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08 - 14 May 2024
(Issue 18)

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True Intelligence Matters on Film: Intercept: A Century of Signals Intelligence - J.P. Davidson (2021)

Intelligence in History - A Collection of Recently Released Content

Infographic: Charted - How Americans Feel About Federal Government Agencies - Visual Capitalist, 10 May 24

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  • William Kotwas — Decorated Former NSA Executive
  • Research Requests and Academic Opportunities

    • Call for information: Child of former CIA officers John and Mary Mae Roman seeks information about parents' careers.
    • Call for papers and panel proposals: Society for Intelligence History 2025 Conference - International Spy Museum, Washington, D.C., 6-8 February 2025 - 31 May Deadline.
    • Call for papers: National Intelligence History Conference: "People in Intelligence" - Bletchley Park and GCHQ - 24 May Deadline.
    • Call for information: Seeking input and suggestions for a chapter on Counterintelligence for the second edition of the Oxford University Handbook of National Security Intelligence.
    • Call for information: Seeking information on Priscilla Griffin de Mauduit, OSS-CIA, 1941-1965.
    • Call for information: Seeking information on Peruvian communist terrorist group Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path).
    • Seeking Interview Subjects: Seeking information on Czech-U.S. relations late 1970s and 1980s, StB’s techniques and effectiveness, exposition and expulsion of U.S. staff in Prague, Czech intel operatives on U.S. soil.
    • Seeking Interview Subjects: Current or former intelligence officers, analysts, and counterintelligence (CI) professionals with firsthand experience in dealing with Russian illegals to participate in confidential interview sessions as part of a PhD dissertation.
    • Call for Information: Swiss photographer Bruno Zehnder and research activity/death in Mirny Antarctica 1997 / info on climate between Russia and the CIA in the 19980s/90s regarding adhering to the scientific treaty and the race to be the first to breach Lake Vostok.
    • Call for Information: DIA officers VADM Eric Burkhalter and Colonel Roy Jonkers 1980 - 1985
    • Call for Information: University professor seeks information about POW camp in Ambon, 1942-45
    • Call for Interviews: Author of forthcoming book seeks conversation with intelligence officers who have worked on China during their career
    • Call for Information: CIA’s Office of Soviet Analysis (SOVA) 1981-1992
    • Call for Information: Al "Albert" Purdum, stationed at Arlington Hall 55, Defense Language School - Albanian 55-56, NSA Linguist, Sr. Cryptologist 57-95
    • Call For Articles: AFIO Journal, The Intelligencer - Assorted Topics


    Section VII - Events

    Upcoming AFIO Events

    • Thursday, 16 May 2024 11:30 AM MDT – Colorado Springs - The AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter hosts Bob Pence discussing "FBI Relations with the Military"
    • Wed, 22 May 2024, 6:30 to 7:30 PM - Webinar via Zoom - AFIO Atlanta Chapter webinar with retired CIA officer Marc Polymeropoulos
    • Mon 3 Jun 2024, 12:00pm CDT - In-Person - San Antonio AFIO Chapter meeting on "The Wild Weasel Program in Southeast Asia"
    • 30 July 24, 1900 (PT) - Former CIA Director General David Petraeus on challenges in Ukraine and the Middle East - In-Person, Yorba Linda, CA - AFIO Los Angeles Chapter; Dinner after presentation.

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    AFIO Book Review by Dr. Derrin R. Smith:
    Romania, Nuclear Energy, and The Atomic Bomb:
    Horia Hulubei and the Roots of Policy

    written by Larry L. Watts (Rao Books, 2023).

    Access review here.


    With the growth in intelligence-related books, AFIO seeks volunteers who are willing to review new releases. We are looking for short reviews (500 words) for inclusion in the WIN. The make-up of AFIO's membership puts us in a position to offer unique reviews in the intelligence studies world, matching backgrounds with subject matter. If interested, please contact the WIN editor at


    Released to members...7 May 2024...

    Who Was Frederick Rutland aka 'Agent Shinkawa'?

    Recorded 1 February 2024

    Ronald Drabkin
    Beverly Hills Spy: The Double-Agent War Hero Who Helped Japan Attack Pearl Harbor

    Interview of Wednesday, 1 February 2024. Ronald Drabkin, author of Beverly Hills Spy: The Double-Agent War Hero Who Helped Japan Attack Pearl Harbor, the story of the WWI hero who became a fixture of high society in Golden Age Hollywood while acting as a double agent for the Japanese Empire as it prepared to attack Pearl Harbor.
    "Thanks to recently declassified FBI files, Drabkin discovered why the UK, US, and Japan would prefer to keep their dealings with Frederick Rutland, aka 'Agent Shinkawa,' secret forever.... The life of a spy has never seemed so addictive or harrowing. Drabkin takes an evenhanded approach, portraying Rutland as complicated—equal parts hero and villain. This winning and dramatic biography pierces the veil of secrecy surrounding historical events." — Booklist
    Host and Interviewer is AFIO President James Hughes, a former senior CIA Operations Officer and Former NSA Associate Deputy Director of Operations.
    The interview runs 19 minutes and includes several Q&As.

    Access the Drabkin video interview here or click above image.

    The Podcast

    LATEST PODCAST: In this episode, BBC National Security Correspondent Gordon Corera discusses his book "Operation Columba - The Secret Pigeon Service: The Untold Story of World War II Resistance in Europe." The book reveals the fascinating, untold story of how British intelligence secretly used homing pigeons as part of a clandestine espionage operation to gather information, communicate, and coordinate with members of the Resistance to defeat the Nazis in occupied Europe during World War II. Recorded 1 Dec 2023. Interviewer: Jim Hughes, AFIO President and former CIA Operations Officer. .

    Podcast here.

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    Section I - CURRENTS

    (Recent Events, Developments, Highlights)

    Space Force gets vote on IC Commercial Space Council - Breaking Defense, 06 May 24

    As of this year, the Space Force can vote on issues brought before the Intelligence Community’s Commercial Space Council, according to a top IC official — a status change that should give the service a bit more clout in the ongoing debate about acquisition of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data from commercial satellite operators. “This year, the US Space Force will join … the IC Commercial Space Council as a voting member of this Council, which serves as an IC forum for collaboration and provides a focal point for industry engagement that has continued its successful efforts to integrate and coordinate policies, strategies and approvals across the government [regarding] the commercial space industry,” said Stacey Dixon, Biden administration deputy director of national intelligence, today. The Space Force joined the cross-agency council when it officially became the 18th member of the IC in 2021, but initially only as an observer. (Read more here.)

    A Russian Influence Campaign Is Exploiting College Campus Protests - Wired, 08 May 24

    A Russian influence campaign seems to be attempting to sow division in the US around the college campus protests. As protests at universities across the country—and the responses to them by college authorities and law enforcement—continue to stoke division and anger, the Kremlin appears to have taken a page from its foreign influence playbook, using its disinformation infrastructure in collaboration with state-run media and Telegram influencers in an effort to further divide American society. Over the past week, a disinformation campaign operated by the Kremlin-aligned network Doppelganger amassed over 130,000 views on X, according to data shared exclusively with WIRED by Antibot4Navalny, a collective of anonymous Russian researchers who have spent years tracking the Russian influence operation. (Full article here.)

    NRO outlines plan to onboard commercial satellite imaging technologies - Space News, 08 May 24

    The head of the National Reconnaissance Office’s commercial space office Pete Muend announced plans to create a flexible contracting pipeline to onboard the latest innovations from private remote sensing companies. Speaking at the GEOINT Symposium, Muend said commercial imagery is needed to complement national systems and meet the growing demands from the military and intelligence agencies for Earth observation data. His office plans to roll out a new contracting vehicle with an “open-ended rolling environment” that is not restricted to any single type of imagery like electro-optical or synthetic aperture radar. “We will solicit input and award contracts across all the phenomenologies,” Muend said, adding that the goal is to seamlessly integrate multiple commercial capabilities into the government’s larger architecture. This would mark a shift from the NRO’s traditional acquisition approach of focusing on specific imagery phenomenologies like electro-optical, synthetic aperture radar, radio-frequency and hyperspectral data. (Full article here.)

    Public urged to be on lookout for marine espionage devices - China Daily, 10 May 24

    National security agencies have issued a warning about marine espionage devices, the Ministry of State Security said in an article posted on its WeChat account on Thursday. It said foreign intelligence agencies have intensified their reconnaissance and surveillance of China's waters through a series of intelligence gathering and technological espionage activities. Through vigilant efforts and public reports, China's national security agencies have continuously identified different types of marine espionage devices concealed in the country's territorial waters. The devices, designed to spy on China's maritime data, pose significant threats to national security, it said. A special exhibition broadcast recently by national security agencies highlighted a case where a Chinese fisherman caught an espionage device. (Full article here.)

