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28 September - 4 October 2022

(Issue 39)

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  • Conference: Open Source Intelligence Skills-building Conference (OSMOSISCON) - Tampa, Fl. (16-18 Oct 2022)
  • Conference: ISS World North America - Washington, DC (15-17 Nov 2022)
  • Documentary Pre-view: Castro's Spies - Gravitas Venture
  • Conference: 2022 Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference - San Antonio, TX (12–15 Dec 2022)
  • Report: United Nations Security Council Monthly Forecast - UNSC (October 2022)
  • Report: Insider Threat Program Naming Convention - INSA (29 September 2022)
  • Report: 1 Key For 1 Lock — The Chinese Communist Party’s Strategy for Targeted Propaganda - Recorded Future, Insikt Group (29 September 2022)
  • Walking Tours: The Spies of Embassy Row and Spies of Georgetown - Washington, DC. (Sundays, Dates/Times Vary)
  • Announcement: USU Introduces the Center for Anticipatory Intelligence - Logan, UT

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  • Call For Papers: Journal of Strategic Security - "Urban Security 2023" (1 Feb 2023 deadline)



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Cocktails and Codebreakers
Thursday, 27 October 2022, 4:30 - 6:30 pm - Hanover, MD

Please join the National Cryptologic Foundation (NCF) and the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) for Cocktails and Codebreakers, a celebration of women in codebreaking.
Pay tribute to the rich history of trailblazing women in cryptology, to include recognizing the United States Postal Service's launch of a Women Cryptologists of WWII stamp.
Fireside Chat: Ms. Jen Easterly, Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) with Mr. Greg Myre, NPR National Security Correspondent, as moderator.
Special Guest Speaker: Mr. Bill Nye will speak about his mother who was a WWII cryptologist with the WAVES.
Where: The Hotel at Arundel Preserve: 7795 Arundel Mills Blvd, Hanover, MD 21076. Google map link for driving directions and location.
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Friday, 4 November 2022- In-Person Luncheon - Tysons-McLean, VA - 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Spy Hunt: A Conversation with Paul Redmond and Colleagues

Panelists/Co-Presenters: Paul Redmond, Lucinda (Cindy) Webb, Michael Sulick,
and other senior intelligence and counterintelligence experts TBA

All named panelists confirmed

NOTE: The morning speakers and panel presentations are OFF THE RECORD.
No recordings, tweets, blogposts, articles, or interviews based on these presentations or the Q&A that follows are permitted.

  MORNING PANEL - 11 a.m. - Noon  

Lucinda (Cindy) Webb
is a former CIA SIS Officer with 32 years of service which included five years as CIA's Chief of Counterintelligence and Associate Deputy Director for Operations - Counterintelligence. She also managed programs in Clandestine Operations, Counterterrorism, Counterespionage, Analysis, Leadership, Congressional Relations and Recruiting.

Paul Redmond
served 34 years in CIA's Clandestine Service operating mostly against the Warsaw Pact/Eastern European countries and the Soviet Union. During the last six years of his career he served as Deputy Chief of CIA's Counterintelligence Center and retired as Associate Deputy Director of Operations for Counterintelligence.

Dr. Michael J. Sulick
is a retired intelligence operations officer who worked for the CIA for 28-years. He served as Chief of CIA counterintelligence from 2002 to 2004 and as Director of the National Clandestine Service from 2007 to 2010, where he was responsible for supervising the agency's covert collection operations and coordinating the espionage activities of the US intelligence community.
Nicholas Reynolds- CIA Historian/Author - discussing his just released Need to Know: World War II and the Rise of American Intelligence.
Nick believes he has occupied two of the best niche jobs in the US Government: historian at the CIA Museum and officer in charge of field history for the US Marine Corps. During his CIA career, NR enjoyed serving in a variety of jobs at home and abroad. In retirement he has turned to book writing. His 2017 book about Ernest Hemingway and espionage, Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy, was a NY Times-bestseller.

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Event will be held at DoubleTree by Hilton, 1960 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean, VA. Location on map.
Using METRO, hotel is at Tysons Corner station on Silver Line.
The latest books and gift items will be on display by the International Spy Museum Gift & Book Shop

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Released 27 September 2022

Chris Rasmussen, Founder and Manager
of NGA's Tearline Project

Interview of Tuesday, 16 August 2022 of Chris Rasmussen, Founder and Program Manager of NGA's "Tearline Project." Interviewer: Jennifer Daniel, former Senior NGA Officer and current AFIO Board member. Host: AFIO's President, James Hughes, a former senior CIA Operations Officer.
They discuss the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's remarkable Tearline Project, founded by Chris Rasmussen, which delivers unclassified, original GEOINT content to a customer's mobile device before they enter a secure facility or on the go and also engages universities, nonprofit agencies, think tanks, and other entities -- public and private -- with unique public-facing collaborative efforts to maximize external information sharing.
The interview runs 32 minutes.
The Tearline is here

Access the Rasmussen interview here or click above image

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22 October 2022, 10:30 a.m. EDT - Arlington, VA - Dedication of The OSS Memorial
At 10:30 a.m. join OSS veterans, The OSS Society principals, and other Intelligence Community colleagues and supporters at the Dedication of The OSS Memorial being held at Arlington National Ceremony.
Event takes place at the intersection of Roosevelt Ave and Grant Drive in Section 2.
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How Russian intelligence hacked the encrypted emails of former MI6 boss Richard Dearlove - Computer Weekly, 26 Sep 2022

A Russian cyber attack group has been targeting politicians, journalists, and military and intelligence officials across Britain and Europe for at least seven years, and may have stockpiled access to and data from target computers and phones for future operations, according to data analyzed by Computer Weekly. The group’s greatest success to date has been to publicly compromise emails and documents from Richard Dearlove, a top British spy chief and former head of MI6, as well as over 60 others in a secretive network of right-wing activists set up in 1988 to campaign for extreme separation of Britain from the European Union. Dearlove was chief of the UK Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) from 1999 to 2004, holding the post immortalized in James Bond films and fiction as “M” – although in real life the role is known as “C”. (Full article here.)

Why Do Former Presidents Have Access to Classified Information? - The Atlantic, 1 October 2022

The investigation into Donald Trump’s possession of classified presidential records at his Mar-a-Lago residence will eventually reach a conclusion about whether laws were violated and criminal penalties apply. Buried far in the background, though, is another set of questions about the laws themselves—conferring rights and benefits on former presidents—and the related norms and practices that provide them with access to classified national-security information. The events of the past few weeks have made it clear that the current laws and norms governing former presidents’ access to classified material require reconsideration and reform. Former presidents can obtain classified material from their own administration, and, as a matter of practice, only a request to the archivist of the United States is required. The current administration has no formal role in the matter, nor is there any prescribed process by which the intelligence community is consulted and given the opportunity to raise concerns. This access is afforded to former presidents who are now private citizens on the basis of seemingly unexamined assumptions about the role of, and even the respect and courtesies due to, past occupants of the Oval Office. And it is provided regardless of the reasons this material may be of interest or use to them. What might those interests or uses be? (Full article here.)

US would know if Russia prepares nuclear strike: experts - Agence France-Presse (AFP), 30 Sep 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin has raised the possibility of using nuclear weapons if Russia's "territorial integrity" or existence is threatened. Moscow's declaration Friday that it was annexing four partly-occupied regions of Ukraine potentially meant Russia could consider responding to attacks on the claimed territory with a nuclear strike. Should such an escalation materialize, it would probably be in the form of a smaller tactical nuclear weapon, likely launched on a short-range Iskander ballistic missile, according to experts. While military analysts downplay Moscow's threats for now and US officials say they have seen no activity indicating such plans, Western defense and intelligence are closely watching to see if real atomic threats emerge. (Full article here.)

Finland Sees Russia Moving Espionage to Cyber Environment - Bloomberg, 29 Sep 2022

Finland’s authorities said Russia’s war in Ukraine and the expulsions of diplomats that followed have hampered Russian espionage operations, causing the country increasingly to turn to the cyber environment for intelligence gathering. Russia’s traditional method of spying is to use human intelligence under diplomatic cover and that has now “become substantially more difficult,” the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service, Supo, said in a national security overview published on Thursday. It also warned of risks to critical infrastructure. (Full article here.)

