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01 - 07 May 2024
(Issue 17)

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True Intelligence Matters on Film: Manhunt - Monica Beletsky (2024)

Intelligence in History - A Collection of Recently Released Content

Infographic: Population Projections: The World’s 6 Largets Countries in 2075 - Visual Capitalist, 10 Apr 24

Walking Tours: "The Spies of Embassy Row" and "Spies of Georgetown" - Washington, DC. (Sundays, Dates/Times Vary)

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  • Ray Altman, Decorated CIA Communications Officer
  • Research Requests and Academic Opportunities

    • Call for papers and panel proposals: Society for Intelligence History 2025 Conference - International Spy Museum, Washington, D.C., 6-8 February 2025 - 31 May Deadline.
    • Call for papers: National Intelligence History Conference: "People in Intelligence" - Bletchley Park and GCHQ - 24 May Deadline.
    • Call for information: Seeking input and suggestions for a chapter on Counterintelligence for the second edition of the Oxford University Handbook of National Security Intelligence.
    • Call for information: Seeking information on Priscilla Griffin de Mauduit, OSS-CIA, 1941-1965.
    • Call for information: Seeking information on Peruvian communist terrorist group Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path).
    • Seeking Interview Subjects: Seeking information on Czech-U.S. relations late 1970s and 1980s, StB’s techniques and effectiveness, exposition and expulsion of U.S. staff in Prague, Czech intel operatives on U.S. soil.
    • Seeking Interview Subjects: Current or former intelligence officers, analysts, and counterintelligence (CI) professionals with firsthand experience in dealing with Russian illegals to participate in confidential interview sessions as part of a PhD dissertation.
    • Call for Information: Swiss photographer Bruno Zehnder and research activity/death in Mirny Antarctica 1997 / info on climate between Russia and the CIA in the 19980s/90s regarding adhering to the scientific treaty and the race to be the first to breach Lake Vostok.
    • Call for Information: DIA officers VADM Eric Burkhalter and Colonel Roy Jonkers 1980 - 1985
    • Call for Information: University professor seeks information about POW camp in Ambon, 1942-45
    • Call for Interviews: Author of forthcoming book seeks conversation with intelligence officers who have worked on China during their career
    • Call for Information: CIA’s Office of Soviet Analysis (SOVA) 1981-1992
    • Call for Information: Al "Albert" Purdum, stationed at Arlington Hall 55, Defense Language School - Albanian 55-56, NSA Linguist, Sr. Cryptologist 57-95
    • Call For Articles: AFIO Journal, The Intelligencer - Assorted Topics


    Section VII - Events

    Upcoming AFIO Events

    • Thursday, 16 May 2024 11:30 AM MDT – Colorado Springs - The AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter hosts Bob Pence discussing "FBI Relations with the Military"
    • Wed, 22 May 2024, 6:30 to 7:30 PM - Webinar via Zoom - AFIO Atlanta Chapter webinar with retired CIA officer Marc Polymeropoulos
    • 30 July 24, 1900 (PT) - Former CIA Director General David Petraeus on challenges in Ukraine and the Middle East - In-Person, Yorba Linda, CA - AFIO Los Angeles Chapter; Dinner after presentation.

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    AFIO Book Review by Dr. Derrin R. Smith: Romania, Nuclear Energy, and The Atomic Bomb: Horia Hulubei and the Roots of Policy written by Larry L. Watts (Rao Books, 2023). Access review here.


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    Released to members today...7 May 2024...

    Who Was Frederick Rutland aka 'Agent Shinkawa'?

    Recorded 1 February 2024

    Ronald Drabkin
    Beverly Hills Spy: The Double-Agent War Hero Who Helped Japan Attack Pearl Harbor

    Interview of Wednesday, 1 February 2024. Ronald Drabkin, author of Beverly Hills Spy: The Double-Agent War Hero Who Helped Japan Attack Pearl Harbor, the story of the WWI hero who became a fixture of high society in Golden Age Hollywood while acting as a double agent for the Japanese Empire as it prepared to attack Pearl Harbor.
    "Thanks to recently declassified FBI files, Drabkin discovered why the UK, US, and Japan would prefer to keep their dealings with Frederick Rutland, aka 'Agent Shinkawa,' secret forever.... The life of a spy has never seemed so addictive or harrowing. Drabkin takes an evenhanded approach, portraying Rutland as complicated—equal parts hero and villain. This winning and dramatic biography pierces the veil of secrecy surrounding historical events." — Booklist
    Host and Interviewer is AFIO President James Hughes, a former senior CIA Operations Officer and Former NSA Associate Deputy Director of Operations.
    The interview runs 19 minutes and includes several Q&As.

    Access the Drabkin video interview here or click above image.

    The Podcast

    LATEST PODCAST: In this episode, BBC National Security Correspondent Gordon Corera discusses his book "Operation Columba - The Secret Pigeon Service: The Untold Story of World War II Resistance in Europe." The book reveals the fascinating, untold story of how British intelligence secretly used homing pigeons as part of a clandestine espionage operation to gather information, communicate, and coordinate with members of the Resistance to defeat the Nazis in occupied Europe during World War II. Recorded 1 Dec 2023. Interviewer: Jim Hughes, AFIO President and former CIA Operations Officer. .

    Podcast here.

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    Section I - CURRENTS

    (Recent Events, Developments, Highlights)

    Marine Corps Offering Thousands of Dollars in Bonuses in Push for More Intelligence Specialists - Federal News Network, 03 May 24

    The Marine Corps needs more counterintelligence and human intelligence specialists, also known as CI/HUMINT, and is offering some Marines thousands of dollars in bonuses to transfer into those jobs. The service has labeled the military occupational specialty, or MOS, as "high-demand, low-density," adding that "the need for qualified Marines to lateral move to this MOS will remain high for the foreseeable future," according to an official administrative message posted in late April. The effort is aimed at recruiting current corporals, sergeants or staff sergeants from any other Marine Corps job. Lance corporals and gunnery sergeants can also apply, but must be "determined exceptionally qualified" for the role based on the screening process, according to the message. (Read more here.)

    SBU conducts planned counter-intelligence drills in Kyiv - Kyiv Independent, 01 May 24

    The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is carrying out planned counter-intelligence exercises in Kyiv on May 1 to inspect protection against sabotage activities, the SBU press service reported. The measures are conducted in the Shevchenkivsky district near Sophia and Mykhailivska squares in Kyiv's city center and aim to check the protection of the state facilities and places for mass gatherings. The National Police, the State Security Administration, the Military Law-Enforcement Service, and other security units are also involved in the operation. Law enforcement services inspect offices, private apartments, and various public places in search of prohibited items and check the citizens in the central part of the capital. "The SBU calls on people to understand possible inconveniences and respond appropriately to the legal actions and demands of law enforcement officers," the agency's statement read. The exercises are being carried out in accordance with martial law and could include limiting the passage, road restrictions, and document verification. (Full article here.)

    FBI searched Section 702 database half as much in 2023, Biden administration says - The Record, 30 Apr 24

    The number of FBI searches of the database of a warrantless surveillance program was cut more than in half in 2023, according to a U.S. intelligence report released on Tuesday. An annual transparency report published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence disclosed the FBI conducted 57,094 searches of U.S. data previously collected by the National Security Agency, down from 119,383 the previous year. The significant drop marks the second consecutive year that figure has fallen and is something of a victory for the Biden administration, fresh off a bruising campaign to reauthorize the foreign spying program, known as Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. (Full article here.)