    U.S. Spy Agencies Adopt Rules for Purchasing Commercial Data on Americans - Wall Street Journal, 08 May 24

    U.S. spy agencies will limit how they buy and use troves of data about Americans gleaned from thousands of smartphone apps and personal devices such as cars and internet-connected household appliances, according to a new policy directive released Wednesday. The directive establishing the new rules, issued by Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, applies to all U.S. intelligence agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency. It won’t mandate that agencies obtain a warrant before purchasing or searching the data, a requirement sought by some lawmakers in recent months. The framework sets out rules for how to collect and analyze commercially available data on foreigners and Americans, but grants each agency “flexibility to experiment” in how they approach using the data. (Read here.)

    South China Sea: Philippines seeks expulsion of Beijing’s diplomats over wiretapping as tensions explode - South China Morning Post, 10 May 24

    The Philippines’ national security adviser called on Friday for Chinese diplomats to be expelled over an alleged leak of a phone conversation with a Filipino admiral, in a significant escalation of a bitter row over the South China Sea. China’s embassy in Manila had orchestrated “repeated acts of engaging and dissemination of disinformation, misinformation and malinformation”, with the objective of sowing discord, division and disunity, Eduardo Ano said in a statement. Those actions “should not be allowed to pass unsanctioned without serious penalty”, he said. A spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry on Friday asked the Philippines to cease being provocative and allow Chinese diplomats to perform their duties normally. The two countries have been embroiled in a series of stand-offs in disputed areas of the South China Sea as the Philippines, emboldened by support from the United States and other allies, steps up its activities in waters patrolled by China’s coastguard. (Full article here.)

    NGA Director Defends Agency's Speed and Relevance Amid Evolving Space Threats - Trendy Digests, 10 May 24

    The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), a cornerstone of the United States’ intelligence community, is at the forefront of an intense debate over its role in the rapidly changing landscape of space-based surveillance and reconnaissance. NGA’s mission, once centered on traditional mapmaking, has evolved into a complex role that includes validating the authenticity of incoming sensor data from a multitude of sources, tasking spy satellites, and disseminating critical intelligence to U.S. military commanders and government agencies. In a resolute defense against criticisms suggesting the agency is a bottleneck to rapid intelligence delivery, Vice Adm. Frank Whitworth, NGA’s director, emphasized the agency’s proficiency in timely intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) provision. Addressing concerns head-on, Whitworth remarked during an exclusive interview, “I would just also caution, that if someone thinks that just raw data [sent to that] edge node is going to solve everything, I would ask them to put themselves in the position of maybe being that pilot or being that submarine captain, skipper or … the land component commander. Is the image going to help that individual without some level of analysis, fusion, [and] validation?” (Full article here.)

    Canadian spy agency accuses India of espionage, interference in Canada in 2023 - India Today, 10 May 24

    Canada's spy agency said India was involved in "hostile foreign interference and espionage activities" in the North American country. This was revealed by the Canadian spy agency, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), in a public report for 2023 that was issued this week. The report counts India, China, Russia and Iran among "major perpetrators of foreign interference and espionage" in both Canada and other Western countries. The Canadian spy agency's report says that in 2023, these countries and their intelligence services "continued to engage in a variety of hostile foreign interference and espionage activities to advance their objectives and interests". (Full article here.)

    National Security Agency Partners with National Cryptologic Foundation on new Engagement and Education Center - Cryptologic Foundation, 06 May 24

    The National Security Agency (NSA) announced plans to partner with the National Cryptologic Foundation (NCF) to establish a new engagement and education facility on the site of the existing National Cryptologic Museum in Annapolis Junction. The new Cryptologic Engagement and Education Center (CEEC) will broaden the Agency’s community reach with venues for public engagements, training facilities, and a modern building for the National Cryptologic Museum. The NCF procured an architectural design and exhibit plans for the future museum space, and gifted the material to NSA in October 2022. NSA credits the National Cryptologic Foundation (NCF) for their initial vision for the Center, and intends to incorporate many of the architectural elements contained in NCF’s original design into the military construction project. Funding is projected for FY2027, with an estimated operational date in 2031. (Full article here.)

    US Lawmakers Worry IRGC Accessed Classified Documents Through Malley - Iran International, 08 May 24

    Former US Iran envoy Robert Malley lost his security clearance, two influential congressmen have suggested, because he had transferred classified documents to his personal email and cell phone, and the documents were then stolen by a hostile cyber actor. It’s not clear who the “cyber actor” was, but US lawmakers have expressed concern about the possibility that it could have been related to Iran’s intelligence or Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). Malley was placed on leave and had his security clearance suspended in April 2023. Iran International was first to report the incident in June of that year, but then the State Department blocked all attempts to find more information about Malley’s case. “We remain deeply frustrated by the Department's lack of responsiveness to our requests for information needed to conduct appropriate oversight,” wrote top Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations and the House Foreign Affairs committees. “Due to the Department's evasiveness and lack of transparency, we have worked to glean information from other sources.” (Full article here.)

    How Fat Leonard compromised admirals in charge of Navy intelligence - Washington Post, 07 May 24

    Shortly after he was promoted and entrusted with one of the Pentagon’s most sensitive jobs — director of naval intelligence — Vice Adm. Ted “Twig” Branch received an urgent request from the Justice Department. Prosecutors wanted to speak with him about an investigation into leaks of classified material to a 350-pound Malaysian defense contractor known as “Fat Leonard.” The businessman, Leonard Glenn Francis, and his company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia, held $200 million in contracts to resupply U.S. Navy ships and provide port security in Asia. But Francis had recently been arrested in San Diego on fraud and bribery charges. Federal agents were shocked to discover while carrying out search warrants that he had obtained reams of classified information from corrupt Navy officers about the itineraries of U.S. warships and submarines throughout the Western Pacific. (Full article here.)

    Counterespionage Corner - Recent Arrests, Convictions, Expulsions, and more...

    Cyberespionage Collection - Newly Identified Actors and Operations, Countermeasures, Policy, other...

    Section II - DEEP DIVES

    (Research Papers, OpEds, Analysis, Podcasts)

    Russia’s Declining Satellite Reconnaissance Capabilities and Its Implications for Security and International Stability - International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, 08 May 24

    Satellite-based intelligence has played a crucial role in national security and international stability. This article explores the persistent decline in Russia’s satellite reconnaissance capabilities since the Cold War’s end, challenging hopes for recovery and highlighting systemic issues. It delves into the impact on Russia’s military actions in Ukraine, where the absence of satellites contributes to indiscriminate shelling and higher military casualties. Furthermore, it examines the repercussions on nuclear arms control and the peaceful use of space, critical for global stability. As Russia struggles with reconnaissance gaps, its pursuit of antisatellite weapons poses a threat to the principle of space for peace. This analysis aims to deepen insights into the intelligence decline during the Russia–Ukraine conflict and its potential ramifications for international stability. (Full report here.)

    Investigation: Disdain, Denial, Neglect: The Deep Roots of Israel's Devastating Intelligence Failure on Hamas and October 7 - Haaretz, 09 May 24

    It was Friday, October 6, shortly after 11 P.M., an ordinary evening in the operations room of the Israel Defense Forces' Gaza Division, with the calm atmosphere of a holiday. Then came a shout: "Ali Al Qadhi is behaving suspiciously!" A soldier from Military Intelligence burst into the operations room, calling out a name familiar to everybody there – Qadhi, a Hamas operative from the Jabalya area, with a rank equivalent to that of company commander. The female spotters recognized him from a distance. According to the soldier, he and several other operatives were acting in a way that had raised suspicion: "It looks like he's preparing for a raid with his men." The information quickly went up the chain of command, until, according to several sources who spoke with Haaretz, it reaches the desk of the Gaza Division's intelligence officer. His ruling: "Business as usual. This is just routine Hamas training." (Access here.)

    Using AI in an Intelligence Context Future Scenario Workshop - Royal United Services Institute, 09 May 24

    This workshop report presents a summary of observations and discussions related to an event on the use of AI in intelligence by 2040, held in February 2024. The future scenario workshop was held to examine the use and implications of AI in a hypothetical 2040. It was based on a hypothetical scenario in which the relationship between a technically advanced economic and military power called Roland and the neighbouring island state Islay deteriorates. It unfolded in three parts: The build-up of military exercises by Roland near Islay and the potential for invasion; Roland’s full-scale invasion of Islay; Roland establishing civilian authority over Islay. The workshop was structured around the scenario phases. The following are key observations that participants made in the context of each scenario phase but have relevance to the broader question of what AI use in an intelligence context will look like by 2040 and what implications and questions follow. (Access here.)

