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AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #19-99, 14 May 1999

The Weekly Intelligence Notes (WINs) are produced and edited for AFIO by Roy Jonkers, Executive Director.

WINs contain copyright material and may not be reproduced, with some exceptions listed at the end of Section IV below.

WIN readership has now climbed to more than 960. We are reaching for 1,000 by June. Remember - book awards for bringing in new members!

The #950 winner was: George Norton, New Jersey, AFIO member since July 1976, who recruited new member Frank Wells. Congratulations!

The #960 winner was: G. H. Zimmer, Arizona, AFIO member since 1989, who recruited new member John Parrigin. Well done!

The #970 winner will be: ????

The books are on the way to the winners, with our congratulation. We welcome the new members, and extend our appreciation to all AFIO members - and new members - who contributed to our common goal

Remember our slogan: EVERY MEMBER RECRUIT A NEW MEMBER IN '99!

ATTENTION -- - AFIO SYMPOSIUM - -Business Intelligence and the Law 25 MAY '99, Rosslyn Virginia (DC area) LAST CALL!!!

Call AFIO 703 790 0320

AFIO members, we need your help - please distribute this Symposium information to individuals or organizations that may benefit from attending.


WEB SITE NAMES OVER 100 BRITISH SIS AGENTS - A Website traced to the U.S. was reported to have published the names of over one hundred individuals who agents who were alleged to work for the UK Secret Intelligence Service (S.I.S), Britain's overseas intelligence-gathering arm, formerly know as MI-6. The Financial Times said the Web site listed 116 alleged agents. S.I.S is thought to employ about 2,000 full-time staff members.

"We're aware of a recent site claiming to identify officers of the S.I.S.,"a Foreign Office spokesman said. "We do not comment on operational intelligence matters, but publishing any such list is a damaging and irresponsible act. It would be inappropriate to comment any further on this incident because there are obvious legal implications."

The Government was said to have obtained a court injunction last week to shut down the site, which was said to belong to a former British agent, Richard Tomlinson, currently residing in Geneva, Switzerland. Tomlinson was fired from the service in 1995 after four years as an agent in Moscow and Bosnia, and was jailed in Britain for six months in late 1997 after he showed the synopsis of a "tell-all" book on his intelligence career to a publisher. Tomlinson, in an email to BBC, denied he had posted the list, and said that any names on it were already in the public domain.

The Internet site that published the page naming the intelligence officers has closed it down on the advice of lawyers, but the BBC said the list was also available on another site.

Although the names are said to contain both true and false information ("fact and fancy"), the impact on S.I.S may be considerable. Some British agents may be dangerously exposed to enemy governments or terrorist organizations.

In context, the US Congress passed the Intelligence Identities Protection Act in 1975 after the assassination of CIA Station Chief Richard Welch in Greece. He was murdered by terrorists after his name appeared in a left-wing US newspaper in a listing provided by CIA traitor Phillip Agee. (Courtesy Jack - Reuters May 13, 1999, London Evening Standard, Associated Press, Financial Times; also WTimes May 13, p A15, May 14 p. A13, WPost May 14, p. A28) (RoyJ) )

CIA SUED - The National Security Archive, a non profit organization, filed suit under FOIA to obtain the official histories of CIA intervention in the 1948 Italian elections and involvement the 1953 coup in Iran. The Archive said that its initial FOIA request had been denied, and placed in a "queue of approximately 350 pending appeals" over a year ago. It accused the agency of "withholding the histories of the Iranian coup in large part because they include references to activities by British intelligence cooperation with the CIA." The Agency countered that "no other nation's intelligence agency has voluntarily released as much information about its past as has the CIA . . We will build on that record for years to come." (Wpost 14May, p. A17, WTimes 14 May p. A5) ) (RoyJ)

GENERAL OFFICER ANNOUNCEMENT- Army Maj. Gen. Donald L. Kerrick, currently serving as deputy assistant to the president for National Security Affairs, White House Staff, for appointment to the grade of lieutenant general and assignment as assistant to the chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington, D.C. General Kerrick, an Army Military Intelligence (MI) officer prior to becoming a general, is also a fixed wing Army aviator who once commanded the Army's 3d Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation) (3d MI Bn [AE]) in Korea. As a colonel, he was the last commander of the Army MI Brigade at Augsburg, Germany - also known as Field Station Augsburg, before its deactivation. For the past several years, he has served on the NSC staff (his second tour there) and for some time has been the Deputy to Sandy Berger at the White House.