    Maritime Espionage: Belgian Authorities Suspect Five Non-Military Vessels in the Belgian North Sea Over the Last 6 Months - EU Today, 04 May 24

    Over the past six months, at least five non-military vessels have sailed through the Belgian North Sea, suspected by Belgian security services of being involved in maritime espionage activities. Belgian Maritime Security Unit also considers it plausible that a large Russian fishing vessel may have been involved in a recent sabotage incident of an underwater cable off the coast of Finland. However, concrete evidence is lacking, and the implicated shipping company denies involvement. “In the last half-year, there have been at least five merchant ships or fishing vessels that we suspect of being more than meets the eye,” said Thomas De Spiegelaere, spokesperson for the Maritime Security Cell to VRT NWS. “Today, espionage is harder to detect. Whereas research vessels or military ships were primarily used in the past, we now more frequently observe non-military vessels.” “These could be merchant ships or at least they appear to be merchant ships. They could also be fishing vessels. This makes detection much more challenging. However, we notice that they suddenly start sailing more slowly.” (Full article here.)

    Biden’s new memo solidifies, expands CISA’s oversight roles - Federal News Network, 30 Apr 24

    Incidents like Volt Typhoon and the dramatic increase of ransomware attacks against U.S. critical infrastructure is spurring new White House action. President Joe Biden today signed National Security Memorandum-22 to codify the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency’s roles in overseeing and working with critical infrastructure providers, and to bring the analytics capabilities of the Intelligence Community further into the defense of these sectors. “The NSM takes several important new action first, empowers the Department of Homeland Security to lead a whole of government effort to secure U.S. critical infrastructure with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency acting as the national coordinator for the security and resilience of U.S. critical infrastructure. As part of this new responsibility, the secretary of Homeland Security will be required to submit to the President a biennial National Risk Management Plan that summarizes US government efforts to mitigate risks to the nation’s critical infrastructure,” said Caitlin Durkovich is the special assistant to the President and deputy homeland security advisor for resilience and response at the White House’s National Security Council (NSC), during a press briefing with reporters yesterday. “Second, it directs the US intelligence community, consistent with the goals outlined in the 2023 National Intelligence strategy, to collect, produce and share intelligence and information with the owners and operators of critical infrastructure. The NSM recognizes private sector owners and operators of critical infrastructure are often our first line of defense against adversaries who target the nation’s most critical assets and systems.” (Read here.)

    Dutch intelligence services stepped up spying and wiretapping efforts in 2023 - NL Times, 30 Apr 24

    Dutch intelligence services AIVD and MIVD used their special clearance more often in 2023, as reported by the Investigatory Powers Commission (TIB) in its annual report. The regulator received 3,383 requests from the services to use these clearances, just under 17 percent more than in 2022. The services can follow or observe people, use officers, or tap data traffic in their investigations. On most occasions, they need permission from outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Interior Affairs), whose decision must then be assessed by the TIB. The TIB denied 4.4 percent of the requests for special clearances. Half of these requests were approved at a later stage after they were adapted. The TIB would not explain why the security services filed more requests last year due to confidentiality. (Full article here.)

    Beware of AI-based Deception Detection, Warns Scientific Community - Homeland Security News Wire, 04 May 24

    Artificial intelligence may soon help to identify lies and deception. However, a research team from the Universities of Marburg and Würzburg warns against premature use. Oh, if only it were as easy as with Pinocchio. Here it was simple to see when he was telling a lie: after all, his nose grew a little longer each time. In reality, it is much more difficult to recognize lies and it is only understandable that scientist have already for a long time been trying to develop valid deception detection methods. Now, much hope has been placed in artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve this goal, for example in the attempt to identity travelers with criminal intentions at the EU borders of Hungary, Greece and Lithuania. (Full article here.)

    Mossad, Shin Bet, and IDF intelligence issue group message for first time since Oct 7 - Jerusalem Post, 02 May 24

    Mossad Director David Barnea, Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) Director Ronen Bar, and outgoing IDF Intelligence chief Maj.-Gen. Aharon Haliva on Thursday effectively issued their first unified public message since October 7. All three agencies provided an unusual update on their work via the journal of the Israeli Intelligence and Heritage Commemoration Center (IICC). The Mossad wrote about its contribution to the war effort, not only in a general sense but giving specific examples, including that Mossad-made robots have helped the IDF penetrate and analyze Hamas tunnels in Gaza. Further, the spy agency’s technological prowess has helped the IDF learn new methods for operating in nighttime battle situations and how to use artificial intelligence to analyze and select optimal battlefield strategies and options.(Full article here.)

    Here’s when the US Army will pick next long-range spy plane - Defense News, 30 Apr 24

    The U.S. Army will choose who is to integrate its long-range, high-speed spy plane this summer, a major step in its effort to overhaul existing fixed-wing aircraft that perform intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, according to service officials in charge of the program. The service plans to retire roughly 70 aircraft — its entire ISR fleet — as it brings on the High Accuracy Detection and Exploitation System, or HADES, that will be able to rapidly deploy and provide deep-sensing capabilities. For the first time, the Army is using a large-cabin business jet — the Bombardier Global 6500 — to serve as the airframe for the spy plane. The service awarded Bombardier a contract in December for one aircraft, with an option to buy two more over a three-year period. (Full article here.)

    Chinese Spy Ships Stalk U.S., Philippine and French Warships in South China Sea - USNI News, 29 Apr 24

    U.S., Philippine, and French amphibs and frigates drew the attention of Chinese surveillance ships and surface combatants as they sailed out of Philippine territorial waters into the disputed waters of the South China Sea over the weekend during Manila’s largest annual military exercise. The combined force, composed of USS Harpers Ferry (LSD-49), BRP Davao del Sur (LD 602), BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PS-16) and FS Vendémiaire (F 734), departed Puerto Princesa last Thursday to kick off the multilateral maritime exercise component of Balikatan 2024 with Chinese warships nearby. Sailing to their planned exercise areas in the South China Sea, the ships were within Philippine archipelagic waters in the Sulu Sea during an uneventful first day at sea. However, after exiting territorial waters, at least two People’s Liberation Army Navy spy ships were spotted shadowing the multinational formation on Saturday. One surveillance ship was identified as the Type 815-class electronic surveillance ship Tianwangxing (793). Philippine state media reported Tianwangxing was spotted near the exercise area, around 50 nautical miles from Western Palawan in the Philippine exclusive economic zone. Alongside the two spy ships, a Chinese frigate came within seven to nine nautical miles of the group on Sunday. (Full article here.)

    US spy agencies to share intelligence on critical infrastructure in policy revamp - Cyberscoop, 30 Apr 24

    The U.S. intelligence community will be required to share information about threats to critical infrastructure with the owners and operators of those systems under the terms of a revised policy document that President Joe Biden is set to sign Tuesday. The highly anticipated revision to Presidential Policy Directive 21, which governs how the federal government interacts with and protects critical infrastructure, comes amid a sharp increase in cyberattacks against entities like water treatment facilities, the electrical grid and communications providers. The revised document aims to improve the flow of information between the federal government and the businesses responsible for operating U.S. critical infrastructure. “America faces an era of strategic competition where state actors will continue to target American critical infrastructure, and tolerate or enable malicious activity conducted by non-state actors,” Caitlin Durkovich, Biden’s top homeland security adviser who was a key figure in rewriting the document, said during a call with reporters Monday. “Resilience, particularly for our most sensitive assets and systems, is the cornerstone of homeland defense and security,” (Full article here.)

    Counterespionage Corner - Recent Arrests, Convictions, Expulsions, and more...

    Cyberespionage Collection - Newly Identified Actors and Operations, Countermeasures, Policy, other...

    Section II - DEEP DIVES

    (Research Papers, OpEds, Analysis, Podcasts)

    11th Annual Intelligence Community Transparency Report - ODNI, 30 Apr 24

    The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) today released the Annual Statistical Transparency Report (ASTR) Regarding the Intelligence Community’s (IC) Use of National Security Surveillance Authorities for Calendar Year 2023. The report, published every year since 2014, provides the public with statistics and context regarding the government’s use of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act authorities, National Security Letters, and other national security authorities. This report provides insights into the rigorous, multi-layered oversight framework that governs the IC, and the release of this report is consistent with the requirement in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, as amended (codified in 50 U.S.C. § 1873(b)), and the IC’s commitment to the Principles of Intelligence Transparency. (Full report here.)