    The New Propaganda War - The Atlantic, 06 May 24

    Autocrats in China, Russia, and elsewhere are now making common cause with MAGA Republicans to discredit liberalism and freedom around the world... On june 4, 1989, the Polish Communist Party held partially free elections, setting in motion a series of events that ultimately removed the Communists from power. Not long afterward, street protests calling for free speech, due process, accountability, and democracy brought about the end of the Communist regimes in East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Romania. Within a few years, the Soviet Union itself would no longer exist. Also on June 4, 1989, the Chinese Communist Party ordered the military to remove thousands of students from Tiananmen Square. The students were calling for free speech, due process, accountability, and democracy. Soldiers arrested and killed demonstrators in Beijing and around the country. Later, they systematically tracked down the leaders of the protest movement and forced them to confess and recant. Some spent years in jail. Others managed to elude their pursuers and flee the country forever. (Full report here.)

    Understanding Ethical Leadership in Intelligence: Themes in Accountability, Self-Development, and Communication Among CIA Leaders - University of San Diego PhD Candidate Dissertation, 12 May 2024

    This dissertation elucidates the concept of ethical leadership within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Based on interviews with ten former senior-level officers from across different departments, the study analyzes how these leaders understand issues of accountability, self-development, and communication. The research also provides insights into their processes of sense-making and their methodologies for fostering ethical conduct amidst the complexities of intelligence operations. Against the backdrop of the CIA's mission, structure, and norms, the study sheds light on the challenges and tensions inherent in the organization's operations. Through a thematic analysis of participant narratives, themes of moral cognition, personal values, and leadership strategies emerge, highlighting the nuanced interplay between individual ethics and organizational imperatives. One key finding is the emphasis placed by former CIA leaders on the importance of fostering a culture of care and respect among colleagues, even in high-stakes and stressful environments. Participants articulated the challenges and their commitment to upholding ethical standards while balancing mission objectives, underscoring the complexity of ethical leadership within the CIA. The findings include an emphasis on accountability in ethical leadership, which encompassed both leaders and followers participating in the process of truth-telling to those in power, as well as the leaders' commitment to instilling standards by imposing sanctions when necessary. (Access here.)

    Disinformation Nation - Explosion of New Threats in the U.S. (30 mins) - JJ Green's Target USA Podcast, 08 May 2024

    Bret Schaefer, senior fellow, Media and Digital Disinformation, for the Alliance for Securing Democracy breaks down the threat, how disinformation is laundered, and the "democratization of disinformation" in an episode loaded with important and fascinating details about the threat today. (Full report here.)

    Why Is DHS Keeping ‘Disinformation’ Regulation Docs Secret? - Real Clear Politics, 10 May 2024

    Nearly two years after Nina Jankowicz briefly led the Disinformation Governance Board at the Department of Homeland Security, she’s launched an organization demanding transparency and the public release of documents about the public debate on disinformation. An interesting move, likely without true transparency in mind. My organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, has spent the same two years fighting DHS for documents on the federal board Jankowicz managed. We’re filing a second lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act to fight continued government stonewalling of our requests. Thus far, DHS has refused to provide unredacted versions of documents that outline its purported authorities to regulate disinformation. Nor will the agency release more information about its work on misinformation related to “irregular migration” and “Ukraine” before the board was disbanded in August 2022. So, taxpayers are unable to find out what legal authority DHS is exercising, and they aren’t allowed to learn about the work being done with their tax dollars. Does this sound like a dystopian novel yet? (Full report here.)

    Iranian Covert Action Operations: An Espionage Perspective - Grey Dynamics, 12 May 2024

    Iranian covert action operations have increasingly integrated espionage tactics to enhance their strategic depth and operational effectiveness against foreign adversaries. Moreover, this integration marks a significant shift towards more sophisticated intelligence-driven operations. In addition, Iran’s strategic use of covert action, combined with espionage, aims at expanding its regional influence and countering Western and regional adversaries. Iran employs complexity and uses proxies, cyberwarfare, and clandestine intelligence gathering to achieve strategic objectives in its operations. Key Judgements: 1) Iran’s strategic focus on enhancing its cyber capabilities suggests a significant shift towards prioritising cyber espionage over traditional intelligence methods; 2) The integration of cyber espionage into Iran’s covert actions will likely increase the threat to Western and regional cybersecurity infrastructures; 3) Iran’s use of proxy forces in covert operations will likely expand its regional influence and complicate countermeasures by adversaries. (Full report here.)

    The value of OSINT for intelligence sharing (51 mins) - JANE's The World of Intelligence Podcast, 13 May 2024

    In this episode Harry Kemsley and Sean Corbett are joined by Phil Ritcheson Ph.D. to discuss why intelligence sharing is now more important than ever. They discuss the growing need for allied and partnership and how by using open sources facilitates more timely intelligence sharing. However, ensuring that the open sources can be trusted and are assured is critical to maintaining strategic advantage. (Full report here.)

    The Latest from International Spy Museum Historian Andrew Hammond, PhD.

    Spycast is the official podcast of the International Spy Museum and hosts interviews with intelligence experts on matters of HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, OSINT, and GEOINT. Spycast is hosted by historian Andrew Hammond, PhD.

    07 May | “James Foley: Journalist, ISIS Hostage, Son” – with His Mother Diane Foley (78 mins) Diane Foley joins Andrew to discuss the legacy of her son, James Foley. James was held hostage and murdered by ISIS in 2014.

    Section III - FORMERS' FORUM

    (Legacy Intel Practitioners' Informed Perspectives)

    The Latest Insights from Former CIA Acting Deputy Director for Operations Jack Devine.

    In Other News The proprietary analytic newsletter crafted for The Arkin Group's private clients by former CIA Acting Deputy Director for Operations Jack Devine.

    09 May | On his quest for worldwide domination, Chinese President Xi is working to strengthen his partnerships - and weaken those of his adversaries. This week, President Xi visited Europe for the first time in five years, and it’s not surprising that his first stop was France. In April 2023, French President Macron had visited Beijing and pleased Xi by stating that Europe must avoid getting dragged into a confrontation between China and Taiwan. Macron also said that the EU should keep its distance from any Washington-led foreign policy, but EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was quick to downplay these comments at the time. The EU’s economic relationship with China is complex, and it’s no coincidence that the most critical remarks made during Xi’s recent visit – regarding China’s lack of market access, dumping, state subsidies, as well possible EU counter measures like trade restrictions, came from von der Leyen. (Full report here.)

    Daily Analysis of Security Issues and Geopolitical Trends

    Intel Brief The Soufan Center's flagship, daily analytical product focused on complex security issues and geopolitical trends that may shape regional or international affairs. The Soufan Center was founded by former FBI Special Agent and Soufan Group CEO Ali Soufan.

    14 May | Sanctions Target Iran and its Axis of Resistance

    Since the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel, U.S. and allied officials have used all available tools of national power to counter efforts by Iran and the regional armed factions it supports to help Hamas battle Israel. Backing Hamas is part of a longstanding drive by Iran and its allies to promote insecurity among Israeli citizens, drive a wedge between the United States and Israel, and expel U.S. forces from the region, including Iraq and Syria. Since October 7, the United States and its allies have used preventive and retaliatory military action to counter Iran-backed attacks on Israel, on U.S. forces in the region, and on commercial shipping through regional maritime chokepoints.

    13 May | Post-War Plans for Gaza Start to Converge

    10 May | U.S. Repatriates Citizens from Syria and Urges Other Countries to Follow Suit

    09 May | Europe’s Immigration Management Issues Are Far From Over

    08 May | All Eyes on Gaza as Ceasefire Deal Remains Uncertain

    Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell and former CIA Chief Operating Officer Andy Makridis on critical security challenges.

    Intelligence Matters: The Relaunch is a Beacon Global Strategies podcast.

    07 May | Israel-Gaza War & US Threats: Beth Sanner Michael talks with Beth Sanner, a career CIA analyst who concluded her tenure with the federal government as Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Mission Integration at the ODNI from April 2019 to March 2021. She discusses the risks and potential next steps in the Israel-Gaza conflict, Iran and the Middle East, Russia's war on Ukraine, and how she rose through the CIA's ranks to become a world-class analyst specializing in South Asia.

    The Hidden World of Private Intelligence (35 mins) with former CIA Executive Marc Polymeropoulos - Above Average Intelligence, 06 May 2024

    When we think of intelligence, we most often think of state organizations like the CIA. Yet the private sector has a robust intelligence community that keeps on growing. Lewis Sage-Passant joins Marc to shine a light on the overlooked world of private intelligence, and why it has become more critical than ever. (Access here.)

    Twenty Years Later, Does the DNI Work? by 40-year veteran of the U.S. National Security Community Ronald Marks - National Security Institute's The SCIF, 07 May 24

    It’s been nearly 20 years since Congress passed the Intelligence Reform and Terrorist Prevention Act (IRTPA) of 2004. With the disastrous twin intelligence failures of 9/11 and the botched Iraq weapons of mass destruction fiasco in mind, IRTPA stripped the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of its Intelligence Community (IC) oversight role and created the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) fill this void. Feelings run deep and long in the spy firmament. As a forty-year veteran of the national security community, I think IRTPA and its creation of the DNI was and remains a good idea. Others in the IC would argue strongly against my position. They would be wrong.  (Access here.)

