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22 - 29 August 2023
(Issue 33)

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  • Article: Russia Pushes Long-Term Influence Operations Aimed at the U.S. and Europe - New York Times, 25 Aug 23
  • Article: A CIA-backed 1953 coup in Iran haunts the country with people still trying to make sense of it - Associated Press, 24 Aug 23
  • Article: CIA stairwell attack among flood of sexual misconduct complaints at spy agency - Associated Press, 24 Aug 23
  • Article: Loads of agents joined DEA despite lying on polygraph test, watchdog says - Washington Times, 24 Aug 23
  • Article: Lawmakers demand UAV retrieval info from intel community IG - MSN News Nation, 22 Aug 23
  • Exhibit: Spies, Lies and Deception - Imperial War Museums (London), 24 Sept - 14 Apr 23
  • Book: The Cognitive War: Why We Are Losing and How We can Win - Mr. Edward Lawrence Haugland, 23 Aug 23
  • Article: Jail the Chinese LinkedIn spy's gullible helpers: MPs demand 'the full force of the law' used against any Brits who sold secrets to 'Robin Zhang' after he targeted thousands on social media site from a desk in Beijing - Daily Mail, 23 Aug 23
  • Article: China Casts CIA as Villain in New Anti-Spying Push - Wall Street Journal, 24 Aug 23


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Books — Forthcoming, New Releases, Overlooked

Research Requests and Academic Opportunities

  • Call for Sources: Intelligence officers in Jordan between 1999-2022
  • Call for Sources: Cyprus 1974
  • Call for Information: Rueben Efron (1911-1993), former CIA translator, HTLINGUAL
  • Call for Information: Arnold M. Silvier aka "Ritchie Boy," US Army during WWII and CIA (1949 to 1978)
  • Survey for Members: Skill Sets Needed for Intelligence Analysis Degree Holders to See Success After Graduation
  • Call for Information: 430th CIC in Salzburg in 1946
  • Call For Sources: Intelligence activities in Grenada and the southern Caribbean between 1979, Operation Urgent Fury, Leonard Barrett
  • Call For Sources: Intelligence Officers Who Lived in Spain in the 1970s
  • Call For Papers: Energy Concerns in National Security and Business Intelligence: Identifying Threats and Developing Solutions - International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
  • Call For Papers: Intelligence and Post-War Reconstruction - International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
  • Call For Articles: AFIO Journal, The Intelligencer



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The Renovated and Expanded Collections
at the CIA Museum

Recorded12 June 2023

Robert Byer, CIA Museum Director and Curator
on the Newly Renovated and Expanded Museum Collections

Interview of Monday, 12 June 2023 of Robert Z. Byer, CIA Museum Director and Curator. Host and Interviewer: James Hughes, AFIO President, a former Senior CIA Operations Officer.

TOPIC: Rob Byer and Jim Hughes discuss the newly renovated and expanded CIA Museum and review some artifacts of their unusual collections. Includes first look (by many) of the remarkable Al Zawahiri model used to brief President Biden on the Zawahiri mission.
The interview runs 34 minutes and includes several Q&As.
For more information about the CIA Museum visit:

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Friday, 13 October 2023, 10:30am - 2pm - In-Person Tysons VA

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Jennifer Ewbank, Deputy Director of CIA for Digital Innovation
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4th Annual National Security Career Fair
University Texas - Austin
13 September 2023

13 September 2023 (Wed), 9-3 pm CT - Austin, TX - 4th Annual National Security Career Fair by UT-Austin
Location: Etter-Harbin Alumni Center, 2110 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78712
Join us for the 4th annual National Security Career Fair at The University of Texas at Austin. This event is offered by the Strauss-Clements Intelligence Studies Project, Strauss Center for International Security and Law, and Clements Center for National Security, in partnership with Texas Career Engagement and the LBJ School of Public Affairs.

Meet with federal, state, and private employers involved in national security and intelligence. Learn about their missions and internship and full-time employment opportunities.

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Click HERE for a list of participating employers.

The 2nd Annual Cocktails & Codebreakers Event
11 October 2023 (Wednesday), 5 - 7 pm ET
co-hosted by the National Cryptologic Foundation (NCF)
and the Intelligence and National Security Foundation (INSF)

Attend to celebrate Men & Women in Cryptology at this 2nd Annual event.
We have also extended the early bird ticket rate of $150 through Tuesday, September 12th.
This year, Cocktails and Codebreakers will celebrate "Men and Women in Cryptology." Following an opening networking reception, The Honorable Ronald S. Moultrie, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security (USDI&S) and GEN Paul M. Nakasone, Commander, U.S. Cyber Command; Director, National Security Agency; Chief, Central Security Service, will participate in a joint Fireside Chat.

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"AFIO Now" Podcasts

LATEST PODCAST: "A Fifty-Year Pursuit of Atomic Bomb Builders and Mischief Makers"
Richard Phillip Lawless
former CIA Operations Officer, author of "Hunting Nukes: A Fifty-Year Pursuit of Atomic Bomb Builders and Mischief Makers." speaks with James Hughes, AFIO President, a former Senior CIA Operations Officer about Lawless's half-century quest to seek out and expose undeclared nuclear weapons activities by countries of the highest concern to the US government. In particular. Lawless reveals the successful takedown of the South Korean strategic weapons program in the mid-1970s. He describes in detail the CIA's operation that detected, penetrated, defined, and eventually blocked that country's covert effort. Lawless also recounts his duties during the 2002-2008 talks with the rogue North Korean regime—the so-called "Six Party Talks." In those cases and others, Lawless details his role in the political and bureaucratic struggles necessary to keep the world's most terrifying weapons out of the hands of the world's least responsible and most dangerous regimes.
The interview runs 30 minutes and includes several Q&As.
[Video released to the public. Click title to view.]
AFIO Podcast version here.

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10-12 November 2023 - Sante Fe, NM - Spies, Lies & Nukes Conference

Spies, Lies & Nukes - Third Conference - Santa Fe, NM
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This third, enhanced running of Spies, Lies & Nukes. Join Valerie Plame and some of her legendary, highly decorated, and experienced CIA colleagues as they pull back the curtain on the real life "wilderness of mirrors" that is international espionage.
Hear from and engage with the best of CIA's spies to better understand today's world: from emergent threats, to never-before-told spy operations, black market nuclear scams, how to recruit a spy, the growth of domestic terrorism, how social media is used in espionage, and keeping your employees and your company safe from foreign spies.

Topics: "Soul Catcher: The Metaphysics of Recruiting a Spy" with Jim Lawler, Former Senior CIA Ops Officer
"Delusion and Illusion in Moscow" with Jonna Mendez in conversation with Valerie Plame, Former Covert CIA Ops Officer
"CIA in the Movies" - Panel;
"China: An Emerging Threat" with Mary Beth Long, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
"Inside Putin's Head" with Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, Former Senior CIA Intelligence Officer
"Clarity in Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the CIA" with Marc Polymeropoulos, Former Senior CIA Ops Officer
"Disinformation Distortions: AI, Deep Fakes, and Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Social Media and Espionage" with Alma Katsu, Former Senior CIA and NSA Analyst
"Morality and Ethics in the CIA" with Doug London, Former Senior Officer in the CIA's Clandestine Service
Michael Morell in conversation with Valerie Plame, Former Covert CIA Ops Officer
"Eliminating Players on the Intelligence Battlefield: Havana Syndrome" with Marc Polymeropoulos, Former Senior CIA Ops Officer
"The End of the Global Nuclear Order" with Valerie Plame, Former Covert CIA Ops Officer
Program also includes: Former Senior CIA Intelligence Officer; Michael J. Morell, Former CIA Deputy Director

FEE: Regular Sale purchase window: Jun 16 - Nov 2, $1300; Late Sale purchase window: Nov 3 - Nov 10, $1450. Special AFIO rate here.
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Conference location: Conference Location: La Fonda On the Plaza, 100 E. San Francisco Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501
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Roy Berkeley's "A Spy's London" - Original U.S. Edition - A Few Unsold Copies Available

In 'this remarkable book' (as intelligence historian and AFIO member Nigel West describes in his Foreword), the reader will be struck by the vibrancy of history made real. Author/AFIO member Roy Berkeley goes behind the facades of ordinary buildings, in the city that West calls 'the espionage capital of the World,' to remind us that the history of intelligence has often been made in such mundane places. With his evocative photographs and compelling observations, The 136 sites are organized into 21 manageable walks. But also a joy to armchair travelers. Among the sites: the modest hotel suite where an eager Red Army colonel poured out his secrets to a team of British and American intelligence officers; the royal residence where one of the most slippery Soviet moles was at home for years; the London home where an MP plotting to appease Hitler was arrested on his front steps in 1940.

A few copies are available at only $20 a copy (postage to a U.S.-based address included). Telephone the office at 703-790-0320 or email to obtain one of these last copies.

Clearance Sale on Long-Sleeved Polo Shirts with AFIO Logo
Superior quality and shrink resistant; features a detailed embroidered AFIO seal. The shirt color is royal blue.
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IARPA Leads First-of-its-kind Effort to Fashion Smart Clothing - ODNI, 22 Aug 23 (via Google Translate)

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) — the advanced research and development arm of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence — recently launched a cutting-edge program that aims to make performance-grade, computerized clothing a reality. The Smart Electrically Powered and Networked Textile Systems (SMART ePANTS) program represents the largest single investment to develop Active Smart Textiles (AST) that feel, move, and function like any garment. Resulting innovations stand to provide the Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies with durable, ready-to-wear clothing that can record audio, video, and geolocation data. This eTextile technology could also assist personnel and first responders in dangerous, high-stress environments, such as crime scenes and arms control inspections without impeding their ability to swiftly and safely operate. (View report here.)

Danish spy agencies on trial over undercover agent claims - Agence France Presse, 24 Aug 23

In a case that has proven embarrassing for the intelligence services and politicians, Samsam, a Danish national of Syrian origin, claims he was working for Danish intelligence in Syria in 2013 and 2014, spying on foreign jihadist fighters. He is insistent that he was never a member of the Islamic State (IS), but in 2018 Spanish courts found him guilty of fighting for the jihadist group. "The question is whether the intelligence agencies have to be required to recognise this cooperation," the lawyer for 34-year-old Ahmed Samsam, Erbil Kaya, told the Copenhagen court in a high-security courtroom. The Danish secret service PET and military intelligence service FE have insisted they cannot confirm the identities of their informants. (Full article here.)