    Using OSINT to support law enforcement (42 mins) - JANE's World of Intelligence Podcast, 01 May 24

    Ritu Gill, Intelligence Analyst, joins Harry and Sean to discuss the practical use of OSINT to support law enforcement. Ritu discusses it’s use in supporting risk a (Access here.)

    Unraveling the Enigma: The Cuban Intelligence Directorate (DI) - Grey Dynamics, 05 May 24

    The Cuban Intelligence Directorate (Dirección de Inteligencia, DI), also known as G2, stands as one of the most enigmatic and potent intelligence agencies on the global stage. Originating in the crucible of the Cuban Revolution, this agency has evolved from its revolutionary roots to become a key player in international intelligence. It navigates through the Cold War’s espionage battles to the multifaceted geopolitical challenges of today. The DI’s journey is a testament to Cuba’s strategic intelligence capabilities. And, to its unwavering commitment to safeguard the nation’s sovereignty against external threats. The Cuban Intelligence Directorate’s story intertwines with the island’s turbulent history. This history is marked by its strategic geopolitical position and the ideological confrontations that defined the 20th century. As one of the Western Hemisphere’s most enduring intelligence entities, the DI has mastered the art of survival and adaptation. It does that in part by maintaining its relevance in the face of shifting global dynamics and technological advancements. Scholars and intelligence professionals have noted the DI’s effectiveness and its role in shaping Cuba’s defence strategy against perceived imperialist threats. (Access here.)

    Why the U.S. Intelligence Community Needs an OSINT Agency - Lawfare, 01 May 24

    Calls for a dedicated open-source intelligence (OSINT) agency in the intelligence community (IC) are hardly new. Over 20 years ago, two commissions were created to investigate, respectively, the surprise 9/11 terror attacks and the IC’s erroneous assessments of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Both found shortcomings in the IC’s exploitation of publicly available information. The 9/11 Commission recommended the creation of an OSINT agency while the WMD Commission faulted the absence of “any broader program to gather and organize the wealth of global information generated each day and increasingly available, if only temporarily, over the Internet.” (Full report here.)

    How to improve the technical skill of the US national security workforce - Atlantic Council, 01 May 2024

    In the United States, we rely on our government to craft and execute policies that foster economic competitiveness and protect vital national security interests. Underpinning this approach is an engaged, capable civil service that brings to bear its collective expertise and judgment. But in recent years, we’ve hampered our public servants by failing to provide opportunities for hands-on experience with new and emerging technologies. This both slows the government’s ability to adapt to and capitalize on new technologies, and makes it harder to recruit top technical talent into government. Without proactive changes to how we invest in and develop our current staff and attract new talent, we are undercutting our country’s ability to cultivate the innovation that drives our economy and defends our national security. We cannot expect to compete on the world stage without equipping the US civil service with the skills and experience needed to understand and harness the technological trends that will define the future. (Access here.)

    Tradecraft observations on the Reichenbach/Fischer espionage case - Intel News, 03 May 2024

    Several cases of Chinese espionage have been announced recently in Europe. Thomas Reichenbach and Herwig and Ina Fischer —a married couple— were arrested on April 22, 2024, for illegal exports of dual use technology with military (naval) applications. Reichenbach lists himself as a contract marketing manager for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. He studied at Peking University in the mid-1980s. He worked in China, speaks Mandarin, and has a Chinese wife. Herwig and Ina Fischer own a small engineering consulting company named Innovative Dragon in Duesseldorf. Both have traveled extensively in China. Innovative Dragon contracts for technical research with universities. Herwig studied mechanical engineering and aircraft and spacecraft construction at the Rhine-Westphalia Higher Technical School, focusing on guidance technology and composite fiber materials. The company headquarters are in London and there are offices in Duesseldorf and Shanghai (Donghua University Science and Technology Park). The London office does not appear to have a functioning telephone number. (Full report here.)

    Why China Is So Bad at Disinformation - Wired, 29 Apr 2024

    The headlines sounded dire: “China Will Use AI to Disrupt Elections in the US, South Korea and India, Microsoft Warns.” Another claimed, “China Is Using AI to Sow Disinformation and Stoke Discord Across Asia and the US.” They were based on a report published earlier this month by Microsoft’s Threat Analysis Center which outlined how a Chinese disinformation campaign was now utilizing artificial technology to inflame divisions and disrupt elections in the US and around the world. The campaign, which has already targeted Taiwan’s elections, uses AI-generated audio and memes designed to grab user attention and boost engagement. But what these headlines and Microsoft itself failed to adequately convey is that the Chinese-government-linked disinformation campaign, known as Spamouflage Dragon or Dragonbridge, has so far been virtually ineffective. (Full report here.)

    German intelligence agencies discuss ongoing espionage and hybrid challenges - Intel News, 06 May 2024

    The 5th Symposium on the Law of Intelligence Services (Symposium zum Recht der Nachrichtendienste) took place in Berlin, Germany, on March 21-22. In view of the public criticism that German intelligence agencies have faced in recent times, it was probably a relief for their officials to be able to talk more-or-less among themselves for once. The event (see agenda in .pdf) was organized by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Chancellery Office. This year’s topic was: “Intelligence Agencies and Armed Conflicts”. It included the tried and tested mix of academics —predominantly legal scholars—, practitioners and heads of various government authorities. The majority of the external experts discussed the complicated and, in Germany, arduous parliamentary procedures that would arise in the event of a war. (Full report here.)

    The Latest from International Spy Museum Historian Andrew Hammond, PhD.

    Spycast is the official podcast of the International Spy Museum and hosts interviews with intelligence experts on matters of HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, OSINT, and GEOINT. Spycast is hosted by historian Andrew Hammond, PhD.

    30 Apr | “Interstellar Intelligence” – with Harvard Astrophysicist Avi Loeb (67 mins) Avi Loeb joins Andrew Hammond to discuss intelligence in outer space. He is a Professor in the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University.

    Section III - FORMERS' FORUM

    (Legacy Intel Practitioners' Informed Perspectives)

    The Latest Insights from Former CIA Acting Deputy Director for Operations Jack Devine.

    In Other News The proprietary analytic newsletter crafted for The Arkin Group's private clients by former CIA Acting Deputy Director for Operations Jack Devine.

    03 May | The Space Race is back on - and this time the implications are even more wide-ranging. The last time the United States sent humans to the moon was in 1972, and it can be argued that Washington then slowed down because it had made its point: US technology was superior and so was our ideology. But now, for the first time in decades, the United States is again looking to send humans to the moon - with projects aiming for astronauts to circle and eventually explore the moon’s far side. And the latest space race isn’t just about proving technological superiority – it’s about capitalizing on technology for global dominance in everything from health, energy, tourism- and most importantly perhaps, security. (Full report here.)

    Daily Analysis of Security Issues and Geopolitical Trends

    Intel Brief The Soufan Center's flagship, daily analytical product focused on complex security issues and geopolitical trends that may shape regional or international affairs. The Soufan Center was founded by former FBI Special Agent and Soufan Group CEO Ali Soufan.

    07 May | Iran and North Korea Draw Closer

    Iran and North Korea are strategic partners of long standing, based on their subjection to extensive U.S. economic sanctions and other U.S. policies designed to counter the threats the two pose to key U.S. partners. Iran is a longstanding adversary of Israel and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, and North Korea poses a significant conventional military and unconventional weapons threat to major U.S. allies in Asia, including South Korea and Japan. Iran and North Korea (formally known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or DPRK), have been designated by the United States for decades as state sponsors of terrorism, although North Korea was removed from the “terrorism list” during 2008-17 to encourage it to comply with agreements to limit its nuclear program. Iran has been listed continuously since its designation in 1984.

    06 May | China Emerges as a Force in Middle East Diplomacy

    03 May | The World’s Largest Democracy Goes to the Polls

    02 May | Ukraine Approaching Pivotal Moment in Ongoing Struggle Against Russian Aggression

    01 May | Russian Interference Tactics in European Democratic Processes Ramp Up

    Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell and former CIA Chief Operating Officer Andy Makridis on critical security challenges.