    Today’s Cold War is More Complicated than Ever by former Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael Vickers - The Cipher Brief, 08 May 24

    A new Cold War is upon us, and like the first Cold War, it didn’t take long for the new one to produce a major war, though this time in Europe rather than in Asia. And it’s not just one major war we currently face but two. And with increasing Chinese bellicosity toward Taiwan, the prospect of a third is growing. As (CIA Director) Bill Burns put it in a recent Foreign Affairs article, “China’s rise and Russia’s revanchism pose daunting geopolitical challenges in a world of intense geopolitical competition.” Russia, China, and Iran have joined in a tacit, anti-U.S. alliance. China is intent on more than tripling the size of its nuclear arsenal, and both China and Russia are in the process of fielding new, more destabilizing nuclear capabilities. Space has become a contested domain, and the threat from hostile cyber and information actors is increasing sharply. (Access here.)

    More Must Be Done to Prevent a Nuclear Nightmare by former CIA Director for East Asia Operations Joseph DeTrani - The Cipher Brief, 10 May 24

    The proliferation of nuclear weapons and the recent Iranian attack on Israel are two reasons why we should upgrade our missile defense capabilities and ensure that Iran never gets nuclear weapons. On April 14, 2024, Iran launched more than 300 ballistic missiles and drones at Israel, in what could have been the beginning of a war in the Middle East. Fortunately, more than 99 percent of the missiles and drones were intercepted. Israel’s effective multilayered missile defense system, comprised of the Arrow (to intercept long-range ballistic missiles), David’s Sling (to intercept medium-range ballistic missiles), Patriot (to intercept Scud missiles and shoot down aircraft and drones), and the Iron Dome to (shoot down short-range rockets) prevented Iran from inflicting massive casualties and destruction on Israel. The United States and the United Kingdom also helped Israel to shoot down Iranian drones over Jordan, Iraq, and Syria. On April 19, Israel responded, launching several small drones at the Iranian city of Isfahan, causing minimal damage. Israel’s decision to respond cautiously to the Iranian attack and Iran’s muted response to Israel’s attack on Isfahan appeared to be a concerted effort by both sides to avert all-out war. (Access here.)

    Arab Autocrats Flex Muscles Against Their People – Yet Again by former CIA Executive Emile Nakhleh - The Cipher Brief, 09 May 24

    Amid protests against the Israeli war on Gaza around the world, including on American university campuses, Arab autocrats from Jordan to Morocco have been arresting and prosecuting their citizens for demonstrating on behalf of the Palestinians. Arab regimes have always been threatened by popular dissent, the Gaza carnage notwithstanding, but now they are pushing back harshly against public protests of their own citizens across the Arab world, including in Amman, Cairo, Manama, and Rabat. Public dissent has returned to the “Arab Street” not as an echo of the “Arab Spring” that called for democratization and regime change, but rather as a validation of the centrality of “Palestine” in the Arab psyche. Arab regimes are fearful that these pro-Palestinian protests that are denouncing the Israeli-inflicted destruction of the Gaza Strip and demanding a ceasefire could easily turn against them. Unlike the events of 13 years ago, the current protests on Arab streets are not calling for regime change but rather for Palestinians to enjoy equality and human rights and to live in peace in their own state. But Arab regimes are fearful, and rightly so, that the embers of the 2011 Arab Spring are still lurking below the surface and could easily ignite but with an even more fearsome outcome. (Access here.)

    China’s secret spy with former Chinese Ministry of Public Security Officer "Eric" - ABC Australia, 13 May 24

    For the first time ever, an undercover agent for China’s secret police steps out of the shadows to tell all about where he’s been and who he’s been targeting. On a bitterly cold winter morning in China last year, a man who’d spent more than a decade working as a spy for the notorious secret police decided to flee his homeland. “I spent most of the time in the airport’s bathroom, worried that secret police would find out my plan,” he recalls. The man – who goes by the name Eric – was no stranger to operating undercover. As an agent for the Political Security Protection Bureau, or 1st Bureau – a secret unit of China’s Ministry of Public Security – he’d been involved in missions to surveil, abduct and silence targets around the world since 2008, including in Australia. This mission, though – to quit – would be his most dangerous. (Access here.)


    (All Categories)

    Spy scandal: Why did a Polish judge 'defect' to Belarus? - Deutsche Welle, 11 May 24

    Thousands of Belarusians have escaped to Poland in recent years to avoid political persecution by President Alexander Lukashenko's regime, which is loyal to Moscow. But Polish judge Tomasz Szmydt went the opposite way. He has asked Lukashenko for "care and protection," he told Belarusian state news agency BelTA at a press conference last week. Szmydt said he had resigned from the judgeship in protest at unjust Polish policies towards Belarus and Russia. He accused Warsaw of trying to start conflict under the influence of the US and the UK and claimed that he had been persecuted and intimidated because of his views, and the only way out for him was to flee the country. Meanwhile, the Polish public prosecutor's office has accused Szmydt of involvement in a disinformation war against Poland. On Thursday, the country's Supreme Court suspended his duties and lifted his immunity as a judge. Daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita reported he would soon be a wanted man and under investigation for espionage, among other things. Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski called Szmydt a "traitor." (Read full report here.)

    America’s spies preparing new rules for using AI and data - Washington Times, 09 May 24

    The U.S. intelligence community is crafting rules for its use of artificial intelligence and data, as America’s spies adopt cutting-edge tech tools into their work. The AI rules will set minimum standards for all 18 intelligence agencies and the data guidance involves American spies’ use of commercially available information, according to U.S. officials. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence wants its forthcoming first-ever directive on AI to ensure that different spy agencies have a common understanding of the lines drawn, according to John Beiler, ODNI’s science and technology chief. “Where we’re going to start is, a little bit, very high level,” Mr. Beiler said Wednesday at the Special Competitive Studies Project’s AI expo, being held this week in Washington. “Because, again, we don’t want to be dictatorial because we’re still figuring a lot of this stuff out.” Mr. Beiler later told The Washington Times that the intelligence community is not forecasting a deadline for the release as it workshops the rules, with input from the White House and Capitol Hill to each of the spy agencies. (Read full report here.)

    Generative AI for Top Secret missions? Microsoft Deploys GPT-4 for Classified Operations - The Debrief, 09 May 24

    Welcome to this week’s Intelligence Brief… on Tuesday, it was announced that Microsoft is deploying its GPT-4 large language model for use with its cloud services for classified work. In our analysis, we’ll be examining 1) the tech giant’s recent announcement, 2) a quick look at the history of Microsoft’s Azure Government Top Secret, and 3) the steps forward in the U.S. government’s implementation of GPT-4 for work in classified operations. (Read full report here.)

    Germany Is Now Spying on Its Own Top Spy - Foreign Policy, 09 May 24

    Germany’s former head of domestic intelligence, Hans-Georg Maassen, recently announced he would be suing the agency he used to lead for using its powers to “observe government opponents.” That is to say, for surveilling him. The initial revelation, about Maassen being monitored by the very intelligence agency he had once led, arrived in January. He accused the agency of abusing its power to “politically persecute government critics.” “In doing so, they are seriously violating their official duties and thus damaging liberal democracy,” he recently said. “Opponents of the government are not enemies of the constitution.” But the two are not mutually exclusive. Maassen, who the Süddeutsche Zeitung called the “Steve Bannon of Thuringia,” is well known for nationalistic, far-right rhetoric. He has denounced what he calls “racism against whites” and lamented “massive migration,” which he believes has led to “parallel societies,” the “dissolution of family and local relationships,” and a threat to “national cultures.” He’s also decried “migrant clans that are active in organized crime.” (In fact, immigrants in Germany commit far fewer crimes per capita than native Germans do.) “Only nations made up of free citizens who share a common culture and rule of law,” Maassen wrote in 2020, “manage to live in internal and external peace.” (Read more here.)

    Suspicion of espionage: Maximilian Krah's offices in Brussels searched - ZDF Heute, 07 May 24

    In Brussels, the Federal Prosecutor's Office searched the offices of AfD MEP Maximilian Krah. The measure was related to espionage allegations against one of Krah's employees. The European Parliament had agreed to enter the premises, as the Federal Prosecutor's Office announced. The employee Jian G. is suspected of having carried out espionage for China . He is said to have worked for Krah since 2019. On April 22nd he was arrested in Dresden. He is now in custody and Krah has separated from him. It later became known that the suspect was also in contact with the Saxon Office for the Protection of the Constitution - but before his time as an employee of Krah. The Saxon AfD leader Jörg Urban nevertheless expressed the suspicion that the man may have been deliberately hired by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution to target the AfD in order to harm the party. Saxony's Interior Minister Armin Schuster (CDU) rejected these speculations - he emphasized that they had "no basis whatsoever." (Read more here.)