US spy planes appear to be monitoring a Russian enclave in Europe, possibly looking for signs of nuclear weapons activity - Business Insider, 28 Sep 2022

The US military appears to be stepping up aerial surveillance of a Russian territory in Europe, potentially signaling concern that the Kremlin could decide to deploy or even use nuclear weapons in Ukraine as Russian leaders have warned. On Wednesday, a US electronic surveillance plane, the Boeing RC-135, departed from a base in the United Kingdom and circled around Kaliningrad, a Russian territory along the Baltic Sea — sharing no land border with the mainland — that was annexed after World War II, according to a flight tracking website. It was at least the third such flight in the past week. Home to nearly 500,000 people, it is sometimes referred to as Russia's "unsinkable aircraft carrier" because it is wedged between Poland and Lithuania, essentially providing the Kremlin a forward operating base within NATO territory. (Full article here.)

Montenegro: Russian diplomats expelled amid spying suspicions - Deutsche Welle, 30 Sep 2022 - Deutsche Welle, 30 Sep 2022

Montenegro expelled six Russian diplomats on Thursday, announcing an investigation into people suspected of spying for Russia. Moscow retaliated by closing its consulate in the tiny Balkan nation, saying its decision was because of hostile actions by authorities towards the Russian embassy in Montenegro. Russia's embassy in Podgorica, Montenegro's capital, said it was shutting down "indefinitely." Montenegro's Foreign Ministry said the six diplomats, all of whom worked for the Russian embassy in Podgorica, were ordered to leave "due to activities in contravention of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and mutual respect and appreciation of the two countries." (Full article here.)

Security Clearances, Annexations and Encirclements - Politico, 30 Sep 2022

The Pentagon is being accused of again blocking long-sought reforms that would give military and civilian personnel the same appeals process as contractors when their security clearances are revoked or denied. The changes, laid out in a January 2021 directive from EZRA COHEN, then the acting undersecretary for intelligence, would “simplify, centralize and unify” the process by putting all security clearance appeals under the independent Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals, which is staffed by career administrative law judges who are steeped in the legal issues. Still working on it: The deadline to enact the changes was today. But so far, the Pentagon has not implemented the specific reforms. The inaction is sparking complaints that the Pentagon wants to keep the power to pull security clearances without what they see as the stronger and fairer review process that is afforded contractors. (Full article here.)

The ACLU and the NSA May Soon Square Off in the Supreme Court — Over Wikipedia - Grid News, 27 Sep 2022

As the Supreme Court prepares to begin its next term, experts in privacy and national security law are watching closely for hints about whether justices will take up a potentially precedent-setting challenge to the government’s use of a state secrets law to avoid scrutiny of its surveillance programs. The Wikimedia Foundation, the organization that runs Wikipedia, last month asked the nation’s highest court to hear arguments on its lawsuit over the National Security Agency’s warrant-less surveillance of Americans’ international phone and email communications. The organization, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, has been fighting the NSA in court over such “upstream surveillance” for the past seven years. At the heart of the case is a question about how broadly the government can invoke its state secrets privilege to block civil cases from moving forward if they involve disclosing information that is “reasonably likely to cause significant harm to the national defense or the diplomatic relations” of the United States. The NSA’s critics argue that the agency’s definition of such information has expanded over time, without apparent justification. (Full article here.)

The CIA warned Germany weeks ago about a possible attack on the Nord Stream natural-gas pipelines, report says - Business Insider, 27 Sep 2022

The US Central Intelligence Agency warned Germany weeks ago about potential attacks on the Nord Stream natural-gas pipelines, German magazine Der Spiegel reported Tuesday. An anonymous source with knowledge of the matter told Der Spiegel the German government received a tip from the CIA this summer about potential attacks on the pipelines, which were intended to become the main artery for natural-gas supply from Russia to Europe. The magazine said several other unnamed individuals with knowledge of the matter had confirmed the CIA tip. On Monday, three severe leaks were discovered on the four Nord Stream pipelines, which run from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea. Nord Stream AG, the operator of the pipelines, said Tuesday the damage they'd sustained was "unprecedented." The incident has deepened Europe's energy crisis, with gas flows from Russia to Europe now all but stopped. Germany, Europe's largest economy, was the world's leading consumer of Russian natural-gas until Moscow began crimping flows to Europe in response to Ukraine war sanctions. (Full article here.)

Ukrainian intel shows Russian nuclear threat is ‘very high’: Top Zelensky aide - The Hill, 1 Oct 2022

A top aide of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine’s intelligence community believes the threat of Russian forces using nuclear weapons is “very high” following a string of embarrassing losses for Russian President Vladimir Putin. In an op-ed published in The Atlantic on Friday, Andriy Yermak, head of the office of the the president of Ukraine, said Ukrainian officials do not think Russia’s threats to use nuclear weapons are empty. “Our intelligence agencies assess the threat of Russia’s tactical nuclear-weapons use as ‘very high.’ And Russia’s willingness to make nuclear threats presents a crisis not just for Ukraine, but for every country on Earth,” Yermak wrote. (Full article here.)

"Spy Ship" Port Call Symbolizes Sino-Indian Maritime Competition - Maritime Executive, 28 Sep 2022

In September 2014, Sri Lanka stirred the embers of conflict in the Indian Ocean region by allowing Chinese naval vessels to dock at one of its ports. At the time, India took issue with the visit, citing a 1987 accord with Sri Lanka that precluded the two countries from engaging in activities prejudicial to one another’s security. Sri Lanka’s navy dispelled India’s anxiety by underscoring the visit’s normality. The port call was ‘nothing unusual’, one Sri Lankan military official said; 230 other warships had pulled into Colombo since 2010. Five years on, Sri Lanka’s ports have further ignited Sino-Indian maritime competition in the region. On 16 August, a Chinese ballistic missile and satellite tracking and survey ship, Yuan Wang 5, called at Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port for a five-day replenishment. Sri Lankan military officials brushed off insinuations that the visit signaled their cozying up to China. The visit was approved based on ‘standard procedure’, they said. But nothing about the Yuan Wang 5 visit was standard—not even the procedure. In late July, Colombo originally green lighted the Yuan Wang 5 visit from August 11 to 17, expecting minimal blowback. But much has changed since 2014. China is now a great naval power that has achieved ‘near seas’ control and is shoring up its ‘far seas’ efforts. China finished building Hambantota port in 2017 and then gained control of it in 2018 when Sri Lanka couldn’t repay Chinese loans. Sri Lanka is vulnerable to China—its largest creditor—after defaulting on its debt earlier this year. Recognizing this strategic shift, New Delhi and Washington raised concerns with Colombo about the visit. (Full article here.)

Researchers Say the CIA's Amateurish Websites Led to the Exposure of Critical Assets - Gizmodo, 30 Sep 2022

Security researchers from Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto said on Thursday they found fatal flaws in a massive network of 885 fake websites that they have “high confidence” were previously used by the Central Intelligence Agency for covert communications. For one thing, these websites relied on antiquated technology, even for the time. The sites were so easily identifiable that they likely led to agency assets and agents being put at serious risk. What’s more, the sites led to at least one Iranian spy’s arrest and seven-year internment after Iran uncovered the CIA’s fake webpage and informed China, according to the report. “More than two dozen sources” in China reportedly died after the network was exposed. In 2018, a Yahoo News report documented a huge compromise of the CIA’s internet communications system back in 2013. This compromised network of websites was so “catastrophic,” according to unnamed intelligence figures, it apparently allowed the governments of Iran and China to identify and execute assets as well as track espionage activities outside their borders. On Thursday, Reuters reported on the CIA’s years-long enterprise to recruit young people in countries like Iran and the shoddy online infrastructure that led to those agents’ capture. Many of those agents were not volunteers, the report notes. (Full article here.)

Recent Cases Highlight Need for Insider Threat Awareness and Action - CSO, 29 Sep 2022

On September 1, a crew of US government offices launched the fourth-annual National Insider Threat Awareness Month (NITAM). The goal of the month-long event is to educate the government and industry about the dangers posed by insider threats and the role of insider threat programs. This year’s campaign focuses on the importance of critical thinking to help workforces guard against risk in digital spaces. The NITAM launch announcement cited recent examples of insider threats in the digital space. (Full article here.)

