b'Digital Innovation (DDI) was created in 2015 to address the challenges of the digital age and the cyber world. The Directorate of Support (DS) provides and maintains the platforms from which the others do their jobs. Thus, the skill sets for candidates in each of these five components of the CIA are quite different.The basic differentiation between collector and analyst exists throughout the other members of the IC, although to varying degrees. Thus, in the Department of State, Foreign Service Officers assigned to embassies and consulates abroad openly collect information and send it back to Washington in messages that usually include their own confidential analyses, many examples of which were regrettably publicized by WikiLeaks. Civil Service employees of the State Departments Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) analyze their colleagues messages along with intelligence from all other sources to provide a more holistic analysis for senior policymakers at State. Similarly, uniformed military officers assigned as defense attachs in embassies or as Foreign Area Officers overseas collect raw data that will be analyzed by their colleagues in the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).For a career in the IC, a candidate must be an American citizen. An associate degree, certificate, BA or advanced degrees are preferable, but not always necessary. A clean background is obviously important, as this will be scrutinized.9'