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Intelligence Community Websites

Icon WebStart Here For A Complete Survey of the U.S. Intelligence Community

Careers in the US Intelligence Community are HERE.

Country reports and travel warnings:

Defense Agencies

Unified Combat Commands

Field Activities

Other Sites of Interest

Comprehensive Bibliography of The Literature of Intelligence - by Professor J. Ransom Clark.

Silent Professionals
— Security positions ideal for those making the transition to civilian life using the skills gained in military service, law enforcement, or the Intelligence Community.

Clearance Jobs Operates an online job board for the defense, aerospace and homeland security industries

The International Spy Museum

The National Cryptologic Museum

The OSS Society - Veterans and Lineal Descendants of the Office of Strategic Services

The Cold War Museum

The Institute of World Politics

The Federation of American Scientists

The Counterintelligence Centre

The Cipher Brief - The Cipher Brief is a digital, security-based conversation platform that connects the private sector with the world`s leading security experts. We deliver a relevant analysis of news and events that helps readers accurately anticipate and safely navigate the complex, unstable, global security environment. The Cipher Brief was founded by former CNN Intelligence Correspondent Suzanne Kelly on the belief that reporting on the latest security breaches or global security issues alone won`t always help find solutions to the bigger problems. Engaging the private sector in a solutions-based conversation is what moves the ball down the field.

Maritime Security Council

U.S. Border Patrol Education and Jobs - a website filled with education and career opportunities with I.C.E. and C.B.P.

The Doomed Soldiers Polish Underground Soldiers 1944-1963The Untold Story website

Russian Image Management — Making Unpleasant Historical Truths About Poland Disappear. The KGB's latest intelligence coup, and NATO's latest intelligence disaster By Eugene Poteat, LL.D Charleston Mercury, Oct. 21, 2010 via Smolensk Crash News Digest

SMOLENSK: AN INCONVENIENT TRAGEDY — Three years following the suspicious Smolensk Plane Crash, new developments and evidence continue to surface.

Foreign Intelligence Groups

Gesprächskreis Nachrichtendienste in Deutschland / GKND - deals with future-oriented issues of the German Intelligence Services. Its members are not only retired senior intelligence officers, but also personalities from politics, academia, business and media. Worth exploring their website and attending their conferences.

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