Weekly Intelligence Notes #33-01
20 August 2001

WIN #33-01 dated 20 August 2001
This WIN is a special edition to announce AFIO's exciting two-day November symposium.  Read the Program below, and circle the 2nd and 3rd of November on your calendars.  Do Not Delay in clicking on the link for the Registration Forms to quickly follow-up and guarantee yourself a place at what is certain to be an exciting and informative two days.  November will be here before you realize ... and we occasionally have late-applying disappointed members who have to be turned away. 
This event is our most popular and oft over-subscribed annual educational conference ...
each year in varying locales.
This year we zero in on the mix of...
-- Intelligence Policy,
-- High Technology,
-- Corporate/Industrial vulnerabilities and risks,
-- the latest cast of Spies, Traitors, Internet "Virus-Writing Villains"
-- and the role each of these has -- and might have -- on our increasingly wired, tech-driven future.
If you will be staying overnight -- or longer -- and taking advantage of the attractive pre-symposium rates,
reserve your space right away at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel in McLean, VA. 
Specifics are at bottom of the Symposium/Convention reservation form. 

This program and the registration forms can also be found at www.afio.com

Program for 

AFIO Symposium/Convention 2 - 3 November 2001

  Statecraft, Tradecraft, & Hi-Tech:
  Intelligence 2001 and Beyond
Space limited.  Registration is accepted on a date-of-receipt basis.
To view or print registration form now, click here
FRIDAY, 2 November 2001
  in Langley, VA
0700 - 0800 ........ Registration 0800 - 0810 ........ Introduction -  Lt Gen Lincoln D. Faurer (Ret), Chairman, AFIO Board of Directors, and Symposium Chairman Peter Earnest 0810 - 0900 ....... DCI/CIA - Intelligence Community/Agency Leadership Overview plans, policies, reorganization, resources, and trends. [Invited: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Intelligence Community Management, Ms. Joan Dempsey] 0900 - 1000 ...... U.S. Congress - The Hon. Porter J. Goss,  Chairman, House  Permanent Select Committee provides his unique Congressional leadership perspective on intelligence, security, counterintelligence and clandestine operations, legislation; policies, organizations, issues and resources. Coffee Break 1030 - 1130....... White House - National Security Council perspectives on intelligence and contemporary global and domestic national security issues
[Invited: Mary K. Sturtevant, Senior Director, Intelligence Programs and Special Assistant to the President, National Security Council] Break for Lunch 1300 - 1400 ....... Department of Defense - Richard Haver, Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense. The new defense strategy concepts and plans, in relation to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in future military operations throughout the conflict spectrum. 1400 - 1450 ....... National Security Agency - Information Assurance, Deputy Director Daniel Wolf. The NSA perspectives on what is included in the term "Information Assurance" including cryptology and information technology dominance and security in terms of policy, accomplishments, challenges, issues and trends and plans. Coffee Break 1520 - 1615 ....... Mr. Robert J. Kohler, former CIA DD S&T, Chief, Office of Technology/Office of Development and Engineering (ODE). Intelligence and Technologies of the Future.   1615 - 1710 ..... FBI - National Counterintelligence leadership presentation - Mr. David W. Szady, National Counterintelligence Executive.  The new CI-21 - Intelligence Community National Counterintelligence organization and its role and effectiveness in the national and global roles of counter-espionage, information security, and clandestine threats to US security, including terrorism.  President's Reception 1710 - 1830........ President's Reception and U.S. Govt Facility Gift Store
                      AFIO President S. Eugene Poteat and AFIO Directors and Officers
SATURDAY, 3 November 2001
at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel
Joint Symposium / Convention Sessions 0800 - 0900 ... .... Registration 0900 - 1000 .. ..... Gerald K. Haines -  Chief CIA Historian, on History of Intelligence & Technology 1000 - 1230 .. .....Two-Part Panel: 
.                             Spies, Traitors and Security in the Information Age (in 2 parts)  
                              Moderator - S Eugene Poteat - CIA ret
1000 - 1100 .......Panel Part 1 - Spies, Traitors and Security
Panelists --
Counterintelligence and Traitors - David G. Major - former FBI - President, Major, Capps & Associates/Centre for CI & Security Studies Polygraph and Security - William R. Kotapish former CIA Chief of  Security (Ret) Economic and Corporate Threats - Charles F. Vance (former Secret Service) President, Vance International Coffee Break 1130 -1230 .. .....Panel Part 2 - Cyber Age Vulnerabilities and Security Threats
Panelists --
Corporate Information Security - Thomas J. McDermott - former Deputy Director for Information Systems Security, NSA. - Senior Vice President, Information Assurance and Network Services, OAO Corporation Internet Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures - Robert B. Wade, former FBI, - Director of Security AOL, CompuServe & Netscape  Security and Privacy - Harry Brandon - former FBI - founding partner & CEO, Smith, Brandon International, Inc.,
End Symposium Sessions
Continue with Convention Sessions Break for Lunch  [Board & Chapter President's Luncheon] 1200 - 1330........... President's Luncheon with Chapter Presidents and Board of Directors 1330 - 1500 ............ General Membership Session Coffee Break 1530 - 1730 ............ Panel Sessions
Panel (1) - Teaching Intelligence,
Panel (2) - Intelligence Literature - Professor Hayden Peake [invited]
Panel (3) - Media Relations, - Peter Earnest (CIA ret)
Panel (4) - Chapter Development - Emerson Cooper, VP Chapters
Break for Afternoon 1800   - 1900 .......... Chairman's Reception - Lincoln Faurer, Chairman; and Peter Earnest, Vice-Chairman 1900 - 2200 ............ Awards Banquet - three course banquet with wine, music.
Keynote Address: Former U.S. Ambassador, the Hon. Shirley Temple Black [invited];
The David Atlee Phillips Founder's Award,
The General Richard G. Stilwell Chairman's Award
The National Education Merit Award
The AFIO Outstanding Author Award
The Stewart Alsop Media Excellence Award
END BANQUET and CONVENTION Optional Events:..... If warranted by interest, a SPY TOUR* of WASHINGTON has been scheduled for 1 Nov [Thursday] at 1 pm and 4 November [Sunday] at 11 a.m.  Both tours will start at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel, for attendees and guests or spouses, per optional separate registration. The tours are conducted by the CiCentre - Counterintelligence Center, http://www.cicentre.com/, an AFIO Corporate Sponsor.   [Don't delay - limited to 54 participants] * Spy tour generously offered by AFIO corporate partner The CI Centre, as special version of their popular  SpyDrive

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