NSA Hiring Goals for 2024 Continue Agency’s Aggressive Talent Push - Clearance Jobs, 25 Aug 23

In an era marked by rapidly evolving technological landscapes and an ever-growing demand for cybersecurity and intelligence talent, the National Security Agency (NSA) has embarked on an ambitious mission to bolster its ranks. It aims to hire 3,000 employees in Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23). But will those aggressive hiring numbers continue as we prepare for FY 2024? One of the most pressing questions surrounding NSA’s recruitment endeavors is the timeline for achieving their hiring objective. According to the NSA, the goal for FY23 was to bring in 3,000 new employees. How close are they to reaching their new hire goal? The agency has reported that they are currently 80% of the way to their FY23 hiring target. But NSA is not resting on its laurels. According to their office, they anticipate another significant hiring goal near 3,000 for FY24. This aggressive approach underscores the agency’s commitment to staying ahead of evolving threats. Any unfilled requirements from FY23 will not be left unaddressed. Instead, the NSA has plans to roll them into the FY24 hiring initiative, ensuring that they continue to march steadily towards their objectives. (Full article here.)

Another Spy Satellite Failure for North Korea as Rocket Crashes into Sea - OODA Loop, 24 Aug 23

North Korea has attempted to send a military spy satellite into orbit for a second time, but it has failed again. North Korea said the launch failed because of a problem with the third stage of the rocket carrying the satellite. It said it would try again in October. South Korea’s military said it detected the launch and tracked the rocket as it “traversed international airspace” over the Yellow Sea. Japan’s residents of Okinawa also received emergency warnings to take cover indoors. A spy satellite is a priority of North Korean leader Kim Jung Un’s plan to modernize the country’s military and develop cutting-edge weapons. The first launch attempt also ended in disaster. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said the repeated missile launches were a threat to regional security. (Full article here.)

NGA imagery, expertise critical to first hi-res Antarctic map - Inergency, 25 Aug 23

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency provided imagery and expertise for the recent release of the first Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica, providing an 8-meter terrain map of about 98 percent of the contiguous continental landmass. Similar to the Arctic DEM project completed in September 2017, the REMA is a mosaic constructed from hundreds of thousands of individual stereoscopic digital elevation models extracted from pairs of submeter-resolution DigitalGlobe satellite images, most of which were collected in 2015 and 2016 and licensed by NGA. The Antarctic REMA team used an algorithm extensively tested by NGA experts and matured during the Arctic DEM project to process the images into DEMs, said Brian Bates, NGA data scientist and project team lead. (Full article here.)

New Zealand: Director-General of the Government Communications Security Bureau appointed - NZ Public Service Commission, 23 Aug 23

Public Service Commissioner Peter Hughes has today announced the appointment of Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Clark to the position of Director-General of the Government Communications Security Bureau and Chief Executive, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB). The GCSB is the intelligence and security agency that specialises in electronic communications, information assurance, information and cyber security. The Director-General leads and manages the GCSB, which contributes to national security by providing the foreign intelligence required to protect and advance New Zealand’s security, defence, economic and other interests. The GCSB hosts the National Cyber Security Centre. The Director-General is also the Government Chief Information Security Officer. (Full article here.)

US Government Publishes Guidance on Migrating to Post-Quantum Cryptography - Security Week, 23 Aug 23

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the National Security Agency (NSA), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have published new guidance to encourage organizations to begin early planning for post-quantum cryptography migration. Titled Quantum-Readiness: Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography (PDF), the document details the impact of quantum capabilities and urges organizations – especially those in critical infrastructure – to create quantum-readiness roadmaps, conduct inventories, assess risks, and start engaging with vendors. Following a White House memo and a CISA alert on quantum computing risks, the new guidance comes in anticipation of NIST’s post-quantum cryptographic (PQC) standards, expected to be released in 2024. (Full article here.)

Germany’s University of Erlangen-Nuremberg stops accepting state-funded Chinese students and researchers over spying fears - South China Morning Post, 26 Aug 23

A German university’s decision to stop accepting researchers funded by a Chinese government body has prompted warnings that further restrictions or even bans may be imposed as relations between the two countries continue to cool. Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) in the state of Bavaria, told staff in an internal message that it had decided to suspend collaboration with holders of scholarships awarded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) indefinitely as of June 1 “to reduce the risk of industrial espionage”. The message, which has been seen by the Post, pointed to a contract that students sign with the CSC, which is controlled by China’s Ministry of Education. Students who sign the contract pledge allegiance to the state, promise to stay in touch with the Chinese embassy and return to China after finishing their studies. (Full article here.)

GRU commander under suspicion over death of Prigozhin, intelligence sources say - iNews, 25 Aug 23

A Russian intelligence chief responsible for the unit that is believed to have carried out the 2018 Salisbury poisonings is under suspicion after the death of Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin, intelligence sources have said. Intelligence sources in the UK and Ukraine have told i that Major General Andrey Averyanov is being discussed in connection with the downing of Prigozhin’s jet. The Kremlin on Friday issued a firm denial to suggestions the warlord was killed on the orders of Vladimir Putin. But Western officials believe the Russian President was most likely to have been responsible, with US President Joe Biden saying “there’s not much that happens in Russia that Putin’s not behind.” UK intelligence agencies investigating the wreckage are still open minded about the events and individuals behind them and believe it’s too early to confirm anything for certain, iNews has been told. (Full article here.)

‘Chinese spy’ targeted thousands over LinkedIn - BBC, 23 Aug 23

A Chinese spy is alleged to have used LinkedIn to contact thousands of British officials and lure them into handing over state secrets. The Times said that the spy worked for Beijing's Ministry of State Security and used a series of false names. The MI5 has previously warned that spies are using LinkedIn to target those with access to confidential information. The Chinese Embassy has been contacted for comment. A parliamentary report also warned that the aim was sometimes to lure people to China and then compromise them. The alleged spy is said to have used several names over a period of five years. The most prominent used was Robin Zhang, During that time it is claimed he offered British and other officials business opportunities, with an endgame of gaining sensitive information from them. He is also said to have offered a recruitment consultant up to £8,000 each time they handed over details of someone who worked for the intelligence services. (Full article here.)

Poisoning Critics: The Kremlin's Preferred Method of Dealing with Dissidents - Homeland Security Newswire, 19 Aug 23

The Kremlin may have been behind the poisoning of three prominent Russian journalists living in exile, according to a recent investigation by the Russian online portal The Insider. The investigation highlights that the journalists were known for their outspoken anti-Kremlin stance. Natalija Arno, Jelena Kostjutschenko and Irina Bablojan, the three female exiled journalists cited in the report, were admitted to the hospital after experiencing perplexing and unexplained symptoms. The investigation, which was published on August 15, quotes various experts, including a physician renowned for saving the life of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. These experts collectively point to the possibility of “exogenous poisoning” as a compelling explanation for the symptoms that the journalists experienced. (Full article here.)

Counterespionage Corner - Recent Arrests, Convictions, Expulsions, and more...

Cyberespionage Collection - Newly Identified Actors and Operations, Countermeasures, Policy, other...


The Latest from International Spy Museum Historian Andrew Hammond, PhD.

Spycast is the official podcast of the International Spy Museum and hosts interviews with intelligence experts on matters of HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, OSINT, and GEOINT. Spycast is hosted by historian Andrew Hammond, PhD.

22 Aug | “America 3.0” – with Bill Britton of the California Cybersecurity Institute (CCI) Bill Britton joins Andrew in a discussion about cybersecurity and cyber awareness. Bill is the Director of the California Cybersecurity Institute and CIO at Cal Poly.

Previous episode:

15 Aug | "The Gambling Capital of the World: Intelligence, Las Vegas Style!" – with James Lockhart and Keith Michaels

The Latest Insights from Former CIA Acting Deputy Director for Operations Jack Devine.

In Other News The proprietary analytic newsletter crafted for The Arkin Group's private clients by former CIA Acting Deputy Director for Operations Jack Devine.

25 Aug | Putin wasn’t confident that he could punish Yevgeny Prigozhin in a traditional Russian show trial without an unpredictable reaction. Instead, in an emotion-driven attempt to reclaim his strongman image, Putin resorted to a dramatic act of violence against him. When Yevgeny Prigozhin led Wagner troops on a march towards Moscow in late June- shooting down multiple Russian military aircraft in the process- he humiliated Vladimir Putin and exposed cracks within the broader Russian elite. On August 23, two months after that event, Putin enacted his revenge when a plane carrying Yevgeny Prigozhin and other Wagner leaders reportedly exploded and crashed in the Tver region northwest of Moscow. Putin should have been able to punish Prigozhin by arresting him, putting him on trial for treason, and exacting the punishment he desired. But Putin seemingly wasn’t confident that he’d have control over that process. Instead, in a sign of apparent weakness, Putin elected for a quick, violent act handled by a limited number of his inner circle. (Full version available to AFIO members in the coming days here.)

Previous Issue:

17 Aug | With the Chinese and Russian economies in significant flux, nations in the Global South are increasingly looking for new ways to engage and protect their interests.

Daily Analysis of Security Issues and Geopolitical Trends

Intel Brief The Soufan Center's flagship, daily analytical product focused on complex security issues and geopolitical trends that may shape regional or international affairs. The Soufan Center was founded by former FBI Special Agent and Soufan Group CEO Ali Soufan.