    Intelligence Matters: The Relaunch is a Beacon Global Strategies podcast.

    30 Apr | Catching the 'Queen of Cuba' Spy: Peter Lapp Michael talks with retired FBI Special Agent Peter Lapp about his new book, "Queen of Cuba: An FBI Agent's Insider Account of the Spy Who Evaded Detection for 17 Years." Peter unveils the remarkable case of Ana Montes, the Defense Intelligence Agency senior analyst who was arrested 10 days after 9/11 for spying for Cuba. Together, Michael and Peter delve into Montes's audacious activities for communist Cuba, the unraveling of her espionage work, her prosecution and current whereabouts.

    Reimagine Geospatial Intelligence (101 mins) with former NGA Director Robert Sharp - The NDS Show Podcast, 02 May 2024

    Robert (Bob) Sharp shares his journey in the military and as the director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). He discusses how he accidentally became an admiral and the joy he found in changing jobs and working with different people. He also talks about the importance of specialization and generalization in the intelligence community. Bob reflects on his time as the director of NGA and the challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasizes the need for empowerment, decision-making at lower levels, and the importance of communication and collaboration. Bob Sharp emphasizes the importance of overcommunication and transparency in leadership. He believes that humility is a crucial characteristic of a good leader and that humor can help diffuse stress and create a positive work environment. Bob discusses the need for creativity and innovation in the technology industry, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. He highlights the importance of collaboration and partnerships between companies and the government to drive technological advancements. Bob also shares his current work with startups and his passion for helping great people succeed. The conversation covers various topics including the shift in tone between different US presidents, the importance of patriotism and freedom of speech, the complexity of global security challenges, the funding of warfare, the competition with China, and the potential conflict between China and Taiwan. The conversation concludes with a discussion about the importance of Taiwan and the vulnerabilities in the semiconductor industry. They also touch on the challenges of raising awareness about Taiwan's significance and the complexity of global relationships. (Access here.)

    FBI Agent Turned Russian Spy - Going Undercover (44 mins) with former FBI Special Agent Eric O'Neill - American Scandal Podcast, 29 Apr 24

    Eric O’Neill was a 27-year-old FBI surveillance operative when he first heard the name Robert Hanssen. It was the assignment of a lifetime: go undercover to bring down a mole that had been feeding secrets to the Russian government for more than two decades. O’Neill takes Lindsay behind the scenes of the operation that changed his life and led to the capture of one of the most notorious spies in American history. His book of the account is called Gray Day: My Undercover Mission to Expose America's First Cyber Spy.  (Access here.)

    Echoes of the Cold War: A Discussion on the State of Russian Spies in the West (44 mins) with former CIA National Clandestine Service Deputy Director Mark Kelton - Small World Big Problems Podcast, 25 Apr 24

    Russia has a long-fabled history of deep-cover spies in the West. Known as the Illegals Program, these spies enter Western countries under false identities to conduct espionage activities. The history of this program goes back to the earliest days of the USSR, but these spies still lurk in the shadows of universities, think-tanks, and suburban neighborhoods across the West. Why does Russia use these types of spies? Has their mission changed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine? How can private institutions protect themselves from Russian intelligence? In this episode, we discuss the answers to these questions with Professor Mark Kelton. Professor Kelton was formerly the Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service for Counterintelligence, one of the most senior positions within the National Clandestine Service. (Access here.)

    The Southern Border May Not Be Our Achilles Heel for Terrorism by former CIA Senior Analyst Michael J. Ard - Discourse Magazine, 01 May 24

    Recent major attacks in Israel, Iran and Russia suggest Islamic-inspired terror might be making a global comeback. So in the United States, we’d be foolish to believe we are immune to attempts to attack us. This month FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress that he’s never seen “so many threats to our public safety and national security” at once. Where are these threats coming from? Wray has expressed unease about our porous southern border, which he believes terrorists may try to exploit. Still, to date, no terrorist has arrived on American soil by illegally crossing the border. How concerned should we be about this? (Read here.)


    (All Categories)

    Indian spies linked to killings, tracking dissidents abroad: What we know - Aljazeera, 01 May 24

    The Washington Post on Monday reported that an officer in India’s intelligence service was directly involved in a foiled plan to assassinate a citizen of the United States, who is a vocal critic of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The report added that the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) officer was also involved in the assassination of a Sikh activist last June in Canada. The RAW is India’s external intelligence agency. However, the Ministry of External Affairs of India rejected the report, saying it made “unwarranted and unsubstantiated imputations on a serious matter”. A day later, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) published another report, saying a “nest” of Indian spies was uncovered and expelled from the country for trying to steal defence secrets and monitor expatriate communities in 2020. So, is India’s spy agency increasingly targeting dissidents abroad? Here’s the latest... (Read full report here.)

    NRO’s first batch of next-generation spy satellites set for launch - Space News, 01 May 24

    The National Reconnaissance Office is preparing to launch the first phase of its new imaging satellite constellation built by SpaceX and Northrop Grumman. The agency is targeting a May 19 launch for the mission designated NROL-146 aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Space Force Base, California, Troy Meink, the NRO’s principal deputy director, said May 1. Speaking at a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee’s subcommittee on strategic forces, Meink said this will be the first operational launch of the NRO’s new proliferated architecture. “We have already launched a number of demonstrations over the last few years to verify cost and performance to make sure we’re really comfortable and we know what we’re doing,” Meink said. The agency has not disclosed how many satellites will launch on this upcoming mission or the projected size of the new constellation. Meink previously said six launches are projected in 2024 for the NRO’s future proliferated architecture of small satellites. (Read full report here.)

    Former Defense Contractor Pleads Guilty to Attempted Espionage - Department of Justice, 30 Apr 24

    John Murray Rowe Jr., 65, of Lead, South Dakota, pleaded guilty today to one count of attempted delivery of national defense information to a foreign government and three counts of willful communication of national defense information. According to court documents, Rowe, who is originally from Massachusetts, was employed for nearly 40 years as a test engineer for multiple cleared defense contractors. In connection with his employment, Rowe held various national security clearances from SECRET to TOP SECRET//SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) and worked on matters relating to U.S. Air Force electronic warfare technology, among other things. After committing a number of security violations and revealing a devout interest in Russian affairs, Rowe was identified as a potential insider threat and terminated from employment. (Read full report here.)

    German foreign minister says Russia will face consequences for monthslong cyber espionage - Associated Press, 03 May 24

    Germany on Friday accused Russian military agents of hacking the top echelons of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s party and other sensitive government and industrial targets, and was joined by NATO and fellow European countries in warning that Russia’s cyberespionage would have consequences. Relations between Russia and Germany were already tense, with Germany providing military support to Ukraine in its ongoing war with Russia. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said Russian military cyber operators were behind the hacking of emails of the Social Democrats, the leading party in the governing coalition. Officials said they did so by exploiting Microsoft Outlook. Officials described a hacking campaign that persisted for months. The German Interior Ministry said in a statement that the hacking campaign began at least as early as March 2022 — a month after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine — with emails at Social Democrat party headquarters accessed beginning that December. It said German companies, including in the defense and aerospace sectors, as well as targets related to the war were also a focus. (Read more here.)

    CIA preparing for ‘infinite race’ on tech, AI in face of China challenge - Washington Times, 02 May 24

    The CIA is preparing for an “infinite race” with China for artificial intelligence and top technology, making getting the best tools a leading priority for America’s spies. CIA Director William J. Burns has made a giant pivot toward making technology a major intelligence objective, said Nand Mulchandani, the agency’s chief technology officer. In remarks to the Hill & Valley Forum’s gathering of top technology and government officials in Washington this week, Mr. Mulchandani said the CIA is “all in” on AI for offense, defense and more. He said the CIA is building its own large language models, which are sophisticated algorithms that make generative AI tools work. “We’re looking at transforming every single part of what the agency does, from operations to the analytic function, support functions and other (Read more here.)