See also:

  • Former Army Reservist Convicted of Charges Tied to Spying for China -, 27 Sep 2022
  • Couple Accused of Peddling Nuclear Sub Secrets Face Stiffer Penalties - Washington Post, 27 Sep 2022
  • Former NSA Employee Arrested on Espionage-Related Charges - Department of Justice, 29 Sep 2022
  • Johns Hopkins doctor and spouse, an Army doctor, indicted for trying to leak medical information to Russia - Baltimore Banner, 30 Sep 2022
  • Former Chicago college student convicted of spying for Chinese intelligence service - Chicago Tribune, 26 Sep 2022


    75th Anniversary of the CIA with Deputy Director of the CIA David Cohen - interview by Former Acting D/CIA Mike Morell

    Intelligence Matters: A CBS News original national security podcast hosted by former CIA acting director and CBS News national security contributor Michael Morell. The most recent podcasts/interview is:

    27 Sep | 75th Anniversary of the CIA with Deputy Director of the CIA David Cohen

    In this episode of Intelligence Matters, host Michael Morell is joined by Deputy Director of the CIA David Cohen to discuss the 75th anniversary of the intelligence agency and his career path to the ranks of top leadership. Cohen details the invisible work of CIA agents and responds to critiques of the agency. Cohen provides his analysis of key players on the world stage: Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. He notes that the CIA has not seen indications that Russians are planning to use nuclear weapons.

    Past episodes:

    Sep 20 | The Status of a U.S.-Iran Deal: Middle East Expert Karim Sadjadpour
    Sep 13 | Former DAS Defense Elbridge Colby on new book: "The Strategy of Denial: American Defense in an Age of Great Power Conflict"
    Sep 06 | Journalist and Former Marine Elliot Ackerman on new book about U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan
    Aug 30 | Global Energy Expert Daniel Yergin on energy security in the context of deep power rivalries
    Aug 24 | Terrorism Analyst Bill Roggio on the Taliban and Afghanistan

    More about Intelligence Matters by Michael Morell here. Podcasts also available here.

    The Border: Insecurity and Intel

    Spy Talk lives at the intersection of intelligence operations, foreign policy, homeland security and military strategy. Co-hosted by veteran national security journalist Jeff Stein and former star CNN homeland security correspondent Jeanne Meserve, the podcast features exclusives by SpyTalk’s roster of longtime reporters, news and profiles of US and foreign spymasters and interviews with policymakers and expert authors. There’s nothing quite like it--a place for experts and lay persons alike, who enjoy national security scoops and insights by subject matter experts.

    7 Sep | The Border: Insecurity and Intel - In part two of his interview with SpyTalk, former DHS "border czar" Alan Bersin discusses with Jeanne Meserve obstacles to securing the southern border against human smugglers and traffickers.

    Past episodes:

    31 Aug | Data and the Drug War

    Book Review - Colditz: Prisoner's of the Castle by Ben Macintyre

    Spybrary posts interviews with authors, intelligence experts, and fans of espionage writing to encourage people to read non-fiction and fiction pertaining to the world of spycraft and to discuss them within a community of like-minded interest holders. Spybrary is hosted by Shane Whaley.

    16 Sep | Prisoner's of the Castle - Ben MacIntyre talks Colditz with Tim Shipman - Sunday Times Chief Political Commentator and spy book fan Tim Shipman talks with Ben Macintyre about his latest work based on Colditz, Prisoners of the Castle. The “entertaining yet objective and often-moving account” (The Wall Street Journal) of one of history’s most notorious prisons—and the remarkable cast of POWs who tried relentlessly to escape their captors, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Spy and the Traitor. In this gripping narrative, Ben Macintyre tackles one of the most famous prison stories in history and makes it utterly his own. During World War II, the German army used the towering Colditz Castle to hold the most defiant Allied prisoners. For four years, these prisoners of the castle tested its walls and its guards with ingenious escape attempts that would become legend.

    Past episodes:

    11 Sep | Book Review - "Your Face Tomorrow: Fever and Spear"

    "The Past 75" Years with Historian of the CIA Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones

    Spycast is the official podcast of the International Spy Museum and hosts interviews with intelligence experts on matters of HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, OSINT, and GEOINT. Spycast is hosted by historian Andrew Hammond, PhD.

    27 Sep | "The Past 75 Years" Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones is Emeritus Professor of American History at the University of Edinburgh. He has been studying American intelligence for half a century and has written a history of the CIA to coincide with its 75th anniversary, entitled: A Question of Standing. He has studied American intelligence for 50 years.

    Past episodes:

    20 Sep 22 | "The 75th Anniversary of the CIA" with Former Director Robert Gates

    CIA: 75 Years and Still Counting

    The Langley Files This official CIA podcast aims to educate and connect with the general public, sharing insight into the Agency’s core mission, capabilities, and agility as an intelligence leader...and to share some interesting stories along the way. Each episode is approximately 15-30 minutes in length and hosts lead conversations with a range of special guests.

    29 Sep | CIA: 75 Years and Still Counting 2022 marks the Central Intelligence Agency's 75th Anniversary. On this episode, our hosts Dee and Walter talk with two Agency officers who are leading efforts to commemorate this milestone for the Agency. They will discuss the CIA's evolution over time, what events marked this year's celebration, and how CIA is learning from its past to best serve the American people.

    Past episodes:

    22 Sep | CIA Director Bill Burns Brings the Agency Out From the Shadows

    Bad Spy, Bad - Jeff Stein and Colleagues on Substack

    Sep 29: Bad Spy, Bad - Mark Stout

    Sep 23: Biden Swap Freed Drug Trafficker on Special Ops Kill List - Elaine Shannon

    Sep 18: Biden’s Afghan Ending Is Better than Critics Say - Frank Snepp

    Sep 1: "Mexican Dragnet Exposes Cartel Impunity" - Elaine Shannon

    Aug 27: "Brussels, the Den of Spies" - Matt Brazil

    To support SpyTalk, subscribe here.


    America’s Throwaway Spies: How the CIA failed Iranian informants in its secret war with Tehran - Reuters, 29 Sep 2022

    Gholamreza Hosseini was at Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran in late 2010, preparing for a flight to Bangkok. There, the Iranian industrial engineer would meet his Central Intelligence Agency handlers. But before he could pay his exit tax to leave the country, the airport ATM machine rejected his card as invalid. Moments later, a security officer asked to see Hosseini’s passport before escorting him away. Hosseini said he was brought to an empty VIP lounge and told to sit on a couch that had been turned to face a wall. Left alone for a dizzying few moments and not seeing any security cameras, Hosseini thrust his hand into his trouser pocket, fishing out a memory card full of state secrets that could now get him hanged. He shoved the card into his mouth, chewed it to pieces and swallowed. Not long after, Ministry of Intelligence agents entered the room and the interrogation began, punctuated by beatings, Hosseini recounted. His denials and the destruction of the data were worthless; they seemed to know everything already. But how? “These are things I never told anyone in the world,” Hosseini told Reuters. As his mind raced, Hosseini even wondered whether the CIA itself had sold him out. (Full article here.)

    NRO partners with commercial space firms on signal detection tech - Defense News, 28 Sep 2022

    The National Reconnaissance Office awarded study contracts today to six commercial space companies to explore the potential of satellite radio frequency detection to meet military intelligence needs. The NRO, charged with designing, launching and operating U.S. spy satellites, issued the Sept. 28 awards as part of a broader effort called Strategic Commercial Enhancement, which aims to better leverage commercial space capabilities alongside the bespoke systems it has traditionally developed. While past study work focused on commercial radar technology, today’s awards are geared toward companies that provide radio frequency detection services. These satellites, which detect RF emissions from space, can be used to improve maritime domain awareness by locating ships with disabled identification systems. And in the months leading up to the war in Ukraine, the technology was used to pick up GPS interference signals across Eastern Europe that offered a glimpse into Russia’s activity in the region. The six commercial space technology companies selected to participate in the NRO study are: Aurora Insight, Hawkeye 360, Kleos Space, PredaSAR, Spire Global and Umbra Lab. (Full article here.)