Unless LTG Hughes (Director DIA) retires this summer before MG Kerrick's promotion, the Army will, at least very briefly, have four active duty lieutenant generals who were Military Intelligence Branch officers prior to being general officers: LTG Claudia Kennedy (DCSINT, DA), LTG Patrick Hughes (Dir, DIA), LTG James King (Dir, NIMA), and LTG Don Kerrick (Asst to the CJCS). (courtesy Tom Fergusson;

YUGOSLAVIA - An additional expert has been obtained by the White House staff to optimize the exploitation of Kosovo atrocity "news," - some undoubtedly true. Aside from a brutishness the Serbs have in common with the other Balkan tribes, being bombed seldom improves ones disposition, and anti-insurgent efforts are known to be messy - as well demonstrated by the Turks and the Israelis, and even more, by the US-approved and sponsored massive and nasty ethnic cleansing of several hundred thousand Serbs by the Croats. The US effort against Yugoslavia appears to become increasingly politically dependent upon "atrocity" rationalization to justify the decisions that have been made and the bombing "mistakes" that keep occurring, and great efforts are said to be underway to produce this type of material.

Meanwhile, additional NATO forces, both air and ground, are moving to the area. NATO ground forces should reach 60,000 in the next week or so, setting the stage for the next phase of operations: OCCUPATION, as foreshadowed by the Rambouillet ultimatum.

As this develops, the KLA, with US air cover and support, and supplied with Kosovar male refugees impressed in their ranks, continue to infiltrate from Albania and engage hard-pressed Yugoslav forces. The population of Kosovo, deprived of electric power, fuel, transportation, food etc. by the relentless air assault (Kosovo has been devastated), and additionally often caught in the middle between Government forces and insurgents, suffers or tries to escape. To the impartial observer from Mars, trying to understand logic and rationale from the ongoing turkey shoot air war and the spin-meistering and propaganda from both sides, the situation must be baffling. Relevant also is the Kosovo context in Section II below.(WPost & W Times) (RoyJ)


KOSOVO CRIME NETWORK IMPACTED BY BOMBING - -In the shadows of the war against Yugoslavia, another upheaval is reshaping the European criminal landscape. NATO bombs have disrupted the Kosovar crime network that has dominated the narcotics trade across the continent. Underworld clans from Albania are making a bid to take over. "Until recently, our heroin abusers got their supplies from the Kosovars " Chief Jean-Bernard Lagger of the Geneva police said, "but now Albanian traffickers have moved into Geneva to deliver drugs." The Albanians reportedly have even begun contesting turf with South American cartels in the European Cocaine market.

Albanians did not arrive on the European organized crime scene until the early 1990's, more than a decade after Kosovar drug lords mounted their own successful takeover of the European heroin trade in the 1980's. Albanians made up for this late start by extraordinary aggressiveness and risk-taking. They are now major players in a dizzying array of criminal enterprises, including prostitution and child exploitation. The violence of Albanian crime clans soared exponentially after 1997 when the country's financial structure collapsed. Riots erupted, and military bases and armories were abandoned. Looters carried off an estimated 2 million pounds of explosives and 1 million Kalashnikov rifles and ammunition - arms that soon found their way into Kosovo and were used in killing Yugoslav police and Serb minority individuals as well as other Kosovars, thus provoking the brutal Serb anti-insurgent effort so violently disapproved by the US administration.