    Angola’s Leap into High-Tech Security: A $273.5 Million Milestone with China’s Kedacom - Trim Feed, 30 Apr 24

    Angola is set to sign a historic $273.5 million deal with Chinese firm Kedacom to bolster its national security infrastructure. The comprehensive package includes the installation of state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and a robust training program for Angolan technicians, signaling the country's commitment to modernizing its security capabilities and becoming a regional leader in technological innovation. In a move that signals Angola’s commitment to enhancing its national security infrastructure, President João Lourenço is on the cusp of finalizing a landmark agreement with Kedacom, a leading Chinese firm specializing in video surveillance technology. The deal, valued at a staggering $273.5 million, is poised to be the largest of its kind in Angola’s history, marking a significant leap forward in the country’s technological capabilities. (Read full report here.)

    Intelligence Community Seeking Quantum Computing Know-How - National Defense, 27 Mar 24

    The Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s research arm has launched a new program to better understand the opportunities and challenges posed by advanced quantum computing methods. Much of the intelligence community’s work is done through computer technology, and given the potential of quantum computing to solve complex problems faster than classical systems, “it really behooves us to see what that future looks like and what the challenges are in reaching it,” said Michael Di Rosa, program manager for the new Entangled Logical Qubits, or ELQ, program at the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency. While qubits — the basic units of quantum computing that, unlike bits in classical computers, can take on values beyond a 0 or 1 — offer this exciting possibility, they are “imperfect systems,” Di Rosa said. “In fact, so imperfect that it’s possible that if you ran any algorithm on bare physical qubits, it would quickly degenerate into noise — you wouldn’t really have a usable output at the end.” (Read full report here.)

    Lazy Cat on a mountaintop - The Space Review, 29 Apr 24

    In the last days of the rule of the Shah of Iran, the CIA installed a new dome atop a mountain next to a field of equipment used to gather information from inside the Soviet Union. But before the intelligence service could put it into operation in 1978, the Shah fell and the CIA hastily abandoned the site. Starting in the mid-1970s, the US intelligence community became more concerned about the threat of Soviet lasers to American satellites. The mountaintop facility was known as TACKSMAN. TACKSMAN was used by the CIA to monitor Soviet missile launches from their Baikonur missile and rocket launch facility in Kazakhstan, the same location where Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin launched into space. It was an important Cold War missile telemetry interception site. CIA officials sometimes had a knack for applying winking codenames to their projects, and this facility was a classic case, because “tacksman” is a Scottish term for somebody who paid rent to his landlord, usually a clan chief. The United States certainly paid the Shah of Iran for the use of land at his hunting palace, in return for the opportunity to hunt Soviet missiles and rockets. According to a declassified official history, TACKSMAN was primarily focused on gathering Soviet rocket signals using antennas, but it also apparently collected Soviet communications as well. But inside the dome was a telescope named Lazy Cat, also intended to look inside Soviet territory, at least when the skies were clear. Lazy Cat was designed to detect lasers directed at satellites in orbit, something that US intelligence analysts were increasingly concerned about during the 1970s. (Read full report here.)

    Faceless people, invisible hands: New Army video aims to lure recruits for psychological operations - Washington Times, 02 May 24

    The video is unsettling, with haunting images of faceless people, fire and soldiers. The voiceover is a cascade of recognizable historical voices as the screen pulses cryptic messages touting the power of words, ideas and “invisible hands.” Hints of its origin are tucked into frames as they flash by: PSYWAR. The Army’s psychological warfare soldiers are using their brand of mental combat to bring in what the service needs: recruits. And if you find the video intriguing, you may be the Army’s target audience as it works to enlist soldiers to join its Special Operations Command. Released in the early morning hours Thursday, the video is the second provocative recruiting ad that, in itself, exemplifies the kind of work the psyop soldiers do to influence public opinion and wage the war of words overseas. Called “Ghost in the Machine 2,” it is coming out two years after the inaugural video was quietly posted on the unit’s YouTube site and generated a firestorm of online chatter. (Read full report here.)

    Russia plotting sabotage across Europe, intelligence agencies warn - Financial Times, 04 May 24

    European intelligence agencies have warned their governments that Russia is plotting violent acts of sabotage across the continent as it commits to a course of permanent conflict with the west.  Russia has already begun to more actively prepare covert bombings, arson attacks and damage to infrastructure on European soil, directly and via proxies, with little apparent concern about causing civilian fatalities, intelligence officials believe.  While the Kremlin’s agents have a long history of such operations — and launched attacks sporadically in Europe in recent years — evidence is mounting of a more aggressive and concerted effort, according to assessments from three different European countries shared with the Financial Times.  Intelligence officials are becoming increasingly vocal about the threat in an effort to promote vigilance. (Read full report here.)

    Investigation: Israeli Surveillance Technology and Spyware Sold to Indonesia - Haaretz, 02 May 24

    In the summer of 2020, a senior Israeli official was called to Singapore. Authorities there had discovered that Israeli firms under the oversight of Israel's Defense Ministry had sold advanced digital intelligence technologies to the neighboring country of Indonesia. Singapore could not understand why its ally Israel was arming the pro-Palestinian Muslim country with the same capabilities. Four years later, amid reports that Indonesia is not ruling out normalizing diplomatic ties with Israel, an international investigation published Thursday has revealed that at least four Israeli firms selling offensive cyber capabilities worked with the Southeast Asian country, home to the world's largest Muslim population. (Read full report here.)


    Books — Forthcoming, Newly Released, Overlooked

    The Eagle in the Mirror
    by Jesse Fink
    (Citaxel, 21 May 24)

    The longest serving spy for the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Ellis came to New York at the beginning of World War II as deputy to William Stephenson at British Security Coordination (BSC) and helped set up for William Donovan the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), what would eventually evolve into the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). At one point in the 1940s he was considered one of the top three secret agents in MI6, controlling its activities "for half the world." Ellis allegedly received prior warning of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and, through the conduit of Stephenson, relayed that warning to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. After World War II, Ellis was awarded the the Legion of Merit by President Harry S. Truman. But in the 1980s espionage writer Chapman Pincher and retired Security Service (MI5) intelligence officer Peter Wright posthumously accused Ellis of having operated as a "triple agent" for Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. In 1965, while under interrogation in London, Ellis had allegedly made a confession that he had supplied information to the Nazis prior to the war. The scope of Ellis's purported betrayal was considered even worse than notorious British traitor and double agent Kim Philby, who defected to the Soviet Union in 1963. However, Pincher's and Wright's accusations against Ellis have never been comprehensively proven. Was Ellis guilty or was an innocent man framed? Did he take the fall for someone else? Or had the intelligence agencies of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia been fatally compromised by a "super-mole"? Internationally bestselling author Jesse Fink unravels a gripping real-life international whodunit in this long-overdue biography of the unheralded Dick Ellis, one of the most consequential figures in modern history.

    Purchase book here.

    Agent of the Iron Cross: The Race to Capture German Saboteur-Assassin Lothar Witzke during World War I
    by Bill Mills
    (Rowman and Littlefield, 15 Oct 23)

    On January 16th Witzke and several confederates departed Mexico City for the U.S. border. After crossing 1500 miles of rugged territory, encountering bandits and other hazards along the way, Witzke reached Nogales. But unknown to the saboteur-assassin, the German espionage network in Mexico had been penetrated by Allied intelligence and one of his companions was a double agent. The Witzke mission was the intelligence game played at its highest level - a plan for destruction on a massive scale, violent insurrection, and assassination, complete with master spies and double agents, diabolical sabotage devices, secret codes, and invisible ink. Meticulously researched and written in the style of an adventure novel, Agent of the Iron Cross is the first detailed account of this legendary espionage operation.

    Order book here.

