AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #02-20 dated 14 January 2020

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Special Items for our members:

Trump's Iran Strike Was A Huge Win for the U.S: Jack Devine, Former Chief, CIA/DO (Radio)

Jack Devine, former chief of CIA's worldwide operations, and founding partner and President of The Arkin Group, discusses the Iran situation with Bloomberg Radio.
Devine is author of the book: Good Hunting: An American Spymaster's Story [2014]. He is with
Broadcast 9 January 2020 — 11:16 AM EST Runs 8:09 minutes.
Hosted by Lisa Abramowicz and Paul Sweeney.
Stream audio here. Or download it here.

CNN Original Series "Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies" recently closed Season Three. This worthwhile series is available online for streaming.
Hosted by former U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers, (AFIO board member), Declassified, Season 3, is an eight-part docuseries that gives viewers unprecedented access to inside assessments of various intelligence and terrorism cases.
The third season of Declassified chronicled the missions to target America's biggest threats including war criminals, Russian spies, drug cartels, a Russian arms dealer and hackers. "Tracking Terror: The 9/11 Subway Plot," explored the NSA and FBI's efforts to thwart an al-Qaeda terrorist plot to blow up the New York City subway on the eighth anniversary of September 11.
Declassified streams live using Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung Smart TV and Android TV, YouTubeTV, and on CNN mobile apps. It is also available the day after the broadcast premiere on demand via cable/satellite systems, HuluTV, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, Google Play, CNNgo platforms and CNN mobile apps. More info here and here.

Season 3 (2019)
No. Title Subject Original air date
1 "Tracking Terror: The 9/11 Subway Plot" on the NYC Subway plot. Broadcast September 29, 2019
2 "The Norte Valle Cartel" on the Norte del Valle Cartel. Broadcast October 6, 2019
3 "The Terrorist Next Door: Operation Smokescreen" on Operation Smokescreen. Broadcast October 13, 2019
4 "Hunting War Criminals" on the Bosnian Genocide. Broadcast October 20, 2019
5 "The Spy Game: Russian Espionage." Broadcast October 27, 2019
6 "Buried Secrets, Unbreakable Codes" on Brian P. Regan, former civilian employee of DIA. Broadcast November 3, 2019
7 "The Merchant of Death: Viktor Bout" on Viktor Bout. Broadcast November 10, 2019
8 "Operation Firewall: The Takedown of Shadowcrew" on ShadowCrew. Broadcast November 17, 2019

How China's Spies Became World-Class: YouTube video discusses why China has some of the best spies in the world. And China is using them in a new cold war against the United States. Dr. Matthew Brazil, co-author of Chinese Communist Espionage: An Intelligence Primer is interviewed by a journalist with "China Uncensored." Click image above or here to view video interview.


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Latest Episode:

Impeachment, National Security, and the Law with Stewart Baker and Jamil Jaffer

Episode 105 | December 19, 2019

Stewart Baker (Chairman of AFIO) is a partner at Steptoe & Johnson, and Jamil Jaffer is the Founder and Executive Director of the National Security Institute at George Mason University School of Law.
This episode references:

  • The Federalist Papers
  • HR 755 - Articles of Impeachment

THE CYBERLAW PODCASTS feature Stewart Baker who is joined by various guests to discuss current, often major, privacy and cyber issues.
The Cyberlaw Podcast - some recent episodes

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Episode 291: Ethical Algorithms with Michael Kearns and Aaron Roth December 5, 2019

Episode 290: The Right to be Forgotten Shoots the Shark December 2, 2019

Episode 289: Brad Smith on Microsoft's Journey from Hubris to Humility November 25, 2019

Episode 288: Mistrusting Google November 18, 2019

Episode 287: Plumbing the depths of artificial stupidity November 11, 2019

Episode 286: Sandworm and the GRU's global intifada November 6, 2019

The Cyberlaw Podcast is open to feedback. Be sure to engage with @stewartbaker on Twitter. Send your questions, comments, and suggestions for topics or interviewees to Remember: If your suggested guest appears on the show, the Cyberlaw Podcast folks will send you a highly coveted Cyberlaw Podcast mug!

Newly Released and Forthcoming Books of the Week

The Great Rift: Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, and the Broken Friendship That Defined an Era
by James Mann
(Henry Holt, Jan 2020)

Dick Cheney and Colin Powell emerged on the national scene more than thirty years ago, and it is easy to forget that they were once allies. The two men collaborated closely in the successful American wars in Panama and Iraq during the presidency of George H. W. Bush—but from this pinnacle, conflicts of ideology and sensibility drove them apart. Returning to government service under George W. Bush in 2001, they (and their respective allies within the administration) fell into ever-deepening antagonism over the role America should play in a world marked by terrorism and other nontraditional threats.

In a wide-ranging, deeply researched, and dramatic narrative, Mann explores each man's biography and philosophical predispositions to show how and why this deep and permanent rupture occurred. Through dozens of original interviews and surprising revelations from presidential archives, he brings to life the very human story of how this influential friendship turned so sour and how the enmity of these two powerful men colored the way America acts in the world.

Book may be ordered here.

Unmaking the Presidency: Donald Trump's War on the World's Most Powerful Office
by Susan Hennessey, Benjamin Wittes
(Farrar, Straus and Girouxs, Jan 2020)

Part catalogue of current events, part historical study, the book draws unflattering comparisons between Trump and former presidents, including George Washington, whose statement condemning the razing of a Cherokee town by Georgia settlers in 1792 is set alongside Trump's comment that there were "very fine people—on both sides" of a 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., where a white supremacist killed a counterprotester. Hennessey and Wittes illuminate how the constitutional system of checks and balances has stymied Trump's "processless brand of decisionmaking," noting that his first two executive orders restricting travel to the U.S. from Muslim-majority countries were struck down by federal courts, and recounting instances in which officials in the State and Justice departments contradicted presidential statements. The book's wealth of factoids ("President Grover Cleveland answered the White House telephone each time it rang") and keen insights into Trump's character ("a man who wore his propensity to abuse power on his sleeve") provide much food for thought. Liberals and readers of presidential histories will savor this thorough, lucidly written account.