The arms also were a boost to the narcotics bosses and smugglers within Albania. The economic and social effects of the criminal clans activities have been devastating.One fifth of the population has left Albania in the 1990's, usually illegally. A good many have ended up in Western European jails, others, particularly women and children, exploited by Albanian criminal gangs. It is a principal reason why Western Europeans were aghast at the notion of more Albanians - fleeing Kosovo - as immigrants, and went along with the US anti-Serb policies and bombing decisions. Crime within Albania is sky high. The US Army's Task Force Hawk installation at the Tirana airport, outside the Albanian capital, is said to rank "crime" among the main threats to American troops in Albania. But on the other hand, the US war is a bonanza for the country as well as the criminal gangs. Fees for housing and services have skyrocketed - it is described as the "Klondike Goldrush." The Albanians will play to US predispositions, and expect to cash in on the reconstruction to come. (courtesy T. Hart, SanFrancisco Chron. 5/11/99, p.1) (RoyJ).

CHINESE EMBASSY BOMBING -- On the subject of the bombing of the Chinese Embassy, the chairman of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Shelby, said after a briefing from intelligence officials: "The mistake here was the original data base. It was outdated. I believe it was a 1992 map when it should have been an up-to-date map.

With 20/20 hindsight, for the modest outlay of 28 Yugoslav dinars ($2.80), NATO could have saved themselves a lot of trouble. That was the price of a 1998 Belgrade city map, bought at a tourist information bureau in the center of Belgrade on Tuesday, which gave the address of the Chinese embassy and clearly marked the street in which it stands, or what remains of it after three missiles hit it and killed three Chinese journalists.

The latest city map has the address of the embassy clearly listed as"3, Tresnjin cvet" (Cherry Blossom Street), a relatively short street close to the River Danube in New Belgrade.A free tourist map also gives the address and shows a flag, denoting an embassy, in the spot where the Chinese mission stands.

Shelby blamed the outdated data base on the reduction in funding for U.S. intelligence operations. "When you're stretched thin...When it's dated and it's not checked for the latest mapping of the grid of Belgrade, mistakes are going to happen," he said. Commentator Bill Gertz quoted an unidentified senior intelligence as saying "There was truly a team effort in screwing this up.. You could not have orchestrated this if you tried." The Embassy should have been on several "no-strike" lists, and also, according to Gertz, should have been flagged for non-destruction because it is also allegedly a "target for electronic eavesdropping by NSA." The Chinese Embassy was reportedly mis-identified in satellite photos, and the error was never caught by any of the checking agencies: CIA,.NIMA, DIA, JCS, EUCOM. As in the cable car tragedy, the need for up to date maps is paramount for both low level flying and precision-bombing.

Commented Robert Steele (OSS): " until the CINCs come together to demand that NIMA (National Imagery and Mapping Agency) receive the $250M a year it needs to combine current commercial imagery with NRO precision points, we will continue to be vulnerable to mistakes associated with not having a decent tactical map (1:50 or at worst 1:100 scale) for 90% of the world. NIMA knows what to do -- the CINCs have to get engaged and make current on-the-shelf 1:50*maps a national priority.

According to Steele, this tragic mistake also illustrates our inability to "bring it all together"--certainly there were defense attaches and others who knew the correct location of the Chinese Embassy, and there were available open sources with the current information. But our over-all system design blocks rather than integrates overt human and overt 'gray' literature sources from being exploited."

Human error under high stress does happen. Anywhere and everywhere. The current effort, with over 1,000 aircraft dedicated to pulverizing the Yugoslav nation, and particularly Kosovo and Serbia, to smithereens, allegedly on behalf of the Kosovars, places tremendous demands on intelligence personnel for additional targets - ranging from Milosevic's hometown and summer house to military bases. It can be postulated that intelligence at all levels is extraordinarily stressed.

Nevertheless ... as to the Chinese, they are surmised to have accepted the notion of a US targeting error, but are allegedly angered at the realization that they did not have (or no longer have) sufficient priority in US eyes to ASSURE that THEY would not get bombed. In the war in Vietnam, great caution was taken, and high priority assigned, to avoid hitting Soviet or Chinese ships or installations in North Vietnam - and they were not hit. The Chinese view is that the US no longer awards the same level of respect to them (and certainly not to the Russians, whose noses have also been rubbed in the dirt). To put this in other words, the U.S. has claimed that the bombing was an unfortunate accident. From the American point of view that, and some financial reparations, should end the matter. That is precisely what has the Chinese furious. They accept that it was an accident. What they don't accept is that accidents happen. More precisely, it is their view that such accidents happen only when there is carelessness and, more importantly, indifference to the consequences of the accident. In other words, the accident happened because making sure that such accidents didn't happen was not a top priority of U.S. and NATO planners.