    Six Car Lengths Behind an Elephant: Undercover & Overwhelmed as a CIA Wife and Mother
    by Lillian McCloy
    (08 Jul 16)

    Imagine being married to a spy. Imagine keeping the big secret and moving your family from country to country to country. How does it all work? In this entertaining memoir, Lillian McCloy shares stories from her life as the wife of an undercover CIA officer. It's an eye-opening and often humorous tale about the CIA, marriage, family, secrets, friendships, international adventures, and the meaning of home.

    Order book here.

    True Intelligence Matters on Film - Manhunt - Monica Beletsky (2024)

    In this Apple TV miniseries, Confederate Secret Service espionage tradecraft surfaces again and again--codes and cipher devices, double agentry, concealments, agent and saboteur networks, covert finance mechanisms. A conspiracy thriller about one of the best known, but least understood, crimes in history. This is the astonishing story of the hunt for John Wilkes Booth in the aftermath of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination as the fate of the country hangs in the balance.

    More on this based-on-true-events production here.

    Intelligence in History - A Collection of Recently Released Content

    Infographic: Population Projections: The World’s 6 Largets Countries in 2075 - Visual Capitalist, 10 Apr 24

    The end of the 21st century will see the first plateauing (and eventually shrinking) of world population since the Industrial Revolution. As birth rates fall across the globe, what does this mean for the world’s most populous countries? To find out, we visualized forecasts for the world’s six largest countries using data from the latest revised version of the UN World Population Prospects 2022. (View graphic here.)

    Walking Tours - "Spies of Embassy Row" and "Spies of Georgetown" - Washington, DC - Sundays (Dates/Times Vary)

    Former intelligence officers guide visitors on two morning and afternoon espionage-themed walking tours: "Spies of Embassy Row" and "Spies of Georgetown." For more information and booking, click here or contact

    Section VI - Obituaries and Classifieds

    (Research Requests, Academic Opportunities, Employment)


    Ray Altman — Decorated CIA Communications Officer

    Rayford "Ray" Altman, 86, peacefully passed away on April 25, 2024, at Presbyterian Medical Center Hospice with his children by his side. Ray was born in Johnsonville, SC and, in 1955, graduated from Johnsonville High School, where he was a basketball and baseball letterman and a proud member of the Beta Club. Following high school, Ray was drafted into the US Army where he was handpicked to serve in a special communications unit after attending the US Army Signal School at Fort Gordon, Georgia. He was posted to Heidelberg, West Germany at the US Army Headquarters Europe during the Cold War. After his service in the US Army, Ray joined the Central Intelligence Agency where he served more than thirty-five years as a Communications Officer and was awarded the Central Intelligence Agency Gold Medal for Commendable Service, one of the highest honors a CIA employee can receive. His career took him to postings all over the world including India, Thailand, Puerto Rico and Tokyo, Japan, Bonn, West Germany, London, and Washington DC.

    Research Requests and Academic Opportunities

    • Call for papers and panel proposals: Society for Intelligence History 2025 Conference - International Spy Museum, Washington, D.C., 6-8 February 2025 - 31 May Deadline. The Program Committee welcomes paper and panel proposals relating to all aspects of intelligence history from around the globe and for all periods. We also welcome proposals on the craft of intelligence history, archives and declassifications, and teaching intelligence history. SIH values inclusion and welcomes applications from scholars from all backgrounds. Graduate students are particularly welcome to apply, and some scholarship support may be available for conference attendance. More information here.
    • Call for papers: National Intelligence History Conference: "People in Intelligence" - Bletchley Park and GCHQ - 24 May Deadline. The theme of the 2024 conference is ‘People in Intelligence’. The call for papers deadline is 24 May 2024 and the programme will be published in July 2024. Topics presented at the conference may include the history of intelligence organisations, personal stories, biographies, cryptography and cryptanalysis throughout history, representations of intelligence in popular culture, human intelligence and espionage. Delegates will enjoy three days of panel discussions, plenary lectures, poster displays, networking opportunities and free access to the Bletchley Park heritage site and facilities. Booking for the conference (3-day or 1-day tickets available) opens 1 July 2024. Conference runs 20-22 November 2024. More information here.
    • Call for information: Paul Redmond requests members’ input and suggestions for a chapter that he will be writing on Counterintelligence for the second edition of the Oxford University Handbook of National Security Intelligence (last edition published in 2010). Tentative Title: Challenges to Counterintelligence in 21st Century United States. Some examples of possible topics: Post- Ames reforms in CIA; DNI's NCIX/NCSC and its expansion into security role; leakers as a new threat; post-Cold-War cultural changes in the United States relating to USG CI and Security; post-911 concentration on terrorism perhaps at expense of CI; cyber threat from outside, cyber threat from inside (systems administrators); impacts of policy changes, such as transfer of some of CIA personnel data to OPM; impact/implications of DNI-imposed policy of “obligation to provide;” lessons learned and implemented from espionage/leak cases; impact/implementation of DNI promulgated “Insider Threat” policy; implementation by succeeding administrations of Presidential Decision Directives; effect of Congressional oversight on USG counterintelligence; impact of enhanced reporting requirements on contractors and contract employees; overall impact of the Internet and digital technologies on the CI craft; and impact of post-Cold war geopolitics on counterintelligence; impact of CIA involvement in military activities on CI; Attitudes of senior national security agencies management on CI. Published materials will be precleared with CIA's PCRB. Contact Paul Redmond at or 202-288-0671.
    • Call for information: In search of information on the career of my grandmother, Priscilla Griffin de Mauduit, at OSS-CIA, 1941-1965. She worked mostly in the Washington, DC office except for 1963-1965 in Miami during the Cuban crisis. Believed to have been forging documents during WWII and did some anti-communist research in the 1950s regarding Albania. She also worked on clothing disguises and “pocket litter”. I have seen her personnel file for OSS, which has only the first 10 months of her employment beginning as a gs4 assistant in the security office doing applicant background checks. She started at OSS at the age of 50 and worked 7 years past the automatic retirement age of 65. As she was multi-lingual and knew Germanic script she moved early on into forging passports for agents. Any assistance would be appreciated. Contact Sharon C. Park at
    • Call for information: AFIO member, author, and former CIA officer Michael Ard is researching the Peruvian communist terrorist group Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) and how intelligence made a difference in capturing its leaders. Anyone with information that would help with his research is asked to contact Michael at
    • .
    • Seeking Interview Subjects: Seeking information on Czech-U.S. relationship in the late 1970s and 1980s, including StB’s techniques and effectiveness, exposition and expulsion of U.S. staff in Prague; conversely frequency of U.S. finding Czech intelligence operatives on U.S. soil. Have any former StB personnel spoken publicly about their previous work? Please email
    • Seeking Interview Subjects:Current or former intelligence officers, analysts, and counterintelligence (CI) professionals with firsthand experience in dealing with Russian illegals to participate in confidential interview sessions as part of a PhD dissertation. Research Topic: The research investigates the impact of technological advancements on the operations and effectiveness of the Russian illegals program. Your insights will be invaluable in understanding the evolving landscape of espionage and informing potential countermeasures. Confidentiality: Your anonymity will be strictly protected. No identifying information will be used in the dissertation or any subsequent publications unless otherwise agreed to. However, written transcripts of the interviews will be retained for academic purposes. Eligibility: If you possess relevant experience and are willing to share your expertise in a confidential setting, please email
    • Call for Information: A documentary on the life and death of Swiss photographer Bruno Zehnder needs some help. His family members received information that Bruno may have been approached by the CIA in the 1990s to help inform on Russian research activity in Antarctica. Bruno died whilst on a 1997 expedition there at Mirny under questionable circumstances as he was dubbed ‘ the western spy’ on board. We are looking for anyone who may have any information in Bruno or more generally who may be able to speak to the climate between Russia and the CIA in the 19980s/90s regarding adhering to the scientific treaty and the race to be the first to breach Lake Vostok. Contact Thomas Whitmore at
    • Call for Information: Private civilian researcher seeking information about VADM Eric Burkhalter and Colonel Roy Jonkers working in the Defense Intelligence Agency during the period of 1980 to 1985, and VADM Burkhalter’s activities as Director, Intelligence Community Staff during that time. Contact Thomas Whitmore at
    • Call for Information: Professor Emerita Joan Beaumont, Australian National University, Canberra, is currently revising, for republication in 2025, her 1988 book on Australian prisoners of war on Ambon, Gull Force: Survival and Leadership in Captivity. The POW at Tan Tui (Tan Toey), Ambon, was bombed twice during the war, on 15 February 1943 and 28 August 1944. These raids were two of many on the island. I am trying to ascertain whether the presence of the POW camp was known to the USAAF and RAAF when they set targets for bombing the island. The existence of the POW camp was reported by men who escaped back to Australia in March–April 1942 and reported to Army Headquarters in Melbourne. This information was shared with senior US naval officers (Vice Admiral Leary vetoed a proposed rescue plan in June 1942). My question: would this intelligence have been forwarded to air force bases in the Norther Territory? And how were targets for bombing raids set? The Australian official history of the air war in the Pacific by George Odgers (vol. II 41) suggests that the squadron involved in the 15 February 1943 bombing might have been no 319, 90th Bombardment Group, based at Fenton. Any information that might be germane to my research should be sent to or +61418376909.
    • Call for Interviews: Alex W. Palmer, a contributing writer at The New York Times Magazine, is working on a book about the history of American intelligence on China. He's looking to speak with any intelligence officers who worked in or on China during their career, from whatever timeframe and in whatever role. He can be reached at and +1-262-894-7160 on Signal.
    • Call for Information: Dr. Andrew Hammond and Dr. Mark Stout are seeking interviewees for a journal article on the CIA’s Office of Soviet Analysis (SOVA). The final output will be based on oral history interviews which can be (a) on-the-record (b) off-the-record or (c) utilizing a pseudonym. The data will be used for this project only and thereafter destroyed. Our aim is to understand how people who served in SOVA or who worked alongside SOVA made sense of it: what was it like, what was its culture, what were its strengths and weaknesses, how did it relate to the rest of the CIA and other agencies, is there anything we can learn from SOVA re the new era of Great Power Conflict, etc.? If you served in SOVA during the period 1981 to 1992 and would like to be interviewed, please contact Dr. Andrew Hammond at
    • Call for Information: Seeking information on Al "Albert" Purdum, stationed at Arlington Hall 55, Defense Language School - Albanian 55-56, NSA Linguist, Sr. Cryptologist 57-95. Looking for colleagues or friends who knew him, of him. Researching Role of National Security Linguists and Foreign Affairs. Contact
    • Call For Articles: AFIO's Journal, The Intelligencer. AFIO seeks authors for its section on "When Intelligence Made a Difference" in the semi-annual Intelligencer journal. Topics of interest for which we are seeking authors include:

      - The breaking of the Nazi U-boat SHARK encryption system.
      - How A.Q. Khan’s nuclear proliferation efforts were uncovered and stopped.
      - How US intelligence found Usama Bin Laden in Abbottobad, Pakistan.
      - How US intelligence discovered the Soviet’s high speed Shkval torpedo.
      - Intelligence and the rescue of Scott O’Grady.
      - The hunt for Pablo Escobar.
      - How National Technical Means (NTM) have been used for environmental purposes (MEDEA Program).
      - Other topics are also welcome.

      Interested authors can contact The Intelligencer's senior editor, Peter Oleson, at


    • Assistant Professor of Intelligence Studies - Mercyhurst University - Erie, Pennsylvania
    • Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA, invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor of Intelligence Studies in the School of Intelligence, Computing and Global Politics. The position is at the Erie campus and begins Fall Semester 2024. Successful candidates will teach introductory and applied courses in Crime and Law Enforcement intelligence analysis at the undergraduate and graduate levels, in addition to the ability to teach undergraduate or graduate courses in: Leadership in Intelligence; Advanced Analytic Techniques; Intelligence Collection and Analysis. Additional information and application instructions here.

    • Associate Professor and Chair of National Security - University of New Haven, Connecticut
    • The Department of National Security invites nominations and applications for a tenured Full/Associate Professor and Chair of National Security. The department includes a dynamic undergraduate program encompassing four distinct bachelor’s degrees (Security & Defense Policy, Intelligence Analysis, Homeland Security, and International Affairs), a robust master’s degree program, and several practitioner-oriented certificates. Qualifications: A terminal degree in national security, public policy, political science, or related field is required; Ph.D. preferred. The successful applicant will have a record of teaching excellence at the university level, established catalog of academic publications, and an innovative research agenda. Applicants should also possess experience in university-level service and leadership. The department is particularly interested in candidates with policymaking experience in national security at either the federal, state, or local level. Tenurable Assistant Professors may also be considered in accordance with the aforementioned qualifications. Application Instructions: Please submit a brief cover letter explaining teaching experience and philosophy, publication record, practitioner-oriented experience (if applicable), CV, and the name and contact information for three references. Applicants may also include up to 3 artifacts of teaching ability (examples include syllabi, student evaluations, learning exercises, assignments, or other feedback) that illustrate teaching experience. All materials should be submitted online via interfolio link: and indicate position search #24-26F in the subject line. For additional information, feel free to contact Search Committee Chair, Dr. Jeffrey Treistman at

    • Wanted: Former intelligence officers to lead spy-themed walking tours in Washington D.C. - Spyher Tours
    • These are 90-120 minute historical tours with an interactive "operational" component. Most tours start at 10am on select Thursdays-Sundays. The immediate opportunity is for dates in March, but additional opportunities are available through June, and new opportunities are likely to become available throughout the year. This is a fun way to get back out on the streets, engage/educate the public on the world of espionage, and make some extra cash. The next opportunities to see a tour in action (and train before the Spring rush) are Sunday 2/18 and Sunday 3/3. Please contact Rosanna at 571-236-9052 or Visit

    • Wanted: Retired Federal Government Employees - NSA - Fort Meade, Maryland
    • The National Security Agency (NSA) may occasionally need skilled civilian retirees to augment the existing work force on high priority projects or programs. In order to fill these temporary positions quickly, we need to know who may be interested and available to return to work with us on a short notice basis as well as their skills. Retired federal government employees at NSA provide expertise and corporate knowledge to temporarily support mission requirements, manpower shortfalls, and/or mentor the next generation of Agency employees. Applications accepted until 30 September 2024.

      Additional information and application here.

    • Assistant/Associate Professor of Intelligence Studies (Global Security and Intelligence Studies) - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott, Arizona
    • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Prescott, Arizona campus is accepting applications for a tenure-track assistant or associate-level professor of intelligence studies to teach intelligence courses to students in the Global Security and Intelligence program. The successful candidate will teach students about the intelligence community, strategic intelligence, the intelligence cycle and intelligence analysis, writing, and briefing. Prior experience working in the intelligence community is strongly preferred. We are interested in candidates with teaching acumen in intelligence analysis and writing using structured analytical techniques.

      Additional information and application here.