29 Aug | Libya’s Instability Worsens, Adding Threats to the Broader Region

In mid-August, tensions in post-Qadhafi Libya – already heightened by the competition for power between a U.N.-backed administration in the capital, Tripoli, and political and military leaders based in the eastern city of Benghazi – produced significant combat between rival militias in Tripoli. The fighting, which reportedly killed 55 persons and wounded nearly 150 others (including some civilians), erupted as part of a power struggle between two militias: the “444 Brigade” and the “Special Deterrence Force.” In contrast to previous clashes in and around the city over the past two years - all of which were brief and relatively small in scale - the contending militias are both aligned with the U.N.-backed Tripoli-based administration of nominal Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dbeibah. The two forces, however, report to different organs within that administration; the 444 Brigade is under defense ministry command, whereas the Special Deterrence Force reports to the Presidential Council that supervises Dbeibah and his cabinet. Earlier clashes in or near Tripoli during 2022-2023 generally represented efforts by Benghazi-based Khalifah Haftar, head of the factionalized “Libyan National Army” (LNA), and his allies to extend their authority into western Libya by undermining Dbeibah’s government. Earlier, in 2019, Haftar - backed by Russia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - launched a major military effort to seize Tripoli and the rest of western Libya. After many months of combat, his forces were repelled by militias loyal to the Tripoli administration who were assisted by military equipment and advice from Türkiye.

28 Aug | After the Death of Prigozhin, What is the Future of the Wagner Group?

Analysis of Global Security Events with WTOP National Security Correspondent JJ Green

Inside the SCIF - 24 August - Prigozhin. Dead or Alive?, Spies in Poland, Spies in Washington, and more...

Target USA Podcast - 23 Aug - Prigozhin dies in a place crash. And what happened in the early hours of the Maui wildfires

The Hunt Broadcast - 16 Aug - The coup in Niger is hampering counterterrorism efforts in West Africa

The Latest Insights from Jeff Stein and Colleagues in SpyTalk

25 Aug | Sex, Lies and Women at the CIA - Jeff Stein
You may have seen yesterday’s bombshell story on sexual assaults of CIA women by their male bosses and so-called colleagues, which opened with a vivid, stomach-turning account of a woman accosted by a male officer trainee—a trainee!—in a stairwell at headquarters. In a very rare instance of a case emerging from the veil of CIA secrecy, Ashkan Bayatpour was arrested, prosecuted and convicted on a Virginia state misdemeanor charge of assault and battery, the A.P. reported. Many others have escaped justice, aided by the CIA. (Full article here.)

24 Aug | UPDATED: Prigozhin Demise, Spy Ops and Sabotage - Jeff Steinr
I don’t know about you, but from the outset of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I feel like I’ve been living in a kind of Back to the Future time warp, transported to 1940s headlines and movie-theater newsreels from World War Two. Tank battles, trench warfare, infantrymen scurrying across open fields, and, last but not least, those ungodly missiles raining down on cities, evoke nothing less—for me, anyway—than Europe during the war years. Not that I was around then, of course, but like other baby boomers, I heard tales of the war from my grandparents and have been marinated in movies, TV shows and books glorifying the war since I was a kid. And it never stops—witness the blockbuster success of Oppenheimer. Obviously there’s a bottomless appetite for tales of wars we win. (Full article here.)

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Article: Russia Pushes Long-Term Influence Operations Aimed at the U.S. and Europe - New York Times, 25 Aug 23

Russia is intensifying its efforts to spread pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine messages in the United States and the West, using influence-laundering techniques to hide the efforts of its intelligence agencies to manipulate public opinion, according to a newly declassified American intelligence analysis. Efforts by Russian intelligence agencies to shape public debate leading up to the 2016 U.S. election focused on methods designed to have short-term effects, like exacerbating tensions inside the United States through social media posts. But the newly declassified U.S. analysis looks at how Russian intelligence services, in particular the Federal Security Service or F.S.B., have been secretly using allies inside nominally independent organizations to spread propaganda and cultivate ties with rising leaders, efforts that are intended to play out over long periods of time. (Read full report here.) (NOTE: This material may require a one time free subscription or sit behind a paywall.)

Article: A CIA-backed 1953 coup in Iran haunts the country with people still trying to make sense of it - Associated Press, 24 Aug 23

Seventy years after a CIA-orchestrated coup toppled Iran’s prime minister, its legacy remains both contentious and complicated for the Islamic Republic as tensions stay high with the United States. While highlighted as a symbol of Western imperialism by Iran’s theocracy, the coup unseating Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh — over America’s fears about a possible tilt toward the Soviet Union and the loss of Iranian crude oil — appeared backed at the time by the country’s leading Shiite clergy. But nowadays, hard-line Iranian state television airs repeated segments describing the coup as showing how America can’t be trusted, while authorities bar the public from visiting Mossadegh’s grave in a village outside of Tehran. (Read full report here.)

Article: CIA stairwell attack among flood of sexual misconduct complaints at spy agency - Associated Press, 24 Aug 23

In a secluded stairwell at CIA headquarters last year, officer trainee Ashkan Bayatpour came up behind a colleague, wrapped a scarf around her neck and plainly spoke as he tried to kiss her on the mouth. “There are many uses for this,” the woman recalls him saying. “This is what I want to do to you.” Bayatpour was convicted Wednesday of a state misdemeanor charge of assault and battery in a case that was remarkable for breaking through the CIA’s veil of ultra-secrecy and playing out in a public courtroom where it has emboldened a sexual misconduct reckoning. At least two-dozen women have come forward in recent months with their own complaints of abusive treatment within the CIA, telling authorities and Congress not only about sexual assaults, unwanted touching and coercion but of what they contend is a campaign by the spy agency to keep them from speaking out, with dire warnings it could wreck their careers and even endanger national security. (Read full report here.)

Article: Loads of agents joined DEA despite lying on polygraph test, watchdog says - Washington Times, 24 Aug 23

The Drug Enforcement Administration hired dozens of agents and analysts suspected of lying during their pre-employment polygraph test, the Justice Department’s watchdog said in a report released Wednesday. The Justice Department Office of Inspector General found at least 77 employees, including 66 special agents and 11 intelligence research specialists, were hired by the agency despite receiving a “significant response” on their lie detector test. A “significant response” means the applicant indicated deception while answering the same question several times. Applicants are asked a range of questions related to past drug use, serious criminal activity, truthfulness on pre-employment documentation, and national security issues. The polygraph results are used to evaluate a candidate’s character and potential national security risk. (Read full report here.)

Article: Lawmakers demand UAV retrieval info from intel community IG - MSN News Nation, 22 Aug 23

A group of House lawmakers are demanding information about a UAP crash retrieval program that a whistleblower claims is being covered up by the Pentagon. The six lawmakers, led by Rep. Tim Burchett, asked the intelligence community inspector general in a letter to provide any and all information about the alleged crash retrieval program by mid-September. The whistleblower, David Grusch, said in an open congressional hearing last month that he’s provided information about the crash retrieval program to the inspector general. Grusch told members of a House Oversight subcommittee during that hearing he could not provide names of people with first-hand knowledge of the crash retrieval in a public setting. (Read full report here.)

Exhibit: Spies, Lies and Deception - Imperial War Museums (London), 24 Sept - 14 Apr 23

Spies, Lies and Deception is a free, must-see exhibition at IWM London about deception and espionage from the First World War to the present day. Explore how audacious plots of deception have changed the course of conflict and the lives of those involved. The exhibition showcases over 150 objects, newly digitised film and photography, as well as specially commissioned interviews. The exhibition will cover the role of deception, the means by which it was uncovered and the costs of being both deceiver and the deceived. (Read full report here.)

Book: The Cognitive War: Why We Are Losing and How We can Win - Mr. Edward Lawrence Haugland, 23 Aug 23

We are in an ongoing Cognitive War in which victory is forever fleeting. Why? Because it is perpetual war that will continue until mankind ceases to exist. In this regard, the war is unending, and so are the battles. The reality is evil does exist in this world, and it is persistent in its efforts – we cannot ignore it, hide from it, or defeat it unless we act with purpose and remain resolved. Too many Americans take our freedoms for granted, have short memories, do not study history, and quickly fall into one or more of the four buckets of despair – they become complacent, compliant, complicit, corrupt, or a mixture of the latter. This book details the ongoing Cognitive War (both domestic and global), a warning for all ages, why we are losing, the theory behind this war to operations, and how we can win. A primarily an ideological war, between tyranny and freedom, control and independence, subjugation, and democracy. In today’s U.S.A, few understand it, can defend against it, can compete in it, or win it. It can be won, but not if we are unwilling to change. (Purchase book - here.)

Article: Jail the Chinese LinkedIn spy's gullible helpers: MPs demand 'the full force of the law' used against any Brits who sold secrets to 'Robin Zhang' after he targeted thousands on social media site from a desk in Beijing - Daily Mail, 23 Aug 23

Any Britons found to have sold secrets to a Chinese spy who targeted gullible officials on an industrial scale using LinkedIn should face 'the full force of the law', a senior MP said today. A Communist operative using a string of alias is believed to have wooed thousands of civil servants, scientists and academics using the business-orientated social media site, all while sat at a desk in Beijing. The spy, whose main alias was Robin Zhang, is said to have used a raft of fake names and created sham companies to entice civil servants, scientists and even security officials into handing over classified Government information. (Read full report - here.)

Article: China Casts CIA as Villain in New Anti-Spying Push - Wall Street Journal, 24 Aug 23

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is expanding a campaign to harden the country against foreign efforts to steal its secrets, with his spymasters warning citizens abroad to guard against enticement from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. The Ministry of State Security—China’s main civilian intelligence agency—recently accused two Chinese nationals of spying for the U.S., saying both were recruited by the CIA while living overseas. It publicized the cases soon after CIA Director William Burns said the agency had made progress in rebuilding its spy network in China, an assertion that drew widespread attention on Chinese social media. The disclosures are part of the Chinese state-security ministry’s first-ever public foray on social media, where it has solicited the public’s help in fighting espionage and other threats to national security. In its debut post on the popular do-everything app WeChat on Aug. 1, titled “Counterespionage Requires Mobilization of an Entire Society,” it urged ordinary Chinese to help build a “people’s line of defense for national security.” The ministry’s social-media offensive lands amid rising tensions and mutual distrust between the U.S. and China, with each power portraying the other as a strategic threat. Both sides have also traded spying allegations, with Washington accusing Beijing of running cyberattacks and espionage efforts against American targets, and vice versa. (Read full report here.)

(NOTE: This material may require a one time free subscription or sit behind a paywall.)