    The Los Alamos Club: How the People’s Republic of China Recruited Leading Scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory to Advance Its Military Programs - Strider, 2022

    The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is employing a Talent Superpower Strategy designed to incentivize academics, researchers, and scientists to go abroad, deepen their expertise, and return to China to advance its strategic interests. What began in the 1980s as a program to send young talent overseas has evolved to incorporate initiatives that seek to harness these individuals’ efforts for China’s gain and, ultimately, encourage them to return to the PRC to work in key technology sectors. The extent to which these initiatives are active in U.S. government laboratories is unknown. However, China’s recruitment of individuals who have worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico reflects the ambitions of the PRC’s talent strategy and its exploitation of Western commitments to global scientific collaboration. The PRC’s success among former Los Alamos affiliates, along with support for China’s talent programs from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary Xi Jinping and other top CCP leaders, suggest that similar recruitment efforts may be widespread among U.S. government–funded laboratories, academic research institutions, and major centers of innovation. Moreover, the Los Alamos case shows how China’s rapid advances in certain key military technologies are being aided by individuals who participated in sensitive U.S. government–funded research. Between 1987 and 2021, at least 162 scientists who had worked at Los Alamos returned to the PRC to support a variety of domestic research and development programs. Fifteen of those scientists worked as permanent staff members at Los Alamos. Of those fifteen, thirteen were recruited into PRC government talent programs; some were responsible for sponsoring visiting scholars and postdoctoral researchers from the PRC, and some received U.S. government funding for sensitive research. At least one of these staff members held a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) “Q Clearance” allowing access to Top Secret Restricted Data and National Security Information. (Full article here.)


    CONFERENCE: Open Source Intelligence Skills-building Conference (OSMOSISCON) - Tampa, Fl (16-18 Oct 2022)

    During workshops and classes lead by industry leaders and innovators, gather the latest intel on OSINT and SOCMINT tools, techniques, and threats, earning up to 16 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) from a variety of professional associations, including ACFE, DHS, LPF, SHRM, and ASIS, bringing home valuable information to your team and investigations. Exhibiting companies will be bringing their product expert professionals to level up your research and investigations, or find the next solution for your business or company, with access to new and industry standard tools from a wide variety of companies, for both in-person and online attendees. Participate in rich, interactive networking between attendees, presenters, and vendors. Consult with some of the most recognized social media and OSINT experts across the globe in-person during breaks, special networking events, and on our virtual conference platform via message boards, live forums, and 1-on-1 chat. More information and registration here.)

    CONFERENCE: ISS World North America - Washington, DC (15-17 Nov 2022)

    ISS World North America is the world's largest gathering of North American Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Defense, Public Safety and other members of the Government Intelligence Community as well as Telecom Operators responsible for cyber threat intelligence gathering, DarkNet monitoring, lawful interception, and cybercrime investigations. ISS World Programs present the methodologies and tools for Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Government Intelligence Communities in the fight against drug trafficking, cyber money laundering, human trafficking, terrorism, and other criminal activities conducted over today's Telecommunications networks, the Internet, and Social Networks. (More information and registration here.)

    DOCUMENTARY PREVIEW: Castro's Spies - Gravitas Ventures

    From their recruitment, training, and eventual capture on US soil; this film peers into a secret world of false identities, love affairs, and betrayal. Using never seen before footage from the Cuban Film Institute’s archive and first-hand testimony from the people at the heart of this story, Castro’s Spies gives a rare glimpse into the shadowy world of a spy – where the stakes are life and death. Directed and produced by Ollie Aslin and Gary Lennon, the full film will be available on digital 13 May 2023. (2 minute preview video here.)

    CONFERENCE: 2022 Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference - San Antonio, TX (12-15 December 2022)

    The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is excited to welcome participants to the 2022 Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference in San Antonio, Texas! From December 12 – 15, 2022, senior decision makers, technical experts, and innovators from across the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, industry, academia, and FVEY partners will come together to collaborate and share unique insights. The theme of this year’s conference – Transcending Strategic Competitors through Innovation, Adaptation, and Collaboration – underscores the urgent race to collectively develop and unleash emerging technologies to maintain strategic and tactical advantage. Mission success in an era of strategic competition demands a willingness to embrace disruption and elevating partnerships to serve as overwhelming force multipliers. (Information and registration here.)

    Report: United Nations Security Council Monthly Forecast - UNSC (October 2022)

    In this issue: illicit natural resource trafficking financing armed groups and terrorists, climate and security in Africa, women's resilience in areas plagued by armed groups, 16th annual joint consultative meeting between the Security Council and the AU Peace and Security Council (AUPSC), Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Haiti, and more. (Access report here.)

    Report: Insider Threat Program Naming Convention - INSA (29 September 2022)

    In a September 2022 Intelligence Insights paper, “Insider Threat Program Naming Convention,” INSA argues that how an organization names its program influences personnel buy-in and program effectiveness. Developed by INSA’s Insider Threat Subcommittee, the paper analyzes the benefits and drawbacks of several insider threat program naming conventions, concluding that choice of terminology should reflect an organization’s culture and strengthen employees’ sentiment of mutual regard and responsibility. Because employees are the best internal “sensors” to provide early warning of insider threat, program terminology should align with a culture of employee support. The paper, published to coincide with National Insider Threat Awareness Month, recommends that organizations consider the strategic implications of naming conventions. (Access report here.)

    Report: 1 Key For 1 Lock - The Chinese Communist Party’s Strategy for Targeted Propaganda - Recorded Future, Insikt Group (28 September 2022)

    This report assesses concepts related to the Chinese Communist Party's international propaganda and information influence strategy. Topics covered include the party's intent to segment audiences for targeted propaganda, theories about the selection of target countries, audience data collection, and the dissemination of tailored propaganda. Sources include authoritative Chinese materials, research by Chinese scholars, party-state media, procurement and corporate documents among others. (Access report here.)

    Walking Tours - Washington, DC - Sundays (Dates/Times Vary)

    Former intelligence officers guide visitors on two morning and afternoon espionage-themed walking tours: "Spies of Embassy Row" and "Spies of Georgetown." For more information and booking, click here or contact

    Announcment - USU Introduces the Center for Anticipatory Intelligence - Logan, UT

    "A 2019 publication — The National Intelligence Strategy of the United States of America — lists one of its first three mission objectives as Anticipatory Intelligence, which addresses new and emerging trends, changing conditions, and under appreciated developments in the world. Utah State University has established the Center for Anticipatory Intelligence (CAI) on campus, offering courses and research within this field. Dr. Jeannie Johnson is the CAI Director. “It covers strategic intelligence first, which deals primarily with known actors and their intentions,” Johnson explains. “So, ‘what is Iran going to do next’ kind of questions. I’m oversimplifying just for the purpose of illustration. “Anticipatory Intelligence integrates strategic intelligence, but says what happens when an actor intends one thing and unleashes a variable into the world?” Johnson says USU is the first in the nation to stand up an Anticipatory Intelligence minor and graduate certificates. Dr. Johnson, who once worked for the CIA, co-founded the new center with Matt Berrett and Briana Bowen who were her associates at the CIA." -Cache Valley Daily, 27 Sep 2022. For more information, click here or contact

    Section IV - Books, Research Requests, Jobs, Obituaries

    Books — Forthcoming, Newly Released, Overlooked

    Spies Who Changed History: The Greatest Spies and Agents of the 20th Century
    by Nigel West
    (Frontline Books, 20 Oct 2022)

    Spies have made an extraordinary impact on the history of the 20th Century, but fourteen in particular can be said to have been demonstrably important. As one might expect, few are household names, and it is only with the benefit of recently declassified files that we can now fully appreciate the nature of their contribution. The criteria for selection have been the degree to which each can now be seen to have had a very definite influence on a specific course of events, either directly, by passing vital classified material, or indirectly, by organizing or managing a group of spies. Those selected were active in the First World War, the inter-war period, the Second World War, the Cold War and even the post-Cold War era.

    Order book here.

    Hitler's Traitors: Dissent, Espionage and the Hunt for Resisters
    by Edwin Harrison
    (Pen and Sword Military, 21 Sep 2022)

    This collection of vivid essays examines some of the most fascinating aspects of the German resistance to Hitler. It includes the first translations into English of pioneering studies on the role of a leading Nazi in the July Plot, the flight of Rudolf Hess to Britain and the vigorous controversy over Hugh Trevor-Roper’s investigation of Hitler’s death. The book also explores vociferous Catholic dissent in Franconia and the conspiracies against the Third Reich of the revolutionary New Beginning movement. Through the study of important personalities and dramatic events this book explores the possibilities and challenges faced by Germans in attempts to frustrate and defy Hitler’s tyranny.

    Order book here.