Book may be ordered here.


Germany's Top Court Mulls Limits on Spy Agency's Powers. Germany's highest court is considering imposing stricter limits on the activities of the country's foreign intelligence agency.

The Federal Constitutional Court was due Tuesday to hear a lawsuit brought by a group of journalists and a human rights lawyer against a new law regulating the powers of the BND spy agency.

The plaintiffs, including the campaign group Reporters Without Borders, say the 2017 law potentially exposes journalists to surveillance without due cause - such as when making phone calls with foreign colleagues.

They cite a report three years ago by German weekly Der Spiegel that the BND had at least 50 numbers and email addresses of foreign journalists among its surveillance targets. [Read more: AP/14January2020]

Russian Spy Satellite has Broken Up in Space Says Harvard Astronomer. Russia launched the Kosmos-2491 military satellite into orbit in 2013, with few details made available regarding its capabilities and mission, leading to speculation about its true purpose.

Russia's Kosmos-2491 military satellite may has disintegrated in space, either by accident or after deliberately self-destructing, Harvard-Smithsonian astronomer Jonathan McDowell believes.

Earlier, the US Air Force's Project Space Track reported that ten fragments thought to be the remnants of the Kosmos-2491 military satellite, assigned the numbers 44912-44913 and 44987-44994, were observed orbiting at altitudes between 1,329 to 1,699 km. [Read more: SpaceDaily/14January2020]

Dassault and Thales to Build the Next French Electronic Spy Plane. The French procurement and technology agency, Direction générale de l'armement (DGA) has awarded the Archange airborne strategic intelligence program to Dassault Aviation and Thales. This program will see three Dassault Falcon 8X being fitted with Thales electronic intelligence technologies.

The contract was awarded on December 30, 2019, the DGA announced on January 14, 2020. Thales and Dassault Aviation are now tasked with equipping the future French Army strategic intelligence aircraft with "Universal Warfare Capacities" (CUGE).

The initial order covers the first two Dassault Falcon 8X aircraft. With the first plane expected for 2025, they should eventually replace the two Transall C-160G Gabriel aircraft currently operating in the French Air Force. [Read more: Charpentreau/Aerotime/14January2020]

Turkish and Syrian Spy Chiefs Meet for First Time Since Start of War. Turkish and Syrian heads of intelligence met in Moscow on Monday in the first official contact in years, despite Ankara's long-standing hostility to President Bashar Al Assad, a senior Turkish official and Syrian news agency SANA said.

Both sides have said there have been intelligence contacts, but this is the first explicit acknowledgement of such a senior meeting.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan backs rebels who fought to topple Mr Al Assad during Syria's eight-year civil war. Mr Erdogan described Mr Al Assad as a terrorist and called for him to be driven from power, which earlier in the war had appeared possible.

But Mr Al Assad's allies Russia and Iran helped turn the conflict round, and with US forces now withdrawing from northeast Syria, Mr Al Assad's Russian-backed troops are sweeping back into the region just as Turkish troops move in from the north. [Read more: Reuters/14January2020]

Somali Spy Chief for Southern Town Killed in Capital. Somali intelligence chief for the southern town of Qoryoley was shot dead in the country's capital Mogadishu on Saturday, a police official said.

Mohamed Isack, a police officer in the capital, told Anadolu Agency over the phone that he was shot in the chest several times by al-Shabaab gunmen.

"Gunmen from al-Shabaab terrorist group killed Dhayow Osman, National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) chief for the town of Qoryoley. He was shot several times in the chest and died there," Isack said. [Read more: Anadolu/11January2020]

Thailand, Indonesia to Share Intelligence to Combat Insurgents. Thailand and Indonesia on Tuesday signed an intelligence sharing agreement that the Thai army chief said would help limit the movements of insurgents operating in the Muslim-majority southern region of Thailand.

Buddhist-majority Thailand and Muslim-majority Indonesia will share information on "movements of extremists, rebels or perpetrator groups who have been undermining national security", the official document seen by Reuters said.

It was signed during an official visit by Thai Army Chief General Apirat Kongsompong to the Indonesian province of Aceh on Tuesday.

"This is about limiting the freedom to operate by groups, because we will be sharing information and monitoring individuals," Apirat said. [Read more: Reuters/14January2020]


Ten Years After a CIA Operation in Afghanistan Went Wrong, a Slain Officer's Family Celebrates his Memory. Like a lot of parents, Dave and Camille LaBonte chronicled their son's life in a scrapbook.

There's Darren playing the string bass. Here's an article about his baseball exploits. Look at that smile as he puts his arm around his brother.

But the LaBontes' book of memories contains a document no parent would ever want to read: a letter of condolence from the president of the United States.

"We can never repay our debt to your family," it says. [Read more: Dilanian/NBCNews/13January2020]

Former CIA, FBI Officials Explain How Agencies Spy, Gather Intel.
In times of unrest and war, counterterrorism and espionage is a high-stakes world. Often times, intelligence gathering leads to decisions being made.

That's how the Trump administration says it was helped into knowing where drones could take out Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Iraq.

Before retiring from the CIA, Darrell Blocker spent decades helping recruit and develop undercover sources, many overseas, that would deliver intelligence about potential threats and targets.

Blocker explained recruits volunteer for reasons such as improving their lives. [Read/listen: ABCNews/10January2020]

The Baltimore Spy Who Beat the Nazis. The story of Virginia Hall, a spy who eluded capture in France by the Nazis during World War II, is remarkable and compelling. Her biographers say the Gestapo considered her the most dangerous of all Allied spies.