Not Only Nuclear - Iranian Espionage in Israel - Reichman University, August 2023

On 11 August, 2023, Israeli media reported that the Shin Bet had successfully thwarted an Iranian espionage attempt on Israeli soil. An individual of Iranian descent, upon arriving at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, was apprehended and subsequently interrogated by Shin Bet investigators. During the interrogation, the individual confessed to being recruited by Iranian intelligence and assigned to carry out espionage activities within Israel. Notably, the individual was instructed to acquire the specific intelligence targets only after entering Israel—a tactic commonly employed by Iranian intelligence to ensure the spy’s successful infiltration into the country. Upon conducting a search of the spy’s belongings, various espionage tools were discovered, including a concealed covert camera disguised as a tissue box, operational communication devices, and a sum of money. (Full report here.)

Planning Ethical Influence Operations - RAND, 26 Aug 23

U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) efforts to plan and conduct influence operations in an ethical manner face several challenges, including concerns regarding the appropriateness of any influence activity, a lack of explicit consideration of ethics in the influence-planning process, and decoupling the ethics of force from the ethics of influence in military operations. Currently, DoD lacks a framework to explicitly consider the ethics of an influence activity outside legal review. Ethics scholarship reveals that the principal ethical objection to influence is its threat to autonomy. Although influence is a threat to autonomy and is thus morally fraught, this scholarship points to several situations in which influence activities might be justified. This report includes (1) clear ethical principles that should govern the planning and conduct of influence operations; (2) clear procedures for assessing ethics and the ethical risk associated with a proposed influence operation; and (3) guidelines for creating a justification statement for a proposed influence operation based on a preliminary ethical determination so that reviewers and approvers are presented with a consistent, coherent, and nonarbitrary ethical evaluation with which they can engage and agree or disagree. (Full report here.)

Why Putin is Not the Spymaster He Claims to Be - Belfer Center, 19 Aug 23

President Putin is not the spymaster he claims. Last week's news of five Bulgarians arrested in Britain, alleged to be Russian intelligence operatives, fits into a broader trend: since becoming Russian leader more than two decades ago, Putin has presided over a succession of intelligence failures against the West. His spy networks have been rounded up in Europe, North America, and now apparently Britain. Little is known about the Bulgarians, who were detained in February and whose story has only now come to light. Three have been charged, but have not yet entered their pleas. But this much is clear: if they do turn out to be Russian operatives, Putin would regard their arrest as a humiliation— and yet another success on the part of western security and intelligence services, who have pushed hard to gain the upper hand since the invasion of Ukraine. Putin makes much of his KGB past. Indeed, his KGB career shaped his world view. Certainly Putin's campaign to interfere in the 2016 US presidential election was a remarkable operation. It followed an old Soviet tradition of covertly meddling in US elections, stretching back to at least 1948, but now using new social media tools. It injected all manner of toxic uncertainty into the American political system. (Full report here.)

Unpacking the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board FISA 702 Report - Lawfare, 22 Aug 23

On July 31, the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board (PIAB) issued a report on Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA 702). The public release of the report was notable, as PIAB reports are generally kept private and are used only for internal deliberations. The report acknowledged problems with agency compliance with Section 702 requirements, analyzed potential reforms, and made a series of recommendations. The PIAB—an independent executive staff agency tasked with advising the president on intelligence issues—is composed of experts in various fields and is staffed by detailees from intelligence agencies. However, unlike the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board and the President’s Review Group established in the wake of the Snowden disclosures, the PIAB does not include members or staff from a civil rights and civil liberties background. (Full report here.)

Cracking the code: How intelligence and cyber reshaped Australian statecraft - Lowly Institute, 23 Aug 23

Practitioners know that the secret of success in the espionage business is in keeping successes secret. Uninitiated commentators often miss fundamental aspects of how intelligence is deployed in a country’s statecraft as a result. Practitioners of old went to their graves without revealing the feats of cryptography and its strategic importance, for example, leaving many historians and international relations scholars to miss crucial nuances for the simple reason that they have been kept secret. My recent book with Clare Birgin, Revealing Secrets: An Unofficial History of Australian Signals Intelligence and the Advent of Cyber, makes bold claims about the place of intelligence in Australian statecraft, the impact of the fourth industrial revolution (or digital revolution), and the advent of cyber, as well as the misreading of history when it excludes intelligence. There is a richer story to be told by placing signals intelligence (Sigint) in historical and contemporary context. The genesis of the book was a contract for an official history of the Australian Signals Directorate originally awarded to the Australian National University, but its cancellation in 2020 turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Free to put the work of the ASD on a broader canvas, Birgin and I shed new light on the role of Sigint in statecraft, the emergence of cyber, and even the AUKUS arrangements. (Full report here.)

About Russian disinformation and narratives in the Western media - UATV, 22 Aug 23

Fred Hoffman, Assistant Professor of the Department of Intelligence Studies at Mercyhurst University, spoke about the Kremlin's tools of disinformation, the pro-Russian narrative in the Western media, and whether Russia's influence on the world is powerful, and how to counter it, watch 'On the Edge' Project on UATV English. (Full report here.)

Changes to UK Surveillance Regime May Violate International Law - Just Security, 22 Aug 23

The United Kingdom (U.K.) government has recently unveiled plans to revise the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (IPA), the primary legislation governing the surveillance of electronic communications in the United Kingdom. The proposed revisions include five objectives pertaining to changes in the notices regime within the IPA, the process through which the government can ask private companies to carry out surveillance on its behalf, such as interception of communications and equipment interference (hacking). The proposed changes to the IPA notices regimes include an obligation to comply with the content of a potential notice during the review period and before a notice is actually served, an obligation to disclose technical information about the company’s systems during the same review period, measures to strengthen the extraterritorial application of the notices and obligations for companies to give advance notice to the U.K. Secretary of State before implementing any technical changes. This article focuses on the latter two changes. It examines how the United Kingdom likely would be in breach of international human rights law (IHRL) by interfering with the privacy and security of online users both within and outside of its borders, should it decide to move forward with the proposed revisions. (Listen here.)

Personnel Changes at the PRC’s Organs for Taiwan Intelligence Analysis - Global Taiwan Institute, 23 Aug 23

In an undated post on the website of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR, 中國現代國際關係研究院), the former director of the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS, 中國社會科學院) Institute of Taiwan Studies (ITS, 台灣研究所), Yang Mingjie (楊明杰), was featured as its new president. As is routine practice with personnel changes in Chinese intelligence organs, there was no official public announcement of Yang’s appointment. Yang served as director of CASS-ITS for six years from 2017, and his transfer to CICIR was formalized between late June—when Yang was still using his title as director of ITS for public functions—and in early July, which is when he first appeared on CICIR’s website in the new post. The appointment of someone with hands-on proximate Taiwan experience at the top of the CICIR is noteworthy for several reasons—not least for the fact that Yang now heads one of the white gloves of the Ministry of State Security (MSS, 國家安全部) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). (Full report here.)

On the Promises and Consequences of the Intelligence Contest in Cyberspace - Royal United Services Institute, 23 Aug 23

There has been growing pushback from experts and scholars to the concept of ‘cyber war’, with some suggesting that a more sober way of assessing cyber operations is to see them as part of a wider ‘intelligence contest’ – a term proposed by some scholars to describe strategic competition in cyberspace as a duel between actors to gather data, undermine adversary institutions and sabotage capabilities. It is worth noting this definition of ‘intelligence’ is contentious in some quarters, with others preferring the more limited description of intelligence as relating to the collection and analysis of information. In terms of cyber war hyperbole, unhelpful headlines such as Newsweek’s ‘The Rising Risk of a Cyber Pearl Harbour’ in 2021 usually grab the everyday reader’s attention but limit our understanding of the far more important dimension of these cyber incidents: how states and non-state actors use cyberspace below the threshold of war to further their strategic objectives. (Full report here.)

Beyond Chinese Spy Balloons: Why We Need To Teach East Asian Studies In U.S Homeland Security Programs - 1945, 25 Aug 23

On Feb. 2, the U.S military spotted a Chinese spy balloon over the northern U.S. News of the discovery precipitated an avalanche of reactions from American politicians, pundits, and the general public. Some called for the immediate shooting down of the balloon while others blamed U.S. President Joe Biden for this breach of U.S sovereignty occurring under his watch. China’s blatant violation of U.S airspace stunned many Americans and indicated an increasingly brazen Chinese approach to surveillance of the U.S homeland. As an East Asia specialist teaching in a homeland security and emergency preparedness program — hereafter, HSEP — the spy balloon incident confirmed my belief that we need to teach the next generation of homeland security professionals much more about East Asia, especially about Chinese politics and history. (Full report here.)

Putin’s Victims: A Long List Getting Longer - Homeland Security Newswire, 24 Aug 23

Vladimir Putin’s intelligence operatives have killed many critics of the regime, both in Russia and abroad — among them opposition politicians, journalists, academics, artists, former spies, oligarchs, and businesspeople. Russian intelligence operatives, however, have also killed Russians who were not outspoken critics of the regime, leading Russia experts to speculate that Putin has adopted a milder version of Stalin’s tactics of random killings in order to instill a generalized sense of fear and insecurity among members of the Russian elite. The article offers a list of 175 dead Russians — 30 businesspeople; 23 politicians, diplomats, academics, and senior military officers; and 122 journalists — who were killed, or who died under mysterious, often exceedingly implausible, circumstances, since Putin came to power. (Full report here.)

A Deep Dive Into The Unseen Networks, Undersea Cables and Surveillance - Digital Information World, 24 Aug 23

Have you ever wondered where does this internet work from? How can you send and receive plenty of information in just one click worldwide Johnny Harris, the famous YouTuber and journalist, offers a comprehensive insight into the world of undersea communication cables, government surveillance, and the evolving landscape of global information control. A huge structure defies the modest surroundings in the centre of an ordinary New Jersey neighbourhood, hidden behind a state facade. From the outside, it looks like a typical warehouse with a slew of air conditioning equipment. However, a keen observer from a vantage position might reveal the actual function of this edifice—an AT&T landing station. It is home to a maze of undersea cables, the lifelines that connect continents, governments, and individuals. What was once thought to be the pinnacle of global connectedness and communication has now been transformed into a war for power, surveillance, and control.(Full report here.)