    Poland says it was targeted by Russian military intelligence hackers - The Record, 09 May 24

    Russian state-sponsored hackers have targeted Polish government institutions in a recent espionage campaign, according to a new report. Poland’s computer emergency response team, CERT-PL, said on Wednesday that it had observed a large-scale malware campaign, likely carried out by the hacker group APT28, also known as Fancy Bear, associated with Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU. Last week, several NATO countries accused the Kremlin of conducting a series of cyberattacks on their critical infrastructure. Germany, in particular, attributed an attack against its Social Democratic Party to APT28. The same threat actor also targeted government services, critical infrastructure operators, and other entities across NATO, including in Lithuania, Slovakia and Sweden. (Read full report here.)

    UK to expel undeclared Russian spy in response to growing threat - Gov.UK, 09 May 24

    A major package of measures to target and dismantle Russian intelligence gathering operations in the UK will be rolled out today, the Home Secretary has announced. Today, the UK government will: expel the Russian defence attaché, an undeclared military intelligence officer; remove diplomatic premises status from several Russian properties in the UK, including Seacox Heath – a Russia-owned property in Sussex – and the Trade and Defence Section in Highgate, which are believed to have been used for intelligence purposes; impose new restrictions on Russian diplomatic visas, including capping the length of time Russian diplomats can spend in the UK. The UK has today summoned the Russian Ambassador to replay these measures and to reiterate that Russia’s actions will not be tolerated. These actions, the latest in a string of robust measures taken against Russia to protect the UK, follow a pattern of malign activity carried out both here and abroad in the past year, which is believed to be linked to Russia. (Read full report here.)

    The controversy surrounding appointing new IDF intelligence chief Shlomi Binder - analysis - Jerusalem Post, 07 May 24

    Last Thursday, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Herzi Halevi was engulfed in controversy when he appointed Brig.-Gen. Shlomi Binder to replace Maj.-Gen. Aharon Haliva as the next chief of military intelligence. The controversy has multiple fronts, but the irony is that nearly none have to do with Binder himself. Certainly, until October 7, Binder was viewed as one of the top officers in the army, possibly a future IDF chief. The initial dilemmas actually have to do more with Halevi. Dilemma have to do with Halevi, not Binder Many political and military officials believe he should have already resigned since October 7 took place under his watch. He himself has made it clear that he intends to resign. (Read full report here.)

    Secret Hamas police force has long spied on common Palestinians - Washington Times, 13 May 24

    The Hamas terror group has long operated a secret police force in the Gaza Strip to spy on Palestinian civilians in order to crush any opposition to the group’s hardline rule over the territory. Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar has for years overseen the secret force, according to a trove of internal documents first reviewed and reported on by The New York Times. While Mr. Sinwar and other Hamas leaders publicly claim to represent all Palestinians living in Gaza, the documents illustrate how the terror group has zero tolerance for dissent. The New Times also cited interviews with intelligence officials, who spoke anonymously about how the Hamas secret police force built files on young Palestinians, as well as journalists and anyone else in Gaza who questioned the group’s control over Gaza. The secret police force, known as the General Security Service, relied on a network of Gaza informants through a system that sometimes involved people reporting the activities of their own neighbors. (Read full report here.)

    Chinese companies hit with US trade restrictions over spy balloon incident - Reuters, 09 May 24

    The Biden administration added 37 Chinese entities to a trade restriction list on Thursday, including some for allegedly supporting the spy balloon that flew over the United States last year, heightening tensions between Beijing and Washington. The Commerce Department also said it was adding some units of China Electronics Technology Group to the list for allegedly trying to obtain American technology to support China's quantum technology capabilities, "which has serious ramifications for U.S. national security" due to their military applications. Media have said state-owned China Electronics Technology Group is a top military equipment supplier. China Electronics Technology Group could not immediately be reached for comment. The Chinese embassy in Washington called the move "blatant economic coercion and bullying in the field of technology," and said China would resolutely safeguard the lawful rights of Chinese firms and institutions. (Read full report here.)

    Be Careful What You Wish For - Station Hypo, 13 May 24

    Be careful what you wish for if you’re a Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center graduate! You could easily end up catapulted into a world crisis where leaders are clinging to your every word, making crucial national security decisions based upon the information you provide them. Such is the story of three Persian Farsi language graduates who in the summer of 1978 found themselves working on one of the most historically important political turning points in the Middle East – the Iranian Revolution. “We had zero idea what we were going to do when we showed up for work…Coming out of the Persian Farsi program [at DLIFLC] we thought we knew it all, but — we knew nothing,” said Michael Ruhm, to large a group of multi-service Persian Farsi linguists. Along with his two former classmates, Donald Huntington and Michael Sherman, and former boss Thomas Chesno, Ruhm visited the Persian Farsi School Feb. 21, at the Presidio of Monterey, as part of an alumni reunion, incidentally coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution. (Read full report here.)


    Books — Forthcoming, Newly Released, Overlooked

    U-2 ‘Dragon Lady’ Units 1955–90 (Combat Aircraft, 152)
    by Peter E. Davies (Author), Gareth Hector (Illustrator), Jim Laurier (Illustrator)
    (Osprey Publishing, 21 May 24)

    An illustrated account of the early service of the Lockheed U-2, one of the most important and longest-serving intelligence gathering platforms fielded by the US air force. The U-2 is one of the most recognizable aircraft of the Cold War; nicknamed the 'Dragon Lady' after the codename given to it by the CIA, this powered glider was designed and operated in great secrecy, providing US authorities with photographic and electronic information from areas of interest across the globe. This illuminating new volume dives deep into the U-2's most critical missions, exploring its role in the Cuban Missile Crisis, nuclear reconnaissance in the Soviet Union, and intelligence missions in China and North Vietnam. Using previously unpublished research, aviation expert Peter E. Davies examines the operations of one of the landmark aircraft of the 20th century from a fresh and engaging perspective, enhanced by more than 50 photos and 21 newly commissioned profile artworks.

    Purchase book here.

    The Spy Who Came in From the Circus
    by Christopher Andrew
    (Biteback Publishing, 14 Mar 24)

    For almost half a century, Bertram Mills Circus was a household name throughout Britain among both children and adults and it’s Director, Cyril Bertram Mills, was one of the best-known and most influential names in the country’s entertainment business. But for forty years, Cyril Mills had also enjoyed a top-secret and wide-ranging career in British intelligence: obtaining the best aerial intelligence on Nazi rearmament for MI6 before the Second World War; becoming the first case officer to monitor the best double agent (Garbo) of the war after joining MI5; and working part-time during the Cold War ‘for MI5 or 6 or both without being paid a penny’. Remarkably, no word of Mills’s secret career appeared in public until he was over eighty. Nobody suspected that the glamorous world of pre-war circus entertainment had been an extraordinarily fitting rehearsal for the lethal arena of deception and surveillance. In this remarkable true story, Christopher Andrew, best-selling official biographer of MI5, brings to life one of the most surprising and fascinating tales of espionage ever told.

    Order book here.

    MacArthur's Spies: The Soldier, the Singer, and the Spymaster Who Defied the Japanese in World War II
    by Peter Eisner
    (Viking, 02 May 17)

    On January 2, 1942, Japanese troops marched into Manila unopposed by U.S. forces. Manila was a strategic port, a romantic American outpost and a jewel of a city. Tokyo saw its conquest of the Philippines as the key in its plan to control all of Asia, including Australia. Thousands of soldiers surrendered and were sent on the notorious eighty-mile Bataan Death March. But thousands of other Filipinos and Americans refused to surrender and hid in the Luzon hills above Bataan and Manila. MacArthur's Spies is the story of three of them, and how they successfully foiled the Japanese for more than two years, sabotaging Japanese efforts and preparing the way for MacArthur’s return. From a jungle hideout, Colonel John Boone, an enlisted American soldier, led an insurgent force of Filipino fighters who infiltrated Manila as workers and servants to stage demolitions and attacks. “Chick” Parsons, an American businessman, polo player, and expatriate in Manila, was also a U.S. Navy intelligence officer. He escaped in the guise of a Panamanian diplomat, and returned as MacArthur’s spymaster, coordinating the guerrilla efforts with the planned Allied invasion. And, finally, there was Claire Phillips, an itinerant American torch singer with many names and almost as many husbands. Her nightclub in Manila served as a cover for supplying food to Americans in the hills and to thousands of prisoners of war. She and the men and women who worked with her gathered information from the collaborating Filipino businessmen; the homesick, English-speaking Japanese officers; and the spies who mingled in the crowd. Readers of Alan Furst and Ben Macintyre—and anyone who loves Casablanca—will relish this true tale of heroism when it counted the most.

    Order book here.

