philipson/TheTelegraph/21September2014]


From the Viet Cong to the Islamic State, the Perils of Underestimating the Enemy's 'Will'. Underestimating an adversary's will to win can be a costly mistake in war, as Director of National Intelligence James Clapper noted in an interview last week. He said the US had made that error recently in assessing the Islamic State, just as it did nearly 50 years ago in evaluating the staying power of the Viet Cong.

Clapper's comment was part of a broader trend over the past week in which senior military and intelligence officials have been unusually forthright about issues involving President Obama's strategy for combating the Islamic State. In addition to Clapper's remarks, this "push back" has been evident in comments by Gen. Martin Dempsey and Gen. Ray Odierno, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and chief of staff of the army, respectively, about the possibility that ground combat troops might be needed in Iraq and Syria.

It's as if senior officials, having been through the vortex of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, don't want to make the same mistake this time of suppressing concerns or misgivings. Many military, intelligence, and foreign-service officers had doubts a decade ago about the wisdom of invading Iraq, but those worries were mostly unexpressed. Not this time.

An interesting footnote to Clapper's comment about estimating willpower in warfare is that this issue was actually a central point of internal government debate about Vietnam during the mid-1960s. After my column last week, an intelligence official pointed me to official CIA documents that show how skeptical CIA analysts were about policymakers' rosy expectations that their strategy in Vietnam would work. [Read more: Ignatius/WashingtonPost/22September2014]

Editorial: Intelligence Useful Tool to Keep Us Safe. As New Zealand's election campaign entered its final days, Australians absorbed news that 800 police had swooped on suspected jihadist sympathisers in Sydney and Queensland to foil an atrocity. They were acting on intelligence that an ISIS (Islamic State) leader had ordered a killing. One of the 15 people police detained, 22-year-old Omarjan Azari, has been charged with planning to select a random person for a gruesome publicised execution such as ISIS has been carrying out on Western captives in the Middle East.

The prosecutor said the plan was to shock and horrify the Australian community. If true, doubtless it was also to dissuade them from backing the Abbott Government's dispatch of Australian forces to join the United States action against ISIS in Iraq. If that was the intention it was misjudged. There had been criticism within Australia of their Government's intervention in Iraq before the terrorist plot was foiled, and the criticism has continued since. But nothing would have hardened public opinion more certainly than a ritual murder on Australian soil.

The impact would have been felt in New Zealand too, bringing home the latest threat from the Middle East in a way last week's raids have not. At the climax of the election we took only passing notice, despite the issue of surveillance by our own external intelligence agency that had been under debate earlier in the week. The Government, too, may now have some catching up to do on the question of joining an international response to ISIS.

About 30 countries have pledged to help President Barack Obama "degrade and destroy" the group, if that is possible without a serious commitment of boots on the ground. Not all of those countries, though, have acted as quickly as Australia, which has already sent special forces to its airbase in the United Arab Emirates. Even the British Government, which has seen one of its nationals executed on camera and heard the hooded executioner's English accent, has been slower to decide how it will contribute. [Read more: NewZealandHerald/24September2014]

Why Spying on China Isn't Enough. The military's top intelligence officer said that spying on China isn't enough in and of itself. Rather, the US needs to do more to cultivate analysts with a deep understanding of Chinese strategy and goals.

Rear Admiral Paul Becker, the Director for Intelligence on the Joints Chiefs of Staff, made the remarks during the inaugural Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington DC last week. According to Breaking Defense, Becker said that US has a "data glut but an information deficit" when it comes to China. Specifically, Becker pointed to a lack of understanding regarding China's "interim objectives" and "main campaigns." "We need to understand their strategy better," he said.

It's not the first time Becker has made similar comments. Speaking at a roundtable back in February, Becker noted that intelligence gathering "involves not just the ability to collect and transfer large amounts of data regarding military, commercial, social and economic networks, but a deep understanding of a potential adversary's' strategies, mindsets and intent." He cautioned that a firm grasp of strategic goals is essential for shaping policy: "If one doesn't understand a potential adversary's strategy, then one might think the adversary is conducting random acts. And to counter those random acts, we would ourselves conduct random responses."