Visualizing the Future Global Economy by GDP in 2050 - Visual Capitalist, 22 Aug 23

According to a recent report from Goldman Sachs, the balance of global economic power is projected to shift dramatically in the coming decades. More specifically, analysts believe that Asia could soon become the largest regional contributor to world GDP, surpassing the traditional economic powerhouses grouped together in the Developed Markets (DM) category. In the graphic above, we’ve visualized Goldman Sachs’ real GDP forecasts for the year 2050 using a voronoi diagram. (Access visual tool and full report here.)

Intelligence in History - A Collection of Recent Content

True Intelligence Matters in Film - Confessions of a Nazi Spy - Anatole Litvak (1939)

This film is based on a series of articles by FBI Special Agent Leon G. Turrou that recount his investigation of Nazi spy rings in the United States. Parts of the film are drawn from the Rumrich Nazi spy case, the first major international espionage case in American history. It is the first explicitly anti-Nazi film produced by a major Hollywood studio. It released in May 1939, four months before the beginning of World War II and two and a half years before the United States' entry into the war. The large cast of German actors included some who had emigrated from their country after the rise of Adolf Hitler; many changed their names for fear of reprisals against relatives still living in Germany.

More information about this based-on-true-events production here.

Walking Tours - Washington, DC - Sundays (Dates/Times Vary)

Former intelligence officers guide visitors on two morning and afternoon espionage-themed walking tours: "Spies of Embassy Row" and "Spies of Georgetown." For more information and booking, click here or contact

Section V - Books, Research Requests, Jobs, Obituaries

Books — Forthcoming, Newly Released, Overlooked

Russian Espionage in South Africa: The Dieter Felix Gerhardt Case Study
by Henning van Aswegen
(03 July 23)

Dieter Felix Gerhardt, a South African naval officer based in Simonstown, was a paid penetration agent[i] for the Russian Military Intelligence Service, Glavnoje Razvedyvatel’noje Upravlenije (GRU), in the South African Defence Force (SADF). The case study on Dieter Felix Gerhardt and Ruth Johr, is approached from the perspective of Intelligence Studies, therefore the intelligence terminology and nomenclature used will be defined, explained, and referenced. The author is a former member of the South African intelligence services.

Order book here.

Britain's Secret Defences: Civilian saboteurs, spies and assassins during the Second World War
by Andrew Chatterton
(Casemate, 09 Aug 22)

The narrative surrounding Britain’s anti-invasion forces has often centered on ‘Dad’s Army’-like characters running around with pitchforks, on unpreparedness and sense of inevitability of invasion and defeat. The truth, however, is very different. Top-secret, highly trained and ruthless civilian volunteers were being recruited as early as the summer of 1940. Had the Germans attempted an invasion they would have been countered by saboteurs and guerrilla fighters emerging from secret bunkers, and monitored by swathes of spies and observers who would have passed details on via runners, wireless operators and ATS women in disguised bunkers. Alongside these secret forces, the Home Guard were also setting up their own ‘guerrilla groups’, and SIS (MI6) were setting up post-occupation groups of civilians – including teenagers – to act as sabotage cells, wireless operators, and assassins had the Nazis taken control of the country. The civilians involved in these groups understood the need for absolute secrecy and their commitment to keeping quiet meant that most went to their grave without ever telling anyone of their role, not even their closest family members. There has been no official and little public recognition of what these dedicated men and women were willing to do for their country in its hour of need, and after over 80 years of silence the time has come to highlight their remarkable role.

Order book here.

Psychology of Intelligence Analysis
by Richards J. Heuer
(Martino Fine Books, 30 Aug 21)

2021 Reprint of 1999 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition. Not reproduced with Optical Recognition software. This volume pulls together and republishes, with some editing, updating, and additions, articles written during 1978-86 for internal use within the CIA Directorate of Intelligence. The information is relatively timeless and still relevant to the never-ending quest for better analysis. The articles are based on reviewing cognitive psychology literature concerning how people process information to make judgments on incomplete and ambiguous information. The essays selected are the most relevant to intelligence analysis and most in need of communication to intelligence analysts. The articles are intended to help the intelligence analysts understand and interpreted the issues that most intelligence analysts face.

Order book here.

Research Requests and Academic Opportunities

Call for Sources: Intelligence officers in Jordan between 1999-2022

Author Aaron Magid, who is writing on a book about King Abdullah, is looking to interview intelligence officers who were posted in Jordan in the 1999-2022 timeframe. He can be contacted at

Call for Sources: Cyprus 1974

A British history journalist, Andrew Southam, is writing a book about events in Cyprus 1974, which saw an attempted coup against president Archbishop Makarios, two interventions by Turkey, the fall of the Greek Junta, the cutting of aid to Turkey and the assassination of Ambassador Ron Davies; and contributed to the murder a year later of Athens CIA station chief Dick Welch besides other British, Greek and American officials over the subsequent 27 years. This work is an accurate narrative of events (initially called ‘Cyprus’74, no control, no conspiracy’), rebutting with evidence various conspiracy allegations of US and/or British collusion with either Greece or Turkey. He would warmly welcome speaking to any intelligence officers who played a role in these events. He can be contacted at

Call for Information: Rueben Efron (1911-1993), former CIA translator, HTLINGUAL.

Please contact Mark S. Zaid, Esq. at or (202) 330-5610.

Call for Information: Arnold M. Silvier

Relative of Silvier, aka "Richie Boy," seeks information on the person (or works of) Silver, who was in the US Army during WWII and, later, CIA (1949 - 1978), with postings in Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Turkey and Washington DC. Please contact

Survey for Members: Skill Sets Needed for Intelligence Analysis Degree Holders to See Success After Graduation

Northeastern University Security and Intelligence Studies professor researching the skill sets required for Intelligence Analysis degree holders to see success after graduation welcomes the participation of AFIO members in a 5-minute survey in support of the research. Access survey here.

Call for Information: 430th CIC in Salzburg in 1946

I am currently writing about 430th CIC in Salzburg in 1946. I have a (large) CIC file and am now trying to track down further details about two officers mentioned in this: (1) Bill Taylor. The sources do not make clear whether the officer was Major Bill G. Taylor, GSC, Head of the Counter-Intelligence Bureau of G-2 (Intelligence Section), US Forces Austria, or “Mil.Reg.” Captain Taylor of Salzburg. Any information on either/both of these officers would be most welcome. (2) Pace B Rose. Rose was a CIC Special Agent in Austria, later a CIA officer who continued to be attached to the Agency after retirement. He died on 3 January 2009. I would like to contact family and friends of Pace Rose. According to the internet, Rose had children, Donna R. Hilverts and Gary W. Rose, and five grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Please contact with any information.

Call for Sources: Intelligence Officers Who Lived in Spain in the 1970s

Spanish journalist Francisco Jiménez is preparing a documentary about the intelligence services in Spain in the 70s. He is looking for intelligence officers who worked in Spain in those years. If you are willing to assist Francisco, he can be reached at

Call for Sources: Intelligence activities in Grenada and the southern Caribbean between 1979, Operation Urgent Fury, Leonard Barrett

The Washington Post is developing a multi-part audio documentary series (i.e. podcast) chronicling the Grenadian revolution and the US intervention in 1983. They've interviewed nearly 100 people so far, ranging from the heads of state, former Grenadian officials, current and former US officials, veterans, and intelligence officers. They're looking for people who served at the time and may be knowledgeable about intelligence activities in Grenada and the southern Caribbean between 1979 and Operation Urgent Fury. They would also be interested in speaking with anyone who knew Leonard Barrett during the same period. If anyone is interested in participating, please reach out to Washington Post reporter Ted Muldoon via email at or on Signal at 651-497-5449.

Call for papers: Energy Concerns in National Security and Business Intelligence: Identifying Threats and Developing Solutions - International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

The link between energy and national security is well established and is a continuing multifaceted problem. Every facet of the intelligence process (e.g., collection, analysis, and production) has played a significant role for governments and private industry in anticipating threats to this vital sector. For example, current intelligence assessments focusing on Europe’s major energy concerns are stemming from supply-chain disruptions caused by a pandemic, Russia’s war in Ukraine, climate change, and the phasing out of coal and phasing in of renewable sources. This conference provides an opportunity to discuss the contribution of business intelligence in understanding the threat to role of energy and national security interests. It brings together prominent academic voices, experienced practitioners, and policymakers, offering an opportunity to “bridge the gap” between these sectors. We are looking for conference participants to identify critical issues and challenges, competing perspectives, new and existing trends, creative solutions for new technologies, and the emergence of new market conditions.

Proposals, abstracts, or papers should be submitted by September 1.

More information, topic suggestions, and submission instructions here.

Call for papers: Intelligence and Post-War Reconstruction - International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

History shows that without planning for post-war reconstruction, apparent victory in war can lead to long-term defeat. On the other hand, wise post-war planning can lead to friendly, peaceful, and profitable relations between victor and vanquished. For political, socio-economic and security-related planning, intelligence plays a crucial role in estimating capabilities, securing infrastructure, locating persons of interest, and rebuilding. In honor of the 75th anniversary of the European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan) after the Second World War, the editors are particularly interested in papers dealing with intelligence concerning post-war reconstruction initiatives and planning connected to historical and recent conflicts. Both case studies and theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome. The studies may include, but do not have to be focused on, the following questions and issues:

  • The role of diplomatic and military intelligence during the conflict as preparation for post-war reconstruction, from the conceptual to the practical.
  • What intelligence needs to be collected to secure and boost reconstruction?
  • What contacts, networks, and infrastructure are necessary for intelligence to be effective?
  • Who has been or should be approached and/or recruited for reconstruction efforts based on intelligence?
  • When has intelligent post-war planning (or its opposite) been historically evident?
  • How should intelligence interact with formerly warring parties and international organizations to empower practical reconstruction efforts?
  • What intelligence collection challenges have services encountered in working for post-war peace?
  • How did intelligence factor in the European Recovery Program?
  • What was George C. Marshall's position on the role of intelligence in general or concrete examples related to "his" plan?