    The Bletchley Park Codebreakers in Their Own Words
    by Joel Greenberg
    (Greenhill Books, 21 Sep 2022)

    This important volume tells the story of Bletchley Park through countless letters written by key players to former colleagues and loved ones as the war unfolded. Having intercepted millions of German communications, the codebreakers had felt bound by the Official Secrets Act and said little about their wartime activities. Some who had stayed on at GCHQ after the war, were concerned that speaking out could jeopardize their pensions. Over one hundred letters have been included in this volume and have either been recovered from family members or declassified by GCHQ. They reveal fresh information about the clandestine operation and disclose the true feelings of the participants at Bletchley Park. In contrast to early accounts, which lacked detail and were occasionally inaccurate, this book thoroughly lays bare the day-to-day experiences at Bletchley Park and uncovers the operational and technical reasons behind the organization's successes and failures. Simultaneously intimate and comprehensive, it will interest historians, World War II researchers, and anyone who wants to learn the secrets of Britain's signal intelligence effort.

    Order book here.

    Research Requests

    Call For Papers: Urban Security 2023 in Journal of Strategic Security Special Issue

    The special issue will look at a range of urban security issues including urban warfare, urban insurgency, urban crime and insecurity, operating in dense urban terrain (DUT), mega cities, and subterranean spaces (SubT), and in the Urban-Littoral interface, as well as the protection of the populace. Papers addressing the full range of violent actions from high intensity crime to civil strife and other situations of violence, non-international armed conflict (NIAC), and large scale combat operations (LSCO) during international armed conflict (IAC) are encouraged. All papers submitted to the special issues issue will be subject to double-blind peer review. Below is a list of urban security issues the special issue editors would like to see submissions on:

    · Conflict in Megacities (10 million or more)
    · Police-Military Intelligence interface in urban conflict
    · Insurrection
    · Urban-littoral nexus
    · Information warfare in support of urban conflict
    · Urban insurgency
    · Urban Terrorism
    · Criminal governance in cities (Slums/Favelas)
    · Criminal Armed Groups (CAGs) in cities
    · Social Media and Urban Conflict
    · Climate Conflict in Cities (Urban-Climate Conflict Nexus)
    · Urban counterterrorism
    · Urban counterinsurgency (COIN)
    · Urban Riots and Public Order
    · Intelligence for Urban Operations (e.g., GeoINT)
    · Urban policing
    · Urban critical infrastructure protection including urban cyber security
    · Humanitarian operations and protection of civilians in urban conflict
    · Medical and humanitarian response to urban crises and disasters

    Abstracts due 1 February 2023; draft submissions due 1 June 2023. (See full submission details here.)


    Assistant/Associate Professor of Intelligence Studies (Global Security and Intelligence Studies) - Embry-Riddel Aeronautical University - Prescott, Arizona

    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Prescott, Arizona campus is accepting applications for a tenure-track assistant or associate-level professor of intelligence studies to teach intelligence courses to students in the Global Security and Intelligence program. The successful candidate will teach students about the intelligence community, strategic intelligence, the intelligence cycle and intelligence analysis, writing, and briefing. Prior experience working in the intelligence community is strongly preferred. We are interested in candidates with teaching acumen in intelligence analysis and writing using structured analytical techniques.

    Additional Information and Application here.

    Teaching Associate - Intelligence and National Security Studies - Coastal Carolina University, South Carolina

    The Department of Intelligence and Security Studies ( ISS ) at Coastal Carolina University is accepting applications for a pool of Teaching Associates (part-time adjunct faculty) to teach introductory and undergraduate elective course offerings for the program beginning in August 2022. While the ad is open to any specialization within the field of study, courses in the areas of homeland security, law enforcement intelligence, counter-narcotics, and cybersecurity are of particular interest. Course offerings can be in a face-to-face or synchronous online modality. To be considered, candidates must have a masters or doctoral degree in a relevant subject area. Prior professional experience in the profession, as well as prior teaching experience are preferred.

    Additional Information and Application here.

    Assistant Professor of Intelligence and National Security Studies - University of Texas, El Paso

    The Department of Criminal Justice is seeking to fill one full-time tenure-track position beginning Fall 2023 at the Assistant Professor level. Responsibilities include conducting and publishing scholarly research, seeking extramural funding, teaching face-to-face and online courses, and service to the department, university, and profession. Applicants must have a Ph.D. in a closely related field in Intelligence and/or Security Studies from an accredited university (e.g., criminal justice, political science, public policy, security studies). ABD applicants will be considered if doctorate will be in hand by Fall 2023. Active research agenda and published scholarly journal articles are required to apply. Applicants with only a J.D., Psy.D., or Ed.D. will not be considered. All research/teaching areas of intelligence/national security studies will be considered, but preference will be given to candidates who have demonstrated teaching and/or research areas in at least one of these areas: Homeland Security, Intelligence Analysis, or Terrorism/Counter-Terrorism.

    Additional information and application here.

    Adjunct Professor - The Institute of World Politics, Washington, D.C.

    The Institute of World Politics (IWP) in Washington, D.C. seeks an adjunct professor to teach its graduate course on the Russian intelligence and security services. The course is an elective in the Strategic Intelligence Studies (SIS) Master's degree and Counterintelligence Certificate programs. The four-credit course consists of 14 weekly, three-hour instructional meetings, plus a final examination, and a research paper. A course syllabus and lecture materials are available for use. Candidates should possess professional experience (at least 15 years) as a professional intelligence officer involved in operations, or analysis with knowledge of the Soviet and Russian intelligence and security services, and preferably teaching experience at the university level, either undergraduate or graduate.
    Resumes may be sent to Prof. David Thomas at, cc to John Sano at

    Director of Intelligence Studies - Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

    The Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, D.C. seeks a new Director of Intelligence Studies to begin in August 2023. The current director, former CIA officer and staff historian (and current AFIO board member) Nicholas Dujmovic, founded the program after his retirement in 2016. The undergraduate Certificate in Intelligence Studies has grown to be the largest certificate or minor program on campus. The program continues to expand the number and variety of intelligence courses offered.

    Dr. Dujmovic is reaching out to the AFIO community to encourage potential candidates with the following attributes:

    • Significant service (at least 15 years) as a professional intelligence officer involved in analysis, operations, technical collection, or possibly support. A recent retiree closing a successful career would be ideal.
    • An advanced degree (Ph.D. preferred) from an accredited university in political science, history, area studies, a comparable field or a relevant STEM field.
    • Teaching experience at the university level, either undergraduate or graduate.
    • Evidence of past scholarship and a willingness to engage in further research and publication, consistent with CUA's commitment to excellence as a "research university."
    • An enthusiasm for teaching and advising mostly undergraduate students.

    Vacancy notice here.

    AFIO members wishing to learn more are encouraged to contact Dr. Dujmovic at

    Assistant Program Director/Lecturer in Security and Intelligence - Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC

    The Johns Hopkins University invites applications for the position of Assistant Program Director in the area of Security and Intelligence. This position will support the MA in Global Security Studies (primary), MS in Intelligence Analysis, and MS in Geospatial Intelligence programs in the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies, within the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences' Advanced Academic Programs Division. Reporting to the Director of the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies and Associate Dean for Graduate & Professional Programs, the Assistant Program Director will contribute to the excellence of the programs and will demonstrate and support ongoing innovation in the curriculums.
    The Assistant Program Director will have the following academic and administrative responsibilities: Teach 6 graduate courses per year, advise students, provide input on the curriculums and new course development, other academic duties normally performed by faculty, assist with the management of degree concentrations or areas of focus, participate in the adjunct faculty hiring and development processes, assist the Program Directors with administrative tasks, other administrative duties as assigned.
    Minimum Qualifications: PhD in political science, international affairs, security studies, intelligence, or other field relevant to the interdisciplinary nature of global security studies; other terminal degrees in these or related fields may be considered, 1-3 years of higher education teaching experience online and/or at the graduate level, the ability to teach a variety of courses in the global security fields, including research-focused courses, strong organizational skills, excellent oral and written communication skills.

    Additional information and application instructions here.


    Natalie Gore — FBI Trailblazer

    Natalie Sabin Gore, age 77, one of the first female special agents in the FBI, died 28 September 2022 at her home in Mission Hills, CA after a four-year battle with colon cancer. Gore attended her FBI training in Quantico, Va., in April 1976 and was later posted to Seattle, Hawaii, and Washington, DC. Her assignments with the bureau included counterintelligence work — including against spy Jerry Whitworth, a Navy cryptographer convicted of feeding secrets to the Soviets — but she is mostly remembered for the path she paved. Ten years into her career, Gore resigned to take care of a son she had with husband and fellow FBI Agent Bill Gore. She expected to rejoin the bureau in a year or two, but was turned down for having had corrective eye surgery for near-sightedness. A celebration of life is being planned.