Her story begins in Baltimore, where she was born April 6, 1906. Her father was Edwin L. Hall, an executive in the old Whitehurst movie theater organization. He ran the Garden Theater and later had an office on Lexington Street in the Century Theater, where he was corporate secretary of what was then the most successful theater chain in the city. Her mother was Barbara Hammel.

She left Baltimore after her high school graduation, attended Barnard College and moved to Paris at age 20. She later joined the U.S. State Department and took well to the overseas assignments she could get as a young woman. Her State Department bosses were loath to promote women to high posts. [Read more: Kelly/BaltimoreSun/11January2020]

All About the Russian Spy Ship that Nearly Crashed into an U.S. Navy Destroyer. Russian and U.S. ships narrowly avoided a collision in the Arabian Sea in early January, according to the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet.

The video provided by the U.S. Navy shows how Russian intelligence reconnaissance ship 'Ivan Khurs' (part of ‘Project 18280') came within 54 meters (180 ft.) of U.S. Navy destroyer USS Farragut's stern.

Shortly after the ships avoided collision, Farragut's captain ordered to sound "five short blasts, the international maritime signal for danger of a collision, and requested the Russian ship alter course in accordance with international rules of the road," Fifth Fleet said in a statement.

Right after that, the Russian ship changed its course, thus increasing the distance and avoiding any accident. Yet, Russian officials believe there was no collision threat and that the professional actions of the country's sailors prevented the crash that later turned into a new political dilemma. [Read more: RussianBeyond/14January2020]

Northern Spy: Madrid Native David Rupert, Subject of Book, Explains His Role as a Mole. How Madrid native David G. Rupert went from a debt-ridden businessman to an undercover agent in order to infiltrate an Irish terrorist group boils down to a simple recipe.

"It all comes back to a bar, booze and a woman," he said. Actually, the recipe involved more than one woman - all part of Mr. Rupert's meandering plot line of helping to take down the suspected head of the guerrilla group Real Irish Republican Army in Ireland.

The former Massena businessman turned international spy was interviewed by phone last month from an undisclosed location. The interview was supplemented by e-mail correspondence.

Mr. Rupert went into the FBI's witness protection program in August of 2003 after Ireland's no-jury anti-terrorism court convicted the head of the guerilla group Real IRA, Michael McKevitt, for directing terrorism. Prosecutors said the organization's car bomb in Omagh, Northern Ireland, killed 29 people in 1998. [Read more: Brock/NNY360/13January2020]

8 MI5 Jobs on Offer Right Now - And How Much They Pay. Can you keep a secret?

One of the country's main spy agencies, MI5, is hiring for eight new recruits in London.

Military Intelligence, Section 5, also known as the Security Service is looking for spooks who can help the spy service grow.

The lure of the agency may be enough for some, but the salaries are equally likely to tempt you, with some netting you more than £80,000. [Read more: Peracha/MyLondon/13January2020]

4 Must-See Spy Attractions for Families. If you have a kid interested in everything "spy," or if your family is looking for a chance to go into James Bond mode, here are four must-see spy attractions for families where civilians can easily turn themselves into international men and women of mystery for a day. [Read more: Wellbank/Parentology/8January2020]


Do Lie Detector Tests Really Work? In February of 1994, the FBI arrested Aldrich Ames, who had been a CIA employee for 31 years. Ames was arrested and charged with espionage. He was a Russian spy. For nine years, he had been passing secrets to the Russians in exchange for over $1.3 million. His spying activities had compromised dozens of CIA and FBI operations. Worse yet, his treacherous crimes had led to the deaths of several CIA spies and the imprisonment of many more.

During the time that Aldrich Ames was operating as a Russian spy, the CIA had twice given him a lie detector test. Despite having no special training in how to defeat a lie detector test, Aldrich passed both times.

The modern polygraph, better known as the "lie detector test," is a fascinating little instrument with a long and controversial history. [Read more: Hart/PsychologyToday/14January2020]

3 Hours From Alert to Attacks: Inside the Race to Protect U.S. Forces From Iran Strikes. The alert came to the White House shortly after 2 p.m. on Tuesday, a flash message from American spy agencies that officials sometimes call a "squawk." In the coming hours, it warned, an Iranian attack on American troops was almost certain.

A blizzard of potential threats had already come throughout the day - of attacks with missiles and rockets, of terrorist strikes against Americans elsewhere in the Middle East, even one warning that hundreds of Iran-backed militia fighters might try to assault Al Asad Air Base, a sprawling compound in Iraq's western desert.

But the specificity of the afternoon's latest warning sent Vice President Mike Pence and Robert C. O'Brien, the White House national security adviser, to the basement of the West Wing, where aides were assembling in the Situation Room. President Trump joined shortly after wrapping up a meeting with the Greek prime minister.

Three hours later, a hail of ballistic missiles launched from Iran crashed into two bases in Iraq, including Al Asad, where roughly 1,000 American troops are stationed. [Read more: NYTimes/8January2020]

Video: "It's a Double-Edged Sword": Spy Museum Executive Director Says Social Media is Changing the Way Spies Operate. International Spy Museum executive director Chris Costa joins Yahoo News Editor in Chief Daniel Klaidman and Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff to discuss a new Yahoo News report by Jenna McLaughlin and Zach Dorfman on how the intelligence community is struggling to adjust to the prevalence of social media. Costa, who was a career intelligence officer, says he expects the community will need to go back to old, Cold War-era techniques used by spies to safely trade information. [Watch: YahooNews/13January2020]

Section IV - Research Requests, Obituaries, Jobs

Research Requests

Inquiry regarding a document from the East German intelligence ("Stasi") archives in Berlin

AFIO Members: I am a historian with the U.S. Army Center of Military History in Washington, DC, and am currently writing an official history of Army intelligence operations in early Cold War Germany.