01 Nov 23 deadline. More information and submission instructions here.

Call For Articles: AFIO Journal, The Intelligencer

For the past four years, AFIO has included in The Intelligencer a series of articles on "when intelligence made a difference." Written by scholars, intelligence practitioners, students, and others, they cover events from ancient times to the modern world and in many countries. AFIO is soliciting articles for future issues. Most articles run between 2,000 and 3,000 words, although some are longer or shorter. If you have an idea for an article that fits the theme, email senior editor Peter Oleson at


Assistant Professor in Intelligence and Security - Leiden University - Netherlands

Leiden University’s Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) is inviting applications for a full-time Assistant Professor position in Intelligence and National Security. The successful candidate will have a demonstrable research record in themes related to the vacancy and a strong teaching background in intelligence and security, or a related field, as well as in topics related to the Institute’s Bachelor’s and Master’s programme offerings. The position is aimed at strengthening the Institute’s teaching, research and grant-acquisition capacities in a phase of growth and exciting interdisciplinary research opportunities.

Additional information and application here.

Retired Federal Government Employees Wanted - National Security Agency - Fort Meade, Maryland

The National Security Agency (NSA) may occasionally need skilled civilian retirees to augment the existing work force on high priority projects or programs. In order to fill these temporary positions quickly, we need to know who may be interested and available to return to work with us on a short notice basis as well as their skills. Retirees provide expertise and corporate knowledge to temporarily support mission requirements, manpower shortfalls, and/or mentor the next generation of Agency employees. Salary Range: $86,335 - $170,800.

Additional information and application here.

Assistant/Associate Professor of Intelligence Studies (Global Security and Intelligence Studies) - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott, Arizona

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Prescott, Arizona campus is accepting applications for a tenure-track assistant or associate-level professor of intelligence studies to teach intelligence courses to students in the Global Security and Intelligence program. The successful candidate will teach students about the intelligence community, strategic intelligence, the intelligence cycle and intelligence analysis, writing, and briefing. Prior experience working in the intelligence community is strongly preferred. We are interested in candidates with teaching acumen in intelligence analysis and writing using structured analytical techniques.

Additional information and application here.


John Hill — Decorated Army Intelligence and NSA Officer

John F Hill, 66, passed away in Round Rock, Texas, on July 24, 2023. He was born in Ohio, where he grew up. After graduating from Fairfield Union High School in Lancaster, John enlisted in the US Army, where he served for 13 years in the Army Security Agency. In addition to specialized training schools, he completed two overseas tours and a staff assignment at the Army Intelligence School at Ft. Devens, MA. In his off-duty time, he earned a BA from the University of Maryland. In recognition of both his traditional military duties and his unique accomplishments in the Army--including developing training and evaluation tools for Electronic Warfare operators, contributing to the modernization of a dated collection system, and temporary duty to support the FBI--he was awarded two Army Commendation medals and the Meritorious Service Medal. After leaving the Army, he accepted a position at the National Security Agency, where he continued to excel in service to his country. He frequently deployed overseas and was highly regarded in his field. Among other accolades he received, he was a recipient of the prestigious Killian Award for outstanding performance in areas critical to the national security interests of the United States. John was a member of the Phoenix Society. A former commander wrote that John had "an uncanny ability to absorb complex concepts and translate them into simpler terms. His tireless enthusiasm toward success was only exceeded by his intolerance of inefficiency." While John often presented a gruff demeanor, his co-workers describe him as one of the kindest individuals they had ever met. He was always patient and willing to lend a helping hand to peers, managers, and junior personnel still learning the ropes. His dedication to protecting the freedoms, rights and liberties of his fellow citizens will always be remembered. He leaves behind cherished memories and a legacy of excellence.

John Medford — Decorated NSA Officer

John Roy Medford, Jr passed away at the age of 82 at home surrounded by his family on August 13, 2023 from pancreatic cancer. John was born in Dover DE and was raised in Henderson MD. He attended Henderson Elementary School and then moved on to Greensboro High School. After high school, John worked for some local companies and at the family mill before enlisting in the United States Air Force. John served 3 years, 9 months and 11 days. After basic training, Air Force training took him to Syracuse University in New York for nine months, San Angelo, TX and finally survival training in Reno NV. He then finished up his time in the Air Force at Yakota Air Force Base in Japan as a Russian linguist with the 6988th Security Squadron. During his time there, he flew in and out of Vietnam and had several TDYs, serving his country and democracy. John worked at NSA from 1967 until 1997. NSA sent John on TDY for two years in Alice Springs Australia between 1976-1978. While working, he also attended George Washington University and the University of Maryland, earning his bachelor's degree.

Roger Douglas — Decorated Former NSA Executive

Roger Douglas Jackson, 80, of Salem SC, passed away Thursday, August 24, 2023 after a short illness. After graduating high school in Minnesota, Roger left the farm life and served in the Air Force from 1960 to 1964. Trained as a Russian linguist, he subsequently spent 42 years in intelligence positions, mostly at the National Security Agency (NSA) where he ended his career as a senior executive. He was a graduate of the University of Maryland (BS); John Hopkins University (MAS); the National War College; Federal Executive Institute; MIT "Twenty-One" program and lectured at the National Cryptologic School. Highlights of his career included serving as Technical Director of the Naval Operations Intelligence Center, Director of Operations of the Defense Special Missile and Astronautics Center, Director responsible for European Command during the Kosovo Conflict (Operation Allied Forces) and at Central Command during Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), Deputy of Production Group at NSA and Chairman of the Intelligence Analysis Career Panel. In 1990 Roger was awarded the President's Meritorious Executive Service Award, and in 2002 the Director's Distinguished Service Medal. Before his retirement, Roger and his family served tours in Cheltenham, England, Fort Meade, Maryland, Tokyo, Japan, Stuttgard, Germany and Tampa, Florida.

Section VI - Events

7 Sep 2023 (Thursday), 1900 CT - "Spies, Moles, and the Failure of Counterintelligence Programs." - Virtual - AFIO San Antonio Chapter

The Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan has been involved in over 130 full-length motion pictures but was also a spy...not for the United States. "Spies, Moles, and the Failure of Counterintelligence Programs." This will be an excellent look at the things you didn't know were going on. Because of the sensitivity of some of the topics, the program underwent a security review before release. A link to the Zoom program will be sent several days in advance to all chapter members and registrants. Please mark your calendars. Questions or Registration to Chapter President John Franklin, or call 210-863-0430.

"BONUS" INFORMATION: Cluster bombs are nasty weapons that can keep killing or wounding for years. Just ask any one-legged Laotian farmer 50 years after a war in which he had not even been born. The weapons have gotten even more sophisticated since the war in Southeast Asia. In the Gulf War statistics indicate several thousand civilians have been killed and 25 US troops who came into fatal contact with the weapons by accident. 80 US civilians were killed by "dud" cluster bombs. They are antipersonnel and area denial weapons. Although Geneva Conventions have tried to restrict the use of cluster munitions the effort has obviously not been successful. The link below is to a short video explaining the basic operation of a Russian cluster weapon. Cluster bombs take many forms in addition to being dropped as bombs, cluster weapons can be used in artillery shells and rockets. See video here.

9 Sep 2023 (Saturday), 1130 EDT - Indialantic, FL - AFIO Florida Satellite Chapter hosts Capt Paris Michaels PhD on "Türkiye in NATO?" The event will commence at 11:30 AM at the Doubletree Hotel, 1665 N. Stateroute A1A, Indialantic, FL 32903
Captain Michaels’ presentation will follow a sit-down lunch. The cost is $35.00 per person.
Registrations or Qs to Larry Sanford, Chapter President, or call 978-502-3328.

14 Sep 2023 (Thursday), 1130-1400 PT - In Person - Col. Robert W. Parr, USAF (ret) on "12 Days with a Soviet Pilot Defector" - Basque Cultural Center, San Francisco - The AFIO Andre LeGallo Chapter. No host cocktail at 1130 hours (Pacific). Meeting starts at 1200 hours. Basque Cultural Center, 599 Railroad Avenue, South San Francisco, CA. RSVP and pre-payment required.
Register NOW: Eventbrite Registration link
RSVP and pre-payment is required. RSVP or Qs to Mariko.

21 Sep 2023 (Thursday), 11:30 AM (MT) - In Person - Dr. Sara Castro discusses “The Dixie Mission: US Intelligence in the Chinese Communist Party 1947-1949” - Colorado Springs, CO - AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter.

Abstract: From 1947 to 1949, an interagency delegation of U.S. military and intelligence officials operated from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) base area of Yan’an, China to observe how the CCP guerrillas were faring in their fights against the Japanese. Known as the “Dixie Mission,” this group of Americans became the first U.S. officials to have extensive contact with Chinese Communist leaders such as Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and Zhu De. The U.S. Army led the Dixie Mission, but it functioned as a true interagency mission, at least in the field. Its history thus offers a unique view of bureaucratic relationships playing out on a greater scale in Washington as executive branch and military organizations competed for resources and influence. Vulnerability to interagency rivalry, politicization, and logistical challenges regularly limited the intelligence that U.S. officials in Yan’an collected and disseminated to policymakers. This presentation will introduce the Dixie Mission and describe some of the unique intelligence it yielded. Bio: Sara B. Castro is an assistant professor of history at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, where she began teaching global and East Asian history in 2019. She is also the President of the North American Society of Intelligence Historians, and she serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence. Castro was named a China Fellow at the Wilson Center in 2020. Before becoming a professor, Castro worked as an intelligence analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency. Her current research focuses on the history of U.S.-China relations through the lens of intelligence collection and analysis.
For more information, contact Steve Pease

13 Oct 2023 (Friday), 10:30am - 2pm - In-Person Tysons VA - REGISTRATION OPENS 4 September for AFIO National Fall Luncheon

This luncheon features fireside chat with Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence, and Jennifer K. Ewbank, the Deputy Director of CIA for Digital Innovation

Check-in and badge pickup for Registered Attendees begins at 10:30 a.m.
NO registrations or walk-ins at hotel. No payment accepted for this event by mail or at the venue.

Fireside Chat with Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence, begins at 11:00 a.m. Lunch served noon to 1:00 p.m.
Jennifer Ewbank, Deputy Director of CIA for Digital Innovation
speaks at 1:00 p.m. Q&A follows each presentation.
Event ends at 2:00 p.m.
Luncheon prices are $60 for Members; $75 for nonmember guests and all Subscribers. Payment by credit card required at time of registration. No mailed checks or "at the door or at venue" payments accepted or permitted.