    True Intelligence Matters on Film - Intercept: A Century of Signals Intelligence - J.P. Davidson (2021)

    GCHQ is the successor to the famous Bletchley Park wartime code-breaking organisation, it was set up following the First World War in 1919 and is the largest and most secretive intelligence organisation in the UK. During the WW2, it commanded more staff than MI5 and MI6 combined and has produced a number of intelligence triumphs, as well as notable failures. Since the end of the Cold War, it has played a pivotal role in shaping Britain's secret state. Still, little is known about it.

    More on this based-on-true-events production here.

    Intelligence in History - A Collection of Recently Released Content

    Infographic: Charted - How Americans Feel About Federal Government Agencies - Visual Capitalist, 10 May 24

    Come election time, America won’t hesitate to show its approval or disapproval of the country’s elected political representatives. That said, feelings about the federal bureaucracy and its associated agencies are a little harder to gauge. We chart the results from an opinion poll conducted by Pew Research Center between March 13-19, 2023. In it, 10,701 adults—a representative of the U.S. adult population—were asked whether they felt favorably or unfavorably towards 16 different federal government agencies. (View graphic here.)

    Walking Tours - "Spies of Embassy Row" and "Spies of Georgetown" - Washington, DC - Sundays (Dates/Times Vary)

    Former intelligence officers guide visitors on two morning and afternoon espionage-themed walking tours: "Spies of Embassy Row" and "Spies of Georgetown." For more information and booking, click here or contact

    Section VI - Obituaries and Classifieds

    (Research Requests, Academic Opportunities, Employment)


    William Kotwas — Decorated Former NSA Executive

    William Emil Kotwas, 93, of Baltimore, Maryland passed away on May 7, 2024, at his home. Bill was born in in Auburn, New York. He graduated from Auburn East High School (Class of 1950) and attended Colgate University on a football scholarship. After a year and a half at Colgate, Bill joined the Army in Syracuse, New York. In September 1952, he completed his Cryptanalytic Specialist training at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. In December of that same year, at the young age of 19, the Secretary of the Army presented Bill with a Commendation Ribbon for Meritorious Service. Bill’s analysis resulted in a discovery of national significance. The award cites: “Army Cpl. Kotwas reflected the use of commendable ingenuity, conspicuous intelligence and exceptional memory to earn this award. The effect of his devotion to duty is even more commendable.” Bill’s dedication continued to define his patriotism throughout his NSA career, which spanned 43 years (1955 - 1998). Even with demands at work and raising his beloved young family of four, Bill completed his undergraduate degree at night. He received his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at the George Washington University in 1963, and a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1968. In 1970, Bill served as an Advisor to the Turkish Cryptologic Organization and as a member of their Ambassador Staff. He continued to broaden his NSA experience by serving as a Senior Executive in the DDO Directorate and later as Senior Executive on the A-Group Staff. In 1989, Bill was promoted to the Director of Plans, Programs, and Budget serving three different NSA Directors from 1989 to 1998. During his tenure, he became the longest serving CFO in NSA’s history. Among his Civilian Service Awards, Bill received two Presidential Rank Awards in 1990 and 1996 for his Meritorious Executive Senior Cryptologic Service. In 1992, he received the NSA’s highest Civilian Award for extraordinary performance and exceptional accomplishment through his professional capabilities to inspire leadership and dedication, an award Bill cherished the most. Bill was a long-time member of the Phoenix Society.

    Research Requests and Academic Opportunities

    • Call for information: Child of former CIA officers John and Mary Mae Roman seeks information about parents' careers. John Roman, Jr. (6 Feb 1924 - 20 Nov 1997) served in Munich (1953), Saipan (1955-1959), and Addis Ababa (1959-1960). He and his family returned to the US in 1960 and settled in Vienna, VA. He retired in 1969. Mary "Mae" P. Roman's (8 August 1926 - 12 December 2013) career probably started in Saipan (1955-1959). She served mostly at CIA Hqs, but also served in Accra and Kingston before retiring in 1986. If you have any information, please contact Susan Roman Bailey at
    • Call for papers and panel proposals: Society for Intelligence History 2025 Conference - International Spy Museum, Washington, D.C., 6-8 February 2025 - 31 May Deadline. The Program Committee welcomes paper and panel proposals relating to all aspects of intelligence history from around the globe and for all periods. We also welcome proposals on the craft of intelligence history, archives and declassifications, and teaching intelligence history. SIH values inclusion and welcomes applications from scholars from all backgrounds. Graduate students are particularly welcome to apply, and some scholarship support may be available for conference attendance. More information here.
    • Call for papers: National Intelligence History Conference: "People in Intelligence" - Bletchley Park and GCHQ - 24 May Deadline. The theme of the 2024 conference is ‘People in Intelligence’. The call for papers deadline is 24 May 2024 and the programme will be published in July 2024. Topics presented at the conference may include the history of intelligence organisations, personal stories, biographies, cryptography and cryptanalysis throughout history, representations of intelligence in popular culture, human intelligence and espionage. Delegates will enjoy three days of panel discussions, plenary lectures, poster displays, networking opportunities and free access to the Bletchley Park heritage site and facilities. Booking for the conference (3-day or 1-day tickets available) opens 1 July 2024. Conference runs 20-22 November 2024. More information here.
    • Call for information: Paul Redmond requests members’ input and suggestions for a chapter that he will be writing on Counterintelligence for the second edition of the Oxford University Handbook of National Security Intelligence (last edition published in 2010). Tentative Title: Challenges to Counterintelligence in 21st Century United States. Some examples of possible topics: Post- Ames reforms in CIA; DNI's NCIX/NCSC and its expansion into security role; leakers as a new threat; post-Cold-War cultural changes in the United States relating to USG CI and Security; post-911 concentration on terrorism perhaps at expense of CI; cyber threat from outside, cyber threat from inside (systems administrators); impacts of policy changes, such as transfer of some of CIA personnel data to OPM; impact/implications of DNI-imposed policy of “obligation to provide;” lessons learned and implemented from espionage/leak cases; impact/implementation of DNI promulgated “Insider Threat” policy; implementation by succeeding administrations of Presidential Decision Directives; effect of Congressional oversight on USG counterintelligence; impact of enhanced reporting requirements on contractors and contract employees; overall impact of the Internet and digital technologies on the CI craft; and impact of post-Cold war geopolitics on counterintelligence; impact of CIA involvement in military activities on CI; Attitudes of senior national security agencies management on CI. Published materials will be precleared with CIA's PCRB. Contact Paul Redmond at or 202-288-0671.
    • Call for information: In search of information on the career of my grandmother, Priscilla Griffin de Mauduit, at OSS-CIA, 1941-1965. She worked mostly in the Washington, DC office except for 1963-1965 in Miami during the Cuban crisis. Believed to have been forging documents during WWII and did some anti-communist research in the 1950s regarding Albania. She also worked on clothing disguises and “pocket litter”. I have seen her personnel file for OSS, which has only the first 10 months of her employment beginning as a gs4 assistant in the security office doing applicant background checks. She started at OSS at the age of 50 and worked 7 years past the automatic retirement age of 65. As she was multi-lingual and knew Germanic script she moved early on into forging passports for agents. Any assistance would be appreciated. Contact Sharon C. Park at
    • Call for information: AFIO member, author, and former CIA officer Michael Ard is researching the Peruvian communist terrorist group Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) and how intelligence made a difference in capturing its leaders. Anyone with information that would help with his research is asked to contact Michael at
    • Seeking Interview Subjects: Seeking information on Czech-U.S. relationship in the late 1970s and 1980s, including StB’s techniques and effectiveness, exposition and expulsion of U.S. staff in Prague; conversely frequency of U.S. finding Czech intelligence operatives on U.S. soil. Have any former StB personnel spoken publicly about their previous work? Please email
    • Seeking Interview Subjects:Current or former intelligence officers, analysts, and counterintelligence (CI) professionals with firsthand experience in dealing with Russian illegals to participate in confidential interview sessions as part of a PhD dissertation. Research Topic: The research investigates the impact of technological advancements on the operations and effectiveness of the Russian illegals program. Your insights will be invaluable in understanding the evolving landscape of espionage and informing potential countermeasures. Confidentiality: Your anonymity will be strictly protected. No identifying information will be used in the dissertation or any subsequent publications unless otherwise agreed to. However, written transcripts of the interviews will be retained for academic purposes. Eligibility: If you possess relevant experience and are willing to share your expertise in a confidential setting, please email
    • Call for Information: A documentary on the life and death of Swiss photographer Bruno Zehnder needs some help. His family members received information that Bruno may have been approached by the CIA in the 1990s to help inform on Russian research activity in Antarctica. Bruno died whilst on a 1997 expedition there at Mirny under questionable circumstances as he was dubbed ‘ the western spy’ on board. We are looking for anyone who may have any information in Bruno or more generally who may be able to speak to the climate between Russia and the CIA in the 19980s/90s regarding adhering to the scientific treaty and the race to be the first to breach Lake Vostok. Contact Thomas Whitmore at
    • Call for Information: Private civilian researcher seeking information about VADM Eric Burkhalter and Colonel Roy Jonkers working in the Defense Intelligence Agency during the period of 1980 to 1985, and VADM Burkhalter’s activities as Director, Intelligence Community Staff during that time. Contact Thomas Whitmore at
    • Call for Information: Professor Emerita Joan Beaumont, Australian National University, Canberra, is currently revising, for republication in 2025, her 1988 book on Australian prisoners of war on Ambon, Gull Force: Survival and Leadership in Captivity. The POW at Tan Tui (Tan Toey), Ambon, was bombed twice during the war, on 15 February 1943 and 28 August 1944. These raids were two of many on the island. I am trying to ascertain whether the presence of the POW camp was known to the USAAF and RAAF when they set targets for bombing the island. The existence of the POW camp was reported by men who escaped back to Australia in March–April 1942 and reported to Army Headquarters in Melbourne. This information was shared with senior US naval officers (Vice Admiral Leary vetoed a proposed rescue plan in June 1942). My question: would this intelligence have been forwarded to air force bases in the Norther Territory? And how were targets for bombing raids set? The Australian official history of the air war in the Pacific by George Odgers (vol. II 41) suggests that the squadron involved in the 15 February 1943 bombing might have been no 319, 90th Bombardment Group, based at Fenton. Any information that might be germane to my research should be sent to or +61418376909.
    • Call for Interviews: Alex W. Palmer, a contributing writer at The New York Times Magazine, is working on a book about the history of American intelligence on China. He's looking to speak with any intelligence officers who worked in or on China during their career, from whatever timeframe and in whatever role. He can be reached at and +1-262-894-7160 on Signal.
    • Call for Information: Dr. Andrew Hammond and Dr. Mark Stout are seeking interviewees for a journal article on the CIA’s Office of Soviet Analysis (SOVA). The final output will be based on oral history interviews which can be (a) on-the-record (b) off-the-record or (c) utilizing a pseudonym. The data will be used for this project only and thereafter destroyed. Our aim is to understand how people who served in SOVA or who worked alongside SOVA made sense of it: what was it like, what was its culture, what were its strengths and weaknesses, how did it relate to the rest of the CIA and other agencies, is there anything we can learn from SOVA re the new era of Great Power Conflict, etc.? If you served in SOVA during the period 1981 to 1992 and would like to be interviewed, please contact Dr. Andrew Hammond at
    • Call for Information: Seeking information on Al "Albert" Purdum, stationed at Arlington Hall 55, Defense Language School - Albanian 55-56, NSA Linguist, Sr. Cryptologist 57-95. Looking for colleagues or friends who knew him, of him. Researching Role of National Security Linguists and Foreign Affairs. Contact
    • Call For Articles: AFIO's Journal, The Intelligencer. AFIO seeks authors for its section on "When Intelligence Made a Difference" in the semi-annual Intelligencer journal. Topics of interest for which we are seeking authors include:

      - The breaking of the Nazi U-boat SHARK encryption system.
      - How A.Q. Khan’s nuclear proliferation efforts were uncovered and stopped.
      - How US intelligence found Usama Bin Laden in Abbottobad, Pakistan.
      - How US intelligence discovered the Soviet’s high speed Shkval torpedo.
      - Intelligence and the rescue of Scott O’Grady.
      - The hunt for Pablo Escobar.
      - How National Technical Means (NTM) have been used for environmental purposes (MEDEA Program).
      - Other topics are also welcome.

      Interested authors can contact The Intelligencer's senior editor, Peter Oleson, at


    • Assistant Professor of Intelligence Studies - Mercyhurst University - Erie, Pennsylvania
    • Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA, invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor of Intelligence Studies in the School of Intelligence, Computing and Global Politics. The position is at the Erie campus and begins Fall Semester 2024. Successful candidates will teach introductory and applied courses in Crime and Law Enforcement intelligence analysis at the undergraduate and graduate levels, in addition to the ability to teach undergraduate or graduate courses in: Leadership in Intelligence; Advanced Analytic Techniques; Intelligence Collection and Analysis. Additional information and application instructions here.

    • Associate Professor and Chair of National Security - University of New Haven, Connecticut
    • The Department of National Security invites nominations and applications for a tenured Full/Associate Professor and Chair of National Security. The department includes a dynamic undergraduate program encompassing four distinct bachelor’s degrees (Security & Defense Policy, Intelligence Analysis, Homeland Security, and International Affairs), a robust master’s degree program, and several practitioner-oriented certificates. Qualifications: A terminal degree in national security, public policy, political science, or related field is required; Ph.D. preferred. The successful applicant will have a record of teaching excellence at the university level, established catalog of academic publications, and an innovative research agenda. Applicants should also possess experience in university-level service and leadership. The department is particularly interested in candidates with policymaking experience in national security at either the federal, state, or local level. Tenurable Assistant Professors may also be considered in accordance with the aforementioned qualifications. Application Instructions: Please submit a brief cover letter explaining teaching experience and philosophy, publication record, practitioner-oriented experience (if applicable), CV, and the name and contact information for three references. Applicants may also include up to 3 artifacts of teaching ability (examples include syllabi, student evaluations, learning exercises, assignments, or other feedback) that illustrate teaching experience. All materials should be submitted online via interfolio link: and indicate position search #24-26F in the subject line. For additional information, feel free to contact Search Committee Chair, Dr. Jeffrey Treistman at

    • Wanted: Former intelligence officers to lead spy-themed walking tours in Washington D.C. - Spyher Tours
    • These are 90-120 minute historical tours with an interactive "operational" component. Most tours start at 10am on select Thursdays-Sundays. The immediate opportunity is for dates in March, but additional opportunities are available through June, and new opportunities are likely to become available throughout the year. This is a fun way to get back out on the streets, engage/educate the public on the world of espionage, and make some extra cash. The next opportunities to see a tour in action (and train before the Spring rush) are Sunday 2/18 and Sunday 3/3. Please contact Rosanna at 571-236-9052 or Visit

    • Wanted: Retired Federal Government Employees - NSA - Fort Meade, Maryland
    • The National Security Agency (NSA) may occasionally need skilled civilian retirees to augment the existing work force on high priority projects or programs. In order to fill these temporary positions quickly, we need to know who may be interested and available to return to work with us on a short notice basis as well as their skills. Retired federal government employees at NSA provide expertise and corporate knowledge to temporarily support mission requirements, manpower shortfalls, and/or mentor the next generation of Agency employees. Applications accepted until 30 September 2024.

      Additional information and application here.

    • Assistant/Associate Professor of Intelligence Studies (Global Security and Intelligence Studies) - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott, Arizona
    • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Prescott, Arizona campus is accepting applications for a tenure-track assistant or associate-level professor of intelligence studies to teach intelligence courses to students in the Global Security and Intelligence program. The successful candidate will teach students about the intelligence community, strategic intelligence, the intelligence cycle and intelligence analysis, writing, and briefing. Prior experience working in the intelligence community is strongly preferred. We are interested in candidates with teaching acumen in intelligence analysis and writing using structured analytical techniques.

      Additional information and application here.

    Section VII - Events

    AFIO Events

    Thursday, 16 May 2024 11:30 AM MDT – Colorado Springs - The AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter hosts Bob Pence discussing "FBI Relations with the Military." Abstract: The presentation will include stories from my book titled "My Non Political FBI" which describe the close working relationship between the FBI and our military agencies as well as details of cases worked jointly between the Bureau and various military agencies during my career. Bio: During 30 years with the FBI, Bob Pence served in a number of supervisory and executive positions, retiring as the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of FBI offices in the Rocky Mountain states with Division Headquarters in Denver. Since retirement he has traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad as a speaker and law enforcement consultant in matters involving crime and terrorism. Bob has also served as a media consultant to national TV networks and local media organizations, appearing frequently in matters dealing with public safety issues. For further information, contact Anthony Leto at

    Wed, 22 May 2024, 6:30 to 7:30 PM - Webinar via Zoom - AFIO Atlanta Chapter webinar with retired CIA officer Marc Polymeropoulos

    The AFIO Atlanta Chapter invites you to join its May 22, 2024 webinar with retired CIA officer Marc Polymeropoulos. This webinar will be held on Wed, May 22, beginning at 6:30 PM and concluding at 7:30 PM. This event is open to the public and a Zoom link will be distributed the Monday prior to the event to those who have indicated interest using email address below.
    Please RSVP by COB May 21 to, and direct all questions to this email. About Our Speaker: Marc served for 26 years at the CIA before retiring as a member of the Senior Intelligence Service. While in the Directorate of Operations, he specialized in the Middle East, South Asia, and counterterrorism, and served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan embedded with military special operations forces. Marc was one of the CIA's most highly decorated operations officers who served in multiple field assignments from operative to multiple tours as a Chief of Base and Chief of Station, ultimately retiring as Chief of Operations for Europe and Eurasia. His decorations for exceptional service include: the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, the Distinguished Intelligence Medal, the Intelligence Commendation Medal, and the Intelligence Medal of Merit. Marc frequently comments on international events in the US media, including the Washington Post, the New York Times, Fox News, GQ, Yahoo News, CNN, and MSNBC. He also writes a weekly column on intelligence as a Washington Examiner contributor. His book, "Clarity in Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the CIA," was published by HarperCollins in June 2021