In the course of my research, I found an intriguing document at the archives of the Ministry for State Security (MfS or Stasi) in Berlin (BStU). With your help, I hope to shed more light on its background and significance.

In January 1961, the Soviet intelligence service (KGB) submitted the transcript of an interview to their colleagues of the MfS. The BStU contains the German translation of this document. Although the interviewee is not identified, the content of the document suggests that he was an American who had worked for the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in southwest Germany from the end of the war until the early or mid-1950s. The interview would have taken place in late 1960. The document does not indicate whether the interviewee was a defector or whether he gave the information to the KGB on another occasion, e.g., on a trip behind the Iron Curtain or to a KGB officer in the West.

The content of the document suggests that the interviewee had intimate knowledge of CIC operations and the organization of American intelligence in Germany. For example, he identifies a number of personalities and administrative details about the postwar CIC that were only known to a small number of individuals. He also provides some information about the CIA in Germany of the type that would have been known to a CIC/CIA liaison. His most explosive claim involves a high-level West German politician who, according to the interviewee, worked as a paid informant for the CIC in the late 1940s. I cannot independently verify the latter allegation, but given the interviewee's familiarity with the CIC, I can't dismiss it out of hand.

I have tried to identify the interviewee but was unable to do so. My question to all of you is, do you have any suggestions who this individual might be? Some of the criteria for his identification include:
- Worked as a civilian employee for the CIC in Germany (Region I, Stuttgart) from c. 1945 to c. 1954.
- May have been of German extraction (possibly a German Jew who immigrated to the United States in the 1930s and joined Army intelligence during the war).
- Probably had communist sympathies.
- May have defected behind the Iron Curtain in the late 1950s or in 1960.

Any thoughts or suggestions will be much appreciated.

You can reach me at

Seeking Information on CIA Officer Michael Burke's anti-Communist activities in Albania in 1940s-50s

AFIO Members: I'm a Donald Altschiller, a librarian at Boston University, and am helping a student who is doing some research on a former CIA officer.
Here's some information about the individual:
• Edmund Michael Burke--known as "Michael Burke" worked for the OSS during World War II--he joined in 1942
• He joined the CIA in 1949
• He worked to overthrow the Communist government in Albania by training resistance fighters.
• He lived in an unspecified city/town along the Rhine
• Retired from CIA in 1954
• He became president of CBS Europe and later CEO of the New York Yankees. He was also president of Madison Square Garden in 1973.
• He later retired to Ireland and died in 1987.
The student mainly wants to find out more information about Burke's activities in Albania which are only sparsely mentioned in his autobiography Outrageous Good Fortune.
Thank you very much for any assistance you can offer.
Please reply directly to me:


Bob Bates, FBI
Robert Harter Bates, 91, FBI Agent, died 2 January 2020.
Born in Toledo, OH, he grew up in the Masonic Home for Boys and Girls until he graduated from high school in 1946. He immediately joined the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served two years before being honorably discharged. He attended Morningside College in Sioux City, IA, earning a BS Degree in Sociology, played basketball and baseball, and ran track.
After graduation from Morningside, Bob served in the US Army. Following his Honorable Discharge, he worked as a clerk for the FBI and simultaneously attended Mt. Vernon Law School in Baltimore, MD. His law degree served as a gateway to his service as a Special Agent with the Bureau. His graduation from the Army's Language School in Monterey, CA afforded him the opportunity to interview Hungarian refugees during their exodus from Communist oppression in that country. His 25 year career with the FBI ended in 1983.
Intent on utilizing his investigative skills to serve his local community, Bob volunteered thousands of hours with the Alexandria (VA) Police Department over the course of 20+ years. He also volunteered at Mended Hearts of Alexandria Hospital, Red Cross Disaster Team, Alexandria Homeless Shelter, St. Martin de Porres Senior Community Center, Landmark Police Satellite Facility, organized the Neighborhood Watch Program, and wrote a weekly article for the Alexandria Gazette and Port Packet newspapers. He coached sporting events and advised on the Gifted and Talented Committee of Alexandria Schools.
He was a Scrabble, croquet, and ping-pong champ.
He is survived by his wife of 63 years, Patricia O'Malley Bates, six children, and other family.
A reception to honor Bob and his surviving wife Pat will be held on Saturday, January 18 from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. at: The Wellington Senior Living Center 7820 Baltusrol Blvd Gainesville, VA 20155.

Cynthia Nickel, NSA Senior Executive
Cynthia Joyce Nickel, 72, NSA Senior Executive, died of cancer on 20 October 2019 in Howard County, MD. passed away peacefully on 20 Oct 2019 at Gilchrist Center
She was born in San Angelo, TX. She was a graduate of Central High School, San Angelo, class of 1965 and the University of Texas, class of 1969.
Following graduation, she moved to Maryland and had a successful career at the National Security Agency. She served in the United States and the United Kingdom. Cynthia retired in 2007 as a Senior Executive.
She is survived by her husband of 32 years, James Nickel, two stepsons, and other family.