    Section VII - Events

    AFIO Events

    Thursday, 16 May 2024 11:30 AM MDT – Colorado Springs - The AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter hosts Bob Pence discussing "FBI Relations with the Military." Abstract: The presentation will include stories from my book titled "My Non Political FBI" which describe the close working relationship between the FBI and our military agencies as well as details of cases worked jointly between the Bureau and various military agencies during my career. Bio: During 30 years with the FBI, Bob Pence served in a number of supervisory and executive positions, retiring as the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of FBI offices in the Rocky Mountain states with Division Headquarters in Denver. Since retirement he has traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad as a speaker and law enforcement consultant in matters involving crime and terrorism. Bob has also served as a media consultant to national TV networks and local media organizations, appearing frequently in matters dealing with public safety issues. For further information, contact Anthony Leto at

    Wed, 22 May 2024, 6:30 to 7:30 PM - Webinar via Zoom - AFIO Atlanta Chapter webinar with retired CIA officer Marc Polymeropoulos

    The AFIO Atlanta Chapter invites you to join its May 22, 2024 webinar with retired CIA officer Marc Polymeropoulos. This webinar will be held on Wed, May 22, beginning at 6:30 PM and concluding at 7:30 PM. This event is open to the public and a Zoom link will be distributed the Monday prior to the event to those who have indicated interest using email address below.
    Please RSVP by COB May 21 to, and direct all questions to this email. About Our Speaker: Marc served for 26 years at the CIA before retiring as a member of the Senior Intelligence Service. While in the Directorate of Operations, he specialized in the Middle East, South Asia, and counterterrorism, and served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan embedded with military special operations forces. Marc was one of the CIA's most highly decorated operations officers who served in multiple field assignments from operative to multiple tours as a Chief of Base and Chief of Station, ultimately retiring as Chief of Operations for Europe and Eurasia. His decorations for exceptional service include: the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, the Distinguished Intelligence Medal, the Intelligence Commendation Medal, and the Intelligence Medal of Merit. Marc frequently comments on international events in the US media, including the Washington Post, the New York Times, Fox News, GQ, Yahoo News, CNN, and MSNBC. He also writes a weekly column on intelligence as a Washington Examiner contributor. His book, "Clarity in Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the CIA," was published by HarperCollins in June 2021

    Tuesday, 30 July 24, 1900 (PT) - Former CIA Director General David Petraeus on challenges in Ukraine and across the Middle East - In-Person - Yorba Linda, CA - AFIO Los Angeles Chapter.
    Location: Nixon Presidential Library & Museum, 18001 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda, CA 92886. Following the presentation, we will meet at 2030 hours for dinner at Chilis Grill (18380 Yorba Linda Blvd.). If you plan to attend, please RSVP here. Questions? Contact Vincent Autiero, President, AFIO-Los Angeles Chapter, at

    Events from Advertisers, Corporate Sponsors, Others

    Thursday, 23 May 2024, 6:30pm – Washington, DC – The Eagle in the Mirror with Author Jesse Fink – In-Person and Virtual International Spy Museum Program

    Was the longest serving spy for the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) really a triple agent? Or was he the victim of Cold War paranoia? International Spy Museum Historian and Curator Dr. Andrew Hammond will discuss with Jesse Fink, author of The Eagle in the Mirror: The Greatest Spy Story Never Told, the mysterious Dick Ellis. Ellis helped set up the Office of Strategic Services as well as the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. At one point in the 1940s he was considered one of the top three secret agents in MI6 and controlled its activities, as one journalist put it "for half the world." But then in 1965, while under interrogation, Ellis allegedly confessed that he had supplied information to the Nazis before World War II. In the 1970s, he also revealed he was warned of the attack on Pearl Harbor ahead of time and those warnings were relayed to President Roosevelt. So, was he a bigger traitor than Kim Philby or Robert Hanssen, or were the allegations false? Award-winning, internationally best-selling author Fink and Hammond will explore these questions and this little-known, yet extraordinary figure who played a key role in 20th century Western espionage. Visit

    Saturday, 25 May 2024, 2:00-4:00pm – Washington, DC – In Store Book Signing Event for A Woman I Know with Author Mary Haverstick – In Person International Spy Museum Book Signing

    The true story of a filmmaker whose investigation of her film's subject opened a new window onto the world of Cold War espionage, CIA secrets, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Independent filmmaker Mary Haverstick thought she'd stumbled onto the project of a lifetime—a biopic of aviation pioneer Jerrie Cobb, the key figure in a group of extraordinary women who in 1960 passed the same tests as the legendary male astronauts of the Mercury 7 but never went to space. Just as casting was set to begin, Haverstick received a mysterious warning from a government agent; soon she began to suspect that there was more to Jerrie's story than what met the eye. As she dug deeper, she discovered that Jerrie's life shadowed that of a mysterious CIA agent named June Cobb, whose espionage career traced an arc of intrigue from the jungles of South America to Fidel Castro's Cuba, to the communist literary circles in Mexico City—and ultimately into the dark heart of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas. Haverstick's attempt to learn the truth directly from Jerrie would plunge her into a cat-and-mouse game that stretched across a decade, deep into a thicket of coded CIA files. As she uncovered a remarkable set of mostly unknown women whose high-stakes intelligence work left its only traces in redacted files, she also found shocking new clues about what really happened at Dealey Plaza in 1963. Offering fresh insight into the Kennedy assassination and a vivid picture of women in midcentury intelligence, A Woman I Know brings to life the astonishing duplicities of the Cold War intelligence game, a world where code names and hidden identities were the lifeblood of spies bent on seeking advantage by any means necessary.

    Tuesday, 28 May 2024, 2:00-3:00pm – Washington, DC – SPY with Me: Program for Individuals with Dementia and their Care Partners – Virtual International Spy Museum Program

    SPY with Me is an interactive virtual program for individuals living with dementia and their care partners. Join SPY as we use music and artifacts to explore some of our favorite spy stories. Programs last one hour and are held virtually through Zoom once a month. To register, please email Shana Oltmans at Free but space is limited. Visit

    Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 12:00-1:00pm – Washington, DC – Virtual Spy Chat with Chris Costa ft Kevin Higgins – Virtual International Spy Museum Program

    Join us for an online discussion of the latest intelligence, national security, and terrorism issues in the news. Spy Museum Executive Director Chris Costa, a former intelligence officer of 34 years, will be joined by Kevin Higgins, former Chief of Staff to CIA Director William J. Burns. Higgins, a Spy Museum Advisory Board Member, is a former CIA senior executive who retired after 30 years of distinguished service. In his last assignment at the CIA, he served as Chief of Staff to Director Burns. Higgins' prior senior executive leadership roles at CIA include Assistant Director of CIA for Africa, Chief of Operations of the Counterterrorism Center, several Chief of Station assignments, and Chief of Base of an expeditionary site in Afghanistan. During his three decades of service, he received honors including the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, CIA's Excellence in Leadership Award, the George W. Bush Award for Excellence in Counterterrorism, and two CIA Director's Awards. He is a three-time recipient of the Presidential Rank Award. Higgins is currently a Principal Advisor at WestExec. He was previously the Senior Vice President and General Manager for US Operations and Global Opportunities at Silicon Valley drone manufacturer and instant logistics start-up Zipline. In 2022, Zipline was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the year's best inventions and further acclaimed in 2023 on CNBC's Disruptor 50 list of innovative companies. After leaving public service, Higgins founded KSTK Enterprises, a boutique advisory firm that specializes in guiding clients through a range of complex challenges. This program is generously sponsored by Washington Harbour Partners. Visit

    Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 1200-1300 (ET) – Virtual – The Business of Intelligence from Reagan to Biden – Johns Hopkins University

    Join us for a curated conversation with host Michael Ard and Linda Weissgold, former deputy director for analysis at the CIA. Linda Weissgold was the CIA’s deputy director for analysis from March 2020 until April 2023. In that role, she was responsible for the quality of all-source intelligence analysis at the CIA and for the professional development of the officers who produce it. During her 37-year career at CIA, Linda was part of the creation and delivery of intelligence analysis on a variety of complex issues and in multiple settings. Before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she was an analyst and leader of analytic programs focused on the Middle East. Immediately afterward, she was among those that volunteered for counterterrorism assignments. The units she guided, including as the head of the CIA’s Office of Terrorism Analysis, generated insights that informed US policy and operations across multiple Administrations and helped to identify Usama Bin Laden’s location and the rise of ISIS. For more than two years, she served as President George W. Bush’s intelligence briefer. A skilled communicator experienced in the coverage of urgent and controversial issues, Linda is a proven teacher and champion of analytic tradecraft, integrity, and objectivity in intelligence analysis. She is widely recognized for her unwavering dedication to the CIA’s national security mission and its officers. Free tickets here.


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