If they are right, welcome to the real world! (Reuters 1999; WTimes, 14May99, pA9; inputs by George Norton, Tony Newscombe, Robert Steele, Rick Parker, Tom Hart ) (RoyJ)


SPY HUNTER: Inside the FBI Investigation of the Walker Espionage Case, by Robert W. Hunter, US Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md 21402-5035, May 1999, list $27.95, ISBN 1-55750-349-4. The Walker case was an unprecedented and devastating breach of Naval security, eighteen years of critical espionage involving the theft of US codes, one of the most important and successful Soviet Cold War espionage operations. Robert Hunter, a former senior Foreign Counterintelligence agent of the FBI, provides a unique perspective. He was involved with the case from the beginning, and allows the reader to see what happened behind the scenes, and in his mind, as the action unfolded. The book includes interviews with the KGB general who supervised Walker, and with judges and prosecutors involved in the case. This is the compelling story of how the case was built and prosecuted against this abominable and amoral individual, John Walker, and his accomplices, told in straightforward language. (RoyJ)

AMERICA'S SPACE SENTINELS: DSP Satellites and National Security, by (AFIO member) Jeffrey Richelson, University Press of Kansas, 1999, ISBN 0-7006-0942-3.

The Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites were a series of infrared sensors orbiting 22,000 miles above the earth, and provided Cold War warning of missile firings - and still play a role in monitoring missile programs of China,. India etc. In this book Richelson, who has written a series of insightful books on US space reconnaissance and on the US intelligence system, provides a first comprehensive history of the DSP program from the 1950's until the present. Spanning the range from early systems to future missions (transitioning from DSP to SBIRS - Space Based Infra Red system), he covers both systems and context, including false alarms, foreign partnerships, and uses in conflict, such as Desert Storm, in easy-reading prose. Highly recommended. (RoyJ)


AFIO CONVENTION AND NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM - Please take note of the dates: 21-23 October 1999 at Chantilly, Virginia, close to Dulles International Airport. The Convention will be conducted on Thursday 21 October in a local hotel facility, including the Second Annual Awards Banquet, this time also featuring awards to an outstanding media representative, and to the author(s) of outstanding book(s) on intelligence. The Convention will conclude on Saturday 23 October ( Chapter and Board meetings, informal meetings, tours) . The National Symposium will be conducted at the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) on Friday 22 October. We will again endeavor to produce an exciting and interesting program. Mark your calendars please! (RoyJ)

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TO AFIO MEMBERS: Our goal is to eliminate our operating deficit and to enhance our program. We need thirty corporate members to achieve our goal. We are working to enhance our program, both for the benefit of our members and to increase our mission accomplishment effectiveness.

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TO CHAPTER PRESIDENTS: The Corporate program is also meant to support AFIO chapter's public outreach programs. You will receive a $250.00 rebate to the Chapter if you sponsor a Corporate member. Check with - and work through - your VP for Chapters, Emerson Cooper, (757 653 6107).

CIA EMPLOYMENT REFERRAL - The CIA Recruitment Center invites referrals by former CIA and Intelligence Community professionals.

A referral should be considered for candidates considered competitive, have the candidate's approval, and consist of the candidate's resume and your cover note. Candidates are sought in four general areas -- analysts (hot areas: computer science, economics, biological and physical sciences or engineering);- - clandestine services trainees (hot areas: international experience/ language/ residence, science technology strength, and adjudged a 'calculated risk taker') ; -- engineers and scientists; and -- professional services, such as accounting, acquisition management, graphic designers, secretaries.

Send your employment referral to: Recruitment Center, PO Box 12727, Arlington VA 22209-8727, ATTN: Gil Medeiros (Center Director).