Two Positions at James Madison University for Assistant or Associate Professor - Intelligence Analysis

James Madison University (JMU) located in Harrisonburg, VA, seeks applicants for two faculty positions in its Bachelor's Degree Program in Intelligence Analysis (IA). The appointments will be at the Assistant or Associate Professor level and will reside within the larger School of Integrated Sciences. The IA program offers a multidisciplinary undergraduate degree with an emphasis on methodology and technology to prepare students to become analysts, with a specialization in intelligence analysis. Its graduates have been successful in securing positions as analysts in both the public and private sectors, to include the Intelligence Community, military and law enforcement organizations, defense contractors, and major consulting firms. The program emphasizes methodology and synthesizes critical and creative thinking methods with technological tools for data collection, visualization, and analysis with situational knowledge of a problem's political, economic, social, and technological context with strong communicative and professional skills to support decision-making.
Ideal candidates will be comfortable in an interdisciplinary, diverse setting and possess the potential for becoming an excellent teacher to future analysts in one or more intelligence domains including national security, military, homeland security, law enforcement, private sector security, cyber security, and geospatial. They optimally have a background in either mixed-methods, qualitative, or quantitative research and analysis methods. We especially encourage applications from candidates that can leverage the use of systems thinking, employ data science in analysis, support the development of writing skills, or teach ethics specifically for future analysts. The typical teaching load in the school is 3 courses per semester.
We welcome applicants from all academic disciplines—to include the humanities, social sciences, and sciences—that provide a knowledge foundation for doing analysis. Prospective candidates should review our curriculum online to identify areas that match their expertise and to locate potential areas that they could help the program to develop. The program values teaching excellence as well as one-on-one professional mentoring and seeks candidates who can demonstrate potential for both. In addition, the position requires the potential for an active program of scholarly activity. The position requires either a Ph.D. in a relevant academic field by the date of hire (for a tenure-track appointment) OR Master's Degree with substantial experience in the field (for appointment on a Renewable Term Contract).

More information or applications may be found here.

Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security is seeking an adjunct faculty member to teach a basis course on counter-intelligence in the Spring term (January 13 to April 24).

The course, which will be strictly unclassified, is currently scheduled to meet on Thursdays from 6 to 9pm.
Daniel Morgan students come from many countries and often already have advanced degrees or substantial professional experience. Classes are small and require faculty who are comfortable with inspiring and sustaining detailed small group explorations of complex problems.
In the course, students will be challenged to:
• Analyze methods to defend against foreign and domestic espionage
• Elaborate the use of deception to defeat other actor's intelligence capabilities;
• Examine the role of espionage and counterintelligence as means of achieving national goals;
• Assess the growing relationship between the intelligence and law enforcement communities and the relationship between civilian and military agencies;
• Evaluate the role of counterintelligence in cyber espionage and economic espionage;
• Communicate ideas clearly, concisely, and effectively in writing, discussions, and presentations
The ideal candidate is a highly experienced counter-intelligence professional who views teaching counter-intelligence issues in an unclassified format as a challenge not an obstacle. Previous teaching experience is especially welcome.
Those interested should email a brief expression of interest and short cv to Thomas Dowling, director of the intelligence program at
Email only please, no phone calls.
Daniel Morgan Graduate School is located in downtown Washington, DC. Visit our homepage at

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor - Department of Intelligence & Security Studies, Charleston, SC - Two Openings Available

Work type: Full Time Permanent - Faculty; Location: Charleston, SC; Categories: Humanities; Payscale: Unclassified.
The Citadel's newly created Department of Intelligence & Security Studies houses some of the most popular and flourishing academic programs on campus. Since 2016, we have created both a Master of Arts (MA) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in Intelligence and Security Studies; the MA program is 100% online while the BA is offered in both online and traditional formats. Our growth has created faculty openings for individuals who want to join an established team dedicated to producing principled leaders in all walks of life.

Job Responsibilities: The Citadel's School of Humanities and Social Sciences invites applications for two(2) tenure-track position in all areas of intelligence studies at the level of Assistant, Associate or Full Professor beginning in August 2020. The Department is particularly interested in individuals with experience in intelligence and big data analytics, homeland/national security, Eastern European/former Soviet area studies, applied intelligence community (IC) research, and military intelligence matters. The incumbent will be expected to teach at the undergraduate and graduate level using both traditional and online delivery methods. This is a full-time teaching, research and service position. Faculty within the School typically teach a 4+4 course load with appropriate research and service expectations.

Minimum Requirements: Applicants must have an earned doctorate from an accredited university in an area associated with intelligence studies. The ability to use or the motivation to learn technologies relevant to online teaching is required. All candidates should also be able to show effective past teaching experience, demonstrated research potential, and appropriate service activities. Advanced ABD candidates will be considered. There is also a potential for teaching additional summer courses. Salary will be competitive, and commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Preferred Qualifications: Relevant experience in the US intelligence community, the military, or other organizational contexts is preferred, but not required. Online teaching experience is preferred, but not required.

Additional Comments: Ranked as the #1 Public School in the South for nine years in a row by U.S. News and World Report, The Citadel offers a unique academic environment. The incumbent will teach members of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets (SCCC) in the classroom as well as non-cadet graduate and undergraduate students in an online venue. Regardless of the teaching milieu, Citadel faculty commit themselves to preparing the next generation of principled leaders for the military, private, and government sectors. Approximately 30% of every graduating SCCC class is commissioned into the U.S. military; the remainder seek job opportunities in the public and private arenas. Initial screening of applicants will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. The position is expected to begin in August of 2020.

The Citadel is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer and does not discriminate against any individual, or group of individuals, on the basis of age, color, race, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, pregnancy, national origin, genetic information or veteran's status in its employment practices.The Citadel has a culturally diverse faculty and staff committed to working in a multicultural environment. We encourage applications from minorities, females, individuals with disabilities and veterans.

Interested applicants should apply now for Job No: 495785. To apply utilize the official online application and upload supporting documents to include: 1 Letter of interest addressing the qualifications listed above; 2 A curriculum vita; 3 Evidence of teaching effectiveness; In addition, please provide three professional references that can be contacted.

Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) - Location: Fayetteville, NC

Duties: The ISSO will provide support to the ISSM for maintaining the appropriate security posture of systems accredited under the DCSA Risk Management Framework. The ISSO assists with the management of security aspects of the information system and is assigned performs day-to-day security operations of the system. The ISSO provides support to the customer on matters involving the security of the information system and assists in maintenance to ensure the system accreditation. This includes developing and updating the system security plan, maintaining the company Emass account, as well as managing and controlling changes to the system and assessing the security impact of those changes. The ISSO also provides support to plan, coordinate, and implement IT security programs and policies and provides configuration management for security-relevant information system software, hardware, and firmware. The ISSO will advise and assist the ISSM with the continuous monitoring of accredited systems.

Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field and at least 6 years of applicable experience, or equivalent Active Secret or Top Secret/ SCI clearance DOD 8570 compliance (CISSP, Security +, etc.)

Preferred Additional Skills: Experience with ICD503 and NISPOM Chapter 8 Familiarity with multiple Intel community and DCSA system accreditation procedures Experience producing security artifacts into Emass (SSP, POAMs, etc.) Experience hardening OTS operating systems Experience with vulnerability and compliance scanning tools (WASSP, Nessus, SCAP, etc.) Experience implanting the Risk Management Framework (RMF) Experience managing Windows 10-based systems. Strong investigative drive, intuition, and self motivation Understanding of system vulnerabilities, exploitation and mitigation

Security Clearance: This position requires a current, final security clearance eligibility and the ability to obtain a TS/SCI with polygraph. You must be a U.S. Citizen. In addition, applicants who accept a conditional offer of employment may be subject to government security investigation(s) and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information. The candidate may also be subject to a local background check.

To apply or for more information contact: Kelly George at 

Faculty Openings in Cyber

Syracuse University's School of Information Assistant Professor - Trustworthy Cyberspace

DePaul University, School of Computing Assistant Professor in Software Engineering

The School of Computer and Cyber Sciences Tenure Track and Tenured Positions at the Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor Levels

Department of Cyber and Computer Sciences at The Citadel Tenure-Track Positions in the Department of Cyber and Computer Sciences

Portland Community College - Computer Information Systems Instructor, CIS / Windows System Administration

Augusta University - Tenure Track and Tenured Positions at the Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor Levels

FireEye Has Many Intelligence Positions Available For You - Worldwide - Contract, Full-time, Part-time, Interns

Explore the many career and contractor intelligence jobs available here. Jobs openings in Cyber Security include - Advisory, Architecture, Digital Forensics & Incident Response, Penetration Testing, Threat Research. They positions are needed here: New York, Chicago, Manila, Reston, Dallas, Atlanta, Suitland, Singapore, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Doha, Stockholm, London, Milpitas, multiple cities in Australia, Washington, Indianapolis, Tampa, Santiago, Alexandria, Seattle, Carlsbad, Houston, San Francisco, Arlington, Dubai, Amsterdam, Ft Belvoir, Minneapolis, Mexico City, San Diego, Boston, El Segundo, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Chiyoda, Ft Huachuca, Ft Gordon, Ft Meade, Ft Shafter, Kuwait City, Seoul, Sttutgart, Salt Lake City, Austin, Dublin, Bangalore, Cork, Colorado Springs... Explore the many career and contractor intelligence jobs available here.

Section V - Events


Thursday, 16 January 2020, 11:30 a.m. - Colorado Springs - The AFIO Rocky Mountain Chapter hosts Steve Maffeo, discussing "The Battle of Midway"

This meeting of the Rocky Mountain Chapter features author/US Naval Officer Steve Maffeo discussing The Battle of Midway.

Synopsis: Call it what you will -- the incredible victory, the turning point of the war, or simply a miracle -- the June 1942 Battle of Midway has fascinated people ever since it ended in a massive "win" by the US Navy over the Imperial Japanese Navy. Stimulated by the recent Hollywood movie on the battle, Steve Maffeo brings us a presentation which illuminates the history of the actual battle, the personalities of some of the key players, some nuances of the 2019 movie as well as the 1976 movie, and the remarkably crucial roles linguistics, intelligence, and codebreaking played in the sequence of events.
Biography: Steve Maffeo retired in 2015 as the Associate Library Director at the U.S. Air Force Academy. He holds degrees from the University of Colorado, the University of Denver, and the U.S. National Defense Intelligence College. His civilian career was for the most part a library administrator. He also worked at Joslins Dry Goods, Martin-Marietta Aerospace, the University of Northern Colorado; the U.S. Naval War College; and the Aurora (Colo.) Public Library.
In 2008, Steve retired as a Navy captain after 30 years (both enlisted and commissioned) in the Colorado Army National Guard, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Naval Reserve. His last three assignments were as the commanding officer of reserve shore-based units supporting the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Joint Intelligence Center Pacific, and the National Defense Intelligence College.
Steve has published several journal and encyclopedia articles as well as five books: Most Secret and Confidential: Intelligence in the Age of Nelson; Seize, Burn, or Sink: The Thoughts and Words of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson; The Perfect Wreck: "Old Ironsides" and HMS Java--A Story of 1812; U.S. Navy Codebreakers, Linguists, and Intelligence Officers against Japan: 1910-1941; and just this last month, The Russian Who Saved the World: A Novel of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
To attend of for more information, please contact

Saturday, 8 February 2020, 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. - Indialantic, FL - The Florida Satellite Chapter hosts FBI Agent Mike Popolano on "Profiles and Motives of Active Shooters."

FBI Agent and FSC Member Mike Popolano's talk will cover some infamous active shooter cases and how law enforcement strives to profile potential active shooters and determine their motives. He will examine police response to active shooter incidents and the options available for self-protection and defense. In all cases, Mike will make use of his extensive background as an FBI Special Agent and investigator to present historical cases both to underscore and further elucidate his presentation.

TIMING: 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM: Social Hour, greet old, new members and guests. Cash bar. 12:15 PM: Sit-Down lunch

LOCATION: Doubletree Melbourne Beach Oceanfront, 1665 N Highway A1A, Indialantic, FL 32903. Location and Directions via Google Maps.