    Mary Zimmerer — CIA Analyst

    Mary (McLean) Zimmerer, 90, passed on 19 September 2022, at Penn Highlands Dubois, Huntington, PA. She attended Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA, and in 1953, graduated with honors from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. During her working career, Mrs. Zimmerer worked as an analyst for the C.I.A. in Washington, D.C. A celebration of life service will be held at 11:00 A.M. on Saturday, October 29, 2022, at St. John's Episcopal Church, 212 Penn St., Huntingdon, with the Rev. Gene Tucker officiating. Friends will be received from 10:00 A.M. until the hour of service and immediately following the service in the church. To sign an online guest book and express condolences, visit

    Jerry O'Brien — NSA Linguist and Analyst
    Thomas G. "Jerry" O'Brien passed away 23 September 2022 at Kaplan Family Hospice House in Danvers, MA. Jerry, a US Air Force veteran, received a BA in linguistics and Mandarin from the University of Maryland and was later commissioned to the National Security Agency, where he was a linguist/analyst. His funeral Mass will be held at St Mary-Annunciation Church, 24 Conant St, Danvers on Friday, September 30th, 11 a.m. A celebration of life will commence following the Mass at the Danvers Port Yacht Club, 161 Elliott St, Danvers, MA. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. Information, directions and condolences at

    Eldon Heaton — NGA Safety Specialist

    Eldon C. Heaton, 77, passed away on 11 September 2022 at River Crossing of Alton, Il. Eldon served in the U.S. Army and Air Force, retiring as a Lt. Colonel while assigned as a safety specialist for the National Geospatial Agency. No services were scheduled, cremation rites were accorded, and interment will be in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. Marks Mortuary in Wood River is in charge of arrangements.

    Tony Wigger — DIA Officer

    Anthony William 'Tony' Wigger passed away on September 28, 2022, at home in Pownal, VT. A graduate of St. Joseph College, Tony served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War and was stationed in Germany in the Naval Security Group and then in the Pentagon for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). A celebration of Tony's life will be held at a later date. For more information, contact Mahar Funeral Home, 628 Main Street, Bennington, VT 05201.

    Bob Lee — Special Advisor to NSA Directors

    Robert "Bob" Evan Lee, age 85, died peacefully on 20 September 2022 from complications of frontotemporal dementia. During his 40-year NSA career, which began in 1963, he served in a variety of roles, including Special Advisor for two Directors of the Agency. Prior to his NSA career, Bob was a Vietnamese linguist and air traffic analyst with the U.S. Air Force, in which he enlisted in early 1959 and with which he served in Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam. Prior to enlisting, Bob worked with investigative files at the FBI in Washington, D.C. from August 1955 to 1959.

    Section V - Events


    Virtual = In-Person =

    5 October 2022 (Wednesday), 6pm EST - Zoom - Former Senior CIA Case Officer Robert Baer discusses his book "The Fourth Man" at AFIO Atlanta Chapter Event

    Former senior CIA Officer and author Robert Baer discusses his intelligence career and his newest book The Fourth Man: The Hunt for a KGB Spy at the Top of the CIA and the Rise of Putin's Russia. Baer's controversial, never-before-told story, presents the complexities of the hunt for a KGB spy in the top ranks of the CIA, a spy who might have blinded the US to the rise of Putin and Russia's dangerous schemes for the future. We think we know all the Cold War's greatest spy stories. The tales of America's greatest traitors have been told over and over. However, there is a possibility – a theory – of a bigger story that remains untold—until now. Rumors have swirled of another mole in American intelligence, one perhaps more damaging than all the others combined. Perhaps the greatest traitor in American history, or perhaps just a Russian ruse to tear the CIA apart, or nothing more than a bogeyman: he is often referred to as the Fourth Man.

    Robert Baer is an accomplished CIA officer, a bestselling author, and abd intelligence analyst for CNN. Over several decades, he served in many locations, from Iraq to New Delhi, and was awarded the Career Intelligence Medal for his efforts. Baer is the author of four New York Times bestsellers, including his first book, See No Evil, the basis for the Academy Award-winning film Syriana. He is an authority on the Middle East and frequently appears on major news outlets. Baer has contributed to TIME, Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

    Social: Wed, October 12, 6:30 - 8:00pm at Iron Hill Brewery.

    Questions, Suggestions? Contact Grant at or Brian Hooper at

    6 October 2022 (Thursday), 7pm CDT - Virtual - The San Antonio TX AFIO Chapter hears from Ric Prado, Senior CIA Operations Officer, author of "Black Ops"

    This will be a very special San Antonio AFIO Chapter event. A live discussion with Ric Prado, author of "Black Ops, The Life of a CIA Shadow Warrior." Hosted by David Endris, SATX AFIO Chapter secretary. Enrique "Ric" Prado is a paramilitary, counter-terrorism, and special/clandestine operations specialist, with a focus on international training operations and programs. Mr. Prado is a twenty-four-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency where he served as an Operations Officer in six overseas posts. He was Deputy Chief of Station and "Plank Owner" of the original Bin Ladin Task Force/Issues Station under Senior Analyst, Michael Scheuer, as well as Chief of Station in a hostile Muslim country. He also served as Chief of Operations in the CIA's Counterterrorist Center (CTC) during the September 11th attacks, where Mr. Prado helped coordinate CIA/CTC's special operations (SPECOPS) activities with the National Security Council and FBI, as well as with elite U.S. military representatives from Delta Force and SEAL-Team Six, then detailed to CTC/CIA. He retired as Senior Intel Service-2 (SIS-2, Major General equivalent at CIA). Advanced copies of the book can be ordered at

    Details about the October meeting will be sent out several days in advance to allow it to be forwarded or shared with other members in other chapters.

    Questions? Need the links to virtually attend? Contact John Franklin, President, AFIO San Antonio Chapter, at

    6 October 2022 (Thursday), 11:30am - 2pm PDT - San Francisco, CA - The AFIO Andre LeGallo Chapter hosts Lt. Col. Roger S. Dong discussing developments in the U.S., Taiwan and China relations.

    Speaker: Roger Dong, Lt. Colonel (ret.), United States Air Force Date: Thursday, October 6, 2022

    Roger S. Dong is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel who served in counter-intelligence and human intelligence collection for 28 years throughout Asia. After retirement, he returned as a GS-14 serving as our Defense Attaché in Taiwan from 1995-1999. His interest in modern China continued after his retirement and he has lectured on the Belt and Road Initiative and President Xi Jinping and China and Africa in the past. He is one of the most highly decorated HUMINT officers in the nation recognized by the Secretary of Defense, Director of DIA and Director of CIA for his significant intelligence reporting.

    Location: Basque Cultural Center, 599 Railroad Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080.
    11:30am no host cocktail; meeting and luncheon at noon.
    RSVP and pre-registration is required. Eventbrite registration link here.
    Reservation and pre-payment is required before September 30, 2022. The venue cannot accommodate walk-ins.
    Please contact Mariko Kawaguchi, Board Secretary at or Mariko Kawaguchi, c/o AFIO, P.O. Box 117578, Burlingame, CA 94011 for questions.

    3 November 2022 - Virtual - The San Antonio AFIO Chapter on the Chinese Military and the CCP

    The program will be on the Chinese military, which is an arm of the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese military executes the policies and interests of the Communist Chinese Party. China has successfully begun an expansion of their military and has great potential to become militarily more powerful than the United States.
    Questions or more information from John Franklin, Chapter President, 210-863-0430;

    4 November 2022 (Friday), 10:30am - 2pm EDT - Tysons Corner, VA - "Spy Hunt: A Conversation with Paul Redmond and Colleagues" and "Reynolds on 'Need to Know'" - at this AFIO National In-Person Fall Luncheon

    A Special AFIO National In-Person Fall Event on Friday, 4 November 2022 - Tysons-McLean, VA - 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Spy Hunt: A Conversation with Paul Redmond and Colleagues

    Panelists/Co-Presenters: Paul Redmond, Lucinda (Cindy) Webb, Michael Sulick
    , and other senior intelligence and counterintelligence experts TBA

    All named panelists confirmed. MORNING PANEL runs 11 a.m. - Noon. Paul Redmond served 34 years in CIA's Clandestine Service; Lucinda (Cindy) Webb is a former CIA SIS Officer with 32 years of service which included five years as CIA's Chief of Counterintelligence and Associate Deputy Director for Operations - Counterintelligence; and Dr. Michael J. Sulick is a retired intelligence operations officer who worked for the CIA for 28-years. He served as Chief of CIA counterintelligence from 2002 to 2004 and as Director of the National Clandestine Service. More speaker details on registration site.