Registration opens here on 4 September and closes when all spaces taken (or NLT 9 October).
Though we do not provide special overnight room rates, if you wish to make room reservations at the hotel, do so here. Cancellation Schedule:
AFIO must commit to the hotel facilities and regrets it must charge a cancellation fee. 100% refund until close of registration. No refunds or cancellations thereafter. You will receive a donation receipt for fees forfeited. A donor statement will be sent showing that you made a "gift to AFIO" in such instances. Gifts to AFIO are tax-deductible. All attendees must be members of AFIO or accompanied by a current member.  Learn more about becoming a member at  Questions regarding membership? Contact office at 703-790-0320 or email Questions regarding this event to

See the AFIO Calendar of Events for scheduling further in the future.

Events from Advertisers, Corporate Sponsors, Others

29 Aug 2023 (Tuesday), 1400-1500 (ET) – Washington, DC – SPY with Me: Memory Loss Program – Virtual International Spy Museum Program

SPY with Me is an interactive virtual program for individuals living with dementia and their care partners. Join SPY as we use music and artifacts to explore some of our favorite spy stories. Programs last one hour and are held virtually through Zoom. Every month the same program is offered on two different dates. To register, please email Shana Oltmans at Free but space is limited. Visit

31 Aug 2023 (Thursday), 1400-1500 (ET) – Washington, DC – SPY with Me: Memory Loss Program – Virtual International Spy Museum Program

SPY with Me is an interactive virtual program for individuals living with dementia and their care partners. Join SPY as we use music and artifacts to explore some of our favorite spy stories. Programs last one hour and are held virtually through Zoom. Every month the same program is offered on two different dates. To register, please email Shana Oltmans at Free but space is limited. Visit

7 September 2023 (Thursday), 6:30pm – Washington, DC – Spy Chat with Chris Costa and Special Guest FBI Director Christopher Wray – HYBRID In-Person and Virtual International Spy Museum Program

Join with the SPY MUSEUM for an online discussion of the latest intelligence, national security, and terrorism issues in the news. Spy Museum Executive Director Chris Costa, a former intelligence officer of 34 years, will be joined by Christopher A. Wray, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Wray became the eighth Director of the FBI on August 2, 2017.  He began his law enforcement career in 1997, serving in the Department of Justice as an assistant US attorney for the Northern District of Georgia. In that role, Wray prosecuted a wide variety of federal criminal cases, including public corruption, gun trafficking, drug offenses, and financial fraud. In 2001, Wray was named associate deputy attorney general, and then principal associate deputy attorney general, in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General in Washington, DC. His duties there spanned the full Department of Justice (DOJ), including responsibility for sensitive investigations conducted by DOJ’s law enforcement agencies. Wray was nominated by President George W. Bush in 2003 to be the assistant attorney general for DOJ’s Criminal Division, supervising major national and international criminal investigations and prosecutions. He also oversaw the Counterterrorism Section and the Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, which were part of the Criminal Division throughout his tenure. Wray was a member of the President’s Corporate Fraud Task Force, supervised the Enron Task Force, and served as a leader in DOJ’s post-9/11 efforts to combat terrorism, espionage, and cybercrime with domestic and foreign government partners.  In 1993, Wray joined the international law firm of King & Spalding LLP, where he spent a total of almost 17 years practicing law in the area of government investigations and white-collar crime. At the time of his nomination to be FBI Director, Wray was chair of the firm’s Special Matters and Government Investigations Practice Group. 
Program is free of charge but requires advanced registration.Visit

10 September 2023 (Sunday) - Virtual via Zoom- Without a Warning: The Avoidable Shootdown of a U-2 Spy Plane The Only Casualty of the Cuban Missile Crisis Was U-2 Pilot featuring Maj. Walter Anderson - Sponsored by The Cold War Museum

Recent Evidence Suggests That He Didn't Need to Die. Many of Us Know That Maj. Walter Anderson Was The Only Casualty of the Cuban Missile Crisis Some of Us Know That He Was Flying a U-2 Over Cuba At the Time But Not Many People Know That He Might Not Have Needed to Die Hear and See Wayne Whitten Tell Us What Information Revealed Long After the Event Shows Us About What Really Happened.

Registration is $20... 100% of which is a contribution to the Cold War Museum. Do so here.

Location: ONLINE ONLY. Eventbrite ticket buyers will receive a link to the virtual room on the Zoom platform where this event will take place. We are recording the whole event, including the Q&A, for the Museum’s archives.
Agenda: • 1:30-2:00. Participants arrive in the Zoom room online; • 2:00-2:05. Jason Hall, Executive Director of the Cold War Museum, introduces the Museum and Wayne Whitten; • 2:05-3:00. Wayne presents on what the most recently-revealed information tells us about the Anderson shootdown and how it changes our view of the shootdown; • 3:00-3:30. Q&A opportunity for the audience.
Questions? Call or email Jason Hall, 703-283-4124 (cell),

12 Sep 23, 0800-1700 (ET) – Virtual – Coffee & Conversation with NSA Assistant Deputy Director for China David Frederick – INSA

In a moderated conversation with Bishop Garrison, INSA's VP for Policy, Mr. Frederick will discuss: Strategic Competition with China, Concerns regarding the knowns and unknowns of the PRC’s cyber capabilities and investments in future tech, Various AI tools and the role they play in both offensive and defensive cybersecurity operations, Preparing the future workforce with the technical skills and cultural understanding necessary to address PRC risks, and more! More information and registration here.

16  September 2023 (Saturday), 2:00-4:00pm – Washington, DC – In-Store Book Signing Event: The Syndicate Spy: A Juliet ArrowayNovel – In Store Book Signing at the International Spy Museum

Join us in the Spy Museum Store for a special book signing event for The Syndicate Spy: A Juliet Arroway Novel with author Brittany Butler. Brittany Butler spent nine years as a targeting officer within CIA’s Directorate of Operations, Counterterrorism Center. Both at Langley and on temporary assignments in the Middle East, Brittany spearheaded operational efforts to achieve some of the most sensitive foreign intelligence objectives abroad. She has both first-hand knowledge of targeting methodologies used in the recruitment of spies and extensive field experience in working with foreign liaisons to discover and apprehend terrorists abroad. The first in a series, The Syndicate Spy weaves a story of fact and fiction, telling the true story of female intelligence officers who stand on their laurels of intellect and skill to see beyond religious and cultural barriers to find what unites them, rather than what divides them. Brittany lives by the ocean with her husband, three sons, and her dog, Gus. Visit

17 September 2023 (Sunday), 9-10am – Washington, DC – Yoga & Sound Bath at SPY – In Person International Spy Museum Program

To master the art of espionage, agents must learn to control body, mind, and spirit. Experience an all-level yoga flow session led by instructor Beth A. Wolfe, accompanied by a sound bath led by Mel of Beyond Yoga, a yoga teacher certified in crystal alchemy sound healing. Harmonic chords and binaural sounds will be played which promote balance and relaxation.  We will practice in the inner sanctum of the Museum's Ballroom which offers a sweeping view of the SW waterfront (the Wharf), National Airport, and Nationals Park.  All are welcome--the class is open to brand new and seasoned yogis alike! No previous yoga experience required. Please purchase tickets in advance and BYO yoga mat. Visit

20 September 2023 (Wednesday), 6:00pm – Washington, DC – SPY KIDS: ARMAGEDDON – In Person Spy Museum Program at AMC Tysons Corner in McLean, VA

Agents, join Netflix and the International Spy Museum for a special advanced screening of Spy Kids: Armageddon. In the film, when a game developer unleashes a powerful computer virus, the children of two secret agents must work together to save their parents — and the world. Everly Carganilla and Connor Esterson star with Zachary Levi and Gina Rodriguez in this reboot of the "Spy Kids" franchise. Coming to Netflix September 22. Program is free of charge but requires advanced registration.  Seating is first-come, first-served. 

22 September 2023 (Friday), 12:00pm – Washington, DC – Inside the HEXAGON Secret Satellite Program with Ricky Deutsch – In Person International Spy Museum Program

The HEXAGON satellite program was the “Verify” in President Reagan’s “Trust but Verify” negotiation strategy. Initiated by President Eisenhower, satellite intelligence provided film photography of denied areas. At 60-feet long and flying at 100 miles up, HEXAGON was the last film-based reconnaissance satellite used by the US. The program required cooperation between the CIA and the Air Force. It was guided by the National Reconnaissance Office. HEXAGON was designed in the 1960s and remained classified until September 17, 2011. Now the story can be told by someone who was there. Join us in person to hear about the history of film-based space intelligence from Ricky Deutsch. In the 1970s, Deutsch was a US Air Force Captain working as an Operations Director for HEXAGON. From the Satellite Test Center known as the “Blue Cube” in Sunnyvale, CA, Deutsch’s military/contractor team generated mission critical commands to be sent to the satellite. Deutsch will reveal how the satellite was built, its major components, the inner workings of the Control Center, and how the satellite interface to six tracking stations worked. He’ll detail the on-orbit functions and the role of the CIA to determine which "targets" should be photographed and how this material affected the outcome of the Cold War. Deutsch will also describe the slightly unbelievable way the film reentry vehicles were caught via parachute by C-130 aircraft at 15,000 feet! Visit

26 September 2023 (Tuesday), 2:00-3:00pm – Washington, DC – SPY with Me: Memory Loss Program – Virtual International Spy Museum Program

SPY with Me is an interactive virtual program for individuals living with dementia and their care partners. Join SPY as we use music and artifacts to explore some of our favorite spy stories. Programs last one hour and are held virtually through Zoom. Every month the same program is offered on two different dates. To register, please email Shana Oltmans at Free but space is limited. Visit

26-28 Sep 2023, 0830-1730 (ET) – Arlington, VA – 2023 ERII Counterespionage Conference – Espionage Research Institute International

Join Us for the 2023 ERII Counterespionage Conference. September 26, 27 & 28, 2023 at the AMA Washington Conference Center Arlington, Virginia. Counterespionage, Counterintelligence and TSCM Professionals Discuss Espionage News & Events, Emerging Surveillance Threats & the Impact of Changing Technologies on the Threat Detection Landscape. More information and registration here.