When it comes to understanding China, Becker is not impressed with the US intelligence community. He questioned how many analysts really understood China, whether on a grand strategic level ("What are Chinese core interests?") or dealing with specifics (Why is China's nine-dash line "not solid"?). Becker's main point is that, without this greater understanding of strategic goals and calculations, hard intelligence on capabilities is of little use. In a March interview with KMI Media Group, Becker further explained that increasing US understanding of China could be the key to avoiding a conflict altogether. "One way we can avoid drifting toward conflict is through a deep understanding of China's grand strategy, mindset, intent and the physical environment of their nation and its periphery," Becker said. [Read more: Tiezzi/TheDiplomat/23September2014]

Section IV - Obituaries and Upcoming Events


Legendary Israeli Intelligence Officer Dies at Age 87. The man who led Israel's hunt for the men behind the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, Mike Harari, died in Tel Aviv yesterday at age 87.

Harari was a legendary operations officer who was also involved in the rescue of hijacked air passengers at Entebbe, Uganda, in 1976 and numerous other actions, most of them still secret.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon praised Harari's "creativity" and courage in a eulogy today.

At age 80, Harari was called out of retirement by then-Mossad head Meir Dagan and asked to take on a special assignment. The Times of Israel reported today that the mission was connected to Israel's attempts to undermine Iran's nuclear program. Harari was not sent into hostile territory but spent months abroad "searching for a creative solution to a problem that couldn't be solved." In the end, according to the paper's source, he came up with a solution "that left younger Mossad officers slack-jawed." [Read more: Rabinovich/FreeBeacon/22September2014]

Upcoming AFIO Events


Wednesday, 30 September 2014, 11:30 a.m. - Scottsdale, AZ - Dr. Connie Mariano, Physician to the President/Dir of WH Medical Unit makes presentation to AFIO Arizona Chapter

Guest Speaker: Connie Mariano, M.D., Physician to the President and Director of the White House Medical Unit; Founder and President of the Center for Executive Medicine, sharing interesting aspects of her personal journey at the White House, as well as vignettes and lessons from serving 3 sitting presidents, and what life has been after the White House.
Her work experiences include the Mayo Clinic, a private practice, and is currently businesswoman and author. She will be more than happy to share her current challenges both professional and personal.
Location: McCormick Ranch Golf Course, 7505 McCormick Pkwy, Scottsdale AZ 85258, Phone 480.948.0260
RSVP: RSVP no later than 72 hours ahead of time; in the past, not reserving or cancelling without prior notice (72 hours prior to the meeting) created much grief for those of us organizing the meeting and dealing with the personnel!
WE ARE charged for the no-shows and please remember, we are a small organization with a humble coffer!
We would therefore APPRECIATE that you all respond to this email to confirm your presence (or not).
Our meeting fees will be as follows:
� $20.00 for AFIO members
� $22.00 for guests
For reservations or questions, please email Simone or or call and leave a message on 602.570.6016

Wednesday, 8 October 2014, 11:30am - Scottsdale, AZ - Arizona's Director of Homeland Security speaks at the AFIO AZ Chapter

Gilbert M. Orrantia, Director AZDOHS-Director, Arizona Department of Homeland Security, addresses the AFIO AZ chapter. Orrantia became the Director of the Arizona Department of Homeland Security in June, 2009. Prior to heading Arizona’s Homeland Security efforts at the State, he served in the FBI for 26 years.
Mr. Orrantia brings a national and global perspective on counterterrorism that is gained from vast counterterrorism experience including the supervision of an FBI counterterrorism squad in Phoenix and serving eight years as a Supervisory Special Agent. For four years he helped lead the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Phoenix, Arizona located at Arizona’s fusion center, known as the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC).
Recognized as an expert in investigations of terrorism, drugs and violent crimes, Mr. Orrantia’s successful FBI law enforcement career is reflected in the numerous awards and commendations he received. Among them are two of the FBI’s highest commendations: the Medal of Valor and the FBI Star. These awards were made to Mr. Orrantia for his role in the deadliest firefight in FBI history;- a gun battle known as the “Miami Shootout” in which two fellow FBI agents were killed.
Mr. Orrantia has lectured to members of the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia on officer safety and survival and continues to share his expertise in surviving a deadly encounter with numerous law enforcement agencies.
Director Orrantia currently serves on the Executive Committee of the National Governors Association Homeland Security Advisors Council and also serves as a Tri-Chair of the National Homeland Security Consortium.
In April of 2013, he was appointed by Governor Jan Brewer to serve as Co-Chair of the Governor’s Task Force on Human Trafficking.
Mr. Orrantia, a native Arizonan who is fluent in Spanish, was raised in Mesa, Arizona. He is a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education.
LOCATION: McCormick Ranch Golf Course, 7505 McCormick Parkway, Scottsdale AZ 85258 ~ Phone 480.948.0260.
WE NEED an RSVP no later than 72 hours ahead of time; in the past, not reserving or canceling without prior notice (72 hours prior to the meeting) created much grief for those of us organizing the meeting and dealing with the personnel. WE ARE charged for the no-shows and please remember, we are a small organization with a humble coffer.
Our meeting fees will be as follows:
• $20.00 for AFIO members
• $22.00 for guests
For reservations or questions, please email Simone or or call and leave a message on 602.570.6016