TO ATTEND: Prepaid reservations are required and must be received by Sunday, 2 February. To reserve, indicate food choice [Pasta Marinara, Pasta Primavera, or Chicken Francese) for self and any guests. The meal fees are $32 for members, $36 for guests. Send check, payable to AFIO FSC, to FSC Treasurer Rhonda Rhoads, PO Box 410158, Melbourne, FL 32941.
Questions? Rhonda can also be reached at and at 321 626 -4465.
Paid, advance registration is required, and none will be accepted after February 2.

Monday, 10 February 2020, 5:30 p.m. - New York, NY - AFIO NY Metro Chapter hosts CIA Officer (Ret) and Author/Disguise Expert Jonna Mendez

Jonna Mendez (Spy Dust: Two Masters of Disguise Reveal the Tools and Operations That Helped Win the Cold War), share (with late husband Tony Mendez) their experiences as spies in Moscow during the height of the Cold War in the mid-1980s. The authors begin with the initial list of "the Moscow Rules" and continue to discuss briefly the current state of affairs in Russia under Vladimir Putin, and how they interfered with the 2016 U.S. election. Additional details to follow in coming months.

Location: Society of Illustrators, 128 E 63rd St (between Park and Lexington), New York, NY 10065.
Timing: Registration starts at 5:30 pm, Speaker presentation starts at 6 pm. Fee: $50/person. Payment at the door only. Cash or check. Full dinner, cash bar.
RSVP: Strongly recommended that you RSVP to ensure space at event. Call or Email Chapter President Jerry Goodwin at or 646-717-3776.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020, 1130 - Albuquerque, NM - AFIO New Mexico Chapter hosts Robert Hull on "The Internet Research Agency, Trolling, and the Rise of Russian Interference"

The speaker at this AFIO New Mexico Chapter event will be Robert Hull discussing "The Internet Research Agency, Trolling, and the Rapid Rise of Russian Interference – What's Real and What Isn't."
Location of event: "Sunnyside Up Cafe" on Menaul just east of Louisiana, next door to Chili's, 6909 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, (505) 888-3447. Google Maps location of event.
Fee to attend: Meeting is Free.
11:00 AM (Arrive, Order Lunch - available at separate cost), 11:30 AM (Call To Order), 1:00 PM (Adjourn)

Our meetings are normally open to present and former members of Federal, Military (uniformed and civilian), State and Local Agencies and selective others who support the Intelligence Community.

If you desire further information, please contact one of the following:
Sam Shaw - Phone: 505-379-3963 e-mail:
Tom Dyble - Phone: 505-299-3242 e-mail:

Friday, 28 February 2020, 10:30 am - 2 pm - Tysons, VA - First AFIO luncheon of 2020 features James Olson, author of To Catch a Spy: The Art of Counterintelligence; and political scientist Seth G. Jones, author of A Covert Action: Reagan, the CIA, and the Cold War Struggle in Poland.

James Olson's presentation starts at 1 p.m.: Olson served for over thirty years in the Directorate of Operations of the CIA, mostly overseas in clandestine operations. In addition to several foreign assignments, he was chief of counterintelligence at CIA headquarters in Langley, VA. Currently, he is a Professor of the Practice at the Bush School of Government and Public Service of Texas A& M University.

At this event Professor Olson will be discussing his March 2019 book, To Catch a Spy: The Art of Counterintelligence which suggests that the US is losing the counterintelligence war. Foreign intelligence services, particularly those of China, Russia, and Cuba, are recruiting spies in our midst and stealing our secrets and cutting-edge technologies. He provides a guide for how our country can do a better job of protecting its national security and trade secrets. He will review the principles and methods of counterintelligence, including the running of double-agent operations and surveillance. He also addresses why people spy against their country, the tradecraft of counterintelligence, and where counterintelligence breaks down or succeeds.

The morning speaker, Dr. Seth G. Jones, will begin 11 a.m. Dr. Jones director of the Transnational Threats Project, and is a senior adviser to the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). He teaches at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. Prior to joining CSIS, Dr. Jones was the director of the International Security and Defense Policy Center at the RAND Corporation and was Adjunct Professor, Security Studies Program, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, where he taught classes on "Counterinsurgency" and "Stability Operations." He also served as representative for the commander, U.S. Special Operations Command, to the assistant secretary of defense for special operations.

He will discuss counterinsurgency and counterterrorism, with a particular focus on Afghanistan, Pakistan, and al Qa'ida.

Registration has opened and may be done quickly here.

Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton, 1960 Chain Bridge Rd, Tysons Corner, VA 22182 Phone: (703) 893-2100. Directions at this link.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020, 11:30 a.m. - San Francisco, CA - The "Andre Le Gallo" San Francisco Chapter hosts FBI Special Agent Michael Gimbel

2019 ended with a shooting at a kosher grocery store in New Jersey, a stabbing at a rabbi's home during a Hanukkah celebration in New York, and another shooting at a church in Texas. What can we do to prevent, mitigate, and respond to violent incidents?
FBI Special Agent Michael Gimbel will speak about FBI's Counterterrorism Division, the law enforcement response to the recent Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, and the vital inter-agency relationship and coordination which facilitates and expedites the handling and processing of the crime scene.

Timing: No-host cocktails at 11:30, luncheon meeting and presentation begins at noon.
Location:  Basque Cultural Center - San Francisco, CA

RSVP now at Eventbrite.