    Mon 3 Jun 2024, 12:00pm CDT - In-Person - San Antonio AFIO Chapter meeting on "The Wild Weasel Program in Southeast Asia"
    The San Antonio AFIO Chapter meeting will be 3 June 2024 at noon at the Blue Skies Texas West Towers residence complex in the Roadrunner Lounge. (5100 John D Ryan Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78245, about a minute outside of Loop 1604 on US Hwy 90 west). The program will be on the Wild Weasel Program in Southeast Asia. Come learn what "YGBSM" means. The June program will be on the Wild Weasel Program in Southeast Asia. "Wild Weasels" were aircrews assigned to proceed other strike force aircraft and to attack enemy missile and radar controlled gun complexes. North Vietnam's air defenses were the most intense in history, far more intense than the heavy antiaircraft fire over Nazi occupied Europe during World War II. And a new weapon, the surface to air missile, made the strike force pilots begin to believe these missions could not be survived. With shoot downs mounting up, something had to be done....enter the Wild Weasel pilot and his "Bear." The new "Iron Hand" program to suppress and knock out enemy air defense missiles would have aircraft fly ahead of the strike force and defend them against surface to air missiles and radar directed anti aircraft gun fire. These were brave men flying very dangerous missions. Wild Weasels were the first aircraft in and the last to leave the target area. The presentation will be by John Franklin, who was an intelligence officer with the Wild Weasels in SEA and again with them in the United States. The presentation will conclude with the stories of the two Wild Weasel pilots who earned the Congressional Medal of Honor. AFIO Members attending should identify themselves to the gate guard as coming for the intelligence meeting in the Roadrunner Lounge at The Towers. AFIO members attending should park in front of The Towers. You may come early and have lunch in the dining room adjacent to the Roadrunner Lounge. Please pay with a credit card. Questions to chapter president John Franklin at or call 210 863-0430

    Tuesday, 30 July 24, 1900 (PT) - Former CIA Director General David Petraeus on challenges in Ukraine and across the Middle East - In-Person - Yorba Linda, CA - AFIO Los Angeles Chapter.
    Location: Nixon Presidential Library & Museum, 18001 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda, CA 92886. Following the presentation, we will meet at 2030 hours for dinner at Chilis Grill (18380 Yorba Linda Blvd.). If you plan to attend, please RSVP here. Questions? Contact Vincent Autiero, President, AFIO-Los Angeles Chapter, at

    Events from Advertisers, Corporate Sponsors, Others

    Thursday, 23 May 2024, 6:30pm – Washington, DC – The Eagle in the Mirror with Author Jesse Fink – In-Person and Virtual International Spy Museum Program

    Was the longest serving spy for the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) really a triple agent? Or was he the victim of Cold War paranoia? International Spy Museum Historian and Curator Dr. Andrew Hammond will discuss with Jesse Fink, author of The Eagle in the Mirror: The Greatest Spy Story Never Told, the mysterious Dick Ellis. Ellis helped set up the Office of Strategic Services as well as the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. At one point in the 1940s he was considered one of the top three secret agents in MI6 and controlled its activities, as one journalist put it "for half the world." But then in 1965, while under interrogation, Ellis allegedly confessed that he had supplied information to the Nazis before World War II. In the 1970s, he also revealed he was warned of the attack on Pearl Harbor ahead of time and those warnings were relayed to President Roosevelt. So, was he a bigger traitor than Kim Philby or Robert Hanssen, or were the allegations false? Award-winning, internationally best-selling author Fink and Hammond will explore these questions and this little-known, yet extraordinary figure who played a key role in 20th century Western espionage. Visit

    Saturday, 25 May 2024, 2:00-4:00pm – Washington, DC – In Store Book Signing Event for A Woman I Know with Author Mary Haverstick – In Person International Spy Museum Book Signing

    The true story of a filmmaker whose investigation of her film's subject opened a new window onto the world of Cold War espionage, CIA secrets, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Independent filmmaker Mary Haverstick thought she'd stumbled onto the project of a lifetime—a biopic of aviation pioneer Jerrie Cobb, the key figure in a group of extraordinary women who in 1960 passed the same tests as the legendary male astronauts of the Mercury 7 but never went to space. Just as casting was set to begin, Haverstick received a mysterious warning from a government agent; soon she began to suspect that there was more to Jerrie's story than what met the eye. As she dug deeper, she discovered that Jerrie's life shadowed that of a mysterious CIA agent named June Cobb, whose espionage career traced an arc of intrigue from the jungles of South America to Fidel Castro's Cuba, to the communist literary circles in Mexico City—and ultimately into the dark heart of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas. Haverstick's attempt to learn the truth directly from Jerrie would plunge her into a cat-and-mouse game that stretched across a decade, deep into a thicket of coded CIA files. As she uncovered a remarkable set of mostly unknown women whose high-stakes intelligence work left its only traces in redacted files, she also found shocking new clues about what really happened at Dealey Plaza in 1963. Offering fresh insight into the Kennedy assassination and a vivid picture of women in midcentury intelligence, A Woman I Know brings to life the astonishing duplicities of the Cold War intelligence game, a world where code names and hidden identities were the lifeblood of spies bent on seeking advantage by any means necessary.

    Tuesday, 28 May 2024, 2:00-3:00pm – Washington, DC – SPY with Me: Program for Individuals with Dementia and their Care Partners – Virtual International Spy Museum Program

    SPY with Me is an interactive virtual program for individuals living with dementia and their care partners. Join SPY as we use music and artifacts to explore some of our favorite spy stories. Programs last one hour and are held virtually through Zoom once a month. To register, please email Shana Oltmans at Free but space is limited. Visit

    Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 12:00-1:00pm – Washington, DC – Virtual Spy Chat with Chris Costa ft Kevin Higgins – Virtual International Spy Museum Program

    Join us for an online discussion of the latest intelligence, national security, and terrorism issues in the news. Spy Museum Executive Director Chris Costa, a former intelligence officer of 34 years, will be joined by Kevin Higgins, former Chief of Staff to CIA Director William J. Burns. Higgins, a Spy Museum Advisory Board Member, is a former CIA senior executive who retired after 30 years of distinguished service. In his last assignment at the CIA, he served as Chief of Staff to Director Burns. Higgins' prior senior executive leadership roles at CIA include Assistant Director of CIA for Africa, Chief of Operations of the Counterterrorism Center, several Chief of Station assignments, and Chief of Base of an expeditionary site in Afghanistan. During his three decades of service, he received honors including the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, CIA's Excellence in Leadership Award, the George W. Bush Award for Excellence in Counterterrorism, and two CIA Director's Awards. He is a three-time recipient of the Presidential Rank Award. Higgins is currently a Principal Advisor at WestExec. He was previously the Senior Vice President and General Manager for US Operations and Global Opportunities at Silicon Valley drone manufacturer and instant logistics start-up Zipline. In 2022, Zipline was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the year's best inventions and further acclaimed in 2023 on CNBC's Disruptor 50 list of innovative companies. After leaving public service, Higgins founded KSTK Enterprises, a boutique advisory firm that specializes in guiding clients through a range of complex challenges. This program is generously sponsored by Washington Harbour Partners. Visit

    Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 1200-1300 (ET) – Virtual – The Business of Intelligence from Reagan to Biden – Johns Hopkins University

    Join us for a curated conversation with host Michael Ard and Linda Weissgold, former deputy director for analysis at the CIA. Linda Weissgold was the CIA’s deputy director for analysis from March 2020 until April 2023. In that role, she was responsible for the quality of all-source intelligence analysis at the CIA and for the professional development of the officers who produce it. During her 37-year career at CIA, Linda was part of the creation and delivery of intelligence analysis on a variety of complex issues and in multiple settings. Before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she was an analyst and leader of analytic programs focused on the Middle East. Immediately afterward, she was among those that volunteered for counterterrorism assignments. The units she guided, including as the head of the CIA’s Office of Terrorism Analysis, generated insights that informed US policy and operations across multiple Administrations and helped to identify Usama Bin Laden’s location and the rise of ISIS. For more than two years, she served as President George W. Bush’s intelligence briefer. A skilled communicator experienced in the coverage of urgent and controversial issues, Linda is a proven teacher and champion of analytic tradecraft, integrity, and objectivity in intelligence analysis. She is widely recognized for her unwavering dedication to the CIA’s national security mission and its officers. Free tickets here.

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