    NOTE: The morning speakers and panel presentations are OFF THE RECORD.

    No recordings, tweets, blogposts, articles, or interviews based on these presentations or the Q&A that follows are permitted.

    Afternoon speaker: Nicholas Reynolds - CIA Historian/Author - discussing his just released Need to Know: World War II and the Rise of American Intelligence.

    Timing: Check-in and badge pickup for Registered Attendees begins at 10:30 a.m. NO registrations or walk-ins at hotel.

    Co-presentations by Paul Redmond, Cindy Webb, Michael Sulick, and others begin at 11:00 a.m.; Lunch is served from noon-1:00 p.m.; Nicholas Reynolds is scheduled for 1:00 p.m.; event ends at 2:00 p.m.
    Space is limited. Preregistration closes at 5:00 p.m. on 31 October 2022.

    Cancellation:  AFIO must commit to the hotel facilities and, therefore, regrets it must charge a cancellation fee.  100% refund until 27 October.  No refunds or cancellations after midnight 27 October. You will receive a donation receipt for fees forfeited.  A donor statement will be sent showing that you made a "gift to AFIO" in such instances.  Gifts to AFIO are tax-deductible.

    All attendees must be members of AFIO or accompanied by a member of AFIO. If you would like to learn more about becoming a member, please visit our website,  If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact our office at 703-790-0320 or email us at

    Register here while space remains.

    Luncheon prices are $55 for Members; $70 for nonmember guests and all Subscribers.

    Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, McLean-Tysons, VA Address 1960 Chain Bridge Rd McLean, VA 22102. Though we do not provide special overnight room rates, if you wish to make room reservations at the hotel, do so here.

    Questions regarding the event? Email

    5 November 2022 (Saturday), Noon EDT - AFIO N Florida Chapter Luncheon features Bill Dayhoff, Former FBI

    The North Florida Chapter AFIO will be hosting our next meeting on Saturday November 5th. Our guest speaker will be Mr. Bill Dayhoff, retired FBI, discussing the past and present roles of the FBI. We will be meeting at the Bonefish Grill Mandarin, 10950 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223, beginning at Noon.

    Schedule: 11:30-12:05 Social Time; 12:05-12:10 Call to Order, Pledge Of Allegiance, Invocation; 12:10-12:20 Intro of guests & new members; 12:20-1:00 Luncheon; 1:00-1:15 Post-lunch break; 1:15-2:00* Speaker - Bill Dayhoff; 2-3* Lightning Round

    Any questions, please contact Ken Meyer, Secretary,

    9 November 2022 (Wednesday) (tentatively), 9 at 6:30pm EST - Zoom - Neil Couch, State Department, speaks about Russia and China's Nuclear Nonproliferation Efforts at this AFIO Atlanta Event

    Mr. Neil Couch, U.S. Department of State (current) will speak about contemporary diplomatic and military issues surrounding Russia and China's nuclear nonproliferation efforts.

    Mr. Couch currently serves as the Director of the Office of Verification, Planning, and Outreach (VPO). The Office of VPO serves as the verification and strategic planning unit of the The Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance (AVC). VPO identifies solutions to the arms control challenges of today and tomorrow, and leads external engagement with the non-governmental community, Congress, members of the media, and the general public. VPO also manages the Secretary of State’s International Security Advisory Board (ISAB) and the Key Verification Assets Fund. Deputy Director, Office of Strategic Stability and Deterrence. Prior to this appointment, he served as the Deputy Director for the Office of Strategic Stability and Deterrence, as well as the U.S. Chairman of the Conforming Group on the New START Treaty delegation. In this role, Mr. Couch manages the interagency treaty implementation process for U.S. Government decisions and correspondence relating to the New START Treaty and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. He also served as the U.S. Head of Delegation to the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification.

    Social: TBD.
    Questions, Suggestions? Contact Grant at or Brian Hooper at

    12 November 2022 (Saturday), 11:30 am EDT - Indialantic FL - AFIO Florida Satellite Chapter Luncheon features Capt Jason Schneider discussing "The Role of NOTU in Supporting Navy Fleet Ballistic Missile Development."

    At this in-person luncheon event, the AFIO Florida Satellite Chapter hosts Captain Jason J. Schneider, commanding officer of the Naval Ordnance Test Unit (NOTU) at Cape Canaveral, Florida, who will discuss the role of NOTU in supporting Navy Fleet Ballistic Missile Development.
    Location: The Doubletree Hotel, 1665 N. Route A1A, Indiatlantic/Melbourne, FL 32903. Location here.

    A sit down lunch will be followed by Captain Schneider's presentation. Cost is $35.00 per person.
    Inquiries or reservations to Larry Sanford, President, AFIO FSC, at

    1 Dec 2022 - Virtual - The San Antonio AFIO Chapter program features Video on China's Oil and Gas Silk Road Initiative

    The program will be a very current educational video on China's Oil and Gas "problem." The program covers China's motives for the Silk Road initiative, expansion into the South China Sea and development of overseas installations.

    Questions or more information from John Franklin, Chapter President, 210-863-0430;

    Other Upcoming Events from Advertisers, Corporate Sponsors, and Others

    2 October 2022 (Sunday), 10-4pm – Washington, DC – Educator Day Out – In Person International Spy Museum Program

    YOUR MISSION: Uncover the secret history of history and discover new and exciting resources to enrich your students' learning! During this open-house event, teachers can: explore SPY's exhibits with free Museum admission for current K-12 teachers (with teacher ID); participate in SPY's hands-on student workshops (including Forensics, Operation Code Cracker, Spy School 101, Red White and Spy, and Cuban Missile Crisis); meet with SPY's education team; plan your students' next in-person or virtual field trip to SPY; browse SPY's free curriculum and classroom activities; view artifacts from the SPY vault; and utilize a special discount at the SPY Store. This event is open to current K-12 classroom and resource teachers only. Advance registration required. Registration closes at 11:59pm ET on September 30. Walk-up tickets will not be available. This program is generously supported by Booz Allen Hamilton. Event information at

    9 October 2022 (Sunday), 2 - 3:30 pm EDT - Online - The Last Casualty of the Cold War - Program by The Cold War Museum

    Gathering intelligence can be a very dangerous business. Some people give their lives to keep the rest of us safe. Here's one of them.
    On March 24, 1985, a Soviet sentry shot and killed US Army Major Art Nicholson at a Soviet training site in East Germany. Major Nicholson was a member of the US Military Liaison Mission accredited to the Commander-in-Chief of the Group Soviet Forces Germany and was performing an authorized function in accordance with a 1947 US-Soviet agreement intended to preclude mistaking military training exercises as preparations for an attack.

    The killing of Major Nicholson precipitated a military-political confrontation that drew international attention and involved the Commander-in-Chief, US Army Europe (CINCUSAREUR); the Secretaries of both Defense and State; and President Reagan. USAREUR created a Crisis Action Team (CAT) to help CINCUSAREUR and his staff as they sought to resolve the crisis in a just way while continuing operation of the Military Liaison Mission in a safe way.

    Major Dewey Browder was a member of the CAT. He will address the "Nicholson Incident" based on personal involvement and the declassified after-action report.

    Dewey Browder (PhD Louisiana State U., 1987) is Professor Emeritus of History at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN. He is a retired US Army LTC and former Associate Professor of European History at USMA, West Point (1988-1992).
    Cost: $20, 100% of which is a contribution to the Cold War Museum.