Also available are student internships, cooperative education programs, and graduate study stipends. All are extremely competitive. For application deadlines etc., call toll free number 877 502 0853 for 'Employment Referral Guide' pamphlet. (CIA May '99) (RoyJ)

COLD WAR CERTIFICATE - Military and civilian intelligence personnel who served during the period September 1945 to December 1991 are eligible for a 'Cold War Recognition Certificate'. Obtain yours by sending a letter addressed to:

Cold War Recognition, 4035 Ridge Top Road, Fairfax Virginia 22030. Letter and documentation may be mailed or faxed (703 275 6749).

Sample text outline : Address as above; Please send me a Cold War Recognition Certificate for my service during the authorized period of September 2, 1945 to December 26, 1991.

Enclosed is a copy of XXXX (source document) , with my (social security number or military or foreign service number), that verifies my service during the the Cold War. I understand that the enclosed copy of XXXXX (source) document will not be returned.

Submission of this request confirms my faithful service to the nation during the Cold War era. If my service was (ADAPT AS THE CASE MAY BE) in the Armed Forces, I further certify that my discharge was honorable, or general under honorable conditions. If I served as a federal civilian employee, I further certify that the character of my service was honorable.

Please mail my Cold War Recognition Certificate to the following address: XXXXXXXX. Sincerely etc.

NOTE: the above contains the essential elements for successful application. If any essential item is missing, you won't hear anything and get nothing. They will not correspond. (courtesy Fred Battles, Veterans Digest) (RoyJ)


DATE: July 16-17, 1999. LOCATION: Bromley Sun Lodge, Bromley Mountain

Peru, Vermont 05152, TEL. (802) 824-6941/(800) 722-2159

THE AFIO NE Chapter Summer meeting will be at the Bromley Sun Lodge, which is located right on the slopes of Bromley Mountain in Southern Vermont. The Lodge sits at an elevation of 2150 feet and every room has a balcony with a spectacular mountain or valley view. Available in the immediate vicinity are golf, tennis, biking and horseback riding in addition to summer theatres, music festivals, antique shops, art galleries and charming Vermont villages.

The morning speaker will be Ted Morgan aka Sanche de Gramont, who won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism in 1961. His newest book is , "A Covert Life: Jay Lovestone, Communist, Anti-Communist and Spymaster", which the "New York Times" refers to as a "fascinating new biography" ....."an amazing tale" .... "filled with astounding characters".

Our afternoon speaker, Linda McCarthy, a 24 year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, created the Exhibition Center at Langley and served as its curator for 11 years. She will tell us about "Celebrity Spies" such as motion picture director John Ford, actor Sterling Hayden and chef Julia Child, all of whom served with distinction and pride as members of the OSS during World War II.

Pre-meeting gathering: As is the custom, members and guests are encouraged to gather the night before (July 16th) for cocktails and informal dining.

Accommodations: Arrangements have been made with the Bromley Sun Lodge at the special rate* of $50 a night for both single and double occupancy. Make your reservation directly with the Bromley Sun Lodge. Be sure to mention AFIO at the time you make your reservation. Bromley Sun Lodge is holding 20 rooms for AFIO/NE, at this special rate, until June 16th. If you reserve a room after the deadline, it may be at their normally higher rate. If no rooms are available after the deadline, the Lodgewill provide you with the names of other hotels and motels in the vicinity.


AFIO SYMPOSIUM - -Business Intelligence and the Law 25 MAY '99, Rosslyn, Virginia (DC area) SUPER AGENDA -- LAST CALL!!!!!

You should have received the agenda and registration. Call AFIO 703 790 0320 if in the dark.

AFIO members, we need your help - please distribute this Symposium information to individuals or organizations that may benefit from attending.

AFIO LUNCHEON at Fort Myer, Va., 14 June 99.

Speaker: The Hon. LAWRENCE EAGLEBURGER, former US Secretary of State and former Ambassador to Yugoslavia

Topic: US Policy in the Balkans

This promises to be a fascinating session by an eminent insider that you don't want to miss! Registration - see previous WIN 17-99 ADDENDUM (29 April) or call AFIO 703 790 0320.

AFIO MEMBERSHIP or Associate Membership is open to US citizens who subscribe to AFIO's principles and objectives - see AFIO's Homepage at

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