27 September 2023 (Wednesday), 5:00-8:00pm – Washington, DC – Educator Night Out 2023 – In Person International Spy Museum Program

Enjoy an exclusive evening at the International Spy Museum where the red carpet will be rolled out just for teachers.Educators will uncover the secret history of history and discover new and exciting resources to enrich their students’ learning across all subjects. During this open-house event, teachers can:explore SPY's exhibits with fellow educators, meet the Museum’s youth education team, plan their students’ next in-person or virtual SPY field trip, browse SPY’s free curriculum and classroom activities, check out SPY’s new Digital Learning HQ – an online multimedia tool for educators, be the first to check out SPY’s new Exhibit Learning Guides, and shop with a special discount at the SPY store.  Registration includes free Museum admission, a welcome bag, a chance to win prizes, and more.  NOTE: This event is open to current K-12 classroom and resource teachers only (21+). A valid teacher ID will be required at check-in. See the website for acceptable forms of teacher ID.  Educators can arrive any time between 5pm – 7pm (last entry time into the Museum). Program is free of charge but requires advanced registration – walk-up tickets will not be available. Visit

27 Sep 23, 0800-1700 (ET) – Arlington, VA – INSA's 6th New Intelligence Community Symposium – INSA

Join 250 intelligence and national security colleagues on Wednesday, Sept. 27, from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA for a full day of program focused on the challenges and opportunities our community faces as we build, foster, and advance a diverse, world-class workforce. The wide array of programming formats include fireside chats, ted talks, and engaging panel sessions. And of course, there will be plenty of time for networking and relationship building along the way. More information and registration here.

28 September 2023 (Thursday), 12:00pm – Washington, DC – Crown, Cloak, and Dagger with Richard Aldrich and Rory Cormac – Virtual International Spy Museum Program

Assassins, spies, terrorists, and lunatics have bedeviled the British Royal Family through the years; and some members of the Firm have been a bit suspicious themselves. Now the remarkable relationship between the Royals and the intelligence community is revealed in Crown, Cloak, and Dagger: The British Monarchy and Secret Intelligence from Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II. Join the authors, historians Richard J. Aldrich of the University of Warwick and Rory Cormac of the University of Nottingham, for an exploration of their majesties’ role in the shadowy realm of secrets. From the origins of the British secret services as protection against the persistent attempts on Queen Victoria’s life in the 19th century to the national security risk posed by former King Edward VIII and his American wife in the 1930s, the real stories trump even the most dramatic Netflix series. International Spy Museum Director of Adult Education Amanda Ohlke will interview Aldrich and Cormac about their original research and the new evidence they have uncovered to present the British monarchy in an entirely new light and reveal how far their majesties still call the shots in a hidden world. Just what exactly could make Queen Elizabeth II raise her eyebrow knowingly at prime ministers and spymasters? Visit

28 September 2023 (Thursday), 2:00-3:00pm – Washington, DC – SPY with Me: Memory Loss Program – Virtual International Spy Museum Program

SPY with Me is an interactive virtual program for individuals living with dementia and their care partners. Join SPY as we use music and artifacts to explore some of our favorite spy stories. Programs last one hour and are held virtually through Zoom. Every month the same program is offered on two different dates. To register, please email Shana Oltmans at Free but space is limited. Visit

05 Oct 23, 1800-2130 (ET) – Washington, DC – Fireside conversation to discuss Dr. Mike Vickers's new memoir, By All Means Available: Memoirs of a Life in Special Operations, Intelligence, and Strategy. – PIPS Alumni Network and OSS Society

In 1984, Michael Vickers took charge of the CIA’s secret war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. After inheriting a strategy aimed at imposing costs on the Soviets for their invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, Vickers transformed the covert campaign into an all-out effort to help the Afghan resistance win their war. More than any other American, he was responsible for the outcome in Afghanistan that led to the end of the Cold War. In By All Means Available, Vickers recounts his remarkable career, from his days as a Green Beret to his vision for victory in Afghanistan to his role in waging America’s war with al-Qa’ida at the highest levels of government. In captivating detail, he depicts his years in the Special Forces—including his training to parachute behind enemy lines with a backpack nuclear weapon in the event of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe—and reveals how those experiences directly influenced his approach to shaping policy. Vickers has played a significant role in most of the military and intelligence operations of the past four decades, and he offers a deeply informed analysis of the greatest challenges facing America today, and in the decades ahead. Attendees will receive a signed copy of Dr. Vickers new book By All Means Available. A cocktail hour with light hors d'oeuvres will follow the program. This event has limited seating and early registration is recommended. More information and registration here.

11 Oct 2023 (Wednesday), 1700-1900 (ET) - The 2nd Annual Cocktails & Codebreakers event - co-hosted by the National Cryptologic Foundation (NCF) and the Intelligence and National Security Foundation (INSF)

Attend to celebrate Men & Women in Cryptology at this 2nd Annual event. The program includes keynote speaker The Honorable Ronald S. Moultrie, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security (USDI&S).

TBA Government speakers and guests have been invited to join this one of a kind event.

Ticket Registration: Individual Tickets = Early Bird & Members Rate of $150 - until September 4, 2023
Full Price Tickets = $189 per person (after September 4th)
Event location: The Hotel at Arundel Preserve: 7795 Arundel Mills Blvd, Hanover, MD 21076

Register now, or for more information, do so here.

14 - 25 April 2024 - Gary Powers' Cold War Espionage Tour of Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary - Travel Dates: April 14 to 25,2024 - 12 days/10 nights

Join author & historian Gary Powers Jr. on this 12-day tour of Cold War and espionage related sites in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary
The deadline to enroll is 11/30/23 with a required deposit of $495. Final payment is due 12/30/23.
Day 1 : Departure from the USA
Day 2: Arrival Vienna — Welcome to Vienna, "Spy Capital of Europe." Meet your CHA Tour Director at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Begin your exploration of Vienna on a walking tour. Later, check into your hotel. Tonight, get to know your fellow travelers at our Welcome Dinner.
Day 3: Vienna — This morning, enjoy an espionage themed sightseeing tour of Vienna. Learn more about the history of postwar Vienna and secrets of the Cold War. Explore sites where the 1949 film noir classic, "The Third Man "starring Orson Welles, was filmed. See Harry Lime's apartment, the Hotel Sacher and Café Mozart, and hear stories about the film's production. Included is a visit to The Third Mon Museum. Later, visit Vienna's Prater Pork where you can ride the grand Ferris wheel featured in one of the film's most famous scenes. You will also have the opportunity to attend a screening of "The Third Mon" at Burg Kino, one of the world's oldest cinemas.
Day 4: Vienna-Misov-Rokycany-Prague — Journey across the Austrian border to the Czech Republic. Stop in Misov to visit the Atom Museum, the world's only nuclear weaponry open to the public. Lunch at a nearby restaurant is included. Continue to Rokycany to visit the Museum on the Demarkation Line, the largest non-state military museum in the country. Proceed to Prague, the Czech Republic's historic capital, where you spend the next three nights.
Day 5: Prague — Learn more about Cold War politics and espionage during your sightseeing tour of Prague. Visit the Prague Museum of Communism and explore Bezovka Nuclear Bunker, one of Prague's largest fallout shelters hidden beneath Parukarka Hill. Later, enjoy a walking tour of Prague to see the 500-year-old astronomical clock.
Day 6: Prague-Rozvadov-Pilsen-Prague — Enjoy a full-day excursion from Prague. Travel to Rozvadov to experience what life was like in the former Czechoslovakia in the days of Communism as you visit the Iron Curtain Museum. Stop in Pilsen to tour the famous Pilsner Urquell Brewery. Enjoy a brewery lunch before returning to Prague.
Day 7: Prague-Brno-Bratislava — Journey to Brno, the Czech Republic's second largest city, to tour the 10-Z Bunker, a highly classified Communist era nuclear fallout shelter, originally built as a shelter during the Nazi Occupation during World War II. Continue to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, located along the Danube, where the Austrian, Slovak and Hungarian borders meet. Check into your hotel where you spend the next two nights.
Day 8: Bratislava — This morning's sightseeing tour of Bratislava highlights the city's Communist era past. Included is a visit to the BS-8 Bunker and a tour of the remnants of a pre-WWII Czechoslovak fortification system and the border with Austria, known as the "Iron Curtain."
Day 9: Bratislava-Budapest — Travel across the Slovak border into Hungary as you make your way to the capital city, Budapest. Upon arrival, get acquainted with Budapest on a leisurely cruise along the Danube River. Later, check into your hotel where you spend the next two nights.
Day 10: Budapest — Learn more about Cold War and Communist history on your morning sightseeing tour of Budapest. Included today are visits to the Museum of Terror housing exhibits related to Fascist and Communist regimes in 20th-century Hungary, and Memento Park, a striking collection of statues from Hungary's past as part of the Soviet Bloc.
Day 11: Budapest-Sopron-Vienna — This morning, journey to Sopron to visit the Pan-European Picnic site where a peaceful meeting of Hungarians and Austrians took place on August 19,1989.This history-making demonstration at the border of the two nations caused a chain reaction in the region, leading to the collapse of the Iron Curtain, the Berlin Wall, and the eventual reunification of Germany. Return to Vienna to enjoy some free time in the Austrian capital. This evening, celebrate the last night of your tour at our Farewell Dinner.
Day 12: Departure for the USA — This morning, you will transfer to Vienna Airport to board your return flight. What's Included: • Round-trip air transportation from Washington, DC; • 10 nights in centrally located, four-star hotels; • Full-time CHA Tour Director; • Valuable insight & informative commentary by Gary Powers Jr.; • On-tour transportation by private motorcoach; • Breakfast & dinner (or lunch) daily; • Sightseeing tours & visits shown in itinerary (subject to change based on availability)
Tour Prices: Full Tour Price: $5,695 per person; Land Tour Price: $4,645 per person (does not include round-trip airfare and airport transfers); Repeat Gary Powers travelers will receive a $200 discount! Price based on double occupancy.
A $600 single room fee will apply for travelers without roommates.
The deadline to enroll is 11/30/23 with a required deposit of $495. Final payment is due 12/30/23.
Questions? Call 1-800-323-4466 or email
Enroll Online at:

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