    Register here
    Questions? Call or email Jason Hall, 703-283-4124 (cell),

    13 October 2022 (Thursday), 7-8:30pm – Washington, DC – Educator Professional Development Webinar: 13 Days in October…The Cuban Missile Crisis – Virtual International Spy Museum Program

    To mark the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the International Spy Museum is pleased to offer an exclusive 90-minute professional development webinar for middle and high school teachers. Join SPY educators for this interactive webinar on how to combine declassified primary documents, role playing, and intelligence analysis to engage students in the study of this critical historical event. In addition, teachers will hear from presidential historian and co-author of the prize-winning book One Hell of a Gamble: Khrushchev, Castro, and Kennedy, 1958-1964, Timothy Naftali, and Spy Museum Historian Dr. Andrew Hammond as they discuss the significance of this case study and how intelligence successes can shape the course of history. Prior to the start of this webinar, teachers will receive via email a specially curated packet of primary documents and resources provided by the International Spy Museum and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. Support for this program has been provided by a generous grant from the Pritzker Military Foundation, on behalf of the Pritzker Military Museum & Library. Event information at

    14 October 2022 (Friday), Noon-1pm – Washington, DC – Prisoners of the Castle with Ben Macintyre – Virtual International Spy Museum Program

    For his new book, Prisoners of the Castle: An Epic Story of Survival and Escape from Colditz, the Nazis' Fortress Prison, Ben Macintyre shines a light on an unforgettable group of men who occupied the infamous Nazi prisoner of war camp—and their incredible attempts to escape their captors. Macintyre will be joined in conversation by Spy Museum Advisory Board Member Phil Froom, author of Evasion and Escape Devices Produced by MI9, MIS-X, and SOE in World War II, and Spy Museum Curator of Special Projects Dr. Alexis Albion. They'll discuss the never-before-seen material Macintyre uncovered, his insights into the psychology of individuals at war, as well as the indomitability of the human spirit in the face of even the greatest odds. Following their discussion, you'll be able to ask questions via our online platform. Event information at

    23 October 2022 (Sunday), 5-8pm – Washington, DC – NEW! Access to SPY: Opening Our Doors to Autistic Adults – In Person International Spy Museum Program

    The International Spy Museum is pleased to offer its first sensory friendly program designed exclusively for adults (18 years and up) and their friends and family. On this special night, the Museum will host a private social hour for adults with sensory differences and their friends and/or family followed by exclusive access to the exhibits. Guests are welcome to come for all or some of the event. During social hour (5-6pm), guests will enjoy light food and refreshments and the opportunity to meet a former spy. At 6pm, the event will move to the exhibits, where guests can explore the Museum with less noise, fewer people, and a designated quiet room. Guests will also have the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt to win various prizes! While this Access to SPY program is geared towards autistic adults, we welcome all adults with sensory processing differences and their friends/family to attend this event (ages 18+). Program is free of charge but requires advanced registration. Event information at

    25 October 2022 - Annapolis, MD - Hybrid: In-Person and Virtual - "The Russia China Partnership" - US Naval Institute and US Naval Academy Conference

    Join us in person or virtually for this timely and important discussion of great power competition and the influences and factors that are shaping the Russian and Chinese worldview.

    Panels of scholars and experts will discuss: • The global impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine; • Efforts by the People's Republic of China and Russia to work together to displace the United States economically and militarily, as well as undercut its leadership role in world institutions; • Russia and the PRC's attempts to become the world's superpowers; and • A look at Russia and the PRC's past and current use of military power and economic warfare to achieve their goals.

    Panel #1 – Russia and China's Gambit to Reset the World Order – Moderator: Kori Schake, Ph.D., Senior Fellow and Director of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, AEI (Confirmed); o Elbridge Colby, Cofounder and Principal, The Marathon Initiative (Confirmed); o ADM Harry B. Harris Jr., USN (Ret.), Former Commander, U.S. Pacific Command; Former Ambassador to the Republic of South Korea (2018 – 21) (Confirmed); o Michael Kofman, Director, Russia Studies Program, CNA Corporation (Confirmed); o Sarah C. M. Paine, Ph.D., William S. Sims University Professor, U.S. Naval War College (Confirmed).

    Panel #2 – What's Next for the Russia-China Relationship: Implications for the United States and the World – Moderator: Rozlyn Engel, Ph.D., Distinguished Visiting Professor, Economics Department, U.S. Naval Academy (Confirmed); o Graham T. Allison, Ph.D., Douglas Dillon Professor of Government, Harvard University (Invited); o Lyle Goldstein, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of International and Public Affairs, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University (Confirmed); o The Honorable Jon M. Huntsman Jr., Vice Chair, Policy, Ford Motor Company; Former Ambassador to Russia (2017-19); Former Ambassador to China (2009-11) (Invited); o Angela E. Stent, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Center for Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies, Georgetown School of Foreign Service; Senior Non-Resident Fellow at Brookings Institution (Confirmed); o The Honorable Randall G. Schriver, Chairman of the Board, Project 2049 Institute; Partner, Pacific Solutions LLC; Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs (2018 - 19) (Confirmed).

    More information about our speakers can be found here.
    Sign up today, space is limited!

    27 October 2022 (Thursday), Noon-1pm – Washington, DC – Virtual Spy Chat with Chris Costa with Carol Rollie Flynn – Virtual International Spy Museum Program

    Join us for an online discussion of the latest intelligence, national security, and terrorism issues in the news. Spy Museum Executive Director Chris Costa, a former intelligence officer of 34 years, will be joined by Carol Rollie Flynn, president of the Foreign Policy Research Institute. A 30-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Flynn held senior executive positions there including Director of CIA's Leadership Academy, Director of the Office of Foreign Intelligence Relationships, Associate Deputy Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, Executive Director of the CIA Counterterrorism Center, and Chief of Station in major posts in Southeast Asia and Latin America. She has extensive experience in overseas intelligence operations, security, and counterintelligence. Flynn is also an adjunct Professor at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service/Security Studies Program where she has co-directed the National Security Critical Issue Task Force (NSCITF). She has also taught at the Fordham University Graduate School of Business and previously served as adjunct staff at Rand Corporation. She serves on the Advisory Board of the International Spy Museum and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Event information at

    Thursday, 27 October 2022, 4:30 - 6:30 pm EDT - Hanover, MD - Cocktails and Codebreakers Event

    Please join the National Cryptologic Foundation (NCF) and the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) for Cocktails and Codebreakers, a celebration of women in codebreaking.

    Pay tribute to the rich history of trailblazing women in cryptology, to include recognizing the United States Postal Service's launch of a Women Cryptologists of WWII stamp.

    Fireside Chat: Ms. Jen Easterly, Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) with Mr. Greg Myre, NPR National Security Correspondent, as moderator.

    Special Guest Speaker: Mr. Bill Nye will speak about his mother who was a WWII cryptologist with the WAVES.
    Where: The Hotel at Arundel Preserve: 7795 Arundel Mills Blvd, Hanover, MD 21076. Google map link for driving directions and location.

    More info here
    Register here

    Questions to R. Diamond at

    19 - 28 March 2023 - Washington DC to Europe and back - Gary Powers' 10-Day Cold War Espionage Tour

    Join author and historian Gary Powers Jr. on this unforgettable 10-day tour of Cold War and Espionage related sites throughout Germany and the Czech Republic

    Day 1: Departure from the USA; Day 2: Arrival Berlin; Day 3: Berlin - Potsdam - Berlin; Day 4: Berlin; Day 5: Berlin – Leipzig – Dresden; Day 6: Dresden – Prague – Pilsen; Day 7: Pilsen – Míšov – Pilsen; Day 8: Pilsen – Rozvadov – Nuremberg – Stuttgart; Day 9: Stuttgart – Sinsheim – Speyer – Frankfurt; Day 10: Departure for the USA.

    Included Visits: Berlin Wall Memorial • Checkpoint Charlie Museum • German Spy Museum • Military History Museum Gatow • Glienicke Bridge • Hohenschönhausen Memorial • Berlin Stasi Museum • Allied Museum on Clay Allee • Museum in Der Runde Ecke • Leipzig Forum of Contemporary History Museum • Dresden's Military History Museum • Bautzner Strasse Dresden Memorial • KGB Museum • Prague Museum of Communism • Vitkov Hill Nuclear Bunker • Pilsner Urquell Brewery • Atom Museum • Iron Curtain Museum • Nuremberg Trials Memorial • Stuttgart Cold War Bunker • Sinsheim Technik Museum • Speyer Museum of Technology.

    Tour Name: Gary Powers' Cold War Espionage Tour - view tour; Group Name: Garypowers.Com Tours; Departure City: Washington, DC; Tour Departure Date: March 19, 2023; Tour Return Date: March 28, 2023.

    Tour Price: $3,950.00 (deduct $950 for land only tour) per person, assumes 2-person registration.

    For full description of the activities and accommodations on each of those dates and locations, explore full information about the tour here or Call 1.800.323.4466.

    To enroll now for this 2023 once in a lifetime tour, do so here.

    ALSO See: "Enemy Territory: The Story of American CIA U-2 Pilot Francis Gary Powers" - A Graphic Novel by Francis Gary Powers Jr. and Walter Pfenninger.

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