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 (6:00-10:00 PM), Scottsdale, Arizona - Wanted: former or retired DDP, DDO or NCS officers for a Black Tie Event in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Your Assignment: Should you choose to accept it. Table Host for unwitting art patrons at Gala Opening of the Covert Affairs, art Exhibit.
Sponsors: Arizona AFIO and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
Uniform required: Black tie
Details: Dinner and gallery admission provided in exchange for "war stories" and anecdotes about life and times in the clandestine services. One officer per each of fifteen tables will represent the CS to the attendees.
Contact: Maurice Gralnek, Chapter President - or Simone S Lopes, Chapter Director -

MEETING CANCELED - Thursday, 9 October 2014, 11:30 a.m. - San Francisco, CA - The AFIO Andre LeGallo Chapter hosts Lt. Col. BC Thomas, USAF, ret. speaking about the SR-71.

Lt. Col. BC Thomas, USAF(Ret) addresses the chapter on the subject of the SR-71. 11:30AM no host cocktails; meeting starts at noon.
Event location: United Irish Cultural Center, 2700 45th Ave, San Francisco (between Sloat/Wawona).
RSVP required by 9/7/14 to Mariko Kawaguchi: with meal choice (fish or meat) and mail check made out to "AFIO" to: Mariko Kawaguchi, P.O. Box 117578, Burlingame, CA 94011. Members and students: $25; non-member guests $35 (must be accompanied by a member).

Tuesday, 14 October 2014, noon - MacDill AFB, FL - The Florida Suncoast AFIO Chapter hears from Dr. Bill Costanza, retired CIA, Professor at Marymount University.

William Costanza, DLS, has more than two decades of experience at CIA. He retired in 2004 as a senior operations officer after 24 years of service. During his Agency career he designed and implemented operational targeting and intelligence collection strategies in the areas of counterterrorism, counter-narcotics, WMDs, telecommunications and strategic technologies. He also conducted operations in high-threat environments against high-priority terrorist targets in Africa and Central Asia.
Costanza received a doctoral degree in liberal studies from Georgetown University in 2012. His doctoral dissertation examined the psychology of radicalization and proposed an interdisciplinary framework to study the radicalization process across cultures.
What began as an initiative to introduce one or two intelligence-related courses into the forensic psychology curriculum at Marymount University in northern Virginia is now evolving into a process to create a series of skills-based intelligence courses geared to meet the analytic needs of the IC.
LOCATION: MacDill AFB Surf�s Edge Club, 7315 Bayshore Boulevard, MacDill AFB, FL 33621.
TO ATTEND: RSVP to Michael F. Shapiro at no later than Wednesday, October 8, with your name and the names and email addresses of any guests. Not providing contact information for your guests will delay your reservation. If you (or any of your guests) have not previously attended one of our meetings and need base access, instructions will be sent to you upon your RSVP (or, if a chapter member, consult the newsletter which describes how to have your name added to the Gate Access List). If you make a reservation, and need to cancel but fail to get a cancellation confirmation by the response deadline and do not show up, you will be responsible for the cost of your luncheon.
QUESTIONS: Contact Michael Shapiro, Secretary, Florida Suncoast Chapter of AFIO at (813) 832-1164 or

8 November 2014, 1130 - Indian Harbour Beach, FL - The Florida Satellite Chapter presents its own Tyler Wasson on Al Qaeda's Network Threat.