Other Upcoming Events from Advertisers, Corporate Sponsors, and Others

Thursday, 16 January 2020, noon  -  Washington, DC  -  Spy Chat with Chris Costa  -  at International Spy Museum

Having trouble getting a handle on world events? Join Spy Museum Executive Director Chris Costa for a discussion of the latest intelligence, national security, and terrorism issues in the news.  Costa, a former intelligence officer of 34 years with 25 of those in active duty in hot spots such as Panama, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq is also a past Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Counterterrorism on the National Security Council. He will be joined by Spy Museum Advisory Board Member Michael J. Lacombe.  During his 28 year CIA career, Mr. Lacombe served in multiple senior leadership positions, including four war zone tours with two as Chief of Station.  In that capacity, he led collaborative counterterrorism and cyber operations/programs with US military and regional international Intelligence partners. Together they will draw on their expertise and personal experience to help you make sense of the intelligence, national security, and terrorism cases you've heard about…and ones you haven't.  Bring your questions, this is your chance to ask the experts!  Event is free  -  no registration required.  Visit [Program description provided by Spy Museum]

Friday, 17 January 2020, 1:30 - 2:30 pm - NCM Lecture Series: Elizebeth Friedman, Cryptologist-in-Charge, U.S. Coast Guard

This National Cryptologic Museum program will be presented by Captain Larry Hall, USCG (Ret.), Historian's Office Staff.
The Roaring 20s was an era of prosperity in the U.S. It was also the Prohibition Era when the private manufacture and distribution of alcohol was outlawed. Come listen to retired U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Larry Hall talk about master cryptologist Elizebeth Friedman and how she cracked codes used by rumrunners and smugglers and brought them to justice.
Event is free, but seats are limited.
More Info and Registration here.
Location: National Cryptologic Museum - Magic Room, 8290 Colony Seven Rd, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701. [Program description provided by NCM]

Saturday, 25 January 2020, 2pm  -  Washington, DC  -  Catching a Russian Spy: A Family-Friendly Book Talk  -  at the International Spy Museum

The FBI and CIA suspected Russia had a dangerous spy working in the US in the early 1990s. But who was it?  The newest book in Bryan Denson's "FBI Files" series for younger readers Catching a Russian Spy: Agent Les Wiser Jr. and the Case of Aldrich Ames explores the race to uncover the traitor.  Denson will be joined by Leslie Wiser, Jr., the agent who ran the Ames operation out of the Washington Metropolitan Field Office, and Sandy Grimes, a CIA officer who was determined to find the evidence that Ames was spying.  Together they will explain how Ames betrayed his country, caused US assets to be killed, and ultimately was brought to justice.  Catching a Russian Spy will be available for sale and signing at the event. (The book is recommended for young readers age 8-13.)  Free.  No registration required. Visit [Program description provided by Spy Museum]

Friday, 31 January 2020, 6-9pm  -  Washington, DC  -  Spy Fest: Tradecraft Try-Its  -  at the International Spy Museum

Could you be a spy? Now's your chance to find out! Do you have the savvy to beat a lie-detector? The smarts to break a top secret coded message? The wits to create secret writing? The moves of a Ninja? Families are invited to find out how they measure up at the Museum's annual Spy Fest. Mini-missions, tradecraft demonstrations by the experts, and the chance to try spy skill challenges will give KidSpy agents and their handlers an insider's peek into the shadow world of spying—and who knows, there just may be a spy or two in your midst. Ages: 5 and up (one adult required for every five KidSpy agents). Ages 3+ must have a ticket to attend.  *Ticket includes exclusive after-hours admission, scavenger hunt, and more.  Tickets for the general public: $16 per person; tickets for Members: $14.  Visit [Program description provided by Spy Museum]

11-12 February 2020 - Charleston, SC - Conference on "Legally Immoral Activity? Testing the Limits of Intelligence Collection" at The Citadel

Are there limits to intelligence collection in support of national security? Where, if at all, does a free and open society provide the limits of surveillance? Civil liberties are a founding tenet of democracy, but at what cost? How does a country balance collective security with individual rights? Recently, a Federal Court ordered Apple to help the FBI unlock the cellphone of a terrorist, but company officials would oppose that order, citing concerns over the privacy rights of all Americans.
This 2-day inter-disciplinary conference will examine the legal, ethical, social, economic, historical and political aspects of the United States government's ability to protect its citizens in an era that warfare has no societal or personal boundaries.
The conference will be held February 11-12, 2020 on the campus of The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina.
Deadline for proposals and abstracts must be received by October 15, 2019.
Inquires and Submissions should be sent to Dr. Jan Goldman, Department of Intelligence and Security Studies at Email:

Wednesday, 19 February 2020, 10 am - 1 pm - Annapolis Junction, MD - NCMF 2020 Winter Cryptologic Program Featuring Ms. Jonna Mendez, CIA Disguise Expert

SAVE THE DATE! The NCMF's 2020 Winter Cryptologic Program will feature CIA Officer (Ret) Author/Chief of Disguise, Ms. Jonna Mendez.
Can you change your appearance completely while walking down a crowded street in Moscow? Can you elude the KGB by pressing a button while rounding a corner? Can you fool the president while briefing him in the Oval Office? The CIA's former Chief of Disguise Jonna Mendez tells it all in her presentation at this NCMF event. More info about event is here.
Location: CACI Inc., Maryland Conference Center, 2720 Technology Dr, Annapolis Junction, MD 20755
REGISTRATION INFO: registration fee is $25pp for members and guests and includes lunch. Online registration may be handled here. Or mail-in your registration fee with payment by check to NCMF, PO Box 1682, Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-9998. Include names of self and guests.
Questions? Call the NCMF office at 301-688-5436.
REGISTER online here.

25 - 27 June 2020 - London, England - IAFIE 2020 Annual Conference

The 2020 Annual Conference of the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) will be held in London from June 25 to 27. The conference is being held jointly by IAFIE and the IAFIE Europe Chapter (IAFIE EC). This will be the 5th Annual Conference of IAFIE EC. The submission date for abstract proposals is January 27, 2020. Proposals for papers, panels, posters and interactive workshops are being accepted. The topics/themes for the conference are Intelligence Analysis, Intelligence Domains, Management of Intelligence Community, and Intelligence Education and Research. Notification of acceptance will be in mid-February, and papers, posters, presentations and workshop materials will be due on April 20, 2020. Authors of recent books, monographs and reports in line with these topics/themes are also invited to submit proposals to participate in Author Roundtables. More information here.


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