The FSC member and recent Henley-Putnam University graduate with the degree of Master of Science in Intelligence Management -- Tyler Wasson -- will discuss his thesis “Al Qaeda’s Network Threat.” Tyler’s work examines the threat posed by AQ’s collective network by reviewing the evolution of AQ’s network structure, evaluating AQ’s network collectiveness and breaking down its network capacity. This is a particularly timely topic and our speaker is particularly qualified to discuss it. Event location: Eau Gallie Yacht Club, 100 Datura Drive, Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937
For reservations and further details, contact Barbara Keith, 1024 Osprey Drive, Melbourne, Florida 32940. Telephone: 321.777.5561,email:

Friday, 14 November 2014 - Tysons Corner, VA - US Representative Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, addresses us as he leaves this important national security post. Other speaker will be outgoing AFIO National President S. Eugene Poteat, former CIA S&T, for this final 2014 AFIO National Luncheon.

HPSCI Chairman Rogers discusses ISIS/ISIL, China�s continued emergence as a competitor to US interests, and to threats posed by Iran and North Korea, and other threats to the nation.
Morning speaker will be outgoing AFIO National President S. Eugene Poteat, former CIA S&T: Special ceremony for the retirement of AFIO's president of 15 years, S. Eugene Poteat.
Check-in for badge pickup at 10:30 a.m.; Gene Poteat begins presentation at 11 a.m.; Lunch served at noon; HPSCI Chairman Rogers begins his presentation at 1 pm. Event closes at 2 p.m.
Morning and Afternoon programs are On The Record
The latest intelligence books, and many others, on display and for sale throughout event.
EVENT LOCATION: The Crowne Plaza, 1960 Chain Bridge Rd, Tysons Corner, VA
Driving directions here or use this link:
Register while space available. Registration Form is HERE

For Additional Events two+ months or greater....view our online Calendar of Events

Other Upcoming Events

7 - 8 Oct 2014 - Chelan, WA - 26th Annual Marine Law Enforcement Conference

The 26th Annual Marine Law Enforcement Conference is a program designed to support continuing education and training, information sharing and technology transfer. This program is a unique opportunity for marine law enforcement representatives across the State of Washington to meet, network, and train together using best practices that will enhance their duties on the water. Upon conclusion of the program, all participants will be given a certification of completion signifying that they have been trained in the latest and highest standards of law enforcement tactical ability provided by the State of Washington.
� Hotel rooming block ($83/night) expires September 6
� Updated Agenda released
Attendees will be given training and instruction in the following fields:
� Waterborne Pursuit & Stop Techniques
� NASBLA BOAT Certification
� Onboard Handcuffing Techniques
� Boat Handling
� Dry Fire Training
� Live Fire Training
� Boating Education
� Hull Identification Number Analysis
� Derelict Vessel Removal
REGISTRATION: Details can be found at Participants are encouraged to bring their duty sidearms and long rifles to the conference for training purposes. Ammunition will be provided if your weapon models and ammunition types are disclosed during the registration process
NEWFor the first time, registration is open to all law enforcement and government agencies outside of the State of Washington. Law enforcement and government personnel from outside Washington State can register for $750 ($850 after September 1).

Sunday, 12 October 2014, 1pm - Washington DC - Sylvia Rafael: The Life and Death of a Mossad Spy by Moti Kfir - a book signing at the Spy Museum

Sylvia Rafael was a young Mossad spy when she was chosen to be one of the lead intelligence agents tracking Ali Hassan Salameh, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization�s Black September division. Her pursuit of Salameh, the infamous mastermind of the kidnapping and murder of eleven Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, led her team to Lillehammer, Norway. The mission went tragically wrong resulting in the death of an innocent named Ahmed Bouchiki. Join co-author Moti Kfir as he discusses Sylvia Rafael, a page-turning account of the dedicated Mossad spy he trained. Kfir held a number of senior positions in the Special Operations Unit of Mossad, including Director of the School for Special Operations. He and his co-author Ram Oren drew on extensive research and interviews to weave together the stories of Rafael and Ali Hassan Salameh, how the intelligence failed, and the impact of that day in Norway.

Tickets: Free! No registration required. Visit

15 October 2014 - Laurel, MD - National Cryptologic Museum Foundation [NCMF] 16th General Membership Meeting and Annual Symposium

"Effects of Internet, Social Media, & Open Source Data on Intelligence Analysis" - Alex Borhani, FBI Cyber Division and Martin Petersen, former CIA
"The Aftermath of the Snowden Disclosures" - John "Chris" Inglis, Chair for Cyber Studies, US Naval Academy
Invited Guest Speaker: Richard Ledgett, NSA Deputy Director.

Location: John Hopkins APL - Kossiakoff Auditorium

Registration/Check-In for the program begins at 0800. A continental breakfast and lunch will be served. Speaker presentations are from 0900-1500. A detailed tentative agenda is available here.

The fee for members is $25 and the guest fee is $50 (including a one-year guest membership). Please register online here or send a check made out to the NCMF to P.O. Box 1682, Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-9998.

Friday, 17 October 2014, 4-6:30 PM - Washington, DC - Special Panel on "British Patriot or Soviet Spy: Clarifying a Cold War Mystery" at the Institute of World Politics.

Please save the date for a demonstration of new analytic techniques to examine the controversial case of whether Britain's former MI5 Director General, Roger Hollis, was or was not a Soviet agent.


Raymond J. Batvinis, Ph.D. - Retired FBI Supervisory Agent; IWP Professor of counterintelligence history; author of The Origins of FBI Counterintelligence.

David L. Charney, M.D. - Consulting psychiatrist to the U. S. intelligence community; expert on the psychology of the "insider spy"; Medical Director, Roundhouse Square Counseling Center.

Harvey Klehr, Ph.D. - Intelligence historian, Emory University; Co-author of
Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America.

WITH ARGUMENT MAPS BY Paul Monk, Ph.D. - Former Senior Intelligence Officer, Australian Defence Intelligence Organization; Argument mapping/Bayesian expert; Co-founder of Austhink, a critical-thinking skills consulting firm.

MODERATOR - John L. Wilhelm - Former U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer; TIME magazine correspondent; Independent PBS Writer/Producer/Director; author of a forthcoming history of Russian Military Intelligence (the GRU).

Location: The Institute of World Politics, 1521 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036
For Parking, consult this map.
RSVP to Sarah Dwyer at Space is limited.
Please contact with any questions.

Saturday, 8 November 2014, 6:45 p.m. - Henderson, NV - The Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame honors four Inductees including a former CIA Official, John Parangosky.

The Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame has selected four individuals this year for induction. These individuals all have contributed significantly to aviation history and, in one case, U.S. National Security. That individual is: John Parangosky (a.k.a. Thomas P. McIninch) inducted for having brought to fruition some of the world's most sophisticated aerial and space-based technical intelligence collection systems from the mid-1950s through the mid-1970s. In the mid-1950s, Parangosky joined the CIA's highly classified IDEALIST program management, where he participated in all aspects of the U-2's development, flight testing at Groom Lake and early deployments. Parangosky was the CIA�s OXCART program executive officer and program manager, overseeing the A-12's first test flight at Groom Lake on April 30, 1962, its operational certification in November 1965, and deployment overseas as part of operation BLACK SHIELD. In 1967, in recognition of his per-formance and contributions to the A-12 Program, Parangosky received the Distinguished Intelli-gence Medal, one of the CIA's highest awards.
The induction dinner is being held at The Landings Restaurant, Henderson Executive Airport, 3500 Executive Terminal Dr. A no-host social begins at 6 p.m. and dinner is at 6:45 p.m. The induction program begins at 7:30 p.m.
TO REGISTER: Advance reservations and payment must be received by Oct. 31. Cost is $75 per person; dress is business casual. The public is invited but seating is limited; corporate tables are available.

For reservations and payment, contact Robert Friedrichs, Director NVAHOF Director: 702-791-3536; e-mail:  or Patrick Newcomb, NVAHOF Secretary, 702.592.3766,

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